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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28021916/is-nebraska-football-too-far-gone-even-scott-frost Not from ESPN....
  2. Until there isn't a chance for a postseason, I'm always going to choose more wins over one win.
  3. The comment was in reference to having a bad season and not winning very many games. Personally, I just think it will be tough to get “the best” here to NU for most all coaches. For example.... Sure, Coach K, Cal, Self, and Izzo could probably get “the best” to come here no matter how many games we were winning. But I don’t think Hoiberg has a name that carries that much weight (yet). It’s not that I don’t think he can recruit. It’s not that I don’t think we will get solid players. It’s also not that I think his recruiting is the reason we have the roster that we do (which I think is pretty good for a few months of recruiting). It’s more that the history of Nebraska and our on-court performance I think off-sets recruiting ability initially for “big time” players. Miles was great about finding a few diamonds in the rough early that turned out to be high ranking by their senior year of HS. Fred may have to do that initially.
  4. Now I’m going to be really pissed when our guys finally turn it on here in late December heading into January and we miss out on dancing because the Big 10 conference was “down.”
  5. They gave up 110 to Iowa State in their first game and 134 to Central Michigan yesterday. Currently they are giving up 129 PPG while scoring just 67 PPG
  6. Got a lot of work to do if I want to catch KenPom again this year.
  7. I think that it's fair to be both upset with the performance from our first week and also level-headed enough to know that this team will improve not just in years to come, but in this year as well.
  8. My thought— Our shooting has to improve. We can’t be THIS bad. The little devil on my left shoulder— You're a Nebrasketball fan!
  9. I too worry about recruiting. I don’t think players will see “Hoiberg” and automatically say that they want to play wherever he is coaching. I don’t think his name carries that much weight... yet... but hopefully soon.
  10. Unfortunately, this may be a thread that hits the 50 page mark before the season ends. SDSU is now 3-0 and will have a chance at USC to go 4-0. Southern, as of now, will be the first opponent we play that has a loss.
  11. Roby is averaging about 1 per minute tonight... fouls that is. 4 fouls and 3 points in 5 minutes of game time.
  12. I hope Bama doesn’t make it this year. Hope this knocks em out.
  13. I mean, we have started off the season against two undefeated teams who are a combined 4-0. (Riverside took down Idaho today.)
  14. Kent on the radio made it sound like a heck of a play that just wasn’t executed. I didn’t see it though.
  15. Great point with Arop and Easley. What can it hurt right now to at least try and find some points?
  16. With the football and basketball seasons combined, you may want to start lent a few months early and give up your phone and social media.
  17. That is a fair point! I just thought the offense was something we could hang our hat on with Fred. Losing games 82-81. Not what we have seen. I know that it’s also game 2, but the D’s we’ll see are going to be better, not worse.
  18. — I just worry about mentality. If we were so fragile before the season that Fred even mentioned it, where are they going to be after an 0-2 start. — I like the Cross kid. Like all of our young kids. — May be time to sit Kavas, play Curtis and let him take the lumps. — Feel for the two grad transfers. They’re going to have to take the brunt of a possible really rough season. — Still holding out hope that Stevenson gets the waiver and he somehow changes the outlook of this season. — I know all of us on this board know that the future is still probably bright. However this start isn’t good for the average fan. — I thought the offense would look better with Fred. I know that it could be the players just aren’t making them, but The entire team outside of Burke and Thor are basically Fred’s guys. — Things don’t get easier. We could use a win before the Cayman Islands.
  19. We blew a 14 point 2nd half lead. To SUU. We’re 0-2 in a basketball season where we have played CSB and SUU. We still have to play 20 B1G games. There’s finishing with 10-12 wins and doing terrible in the B1G. Then there is where we’re heading. Where we’re heading isn’t a good place for fans or recruits. It’s game 2, I’m trying not to overreact, but it’s hard not to when your 0-2 and staring a 5ish win season dead in the eyes.
  20. Expected this question... just after our trip before Thanksgiving or our December stretch. Not after game 2.
  21. Hell... as hard as it is for us to make one, I’m not surprised that we celebrate it.
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