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  1. I'm struggling to remember who all was here. Did any of them make the NBA?
  2. 99% sure HuskerFever is joking, but the fact that he posted more than once will get me to bite. The RPI is not useful for college volleyball this year because of the fewer amount of games and varied number of games amongst teams. Army West Point is #2 with a 3-2 record and Towson is #3 with a 4-0 record. Delaware is #36 with a 3-6 record. I think we'll get a 2 seed.
  3. But my overall point is, a year of actual college basketball is a more valuable predictor of future performance than your high school recruiting ranking. So maybe lots of those Rivals 150 players didn't do a lot their freshman year, like you found. I'm guessing many of those same players were the same ones that had a more disappointing college career than they high school ranking would have expected.
  4. Well, I hope I'm wrong. There are exceptions to everything. You named a couple. The list of major college contributors is a lot longer of those who were successful their freshman year than those who averaged 3 points a game. Appreciate the responses from everyone!
  5. Everyone seems really excited. Is it because of his younger brother? Because so far, it would appear that CJ was overrated as a 4-star in high school. What am I missing? Sorry to be pessimistic, here come the downvotes
  6. You are who you beat. Based on those quad records, Syracuse was between a Quad 1 and Quad 2 team, and Nebraska was between a Quad 2 and Quad 3 team. Having a losing record against Quad 2 is a tournament wannabe, unfortunately.
  7. I just went back and watched a play, and I couldn't tell a difference. He's never been too thin. Maybe he is tho.
  8. Definitely a cool opportunity. Slight drawback, I assume all of the games would count as home games for the NET, RPI, etc and thus be less valuable from that perspective.
  9. When I go to my unread posts feed, it shows every unread post rather than only one per thread. Is this a setting I could change?
  10. Question for those bigger sports enthusiasts than me: Is there ever pressure for kids of the wealthy to walk-on?
  11. Over what time frame? Cases have been dropping nationwide for a week. Still high, no doubt, but definitely not a situation where cases are rising in all but 2 states.
  12. Maybe I just missed them, but it seemed like there were very few articles from him recently, compared to when he started to UNL.
  13. Note that he only took 41 3-pointers in his entire career haha... 7-41. An average of one 3-point attempt every 23 games. Looks like the 3-point line existed for about 3/4 of his career.
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