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  1. Western Illinois is #90 in the NET rankings. A home loss at that ranking makes it a Quad 3 loss.
  2. Having a 4OT game helps to skew the per game stats this early in the season, especially when it is a game where both teams missed a lot of shots...that's an extra half-game of play without impacting the denominator. But we're #325 in offensive rebounds. So imagine where we would be without that 4OT.
  3. Sometimes the emotions get in the way or there's more happening beyond the surface. I find that the NCAA stats can help provide some more color to the overall status of our team performance, beyond wins and losses. Here's where we stand right now (after Dec. 5 games): Stat Rank Value Turnover Margin 24 5.1 Defensive Rebounds per Game 25 29.33 Free Throw Attempts 30 190 Free Throws Made 31 138 Total Steals 53 73 Turnovers Forced 56 16.56 Turnovers Per Game 62 11.4 3-PT Field Goal Attempts 65 221 Field-Goal Percentage Defense 67 39.353% Assist Turnover Ratio 68 1.26 Total Rebounds 70 333 Total Assists 73 130 Steals Per Game 92 8.1 Scoring Offense 96 77.1 Free-Throw Percentage 110 72.63% Assists Per Game 116 14.4 Total Blocks 134 29 Fewest Turnovers 138 103 Total Rebounds Per Game 145 37 Scoring Margin 167 4 Three Pt FG Defense 174 32.8% Won-Lost Percentage 176 55.6% Total 3-point FGM 180 60 Blocked Shots Per Game 181 3.2 Field-Goal Percentage 193 44.13% Three-Point Field Goals Per Game 239 6.7 Scoring Defense 252 72.3 Personal Fouls Per Game 262 18.2 Fewest Fouls 302 164 Offensive Rebounds Per Game 325 7.67 Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage 333 27.15% Rebound Margin 334 -7 * NCAA Rank out of 350 teams in Division 1
  4. I suppose it's better than our first year under Hoiberg where we had 3 Quad 4 losses. That's more rock bottom than where we are now (if that means anything at this point).
  5. Those one score losses are looking a whole lot better than this debacle in the Big Ten championship right now.
  6. Hoiberg has 1 more year than Frost at these current trajectories.
  7. THREE THINGS THIS HHCC ROUND: 1) Score prediction for Nebraska vs. Michigan (as usual). 2) (BONUS -5 points) Predicting the exact number of three-pointers made (3PM) by Nebraska during this game (e.g. I am looking for an answer like "10"). 3) (BONUS -5 points) Predicting the exact number of conference season wins (Dec. 7, Jan. 2-Mar. 6) -- (e.g. I am looking for an answer like "20," which indicates the number of wins you predict Nebraska will win in the conference.). Note: I missed the mark on this at Indiana, but even with a loss, we'll start this up and still throw out the change to provide a prediction for the remainder of this conference season.
  8. Probably not a good sign when we've signed some high prospective offensive talent and not strong defensive talent and this is the result.
  9. Can't score? Just give the ball to Verge, because he won't give it back!
  10. Can't run a play? Just throw up a defended three-pointer!
  11. No punches were thrown, nobody got hurt. An arm was extended for a shove, feelings were hurt, and the officials took the enforcement stance over just cooling tempers. Seems Hoiberg took the "cooling tempers" approach here.
  12. I've got a similar viewpoint with much of what you said in your full post. But there is one point to address where we may defer a bit. "Refs suck. So what. Be better. Overcome. Teams that go to the NCAA tournament don't whine around and cry about the refs..." Sure. Agreed. But there's also some NCAA tournament teams who have had their dreams ripped from them from some questionable officiating calls. (Or, on a lesser scale, like ejecting a head coach from the game against Baylor and forcing a team to overcome much more than what was happening on the court.) An imbalanced officiated game is like telling one team they're playing flag football and the other team they're playing tackle football.
  13. I would go even further and say the officiating was just fine. We need to learn how to be tougher...and make shots. I'm not one to blame the refs in a game. You have to adapt and play the game given to you. But 75% of free throw opportunities (~45 to 15) is kind of suspect. And when a team goes 19 game minutes without a foul, that's an anomaly, especially in college basketball. And even with all that if Bryce makes his free throws, we win. That is all.
  14. Buy yet you cant. This team had multiple chances to end it and didnt. Gonna be a long next games. End of regulation. Second OT. Third OT. All points in the "end of game(s)" we should have found a way to win but threw it away.
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