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  1. He's trying to ensure his own job security!
  2. Anyone know when the tipoff times will be set?
  3. I wonder how many single-game tickets they held back. Hopefully some.
  4. I'm in Omaha and thus I've never listened to 93.7 much, but there is one and only one Husker media guest on 1620 that usually results in me turning the dial: Steven M. Sipple.
  5. Hasn't there been concern about Samari Curtis's shot? Just how bad is it? I didn't catch any of the Italy streamed games.
  6. Always been a big fan of the Elam Ending.
  7. He's down to #3 in games played now, behind DeAndre Jordan and Randy Smith. Still #1 in 3-pointers, though.
  8. That actually seems like a smaller crowd than in prior years, to my eyes. Surprising for a team that's so hyped up.
  9. Their best win all season was against a team who went 14-10 (seriously, they did not beat any other teams with a better record). They did not miss state because of a fluke shot.
  10. Do you guys hear that? It's our NBA draft drought, screaming for help as it senses its death very soon ??
  11. Does anyone know more about A&M's year this season? 0.251? That is worse than Nebraska's meager offense in 2019.
  12. Haha really? Should someone tell them that this was the highest attended "home" game of the year for them other than Opening Day?
  13. Is anyone else kind of perturbed that the Creighton game is on championship football Saturday (Big Ten Championship, SEC, etc). It's certainly possible that Nebraska wins the West and is playing in that game (less than 50%, I know). That'd suck from a conflict standpoint.
  14. On a more serious note than my last one, I wonder how this news is being received within the Athletic Department. Did we expect to have 18 home games for budget purchases? 10,000 season tickets times $20 per ticket = at least $200k in ticket revenue for each home game. Do we have any kind of 'minimum' home game expectation like football where we have to have at least seven home games? Or did we just lose 200k with this news coming out, which is more than half of the annual salary of one of our assistants?
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