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    All things Nebraska sports & Cubs baseball. The rare breed that's a bigger Nebrasketball fan than Husker Football Fan. Coaching my two kids' sports teams.

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  1. @HuskerFever....I think you missed my Iowa pick. It wasn't very good, but should still count for something
  2. It's statistically obvious that do better against the top half of the league so it's a good thing we go on the road to play an angry Ohio St. team that's dropped 4 in a row! Grasping at straws here to keep the glass half full when it keeps getting knocked over
  3. This was the biggest concern I had heard about him since NU started recruiting him. His talent was never in question. Sure, Donovan does need to mature and I wish he would stop bashing Nebraska's recruiting of him or or us not wanting to recruit high school kids. However, he's no different than many 17 or 18 year old kids and I'm not sure if I, or many of us, would have had the maturity at his age to act any differently on twitter if a vocal minority of angry (likely adult!) fans were hammering me. I don't blame Donovan for this as much as perhaps him not having the right support staff around him to help understand the pitfalls of social media. Hopefully he matures like most teenagers and has a good career wherever he lands (unless it's Creighton!).
  4. Stop being rationale and let us crazy people start planning our sweet 16, elite 8, and final four trips next year
  5. This is fantastic - well done by UNL social media people!!!
  6. And, Hoiberg said he discussed it with Green prior to the game. So, huge kudos to Green for handling the decision with maturity as I saw him on a few occasions really cheering the team on. Hopefully he works on his game and can earn some time and contribute at some point in the future.
  7. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me every freaking game, c'mon man Nebraska - 75 NW - 68
  8. And don't forget the great effort against Indiana as well. There definitely appears to be some sort of trend. Maybe it's just a coincidence but the limited data is starting to suggest otherwise.
  9. Nebraska basketball is the box of chocolates in Forest Gump and tonight we got a good one. Iowa can take that L!!!
  10. I think a good loss has the capability of moving us up a few spots and from the looks of the schedule we have lots of those ahead of us!!!
  11. Iowa - 84 NU - 70 4 Good thing the bonus wasn't the number of rebounds that Garza would have tonight because quantifying "all of them" would take some effort.
  12. Who doesn't like wild speculation!!! I think the team that Miles' would have fielded this year would have been better than Hoiberg's current team, which kind of goes without saying since Hoiberg had to put this team together in roughly a month. Not to mention he had to install his offense/defense with a new team as well. I think its possible we would have been sniffing a NIT berth with Miles this year but I really don't think the ceiling was much higher. I also hope and believe that Hoiberg's year 2 and especially year 3 team would be better than what Miles could have put together. I loved Tim and what he did here and will always remember his time well. I think you can appreciate what both coaches did or will do without drawing a hard line in the sand on Miles and his tenure here. Miles was exactly what the program needed when we hired him and Fred sure seems like exactly what we need to elevate the program from where Miles left it.
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