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  1. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the way that - seemingly independent of coaching and players - NU almost never has good shooters, and certainly not a good shooting team. It has been this way for quite a while. I’ve considered different potential causes: 1. recruiting players with poor mechanics 2. recruiting players that simply have never been good shots 3. our level of competition we face is beyond the talent we possess 4. we are poorly coaching shooting 5. we are not coaching shooting enough 6. something within our program creates players who
  2. Late to this discussion but a couple things worth mentioning from that box score: - Wisconsin went 8-26 from 3. We went 8-27. Both teams shot poorly from three but made the same number. Point is, technically not the difference in the game. - Wisconsin went 15-of-15 from the FT line. Hadn’t seen anybody mention that. Gotta just tip the cap on that. - Banton, Allen and McGowens combined to shoot 7-of-12 from 3PT range, and all three scored in double figures. Yvan might have played as good as he ever has. He went 3-4 from the field...which is news. So, 4
  3. Don’t mean this to be a hot take and they were playing against a short NAIA team, but Andre is incredibly active, with more bounce and energy...and vastly superior to Yvan offensively. granted, the bar is being able to make uncontested layups, but here we are.
  4. Gotta be honest...don’t like losing, but I’m sort of stunned by the (over)reaction to this game. NU showed me in the first half that they have the pieces to develop into a competitive team someday. At this point, that’s the goal. The key is some day. It’s not going to turn around this fast. The team in black tonight went 7-25 a year ago and is rolling out an almost entirely new roster that has barely played together. The team in white is a fantastic program and a legit top-10 team. You don’t get to skip steps and suddenly you are beating top-10 teams on the road. Th
  5. With regards to our transfers regressing to their 3-pt shooting numbers at prior schools, I have two words: Matej. Kavas. Track record may not be a great indicator. You have to look at level of comp, style of offense (did it create open looks?), and role (did they run plays for him). by every metric, we were right to expect Kavas to continue to be that 46% 3-pt shooter. The dude averaged that over two years as a starter and was 6-8, so you figured he could get his shot off. What we didn’t know was his mental makeup and how he’d fit. Poor guy struggled ha
  6. Banton didn’t even play his best and still quietly fills the stat sheet. Banton, Allen, McGowens, Shamiel, Webster, and Mayen all look like suitable power-5 level players to me. Having Thor and Yvan as effectively your 7th & 8th guys tonight in terms of minutes is quite the luxury. We have massively upgraded from last year. Massively. It may not equate to a great record in conference play, but we are worlds better and we still have some nice reinforcements on their way too.
  7. I like Thor too...but this year he has looked like a guy who used to be our most consistent player but has been passed by a team full of superior players. He came into this game shooting 22% from the field - worst on the team - and he is 0-2 today. He is doing that while averaging over 27 mpg too. I know his value is measured in other ways, but he hasn’t looked great this year.
  8. I think Cross and Yvan are fantastic talents with upside. Both are true frosh. One is getting into shape and the other won’t be 18 until like March. Yvan is a 6-9 kid that is averaging 5.5 PPG & 5.5 RPG (20.0 mpg) as a true frosh against taller & older players. That’s actually pretty good for this early in the season. Cross is a surprisingly skilled 6-8 kid is averaging 7.1 PPG & 4.1 RPG (19.5 mpg) as a true frosh in the same circumstances. These two freshman bigs contribute a total of 12.6 PPG & 9.6 RPG in a combined 39.5 minutes. If tha
  9. Holy crap, his release is like butter. Efficient and clean. Goodness.
  10. Updated thru 11/24: 11/9/19 vs. Suns: 40 PTS/5 REB/2 AST/1 STL 11/11/19 vs Blue: 20 PTS/10 REB/1 AST/5 STL 11/13/19 vs Lakers: 14 PTS/4 REB/5 AST/2 STL 11/15/19 vs Wolves: 36 PTS/6 REB/3 AST/2 STL 11/16/19 vs SkyForce: 16 PTS/0 REB/8 AST/1 STL 11/22/19 vs SkyForce: 27 PTS/12 REB/4 AST/1 STL 11/24/19 vs Charge: 25 PTS/2 REB/4 AST/2 STL Thru 7 G: 25.4 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 3.9 APG, 2.0 SPG He's currently the #4 scorer in the G League, behind 3 guys who have only played 4 games: Josh Gray (33.8), Marial Shayok (29.5), and Jared Harper (26.
  11. Side note...I saw some folks pretty critical of Kavas. He was brought in to shoot 3-pointers, period. He is 40% from 3-pt range through 2 games. I think my issue with him is getting him more looks. We need to find a way to integrate him into our offense so he can get more attempts per game. He is averaging 2.5 3PTA per game. Comparatively: Jervay Green: 6.5 3PTA/G @ 23.1% Cam Mack: 5.5 3PTA/G @ 18.2% Kevin Cross: 4.5 3PTA/G @ 22.2% Dachon Burke: 3.5 3PTA/G @ 14.3% This is not the ratio you want to see. Kavas is career 44.6% 3-pt shooter
  12. Gotta be honest, even with the 0-2 start against buy-in opponents, I expected more patience and perspective around here. I mean...for goodness sakes. You are a Nebraska BASKETBALL fan. Pull yourself together. You have been through decades upon decades of disappointment and heartbreak. You are still here cheering. Don’t lose your resolve now after a couple losses. We got a real legitimate basketball coach. He’s drawing up plays that would work. His schemes are solid - great, even. But absolutely nothing works in basketball if you cannot shoot the basketball. And
  13. I mean...Tim's first class: PF Leslee Smith, 6-8 - JUCO picked NU over SLU SG Tai Webster, 6-3 - Int'l Prospect - picked NU over LSU, Pitt, Wake, Virginia, SMU, St. Mary's SG Nick Fuller, 6-7 - picked NU over Minn SG Nathan Hawkins, 6-5 - picked NU over Albany, Lehigh, KSU, OkSt PG Tim Wagner, 6-3 - no other offers? Fred's first class: PG Cam Mack, 6-2 - #2 JUCO in Nation. Picked NU over Gonzaga, Texas Tch, UCLA, Oregon, USC, A&M, Utah SG Jervay Green, 6-3 - #3 JUCO in Nation. Picked NU over Houston, TCU (re-recruited by NU)
  14. Looked through this thread and didn't see this posted yet. This is a really nice highlight reel put together by NBA Draft Junkies for Isaiah:
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