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  1. Question for someone who knows more about this than I do... How much can Arop play and still redshirt this year? Is he already past the point where he could still redshirt? He looks very athletic and seems to be able to hit 3's at a high percentage in the pregame warm ups...
  2. I think his friends call him "Po Po"...
  3. Never trust someone with two first names....
  4. Personally I think Tim Miles deserves something better than the way this is being handled. He has been a class act for 7 years and the administration is leaving him hanging in the breeze. He has a family and a future to think about as well and they are not giving him the respect he deserves! If you are going to let him go then do it! Not cool!
  5. Its a good thing for the seniors and even the other players who want to play more games this season...
  6. Idiot On the Way to Arkansas
  7. Not trying to be offensive, I just think some people need to chill out. I know we all love husker hoops and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just think we should keep it friendly. Go Big Red!!!
  8. Wow, Sometimes there is a lot of hate on this board... I don't think anyone on here knows as much as some of you think you do. Just my humble opinion...
  9. Miles should have let Palmer and Roby ride the bench a month ago. Maybe they would have received the message in time to make a difference. Now its too late...
  10. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/shatel-huskers-lack-of-fight-may-be-surprising-but-major/article_e1555cfb-4ffe-50c9-9af2-2628a1b54fbb.html Something to read from Shatel, Stephen Bardo puts a lot of the blame for this season on the players lack of heart...
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