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    Someone on campus just told me ... Good guy whatever happens. I expect he's done, but he's been a great guy and he's run a clean program and I absolutely wish him the best no matter what.
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    Gutless statement from Moos

    Amen. I'm all about family first -- and him missing a game for his daughter's wedding actually makes me think MORE highly of him. I wouldn't have even minded him missing Friday's game if need be. But you really mean to tell me he couldn't have attended a basketball game on Thursday afternoon and flew out right afterward? Instead, only showing up to the Rutgers game gives the appearance not of support but of an expected loss, which AGAIN he continues to hammer away at. I work in PR. Last season's statement of a need for consistency, and pointing out the 14-15 season right after one of our winningest seasons in school history, used the language of a poor expected outcome. I said so at the time, and will say so now -- that should be for the fans and media to point out, but not an athletic administration trying to put itself in a position to set a tone of optimism and winning. It was absolute incompetence. It stands out even more when you contrast his behavior and language over the last year to his behavior and language when talking about Ernie Kent -- who by any metric was an absolute failure at Washington State, yet he kept extending him and talking about his accomplishments in glowing terms. Now, we have someone you actually CAN make a case for, and instead the disdain is palpable even to the national media. I've made it pretty clear I'm no Bill Moos fan. This is why. The man is utterly incompetent when it comes to even giving the impression of leadership, and my criticism extends to those in his communications division putting out this nonsense. No matter what he does now, he has eroded the fanbase's trust with his inconsistent policies and disinterest in this program, and created his own conundrum with his visible lack of support for his current staff. To me, both as a fan and someone who does this for a living, his handling of the basketball program is absolutely inexcusable. It isn't that hard to at least give the impression that you'd prefer to see your team win. (I still recall Sipple writing that someone made a "he better get this back on track" statement in December -- WHO in their right mind would say something like that, at that point, to one of the state's most well-known columnists? I remember thinking at the time that no matter how much I dislike Creighton, you would NEVER hear Rasmussen or his staff say something like that.) Instead, he (and his staff of "communications" buffoons) made themselves absolute laughingstocks and it is mind-boggling to me how poorly they have handled not just this situation, but the entire last 365 days. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I just feel lucky that we have the basketball savant that is Marc Boehm getting to work with and oversee his soon to be 4th basketball coach. He’s done such great work here. Consistent winning. Lots of NCAA Tournament appearances in his 19 years. Continued domination of Creighton. Player after player into the NBA. Marc also helped oversee the magnificent handling of Connie Yori and ensuring our women’s team lost the one great thing it had over the last 25 years. Marketing wise, Marc helped lead this program into all of our hearts. Constantly with the hottest basketball gear for sale. For example, I love that we can find the shirt with Herbie spinning a basketball for sale that literally every Husker fan wants. And I love that we’ve had bobble heads for basketball. Oh wait, never mind. #LifetimeContract #OnlyConsistentPartOfWorstEraOfHuskerHoopsHistory
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    Norm Peterson

    Boehm taking a step back

    I know it's funny to attack Boehm when nobody outside the athletic department knows what it is that he does, for sure. But I think we should give some credit where credit is due: None of the coaches he took part in hiring and none of the programs under his supervision were caught up in any NCAA infractions. The players graduated on time. Our APR scores were good. We haven't been penalized, sanctioned or placed on NCAA probation. We haven't had scholarships pulled or been banned from post-season play. You can joke and say things like "we banned ourselves from post-season play" or "with our win-loss record, we don't warrant an investigation." Haha. I get the humor. But, in all seriousness, there is intense pressure to win when you're at the helm of a revenue sport in a major conference. A lot of people out there glance sideways at the rules that govern things like recruiting, and white lies and pushing the ethical envelope are rationalized if it leads to a better caliber of recruits. And FBI investigations into neighboring programs have cast a pall over those schools' athletic programs, so pushing the ethical envelope is not unheard of or without precedence even nearby. So far as I know, WE have not been implicated. I would rather struggle to achieve mediocrity while preserving my honor and integrity than win dishonestly. Make fun of Marc Boehm if you want. Talk about the lack of basketball success during his tenure. But don't, then, forget to mention we've run clean programs while he's been here.
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    Cam Mack is N

    I’ve been a Dead Red NU basketball fan since 1958 and this has me thinking the unthinkable...NCAA tourney win, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and National Championship. I need to take better care of myself so I am around to see it. I’m off to walk two more miles to add to my first two miles so I can keep my blood pressure down.
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    Filling Out a Staff.

    Nothing says Roll Tide like spending a paragraph talking about Pinnacle Bank Arena and the Huskers!
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Nolan Richardson may also be available . But at his age he can only promise 20 minutes of hell.
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    A sincere apology

    This is by far the best time for Husker Basketball there has ever been. Yet upon reflection, I've been a dick on this board to people who don't deserve it. No excuses. Just wanted to apologize to people who I consider family. Except Massengill, from the filling out the staff thread. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and a Blessed Easter!
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    People that complain about miles after all three losses but had no praise after Clemson Seton Hall or Creighton. That is my number one pet peave at the moment. Listen we didn’t lose a home game in 2018. We have tons of talent. We’re going dancing this year. This game sucked but we get to keep playing.
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    ShotTracker is pretty cool, but not on my TV.
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    Personally, I think Watson should have run more clock but I understand why he took it when I factor in he was making circus shots the last 4 minutes of the game and his confidence was trending up quickly. It also was a pull up from something like 12 feet which is his best shot all the time. If he hits that shot the game is over and everyone is talking about him being a stud with nerves of steel. As I former coach I want him to run more clock. As a former player who has been lucky enough to have experienced a couple of games where the ball just seemed to want to go in the basket for me, I definitely understand that shot. You then factor in that Watson is a senior who has gone on record saying he will do whatever is necessary to get his team to the dance. We've just lost two games in a row and I'm projecting but I believe what was going through his mind was, "I'm not going to let it get to three." He also has put together a record of 3 1/2 years playing basketball for Nebraska. I'm still not thrilled with his shot selection (for the record I admit that as a player I probably take that same shot as well and when it doesn't go in I'm surprised as hell. I'm extremely biased but I don't think that means I have a low basketball IQ), but looking at all the factors up to that point in the game, adding in where we are in this season as well his track record over all his time here at Nebraska, I can say with much confidence that I strongly believe Glenn Watson does NOT have a low basketball IQ.
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    #24 Nebraska dominates Creighton 94-75 Huskers LET IT FLY with 14 Threes Crowd dubbed "second loudest only to No Sit Saturday" McDermott can dish it but couldn't take it in the post game after a loss I’m so happy! View full article
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    Underrated play of the game: Nana Akenten diving about 10 ft to secure a loose ball that would have ended up in Creighton’s hands. That dude is 100% bought in
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Until we sign the next coach we're on Francon 2 around here.
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    He's been nothing but classy about this -- acknowledging it's a big boy business and saying nothing bad publicly about Moos whatsoever. I hope Husker fans can be as classy if/when he departs. Please don't be the jerks some of you were when Doc Sadler got fired.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Filling Out a Staff.

    Have you tried viagra??? Seems to help filling out a staff.
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    Gutless statement from Moos

    This is a ridiculous take. People are so blind with Miles hate that they fail to see all of the good that he's done here. If we do end up with Hoiberg, you can probably thank Miles. He shows that it can be done here. We don’t get Hoiberg if we don’t have Tim.
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    Hopefully this picture shows up because I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway saw this in the rail yard today. Pretty much sums up my feeling on Jayskers.
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    Anyone know if there

    Haven't heard of any, but a Cheesy Ass Technical has potential as an appetizer at Conlee's. I'm gonna work on that one....
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    Tim had his flaws. Big men, offensive scheme, & proper rotations were the main things imo. Tim also left this program far better than when he arrived. Not many Nebraska basketball coaches can say. He did benefit from new facilities, but he recruited his butt off and had the right personality to turn it around. If Nebraska becomes relevant under Hoiberg or whom ever, Tim & TO deserves credit for building the foundation.
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    Not a time to cheer. Tim and his stuff did a lot of good! Nothing but respect and well wishes. We now can move on.
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    Tim Miles Send Off

    Tim Miles will be announced as the next President of the University of Nebraska at 4pm today. I heard that from a reliable source..If I can't trust the voices in my head, who can I trust?
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    Gutless statement from Moos

    Case in point: We're going to put a statement 45 minutes after the game because that gives everyone a chance to talk to the media first. Makes sense, right. You then literally say that a statement is going to be put out in 45 minutes while everyone is talking to the media and you don't tell your coach what very well seems to be about him what the statement will be. You've taken what is nothing more than an innocuous statement and now you have a Chris Heady article about the 35 minutes everyone sat twisting in the wind so yesterday is much bigger than message board angst. Cheese and rice.
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    We played a really good team. It wasn't our night for making shots. It happens. If I was going to be mad about losing this game, I wouldn't survive the season. Win the next game and move on to the "next six."
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    I'm so hungover this morning and do not care NU played so hard and so well Pitino is a jackwagon amateur - McDermott clearly has the butt-hurt jackwagon corner all to himself Ballock needs to go in Monday morning and demand a raise and a better job for his parents - without him that game is about 100-49
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    Tonight marked the firs game that the Jays had given up 90+ points since the last time they played
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    You guys keep bumming me out. Everytime i see theres new posts in the recruiting thread, i get excited thinking/praying something might be developing with a big man but its just ppl fawning over Xavier Johnson.
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    If your posting history here is any indication, you probably are.
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    Derrick Walker is N

    If I say this is the replacement for Heiman, would that help?
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    Filling Out a Staff.

    Well, I'm thinking it's not working?
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    I think most of the people on this board have moved forward, but you seem to be stuck at pointing out the program's historical flaws. Come join us, it should be a fun ride.
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    Fred Hoiberg is N

    I've been waiting for this day to come...just so I could post this....
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    To this team, and most important the seniors, to James, Glynn, Tanner, Johnny, and Isaac all we can say is thank you for giving us one hell of a ride. 5 dudes who should never have to buy a drink in Lincoln ever again.
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    New State Tourism Slogan: Nebraska. Honestly, it's not for everyone. Especially Bill Walton. And we like it that way. Kinda long, I admit. But it has a nice ring to it.
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    Gutless statement from Moos

    F Bill. He cheated attendance numbers at WSU. We dont need to cheat shit. PBA is and has been effing top notch. Tim Miles is not fireable at this point BECAUSE THE FANS CLEARLY SHOW. I will be eff wording furious if the cycle of mid major coach shit starts again. Moos is a dbag. Any asshat NU hired as "AD" could have bought scofro for 5 mil. Do not give him an ounce of credit.
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    Not sure if we can find him more minutes but if so I’d love to see Nana more. Love his shot and he showed some serious athleticism on some rebounds tonight. Also, kudos to Tanner. He played some big minutes tonight. If you ask me, he is better than 2017 Jordy.
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    2019 PF Kevin Cross - LOI

    So we just play him for 29 minutes against Creighton and rest him for the remainder of the season. You good with that?
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    Filling Out a Staff.

    You're ok. You're with basketball folks here.
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    Anybody else noticing the post-coital self-satisfied look as Moos' face? Time for a cocktail and a cigarette, my man. Well done.
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    Exactly how I feel. My son and I are driving out from Colorado tomorrow to watch the baseball game and then the basketball game. If things work out, we will either head down to Fort Worth to watch the TCU game or stick around for a 2nd home game if TCU loses. Got to love spring break road trips!!! Side note...if TCU wins and Nebraska happens to play them on Saturday, if you're up for an epic sports weekend, I would recommend taking a drive down to Tulsa to watch the NCAA tournament games and then making the short trek down to Fort Worth on Saturday morning. If things just happen to fall into place, that will be our plan!
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    What a great win! One of the best parts is we beat the zebras also! They were awful. I can't believe the man crush the stripes had for him. Phantom calls on Roby, Palmer, and Cope! Even though the game was over, that out of bounds call on Roby was AWFUL. Surprise, surprise, the call favors Romeo. Also, Cope's 4th with 4:30 to go was trash as well. But enough complaining, what a hell of an effort! Such a fun game (and team) to watch. Let's keep it going. Thursday just became that much bigger!!
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    North? Forget it he’s rolling.
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    Norm Peterson

    Pepsi v. Coca Cola

    Royal Crown and Crown Royal continue to miss out on a great opportunity for a joint marketing strategy.
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    The funniest thing I saw at the game was a jay fan, dressed in his jay shirt, sitting two rows in front of us. In the first half the Huskers went on a run and there was a timeout. The band started playing There Is No Place Like Nebraska. He was clapping along and he continued to clap through the whole song, much to the amusement of my row. I guess that is a true jaysker.
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    One underrated and not talked about aspect of this years team is our improved rebounding. We don’t have one great rebounded but as a team we have really improved especially our gaurds getting involved more. Borchardt does a heck of a job boxing out while in there
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    CU learning a hard lesson - when you pay your players like they're in the NBA, they're going to play defense like they're in the NBA.
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    I on the other hand hope this is only a Quad 4 win ?
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    I was thinking more along the lines of Illi-noying.
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