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  1. Some fair points. However, to play devils advocate, do you really believe he's considering all 12 of those schools? I don't. There's no way it's more than 6-8. I would bet you agree. Yes, I'm aware he's only visited one on an official (Gonzaga) but he only in theory gets 5 visits anyways. Do you actually believe he's going to go to Auburn, Alabama, Iowa State or Oregon over Kansas, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Kentucky or even Creighton? So why slap the home university in the face? You couldn't keep them on over Auburn, Alabama, Iowa State, or make a Top 13?
  2. No, not blaming Williams for Sallis not coming. Sallis was never going to come here, Williams or not. I’m blaming him for the Top 12 snub to throw a middle finger at Nebraska.
  3. My least favorite player in program history. Good riddance. Know he wanted to be closer to home but this landing spot says a lot. The fact that Rice, Texas State, Houston, UT Arlington, UT San Antonio, etc. didn't offer? Yikes.
  4. Count me in the corner of being VERY VERY disappointed with this kid. You put out a Top 12 and don't even put down the main in state university? Two days after going out wearing a Nebraska shirt? Two days after talking to Robin Washut and saying Nebraska is "very much in the hunt"? You put ALABAMA in the Top 12 over Nebraska? There's a 0% chance he goes to Alabama. You put OREGON with Dana Altman and CREIGHTON on the list but not Nebraska. It's a real slap in the face but here's what I'm 99% sure happened. Donovan Williams (one of Hunter'
  5. Well not the CBA for sure cuz that be gone. Long live the Omaha Racers!
  6. Yvan is going to be scary good. I believe he will play in the league in 4 years
  7. Dude I LOVE the University of Lincoln. Great school!
  8. I promise I’m not trying to be a jerk and I fully realize this comes off very snarky. But him declaring for the NBA Draft is seriously the funniest thing I’ve heard all year. Like, after all the bad news, I really needed something funny to perk me up. Thank you Cam for the laughs.
  9. Cam Mack is a legend in his own mind.
  10. Surprised and disappointed to hear that about Burke. Love the way he plays the game. I’ve been ready for Mack to leave the program for two months now. He’s big time trouble. Maybe he can shoot a couple arrows while looking at his free throw percentage on the way out.
  11. The talk of Mack being a one and done was always baffling. After today, it’s downright laughable.
  12. I lost $1,500 on the money line. Literally all we had to do was hit 35% at foul line. I am sick. Went from a 4,000 winning trip to winning $800 (parlay involved)
  13. I’m in Vegas in sports book. Go big on Nebraska -2? Mack is good to go again right?
  14. So I don't post nearly as much as I used to (duh) but believe me, I watch EVERY game and sometimes, kind of miss the old report cards I used to do from 2004-2015. I also regularly read this awesome website that Matt does a GREAT job with. Anyway, I've been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how good of a FLOOR COACH (especially situationally) Fred Hoiberg is. Sure, we all know he can recruit... we all know he played in the NBA 10 years... we all know he was in the T-Wolves front office... We all know he built ISU into a winner, regularly put guys into the NBA and coached the Bull
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