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  1. I’m happy for Kopps though. His arm is probably smoked. Lol.
  2. I'm more familiar with Gordon Bombay.... but I don't think he ever sang the National Anthem. He did coach Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games though, so that kind of counts.
  3. I haven't, but I do watch them on their 1 game a year on BTN!!
  4. Oh I don't know... the situations were a little bit different IMO. Kopps had thrown a little on Friday and a little on Saturday before having all of Sunday to rest. On the flip side, Schewlly threw most of his pitches on Sunday and would have had to pitch Monday with no rest. In addition, Kopps wasn't tiring. He was making quick work of us in the latter innings. I was actually a little disappointed with our plate approach in the latter innings. I wish we would have been a little more selective and made Kopps throw more pitches in the latter innings. I al
  5. I disagree with a few things in here, but agree with quite a bit as well. As much as we want to say it, the Big 10 will never be taken reallllly seriously in the baseball grand scheme of things. We can't be swept by teams like Rutgers at all. Period. Losing a series here and there, maybe, but being swept can't happen and truth be told.... that is what lost us our regional hosting shot this year. However, I do feel like the Big 10 has a little more "clout" than in previous years. I think, the Big 10 winner will have a decent shot to host a regional year in and year out as we mo
  6. Shitty way to end the season.
  7. Nothing says biggest moment of both seasons like baby shark.
  8. I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all.
  9. I thought Chance might be available, but I guess not. Going to the Freshman to get it done.
  10. The more I read Hog tweets about Mojo on Twitter, the more I hope he hits a late inning homer and double birds after crossing home plate. These “fans” are ridiculous, arrogant, and POS’s TBH.
  11. I noted, I think earlier in this thread... that while they’ve hit like 100 homers, they’ve also struck out 528 times! 528!!!
  12. It could be any of the 16 pre-determined seeds. Since NC is technically the "higher" seed, I could see it played in like Gainsville, Columbia (if ODU loses), Oxford, or Starkville. Somewhere in the SE.
  13. No rain in Lincoln today. I guarantee there is a donor out there that would fly both teams up here to play this game 7! If you just had first come first serve tickets, you’d sell out too. Oh a man can dream.
  14. I would be absolutely pissed if we lost out on Supers based on a technicality.
  15. Is the USA... back?? That was a lot of heart... that game took a lot of heart to win.
  16. No matter what happens tomorrow, I think we showed that, outside of this regional, we had a pretty good darn chance to host/win a regional. Shoot-- I like our chances tomorrow if we can jump on em early. DVH will have his boys ready to play though!!!
  17. Translation-- that kid did to us what Kopps has done to others this whole season!
  18. Across two games against Arkansas... Nebraska has given up... 9 hits 8 runs (2 on a passed ball tonight.. 14 walks and a wild pitch that scored one last night) Our pitching has been awesome and we should have Cade ready to go. If we can jump on Arkansas early tomorrow, we should be ok! LET'S DO THIS!
  19. Mother of God-- I have never seen so much trash on a field of play. We're really going to throw full bottles of water and cups of beer. Just keep the game right on a going. But someone in the crowd says something that's ridiculous and we stop the game and have both teams come together? As Taylor Twellman would say... WHAT ARE WE DOING!?!?!
  20. Just think... Arkansas most runs against us... 2 tonight on a passed ball. 2 last night on walks and a passed ball. We've shut them down pretty well.
  21. So Cade as to start... right? Then we probably have Chance for an inning or two. Bunz, Frank both can throw. They will have Kopps available.
  22. And... to boot... we'd get NCST at Arkansas? Notre Dame?
  23. WE BELONG!! Don't tell me we "didn't deserve to host" and don't tell me we're the "32nd team" in this tournament. We just took down the #1 team in the land.
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