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  1. Apparently while he was working in the athletic department (but before he became AD) he did not take a sexual harassment claim by a cheerleader (I think) seriously enough and so she is suing the AD or University or something. Not sure, but it sounds like a messy deal, as these things all tend to be.
  2. Kinda surprised it hasn't been brought up here yet but he committed to Kentucky.
  3. Seems like as good a place as any to put this:
  4. I stand corrected! Could have sworn it was Norm, but whatever. It was a pretty dumb marketing campaign. #DeadDogAlley'd
  5. Nope. It's a coincidence. It's not even spelled the same way. From Wikipedia: The Petersen Events Center (more commonly known as "The Pete") is a 12,508-seat multi-purpose arena on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh in the Oakland neighborhood. The arena is named for philanthropists John Petersen and his wife Gertrude, who donated $10 million for its construction. John Petersen, a Pitt alumnus, is a native of nearby Erie and is the retired President and CEO of Erie Insurance Group. The Petersen Events Center was winner of the 2003 Innovative Architecture &
  6. It was Norm Stewart, and he wasn't being complimentary. He referred to the fans at BDSC as a bunch of "Dead Dogs", meaning it wasn't a very intimidating place for them to play. For a year or two, then, the student section was called Dead Dog Alley (that was probably coach Nee's idea). We had t-shirts made up and everything. I'm pretty sure I had one of those t-shirts.
  7. Thanks dimes, now I am getting sponsored tweets in my timeline for Remy Martin Cognac...
  8. I would love that. But we're probably more likely to get Miami or Wake Forest.
  9. I don't think the down votes are for your particular stance on the issue per se, but rather introducing a politically charged take to the discussion. Some of us are pretty adamant about leaving politics at the door when coming in to HHC, that's all.
  10. Woof! 335 Kennesaw St. (5-19) Owls · Kennesaw, GA Head coach: Amir Abdur-Rahim Scouting Report Data through games of Monday, April 5 Conference only Category Offense Defense D-I Avg Adj. Efficiency 87.8 350 105.4 238 102.2 Adj. Tempo 69.3 113 68.2 Avg. Poss. Length 18.1 258 16.6 51 17.3 Four Factors
  11. Come on @Norm Peterson, everybody knows that a top-25 5* kid is clearly a fraud if he commits to play hoops at stupid Nebraska. One needs to be a 6-7 Trevor Lakes clone from NWMSU to really get the blood pumping! HUGE ADDITION!!! #LetItFly
  12. I was sitting in my living room, alone, watching the end of this game intently (I had become somewhat emotionally invested in UCLA and their cinderella run to the final four this year) and let out a pretty loud shout when Suggs hit that shot. I may have disturbed people. That type of emotion and release would NEVER happen with an Elam ending. It would end the buzzer-beater forever and I, for one, think that is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea. True buzzer beaters (and they are much more frequent than one might think) are the essence of college hoops. Elam endings are the most boring e
  13. Seems like we’ve seen this movie before. Maybe he’ll end up at Gonzaga a year from now too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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