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  1. OSU pulled an us https://x.com/jonrothstein/status/1733656757673816440?s=46&t=lCrffIZOq4y2gKLzLc9mLQ
  2. As we’ve seen with the men… any win away from home is a good one! onto the next!
  3. Minnesota in a battle today up 2 in the middle of the 2nd half. Playing 3-7 Florida Gulf Coast….
  4. The NIT is also, if I remember correctly, going strictly by the NET now too. So we'd have to be a top NET team left out of the Dance.
  5. Sucks for us too because the Big 10 is actually starting to trend in the right direction and looks to be a top 2 conference once again. 6-8 bids isn't out of the question, but after the last two games, I see us nowhere near the 6-8 spots in the conference anymore. I thought we looked so well the first 7 games... but we've never really faced adversity until now and we look terrible now that it's reared it's ugly head.
  6. Agreed with just about everything in here outside of trying Boogie. I saw enough of the effort Boogie put out in his limited minutes last night to last me for a few games at least. Dude allowed his guy to get like 3 offensive boards in back to back possessions. Then picked up a lazy foul because he didn't play D. I'd rather try Cale and Rice than Boogie. At least Cale would have the Nebraska kid flavor and may take a poor team effort like that to heart.
  7. Now need 4-2 over the next six. Big yikes.
  8. I’m afraid what happens against MSU and KSU coming up. 9-4 going into the New Year would be embarrassing considering where we were at just 4 days ago.
  9. Someone will take this job just for the money… but as I said last year, you can’t be afraid to fire someone because of what you might not get.
  10. And Boogie who looked like he gave two turds about being out there in the first half tonight. Maybe we can give Lloyd a try at PG? At this point we’ve got to do everything we can.
  11. My bare minimum was 2-2 in this current set of 4. 0-2 with MSU and a roady at KSU doesn’t have me feeling real great.
  12. Yeahhh— coaching search will be slim pickens but you’ve got to try something.
  13. Everyone always says that Miles “flash in the pan” year that ended with a huge run and us making the dance was the exception and not the norm. Even though we probably should have danced again under Miles he at least made the NIT multiple times. What if last year was Fred’s “flash in the pan” year that ended up with a decent run, 1st round loss to this Gopher team, and no post season. This reminds me of the year after Tim’s flash in the pan. If I remember right, we came out of the gates hot, were ranked at one point, and folded after a loss to Rhode Island maybe?
  14. Screw the home game NIT. It’s year what? 5? NIT should have been achieved already. Dance or bust for me personally.
  15. I said last year… it was post season or bust for me… we opted for another year because we heated up towards the end of the year. So I stated that it was dancing or bust for me this year and I’m holding to that.
  16. Or we are what everyone said we were. 7-0 frauds who only were undefeated because of who we played.
  17. I loved what we did and how we looked at the beginning of the year. This is a completely different team and look currently. We could still win this one… but the way we’ve played this half is embarrassing, unacceptable, and ridiculous. In a year Fred needs to win and, for me personally, dance… this isn’t it.
  18. Season could really go off the rails if we don’t win this one. The CU game was one thing. This is unacceptable
  19. Seems like the referees are just looking for something to call on us or in Minny’s favor and that’s really caused a few late whistles.
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