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  1. I understand that point, but I do believe the gap is still wide. Granted, Leagues Cups and Campeones will provide some more clarity on that as the years go on. All that said, I'm really not a fan of a dual apertura/clausura format, as many Central and South American clubs operate. But MLS should also shift it's season start because it creates a mess especially late in the season during international breaks when MLS players are off playing for their national teams.
  2. Win your own confederation first. And, sadly, we're well below that of the best clubs in Mexico. Would love to see some MLS teams win Concacaf and have a shot at the Club World Cup. That said, in the last 5 years we've made some good strides. But I'm less concerned how we match up with European squads until 1. We stop "losing" American talent to other country leagues (that's more of a decades long journey we'll be on), and 2. We outperform Mexican clubs both in the front office and on the field.
  3. ...and now I have to hate you... You can hate them all you want, but as @Keenan9595 mentioned, it elevated the financial and community expectations of the league. They set the tone for clubs like LAFC, and even the lesser clubs like FC Cincy who now has an stellar stadium. It's forcing clubs like Chicago to step it up (again). Without MLS 2.0, clubs are still playing in baseball stadiums, or way out in the suburbs with 8,000 fans in attendance.
  4. In the Championship??? Come on, the best MLS teams would perform pretty well there I think. More like mid-table. They'd get smoked in the Premiership though. Misread it. Agreed. Was referring to Premier League. EFL Championship, they could be top half for sure.
  5. If it came down to it in the standings, would Nebraska be able to reschedule Northwestern?
  6. For context, this is the first-ever nationally televised USL One match. Last year's #1 vs #2, COVID cancelled the final so Union Omaha didn't have a chance to win the title.
  7. Two things: 1. This could affect our standings (by percentage). 2. Any double header in baseball makes me nervous. That Game #2 versus Indiana makes me even more nervous.
  8. I can't speak for these COVID times, but in a normal season, yes.
  9. I wonder why they don't do what Nebraska does with the ear piece. They probably spent their entire athletic budget on the practice facility.
  10. Winning the series? Get those brooms out, we're going sweeping!
  11. There's so many ways people spell Peterson. But there's only one right way.
  12. Yes, let he who has never been tempted to look at boobs cast the first stone. Take a look at these (blue-footed) boobys:
  13. Don't have the raw stats on this, but I'd hypothesize this is highly correlated with wins.
  14. That was where I was leaning too, actually.
  15. Here's where we stand in terms of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Home and Away: Georgia Tech and Wake Forest Only Home: Boston College, Miami (x2) Only Away: Clemson (x2), Florida State No Games: Duke, Louisville, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech
  16. Might be better worded as being a "bigger not loss than some might think..."
  17. Remaining schedule (at current standings): #9 Northwestern (x3) #1 Indiana #6 Ohio State #1 Indiana #6 Ohio State #3 Michigan (x3)
  18. I can't wait to see how we play against N/A at Penn State this upcoming season...
  19. It's called the "Elam Ending".
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