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    All things Nebraska sports & Cubs baseball. The rare breed that's a bigger Nebrasketball fan than Husker Football Fan. Coaching my two kids' sports teams.

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  1. Nebrasketball1979

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    Yes, this bugs me to no end with Miles. He has a propensity to try and let the guys figure it out because we are a veteran team. However, when you have no demonstrative leaders on the court, you are begging for things to unravel quickly as evidenced by the four 8-0+ runs. That is unacceptable against any team, let alone Rutgers, and is inexcusable on the coaching staff.
  2. Nebrasketball1979

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    If these last 11 minutes don't improve, this is going to be a miserable next five days. We are just lacking composure.
  3. Nebrasketball1979

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    We gave up an 8-0 run and a separate 15-0 run in the first half, yet we are still up five. If we can stop these mindless lapses and silly turnovers, we will win this game comfortably. Just need focus for a full 20 minutes in the second half.
  4. Nebrasketball1979

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    Yeah, exactly and all the more reason to step on their throats now, extend the lead and get our starters out of the game early to get them some rest. It would be nice not to ride them for 35 minutes tonight.
  5. Nebrasketball1979

    Game Day Essentials: Game #19 at Rutgers

    WHOA...I'm calling foul on this. Somehow, @hhcmatt, five hours before tipoff, got a picture of Rutgers' arena 10 minutes before tipoff tonight. This is either witchcraft or some sort of jedi power that the rest of us could only dream to possess. I'm guessing the atmosphere tonight will only be marginally better than a funeral for a loved one that wasn't very well loved.
  6. Nebrasketball1979

    HHCC Game #19 - at Rutgers (Jan. 21, 7:00 PM CST)

    Nebraska 72 Rutgers 61
  7. Nebrasketball1979

    Michigan St. (15-2) vs. Nebraska (13-4) Game Thread

    I hope we will look back on these final seven minutes as the moment we went from good to great!
  8. Nebrasketball1979

    HHCC Game #18 - vs. Michigan State (Jan. 17, 7:00 PM CST)

    NU - 75 Sparty - 71 "And the dancing begins waaaaaaaaay early in Lincoln"
  9. Nebrasketball1979

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 17 - @ Indiana

    Andy Katz will be in the house on Thursday to watch us hand Sparty their first conference loss of the year!
  10. Nebrasketball1979

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 17 - @ Indiana

    I will be investing 2 hours tomorrow to listen to Kent's call where he yells "dagger" and "bangarang"repeatedly while hoping he calls Indiana fans a bunch of "jackwagons". It will be a glorious two hours!
  11. Nebrasketball1979

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 17 - @ Indiana

    WE FINALLY FINISHED A ROAD GAME!!!!! Suck it Tom Crean (yes, I realize he is not their coach). It's time for a celebratory drink or ten. Woohoo...bring on Sparty!!!!!
  12. Nebrasketball1979

    Husker Nation Defense & Rebounding

    This is exactly right. I believe Indiana is 10th in the BIG in rebounding margin. Further, Indiana is second to last in turnovers, where we thrive at creating turnovers (we are 1st in steals). On paper, our strengths/weaknesses match up very well with Indiana.
  13. Nebrasketball1979

    HHCC Game #17 - at Indiana (Jan. 14, 5:30 PM CST)

    NU -74 IU - 70
  14. Nebrasketball1979

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    A win is a win and I am going to need a drink after a win tonight. Good thing I didn't partake in the "take a shot game" for every offensive rebound we gave up.
  15. Nebrasketball1979

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    Yes, it is evident Nebraksa has a side bet with someone to see how many offensive rebounds we can give up and still win. Our "want to" on the boards has got to be improved. Rebounding is putting your body into someone, boxing out and giving effort. We are failing miserably in that regard but doing awesome on that side bet.