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  1. NU - 74 TCU - 73 My son and I did not travel to Fort Worth to see a loss!
  2. Exactly how I feel. My son and I are driving out from Colorado tomorrow to watch the baseball game and then the basketball game. If things work out, we will either head down to Fort Worth to watch the TCU game or stick around for a 2nd home game if TCU loses. Got to love spring break road trips!!! Side note...if TCU wins and Nebraska happens to play them on Saturday, if you're up for an epic sports weekend, I would recommend taking a drive down to Tulsa to watch the NCAA tournament games and then making the short trek down to Fort Worth on Saturday morning. If things just happen to fall into place, that will be our plan!
  3. I think Nebraska has several things going for it in comparison to Kansas: 1). I don't believe Hoiberg would be super excited to coach against his Alma mater 2-3 times a year. 2). No one knows for sure if the NCAA is going to drop the hammer on Kansas or any other school connected to the FBI case. For that matter, I don't believe Kansas has been explicitly linked but there is a lot of smoke there and Self leaving only creates more questions. 3). Expectations are much lower here. If Hoiberg wins 1 game in the tournament each of the next three years at Nebraska, he would be a hero. At Kansas, he would be disappointing and on the hot seat. Nebraska is a good job. It's not impossible to win here and if Miles isn't retained, we would be as lucky to land Hoiberg as he would be to find a job like Nebraska.
  4. I suspect Miles would want to come back as some sort of motivational life coach for the student athletes in the athletic department. It would be a 4 month job. He'd likely work exceptionally hard during football and volleyball seasons and then be excused unexpectedly during basketball season.
  5. I called them this morning and they are emailing out all tickets tomorrow morning. If you don't have them by tomorrow afternoon, I would call.
  6. Sure, I am full of good luck and quite honestly, i can see the future and I see you and Nebrasketball winning big over the next few weeks. Are you ok sending me money to my Nigerian address to buy these lotto tickets ? I promise to reach back out to you when you win.
  7. Ha, thanks but I'm expecting to still have to pick for 5 more games!!!
  8. Good news - we are in! Splurged on $20 club level seats . I will say it wasn't a seamless process. I had to go through the order process about a dozen time as I kept getting error messages when trying to pay...system kept saying my transaction had timed out, which it hadn't based on the 15 minute countdown. So, I probably have unknowingly purchased 24 tickets so I'll have many extra for HHC friends! With my son being on spring break, we are also packing for multiple days in the hopes of a 2nd home game or a trip down to Fort Worth! GBR!
  9. Trying to grab tickets but looks like the site is possibly struggling with demand or all the scalpers trying to scoop them up!!!
  10. Howdy...excited to see this team play at least one more time, especially if they continue to play with the heart and effort they did over the final week of the season. Question - does anyone know how/when/if the University is going to release tickets to the public? My son and I are going to fly in for the game and I'd love to get tickets sooner than later so we don't pay super high prices on 3rd party sites. Learned this lesson for the Cal St. Fullerton game!!!
  11. If our options were hypothetically down to Collins and a mid-major, I sure hope Miles invites Moos over for dinner and several drinks and they agree on a long term extension for Miles.
  12. What are the chances that Moos or higher ups at Nebraska are working behind the scenes to make sure we aren't invited to the NIT? I know what Boehm said a few days ago but would it really shock anyone if the administration was working this angle? And honestly, that may just he best for all parties, especially Miles if they know they are firing him.
  13. Hmmm, interesting point but I guess I will play devil's advocate and say if there was 1 player that was a cancer (say Nana), you would think Miles would lean on his experience with Biggs and would have suspended him much sooner
  14. Here is some irony. Assuming Miles coaches the team in the NIT and goes on a run, we could end the season with 22 wins by making it to MSG or 23 by winning the whole dang thing. Didn't Moos say he wanted to see consistency in the program before the season? I say the last statement tongue and cheek but I do wonder if Moos would prefer to not have those optics considering he also said it wasn't an NCAA or bust situation for Miles.
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