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  1. So we have 6 of 11 non-con opponents set - Myrtle Beach tournament (3), bluebirds (H), K-State (N), Cleve St (H) Still an ACC challenge game left (probably at home against a TBD opponent -- but we finished last, North Carolina finished last -- just sayin'). Then probably 3-4 more pay games - 3 if we're in the Gavitt games - or 4 if they count game with the bluebirds in the Gavitt Games.
  2. Channel 8 said last night NU has a home game with Cleveland St on the 20-21 schedule - coach there is Coach Gates' brother, Dennis
  3. Agreed - He also seems very coachable, which is going to help him improve the parts of his game that can get better. I don't think it was any coincidence that his big step forward mid-season occurred after he started breaking down his film with Coach Fred. The majority of big kids are slower to develop, and he's younger than most (just in case you hadn't heard that yet). Hoping several months in the weight room and doing specific workouts will help him gain more explosiveness by November. He definitely has some shortcomings in his game, but he also did some pretty amazing things this season for a true freshman, especially considering the level of competition in the Big Ten. Hopefully he can take more steps forward.
  4. Yeah, but jayskers deserve it. We don't.
  5. So since the bluebirds were losing at halftime when the game was cancelled, does this hurt our NET? Do they get half a loss? I'm afraid this could affect our bubble chances.
  6. The Big Ten's decision to remove general fans from the remainder of the tournament plus all spring sporting events means the folks in the building in Indy tonight will be the last fans to attend a Big Ten game in person until at least next fall ... and on display in this historic game will be 2019-20 NU hoops. I just hope these fans appreciate how truly lucky they are.
  7. Or if football needs a kicker again in week 6 or 7, Frost is going to be cashing in his "player to be named later" promise from Hoiberg. Did Thor or Yvan ever play soccer?
  8. 2+ pages and no mention of one of the greatest plays in NU history? .... Thor passing to himself off the side of the backboard for a layup - Michigan never saw it coming.
  9. So is our new motto, just wait til next next year? Sorry, too easy.
  10. Basketball God #1 - Hey, fellas, I'm all out of ideas of how to screw with Nebraska basketball. I think it's time to let them go ahead and win. Basketball God #2 - Me too. Torturing them over the years has been fun, but this season has drained me. I just cannot think of a new creative way for them to lose, especially at home to a team as bad as Northwestern. Basketball God in charge of free throws - Hold my beer.
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