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  1. The OG thread was less than a week old and already on page 2 lol
  2. {Phone Rings} Hello, this is Sam, who is this? Hi this is Matt A from the Nebraska Cornhuskers Hey, hold on (in background) Yo Joey it's Nebraska calling Isn't that where Ed Morrow was from? Oh, yeah {back on phone} Hard pass Matt
  3. According to UNL it's official
  4. Who would be playing the 5 for us if Roby came back besides Roby?
  5. Doc has traditionally run a pack style defense that really limits your lane but gives up 3pt looks. The numbers didn't necessarily reflect that sort of extremes the year he was at Iowa St. Most of the defenses under Fred looked like they played fairly passively: Not trying to pressure and attempting to stay home so in an attempt to make you take a poor shot. Most of the defenses defended without fouling. I'm not sure if it will be zone but I suspect it will function a lot like a zone.
  6. National Champions LOTS OF 3s Villanova 2018 - 47.5% of shots were 3pt (12th in Div 1) LOTS OF 2s North Carolina 2017 - 30.3% of shots were 3pt (306th in Div 1) The problem with arguing for or against style is that style itself doesn't determine success. Playing fast or slow is a style. Shooting more or less 3s is a a style. Generating more or less assists is a style. Those 3 national championship teams illustrate how invalid both the arguments that you can't win shooting 3s and you can't win not shooting 3s are. At the end of the day style is a function of how you go about compiling the statistics that actually matter like eFG%,(how well you shoot in a combination of 2s and 3s) turnover rate (not ending possessions without a shot which is effectively a missed shot), offensive rebounding rate (how many extra attempts you get at a shot) and Free Throw rate.
  7. It depends on the makeup of your team. Duke was definitely more efficient from 2 this year as they didn't have many good shooters and Zion hitting over 74% of his 2s
  8. 6'3" Guard out of Georgia, also has a St John's offer
  9. Here is the probable schedule The "first round" of the Caymen Island Classic will likely be a home game. 20 B1G 4 Caymen Island Classic (1H/3N) 1 B1G-ACC (H?) 1 Creighton (A) 5 Home 'pay games' 17 Home - 11 Away - 3 Neutral
  10. He means that a 3pt basket is worth 1.5 2pt baskets.
  11. You have about 7 months to figure out how to stream/project a carrier pigeon onto your TV
  12. Part of the equation is players for next year and Washington St has 5-6 guys on scholarship ATM. This will increase as they sign guys, especially if they're any good.
  13. He seems like Bakari Evelyn where he's a skilled player but not the right amount of height/athleticism for what we want to do.
  14. I'm curious as to what percentage of the guys we've offered are 6'5". It feels like 33-50%.
  15. Ah. Not 100% sure on Hepburn and we didn't offer Sallis previously. FWIW Gates might be our new unofficial local recruiter as he recently has followed both of them on twitter. I would think our interest level in both is still there. They're both 2021 so we have some time.
  16. The issue i see with the OP with replacing our current players with newer ones (besides the pretty obvious likelihood we will likely not land many if not all of the names listed) is the logistics of putting a team on the court this year if you want to fill it up with players from 2020. Any of the guys that one thinks could transfer this year could just as easily transfer next year.
  17. The verbal commits we had have been re-committed (Donovan Williams, D'Andre Davis). Anyone else Miles offered won't just call in and say 'I'm N' without first hearing from the current staff.
  18. 2020 Bartovik too early ranks 50 New Mexico St. 87 Nebraska (new coach) 91 South Florida 97 Loyola Chicago 149 George Mason 153 Old Dominion 209 Colorado St. 284 Washington St. (new coach) Looks like New Mexico St brings back a lot of their team that almost knocked off Auburn in the first round of the tourney
  19. Have there been any others besides Dube and Moses Abraham?
  20. Cheatum is the 6'5" athletic type of guy we're going to be bringing in bunches
  21. We, along with every other Div 1 school, have contacted him
  22. Visiting April 19-21 per Jon Rothstein. Need to find the tweet
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