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  1. Hey-- I'm just excited to have FREE video. I'd watch a FB live feed if it was free.
  2. Beware of the date today when seeing anything on social media.
  3. Damnit— forgot what day it was. Hate this day.
  4. This seems big/important in an era where you can literally pay players. Could this sway Raiola?
  5. A run and gun, guard push the pace and shoot it before the shot clock hits 20 seconds is definitely not an offense that fits DW's style.
  6. Im always just a day late and a dollar short.
  7. I don’t know how I haven’t heard this yet… but go read this story. We very nearly lost one of our own.
  8. Iowa Friday guy just hit 105 MPh against Maryland
  9. Nothing worse than a dude finding out his girl was cheating on him. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Now the whole team sucking thing... I'm on board with!
  10. IDK-- I've seen quite a few commitments announced already it seems like.
  11. Kid… I don’t know if you’re reading this… but she’ll still love you if you come to Nebraska. You’re going to want as much $$$ as possible for the future. Do what’s right for you. You lived 12 hours away for a year. You can live an hour away for more $$$. Come here, get those season football tickets. Also— Go Big Red.
  12. I mean— they can’t hate us like we hate them. They cheer for half of our sports teams themselves.
  13. Some young/single poster want to slide into that chicks DM's? If he doesn't have her, it's an easy choice. LOL.
  14. CUSA won the CBI CUSA is guaranteed to win the NIT and get 2nd in the NIT as well. CUSA has a team in the Final 4. Can they win the NCAA basketball Triple Crown?
  15. Illinois State beat Iowa yesterday. Yikes.
  16. Was really hoping they could announce an extra game either Friday or Sunday this weekend. The longer we go though, the less likely it looks.
  17. Will Walsh has earned the Sunday start against Michigan. Right?
  18. Good to see the dude getting quite a few D1 offers.
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