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  1. Yep, I just got mine. i don't believe you can get these online, so call 402-472-3111. We got great seats but I'm guessing these will be gobbled up quickly.
  2. Just to clear confusion...Roby was drafted by the Pistons and promptly traded to the Mavericks
  3. The drought is over...Roby to Dallas via trade!!!
  4. The Golden State Warriors acquired an extra 2nd round pick this morning - #41 from the Atlanta Hawks. They are likely losing Durant, Bogut is old, and Cousins is likely gone to another team. Golden State was one of a handful of teams that interviewed Roby during the combine and they also had him out recently for a private workout. I'm calling my shot and saying that Roby ends our 21st Century draft drought and is selected #41 by the Golden State Warriors.
  5. Here's to hoping his future son is a five star recruit!
  6. This is all you are missing, just drink the damn koolaid, enjoy the ride, and certainly don't ask legitimate questions, at least not until October! ?
  7. I do believe there is more to this story. My son and I had a chance to talk to Tom after the Butler game. During warm ups before this game, Tom was out taking shots, moving normally and having fun with the guys. He was not doing any sort of agility drills or cutting on his ankle so it was tough to discern if he was really close to playing or not. Anyways, after the game, we were chatting with Tom and we asked how his ankle was. He said he was getting close and he was planning to try and give it a go against TCU. My son and I made the trek to Fort Worth for the TCU game and Tom did not participate in warmups and we noticed he was walking with much more of a limp. He certainly looked to be in far more discomfort and pain prior to the TCU game than he was before Butler. So, my guess is that Tom's ankle was starting to feel better with rest leading up to the TCU game. I believe he either further injured or aggravated the existing injury in the days after the Butler game leading up to TCU game trying to give it a go in practice. Given the timing that the season ended against TCU and Tom entered his name shortly thereafter into the transfer portal, there really wasn't much time for Nebraska's medical staff to re-evaluate his ankle. I suspect that Nebraska saw nothing of significant concern on the initial x-rays they took and decided that rest and rehab was the best course of action and I presume the next course of action would have been an MRI if there was no improvement to the ankle. If Tom would have stuck around, I feel pretty confident that he would have undergone the same MRI and been scheduled for the same surgery that he is having now. I do not believe this reflects poorly on the medical training staff and was just an unfortunate set of circumstances and timing.
  8. I know college sports is a business and a big business at that but I still cringe at the notion that we are asking scholarship players to transfer. The whole system is grossly unfair for the players and unless they transferred to a lower division, these three will likely have to sit out a year and wouldn't be eligible for a waiver to play immediately...another topic for another day.
  9. Yes, very good point! Here's an idea for a modified HHC single game contest...How about for the first regular season game, predict the number of points for the following: 1) # of points that all players new to Nebraska's roster for the 2019-2020 score (i.e. Burke wouldn't count here) 2) # of points that returning players from the 2018-2019 roster score You add up the difference between your pick and actual for both predictions and lowest total wins. Tiebreaker - # of 3pt FG's attempted
  10. Well, wait...what about Mike Anderson? I will miss that thread and the rumors. Ok, on second thought, no I won't! ? Welcome Fred...GBR!!!
  11. I have a differing viewpoint on this. He's choosing to spend time with and support his son and his team. I don't see the difference whether his son is the best player on the team or the last one on the bench. Having two kids myself, I'm learning first hand that the older they get, the less they need you as a parent. I'm not saying Jack needs Fred right now but the opportunity as a parent to support your kids in person and in the here and now becomes much less frequent the older they get. I have no problems at all with Fred trying to take advantage of these fleeting opportunities!
  12. Not saying I would rather have him over Hoiberg. Just wanted to give the guy credit for what he accomplished. Your point is completely fair and valid. However, I think it has more to do with what would be an apparent bait and switch. It would be like entering a contest to win a Ferrari, finding out you won, getting super excited, and then only to find out that for whatever reason, you didn't win a Ferrari but a Honda Accord. Over time you would likely come to appreciate the Accord but in the immediate aftermath of the contest, you would be pretty pissed and disappointed. Sorry if this was a terrible analogy...I struggled to come up with something better. And, for the record, I own an Accord so no offense was meant to anyone else that drives a Honda ?
  13. Um, I'm going to hope that this is another situation like Altman where a coach is trying to use our opening as leverage to extract more money out of their current employer or from another one they may be interviewing with. Being in the "pro-Miles" camp, I can buy off on moving on from him to Hoiberg or some other homerun hire but this just doesn't quite fit the bill. Look, Mike Anderson may be a great coach and it just didn't work out at Arkansas much like it didn't for Miles at Nebraska; however, this would be a huge disappointment to me and really make me wonder why we chose to tear down the foundation Miles had built with a coach who isn't all that much more proven. Also, I hope my use of the semicolon was acceptable ?
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