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  1. Then there have been a lot of years we haven't had an impact player. It's semantics, but we have two vastly different definitions of impact player.
  2. Jacobson started every game this year for the Big 12 tourney champs that was a #6 NCAA seed - averaged 11+ ppg and almost 6 rebounds. That's a significant impact in my book.
  3. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/graduate-transfer-haanif-cheatham-commits-to-nebraska-basketball/article_638e9534-2e23-55cd-aba7-0148786f025b.html
  4. https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/plus/meeting-fred-hoiberg-made-things-easier-for-husker-commit-donovan/article_db7ed544-d626-54a4-ac6f-f706623d921a.html Behind the pay wall, but the entire staff visited Williams yesterday. That's a huge thing for a young man after an injury, showing they're still confident in him. Sounds like he'll try to get back for the high school season opener, but says he "won't rush it." Hasn't had surgery yet, but it's scheduled for end of the month.
  5. That was fast - great news! As long as the shoulder is healthy, we're getting a really solid all-around player - averaged 10+ ppg at Marquette for 2+ seasons and shot nearly 37% from 3. Exactly what we need from a grad transfer.
  6. I agree to a point - if the player is doing everything he's asked to do on and off the court, I would prefer we aren't running them off. However, coaches also need to be honest with players about how they do or don't fit into the system, especially after a coaching change. So maybe it's less about running players off and more about just being honest with them. If they want to play, it's best to move on. I would imagine this is more of what's going on, because Coach Hoiberg has a specific system/emphasis, which is quite a bit different than what Coach Miles had, so naturally, some skill sets aren't going to translate well. Now as I recall, Coach Miles, maybe after his 1st year, did exactly that with Benny Parker, telling him he didn't see Benny earning any playing time. And Benny basically said, I'm going to prove you wrong and earn playing time, which he did. So these things don't always work out as expected during coaching changes.
  7. Not trying to mean, but why must we keep Thor? Admittedly, he played very hard when given the chance late. He sees the floor well offensively and can be a facilitator for others from the wing. However, his 3-pt shot doesn't seem to be consistent enough, and he's not a finisher at the rim. Huge liability on defense. He wasn't really a factor the past two years on teams that were NIT level. So if the coaches can recruit over him in the '20 class or in the next few weeks with a transfer who must sit out a year, they should have the ability to do that. If they want to keep him and hope he develops into a player who's better than who they can recruit in the next 12 months, they can. But I'm betting on the former happening. Honestly, it's that way for anyone on the current roster. The coaches have to be allowed to bring in the players they want at the speed that they want to bring them in. Fans expecting them to keep players X, Y and Z is short-sighted thinking ... especially if those players have 2 or more years of eligibility remaining, tying up a scholarship for multiple years. It's admittedly harsh, but it's the way things work with coaching changes. Ideally, the ability to recruit over the current players happens that much faster with the type of high quality coaching staff we've assembled.
  8. Couldn't agree more - I appreciate the effort those guys gave late in the year when the bench was depleted, but there's a reason they weren't playing earlier in the year. We are going to recruit at a level we've never seen here. Free scholarships for 2020 are gold for this staff now. These coaches have to be given the opportunity to sign their guys and suggest that current guys move along if that's what the coaches want to do. Anything else is short-sighted to the long term goal.
  9. Quick - someone send him the Dana Altman Pig Sooey video. He'll cancel that trip before he gets to the video's 4th Pig Sooey.
  10. Brilliant! Because Hoiberg should base his decision more on what Doc did as a head coach at NU instead of relying on what Hoiberg actually saw him do while sitting next to him on the bench at ISU. Rather than thinking about how Doc's strengths would contribute to the staff as a whole, Hoiberg should focus far more on Doc's head coaching record from nearly a decade ago. I don't think Hoiberg has hired the Special Assistant in Charge of Focusing on Things That Don't Really Matter position for his support staff at NU yet. Throw your hat in the ring!
  11. I don't believe schools can put any restrictions on transfers anymore.
  12. Well, we dominated the Big East on the court this season. We might as well break one or two of their teams during the off-season too.
  13. I really don't like seeing pictures like that around here. I thought this was a family friendly site. Now I'm going to have nightmares.
  14. CAA wins the $100K over the WCC. Creighton players watching: "They have to split the $100K between 4 of them? Tough deal. That's a serious pay cut from the regular season."
  15. Pitino just got a 2-yr extension thru 2024 with the Gophers - pig sooey rumors pay off for the jackwagon.
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