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  1. Not sure how this affects things, but NU's 2020 fall semester ends Nov. 25 this season. Typically it ends in mid-December, and typically, mid-season transfers have been eligible on the day after fall semester ends. I'm guessing with quite a few schools moving up the end of 1st semester, the NCAA may have to issue something regarding mid-semester guys. If they don't, with the delay in the start of the season, basketball is basically a one-semester sport in 2020-21 for a lot of schools. ----- EDIT: Looks like the council recommended yesterday that no mid-year transfe
  2. Gary Sharp mentioned on his show today he expects the B1G to carry over its more extensive covid testing protocols over from football to basketball, which I'm sure will be more than what the NCAA is going to require. Not sure how that'll affect non-con games for B1G teams. I know the coaches think they're playing some non-con games, but will the B1G allow that if the opponents are not testing or holding players out at the same level as the B1G? Of course when you have a significantly smaller team to track with hoops than football, should be easier to keep basketball pla
  3. Good news, but I'm not counting it as confirmed until Ted Carter mentions it on a hot mic when he thinks no one is listening.
  4. Especially with rapid testing now available - that almost completely eliminates the possibility of player to player transmission during games. If it isn't safe at this point, it may never be safe again. I saw UNO's hockey conference delayed its start to Nov. 20. (Wow. Imagine that. Voting to delay the start of a season and putting a date on it, so everyone is on the same page. Mind blown.) Hockey would've started practice in another 10-14 days, so they needed to make a decision. Sounds like hockey is receiving guidance from NCAA, so I'd imagine NCAA will push all winter
  5. And somehow, we'll still end up as a #6 NIT seed.
  6. Do you think if NU takes its team down there, puts a quarter on the sidelines, and says, "We've got winner," the B1G would cave and let them play?
  7. https://omaha.com/sports/college/uno/uno-a-d-trev-alberts-is-cautiously-optimistic-for-winter-sports-like-hockey-basketball/article_91bcb010-5233-5ade-a62d-a37b5082a368.html UNO's Trev thinks we'll have winter sports, but it'll be interesting to see how NCAA handles college hockey, which has its first games a full month before college basketball. NCAA/conferences need to make a decision soon on hockey, and it will kind of give some insight into the thought process for the winter sports. Now, hockey only has about a week of official practice before its first game, so the
  8. B1G coaches seem to think they're starting hoops around Thanksgiving. Hope they've consulted with a certain B1G commissioner. If he sends out an updated schedule a week before official practice starts, though, we're screwed. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-big-ten-basketball-season-20200820-7p5anoaxaba6diuarlonafjtdq-story.html
  9. Based on that letter and the line about the inability to social distance in contact sports playing a role in the cancellation of football, basketball season is also in serious jeopardy, even a delayed start, unless a fail proof vaccine is in place by January 1. Not likely. Or unless Warren is fired/resigns.
  10. 2020 has officially reached the 6th level of hell, as B1G sports fans are forced to pin all their hopes on a guy with a random Twitter handle of Sir Yacht.
  11. New statement from NU leadership - was inevitable once the lawyers told them this was the only way forward.
  12. If we manage to start B1G sports around Jan. 1 -- hardly a given at this point -- it will have been roughly 300 days since an NU team had taken the field. In the interim, millions of middle and high school aged players will have participated in multiple club sports (traveling across state lines) and high school sports. Millions more college-aged students will have been thrown into the petri dish that is a college dorm/campus/frat party house. And other university athletic departments, with significantly fewer resources (financial and otherwise) than a B1G school may pull off some
  13. To try to play football somewhere else, the lawyers would have to get involved heavily. There would be so many injunctions filed that NU would still be a member of the B1G until those unwound. Might take years. So we'd still be playing B1G hoops for the foreseeable future. And people think we receive the short end from B1G basketball refs now ... just wait.
  14. Been 22 weeks tomorrow since NU-Indiana hoops in the B1G tourney. Had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that night, watching Fred looking so ill on the bench and facing a lot of unknowns with Covid. However, I never in a million years thought we'd be here 22 weeks later. Hard to believe the B1G essentially wasted those 22 weeks instead of coming up with a workable plan. Not going to solely blame Warren for this - it's been a helluva first 7 1/2 months for him. What a nightmare. But I wonder if the presidents would've been able to push this through if D
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