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    Someone on campus just told me ... Good guy whatever happens. I expect he's done, but he's been a great guy and he's run a clean program and I absolutely wish him the best no matter what.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Nolan Richardson may also be available . But at his age he can only promise 20 minutes of hell.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Until we sign the next coach we're on Francon 2 around here.
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    He's been nothing but classy about this -- acknowledging it's a big boy business and saying nothing bad publicly about Moos whatsoever. I hope Husker fans can be as classy if/when he departs. Please don't be the jerks some of you were when Doc Sadler got fired.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Filling Out a Staff.

    Have you tried viagra??? Seems to help filling out a staff.
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    Tim had his flaws. Big men, offensive scheme, & proper rotations were the main things imo. Tim also left this program far better than when he arrived. Not many Nebraska basketball coaches can say. He did benefit from new facilities, but he recruited his butt off and had the right personality to turn it around. If Nebraska becomes relevant under Hoiberg or whom ever, Tim & TO deserves credit for building the foundation.
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    Not a time to cheer. Tim and his stuff did a lot of good! Nothing but respect and well wishes. We now can move on.
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    Tim Miles Send Off

    Tim Miles will be announced as the next President of the University of Nebraska at 4pm today. I heard that from a reliable source..If I can't trust the voices in my head, who can I trust?
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    I think most of the people on this board have moved forward, but you seem to be stuck at pointing out the program's historical flaws. Come join us, it should be a fun ride.
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    Fred Hoiberg is N

    I've been waiting for this day to come...just so I could post this....
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