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  1. Kent Pavelka

    Roby (is Good)

    Lantz wasn't nearly as big as Roby. He was a 6-3ish guard. Stewart could really fill it up from outside (again too bad no 3-point line), he could take it to the rim and had great hops. Actually, another 6-3 type player that Roby makes me think about is Greg Downing. Downing had similiar skills as I recall, but couldn't hold a candle to Isaiah's shot blocking & rim protecting. All that said, because of all the things Isaiah can do and because of his unrealized potential, he's a one-of-a-kind type of player in NU history, IMHO. And "IF" he would become a dead-3 shooter, be a better defender away from the rim, & improve his handles, he could be the best ever. Big "IFs" though. Most important, Isaiah needs to have a really good Junior season to keep the narrative alive.
  2. Kent Pavelka


    Sure appreciate your kind words. Jack Payne did the games on KFAB before I started in 1974. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Kent Pavelka


    You are thinking of Joe Patrick doing Creighton games in the 80's. Jack worked with me at KFAB from 1974 until he retired, doing football color for both Bremser and me. He was doing Husker basketball until I took over for him in 74'. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Kent Pavelka

    Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    Wouldn't miss it!
  5. Kent Pavelka

    Who is Tim Miles

    I'll take this one. He & the staff are meticulous teachers and game-planners, who demand maximum effort & attention to detail. There is nice balance between those expectations and acknowledging and/or critiquing performance. That creates a standard that, in turn, creates pride and improvement in team. That's how I've seen it. I've always been impressed and even motivated myself by being able to hang around a lot. Believe me, the vibe is spot-on.
  6. Kent Pavelka

    CU Scout

    Nope. He took it way too seriously.
  7. Kent Pavelka

    Game Day Essentials: Game #2 vs Mary

    Wrong Coach, Dimes. Joe Kittell. Katz is Sacramento State.
  8. Kent Pavelka

    Welcome to The Nebrasketball Podcast

    Listen to these guys! They bleed Husker Red.
  9. Kent Pavelka

    Our roster without names

    If I'm Kent Pavelka and you're Tim Miles I would add this to the first question: "Or do you not care as long as the guy can flat fill it up like nobody else?" And you say: "Bangarang"
  10. Kent Pavelka


    Anyone from the Nixon era still alive? Yes.
  11. Kent Pavelka


    Busted. Signed, Norm
  12. Kent Pavelka

    Happy Birthday Kent!

    Got no cake!
  13. Doak & Dennis Pavelka, a second cousin of mine).
  14. Kent Pavelka

    Greatest Hustle Play in Husker History

    I was there for that one too. Tom Baack says he talked to Cazzie Russel years later and Cazzie called it the most embarasing loss of his career. Michigan was ranked # 1.