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  1. How do you think he's doing in that position compared to his role as a big with the Huskers?
  2. I really like our chances if Scott Frost can land Xavier Watts.
  3. Currently on an official visit to Okie State: Check out @RobinWashut’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/status/1123731988760924161?s=09
  4. Our tour dates are Aug. 3-13 and ISU's are Aug. 10-20. Hmmm . . .
  5. Combine invites are still going out. The list should be complete by the end of the week.
  6. Wonder when they start scheduling predraft workouts with teams?
  7. For #12, do you mean Blanton?
  8. Found this explanation online. Sounds like she might need more surgery. What a trooper! https://www.gametimect.com/east-havens-makenzie-helms-the-2018-19-gametimect-girls-basketball-state-player-of-the-year/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Mack is a PG (not SG). Since UNLV had a coaching change, any chance those 2 guys could get waivers so they could play right away?
  10. Our win-loss record for next season (including postseason).
  11. So is his role definitely going to be player development? And does anyone know what his salary will be? I assume it won't be coming out of the $1 million pool for the assistants.
  12. Any word on how the meetings went?
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