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  1. So we’ll pick up the action around 8:45 (midway through the first half) when the game in front is us goes 2 OTs.
  2. Happy to see so many Charlotte fans Thrilled with getting him that low and excited to get him. Nebrasketball with possibly 3 players on NBA rosters next year.
  3. Looking at teams left, I don’t think Bryce is going first round. Stinks he didn’t come back, as he could definitely get there. But 2nd round isnt a bad place at all either!
  4. WC news today— roster expansion to 26 for the World Cup. Huge news for the US to bring some young and inexperienced guys along with vets.
  5. This escalated quickly. Heck of a run for Union Omaha!
  6. Yeah-- after that initial burst, SKC has looked much the better side. Dominant on possession too.
  7. We’re struggling this year. So happy to get the W!
  8. Yeah— thinking Us games may be $500+ for a ticket. Unfortunately.
  9. Such awesome news! Can’t believe DC didn’t get a bid. I know it’s a long shot, but it would be special to get a US group stage game in KC. They may be looking at a US game in each region is my hope, so if that’s the case, my guess is it’ll be Dallas vs KC for the central region.
  10. My few quick notes after June camp. 1. LDLT has, rightfully so, earned a spot on this WC roster. He has played very well in any situation he’s thrown in (starting vs sub roles) 1.5 Not only did he earn a roster spot, is he earning a starting spot? Love Musah in the mid, wish he could have finished that one run last night. 2. The fight for the last GK slot will be interesting. I’m leaning Johnson (along with Steffen and Turner). Ethan didn’t do much either way to move the needle last night and I liked Johnson’s game against Uruguay. 3. My 23 as of today. GK- Turner, Steffen, Johnson Defenders: Jedi, Zimmerman, Dest, Long, Cannon for sure. …… Then pick your 2 poisons from Richards, Yedlin, Brooks, Scally, CCV, Bello, or EPB. The last two are hard picks really. No one has stood out from that group. Mids: LDLT, Musah, Adams, McKennie for sure. Acosta and Roldan for experience? Do you look at Busio or Mihailovic in place of one of those? Fwrd: Aaronson, Pulisic, Weah, Reyna for sure. Then I’m going with Pepi, Sargent. Last spot I could see anyone from Morris, Ferreira, or Greg brining Arriola.
  11. Thanks @49r yes I could have made that more clear. I could see us finishing anywhere from first to fourth. That initial game against Wales is huge. Come up with 3 there and we’re in a good spot. Whatever happens with England happens. Then Iran is big as well. The slop last night didn’t really help us in prep for the WC, but one thing I loved to see was the fight! The grit and toughness that we showed.
  12. In future USMNT news... England lost to Hungry at home today.... 4-0. I know our group is tougher, but I could see us finishing 1-4. Honestly.
  13. Would be amazing! Guessing the US wouldn't get a game in KC, but would still be amazing. KC is probably "on the bubble".
  14. I think they do-- but I know the bid was for a grass pitch at Arrowhead. Which I'm sure was more to show that it wasn't a turf bid.
  15. Correct... they'd convert to a grass pitch for the WC last I heard.
  16. Wouldn't mind experimenting with Weah at the 9, but come the September friendlies, we're going to have to go with someone and stick with them. Who that someone is... I don't know. My best guess is Sergent, with Pepi/Ferreira backing up. Unless Weah would work out that is. However, part of our problem, I think, is our lack of cohesion at striker. It's someone new every game. Would love to have our full 11 be available for the September friendlies. Want more of LDLT-- was a fan of his play earlier. Also didn't think Long played terrible next to Zimmerman. Have seen some doing it, but don't count out Aaronson. Kid is a key cog that makes everything else go. Less of Yedlin. Man he had a rough outing and was consistently losing balls and making poor decisions. Overall, what makes this really fun, is how deep this US team is. Definitely have a chance to make the round of 16 and possibly round of 8 if we gel well enough. 2026 could be realllllllly fun.
  17. Had a blast and KC really showed out. Hopefully that put us over the top to host in 2026... but I'm not holding my breath.
  18. Pitching wasn’t great— but we can’t afford to lose pitchers that were pretty good. Ughhhh
  19. Maryland set up with a perfect situation in hosting and a 3 seed comes put of that regional. Michigan gets screwed. Big 10 baseball done.
  20. Hypothetically speaking… if we did somehow finish top 2 in conference, we probably would have made it in. If we didn’t win the B1G tournament… what are the odds they would have put us as the 3 seed in the OSU regional? OSU, Arky, Neb would have drawn a nice crowd.
  21. Not the year of the pitcher… that’s for sure. This Ark OSU game is good though.
  22. B1G 3-1 after Michigan takes down Louisville in Louisville. Maryland drops a home regional game to UCONN
  23. BIG 10 2-0. Quality of teams in the league definitely going up and should continue to do so.
  24. Cousin of the McGowens brothers right?
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