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    All things Nebraska sports & Cubs baseball. The rare breed that's a bigger Nebrasketball fan than Husker Football Fan. Coaching my two kids' sports teams.

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  1. One thing that is super encouraging is that Seton Hall is no different than at least a half dozen other middle of the pack Big 10 teams (thinking Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio St, Illinois, Penn St. etc). We didn't bring our A game, Roby missed most of the game due to questionable "fouls", Palmer missed his first 8 shots, AND, we still beat this team by 23 points. This bodes well for the grind of Big 10 play. Was super impressed by Tanner and Brady. I distinctly remember a box out in the 2nd half where Tanner just pushed Seton Hall's big man completely away from the basket. That box out was akin to a pancake block in football - it was a thing of beauty. And Brady was not over matched physically. He held is own and was solid on the court and most importantly, he wasn't a liability on either end of the court. Both of these guys will continue to do the dirty work and give quality minutes even if their efforts aren't always reflected in the stat lines. One big concern I had coming into the year was production off the bench. I worry a heck of a lot less about that now seeing how downright nasty our defense is. We have most of the scoring we will need in our big 4 and I think we mainly just need players 5-9 to know their roles, facilitate the offense for our big 4, hit a shot here and there, and play good defense. On to Misery St!
  2. Nebrasketball1979

    Is it time to start Brady?

    Still not time to start Brady but man, he did not look overmatched in his action against a physical Seton Hall tonight. He is going to give us quality minutes all year and the future is exceptionally bright for him.
  3. Nebrasketball1979

    Seton Hall (1-0) vs. Nebraska (2-0) Game Thread

    The moral of the game for me is that even when this team struggles offensively, their defense is absolutely nasty and will keep them in any game. Then, when the offense gets rolling, look out, because you blow the doors off teams like we did in the second half. I hope this team realizes how good they can be
  4. Nebrasketball1979

    Scouting Seton Hall

    And if Seton Hall is lucky, we will take charity on their souls tonight and only beat them by 20 instead of some curb stomping figure grossly higher.
  5. Nebrasketball1979

    The Magic Number

    I read this and after last season's run that fell short of the dance, I was really questioning the math. You could easily conceive a scenario where we win the wrong 8 non-conference games (i.e. lose the important ones - say Clemson, Texas Tech/USC, Creighton or Seton Hall) and then have 0 quadrant 1 or 2 wins from our non-conference schedule at the end of the season. Perhaps the Big 10 performs better out of conference as a whole and those 11 wins translate into several quad 1 and 2 wins. I don't know, all of this is a guess, and the scenario Miles lays out as of right now would likely make me pretty nervous on Selection Sunday. 19-12 doesn't scream a 5 or 6 seed to me, especially if you win the wrong 19 games!!!
  6. Nebrasketball1979

    HHCC Game #03 - vs. Seton Hall (Nov. 14, 6:30 PM CST)

    NU - 82 Pirates - 63
  7. Nebrasketball1979

    Selection Committee Games of Interest, 2018-2019

    I seriously googled Voldemort College and was thinking what a kick ass name for a nobody school. Sadly, I realized how dumb I am.
  8. What's being grossly overlooked in this game is the opportunity we have to get to 1-0 in Quadrant 4 games! Let's exorcise the Devil's tonight!
  9. Good Guys - 86 Evil Devils - 51 10 Non Con Wins 24 Total Wins
  10. Nebrasketball1979

    College Hoops Countdown

    Of course you know. The final four is set for Minneapolis.
  11. Nebrasketball1979

    2018 PG Amir Harris - LOI

    Weird...GI Joe taught me that knowing is half the battle so something is off here.
  12. Nebrasketball1979

    Let me get this straight...

    The obvious answer is that if Moos cared one iota about Nebrasketball, then he would have had a teleportation transfer devise to go back and forth between both. Duh!
  13. Nebrasketball1979

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Hmmm...my math worked out to a gazillion million which has infinitely more negative impact than a zillion million. I think you are grossly underestimating the impact!
  14. Nebrasketball1979

    Lunardi Hate Week

    And...here is the bracket. A lot of irony playing Xavier. Being in Des Moines would be a great home court advantage if it could work out that way, hopefully as the #1 seed in the region though!!! http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology But, I wouldn't get your hopes up as Loonardi will have several bubble teams pass us between now and our first game.