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  1. I thought it was when the KenPom rankings comes out.
  2. HUGE win for the boys today! Massive!! Having Isi back in the lineup made the difference today for sure.
  3. Talk is cheap, @Norm Peterson We're still the #81 team in the country (and 13th in the Big Ten) The boys have a steep hill to climb.
  4. Unfortunately that gambit does not appear to have paid off...hopefully he's good enough to warrant an offer on his own.
  5. Indiana always does well at recruiting. They are the college basketball version of Nebraska Football.
  6. Kenneth James Pomeroy Jr., esc. owns your soul!!!
  7. I think so, yes. At least a little bit. Covid really screwed a lot of stuff up for us last year. Coupled with Derrick's suspension we were the team probably most hurt by limited/no off season practices of any in the country; and we were also hit as hard as any team in the nation with covid issues during the season. Teddy's suspension and subsequent dismissal only coincided with the fact that we were just starting to become whole as a team. I'm not saying that losing Teddy was a huge loss for the team, nor am I saying it was addition by subtraction, per se. I'm just saying that in this case more than most correlation does not equal causation. It just is what it was. The byproduct of everything that happened was we played an NBA schedule down the home stretch and anyone could see the strides this team made (even with Dalano riding the pine and Teddy hitting the bricks) were remarkable. The team that finished was in more ways than one not the team we started the season with. We were forced to focus on only one thing...playing games and surviving, as a team. Which we did. The schedule was brutal, and it obviously took its toll, but it also paid some pretty remarkable dividends. I still marvel at some of the magic that Thor pulled off at the end of the season. This gives me confidence in Hoiberg's ability as a coach, and the prospect of going in to a season with a full offseason to learn the system and get familiar with all the new guys, along with having LEGIT depth on the roster, like 10 deep kind of depth...at least...is pretty exciting. Will it translate to wins? Who knows. But I'm counting on this year's team to be much more worth watching than they have been in quite some time...certainly the most in the Hoiberg era. Can't wait.
  8. One of them went to Notre Dame, the other went to Iowa.
  9. Except nowhere remotely close to being as likable.
  10. 49r


    You are the GOAT! Thank you, @hhcmatt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Honestly, indifferent. I'm looking at it from a purely aesthetic standpoint... ...but after looking on basketball-reference at his college freshman stats, I'd probably have to go somewhere between c) happy and d) ecstatic.
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