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  1. At least we reduced the probability of Haarms reproducing with some inadvertent shots to the groin.
  2. Also on the postgame show, Miles mentioned 2 visitors in attendance today. One mentioned the great atmosphere at the game. Anyone know who was there?
  3. Why do they always let the big guys bang their elbows in our chest and then bail them out with just a traveling call?
  4. fr8-train

    Andrew White Transfering

    3 Assists? Wow...he only had 20 in 34 games, and 15 in 18 conference games, for the Huskers last year.
  5. fr8-train

    Miles 10/5/2016 Presser

    I know Miles has said "you are what you guard", but I wonder with MJ and EM if they effectively switch depending on the end of the court (i.e., defense - MJ/5; EM/4 and offense - MJ/4; EM/5). EM would maybe have more freedom on the defensive end to go swat shots/hunt rebounds and MJ bodies up the center. On the offensive end MJ could drift to the perimeter ("the stretch 4") while EM posts up or executes the pick-and-roll since he doesn't have the same shooting range as MJ.
  6. fr8-train

    2017 SF Nana Akenten - LOI

    Much better than Aguek Arop I presume. How do their games compare?
  7. I thought we were looking for a Biggie not a Minnie....
  8. I loved Smith's reaction - no big deal. Very mature true freshman. I also liked the reaction from some guys on the Rutgers bench....standing up to cheer on an anticipated dunk and then they have to quietly sit down when their guy gets swatted.
  9. I took a guess at the expected average minutes played per game in total and at each position for our 2014-15 roster. Compared to 2013-14, minutes for Shields/Petteway are virtually unchanged, minutes for Pitchford, Webster, Rivers and Parker are each up approximately 3-5 minutes per game (absorbing minutes from Leslie Smith's lack of availability) and the newcomers (T. Smith, Fuller, Abraham and Hammond) basically replace the roughly 20% of court time from players no longer on the roster (largely Gallegos and, to a lesser extent, Biggs and Hawkins). I'm interested in other's opinions on the topic and what the implications are for player groupings and other factors. For instance, I would anticipate we will almost always see 2 of the 3 of Shields, Petteway and Pitchford on the floor at any given time, except in the case of foul trouble or when the outcome of a game has already been decided. Player / Position 1 2 3 4 5 Total Shields 32 0 32 Petteway 24 8 32 Pitchford 8 20 28 Webster 10 16 26 Rivers 22 22 Parker 18 18 Smith, T. 12 12 Fuller 10 10 Abraham 12 12 Hammond 8 8 Smith, L. 0 Other Returnees 0 Total 40 40 40 40 40 200
  10. fr8-train

    Big Ten Tournament Format

    Excellent. Thanks, Actuary! So, a bottom 4 seed has a much tougher road to get through the conference tournament, although they have a better chance to win a 1st round game and get to a .500 record to become post-season eligible. Actually, this format does a pretty good job of rewarding for regular-season performance for the top 4, middle 6 and bottom 4.
  11. Does anyone know what the format of the tournament will be with the addition of Rutgers and Maryland to the conference? Now with 14 teams, it doesn't seem 4 teams will continue to receive 1st round byes because that would leave an odd number of teams for round 2. Will it be reduced to just 2 teams getting a 1st round bye? That would leave 8 teams competing after the first round. Also, will it still be a 4-day tournament? If so, it would seem the advantage to the top 2 seeds will grow with a 14-team league. Of course, any team that can put their opponent away early and rest their starters will help their cause.
  12. fr8-train

    New Washut article about remaining targets?

    He listed the following players: Deng Deng (PF), Keanu Pinder (SF/PF), Aleer Leek (PF) and Trey Dickerson (PG). I know I've seen the first three names already menioned on this site and Robin has tweeted about potential interest in the last one.
  13. fr8-train

    Kenya Hunter Hired as New Asst.

    I'm sure it certainly helps to know you have a sold out arena to be able to justify increasing the salary budget for assistant coaches. The athletic deparment is probably getting an incremental $500-750K in revenue from increased ticket sales, not factoring in what they'll get for suite leases and concessions. Reinvesting it back into the program makes a lot of sense at this point.