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    Players only meeting

    It might be time to kick Deverell Biggs off the team.
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    I've been waiting to post this until after the Andrew White situation was resolved. Now that it has, I thought people would be interested in the big picture of NU's roster pedigree over the last decade, and how it has changed. I've only gone back as far as the Rivals database does, which is the class of 2002. While I have tried to keep this analysis as objective as possible, there are a number of caveats: - The goal of this particular analysis is to establish perceived PEDIGREE of a player, not quality. And it should be noted, this is their pedigree as a high school senior, in most cases. This is NOT necessarily "who did NU beat?" for players directly in recruiting, but rather how highly they were thought of as prospects. A great example of this would Moses Abraham, whose pedigree as a HS senior was sky-high, but as as senior transfer he was not being recruited by those same schools. I'm interesting in the former rather than the latter, in trying to determine the "stock" the program has been working with. - Coverage of basketball recruiting was not as pervasive a decade ago as it is now, at least not with the amount of players evaluated. The 247 network, good bad or otherwise, has added an aggregate component that combines the ratings from Rivals, Scout and others and goes deeper than the top 150 players, but unfortunately it has only become fully formed in the last 4-5 years. As such, when you get beyond the first 200 or so players, rankings get fairly sketchy. The only way to be fair and apply this was to come up with placeholder values (they are listed in the attached table below) and apply them consistently. The 247 aggregate ranking was used where possible for players. - As you can imagine, rankings have not always consistently been applied. For example, foreign players and JUCOs often times were left completely unrated by Rivals. That said, good prospects have always been given a "star" ranking back since 2002 when Rivals switched to this format. In cases where a player listed no other D1 offers and had no "star" ranking...they are a 0-star, #400 player. Sadly, this has been a regular occurrence at NU until recently. - I did also go player-by-player and list out all their top scholarship offers. More on that later. - This is inherently flawed and only a rough approximation. Recruiting rankings are a crapshoot to begin with, and it gets crazy when you start to try to fill in blanks. Just take this for whatever worth you assign to it. Here is what the last 10 years of scholarship rosters looks like at NU: The first thing that jumps out at you is MASSIVE shift in both star rankings of our rosters, and their overall prospect ranking. Our roster next year will have 8 former top-200 prospects on it. Just look at the delta across the board since Miles' arrival. (And to clarify, yes, if a kid is on scholarship but is sitting out a year, he still counts.) In Doc Sadler's 5th year as NU coach, NU had no top-200 players (can be partly attributed to 247's site not going that far back), and an average star rating of 2.00 for its scholarship roster. Five years later, in Tim Miles year 3, those numbers have jumped to 8 and 2.92. So maybe you think that the improvement is all due to better recruiting websites being in place? Since I know you are curious...lets look at those 2 rosters, and see how they get to those numbers: As you can see, the difference in scholarship offers is pretty profound. If you are curious, last year I did also look at the overall Big Ten, team-by-team, to try and determine where NU stands in this department. It is a good reminder of what we are up against and why what Miles is doing is so important: Enjoy, discuss. RDK
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    If I were to design the perfect conference schedule for a B1G bubble team to go dancing, it would be the following combination: 1. Play the best teams in conference only once, and play them at home. You're probably not going to beat the elites twice in the same year, so don't play them twice. Maximize your chance at pulling the upset by playing the game in front of your own fans. 2. Play the worst teams only once, and play them on the road. It's not like beating them twice will help your resume or RPI. And if you're a tourney caliber team, you should beat the 1-17 and 2-16 B1G doormats anywhere. No sense in wasting home games on them. 3. Play the other middle of the road/bubble teams both at home and on the road. That means more opportunities to prove yourself against other potential tourney teams; also, these teams are still very beatable. So of your 13 conference opponents, you will play 5 in a home-and-home, 4 only on the road, and 4 only at home. Using the current KenPom rankings and the principles listed above, an ideal conference schedule is not that much different from our actual remaining conference schedule this year-- Ideal: play the top 4 teams (Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, & Michigan) once each at home Reality: Play top 2 teams (Wisc & Pur) once at home. Already beat Indiana on the road. Have to play Michigan twice, but the home game could be No Sit Sunday Part II as it's the regular season finale; they also don't look as good as their rating indicates. Ideal: Play 5 middle-of-the-pack teams (OSU, Northwestern, Minny, Sparty, Maryland) twice Reality: Play 3 twice (OSU/N'western/MSU). Already beat Terps on the road. Have to play Gophers on the road with no return trip to Lincoln, which is probably the worst remaining break on our schedule. Ideal: Play bottom 4 teams (Illinois, Iowa, PSU, Rutgers) once on the road. Reality: Play 3 out of 4 only once, with a home-and-home against Iowa. We also don't waste a home game on the ultimate cellar dweller, as the Rutgers match-up will be in Jersey. So for all the talk about how the schedulers "did us no favors," I believe they actually did. We got two of our toughest road games during Christmas break while the students were away, and the final 16 conference games lineup favorably for a run. Obviously it's an uphill battle and the boys still have to execute, but at least we have a schedule that gives us a chance.
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    Question about Coach Williams

    Well, since you didn't learn from the free lesson on manners, allow me to not sugarcoat it either: anonymous message board posters, who have not ever come remotely close to accomplishing as much as our players and who purport to be fans of teams and then call out our players in personal, venomous name-calling fashion, are losers. Take the name calling and personal insults elsewhere, that's not what we do here. That's someone's daughter, sister and granddaughter, and you blurt it out in cowardly fashion under a fake name, and then want credit for your candor and lack of sugar coating. Such a big man, u don't want to spoil players so you call them something on a message board you never would in person, while you hide behind your keyboard. Tell you what, the family is easy to spot at games. Just march up to them and tell them you don't want to treat Jess like a spoiled brat, so you're going to do them all a favor and call her "fat!" See how that goes down.
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    Friday Scrimmage - Expectations

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it Ok, signed up 3 months ago and weathered new zealand winter and my anticipation to now finally post in support of the above request. Being from New Zealand and a big fan and follower of Tai I love to see an expert college basketball view of where Tai is at and what your first impressions are on Friday (for us that will be saturday) of him in all aspects: technically, how does he stack up to american standards? Is he still behind with his physical play (overall my biggest worry in the beginning)? How is his D? How do his team mates seem to relate to him? Is he firing his shots and/or positioning himself fast enough or is he too slow? You have no idea how much I would, and currently do, appreciate the writings on this site on Nebraska basketball and the opinions and going on's that go with it. It will take me some time to get to know all Tai's team mates but with your writings and hopefully some video material in the future, I will get to know this team to throw heart and soul behind Nebraska. Wishing you, jealously, well when going to the scrimmage on friday. yours sincerely JK
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    Boehm needs to be fired way before Miles. If he is allowed to be a part of ridding Miles and then making ANOTHER hire, I am done with this program. Keep Miles, fire Boehm. He's a joke.
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    Bright side

    It is unfortunate that we cannot get two role players to step up during the same game. -NW: Benny Parker has a career high -Indiana: Jack McVeigh ties career high -Iowa: Tai Webster has a career high If we could have coupled two of those performances we would definitely have a win right now and it would make things a lot easier for Shields. I am a new poster, and my quick take on the season so far is that we are a young, inexperienced, and small team playing in the best bball conference in the nation. That is not the best recipe for success. Coming into the season I thought Shavon Shields would be our Batman and White would be our Robin. But it turns out we are stuck with two Robins. Shavon Shields' game is too easy to stop with our current roster; just plug the gaps and push him towards his left. That being said, I am pleased with the season so far. I can only dream of how good this season could have been if Petteway and Pitchford returned (a MOTIVATED Pitchford). We are seeing the freshmen's potential and next year they will all be faster, stronger, and more consistent. I am already intrigued by all the position battles for next year. 1. Watson: I think he will have that locked down. I do not see Bakari Evelyn having much of a shot 2. Webster/ Gill: I think Gill will get the nod. 3. White: He will have this locked down, but Roby and McVeigh will be interesting back up options 4. Morrow/McVeigh/Roby: the most interesting spot for next year is the 4 spot imo. 5. Jacobsen/Hammond/Incoming recruit: Hammond is the only true center on the roster. If he can gain 15 more pounds I really like him, but Jacobsen is a good option too especially if he grows more like the coaching staff thinks he will. Lastly, I would just like to say that I truly do believe that Miles will be the coach that wins us our first NCAA tourney game.
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    We'll probably lose when......

    I think it's just one more reason why Pelini needs to go.
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    Who will transfer

    I have enjoyed this board that last several years, but honestly have become very troubled by a lot of the discussions on here. The women's team is in a tough spot right now, and its not going to get any easier anytime soon. But for so many uniformed adults to come out of the wood work and take pot shots at coaches, and kids, who most have never met is troubling. Some kids might transfer, and if the do hopefully it is based on a well thought out decision between the kid, their parents, and the coaches. Not because some old guy who has never met them is convinced they can't play. The reality is a "perfect (crap) storm" caused by a whole bunch of people - coaches, administrators, support staff, media, parents, etc.-- got the situation to where it is today. Maybe some of the current and former players have some culpability in that, maybe they don't, but in my opinion to take pot shots at kids who people have never met is unfortunate. For adults to hope kids are asked to uproot their lives and educations and not return is equally unfortunate. Might it improve the team quicker, sure. One need look no farther than Colorado State for the burn and start over approach. They were awful Ryan Williams first year and he asked most of the team including starters to not come back. They replaced them with about 8 foreigners the next year and improved dramatically. The guy can flat coach, and can obviously win, but i will never root for them because of how that situation was handled. The ncaa changed the rules two years ago i think and scholarships are no longer one year renewables so that approach is harder to pull off than it was before. However, a coach can still tell a kid listen you aren't going to get in and some might leave when told that. I understand healthy debate, and loving a person's favorite team, and wanting to win. I also understand monday morning quarterbacking games, plays, etc. But i will never understanding taking pot shots at 18-22 year old ladies who most making the comments know nothing about. Turning this board into the Lord of the Flies won't help us win even one more game. GBR
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    I've been as concerned as anyone by Tai's lack of production since he arrived in Lincoln. But he's a great kid who has worked hard, plays great defense and now his offensive game is really coming around. I love how his penetration/inside game has developed through the course of this season and his 3 ball is beginning to drop. Here's a big shout out to Tai Webster!