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  1. It felt kind of glib when I posted it, but honestly that's how I feel we're going to be able to have success. It's the way he did it at Iowa State and hopefully that's the way it gets done here too. It also addresses what I would imagine our weak points are. Which is to say pretty much shooting, rebounding and rim protection. I don't think you can say anymore that we need "a big guy" or "an athletic wing" as much as you need to say we need to upgrade the skill level of the guys we have, because in today's game it's all about guys being able to do everything (or at least multiple things) at an elite level.
  2. Liga MX is on the verge of a NASL style financial collapse. There are talks of desperately wanting to merge with MLS, in the hopes of bringing some financial stability to Mexican soccer. I'm not terribly excited about the notion of doing so honestly but the idea of playing regular season league matches against Clubamerica or Monterrey or Chivas etc does have a certain appeal.
  3. That. Was. Brutal! And now we lost Melia for Friday.
  4. ...and apparently none of them are suffocating to death. Shocking.
  5. Gorillas are strong and bunnies are bouncy.
  6. Got any more of them good jobs...like *really* good jobs??
  7. They (along with MIT) also filed for a temporary restraining order prohibiting enforcement of the ICE deportation order: https://www.harvard.edu/president/news/2020/supporting-international-students https://www.harvard.edu/sevp
  8. I personally wouldn't buy the $300 bottle of hooch, but that's simply because you can get one that's 95% as good for about $70 and one that's 90% as good for about $35. So, for consumer items like that I would probably not get it (unless it was for some very special occasion and I wanted to have the experience of it). Given the choices listed and gun to my head having to choose one, I'll take the scotch all day every day and twice on Sunday over the others. But for a durable good like your knife, and if it's something you know you enjoy and will use a lot, then absolutely I say buy that. Get yourself a nice bottle of Templeton Rye to go with it and that's a good day in my mind.
  9. Followed it up with a 5* for '21
  10. I got a bottle of 18 year Glenlivet for Christmas this year. Would do again.
  11. It seems to me like Bill Self and his attorneys are fully expecting to be given a ban and probably show cause as well, hence threatening litigation now. This could end very badly for KU. Scholarship reductions and post-season bans? Practically of no consequence to the program. But losing Self perhaps permanently? That's a potential program killer. Transitions away from long term HOF coaches don't usually go smoothly. As Nebraska fans we've all seen that movie up close.
  12. Oh this is gonna rustle a lot of jimmies...
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