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  1. I would definitely have Belcher on any team and Petteway over Palmer. I loved Jeter's game too though he probably doesn't belong on the list based on Lue, Moore, Watson, etc.
  2. I don't understand for the life of me why you STILL can't get the t-shirt Hoiberg is wearing above in a variety of colors. I've seen the hat but never the shirt. Unreal. They'd sell like hot cakes.
  3. Nailed this 100000000%. My Boehm hatred in a nutshell.
  4. Guys, two things. 1. Boehm never had the chance to step away. He didn’t do so because he thought things were going to be dirty. Hoiberg was never going to come here without his own guy in that role and with complete control. That is 100% fact, not speculation. Boehm might be telling people that - I don’t know - but it’s not true. Matt (Dimes) knows my source and that he’s good (we will let him remain annonynous). The Boehm narrative that he felt uncomfortable and walked is 10000% false. 2. Why is one single post by a pissed off St Johns fan who added a pissed off fbi hashtag all of a sudden making people come to the conclusion Matt A is dirty? That’s ridiculous. Do you really think Hoiberg would touch him with a ten foot pole if he was dirty or under investigation? Fast talking Jersey guy who schmoozes? Yes. Dirty recruiter? No.
  5. Paging Bobby Lutz... Barry Collier's last year, at Omaha (then Qwest Center), Bobby Lutz, then a hotshot coach at UNC Charlotte, was paged over the intercom.
  6. I believe the biggest factor for Roby will be seeing what happened to Copeland. If same thing were to happen to him next year, it could be a disaster for him. If hes a SURE first rounder, he goes, as he should. If it’s questionable that he will be a first rounder he’s back, as he should. But I don’t think the Copeland injury will be overlooked by him.
  7. Since I give him blame for "flops" in the past, its only fair that he gets big kudos and credit. So my last ever Marc Boehm post (I PROMISE)............. IF... and its still a big if but IF... he helps us land Fred Hoiberg... I will NEVER again say a bad word about him the rest of my life. And this will undue all of my past gripes about him and the program he has overseen. I'm not kidding. I will vote FOR a Marc Boehm statue in front of PBA and I will name my first son Marc. Possibly even dress up as him at my 2019 Halloween Parties. -Marc's New #1 Fan
  8. Yes, of course. What is the second thing he oversees on that list? Ticketing. The NIT ticketing debacle this week ring a bell? Big ball drop, no? Thats also not even close to what I’m genuinely concerned about. His fingerprints were all over the basketball programs under Peterson and TO. Could it be different now? Possibly. But knowing the debacles he was a part of in past, and that he was hired as a basketball guru, I don’t want him having any part of those types of things anymore. All that aside - even if he WAS reassigned under Eichorst or Moos - he’s ALWAYS with men’s basketball, no? He’s consistently on road trips. Year after year. Does that not tell you he still has fingerprints all over basketball and that it’s not still his focus?
  9. Hey, if you think a cushy six figure salary for 20 years with a job description of "OVERSEEING BASKETBALL" (until the last two years when it was magically changed) means lifetime job security, then by all means, keep him. And if you don't think he has any impact on wins, losses, hires, recruits, marketing or apparel, then why is he making six figures and on the payroll in the first place?
  10. I just feel lucky that we have the basketball savant that is Marc Boehm getting to work with and oversee his soon to be 4th basketball coach. He’s done such great work here. Consistent winning. Lots of NCAA Tournament appearances in his 19 years. Continued domination of Creighton. Player after player into the NBA. Marc also helped oversee the magnificent handling of Connie Yori and ensuring our women’s team lost the one great thing it had over the last 25 years. Marketing wise, Marc helped lead this program into all of our hearts. Constantly with the hottest basketball gear for sale. For example, I love that we can find the shirt with Herbie spinning a basketball for sale that literally every Husker fan wants. And I love that we’ve had bobble heads for basketball. Oh wait, never mind. #LifetimeContract #OnlyConsistentPartOfWorstEraOfHuskerHoopsHistory
  11. I hate to even be talking about this because we inevitably know how history has taught us this ends as Nebrasketball junkies. I can remember in 1998-1999 needing just one more win (including a key game at KSU) and not getting that win. Or Rayford Young COAST TO COAST on Cookie and company in the Big 12 tournament. Then 2-3 times during the Collier and Sadler eras, even in this one. HOWEVER with the negativity out of the way... Here's where I see us. At the moment, as a #3 seed in the NIT hosting a game. IF we beat Wisconsin, firmly on the bubble Sunday. Either last four in or first four out. With one win past that, 100% locked in the tournament. SOOOOOOO I ask... can we finally exercise our demons and get that DUB against the Badgers? A DUB will have us on the edge of our seats Sunday night......
  12. Boy oh boy do I have an interesting story to share with my fellow Nebraska basketball diehards - especially ones that follow recruiting and have done so for several years. This morning, I left the worlds largest sportsbook at the Westgate Las Vegas and was Uber'ing it back to the Las Vegas airport for my return trip to KC after 4 days in Vegas. As we drove by the Thomas & Mack Center, I commented to my girlfriend, "Hey, UNLV played there last night against Boise State." I knew that because I had money on UNLV -3 (and they won by 4 in OT). As we drove, for some odd reason, I thought to myself, "I bet Boise State flies commercial and we see them at the airport since its 9 AM and they'll want to get back for classes." I kid you not, we walk into the Southwest terminal and right there in front of us - like LITERALLY in front of us - is the entire Boise State basketball team. If that was the end of this story, it would be cool enough on its own. But it gets WAY more random and small world from this point forward. Two TALL Boise State players are walking in front of my girlfriend and I as we board the escalator to go through security toward Gate B. On the backpack of the player in front of me I see the name, a name I haven't heard in 5 years, and it all flashes back to me. DAVID WACKER WAIT, I thought... How do I know that name? Then I remember reading about him on this very website and how Nebraska hosted him on a recruiting visit before he chose to attend Boise State. I had literally forgotten he played there until that moment. I had to say something, so I say "Hey David". He looks back unexpectedly (because why the hell is this random mid 30's guy talking to him). I say "Didn't you almost go to Nebraska?" He lights up and says "Yes!! I had a great visit there." And then we end up standing in line together for 5 minutes as we head through security. I asked him many nonstop questions and he asked me a couple. Here were interesting things I found out. 1. He LOVED his visit to Nebraska. Commented how cool the football game was and that everyone was so nice. Said the fans were diehards and awesome to him. 2. Craig Smith was the reason he almost committed to Nebraska. He noted "It's a good thing I didn't choose there because he left after like what would have been one year for me." He noted how he's now at Utah State and how cool it was playing against him this year. He said Craig was AWESOME. 3. His parents were really excited about the Nebraska offer and kind of steered him that way. 4. He said he ultimately chose Boise State because he wanted to win a conference championship and that he knew that would be very difficult in the Big 10. He then said, "But don't get me wrong, Nebraska can still get in the tournament every year. That's the great thing about the Big 10. But I really wanted to go to a school where I had a chance to win the conference championship." Found that an interesting mindset. He asked me a few questions about Coach Miles, the current state of the program and seemed surprise by the demise. He asked what I thought the issues were and I told him. He didn't say much but listened intently. He was shocked when I told him Nebraska is the only Power 5 school to never win a tournament game. He said he had no clue. He was an EXTREMELY nice kid and a lot of fun to talk with. I am cheering Boise State on from here on forward as he finishes off his last few college games. I thought I would share this to A. Show how small world it was that I would end up randomly seeing him without even thinking about him all these years later. B. Show you an example of what at least one recruit looks for and thought of his visit. C. Tell you that he has a very positive opinion of Nebraska and enjoyed his visit. Anyone remember him? Hope you found this interesting to read. Dave
  13. There's no doubt Copeland was the best player on this team and the most important. Once he went out, an already free falling team hit the ground. We just didn't know it quite yet. With Copeland, I believe this is a bubble team. That STILL is not acceptable for a seventh year head coach who has made the post season twice, won zero games, never produced an NBA player and defeated Creighton just once. Bubble team with this experienced of a team, these facilities, etc. isn't good enough, even WITH Cope. With all that said, while Cope was the best player on this team, he was still an Honorable Mention caliber All Big 10 player. So for as good as Miles recruiting was on paper - and it WAS good - losing an honorable mention All Big 10 player shouldn't derail your season to this level in your seventh year of coaching. I hope Thomas and Nana are okay and will stay in this program (along with Roby, Thor and Amir) during the coaching change. Otherwise, the new coach will inherit a program in WORSE shape than the one Miles inherited. Which is truly astounding to think about considering facilities, fan interest and support, etc. Sorry to be so down, but I have to type this stuff out sometimes to people who actually care and understand what I'm talking about. It's therepeutic in some crazy way,.
  14. How is it even possible for a team to go 20/20 from the line? Are you kidding me?
  15. Can we just have Palmer pull an NFL prospect and decide to bypass rest of season to focus on the NBA?
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