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  1. Pay for Play continues on with revenue sharing: https://news.yahoo.com/think-nil-blew-college-sports-110038187.html
  2. First to strike in this US Open Cup match!
  3. Businesses will adapt. Growing pains and bad bets early on, then they'll start to figure out the right formula and have the right lawyers.
  4. Only 32 teams remain. Union Omaha is one of those teams; playing tonight.
  5. I bet it has more to do with the recent management of the LJS than it does anything else.
  6. Eigth grade Bryce Fountain commits to Nebraska: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/baseball/an-awesome-day-to-be-bryce-fountain-the-norris-8th-grader-who-committed-to-nebraska/article_7d34912e-6afa-5cbd-9a0b-6d2a529b836c.html
  7. (What you said was true. Just adding the fuller picture.)
  8. Boosters involving themselves in NIL/recruitment are getting the attention of the NCAA: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10034858-report-nil-contracts-to-be-subject-to-possible-ncaa-sanctions-under-new-guidelines
  9. This is the direction things are going right now for top talent/transfers. I wonder if kids will lose NIL contracts for transferring or if they're still eligible:
  10. Still trying to perfect the formula, but it's something like: [HS/JUCO/Transfer] FG% / 2 - 12% + 0.01 = FG% in a Nebrasketball Uniform
  11. And let's just say, Nate Oats (even prior administration) and Alabama have turned that hoops program around more than we could ever say in quite some time. Hoping for the best, expecting the worse. Can't wait!
  12. TLDR; for those who didn't watch or see the significance of this match:
  13. Can count them down. But you can't count them out! Wow.
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