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  1. Does anyone know more about A&M's year this season? 0.251? That is worse than Nebraska's meager offense in 2019.
  2. Haha really? Should someone tell them that this was the highest attended "home" game of the year for them other than Opening Day?
  3. Is anyone else kind of perturbed that the Creighton game is on championship football Saturday (Big Ten Championship, SEC, etc). It's certainly possible that Nebraska wins the West and is playing in that game (less than 50%, I know). That'd suck from a conflict standpoint.
  4. On a more serious note than my last one, I wonder how this news is being received within the Athletic Department. Did we expect to have 18 home games for budget purchases? 10,000 season tickets times $20 per ticket = at least $200k in ticket revenue for each home game. Do we have any kind of 'minimum' home game expectation like football where we have to have at least seven home games? Or did we just lose 200k with this news coming out, which is more than half of the annual salary of one of our assistants?
  5. Maybe this is a sign that they require payment for the following season's tickets too early...
  6. There will. You sign up for when you pay for your tickets. The process is usually in August.
  7. - The 100 level went from $21 per game to $23 per game - The 200 level went from $13 per game to $15 per game - The 300 level went from $6 per game to $8 per game
  8. Zaire is going to be a senior, so there's not a lot of time left in his recruitment. Is he actually going to play college ball? If yes, one would his presume we've got a pretty good shot since he only has two offers? Assuming the offer is still valid from Hoiberg.
  9. I haven't been following the rules. With this announcement, if he doesn't actually get drafted, is he eligible to come back?
  10. Yeah, it's wild but they do indeed mean Adrian Martinez. If I could ever "short" a bet that would be it.
  11. Really? Can you post a couple of examples online?
  12. Seriously. I'm in section 608 and of the 262 seats in that section, 262 were renewed according to Seat Yourself. Crazy
  13. I'm only 30 and didn't start following the basketball team until the early 2000s. I've seen references to the 1996 walkout on here and would love to hear the full story as best we know it. Why the walkout? Sounds like it was everyone on the team but Lue and Garner. Did the team just felt like they were underperforming (Nee's fault)? Was the walkout widely reported at the time? And if the situation was so bad, how did Nee last four more years?
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