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  1. I've heard UNO is the only school in their conference that doesn't do "full cost of attendance". That has to really hurt them in recruiting and is something Trev needs to get figured out.
  2. The expectation should not only be to beat CU, but beat them badly.... At home. Rabid crowd. Wounded opponent. Motivation from getting kicked in the teeth last year. Anything less than a 15 point beatdown would be a disappointment IMO.
  3. Wilson was a mixed bag in my opinion…our guys rarely look like the stronger team “off the bus” and the fact that we consistently lose the rebounding battle backs that up. I don’t see a lot of physical development from year to year. On the other hand, when it comes to conditioning and avoiding injuries, I think we’ve been top-notch. Also, everyone wants to tiptoe around the obvious, but this move adds another highly-qualified Black coach in a visible role that does a lot of interacting with players. It sends a message to potential recruits that the program is inclusive, even in
  4. Anyone want to set a line on the likelihood of UT-Arlington making an appearance at PBA next season?
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