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  1. This was the sentiment from UCLA fans when we signed him. He's tentative on the defensive end. Didn't fit in with Cronin's philosophy at all. We'll see if it works out here for him.
  2. Don't know where the best place to put this is and I didn't want to start a new thread but it appears that PBA is going to move up one spot in the arena capacity standings this off-season:
  3. I think you're forgetting the part about where this is Nebraska and these are the Huskers coming off a 23 win season, third place B1G finish and an 8 seed in the dance. There will be plenty of hype and fans coming out to watch the boys.
  4. The Bryce McGowens part in tonight's basketball game will be played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. Sheesh the resemblance is uncanny.
  5. Anything less than 9-2 with that schedule will make it nearly impossible to qualify for the NCAA Tournament as an at large.
  6. It sounds like Klopp is target 1A for USSF no doubt. Whether they would be able to pique his interest is still unknown at this point but from all I've seen so far it does not sound like money is going to be an issue. If Klopp is interested, we will make it work financially.
  7. One thing I’ve learned over the years is never, ever take anything that guy says seriously. He legitimately doesn’t know shit.
  8. By the way, this was meant as the ultimate compliment. Craft was the consummate college basketball player and as much as I hated playing against him I also was very jealous he wasn't on our team.
  9. 100% agree. While none of these opponents scare me, they all deserve plenty of respect and should not be taken lightly.
  10. Am I the only one getting Aaron Craft vibes here??
  11. Here are the 2025 projections according to Torvik (AKA I doubt Oakland will be considered the top seed): #47 - Nebraska #91 - Loyola Chicago #117 - Oregon State #123 - Charleston #125 - Charlotte #138 - Murray State #158 - Oakland #192 - Hawaii
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