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  1. NCAA taking the next steps to restart: https://247sports.com/Article/NCAA-approves-athletic-activities-to-resume-in-all-sports-coronavirus-pandemic-147426205/
  2. NWSL is looking to come back by end of June, in a round-robin then knockout tournament, all in Utah. Players would be tested twice a week: https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/the-nwsl-wants-to-be-the-first-pro-league-back-but-is-it-a-good-idea-154409340.html
  3. Here's an update from the other day: MAY 23, 2020 Dylan and I want to thank everyone! During this pandemic, we know it is a difficult time for everyone but yet to see the amount of generosity has been unbelievable. Again, we are so appreciative. We are in the process of using some of the money for the funeral on Tuesday. After that, we will be addressing other expenses. Thanks again to all who donated! Marc Hsu
  4. NHL is also looking to beat out NBA and MLB to as the first major sport to return in the U.S.:
  5. La Liga (Spain soccer) has been approved to resume June 8:
  6. (I know you're joking...) ...you just now figured it out that they care more about profits over "student athlete" well-being??
  7. The years we choose to play, that is...
  8. Nothing to add here, just making it easier to figure out who's left without thinking: Illinois Michigan Minnesota Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Penn State
  9. The KBO has those same rules in place. But, fully understanding the MLB players association is a whole lot stronger than KBO's.
  10. Just about to get those tires warmed up in a minute.
  11. Soccer without fans sounds a lot like a swim meet BVB's stadium certainly keeps the echos within the pitch, so you can hear just about everything, even the photographer's camera shutter go off. Nonetheless, just glad Bundesliga is back!
  12. Bundesliga starts back up tomorrow morning!! For those new to the league:
  13. If they decide to go with the spring baseball location model, then that takes care of it. MLS is facing the same thing with LAFC and LA Galaxy. They are proposing to move all games to Orlando to bypass this issue.
  14. Matt Painter is not a happy camper: https://www.si.com/college/purdue/basketball/matt-painter-radio-interview-0513-dan-dakich — Painter on "getting the phone call'' "It's like the kiss of death when you get that text that says, 'hey coach, you got a minute?' You just know. He's going to transfer. It isn't hard to figure out. When you've been doing it for 30 years, it's not hard to figure out. — Painter's feelings on Haarms and Eastern "I love those guys, and I mean that about both of those guys. But when it's obviously not better for you academically or basketball-wise, I feel for them. Matt was going to do that, but he also got his degree from Purdue. Jelly is walking out of here without his degree. That's not smart, but I'm really biased. "Still, you might have gotten your degree from Purdue, but you're not a Boilermaker if you walk out the door in the end. — on players not seeing the big picture "Matt Haarms is a good guy. Nojel Eastern is a good guy. They want something else out there, and it's not magical. Sometimes it's effort and results. I don't doubt effort, but you've got to have results. If you can't, I feel you. Because I wasn't better than a lot of guards that I had to play against, but I didn't run around blaming Gene Keady because I couldn't guard Calbert Cheaney and Jim Jackson.
  15. First Matt Haarms, transferring to BYU. Now Nojel Eastern. Entered the transfer portal Tuesday, already accepted an offer to Michigan on Thursday.
  16. NASCAR starts up this Sunday. MLS is in talks to start up mid-June. NFL is still pushing forward on their schedule. And NBA is starting the conversations to resume.
  17. I'm convinced the commentators are still going to talk about Yvan being 17 until he graduates from here.
  18. For anyone who's interested, here's a listing of American soccer players in Germany: https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/american-soccer-players-in-germany-weekly-update-mckennie-steffen-adams-usa-5874 Weston McKennie: Schalke Gio Reyna: BVB Tyler Adams: Leipzig Zack Steffen: Fortuna Josh Sargent: Werder Bremen Josh Brooks: Wolfsburg Fabian Johnson: M'gladbach Timothy Chandler: Eintracht Alfredo Morales: Fortuna Brady Scott: Cologne Chris Richards: Bayern
  19. Been watching Bundesliga for a long time. I'll give you this one. Top 5 stadium capacity, only relegated a handful of times, good supporters, rooting for the American kid. But more importantly, you're not supporting BVB or Bayern Munchen. Leipzig is even a bandwagon team at this point.
  20. Speaking of which...is Grant Gibbs still playing for Creighton?
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