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  1. My heart says we could get the chance to play Iowa. My head says that I can make plans with my wife after Wednesday. We'll see which is right.
  2. Ref 1: Who'd you have that out of bounds off of? Ref 2: I had a foul, I just raised an open hand on accident. Ref 1: Ok, let's go with that.
  3. I'd feel pretty good going into next year with this Top 9 Kobe Trey Bryce Lat Walker Thor Banton Wilhelm Andre
  4. I'm starting to lean towards. Would also consider swapping Lat for Thor depending on matchup and if Lat is shooting well. Kobe Trey Bryce Lat Walker Banton Thor Wilhem Andre
  5. Yep-- they can hit threes just like that. Also going to have to make our FT's down the stretch here starting with Lat.
  6. Call me crazy, call me whatever you want... but Thor and Kobe can come back on my team next year any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Period.
  7. Raise your hand if you had Nebraska and NW in a 3 point shootout. Yeah... me either.
  8. We've cut it to 5 again! Let's take this thing and ride into Indy on a high note.
  9. I'm glad we are getting all pumped when we make a three, but that only works to get back into the game when don't let them make a three on the other end.
  10. I'm glad they removed the four screen view... I have a hard enough time watching 1 of us sometimes... let alone 4 of us.
  11. Wow-- if it wasn't for our little mini run, we'd be down like 15-20.
  12. When you look at all of the stats and not just points and shooting, Thor is probably our best all-around player.
  13. Lat has gotten 3 good looks at least and has zilch for threes. Dang it.
  14. Heard the kid can't get into an R rated movie for another 3 years or so. Have to plan movie trips at least a week in advance so his parents have time to mail the consent note from back home.
  15. Team bus finally got here from the hotel at halftime! Seriously, we look like an entirely new team.
  16. I'd take 2 points and 2 boards in a 5 second span over the course of an entire game.
  17. We're the team with a 10-0 FT advantage and we're still down nearly 10.
  18. Lakes quietly having a nice game. Athletically, he fits in against this NW team. We should not be down 13.
  19. Nice to come out of the weekend with 3 wins after that Friday game. It was truly a 4 game series that we needed to win at least 3.
  20. Not great. I'll reserve what I am really thinking until this thing is final. We can still come back... I think.
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