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  1. The 29 yard punt puts the 7 yard punt to shame......
  2. It's saying something having Jon there.... A ton? probably not... but something.
  3. Especially compared to Verge. I have a feeling Verge is going to do some fun stuff for no bigger than he is.
  4. Big one on Sunday for the Boys in Blue. Will be fun! In addition to that-- when do WCQ rosters get announced? Is it usually 2 weeks out or 1 week out? We're officially back at it in 2 weeks and a day.
  5. Once again, Salloi and Russell play huge roles for us! Great win last night. Just keep winning and let the rest shake out as it may.
  6. That would be good if it is false. I just saw quite a few mentioning it during Chelsea’s game last week. To the point “Pulisic Sister” was trending on Twitter.
  7. Rumor has it that the girl he broke Covid protocol with by bringing to his room was Pulisic’s sister.
  8. Danny boy took a lot of heat over the years, but my goodness he’s been lights out this year! This team has what it takes to make a deep run. Also— the new rumors about Weston and what actually happened add insult to injury about our less than stellar international window. My goodness.
  9. I see what you did here. ... it worries me a bit too. BUUUTTTTTT..... if there is one unit that could keep us in the game, it'll be the D. Can our O score a little bit?
  10. It was 3 points that we desperately needed. It probably wasn’t a “must win” but we would have been in a very bad position had we lost. It seems like we finally found some Mojo that 2nd half. We were more aggressive. Moving forward... 1. Has Sergent lost his starting spot? At least for now? I just don’t know. He has some really heavy touches for a striker. 2. Weston has got to get it together. He is vital part of this team. He’s got to figure it out. 3. Is Pulisic ok? Did hear after the game, but he looked really uncomfortable and one of his worst qualities
  11. University of Texas.... San Antonio 37 Illinois 27 4 minutes left in the game.
  12. Didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday. Sounds like it might have been for the best.
  13. I had it via Hulu+. We don’t do cable/Dish and Hulu+ you can bundle with ESPN+ and get the Sporting KC games.
  14. I lied... Weston still in... it was Konrad they took out.
  15. Little nervous about taking Sergent, McKinney, and Dest all out at the same time.
  16. Lost the possession battle. Would like to see us hold possession for just a little longer. Otherwise, just another road qualifier in Concacaf.
  17. Interesting mini story with the Roldan brothers playing on two separate teams in this one.
  18. Didn’t see this mentioned in the thread yet, but Pulisic is also out for tonight it sounds like.
  19. Sounds like we’re starting Matt Turner in goal. That’s a little shocking.
  20. Good heavens... the "this isn't 1995" takes really irk me. Most Husker fans aren't asking to be the next Alabama. We just want to go to a bowl, compete for a west division title, and win the occasional Big 10 title. That's not too much to ask for.... and it isn't 1995. Sure... what works in 95 doesn't always crush in 2021.... which is why we're not running the option.
  21. "Oh No, We suck again!" - Random Guy on the Waterboy.
  22. We have got to be the most mental team in the nation. No one else is even close.
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