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  1. I can’t wait to see what great talent Matt A has up his sleeves for next year.
  2. The big loser today is me for driving 6 hours round trip from Kansas City just for this game.
  3. Effort from this five is off the charts. Good to see
  4. This run has happened since Verge went to the bench. The ball is actually moving again.
  5. Truth. But he looks like Michael Jordan compared to Trevor Lakes - who somehow was evaluated as being D1 scholarship worthwhile.
  6. Wilcher. Walker. Trey. Kobe. ALWAYS gamers who pour their heart into wearing the jersey. Andre has played more like this recently so I have hope for him yet. But the rest of these guys? Nah.
  7. I meant more in a literal sense. who is the best team we’ve defeated in the regular season?
  8. Discuss. And is this the worst team in Husker Hoops history?
  9. My jaw hit the damn floor watching this.
  10. Honest question. Do we win another game this year? I’ll say 2 but only if Trey gets healthy.
  11. Doc is already 100000% retiring (I can confirm) but Matt A better be looking for work by St Patrick’s Day.
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