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  1. That's it in Omaha this year. Only one hiccup with weather this year.
  2. Just like Game 1, Michigan gets on the board early in T1.
  3. Michigan starting off the T1 strong with 2 runs on the board.
  4. Big Ten's own, Robbie Hummel, helped USA to its first ever FIBA 3v3 World Cup Championship:
  5. Here's an interesting look at conference participation in the College World Series: https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2019-06-15/here-are-conferences-most-represented-college-world-series?amp 103 - SEC 101 - Pac-12 96 - ACC 79 - Big 12 29 - Big Ten 26 - Big West 16 - AAC 11 - Big East / WAC 9 - MVC 8 - America East / Ivy / C-USA / Patriot 73 - Conferences that no longer exist 12 - Schools that no longer have baseball programs 8 - Schools that are no longer in D1
  6. Some speculation on which school would replace UConn in the AAC: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/with-uconn-likely-moving-back-to-the-big-east-where-could-the-aac-turn-for-a-replacement/amp/ Service: Navy/Air Force/Army Old Flame: Boise State Independent: BYU CUSA: FIU, North Texas, FAU, Charlotte, Old Dominion, UAB Others: Buffalo, Appalachian State, Georgia State
  7. Is it possible that UConn basketball could go to the Big East for basketball and then the ACC for all other sports that Notre Dame isn't in?
  8. I'm sure the primary reason for them trying to move to the Big East is that recruits are saying "UConn has a basketball program?"
  9. "Sources said the football program is expected to play in the American in 2019 but could go independent after that or join another conference."
  10. And now it's Vandy and Michigan in the CWS Championship:
  11. Down to 3 teams. Not the way they want to go home, but what a decade for Texas Tech baseball.
  12. Mike Martin Jr. is officially the head coach of Florida State now: https://d1baseball.com/coaching-buzz/florida-state-promotes-mike-martin-jr-to-head-coach/
  13. Started out 2 ACC, 1 Big 12, 1 Big Ten, and 4 SEC.
  14. Agreed. It is as if adidas isn't in this partnership for maximizing their investment -- which is weird?! As much as I agree that they could make a sizeable dent in revenue from some niche apparel, Adidas makes many investment decisions around economies of scale by standardizing designs across universities.
  15. This goes along the lines of @Norm Peterson's "we need to start off strong next season to signal progress and keep momentum" type of comment in another thread (think it was around scheduling), but getting this draft pick helps along with that as well. It's no longer that monkey on our backs and it's signaling that it can be done at Nebraska; that a player can come in here, work hard, and get drafted in this modern era.
  16. If we were going to have a draft drought, I'm just glad Roby was the one to break that dry spell and not AWIII.
  17. Not that Roby even cares what they have to say...
  18. When Roby finds out he would have to play for Khyri Thomas (then finds a way to get traded to the Mavericks):
  19. Draft drought? More like draft draught! Time to celebrate!
  20. Mississippi State just went down the way they took Auburn down in their opening game. Louisville responds with 4 runs to make it a 4-3 win by the Cardinals to stay alive:
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