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  1. 49r

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Come for the hoops, stay for the pedantry!
  2. 49r

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    I was actually debating whether to put a comma there. I guess I lost the debate.
  3. 49r

    Uni Swag

    Seems to me like the cream uniforms with script huskers get worn more often than the base home unis.
  4. 49r

    Uni Swag

    Pinstripes Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. 49r

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Got that 4th WTG Donovan!
  6. 49r

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    I live just a few blocks away from Sprint Center; if we make the KC Regional Finals I may end up needing a liver transplant... (judges, can I get a ruling on my semicolon usage?)
  7. He'll declare no matter what now that they changed the rule. https://www.12up.com/posts/6138866-ncaa-changing-nba-draft-rules-to-allow-undrafted-players-to-return-to-college
  8. 49r

    Athlon Sports 'N'

  9. 49r

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    I think the bar for Miles to keep his job after this year has been set. S16 or GTFO!
  10. "I know all the talk's been about football football football but, uh, I'm ready for basketball. Make sure y'all put that in there!"
  11. 49r

    Roby (is Good)

    Remember the day Illini basketball died? Meyers Leonard does...