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    Players only meeting

    It might be time to kick Deverell Biggs off the team.
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    I've Seen That Game Before

    Throughout the Minnesota game I kept having déjà vu. My mind went back to countless moments (during the Collier and Sadler eras in particular) when our under-manned, out-talented team would try to scratch and claw its way to a victory over a vastly more talented opponent. I remember being exasperated in the bleachers at the Devaney, wondering how we were the only team that seemed to never be able to buy a call at home. I’ve seen that game in person no less than 50 times. But now I’ve finally seen it from the other side—through the lens of a fan of the talented road team. As the can’t-catch-a-break home team fan, that game feels like highway robbery. I’m sure the Gopher faithful left that game thinking the game was called unfairly (and at home no less!). Many of them likely uttered some variation of “Man, if only the calls went both ways, we totally would have won.” But as a fan of the athletic and talented road team, watching from the comfort of my couch, I finally have come to appreciate just how tough it is to officiate that game fairly. Because the reality is you can’t “call it both ways.” Why? Because the teams aren’t committing the same types of fouls. Our team was quicker. More explosive. Proactive. And when there was contact, it was usually because our guys had put themselves in position to make a play and they did. The result is that the refs didn’t blow their whistle on anticipation fouls. Or in other words, they assumed our guys were athletic enough to make a clean play on the ball, unless their eyes told them otherwise. A perfect example of this is when Copeland went straight up to misdirect the final shot of the game, the Gopher guard jumped into him and crashed hard to the ground, and the fans went bananas on the no-call. The Gopher players, on the other hand, were largely reactionary. They were a step behind. Not as quick. That makes it much easier for a ref to anticipate contact and know that the defender is going to be late, and the contact worthy of a foul. And generally speaking they were right. The Roby fastbreak foul (when Pitino got his technical) was a microcosm of how the entire game was officiated. On that play a Gopher defender clearly clipped Roby’s arm. It was a foul, no question. But as a Gopher fan all you see is a bang-bang play that got called against your team. The reality is that the Gopher defender was just a little too slow, and Roby just a little too quick, for the steal to be made cleanly. I finally get it. I now know why that game can’t be called evenly. As a ref you either call fouls on contact equally (which favors the slow home team), or you call fouls only on clear infractions (which favors the athletic road team). There is no way of officiating that game that “calls it both ways.” Sorry refs for all the mean things I’ve called you through the years. And thanks for getting the game right last night.
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    Most improved.

    Sorry, I thought you said bigger
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    UMass fan here. I visited this board back in November during the Charleston Classic when UMass played Nebraska. After that many UMass fans followed Nebraska. It's not unusul to follow a team somewhat after you play them, the better they look the better you look but more than usual attention was paid to Nebraska by UMass fans. You had a lot of fans rooting for Nebraska all season and tonight during the selcetion show a bunch of UMass fans were at a bar watching it, when Nebraska showed up in the dance everyone clapped. Good luck!
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    I would prefer 2 Morrows.
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    Closed Scrimmage

    Saw a license plate last week that said "H8 JSKERS." Made my day.
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    Webster >>> Trimble

    Perfect comparison here: Melo Trimble -- basically peaked as a freshman, hasn't improved since. Tai Webster -- improved leaps and bounds each season--is now a better all-around player than Melo Trimble. I've never seen anything like Tai's personal improvement over a four-year period. What a testament to work ethic and coaching/player development. Really going to miss this kid. Great, great leadership today. Incredible win.
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    I have less angst about this than others. If you take a guy just to fill the maximum number, and the guy is a stiff or doesn't fit, it doesn't add anything. And it can hurt you the next year. We have steadily improved in being able to get legitimate Big 10 players. But it we can't get a last one this year who actually has a chance to contribute, I would rather use the ship the next year for a good player. You basically only play 8-10 guys anyway, and the days of guys willing to sit the bench for a couple of years to develop seem to be about over, so why add a guy to sit the end of the bench and then transfer, just to avoid a "self-imposed sanction"?
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    Bright side

    It is unfortunate that we cannot get two role players to step up during the same game. -NW: Benny Parker has a career high -Indiana: Jack McVeigh ties career high -Iowa: Tai Webster has a career high If we could have coupled two of those performances we would definitely have a win right now and it would make things a lot easier for Shields. I am a new poster, and my quick take on the season so far is that we are a young, inexperienced, and small team playing in the best bball conference in the nation. That is not the best recipe for success. Coming into the season I thought Shavon Shields would be our Batman and White would be our Robin. But it turns out we are stuck with two Robins. Shavon Shields' game is too easy to stop with our current roster; just plug the gaps and push him towards his left. That being said, I am pleased with the season so far. I can only dream of how good this season could have been if Petteway and Pitchford returned (a MOTIVATED Pitchford). We are seeing the freshmen's potential and next year they will all be faster, stronger, and more consistent. I am already intrigued by all the position battles for next year. 1. Watson: I think he will have that locked down. I do not see Bakari Evelyn having much of a shot 2. Webster/ Gill: I think Gill will get the nod. 3. White: He will have this locked down, but Roby and McVeigh will be interesting back up options 4. Morrow/McVeigh/Roby: the most interesting spot for next year is the 4 spot imo. 5. Jacobsen/Hammond/Incoming recruit: Hammond is the only true center on the roster. If he can gain 15 more pounds I really like him, but Jacobsen is a good option too especially if he grows more like the coaching staff thinks he will. Lastly, I would just like to say that I truly do believe that Miles will be the coach that wins us our first NCAA tourney game.
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    Norm Peterson

    Tim's T's

    I disagree. I don't think we complain more about the refs now than we ever did. And I think when we complain about officiating, it's because officials have blown some crucial calls. Refs get called out on message boards across the country. I doubt we're any more guilty of this than any other fan base. And I don't think there's anything wrong with complaining about bad officiating or inconsistent officiating. Because players and coaches can't comment, officials get a free pass. Why is that? And we can criticize the coach or the players and no one seems to object and say that the players and coaches are off limits. But you seem to think officials should get a free pass. Why is that? If officials are never held to public scrutiny and criticism, is there any incentive for them to not repeatedly do stupid stuff like that Eades guy? I'm not down on the floor so I don't know how Miles' behavior is any different than any other coach. There was a time in the Maryland game, though, where Turgeon's assistants had to haul him back to the bench and he was being very demonstrative in showing up the official. That should have been a T, no question. But they didn't call it. I question whether the Ts are being handed out equally. It's like hanging on the rim. Sometimes it's a technical and sometimes it's obvious. But sometimes it's called in situations that are indistinguishable from thousands of other dunks where it wasn't called. Or moving screens. They don't call it 90% of the time and then, suddenly, the last minute of a close game, one of our players will get whistled for it and it's a turnover. All I'm asking for is consistency. And when I don't see it, you're damn right I'm going to complain about it. Just like we complain about Husker players who don't seem to give full effort or Husker coaches who don't seem to make adjustments. Why are you suggesting that officials should be off limits?