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  1. I think, but am not sure, that the icons for the reputation feature are set by the software and dimes doesn't have any control over it. Not that it matters too much in the grand scheme of things. We have four reactions that add to your positive reputation, and three that add to your negative reputation. Seems fair enough, I don't get too hung up whether a reaction is a "haha" or a "thanks", it all goes into the same pile.
  2. The leaderboard is kind of fun to check out from time to time: https://huskerhoopscentral.com/leaderboard/
  3. There's a lot of dumb money amongst the Husker fan base (of which Creighton's "fan" base is a subset), football lines are often way skewed towards the Huskers. I expect irrational betting and Vegas lines to follow, especially in this matchup. It is true, however, that KenPom's prediction has hovered around a 1-2 Creighton favorite for some time now, which honestly surprises me. I would expect more like a 6-8 point spread in their favor, but I agree with you.
  4. I think it was very tongue-in-cheek, a sarcastic take on Nebraska's historic struggles in the dance and Purdue being one of the favorites to win the natty.
  5. As I posted in the other thread, this would put us at the equivalent to #44 which tracks pretty well with KenPom
  6. Would be equivalent to #44, which pretty closely tracks with our KenPom ranking.
  7. You are correct about the next to last sentence, and it's a valid point. But I figure it's a throwaway line in a summary that I assume most people don't ever read anyway, so no harm done you know?
  8. LOL, just take care of two top 25 teams and Minnesota in the Barn...NBD!
  9. Can't see PV moving on from Shelton. He should...but I can't see it.
  10. Yep. He's the definition of taking lemons and making lemonade. He's had to swim upstream his whole career and done it not only with success, but with a great attitude the whole time to boot. I will never apologize for having a soft spot for Coach Miles, the world could use a lot more people just like him.
  11. Ohio State has no chill. The Buckeyes are up 25 spots after a big holiday weekend. Michigan keeps dropping, so the two swap spots around us, keeping us at #7 in the league. Ken has downgraded our predicted record to 20-11 (10-10). Torvik, who likes us a bit more says 21-10 (11-9) San José State drops to #125. KenPom rankings as of 11-27-23 ======================= B1G (0-0): 2. Purdue 20. Michigan State 24. Wisconsin 25. Ohio State 27. Illinois 40. Iowa 46. Nebraska 54. Michigan 57. Maryland 60. Northwestern 62. Rutgers 95. Penn State 75. Indiana 136. Minnesota Non-Conference (7-0): 336. Lindenwood - W 335. Florida A&M - W ---Cornhusker Classic--- 252. Rider - W 279. Stony Brook - W ---Sanford Pentagon--- 190. Oregon State - W ---Cornhusker Classic--- 80. Duquesne - W 210. Cal State Fullerton - W 15. Creighton 41. @Kansas State 243. North Dakota 347. South Carolina State
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