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  1. BigTate

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    While I am not a jaysker I am from Omaha and there seems to be a lot of hate for Omaha on this board. Just wondering where Lincoln falls in the list of metro areas.
  2. Not sure whats up with Roby. There were many opportunities for him under the basket and he seems to stand around at the top of the key or in the corner like he is waiting for a 3 point shot. The dude can flylike a bird when he wants to and imho he needs to look for the pass near the rim and then slam it home.
  3. I love they way Copeland reacted to that awesome play!!!
  4. Huskers 84 Seton Hall 70
  5. BigTate

    The rotation this year

    I don't know anything but I hope Nana has a big year. GBR!
  6. BigTate

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    I was better off when I didn't know who he was. Thanks
  7. BigTate

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    I'm old so I don't really know either except for what I have read on news web sites. I could be wrong as well. I don't even know who Rick Astley is ? Again, I apologize if you were offended by my comment...
  8. BigTate

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    It was a joke. From what I have read, 4chan is a conspiracy theory web site? The Basket Ball part was a typo. My apologies to anyone who was offended...
  9. BigTate

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    Let me guess? He is a plant put here by Trump to out the evil forces that Obama and Hillary have hidden within the Husker Basket Ball program... or something like that
  10. BigTate

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Huskers extend offers to Akol Arop and Donovan Williams. That makes 3 in-state offers the Huskers have extended in the last couple weeks. GBR! https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/boys-basketball/nebraska-basketball-extends-offers-to-creighton-prep-s-akol-arop/article_6d559d71-d9d6-5c27-b98f-b2db3092af92.html
  11. BigTate

    Watson article from Lee

    I think we need Glynn to be on this year. He struggled a bit at times last year but I think/hope we get to see what he can really do with an experienced and talented team around him. I think he tried to do too much sometimes last season but I am looking for Glynn to be huge this year. He deserves to have a great senior season! With Roby, Palmer, Copeland and the rest of the team there to take some pressure off, I think he will shine this season! Go Glynn and GBR!
  12. BigTate

    18-19 depth

    No Biggie? What about Tupac?
  13. BigTate

    Ed Chang -> San Diego St

    From the Omaha World Herald on Thursday... » The Huskers have offered a scholarship to Ed Chang, a former two-time All-Nebraska player at Papillion-La Vista. The 6-foot-7, 180-pound forward tweeted that he has a final three of Nebraska, Mississippi and San Diego State.
  14. BigTate

    Amir Harris is N

    Nice article about Amir in today's Omaha World Herald. “Amir has a chance to be an elite-level defender. He is long and athletic, and that is going to get him playing time immediately as a freshman. He creates offense with his ability on defense.’’