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  1. @hhcmatt out here collecting corpses like
  2. Not Wake Forest?? ...we might have a chance then...
  3. Not a "Jr.". Plus, he was a senior in 2018.
  4. Woof! Rough game. Really nice stadium though
  5. something something plantation something
  6. I drove through the Permian Basin once and I have never been happier to be away from a place in my life.
  7. The boys on The Football Show on Sirius XM FC were moaning about that this morning.
  8. I did not know until the day I saw him moving out, but Pike and I lived in the same apartment complex in Lincoln at the same time.
  9. It might be Bruce Chubick for his block of Alonzo Jamison's dunk at the buzzer in 1992. I was at that game. It was wild.
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