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  1. These '58 throwbacks (with the numbers on the shorts) are Man I hope like hell we're working on getting a set of these to wear as throwbacks! Heck, I'd be happy to just make them the full time unis!
  2. Which is 100% the reason I decided to take a knee for the last two months of the season. It was just toxic as hell around here and there was nothing about any input I could have provided that was going to help. Glad that's all behind us (for now at least).
  3. Agreed, and I'm glad to see that's happening. Hopefully it continues.
  4. If he's as good as his rankings might suggest, he's going straight to the pros most likely.
  5. If I hadn't moved on to fully get behind and support the new Nebrasketball regime, I might still be annoyed by this.
  6. How about this one: CORNHUSKERS CLINCH VALLEY CHAMPIONSHIP - Jayhawkers beaten in first of series 49 to 21 What a dandy! I especially appreciated the final paragraph of the column... "BAND AIDS ORGANIZED ROOTING Before the game and during the intermission the university band played some of its old favorites, much to the appreciation of the spectators. Cheer leaders kept up the spirit by frequent rooting from the sidelines."
  7. Heh...dimes: I like it! He's double-N for sure!
  8. You mean you didn't like this look???
  9. Also, pretty cool to see Adrian with the Husker Hoops tee shirt on today:
  10. I always thought it was a dumb gimmicky idea anyway.
  11. Of course our top recruiter (Donovan Williams) was on the scene:
  12. NIU is pretty good tho. No shame in winning by "only" 36 in this one. Oklahoma only beat UCLA by 34 and it could be argued that NIU is a better team than UCLA so...
  13. Plus, I just really hate that people keep trying to make black happen as a school color. It's not and I would prefer to leave it that way. But that's just my opinion and I get that. It's just frustrating is all.
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