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  1. I've always thought this, too. There are many jobs in the every day world where your pay is pretty highly incentivized based on your performance. Why not do the same for coaches? And it's hedging your costs as an athletic department too. Obviously in the successful years the A.D. will bring in more money and can easily pay above and beyond the extra bonus. And finally, the head coach should be willing to accept a lower base salary if he is confident that he will win. Oh well, what do I know.
  2. Seriously? How many earned runs did he give up?
  3. You know how Congress can impeach a President with a two-thirds vote? Can we do that to DOATHLON and just kick him out?
  4. PBA is only truly full 2-3 games per year. I think we still need to prove it that we are ready to expand.
  5. Unless I'm misinterpreting what PimpMario is trying to say, this isn't correct. Here's how it works. You donate money to get season tickets for football, basketball, etc. Whatever sport it is, you get priority points toward your general Athletic Department account. Each year, there is a Seat Yourself process where everyone is ranked based on their total Athletic Department priority points. This is the order that you get to look at open basketball seats and try to improve your tickets. Now, you do have to pay the basketball-specific donation that is tied to the season tickets that you choose (which varies from $0 for the majority of the arena, up to $1000 for the top club section), but in terms of the order that you get to choose your seats, football and basketball all go toward the same ranking system. In terms of trying to get better basketball seats, your best bet would to be give a large one-time donation. Priority points are worth three times extra in the year that they are given, so a large one-time donation would give you a temporary boost before that donation just rolls into the normal lifetime giving amount the next year. But, I would guess that this year, the season ticket turnover will be very low so this would be a futile effort. You may want to wait 1-2 years when season ticket turnover will be at a more normal level. @HoiBall
  6. Yes, it's set in stone. The game would be Tuesday.
  7. It seems as if there are still a lot of tickets available on huskers.com. Worried about a low turnout.
  8. Good call out. For the 2018 calendar year, we were #12 on Bart Torvik including #15 in Wins Above Bubble. So definitely a 4 seed. But in the 2017-2018 season, prior to 2018: #94. And in the 2018-2019 season, after 2018: #61.
  9. This is the guy who only comes on to post when he has info to share. Sometimes he's been right, but he also reported that we made the NCAA tournament last year. Guess we'll see.
  10. What? This is ridiculous. We have an argument to be in if we win today, and we deserve to be an absolute lock if we win tomorrow as well (assuming it's Michigan State we would beat). Seriously, a lock. edit: fixed typo
  11. No Sit Sunday, both Iowa games, and Creighton are all top five for me. For that last spot, I like what the others have offered in the FGCU game and the Michigan State game. Both good ones. The Penn State game was fun, but not very long-lasting or memorable compared to the others in my opinion.
  12. I'm a little more optimistic than the above posters. We'd have a decent shot at getting in if we make it to Saturday. If we make it to Sunday, we'd be in easily (assuming that we beat the top seeds, not lower seeds by way of upset).
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