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  1. You didn’t offend me at all!! And just to clarify, in no way shape or form do I “want them to beat our ass.” No idea how you came up with that from that post. We need this W badly.
  2. SUU Thunderbirds. Check out my other long detailed post so I don't feel like I completely waisted 15 minutes typing haha
  3. PS Danny Nee took Eric Piatkowski, Bruce Chubick, Derrick Chandler and others into Cedar City to take on SUU in the early 90's. The T-Birds kept it within 10 points. That was HUGE for them at the time. I miss the days of Home and Homes with SUU, Appalachian State, Wisconsin-Green Bay, etc, etc. Loved how Danny would do that. Nowadays, a Power 5 team would NEVER go to Cedar City for a game.
  4. Saturday will be a special game for me, and let me explain why. But before I do that, six quick thoughts on tonight. 1. Tonight will absolutely be rock bottom. Losing by double figures to a sub .500 Big West team without their best player at home was miserable. Cal Riverside will be lucky to hit 13 wins this year. We had no energy, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and didn't look anything like a team on offense. It was individual play. We are young and don't have defined roles or defined leaders/letter winners yet. This will come with time. 2. We will get a LOT better as the season goes on. Because: 3. We have the right guy at the helm with a terrific coaching staff. 4. There are 4 guys on this roster who will be a big part of our NCAA Tournamen team in year #3. That's good news for the future but not good news for this year. Because: 5. The rest are mostly place holders and guys who wouldn't see the floor by then. 6. I love this team and program, and I hope negative energy Husker fans from football will stay the hell away. I heard a few boo's after a possession where we missed a few layups late in the second half. I heard mock Bronx cheers on made free throws. I get it, I get it. It's frustrating. It was brutal. But come the hell on. It's season one, game one and this has nothing to do with football. Next, let's talk about Southern Utah. I'm sure I made this same post a decade ago when we last played them, but here's the info. From 1988-1990, I was 8-10 years old. My Dad was the Music Department Chair at Southern Utah University (SUU) in Cedar City, Utah. He directed the pep band and we went to ALL the football and basketball games. This is where I fell in love with basketball as a kid. I became a ball boy for SUU. 1988-1989 was their first Division I season (as an Independent) and they struggled. Our second year there, 1989-1990, they won AT Xavier, who was in the Top 25. I'll never forget being 9 years old and listening on the radio. They also played Stacy King and OU and KSU and lost those by about 45 points each. Even lost to a D2 team at home that year. Go figure. They had pretty good basketball teams for several years after that. Their coach at the time (Neil Roberts) got arrested for stealing a $15 tie during a road game at Idaho State and was fired. He was the coach when I was there. Bill Evans took over (now at Idaho State) for many years and took SUU to the NCAA Tournament in 2000-2001 where they almost beat Boston College as a 14 seed in their one and only NCAA Tourney. Football wise, they've been REAL good in FCS. Several guys have gone into the NFL. Basketball, they've never had an NBA player. They're a Big Sky team. The Thunderbirds. This is a legendary Native American bird that didn't exist but in their tales, were "canyon birds." Pretty sweet mascot and the only Thunderbirds (or T-Birds) in existence. Southern Utah University is in Cedar City and is 45 minutes from Zion National Park, 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. It's BEAUTIFUL and they play in a small arena that the Utah Jazz used for training camp a few times. I have quite the cool connection to this small D1 school. I've always followed them from afar. From their times in the Mid Continent Conference to Summit League, to nowadays, the Big Sky. They are much better than Cal Riverside and are expected to compete in the Big Sky this year. 3rd or 4th pre-season. I believe they'd beat Riverside by 10-12 points head to head.Their head coach is a very nice guy named Todd Simon who for a brief time was interim coach at UNLV. He's a great recruiter with a Big 10 background (he grew up in Michigan as a Big 10 fan). That's way more info than you ever wanted to know about the Thunderbirds of Southern Utah. I'll be driving from KC for this game. Definitely going for the Huskers, but if one school has to beat us and have it help them (which their program could really use a shot in the arm), I'd much rather it be them than Cal Riverside. Go Big Red but if not, let this be our last loss of the season. Hoping the Hoiberg era sees its first win against Southern Utah. 38 year old me, 30 years after my first year of ball boy in Cedar City, thinks it would be quite ironic and quite the small world if that happened.
  5. I would definitely have Belcher on any team and Petteway over Palmer. I loved Jeter's game too though he probably doesn't belong on the list based on Lue, Moore, Watson, etc.
  6. I don't understand for the life of me why you STILL can't get the t-shirt Hoiberg is wearing above in a variety of colors. I've seen the hat but never the shirt. Unreal. They'd sell like hot cakes.
  7. Nailed this 100000000%. My Boehm hatred in a nutshell.
  8. Guys, two things. 1. Boehm never had the chance to step away. He didn’t do so because he thought things were going to be dirty. Hoiberg was never going to come here without his own guy in that role and with complete control. That is 100% fact, not speculation. Boehm might be telling people that - I don’t know - but it’s not true. Matt (Dimes) knows my source and that he’s good (we will let him remain annonynous). The Boehm narrative that he felt uncomfortable and walked is 10000% false. 2. Why is one single post by a pissed off St Johns fan who added a pissed off fbi hashtag all of a sudden making people come to the conclusion Matt A is dirty? That’s ridiculous. Do you really think Hoiberg would touch him with a ten foot pole if he was dirty or under investigation? Fast talking Jersey guy who schmoozes? Yes. Dirty recruiter? No.
  9. Paging Bobby Lutz... Barry Collier's last year, at Omaha (then Qwest Center), Bobby Lutz, then a hotshot coach at UNC Charlotte, was paged over the intercom.
  10. I believe the biggest factor for Roby will be seeing what happened to Copeland. If same thing were to happen to him next year, it could be a disaster for him. If hes a SURE first rounder, he goes, as he should. If it’s questionable that he will be a first rounder he’s back, as he should. But I don’t think the Copeland injury will be overlooked by him.
  11. Since I give him blame for "flops" in the past, its only fair that he gets big kudos and credit. So my last ever Marc Boehm post (I PROMISE)............. IF... and its still a big if but IF... he helps us land Fred Hoiberg... I will NEVER again say a bad word about him the rest of my life. And this will undue all of my past gripes about him and the program he has overseen. I'm not kidding. I will vote FOR a Marc Boehm statue in front of PBA and I will name my first son Marc. Possibly even dress up as him at my 2019 Halloween Parties. -Marc's New #1 Fan
  12. Yes, of course. What is the second thing he oversees on that list? Ticketing. The NIT ticketing debacle this week ring a bell? Big ball drop, no? Thats also not even close to what I’m genuinely concerned about. His fingerprints were all over the basketball programs under Peterson and TO. Could it be different now? Possibly. But knowing the debacles he was a part of in past, and that he was hired as a basketball guru, I don’t want him having any part of those types of things anymore. All that aside - even if he WAS reassigned under Eichorst or Moos - he’s ALWAYS with men’s basketball, no? He’s consistently on road trips. Year after year. Does that not tell you he still has fingerprints all over basketball and that it’s not still his focus?
  13. Hey, if you think a cushy six figure salary for 20 years with a job description of "OVERSEEING BASKETBALL" (until the last two years when it was magically changed) means lifetime job security, then by all means, keep him. And if you don't think he has any impact on wins, losses, hires, recruits, marketing or apparel, then why is he making six figures and on the payroll in the first place?
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