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  1. From my understanding, it sounds like Kobe and maybe some others have tried to hold each other accountable with it not being reciprocated at the coaching level. What else can the players do if they’ve tried and aren’t getting any help?
  2. Looks like we found a few teams to play.
  3. God bless the hype man though. Dude gives it his all for the type of season we’re having.
  4. Respect this thought process as well. This could burn some bridges as you said. However, if it’s a last resort type of thing, what does he he to lose. Also, and I mentioned this earlier, this could be a situation where things are 10 times worse than he is even letting on.
  5. To have this coming out mid-season.... tells me it's probably worse than even Kobe is letting on. We're all pissed about how bad what Kobe is saying sounds.... ummm... it's probably 10X worse.
  6. I hope you’re right!! Would love to see what we could do with just a little bit of positive mo on our side.
  7. Look at this year though. We got stars… but we don’t have a team. We’ve got talent, but we don’t have upperclassman. You have to have both to be very successful in this conference. The “not a world beater” comments— and I’m not just singling you out either— drive me bonkers. This is said year in and year out about someone and those that stay all 4 years always end up being someone we wish could have “just 1 more year.” Brandon Ubel, Tai Webster, Benny Parker, Thor… the list is long of players who, while they weren’t lighting up the stat sheets, we always ended up saying “man I wish we had them for one more year to combine with XYZ recruit”
  8. According to a recent post on this board… we’ve never had an 0fer conference season. So…….. this thread is premature. We can only hope it’s still premature after this year.
  9. I’m just happy that… the one year we do break out… KenPom will go down… maybe. Also, I’m quietly sneaking toward the Top 10. It sucks for me… because I haven’t picked us to win since early December.
  10. Officiating isn’t easy. I’m an official. I’ve done high school games. Even those get fast paced sometimes. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt most times. But you don’t do yourself any favors making calls like that. That, obviously, wasn’t even his “zone”. So that tells me he was ball watching instead of watching the play under the basket or in the corner area where he should have been watching.
  11. Worst call of the night was the “overturned” over and back where the baseline official overruled the referee literally standing at mid-court.
  12. Just got home from the game. You can see why it’s getting harder and harder to make those drives this year. — Daughter is now 3-1 going to games this year. Even her luck wasn’t enough. — What an awful start. We never caught up really after that. — Pretty chippy game, ref’s didn’t control it very well I don’t think. Xavier Johnson played like he had something personal which was weird because he was so like 3-4 years ago. — So awesome having Trey back. Happy that he got the huge applause. Definitely tried to play an “enforcer” type role tonight which I was here for. — I hope my daughter can experience the true PBA atmosphere some day. It’s just not the same right now. It really hit at tip off. God Bless that hype man. It’s tough to hype up the crowd right now. Can you feel it plays like a funeral march these days. — I’d love to think we win a few in the back half but who? Winnable game after winnable game we’ve just found ways to lose. How many times do we have to say “well we could have gotten that one, but that gives me hope we’ll win a few”? — My daughter, who is 3, said “we were close daddy” and that about sums it up being a Nebraska fan.
  13. Talk about hitting the ceiling too early. That might end up being the best all around game we play this entire year.
  14. Update… Her NET ranking will be dropping tomorrow as she loses her first of the season. She did say “we were close daddy” on the ride home though. I’ve already trained her on what it’s like being a Husker fan and she’s only 3. Sigh.
  15. I thought we were the only ones who got Ts for dunking too hard.
  16. Every time we’ve needed that one big stop. Can’t get it.
  17. Concession Stand wait times have improved since game 1! I don’t think they’ve opened more stands though….
  18. For the 22 years ago one… I hadn’t even been to my first Husker game. Ha! As for why she hasn’t been to more games. Let’s just say if we win this one…. Someone better have a private jet for our next away game. Oh and someone will need to. Convince mom if it’s a school night.
  19. I’m just saying, not really saying… but my daughter is 3-0 this year going to games and she’s coming tonight.
  20. Anyone got an extra ticket for this one? I forgot that I need to buy one for my daughter since there’ll be 3 of us.
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