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  1. In his almost 7 minute ASU highlight tape he shows good skill, but there were literally only 2 clips where he beat his man going left. He is entirely right-handed and someone a decent defender who is locked in on the scouting report should be able to shut down. Then again, he averaged almost 15 PPG against Pac 12 competition so what do I know? Looks like a volume scorer though, so I'm not sure he's the best fit for DONU.
  2. I think his interest in Virginia has less to do with basketball than it has to do with shared values between Tony Bennett and the Traudt family. It doesn't hurt that UVA is a successful basketball program, but I don't think that is the primary reason for them being one of his top options.
  3. Since I think they both have winning records this year, the better question is...who has a winning CONFERENCE record first? Can Frost get to 5 B1G wins this year? Can Hoiberg get 11? My gut says Hoiberg gets it done, but Frost falls a game short in 2021.
  4. Everything mentioned is important, but in my mind the thing we need to improve on the most and impacts winning is assist-to-turnover ratio. We obviously need to cut down on turnovers, especially the lazy "lack of focus" TOs and the "dribbling into 3 guys" TOs. But a big way to improve assist-to-TO is just make open shots when your teammate gets you a good look, or when Fred draws up something to get you a wide open shot, knock it down. Hopefully, with Bryce, CJ, Keisei, and Keon we have the players in place that can do that now.
  5. Akol staying close to home...should be dominant in the Summit League with his athleticism. https://omaha.com/sports/college/uno/prep-grad-former-husker-akol-arop-transfers-to-uno/article_cf55a056-ae7a-11eb-932e-b759ef054ada.html
  6. Pretty much the same guy... "Lakes averaged a team-high 15.7 points and 6.2 rebounds per game while shooting 44 percent from the field and 40 percent from 3-point range to pace Indianapolis to a 24-6 record and a No. 1 seed in the 2020 NCAA Division II Regional Tournament."
  7. "I feel is in my best interest to leave Philadelphia for the rest of my college career." To me it sure sounds like he owes someone money! Lincoln, NE is a great place to go to get off the grid and disappear.
  8. They were both really good athletic players that don't get enough credit for making those early Miles teams as good as they were. Rivers especially is overlooked/underrated.
  9. I still think Wilcher will start to take advantage of his shooting to open up the floor for others. I think Edwards fills the "super-sub" role, backing up the 2-3-4 spots and perhaps playing starter-like minutes.
  10. I've heard UNO is the only school in their conference that doesn't do "full cost of attendance". That has to really hurt them in recruiting and is something Trev needs to get figured out.
  11. The expectation should not only be to beat CU, but beat them badly.... At home. Rabid crowd. Wounded opponent. Motivation from getting kicked in the teeth last year. Anything less than a 15 point beatdown would be a disappointment IMO.
  12. Wilson was a mixed bag in my opinion…our guys rarely look like the stronger team “off the bus” and the fact that we consistently lose the rebounding battle backs that up. I don’t see a lot of physical development from year to year. On the other hand, when it comes to conditioning and avoiding injuries, I think we’ve been top-notch. Also, everyone wants to tiptoe around the obvious, but this move adds another highly-qualified Black coach in a visible role that does a lot of interacting with players. It sends a message to potential recruits that the program is inclusive, even in
  13. Anyone want to set a line on the likelihood of UT-Arlington making an appearance at PBA next season?
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