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    All things Nebraska sports & Cubs baseball. The rare breed that's a bigger Nebrasketball fan than Husker Football Fan. Coaching my two kids' sports teams.

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  1. Consistency will be an issue all year but sign me up for this brand of basketball. This is fun and just the beginning. Wait till Fred has several recruiting classes under him!
  2. The best 8 minutes of the Hoiberg era!!! Please step on their throats now!
  3. I feel confident we see growth tonight and our first win. Let's go get a rabbit pelt...GBR!
  4. Keep in mind that I believe Stevenson played 4 games as a sophomore at Pitt. I've always suspected/hoped that the NCAA will make a ruling after our 4th game and declare him immediately eligible as a Sophomore with the balance of this year to play plus two more seasons. Given the unique situation, that seems the most fair to me but this is the NCAA after all.
  5. After the train wreck I watched Saturday, this pick makes no sense but I will go down with the ship as well NU 78 SUU 73
  6. You are absolutely correct and I think I know where you were heading. The CBI and CIT tournaments allow sub 500 teams to play as long as you write a check. I don't believe there is any sort of minimum win requirement to get into these tournaments.
  7. Hey guys...all we have to do is get hot over a 5 day stretch in March and we are dancing,.
  8. Does anyone know exactly how long it took to build Rome... trying to figure out how many liver donors I might need
  9. So I think we know just how crappy the state of basketball is in Italy
  10. Maybe this final 8 minutes will be the best 8 minutes of the Hoiberg era and we can lose by single digits.
  11. Glass half full...perhaps Riverside is a final four caliber team this year.
  12. Yep, I just got mine. i don't believe you can get these online, so call 402-472-3111. We got great seats but I'm guessing these will be gobbled up quickly.
  13. Just to clear confusion...Roby was drafted by the Pistons and promptly traded to the Mavericks
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