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  1. Dave Hoppen (along with a couple of proven, 6-8 minute type role players off the bench - including a dead 3 specialst) would make this an elite 8 team.
  2. I lurk here and hide in the shadows a lot. Sometimes with a camera.
  3. I should have stayed home. Ha! [emoji2957]
  4. Yes. This. Meant to say same NEBRASKA high school.
  5. Lantz wasn't nearly as big as Roby. He was a 6-3ish guard. Stewart could really fill it up from outside (again too bad no 3-point line), he could take it to the rim and had great hops. Actually, another 6-3 type player that Roby makes me think about is Greg Downing. Downing had similiar skills as I recall, but couldn't hold a candle to Isaiah's shot blocking & rim protecting. All that said, because of all the things Isaiah can do and because of his unrealized potential, he's a one-of-a-kind type of player in NU history, IMHO. And "IF" he would be
  6. Sure appreciate your kind words. Jack Payne did the games on KFAB before I started in 1974. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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