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  1. The only way the long term health is affected by us being in this tournament is if we miss out if a coaching staff because they decided to move on to another opportunity before pen went to paper. One week in March isn't going to make much, if any, difference at all should that main concern not happen in the first place.
  2. Agreed. I think the winners of a play in game should have to have an * by their record for as long as Roger Maris had to.  Does that mean that all teams who have won a non-bye game since 1953-1974 and 1979-1984 have to put an asterisk by their wins?
  3. Two games tonight. Two teams win their first NCAA tournament game in school history. Fairleigh Dickinson: 1-5 Belmont: 1-7
  4. Congrats to another team in March. Fairleigh Dickinson just won their first NCAA tournament game in school history.
  5. In my opinion, only #2 would matter to him. But that's a BIG #2. Enough to keep him out before the #2 drops.
  6. Better lock up Hoiberg before Kansas starts looking:
  7. Just throwing out some data points to try to bridge the gap of comparing the two sports...
  8. It's also easier to get a 0.500+ season in football than it is in basketball. # of 0.500+ teams in FBS football last season: 79 (62% of teams) # of 0.500+ teams in Div I basketball last season: 197 (56% of teams)
  9. I can buy that Moos might have his "wait until the end of the season" philosophy. It's also easier to fire two coaches that you mentioned who both had a 4-8 record when there is no postseason versus firing Miles who has a postseason. That's the part where it becomes typical behavior to either decline a bid or let the assistants take over the postseason. Not saying Moos' is right, wrong, or indifferent. But it's certainly not standard practice in this industry.
  10. This would certainly be out of the norm, but nice of Moos to do so if that were the case. It also makes me wonder what kind of agreement Moos supposedly has with his future coaching prospect(s) while this tournament is going on.
  11. He's already on some lists. I saw somewhere that if things don't work out with Matta/UNLV, then Miles would be one of a handful pursued for that job.
  12. If that's already decided, why keep him around?
  13. It's much harder to get disappointed when you have:
  14. How do we get the budget for 1,000 tear-away pants for the student section for the Iowa game?
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