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  1. I was going to make a similar post, but then decided to scroll down and read all the newer posts before commenting.
  2. Especially his use of the glass. Don't see that much anymore. What is Milton up to these days? Last I saw him was when we were both at UNO.
  3. Yep. I was at one of those games. A game against UNI was played in Cedar Rapids rather than Cedar Falls because the UNI-dome roof had collapsed due to snow.
  4. Plus the 2 guys sitting out upgrade the quality of your scout team and, therefore, the competition level the core guys are facing to prepare for games. Certainly Burke was beneficial in that regard last year.
  5. All have a combined 10 letters in their first and last names.
  6. I was thinking something similar that if we got Johnson and one of the PFs (French guy or Cross), especially if Roby returned, that Heiman could benefit from a redshirt season. Of course, maybe he's a guy you want to move through the system as quickly as possible.
  7. At least we reduced the probability of Haarms reproducing with some inadvertent shots to the groin.
  8. Also on the postgame show, Miles mentioned 2 visitors in attendance today. One mentioned the great atmosphere at the game. Anyone know who was there?
  9. Why do they always let the big guys bang their elbows in our chest and then bail them out with just a traveling call?
  10. 3 Assists? Wow...he only had 20 in 34 games, and 15 in 18 conference games, for the Huskers last year.
  11. I know Miles has said "you are what you guard", but I wonder with MJ and EM if they effectively switch depending on the end of the court (i.e., defense - MJ/5; EM/4 and offense - MJ/4; EM/5). EM would maybe have more freedom on the defensive end to go swat shots/hunt rebounds and MJ bodies up the center. On the offensive end MJ could drift to the perimeter ("the stretch 4") while EM posts up or executes the pick-and-roll since he doesn't have the same shooting range as MJ.
  12. Much better than Aguek Arop I presume. How do their games compare?
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