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    Someone on campus just told me ... Good guy whatever happens. I expect he's done, but he's been a great guy and he's run a clean program and I absolutely wish him the best no matter what.
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    Im hoping for the same as well idk if I actually posted this or not but he should have red shirted. He was not physically ready which I believe caused him to struggle and have confidence issues. But I've seen this story before It was pretty much the exact same with his freshman yr of highschool as far as his play and development and kinda team as a whole. Idk how this translates to college but sophomore yr they won a regional title ? Im expecting big things next yr
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    This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    It sounds crazy for a 12-19 (6-12) season that went off the deep end at the end of the season, but hear me out. We did some pretty special things this year. - Coach Miles got to go back to his coaching roots and spend time with a plane full of University of Mary fans. - We went into the Wooden Legacy tournament and fought our way into the winners side of the bracket for the first time in a long time. - We played tough against a #14 5-0 UCLA team, keeping the game within six with three minutes to go, who finished #3 28-3 (15-3) in the regular season. - We played #3 8-1 Kansas team in historic Allen Fieldhouse and got to relive the Big 12 days a little bit. - We showed spurts of being a team that fought hard and didn't give up against really good competition. - We beat Indiana on the road when they were #16 10-2. - We beat Maryland for the first time since joining the Big Ten and did it at their place nonetheless. - We started off the conference season alone in the #1 with a 3-0 start. - We ended up beating Purdue and Maryland who finished the #1 and #3, respectively, in the Big Ten conference and went to overtime with the #2 Wisconsin. - We made a palindrome of wins and losses through 15 games in the season. - We ended the season with a Top 25 strength of schedule and were #1 and in the Top 5 most of the season, something that could not be said during non-conference play in the Doc era; it was exciting to watch elevated competition this year. - We played in a lot of close games, nine games within four points and five games within nine points. - It wasn't until 45% of the way through the conference schedule until we got blown out by an opponent. - We have a roster full of underclassman who all showed spurts of promise for the future, with only one senior on the roster. - We have had at least some level of depth on the bench for the first time in a long time. - We have been recruiting some high caliber players throughout the year. - We saw Tai grow so much throughout his career and finish off his time as a proud Husker and second-team all-Big Ten. - We got a much-needed "big man" that we were in desperate need for a few years. - We saw Jordy grow a lot throughout this season. - We saw Tyronn Lue come back to Nebraska to see his jersey retired. - The Nebrasketball community banded together and rebelled against the athletic department and continued the "Husker Power" chant. - Brian Rosenthal became the official "official" source. - Shawn Eichorst spent little-to-no-time announcing that Coach Miles will be returning to Nebraska next year, providing fans with less ambiguity, stress, and clarity than letting rumors take a life of their own over the off-season. - We played a schedule with a combined record of 487-265 (248-182) as of March 8 (which is 65% and 58% respectively) with teams currently rankes 1, 3, 12, 23, 25, and 7 other teams receiving votes. Some of those teams finishing the regular season 1st in the Atlantic-10, 1st in the Summit League, 1st in the Big 12, 2nd in Conference USA, 3rd in the Pac-12, 3rd in the SWAC, and 4th in the Big South. Teams currently projected in the NCAA tournament are seeded 1, 3, 4, 6 (x2), 7 (x2), 8 (x2), 9 (x2), and 10. It's hard not to find something good about this season. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what's in store for 2017-2018.
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    Any news on Morrow return?

    Last week Miles said Ed Morrow would be re-evaluated this week on his health status. I'm guessing nothing stated by this time. What do you say we speed the process up? Jesus said in Mark 16:18 about his followers: "They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." I'm a follower of Christ and I know many others on this board are, too. I won't get access to Ed, but I bet he gets access to this site. If he doesn't know about it, I'm sure someone here will clue him in. Tell him just to grab the monitor and accept his healing. Laying on of hands works. Here is a Seth update: Back in July when so many on this site gave generously to the fundraiser we had for Seth, he had to get a blood transfusion every two weeks to keep his red blood count at an acceptable level and he was on the Mayo list for a bone marrow transplant. Today, he goes two months between transfusions, he's off the Mayo list and the doctors don't know why. We always look at each other, smile, and we know why. Lay your hands!
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    Norm Peterson

    Boehm taking a step back

    I know it's funny to attack Boehm when nobody outside the athletic department knows what it is that he does, for sure. But I think we should give some credit where credit is due: None of the coaches he took part in hiring and none of the programs under his supervision were caught up in any NCAA infractions. The players graduated on time. Our APR scores were good. We haven't been penalized, sanctioned or placed on NCAA probation. We haven't had scholarships pulled or been banned from post-season play. You can joke and say things like "we banned ourselves from post-season play" or "with our win-loss record, we don't warrant an investigation." Haha. I get the humor. But, in all seriousness, there is intense pressure to win when you're at the helm of a revenue sport in a major conference. A lot of people out there glance sideways at the rules that govern things like recruiting, and white lies and pushing the ethical envelope are rationalized if it leads to a better caliber of recruits. And FBI investigations into neighboring programs have cast a pall over those schools' athletic programs, so pushing the ethical envelope is not unheard of or without precedence even nearby. So far as I know, WE have not been implicated. I would rather struggle to achieve mediocrity while preserving my honor and integrity than win dishonestly. Make fun of Marc Boehm if you want. Talk about the lack of basketball success during his tenure. But don't, then, forget to mention we've run clean programs while he's been here.
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    Players only meeting

    It might be time to kick Deverell Biggs off the team.
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    (OT) Defense

    Dr. Noah Weiss. It's got a nice ring to it. (I passed my thesis defense today!)
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    i'm starting to suspect that Sadler was not a real Doctor
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    My 3rd child was born this afternoon in time to watch his first husker hoops game, and boy it was a good one. They kept taking punches and hitting back. This has been a fun team to watch. I'm willing to make sure the new kiddo is up for all the rest of the games if that's what it takes
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    Cam Mack is N

    I’ve been a Dead Red NU basketball fan since 1958 and this has me thinking the unthinkable...NCAA tourney win, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and National Championship. I need to take better care of myself so I am around to see it. I’m off to walk two more miles to add to my first two miles so I can keep my blood pressure down.
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    Filling Out a Staff.

    Nothing says Roll Tide like spending a paragraph talking about Pinnacle Bank Arena and the Huskers!
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Nolan Richardson may also be available . But at his age he can only promise 20 minutes of hell.
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    Jacobson Gone?

    I know it sort of defeats the purpose of a message board, and I'm not trying to call anyone out on anything -- so I hope no one posting takes this personally, because I don't mean it personally. I don't doubt that there are people posting here who do learn things that others may not be publicly privy to, and I don't doubt anyone would post something they knew to be untrue, just for the sake of posting it (as in, I assume they're posting something they heard from someone else, but in good faith that it's accurate). We're all here, presumably, because we love Nebraska Basketball. But the rumor mill has been churning on overdrive around here the last couple weeks. So before we get too sold on any one narrative, whether that's one of Miles being an insufferable d-bag that players hate, or that Jacobson just wanted to shoot 3s, or that we're trading coaches with New Mexico, or any other stories yet to arise...I'm throwing out the suggestion that we take a second to realize that what we hear from the university probably won't match what we hear from "sources", and what "sources" have to say may or may not actually have any basis in reality (or may be hyperbole that has some roots in a fact somewhere, but just gets overblown as it passes from person to person). In other words, I'm just presenting the virtual salt shaker, and invite everyone to take a grain or handful.
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    Crying time is over

    We may have just dodged a bullet....just sayin'
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    Pry better stay away from Syracuse then...
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    We seem to have a lot less to say when we win
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    A sincere apology

    This is by far the best time for Husker Basketball there has ever been. Yet upon reflection, I've been a dick on this board to people who don't deserve it. No excuses. Just wanted to apologize to people who I consider family. Except Massengill, from the filling out the staff thread. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and a Blessed Easter!
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    ShotTracker is pretty cool, but not on my TV.
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    Player First Looks

    Played pick-up basketball for over two hours tonight with Palmer, Thomas Allen, Nana, Amir Harris, Tanner Borchardt, Brady Heimann, and Costello.. Here are my thoughts in case you're as ready for the season to start as i am... 1) Palmer is best player i've ever played with. He was guarded by Nana and Amir mostly the whole time and he does not miss from 25+ feet, even contested. Not kidding he probably shot 75% from three shooting a lot for more than two hours, it was insane. 2) Amir Harris is the real deal, he will be a solid backup PG for us this year and is every single bit of 6'5. I don't feel like his handles are as recognized as they should be by the media, fans, etc. this dude had the best handles of anyone there and can finish around the rim. 3) Thomas Allen has the shot to be our starting two guard for sure, and I'm not just talking spot up threes.. Shooting off the dribble using his quickness and handles, and shooting going left or right. He was the second best player there behind Palmer. 4) Nana is just a gym rat, and I'm really rooting for him to finish his game at the college level. You can tell he wants to be a spot up shooter and he is a freak athlete, but he was the last one to leave even after all the other players left and he was just playing with our motley crew.
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    Jordy Gone

    I fail to see how anyone can blame this on Miles. First off, how do we know he wasn’t trying to recruit a big? If you’re a grad transfer or Juco, you want to probably go somewhere to play. All spring we had our Big 5 coming back, then Jordy off the bench. When the recruiting pitch is that we have our top 6 returning, we start small, then bring in our Jr center off the bench first, it doesn’t sound appetizing to recruiting a big. It would have been a completely different recruiting pitch if it was “after our starting 5, YOU could be the 6th man off the bench.” That’s why this is all on Jordy. The timing is crap and therefore the decision is crap. This one isn’t on Miles because it’s a lot different sell had Jordy been gone earlier.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    If past history shows anything, SE doesn't have a hire lined up which would justify blowing things up. He was brought in to fire Bo, had plenty of time to have someone lined up, and he hires an old guy about to get fired, who has an inadequate staff with no experience in the league and recruiting radius, and a system which didn't exactly fit our existing talent or the league. In women's basketball, he was conducting his witch hunt on Yori for months, and despite having time to search for an impact hire, and a much more successful program to hire to, goes for a low D 1 coach who brings her entire staff here, despite not having a coach on it who had ever coached one game for a power conference team, or recruited to a level above South Dakota. No, I wouldn't exactly count on our current AD being able to find an upgrade to what we have.
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    #24 Nebraska dominates Creighton 94-75 Huskers LET IT FLY with 14 Threes Crowd dubbed "second loudest only to No Sit Saturday" McDermott can dish it but couldn't take it in the post game after a loss I’m so happy! View full article
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    Underrated play of the game: Nana Akenten diving about 10 ft to secure a loose ball that would have ended up in Creighton’s hands. That dude is 100% bought in
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    Crying time is over

    Ed, Nick and Jeriah are gone. Okay, it is time to move on, the crying time has passed. I posted the following in another thread, I will start a new thread with the following as the topic: We have three openings. What are our primary player needs: * We need a sniper; a shooter who can fill it up on a consistent basis * We need a back-up center. It was going to be Jordy and Ed. Ed is gone, so Jordy needs a back up. I also predict Jordy will be exponentially better next year. * We need a back-up PG. Arguably our current back-ups are Isaiah and Evan. Perhaps the back-up PG could be an elite shooter as well. Losing the three aforementioned players create somewhat of a dumpster fire attitude. Panic, anger, moaning, b*tching occur when players leave, especially if they were contributors. But whether we want to believe it or not, transfers occur everywhere. I went through my angst; it is now time to rally behind our staff, our team and our program. Sorry, just had to get this off my chest.
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    If they fire Miles and hire Crean I might vomit.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Until we sign the next coach we're on Francon 2 around here.
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    He's been nothing but classy about this -- acknowledging it's a big boy business and saying nothing bad publicly about Moos whatsoever. I hope Husker fans can be as classy if/when he departs. Please don't be the jerks some of you were when Doc Sadler got fired.
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    I almost wish, instead of win-loss records, we had a way to figure RPI or included our SOS ranking with the record or something for a better picture of the overall year. I loved Doc, but if our current team traded schedules with one of his teams, I don't think any of us would be upset with the win-loss record. For reference, because I was curious, I actually looked up the 2010-11 schedule, which was Year 5 Doc...we went 7-9 in conference, but made it to the NIT after only losing two non-con games...because we played USC, Creighton, Vandy (lost that one) and everyone else pretty much had a "State" or a direction in their school name. Point being, it isn't really a true representation to compare wins and losses only between coaches sometimes, because I don't think anyone would argue that the level of competition was MUCH higher this year than basically any year in Doc's (or Barry's?) tenure. I'm not excusing the losses being as numerous as they were, but it only stands to reason that a harder schedule would yield more losses. If we wanted to be the SWAC champions again I'm sure we could, but this is the tradeoff for a better schedule, and honestly, considering the circumstances, I'm not really displeased about the results we got. The timing of the last slump was poor, of course, because that's what we'll focus on going into next year...but I'm glad someone brought up the cool moments and unlikely accomplishments this team had prior to the last two weeks.
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    Lee B brings the hammer!

    I'm kind of shocked by some of the negative responses to this article. I know not everyone will agree but looking at this as a hatchet job on the basketball program is something i couldn't disagree with more. If anything I saw this as something that the basketball program needed to have said by someone other than themselves. Most all of us on here are on board with the direction the program is going and believe Miles needs more time. The only reasons we even have to question this is because SE didn't extend his contract last year and at this point none of us know what he is thinking. There's been way to much smoke coming out of this situation for there not to be some potential of a fire. He could have put the kibosh already if he really wanted to but he obviously hasn't. It just reminds me way to much of the same situation with Bo and we all saw that that ended in a firing. I will agree that sometime the OWH is overly critical at times of the NU Athletic Department (especially in comparison to the way it covers the CU athletic department). But i don't think that anyone who looks at the NU Athletic Department objectively could say that some of the faults that were called out in this article don't have any basis in truth. They definitely are not perfect.
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    If I were to design the perfect conference schedule for a B1G bubble team to go dancing, it would be the following combination: 1. Play the best teams in conference only once, and play them at home. You're probably not going to beat the elites twice in the same year, so don't play them twice. Maximize your chance at pulling the upset by playing the game in front of your own fans. 2. Play the worst teams only once, and play them on the road. It's not like beating them twice will help your resume or RPI. And if you're a tourney caliber team, you should beat the 1-17 and 2-16 B1G doormats anywhere. No sense in wasting home games on them. 3. Play the other middle of the road/bubble teams both at home and on the road. That means more opportunities to prove yourself against other potential tourney teams; also, these teams are still very beatable. So of your 13 conference opponents, you will play 5 in a home-and-home, 4 only on the road, and 4 only at home. Using the current KenPom rankings and the principles listed above, an ideal conference schedule is not that much different from our actual remaining conference schedule this year-- Ideal: play the top 4 teams (Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, & Michigan) once each at home Reality: Play top 2 teams (Wisc & Pur) once at home. Already beat Indiana on the road. Have to play Michigan twice, but the home game could be No Sit Sunday Part II as it's the regular season finale; they also don't look as good as their rating indicates. Ideal: Play 5 middle-of-the-pack teams (OSU, Northwestern, Minny, Sparty, Maryland) twice Reality: Play 3 twice (OSU/N'western/MSU). Already beat Terps on the road. Have to play Gophers on the road with no return trip to Lincoln, which is probably the worst remaining break on our schedule. Ideal: Play bottom 4 teams (Illinois, Iowa, PSU, Rutgers) once on the road. Reality: Play 3 out of 4 only once, with a home-and-home against Iowa. We also don't waste a home game on the ultimate cellar dweller, as the Rutgers match-up will be in Jersey. So for all the talk about how the schedulers "did us no favors," I believe they actually did. We got two of our toughest road games during Christmas break while the students were away, and the final 16 conference games lineup favorably for a run. Obviously it's an uphill battle and the boys still have to execute, but at least we have a schedule that gives us a chance.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Filling Out a Staff.

    Have you tried viagra??? Seems to help filling out a staff.
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    Gutless statement from Moos

    This is a ridiculous take. People are so blind with Miles hate that they fail to see all of the good that he's done here. If we do end up with Hoiberg, you can probably thank Miles. He shows that it can be done here. We don’t get Hoiberg if we don’t have Tim.
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    Hopefully this picture shows up because I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway saw this in the rail yard today. Pretty much sums up my feeling on Jayskers.
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    Anyone know if there

    Haven't heard of any, but a Cheesy Ass Technical has potential as an appetizer at Conlee's. I'm gonna work on that one....
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    It was a very enjoyable evening last night at the Press Club honoring Kent. The speakers were good, and coach Miles has a career in stand up comedy when he hangs up the whistle. In fact Dan (Larry the Cable Guy) jokingly said he wasn't sure how he was going to follow the "Timmy Show". It was a great night had by everyone in the sellout crowd.
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    Jacob Padilla

    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    I talked to a couple people about him. What I've gotten: high IQ, likes to attack the basket, improving shooter but not elite, competes on defense, great fit for what Miles wants. From what I was told, UMass was the only other place he visited but he had interest from multiple schools. This wasn't an out-of-the-blue thing; Nebraska has been recruiting him for a while. The toughest thing for him is going to be adjusting to the speed, physicality and athleticism of the American college game. He'll have a chance to crack the rotation, but it will probably take him some time just like any freshman, and perhaps more so than the others.
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    Jacobson Gone?

    Such a great and insightful post by Lady Husker. I fully understand message boards like this are fun for those of us on the outside looking in. I also know that I come to this board to try to get tid bits here and there but I take them with a grain of salt because much of it is water cooler talk rather than fact-based. But I show up and read the post anyway just to get a general sense of what people are thinking or saying. At the end of the day I support the Huskers and want them to succeed and I'm going to trust the coaching staff and administration to ultimately want the same thing. That being said, I will also throw out this observation at the risk of getting crucified by others here. Let's take a hard look at the four who transferred. Fuller:. Great locker room guy and helps the overall culture of any program he would be involved in. The question is, is he truly a big 10 talent. I love what he brings to the culture of the team, but is he a kid that can really get a program over the hump in the best conference in the country? Horne:. Tons of upside here. The question marks are this, he's an undersized 4 and not athletic enough to be a 3 in this league. The Big 10 has becoming much more Athletic League. It is not the physical, power, win a game 52-48 that it used to be. Morrow:. Love, love, love this athlete and talent. However, the question I have about Ed is this:. My father played football at Nebraska, my mother played basketball at Nebraska, I should go to Nebraska. He may love Nebraska, he may not. I wonder if he came to the Huskers more out of a sense of family obligation or if he truly believed Nebraska was the best home for him? The other question is, he's not a true back-to-the-basket 5, and he doesn't shoot it well enough to be a stretch 4. Jacobson:. Culture guy, hard worker. Will be missed in the locker room for sure. However, is he a difference-maker in the Big Ten, or is he simply a complimentary part? I would make the case that he is a complimentary piece and that this current roster has too many complimentary pieces. I do not believe Michael ends up in a power 5 conference, and at best, a different program allows him to play a stretch 4, MAYBE, but unlike White from last year, I do not believe he's going to go and be the leading scorer on his next team. He will be a nice addition for a smaller conference or a lesser program. Not a criticism, simply an observation. So for me, it comes to this. The perception of these transfers may be worse than the basketball reality. If Palmer, Copeland, and Roby turn out to be the type of players that most believe they will be, the Huskers end up being more athletic, with more offensive Firepower, than they were this year. They may not be as deep, but they certainly appear to be more athletic on paper. I think it is too early to tell what the basketball impact of these decisions are. As Husker fans we need to wait and see how next year's lineup produces. Where these four players end up may tell us a lot about the level of their athleticism and basketball Talent. GO!!!
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    *Enters Thread*..............*Realizes it's started by Doathlon*
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    He's a wreck. (pun completely intended)
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    I tried to find video on him, but I got a warning from homeland security about hacking foreign government websites. There's talk of hauling me in front of Congress to testify about my attempt to contact the Russians, but my lawyers are working out an immunity deal. I'll keep everyone posted.
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    Jeriah Horne will transfer

    That's "Future NIT Superstar Andrew White the Third" to you, pardner.
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    Question about Coach Williams

    Well, since you didn't learn from the free lesson on manners, allow me to not sugarcoat it either: anonymous message board posters, who have not ever come remotely close to accomplishing as much as our players and who purport to be fans of teams and then call out our players in personal, venomous name-calling fashion, are losers. Take the name calling and personal insults elsewhere, that's not what we do here. That's someone's daughter, sister and granddaughter, and you blurt it out in cowardly fashion under a fake name, and then want credit for your candor and lack of sugar coating. Such a big man, u don't want to spoil players so you call them something on a message board you never would in person, while you hide behind your keyboard. Tell you what, the family is easy to spot at games. Just march up to them and tell them you don't want to treat Jess like a spoiled brat, so you're going to do them all a favor and call her "fat!" See how that goes down.
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    Kent Pavelka

    CU Scout

    Nope. He took it way too seriously.
  45. 10 points
    I would prefer 2 Morrows.
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    Not a time to cheer. Tim and his stuff did a lot of good! Nothing but respect and well wishes. We now can move on.
  47. 9 points

    Tim Miles Send Off

    Tim Miles will be announced as the next President of the University of Nebraska at 4pm today. I heard that from a reliable source..If I can't trust the voices in my head, who can I trust?
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    I'm so hungover this morning and do not care NU played so hard and so well Pitino is a jackwagon amateur - McDermott clearly has the butt-hurt jackwagon corner all to himself Ballock needs to go in Monday morning and demand a raise and a better job for his parents - without him that game is about 100-49
  49. 9 points

    Thomas Allen is N

    Kenya is a BEAST and deserves a raise!
  50. 9 points
    I have less angst about this than others. If you take a guy just to fill the maximum number, and the guy is a stiff or doesn't fit, it doesn't add anything. And it can hurt you the next year. We have steadily improved in being able to get legitimate Big 10 players. But it we can't get a last one this year who actually has a chance to contribute, I would rather use the ship the next year for a good player. You basically only play 8-10 guys anyway, and the days of guys willing to sit the bench for a couple of years to develop seem to be about over, so why add a guy to sit the end of the bench and then transfer, just to avoid a "self-imposed sanction"?
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