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  1. Actually, if you remove human emotion and just crunch numbers, it's not surprising at all that a computer is more accurate than humans who cannot detach themselves from fandom and koolaid!
  2. I suspect Fred is just setting the bar as low as possible this year for his run to national coach of the year next season
  3. Ok, after letting my negativity subside for a night, I woke up looking for some positives and silver lining's from last nights game. Hopefully this brings you some optimism as well: 1) We started the 2nd half on a 3-0 run 2) We only missed 6 free throws 3) Andre had a perfect night of shooting 4) Lat made a three 5) 2020 ends in under 18 hours
  4. I've had a lot of success betting on Nebraska on the 1st half spread which is currently +7.5 for this game. I've done that for the first 2 big 10 games and for Creighton and have gone 3-0. Having said that publicly now, it's probably best to fade this one!
  5. Good for Dachon. I have a lot of respect for anyone that takes the risk of running their own business. Below is a link to his website. It's not my style but I am 100% certain I am not part of his target audience . Best of luck to the young man and I hope this is a successful endeavor for him! https://www.dburkearchives.com/products
  6. It's just an Idea, I don't think that is the problem either. It must just be part of the Husker jinx. Yeah, that's as good of an explanation as anything. Here is last year's road vs. home stats: Home - 223 out of 390 - 57.2% Road - 129 out of 194 - 66.5% Total - 352 out of 584 - 60.2% We have just been inept and something we are doing is making our current year free throw shooters worse. It's got to be mental or a jink or the basketball gods still haunting us for selling our soul to the devil in 2014. Whatever it is, it's going to li
  7. I don't think that's it. If my math is right, we've shot 22 for 39 on the road at Creighton/Wisconsin for a 56.4% clip and 100 for 149 at home for a 67.1% clip. Both are awful!
  8. Weird and agree that mechanics look different and that it's like your watching a different player. I also agree that it looks like he has bulked up.
  9. I watch every game and just shake my head at our consistently horrid free throw shooting. While our talent is improved over last year and I believe we have the horses to compete on most nights, we continue to make our basketball lives far harder than it needs to by being just a horrible free throw shooting team. Why is that? Do we not practice enough at it? Is it all mental? Anytime Fred talks about it, he emphasizes that the kids are getting the work in and putting in extra work, so what gives? Good or adequate free throw shooters transfer in and become worse at it here. Is the Big 10
  10. Huskers - 78 Michigan - 74 Teddy stays out of foul trouble, Lat actually makes a few threes and we get a nice Christmas present. If not, extra super spiked eggnog Christmas night.
  11. We withstood their surge. If we maintain the defensive intensity for the last 14 minutes and hit a few shots, we will be in this until the end
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