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  1. 163 down to 153. Many hours have been spent on the elliptical. No jerky for me I guess. To answer @Chuck Taylor's question, the more drinking thing lasted for a month or so for me but I've cut back drastically to less than pre-pandemic levels now.
  2. Gonna be getting that 5th star here real soon...
  3. Good stuff. Thanks @hhcmatt Lots of re-shaping of bodies going on looks like. But like you said it's unclear how much of that is due to the difference in accuracy at previous places for those who are new recruits/transfers. For the ones that are returning it's interesting to see that most of them have gained some, except for Yvan. But we like to thing of Yvan mostly just losing baby fat as he does look more lean and explosive now than he did a year ago.
  4. Only if you're trying to win Andy Katz preseason rankings championships. I hear they have a pretty cool trophy.
  5. well that's a bit of encouraging news on an otherwise slow news day
  6. Has there ever been a day where the words "hot mic" have been uttered more in the state of Nebraska?
  7. I'm really surprised he has Penn State so low. If anybody deserves to play the disrespect card it's them considering how they've been playing (and trending) over the past few seasons.
  8. 49r

    Site updated

    And I believe that eliminated an extra tap too!
  9. I caught the end of this one too. They have now set the record in USL1 for most games without a loss to start the season at 8. Pretty impressive.
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