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  1. This is a really good point - lazy passes that lead to live ball turnovers have killed us quite frequently. When you think about how good our 1/2 court defense has been, giving up these turnover/dunks is a killer. It feels like Fred is pulling guys after they make these lazy passes a little more frequently lately ... but I also may just be seeing what I want to see.
  2. I was going to make fun of you for adding shots from 0' - then I remembered how many dunks we've missed the past several games ... so never mind. With our covid issues and with how good the league is this season, I think it's tough to take much away. Missing a normal preseason practice ramp-up & not having a full slate of exhibition and non-con games really hurt us. Now, we might not be much better than 1-12 in the league at this point anyway because the B1G is so good. But missing a normal early season kills a team with a ton of new faces. Throw in a
  3. Looks like we'll play 19 of our 20 B1G games Sat (Feb. 20): Purdue, 4:30 p.m. (BTN) Tues. (Feb. 23): Penn State, 7 p.m. (BTN) Thurs. (Feb. 25): at Illinois, 6 p.m. (BTN) Sat. (Feb. 27): Minnesota, 6 p.m. (BTN) Mon. (March 1): Rutgers, 6 p.m. (BTN) Thurs. (March 4): at Iowa, TBD (BTN) Sun. (March 7): at Northwestern, TBD (BTN) Probably smart not to try to cram in a 20th game and give the guys a bit of a break in that final week of the regular season with 2 days off between games down the stretch. https://huskers.com/sports/
  4. Crazy part is as poorly as it felt like we played, it was still tied with 8 to go on the road against a team that has NCAA tourney plans, and we easily could've had a decent lead. 2 defensive rebounds we should've had in the first half, got caught standing and watching, and UM turned both second chances into 3s Missed goal tending call on Banton's layup late first half Had a 1 pt lead with 1 minute left, perfect chance at 2-for-1 possessions to end the half, yet somehow we end up getting outscored 5-0 (even worse, I think we took a timeout before starting the 2-for-1 and stil
  5. Pretty close - as of tomorrow, there's 19 days left in the regular season and we have 9 games left to play. If we're getting 2 days off Thurs/Fri, that'd leave us with 16 days and 8 games left starting with the PU game. Throw in playing Wed of the B1G tourney, and that'll be our 16th game in 33 days. At least the B1G will get its full TV paycheck.
  6. Yeah, it's been really obvious we have no legs late in regulation the past 2 games - just no movement on offense the last several minutes. A lot of standing around and resting on that end. Throw in Walker being unavailable, and we don't have the depth to finish strong in game 6 in 11 days. Need a 10+ pt lead at the under 8 timeout tomorrow, or game 7 in 12 days probably won't end up any better.
  7. Yeah, there was a time when NU was strongly considering adding hockey, but that time has passed. They don't want to step on toes at UNO & there's nowhere for NU to play - Pinnacle is too busy in the winter & too big. Their only option is a significant expansion at Breslow & that's not in the cards right now. Actually, Illinois has moved the farthest along for adding hockey. Iowa would be farther along than NU as well. However, with the athletic departments hurting financially all over the league, I'd guess no one is planning to add anything anytime soon. I'd
  8. So glad the B1G is so concerned about athlete wellness & safety that they take a team that had 3 weeks with no team activities and throw them out there for 7 games in 12 days. Probably the smart thing to do would be to reduce the schedule by a few games rather than force this disaster. I get it, though. The B1G f-ed up the football schedule so badly and had so many canceled games that they lost a lot of cash from their TV partners, so they have to give TV the full slate in hoops to try to make up the difference. Coach Fred talked on last night's pregam
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