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  1. Looks like Japan lost its first game in OT to Poland Tominaga had 7 of the team's 19 points but made only 1 of 8 "2-point" shots. Was 5-of-6 from "1-point" land. Was +4 in +/-, tops on the team. Looks like a replay is available: https://www.nbcolympics.com/replays/sport/basketball-3x3/team/men/japan Next games are 8:25 am CDT Saturday vs Belgium, 5:05 am CDT Sunday vs Netherlands, and 8:25 am CDT Sunday vs Latvia.
  2. Saw something floating around out there today that UT & OU may be just throwing this out there in hopes that the one of the little 8 would try to jump in front and leave the Big 12 immediately. That negates the TV/GoR deal and gives UT & OU the freedom to go to the SEC now without penalty. In other words, if the B1G were to try to counter these rumors by quickly adding Kansas, it would play right into the SEC's hands. I hope Warren has his chess set out and not the checkers board. And I really hope he doesn't have access to Candyland.
  3. Maybe Kansas would be considered from the Big 12's leftovers, but that'd be it. Iowa State has no shot. They add nothing in terms of eyeballs/TVs that the B1G doesn't already have with Iowa. It's going to be tough pulling ACC teams, as their TV rights deal goes to the mid-2030s, I think. Not sure how Notre Dame fits in the ACC's rights deal. Texas & Oklahoma can afford to buy their way out of the Big 12's deal - I don't know how many ACC teams would be able to survive that kind of financial fallout. Maybe the B1G could raid the SEC. Mizzou & A&M can't be h
  4. True, unless they're just ready to move on and don't care about signing bonus. Like Hallmark already being graduated. He'd have no leverage in the draft next year, so if a fourth-year junior like him is ready to move on, they might as well sign as a free agent and go, even if the bonus money sucks. Coming back on partial scholarship and racking up more student loans to take graduate classes may not sound all that appealing to guys versus starting a pro career, even with a lousy or no signing bonus. Thought I read Houston was Hallmark's only actual offer, which is kind o
  5. Hallmark signed a free agent contract with Houston. No surprise there. He was ready to move on. Good luck to him! And it sounds like Povich signed today with the Twins. No surprise there either. I'd lean toward that being all we lose, but there's always a chance some team jumps in with a late offer if they lose out on some of their draft picks. Aug. 1 deadline.
  6. Can we send all of our guys to Breidenbach's chiropractor? We wouldn't need to stand on tippy-toes for team photos anymore. The offseason got even better for Breidenbach and Nebraska. Even before his injury, Breidenbach had started seeing a back specialist to help him straighten out a hunch in his shoulders that’d he had most of his life. In just a few months, he was able to improve his posture and stand up straighter. Breidenbach arrived at Nebraska listed at 6-foot-9, 210 pounds. When the team took official measurements, he measured in at 6-10.5.
  7. I think he may have fouled Walker, but we'll ignore that for now.
  8. How about the way Andre recovered after the block attempt and nearly got to Walker's shot? That dude is a freak.
  9. Schwellenbach signed for $1M. Got to imagine Povich will also be signing soon. Schwelly did sign for just under the slot value. That seems to be happening quite often this season, and some guys are signing for quite a bit less than slot. I doubt that affects Povich's decision much. However, if the Twins try to really low-ball him, it could, since he still has 2 years of college eligibility left. So far, no non-drafted Husker underclassmen have signed free agent contracts.
  10. Holy crap. Might be scary to see what these coaches can do when they actually are averaging double-digit wins per season.
  11. I'd read that as - "I like Nebraska, but I want to see what else is out there for me & I'm open to any other offers." Can't blame him, especially coming off Covid and especially when he's having a big summer. But if he waits too long, NU may have filled his spot. Gotta give him credit, though. That quote shows he's clearly smart enough to realize there's only one school in the state worth considering. Sorry, Mavs.
  12. For math challenged (like me), a huge chunk of the cost increase is the 21 home games, right? We have 2 exhibitions this season instead of 1; 9 non-con home games instead of the typical 6 or 7. I think in 2019-20, we had 17 home games (including the exhibition). Maybe I'm not looking at it right. I'd imagine one of the reasons we decided to forego a neutral site tourney this year to have more home games and generate more revenue. As far as generating more revenue, it's always sad to see those beer taps covered up at PBA (and Haymarket Park). With 2 exhibitions games t
  13. Yeah, this is a good point - probably gives credence to the idea that Moos was phoning it in and they just wanted to make the change sooner rather than later. Moos played them perfectly on the buyout, though. Not Green's best negotiating moment. I am a little surprised it's Alberts - I didn't think it sounded like he was interested when it was initially announced Moos was leaving. Clearly wrong on that call. This is a solid hire. I mentioned it earlier in this thread (I think), but what he has done at UNO is nothing short of miraculous. When you consider where that athl
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