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  1. Agree. Seems much more likely that Wisconsin wants to see what it has in Jim Leonhard and/or it's new AD needs to make a move syndrome.
  2. Having an adjusted Tempo under 70 would be more surprising to me than us winning 20 games.
  3. What makes you think we're going to run more of a ball-control offense this year?
  4. I think it's going to be Wilcher. Between the body transformation, the amount of pull he seems to have with the rest of his teammates, and the lack of obvious main scoring option I like his usage rate to explode this season and him to potentially lead the team in scoring.
  5. Drills run drills to pass the ball in transition drill to get the ball up the court as fast as possible drill to move the ball around on offense for 3s or layups close out drill pick and roll drill 5 on 0 offense run through My impression was that if you thought we might slow the tempo and focus more on defense that you're likely wrong.
  6. I recorded the practice on my phone but looks like they did livestream so I don't have to upload it. One noticeable thing from this video is that you don't have any of the background music that was playing at the arena as Nebraska can't generate any revenue from youtube if it's in the video. Savvy.
  7. This clip from the LJS caught my attention It makes a lot of sense that we would focus on transition scoring to augment our offense because we've been doing that the entire Hoiberg era. Per Hoops-Math.com, here is our ranking in terms of % of offense started in transition (Transition shots are defined as occuring within the first 10 seconds of a possession after a steal, defensive rebound, or opponent score.) 2020: 29.1% - 19th 2021: 28.1% - 38th 2022: 26.6% - 48th Is it more personnel or opponent's knowledge of our game plan that has decreased our transition usage?
  8. You seem to be giving Wilhelm credit here for being a more willing 3pt shooter. Another way to phrase that might be you aren't giving Gary enough credit for having better shot selection based on his skillset. If you look at WB's limited outside shooting and FT numbers, they're bad. Why would defenders sag off of Gary and not WB? To me the pairing of Gary/Walker and WB/Keita makes the most sense because Walker and WB have proven they can pass the ball.
  9. Can either Gary or Breidenbach or ever Denim Dawson shoot over 30% from 3? To me if someone can consistently knock down shot from out there they're probably grab more minutes at the 4. Seems like Gary with his experience will probably start. BTW, looking at Gary and Breidenbach's lifetime 3pt shooting numbers makes playing Derrick Walker at the 4 more realistic.
  10. We flipped the entire coaching staff and he's talking about defense before watching us suck at it during Christmas break. The results might not change but that's a substantial amount of change.
  11. We're going to defer the tip-off to the 2nd half, Doc Style
  12. I think you could call the Friedrichson miss due to the hot seat. However, Green was choosing between Arizona St, NC St. and Nebraska.....I'd say that all 3 of these schools have coaches on the hot seat.
  13. I was thinking the same thing
  14. They're going to workout instead of scrimmage. Hoiberg mentioned wanting to get away from the All-Star game type of atmosphere/defense from years before.
  15. I'll be out the door before the mic check
  16. First of the pre-season. You'll need to fast forward to 1:48:50 to get to Wilhelm who is followed by Emmanuel. After a break you get HCFH. A real emphasis on defense and chemistry in this one.
  17. You'll need to wait to fire up until they turn off the lights for Est Gee
  18. If Hoiberg is finally more locked in I wonder what percentage one can attribute to new AD, new assistants, different players, fear of being fired
  19. ASU it is and we'll take another run in the transfer portal in '24
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