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  1. hhcdave

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    If only Coach Miles would have played Palmer in OT at PSU. If only Gill’s shot goes down against KU. If only we hadn’t laid an egg at Illinois. Unfortunately that’s one too many “if only’s.” But I hope the Vault is rockin’ en route to a deep NIT run gBr
  2. hhcdave

    Dirk Chatelain

    Dirk, I would DEFINITELY buy a few copies of the book if you guys could print it. Could you please consider this?
  3. hhcdave

    NCAA or bust.

    I would say odds are 70% that Palmer is back, 50% that Copeland is back and 30% that Jordy is back. Likely wouldn't have made an ounce of difference, but I was pretty shocked at how little Jordy played today. Seems like a good game to have had a rim protector/inside presence.
  4. About making the Dance. Normally, I'd say "we control our own destiny" with 8-4 and 6 games left including the conference tournament. However, I'm starting to think we DON'T control our own destiny because of jack asses like Joe Lunardi and Bracket Geeks. They're SO OBSESSED with the B1G being down, and us not playing two games against the Top 3, that they're almost saying even winning out won't do it unless we also win 1-2 in the B1G Tournament. How much bullshit is that? You're telling me 14-4 in the Big 10, with 23 wins, and an RPI inside 50, isn't going to get us in? I apologize to the posted ten days ago who I called out for saying "we have to run the table to get in." I'm starting to sadly think they're correct. And even that might not do it. Please tell me to calm down and help me ease my anxiety. There are much more important things in the world but I'm legitimately uptight, anxious and angry about this. Are we REALLY going to get left out if we go 14-4 but lose to Michigan/Maryland/Indiana in the B1G Tournament? Furthermore, if we lose one more game (let's say maryland) but then beat Michigan before losing the next game, does that get us in? Pretty ridicolous.
  5. Is the man, the myth, the legend. We all know that. But does anyone else see Cookie Belcher every time he gets the ball? Their games are different - I'm not comparing games. But how they look? Exact same build. Exact same skin tone. Similar handles. Am I the only one who sees Cookie Belcher every single night when I see James Palmer? By the way, Cookie is my favorite Husker basketball player of all time.
  6. I would agree that it's 40-60 on NU getting in the dance. However, saying they have to go 9-0 to get in is borderline testable for drugs. If NU goes 7-2 plus one, they will be dancing.
  7. hhcdave

    Iowa Tickets

    Long shot but looking for three 100 level tickets for Saturday against Iowa. Taking my girlfriend to her first game with Mom. Will pay fair price. Can anyone help? Dave
  8. Anyone eise find it a tad bit odd in a game where we didn't play well AND with no Jordy AND with foul trouble AND after playing almost the entire second half at Penn State (including OT) that Jack McVeigh couldn't even get on the floor one time tonight? Very odd.
  9. My timing for the original post couldn't have been better. Tonight was Robys coming out party. He single handedly won us this game with big play after big play. His freakish athletic ability was on full display on the almost Michael Jordan dunk. His handles on full display with both hands. His basketball IQ - which is through the roof. Getting 10+ rebounds undersized at the 5. He is going to be BY FAR the best player of the Miles era - first team all big 10 as a senior - and a late first round NBA pick. He is grounded and won't stop working.
  10. Glad he is coming back... but won't lie to you - am a bit peeved, as I feel it cost us the PSU game, and that could have us in the NIT instead of the NCAA. Either way, welcome back... hope its for the longhaul and not just until the summer.
  11. Who do you think it is? I'm going to say Mr. Roby is the most likely current Husker to break our current NBA drought. Man, it seems like just yesterday, in Danny's last year, we had the most current players in the NBA of any Big 12 school. Would like to see us get more as it means current success with tournament appearances AND a continued uptick in recruiting. Look forward to reading your thoughts on this topic.
  12. If the reason is "he's frustrated with his development," it might be time to be a man, look in the mirror and take some ownership. His coach has STOOD BEHIND HIM with starting him EVERY SINGLE GAME and he just improved a lot his last time out. Stick it out, Jordy. It's not always someone else's fault when things aren't going well, and you aren't that far from being where you want to be. Plus, I thought we were a TEAM here.
  13. Duh. The thread title was supposed to be "glass half full". I'm a moron. lol
  14. First of all, a continued THANK YOU to HHCDIMES for running this place and making it better than ever over the last three years. It's still the premiere fan site for NCAA basketball on the entire Internet, hands down, and it's for NEBRASKA BASKETBALL, which is the most amazing part about it. I don't chime in very often anymore, and I'm often times guilty of being fired up/upset when I do post. That's why I thought I should chime in tonight for a change. After the St Johns game, I was 99% done with Tim Miles - I'll admit it. I was "up to here" with losing by 20 to mediocre teams on the road - "up to here" with key players transferring or leaving the program early - and "up to here" with coaches leaving and only one post-season appearance. HOWEVER.......... over the last month........ a strange thing has happened. I now believe again. No, seriously, I really do. This team looks the part of a 5th or 6th seed in an admittedly down Big 10, but a Power 5 conference nonetheless. They will enter Big 10 play 10-5 (1-1) and win nine more conference games, for final marks of 19-12 (10-8). Yes, I have them at 19-12 (10-8), meaning two wins in the Big 10 tournament will get you into the dance, and one will get you "on the bubble" Selection Sunday. To this point, we are ONE WIN OFF where we need to be to be on target for the NCAA's. We don't have a key out of conference road or neutral site win, with KU our last chance at an IMPRESSIVE nonconference win. Still, we're only one game off the pace, and could VERY EASILY land in the Tournament this year. The athleticism and depth is the best its been in years. The team has a great chance to be HEALTHY headed into Big 10 play, with a full week off before KU then three patsies. Our team really should be 100% health (or as close as you can be to it) with Michigan State completely out of the way and only one more tough tough Big 10 road game (At Minnesota). I think the league is really down. That is also good because our nonconference schedule will make EVERY GAME (outside of Kansas) feel winable from here on out. In league, every game will seem like playing Boston College or below, since we have MSU out of the way and played such a killer schedule to prepare us for league. In short, the schedule sets up VERY NICELY for a run - the team appears to have a great chance to be HEALTHY - and the players have a LOT OF POSITIVE TRAJECTORY. I see Jordy, Roby, Allen, Copeland and Watson all getting much better as the year goes on. GBR!!! Keep the faith - and to Coach Miles, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about you if you can take this team to the NCAA's. I do think NIT is 90% with this team - floor is 7-11 in league. Dave
  15. Tremendous win. Best single game performance (in my opinion) since the magical run in 2013-2014 - perhaps since... gasp... Wisconsin? My main takeway from tonight that hasn't already been mentioned in this thread (I agree with everyone on pretty much everything) is something I've been thinking but hadn't officially decided until tonight. Thomas Allen is going to be a STUD here. Like... really good.