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  1. In that context it seems like Kerr is a blackhole. However, if you look at their numbers in the context of the team, it paints a different story. In terms of raw numbers, Keisei's are somewhat muted because he was a role player the first half of the season and Nebraska played at a fairly middling pace. When Keisei was on the court, he did lead the team (27.7% )in KenPom's percentage of shots taken. (We absolutely want Keisei to take the most shots as he's a highly efficient scorer). One other thing that makes Keisei special besides his range is his shooting touch inside the arc...he took 141 shots inside the arc in addition to his 165 3s and he shot a remarkable 62.4% from 2. For the last 2 years the centerpiece of Arizona's fast paced offense has been Azuolas Tubelis who essentially dominated the shots like he was Zach Eddy. Unlike Purdue, Arizona didn't surround Tubelis with a bunch of 3pt shooters....just a couple, one of which was Kerr. Besides point guard duty, Kerr was essentially a 3pt specialist, taking only 66 shots inside the arc this last season vs the 277 he took from outside. His KenPom percentage of shots while on the floor was 18.2%, which is less than what Sam Griesel did last year. I don't know enough about Kerr to know if he makes bad decisions or if he plays defense or if he'd be a locker room cancer. What I do know is that he not extremely ball dominant so he'd be able to feed Keisei and that if he ended up in a corner like our PGs tend to in Fred Hoiberg's offense during the course of a play that he'd be able to knock down shots.
  2. It's possible for individuals/businesses to contribute https://www.1890nebraska.com/contribute/
  3. Thought I'd start his own thread since he visited here.
  4. When you see someone on here get an offer from us along with an offer from 20 other people and we don't have a previous relationship that 99% means that guy isn't coming here.
  5. If I was a betting man I'd wager announcements will be made before today's noon whistle. Gird your loins appropriately.
  6. Sort of funny that Richard Pitino is running a fast paced offense where there are tons of shots available and Allick is transferring because they got two guards on their team in Jalen House and Jamal Mashburn who dominate the ball so much that Allick's usage numbers make him look like Benny Parker. I'd agree that it seems like Allick is thinking that he's going to drop down and be more of the focal point of an offense somewhere. Who else we land would dictate his minutes but I could very much see us having a mutually agreeable offensive role for him for the minutes he'd be on the court for us.
  7. For the sake of introspection: Could Sam Griesel have played on a decent team in the Big Ten: 6 pages Your National Champion Bluejays: 7 pages (proud to proclaim I currently have zero posts in this one) At the end of the day it's probably not as gripping but it's healthier when one's fandom is fueled more by like for your own team than dislike of another.
  8. If he's going to college it appears the two top choices are B1G schools Ohio St or USC so prepare accordingly
  9. Arguably the longer it takes the more there is a chance to change his mind. Take all summer dude.
  10. Welcome to Awkward Relationship Talk: Transfer Portal Edition.
  11. There certainly are benefits to 5 years of eligibility but when the majority of guys are able to finish a degree in 4 years you're creating a class of 5th years graduate students who can go anywhere they want at any time. I'm somewhat surprised that some of these guys don't transfer mid-semester.
  12. Traudt just started following Creighton University on twitter. If you haven't already mentally prepared yourself for him to tweet out that he's going to be a Jay, you likely don't have much more time.
  13. All-time Husker appearances at this event Nebraska's NABC All-Star Game Participants Year Player, Position 1972 Chuck Jura, Center 1991 Rich King, Center 1994 Eric Piatkowski, Guard 2008 Aleks Maric, Center 2015 Tim Miles, Coach 2019 James Palmer Jr., Guard 2023 Derrick Walker, Forward
  14. One last chance to enjoy watching Derrick Walker this year as a college player, Friday at 3:30 PM. He's the first Husker in this game since James Palmer in 2019
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