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  1. Mack is a PG (not SG). Since UNLV had a coaching change, any chance those 2 guys could get waivers so they could play right away?
  2. Our win-loss record for next season (including postseason).
  3. So is his role definitely going to be player development? And does anyone know what his salary will be? I assume it won't be coming out of the $1 million pool for the assistants.
  4. Any word on how the meetings went?
  5. Is that video available for purchase anywhere? I looked online for it last year and couldn't find it.
  6. A lot will also depend on how his workouts go with NBA teams.
  7. How about meeting at that spot (68th & O St.) for those in Lincoln?
  8. Would anyone be interested in meeting for a TCU game watch party Sunday night in Lincoln?
  9. Don't laugh too hard at this . . . I know it's way out there, but sometimes I fantasize what Dale Wellman could do at Nebraska.
  10. May I ask how much season ticket holders need to pay the Athletic Dept. per person? And when do you think single game tickets will go on sale?
  11. He should get an evaluation by the NBA undergrad advisory committee this year and see if he gets an invite to the combine. If he gets a committe first round grade, he should declare. If he gets a second round/undrafted grade and doesn't get a combine invite, it would still be good experience for him to go through team workouts. The longer he waits, the more his draft stock is likely to fall. A lot of good seniors end up in the second round, and many never get drafted at all.
  12. Is there any possibility of the Husker Sports Network having a radio call-in show after our games? Doesn't seem right that Creighton's network has one and we don't.
  13. Did Harris take any mid-range or longer shots? If so, how did they look?
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