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    The Longest Day(s)

    I'm spending the next 8 days rooting like crazy for one team - the FBI. If they can just hurry things along, rise from their underdog status, and take down several other bubble teams - and a few blue bloods along the way - we'll be dancing .... maybe even as a #5 or #6 seed.
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    Anyone know if there

    Haven't heard of any, but a Cheesy Ass Technical has potential as an appetizer at Conlee's. I'm gonna work on that one....
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    Dirk Chatelain

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for reading the Nee project. I know it stirs a lot of good memories. I hope you absorbing the online features. I could watch the old videos forever -- it kills me that I couldn't find Michigan State 1990 anywhere. But we have most of the other big ones. We'll have a few podcasts coming up, too, I think. One clarification: I did talk to Nee about the fateful breakfast in Kansas City. I just liked how Hoffman told it better, so I used his voice. Danny and I probably talked for 5-6 hours over the past few years. Here's what we have the rest of the week. Part 5: 1993 Part 6: 1994 Part 7: 1995-2000 Part 8: What Nee's been doing the past 18 years -- this one might be my favorite Epilogue: Where Are They Now?
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    The Longest Day(s)

    I got my NIT tickets. If that's where we end up I'll be caring about it and attending. I hope the players rally and play hard. The NIT is a lot like the minor bowl games. It is obvious some teams are disappointed and don't give maximum effort. I think if we get a home game we'll be OK. I'm not judging the season by yesterday. 22 wins and 4th in the Big 10 is satisfying. We played some exciting basketball. Easy team to support as they seem like a bunch of good guys. Bench mob came up with some original Schtick. Enjoyed this season a lot.
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    OT - But and Sorry

    Does he have any hair on his legs?
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    The Longest Day(s)

    IT'S A BOY
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    Penn St. pregame chatter

    Very special night for the Seniors. They have all handled adversity and stuck with it. They have earned our respect and appreciation.
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    You know what though...

    I don't care what it is. NCAA's NIT, CBI...I'm buying ALL THE TICKETS...that is all. This team is special and we need to watch them play as much as we can.
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    Deep breath and exhale guys. Drake is really really good. All 5 starters back from and NCAA tourney team and seasoned veterans who have played and won against BCS teams a lot of times previously. Lets not start with the annual (yes it happens every single year go back and look at the posts from prior years) assement that the new kids are always better than the old. We need them all. Its a long season. Kate, Hannah and Maddie will be just fine, and the new kids (who are very very good) will continue to get better and have some great games, and also have some nights where they struggle and stink it up. It was tied with 2 min left despite our 2nd qtr melt down and despite the fact that 6 of our arguably top 9 kids are soph and freshman. News flash our schedule is very hard. We are likely going to lose several more games in non conference this year.