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  1. Matt Abdelmassih & Luca Virgilio were in studio for 1 hour-plus at 93.7 today. https://theticketfm.com/2021/05/11/
  2. Don't sell KSU short - it's not just anybody that beats Dalton St & Toccoa Falls in the same season. And they've only lost 43 straight road games, so they've got that going for them.
  3. All of these D-2/D-3 guys getting a chance at the power conference D-1 level owe Duncan Robinson a cut of whatever they earn, whether it's 0, 100K, or something in between.
  4. That Bucs lineup looks like the fantasy lineup I had to run out there after I slept through the draft and my buddies drafted for me ... with my team's best interests in mind, of course. Or so they said.
  5. Apparently you guys didn't hear. Who needs a 5-star player when you can replace him with a Northwest Missouri St sharpshooting transfer who's a huge addition and a perfect fit for the system? #letitfly
  6. I'm not sure the Fran-con alert system goes up to 12, so it may have to be altered. What color does his face turn after purple?
  7. I think it's only fair to their families and friends that they team up in college somewhere that's about equi-distant from their homes. That way no one has to travel too far to watch them play.
  8. Well, I guess that qualifies as a good job for a family member. Since he signed, I'm guessing the six-figure check must have cleared too. Good to see things back to normal at the plantation.
  9. It's certainly possible he could change his mind, but he did commit to Fred & Co without ever meeting them in person. He clearly trusts them. Being that team that identified his talent early on & believed in him immediately should certainly help too. Once he has a chance to visit Lincoln hopefully this summer/early fall & see the facilities, plus get a chance to meet the other players & coaches in person, that hopefully will help to solidify his choice. In this case, it's probably a benefit that he wasn't able to take an official clear back last fall, because now it
  10. Geez. I can't stand it when guys tease the portal like that.
  11. He may or may not pick NU, but the fact that we get one of his 5 official visits is big - he easily could have visited us on an unofficial and saved the 5 officials for other schools that are farther away. Clearly, we are in the mix. (Hoping he doesn't read this and get any ideas....)
  12. I'm not surprised. At this level, it's pretty common for rookies to hold out for more money. 100K and a good job for dad just don't go as far as they used to in this economy.
  13. I hope the last one to leave the plantation remembers to turn out the lights and puts the thermostat on vacation mode. With all of the hundreds of Ks they're going to have to spend on a new lineup next season, the last thing they need is an out-of-control power bill.
  14. No kidding - Oklahoma / new coach Iowa St / new coach Texas / new coach Texas Tech / new coach Kansas / lifting both middle fingers at the NCAA Lots of movement
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