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    All things Nebraska sports & Cubs baseball. The rare breed that's a bigger Nebrasketball fan than Husker Football Fan. Coaching my two kids' sports teams.

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  1. Ok, sorry for multiple entries but this is too good to not share. HOWEVER, DISCLAIMER....this contains inappropriate language so do not play loudly at work or in front of kids!!!!
  2. Maybe it's just me but being locked down for months on end is leading to some binge/stress eating and some undesirable results. I suspect I am not alone so we should embrace the consequences!!
  3. I'm glad we are playing in Manhattan when will be a Top 10 team as opposed to playing them there as we are still putting the pieces in place! I'm mixing koolaid with several different varieties of alcohol to pass the shelter in place time!
  4. At one point I was focusing a lot of attention on Kate Upton but the feeling wasn't apparently mutual.
  5. I guess that means we didn't miss the tournament this year. A perfect year for our season to not count against us!!! It would really be unfortunate to have a team ranked #7 in the country, let's say that team also wore blue, and then to have the tournament just cancelled as if the season didn't happen!
  6. Wow, exceptionally well played!!! Now you just need to incorporate an angry and depressed looking Fran McCaffrey in the video!
  7. Kansas is way out in front of their cheating scandal. If you don't participate, they can't punish you for it!!!
  8. Probably depends on how old your wife is and how long you have been married
  9. I am claiming a 4th place finish in the BIG tournament for Nebraska this year! Sorry, need a little levity.
  10. You found the Unicorn...a sensible take on Twitter!!!
  11. We live in a society where the media has to rush to be first and to generate the most clicks. Facts be damned and let's ignore the horribly negative effects this has on the people involved by rushing to judgement or jumping to premature conclusions.
  12. Yikes, this is scary but agree everyone needs to let all the facts com out before condemning Fred. Sending thoughts and prayers to Fred for a speedy recovery, whatever the issue.
  13. I don't disagree with you. My point was is that it's really unfair to call Hoiberg and Nebraska reckless without additional context. Like I said, what if he just felt tired earlier with no other symptoms? As @hskr4life said, the easiest solution is take the decision out of the players and coaches hands.
  14. "Reckless"....while this could be a true statement, much more context is needed before jumping to conclusions. I find it hard to believe that Fred would coach knowing he had a fever or other Corona virus symptoms.. Perhaps he felt off earlier today and given the intensity of the day and game it hit him all at once. Cut the guy some slack, send him prayers and hope he gets better, and let the freaking story evolve before burying him and Nebraska!
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