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  1. There are some obvious similarities, at least in my opinion, between the Nebraska football program and the Indiana hoops program. Seems like Crean could be considered the Bo Pelini equivalent for Indiana basketball and Archie might be a marginally better Mike Riley who is definitely trending in the wrong direction at IU.
  2. As much as I liked Teddy's heart and effort most of the time, the offense has flowed so much better without him. This will be a beautiful offense to watch next year with a few more shooters.
  3. If this game goes to overtime, I have no doubt the BiG 10 will find a way to preempt the start of our game and push us to the fox sports app!
  4. I just turned on NW-Minny and saw NW has 2 points in the first ten minutes and Minnesota isn't tearing it up either. So, I at first was wondering if it's tight rims or bad shooting/ just bad teams...and I think we all know the answer to that!
  5. Agree and if anything, if Yvan does leave, we should use his scholarship on either a true PG or sit out transfer as I suspect either Thor or Kobe come back, if not both. I'm sure there will be additional attrition but the way it's looking, we are going to have a lot of capable bodies jockeying for playing time and having at least one sit out guy, would not be the end of the world.
  6. Nebraska - 74 Iowa - 75 (One of their ugly guys banks in a last second 3, which basically is anyone on their roster) 4
  7. Thank god Kyrie Irving isn't a part of this message board - his head would have exploded before he had an opportunity to walk far enough to fall off the face of the Earth
  8. His take on Moos is completely off base. Moos has consistently preached patience with Hoiberg and his staff and seems to do so during every monthly AD radio show he has. One key difference between football and basketball is that there has been utterly no improvement in football after three years so Moos likely feels the pressure that he has to go out of his way to speak more frequently about football to try and calm down the rabid football fan base. And, if we're all being honest, football is the State's first, second, and third priority with basketball taking a big back seat. There is als
  9. Agreed and what seems equally as telling is how bad of a shooting team we are inside the paint. 50.2% has got to rank near the bottom 20% of all NCAA teams. I think a lot of that is isolation penetration where we are putting up tough contested shots. Contrast that what we saw last night with the slashing and easy layups and I suspect this percentage normalizes in a hurry with the proper offensive flow and ball movement.
  10. This is interesting and bodes well for the future. Our offensive sets and philosophy clearly don't seem like they have been the issue this year. Hopefully we have some more horses next year to better execute the easy shots this offense generates!
  11. I wonder if that imaginary arrow would actually hit the intended target?
  12. Someone last night commented on the game thread wondering where Thor had been all year. Another poster chimed in and said that he had been on the bench. The explanation is not that simple. A few games ago I was listening to the pregame radio broadcast and Kent asked Fred what had changed with Thor. Fred said that he had a long talk with Thor recently and pulled out a lot of 2019-2020 film and they studied his shot release, movement, etc. It seems like that conversation flipped the switch with Thor. Confidence is also a very funny thing and one of those intangibles you can't measure. You
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