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  1. It's just not funny anymore when April Fool's is 365 days a year now.
  2. It appears the ranking is inclusive of the total revenues of men's and women's basketball revenue combined. I would also think that ticket sales, merchandise sales, media revenue, etc. are included. As much support as Creighton gets in their concourses, their media revenues don't even come close to what a P5 school gets.
  3. LSU has some nice tailgates in Omaha during the CWS. Might be worth starting to cook up the gumbo.
  4. Similar sentiment to the Creighton/SDSU game. UAB fans feeling robbed for calls made with 10 minutes and 1 minute to go in the game. https://www.al.com/uab/2023/03/goodman-uab-will-curse-this-nit-time-and-time-again.html?outputType=amp
  5. Had to look to see if he was on the 2019 roster that beat us. Bad memories.
  6. I haven't looked at the data to support, but I've had an intuition for awhile during COVID that between less stringent transfer rules, extra COVID years, and NIL, we've seen quite an interesting phenomenon of schools quickly building their rosters which has helped to provide some parity across the NCAA, whether mid-majors or P5. I'm curious to see if some of that parity will start to regress as these restrictions become tighter.
  7. https://indianahq.com/big-ten-basketball-breaking-down-the-spend-on-recruiting/
  8. It has to be either FAU fans or people filling out all possible combinations of the bracket.
  9. I would imagine that she already has season football tickets
  10. Just feels like wherever he goes, his players are going to enjoy playing for him.
  11. The longer this thread lives on, the longer Creighton will remember how they fouled a shooter with 1.2 seconds remaining to not advance to the Final Four.
  12. Without doing research, I would venture to say there's a <0.1% chance that's happened. And unless the CBI includes more P5s, it probably won't happen.
  13. 0:49 to go in the game. Down 2. Gets to the line. Misses both free throws. North Texas turns it over with 0:20 to go. Wisconsin gets a layup blocked. Gets the ball back, into the paint, and passes it 2 times rather than shooting the layup. Game over.
  14. She should probably listen to her own advice.
  15. A better comparison might be Marquette and Wisconsin. But I can't speak to those dynamics.
  16. That's the product of a football-first state. I don't think a majority cares about anything basketball related regardless How many waitresses at North Platte's Applebee's could tell you who our quarterback was last season? Probably not many. But also probably more than who could pick out Sam Griesel or Sam Hoiberg in a lineup.
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