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  1. I had to be "old man get off my lawn" guy, but I haven't been too impressed with Cam Mack's body language so far. Lots of pouting when things don't go his way.
  2. Tonight, Mississippi Valley State lost to Utah 143-49, which is the largest D-1 vs D-1 loss in CBB history. This is the team we beat 106-37 last year!
  3. Using Bart Torvik, here are our losses against opponents that finished the season ranked #125 or worse, dating back to 2008. #262: 2008-2009 loss vs UMBC #253: 2014-2015 loss vs Incarnate Word #244: 2015-2016 loss vs Samford #179: 2011-2012 loss vs Wake Forest #175: 2016-2017 loss vs Gardner-Webb #160: 2013-2014 loss vs UAB (neutral site) #154: 2010-2011 loss vs Davidson (neutral site) #147: 2015-2016 loss @ Penn State #131: 2016-2017 loss @ Rutgers #129: 2011-2012 loss @ Penn State UC Riverside is currently ranked #219, but it's hard to tell where they will end up.
  4. This is radio as opposed to TV, right? Does anyone have a link to listen, by chance?
  5. FYI for anyone wanting to go to the Nebraska/Creighton game this year, tickets go on sale this coming Monday the 14th @ 10am. I think these will be on Ticketmaster.
  6. On a related note - the player who led the NBA in rebounding in more consecutive seasons than anyone else in history was 6'7".
  7. I had no problems for Friday night, but I must say that the ticket office is not terribly well ran considering it is a multi-million dollar organization - they tend to get by with average customer service because fans won't give up on the team and stop going to games unless they have serious issues with the ticket office.
  8. He's trying to ensure his own job security!
  9. Anyone know when the tipoff times will be set?
  10. I wonder how many single-game tickets they held back. Hopefully some.
  11. I'm in Omaha and thus I've never listened to 93.7 much, but there is one and only one Husker media guest on 1620 that usually results in me turning the dial: Steven M. Sipple.
  12. Hasn't there been concern about Samari Curtis's shot? Just how bad is it? I didn't catch any of the Italy streamed games.
  13. Always been a big fan of the Elam Ending.
  14. He's down to #3 in games played now, behind DeAndre Jordan and Randy Smith. Still #1 in 3-pointers, though.
  15. That actually seems like a smaller crowd than in prior years, to my eyes. Surprising for a team that's so hyped up.
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