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  1. Are you serious? This is incredible
  2. Yes, there are only 15 games. I have tickets in both the 100 levels and 200 levels. Both are the same price as last year, per game. It's not a price reduction in the sense that Handy Johnson was talking to it, but it's certainly a price reduction in the sense that we shell out less money in total for season tickets, which really means fewer of the Who-Cares-State game in November and December. A welcome change, but probably an anomaly.
  3. Did anyone hear this call on 1620 the Zone? Eric in Cozad says that after he told Hoiberg "unfortunately I'm going to have to terminate your employment" (wtf?), the Sports Nightly producer cut him off the air and told him right back "I'm going to have to terminate your employment" LOL. 3:30 mark
  4. There are going to be fewer than 3,000 people at Wednesday's 8pm tip against Minnesota.
  5. Good luck to you all - I'm the sucker that chose the Ohio State road game (my birthday) - guess I'm not winning
  6. We're still at 97% qualification odds, though. https://twitter.com/We_Global/status/1487955536033296385
  7. Wow. There are tickets available on Stubhub in the 100 level for the lowest price that they allow of $6/ticket.
  8. I've been all in on Fred from the beginning, including through our disaster of a season so far...so this is absolutely crazy but now that Trev has tweeted this, I have to agree. Makes the season so far feel empty knowing there's nothing more to it. We just flat out suck.
  9. Of course for someone like Robin Washut, his salary depends on interest in the Nebraska basketball program. Not a good incentive to be the one breaking a story like this.
  10. If they keep winning, that will definitely happen. The year the women's team went undefeated for most of the season with Kelsey Griffin, there were a few games sold out at Devaney and the attendance was higher than the men's games. The buzz is starting to increase for sure.
  11. From the HuskerHoops tweet this morning, we do know some who are making the trip: Kobe, Derrick Walker, and then I think Quaran Mcpherson.
  12. Any idea why your numbers are a little different than what is shown here? I have heard the $20m number more, but I'm also not following super closely. https://www.reddit.com/r/Huskers/comments/kdb8qy/sf_buyout_charts_for_reference_as_you_can_see/
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