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  1. Nevermind, I just read later they're just projected matchups. Nothing has been announced Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. I just read on Gopherhole that we'll be playing Wake Forest in the ACC challenge, has anybody else heard anything? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. Kudos for the first (as far as I know) use of emoji in a thread title on HHC! I fear, however, that you just may have given others some pretty dangerous ideas...
  4. How awesome would it be to eavesdrop on that conversation?
  5. I hope those two things weren't at the same time!!!
  6. KNTK Early Break - Nebraska basketball picks up two more for the upcoming season KNTK Early Break - It’s incredibly impressive on how quickly Fred Hoiberg has turned the roster at Nebraska, was it as easy as it looked? KNTK Early Break - More on Nebraska basketball and the roster – When’s it time to set expectations?
  7. (and the 2019 Mr. Basketball for Ohio...just for good measure)
  8. I typed that stuff, but I was worried when I posted it that it would come off a tad hyperbolic...I had no idea. After this past 6 days, the staff deserves an entire Starbucks store annexed on to Hendricks. Jeez...
  9. Somehow I get the feeling we'll be saying that a fair amount over the next few weeks/months.
  10. Looking at 247 this afternoon to look at our recruiting class and they have an interesting feature listing all of our recruits (going back to 2003 - 72 players) and ranking them from top to bottom: https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Sport/Basketball/AllTimeRecruits/ Couple of things jump out at me. Yvan Ouedraogo is the #2 all time (in the past 16 years) recruit for us behind Glynn Watson This year's class has 5 guys in the top 30 of Nebraska recruits (in the past 16 years), 5 transfers and Kevin Cross is unranked. At the moment (and I mean at the moment literally) Donovan Williams is #5 and DeAndre Davis is #12 Interesting. Imagine what this staff could do with more than 6 weeks to recruit...
  11. Of course transfers don't count so I guess technically it's only a 6 man class for rankings purposes. Here is the 247 page with our current commits (minus Walker), which is good enough for the #41 class nationally. Head coach: Fred Hoiberg Signed Letter of Intent (2)PosHt / WtRatingStatus Jervay GreenWestern Nebraska C.C. (Scottsbluff, NE) 6-3 / 200 0.8678 15 7 1 Signed SG Akol AropCreighton Preparatory School (Omaha, NE) 6-5 / 190 0.8678 380 82 1 Signed SF Hard Commits (4)PosHt / WtRatingStatus Yvan OuedraogoINSEP Paris (Paris, FR) 6-8 / 240 0.9470 103 17 1 Commit 5/12/2019 PF Samari CurtisXenia (Xenia, OH) 6-4 / 180 0.8986 180 31 5 Commit 5/15/2019 SG Cameron MackSalt Lake Community College (Salt Lake City, UT) 6-3 / 165 0.8628 24 3 2 Commit 4/27/2019 PG Kevin CrossWilbur D. Mills (Little Rock, AR) 6-8 / 240 NA NA NA NA Commit 5/13/2019 PF SIGNED
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