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  1. There's been a whole lot of posts around here over the past week or so that haven't aged too well.
  2. I'll probably do an update tomorrow because why not...but in the meantime...
  3. I wonder if it's just a little load management. Don't know if you've heard but I guess Iowa has a pretty decent big man, we may need as many fouls in the post as we can get against them.
  4. After watching the game on Saturday I think Thor wants to be Jason Williams.
  5. Shot 53% from 3 despite Teddy going 0-1 from deep on Saturday. Yes, team 3 point shooting has definitely been on the uptick over the past few games.
  6. Here's a Teddy Pendergrass song in honor of our own Teddy:
  7. I just hope that he really will be able to finish his degree. Regardless what happens with his basketball career, having that piece of paper will make a massive difference in his life. Wish for nothing but the best for Teddy.
  8. @KenPom is ruthless. In fact, ruthless efficiency is one of his chief weapons:
  9. don't want him anyway...can't even wear a mask properly.
  10. Probably not worth it. Dude is a total doofus, and doesn't really know what he's talking about, IMO.
  11. I love that Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia
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