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  1. I'm not gonna win this competition anyway so... Huskers 85 F**k Them 78
  2. We played the Tennessee version the first half, and the Grambling version after halftime.
  3. UNO is about 25 spots higher than Maine in KenPom and also hung around with KU for 30 minutes.
  4. I'll be the resident optimist (for one week at least)... NU - 81 Maine - 63 Non-con = 6 wins Season = 15 wins!
  5. Stay out of the 1st day of the B1G tournament - OR - Finish at 0.500 record or better - OR - Look like a competent & competitive team every night, even if the final record is a bit below 0.500
  6. I love this idea but it will *never* happen. The biggest allure of the tournament for the casual fan isn't the compelling matchups, it's the bracket and everything that goes along with it (cough-gambling-cough). Re-seeding would take away the #1 thing that keeps casual fans engaged.
  7. We don't have an available scholarship, do we?
  8. The hiring of Zeigler confirmed my (quite obvious) prediction that the new assistant would be a Black coach who can recruit.
  9. Yes, but if academics were *that* important to him, he probably wouldn't have committed to Oklahoma State previously.
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