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  1. Michigan's baseball coach made a proposal to the NCAA higher-ups back in April/May to push the start of the college baseball season back 4-6 weeks permanently, and he made a lot of good points that would benefit all programs. It actually gained some traction from southern coaches, so we'll see. It would be a good idea to give it a trial run in '21. As far as the B1G only allowing conference games for baseball/softball, I hope that's not set in stone. That might be one of the dumbest, most short-sighted decisions the B1G has made yet under the new commish ... and there's quite a bit
  2. Advanced math is very tricky. We're still stuck on the question about whether offering $100,000 plus a good job is a punishable act. Let us run the numbers and get back to you in a few years on this Walker situation. Sincerely, NCAA
  3. Just 2 days this year instead of spread over 3 - hopefully they all are played: 2020 B1G-ACC Challenge (all times Central) Tuesday, Dec. 8 4 pm – Purdue at Miami (ESPN2) 6 pm – Boston College at Minnesota (ESPNU) 6:30 pm – North Carolina at Iowa (ESPN) 6:30 pm – Ohio St at Notre Dame (ESPN2) 8 pm – Penn St at Virginia Tech (ESPNU) 8:30 pm – Illinois at Duke (ESPN) 8:30 pm – Syracuse at Rutgers (ESPN2) Wednesday, Dec. 9 4 pm – Maryland at Clemson (ESPN2) **6 pm – Georgia Tech at Nebraska (ESPNU) 6 pm – Lo
  4. FAM is 1-73 against power conference teams over the past 2 decades, but because of the "1", Coach Hoiberg will be looking to gain some revenge for his alma mater. https://www.wtxl.com/sports/college-sports/famu/florida-a-m-stuns-iowa-state-to-conclude-2019 By the way, FAM lost to South Dakota by 3 last season and lost to Washington St by 14 last season (same Wazzu team we won against last season by 11).
  5. Nice little surge to finish to the half, but -- wow -- that half could've gone better for at least 8 of the 13 people on the floor.
  6. To be fair, it's Thanksgiving Eve up there. That's a huge holiday night for those folks with Ranch dressing shots and kegs of turkey gravy flowing freely in red Solo cups, so their judgment probably isn't the best today.
  7. Really impressed by 3 things especially: 1-NU scored 102 points and, by my count, missed at least 23 shots from within 5 feet. Also missed a few more FTs than I would expect they will going forward. I know McNeese was a disaster defensively, but NU easily could've been around 115-120 points. That's crazy. 2-I was shocked how many times McNeese ended up in single digits on the shot clock, which I don't think is what they want to do. This occurred a bunch in that stretch midway through 2nd half where we had a 25-2 run or something like that. They just seemed completely c
  8. 2-10 ATS in our last 12 games 1-3 ATS in our last 4 games as a double digit favorite Beyond the 17 gm losing streak, it's time to switch these around too, starting today
  9. I wouldn't count on that - keeping with tradition, BTN will probably show the Rutgers-Michigan football replay before our game so the overtimes bleed over into our scheduled tip-off time. They'll join our game with about 7 minutes left in the first half.
  10. Since it's very quiet, I'm guessing we're weighing our options. Probably need to do whatever we can to keep the MTE, or we are limited to 25 games instead of 27. So, basically, find a way to keep the MTE, or the schedule stays as is minus the games Thursday & Saturday.
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