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  1. Yup - love the effort today. Honestly, it's been pretty good effort the last few games - minus a brief stretch vs IU. These guys are finally figuring out what kind of effort it takes in D-1 basketball on both ends of the floor. Another baby step forward. To keep doing it when you're undersized and a 15-point underdog every time you step on the floor is pretty impressive. Night and day from what we were seeing in the first month of the season. Hope we can keep it going in the final 20 minutes.
  2. If you would've told me before the game that Wisky would make 8 3s, I figured we'd be in trouble. When they throw in 18 of them and we're still within 5 with 5 to go on the road, that's pretty good, considering how we have to play defense right now. If the opponent is making 3s, we're just not going to win. We need more Iowa-like performances from the opponent. There's probably more games left where we'll be a double-digit underdog than a single-digit 'dog or - ha - favored, so hopefully we can keep taking baby steps forward, because we're not going to win much. I think last night was a step forward.
  3. MASTER PLAN FOR IU ICE COLD 3-POINT SHOOTING Step 1: Create winter storm Step 2: Strand Indiana in Bloomington so no pre-game shoot around Step 3: Turn off the heaters in PBA Step 4: Block open all the doors at PBA Step 5: Leave IU wide open at 3-point line
  4. When we shoot better than 33.3% in the first half from 3, we're 3-0 in Power Conference games. 0-6 when shooting 33.3% or worse. When the opponent shoots better than 33.3% from 3 in the first half, they're 4-0 vs NU. The only game we lost where we outshot the power conference opponent from 3 in the first half was at Indiana, and that was a game we easily could have won, going to OT. This stat is probably primarily coincidence, but I do think our confidence is so fragile, if our 3s aren't falling early, we start to break down on the defensive end, taking chances for steals, or just being lazy on defense because we're hanging our heads, and it all leads to open 3s for other teams. Seems like if we can start well from the outside, our confidence stays high and we can hang in the contest, even though we're undermanned in most games. Start poorly from the outside, and it snowballs. NU WINS - 1st half 3-pt shooting Iowa 2-19 10.5% At NU 7-16 43.8% PU 3-18 16.7% At NU 6-17 35.3% Wazzu 4-15 26.7% NU 4-11 36.4% NU LOSSES - 1st half 3-pt shooting NU 1-9 11.1% At OSU 5-10 50% NU 5-15 33.3% At NW 8-14 57.1% RU 3-7 42.9% At NU 3-15 20% NU 4-13 30.8% At IU 3-13 23.1% NU 2-13 15.4% At Ga Tech 2-10 20% NU 3-14 21.4% Craydon 8-16 50%
  5. I can guarantee there will never be a Hoiberg-con Alert System graphic.
  6. Iowa fans be like: How much longer before Thor graduates? Seems like he's been there forever.
  7. I'm not even sure he attempted one in warm-ups before the game.
  8. World Herald put together an all-decade team: Watson Palmer Petteway Shields Roby Webster Jeter White Copeland Ubel I assume the first 5 names are the first team - I'd agree with those. (EDIT: I see now there is text just under the names in the slide show for first and second teams.) White doesn't belong on 2nd team though - I'd go Talley or Pitchford. Maybe DIaz. Hell, I'd take Spencer over White, if we're going for guys who were here one year. Slideshow: https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/mens-basketball/s-nebraska-basketball-all-decade-team/collection_46b3d909-b65f-5485-8554-35db4cf1d9e3.html Analysis: https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/plus/heady-s-had-ups-and-downs-but-nebraska-basketball-all/article_102e2eb3-fe88-5436-a51d-5a5bf60edd69.html
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