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  1. It seems ludicrous to think that Alberts looks at these 3 games in the same way. He doesn't appear to be that short sighted. Perhaps if we are completely non-competitive then the narrative shifts but to think Fred has to make some noise against three top 10 teams seems like a bit of a stretch. Losing all three may be a part of any narrative of why he is fired at the end of the year (along with a lot of losses in the BIG as well) but I can't imagine losing these three games causes him to get the ax in season.
  2. The only positive that came out of tonight was making a little bit of money on this trainwreck
  3. Yes, good points and it will be interesting to see how the game flow unfolds. My guess is that our current pace has been more dictated by the quality of our opponents then hopefully a concerted effort. Hoiberg's style has always been fast but my hope, possibly a pipe dream, is that he's learned that against Big 10 and higher quality teams that unless you really have the dudes to outscore someone, you're best bet is to ugly the game up and win with defense.
  4. I think what's really interesting is that the O/U was set at 159.5 - that seems absurdly high. Unless there is overtime, I struggle seeing this many points. I think we are more competent defensively this year (at least we play harder) and we will still likely struggle to score at a super high clip. Maybe St. John's is a horrible defensive team and this will be a track meet but I'm skeptical.
  5. We should try to hire away Jeff Saturday from the Colts.
  6. Overall a solid half. Most encouraging to me is that after we lost our minds for 3-4 minutes and the lead was cut to 5, we calmed down and reestablished some control. Griesel is definitely the floor leader. Most disappointing is that Breidenbach got two really bad and unnecessary fouls in a couple minutes. The big guy needs to calm down a little bit if he doesn't want to be among the nation's leaders again in fouls per minute.
  7. Geez, for as good as the first 12 minutes were,.the last 3 have been abysmal. Hoiberg should have taken a timeout sooner...old habits die hard I guess
  8. Hoiberg didn't specify but Kent alluded that he would still be out for awhile.
  9. It's amazing how much more fun basketball is to watch when you share and move the ball. Great start.
  10. On the pregame show tonight, Hoiberg told Kent he is confident that Derrick Walker will play this year and that he is getting better. Still pretty vague but I guess encouraging. That certainly doesn't sound like a marijuana issue as some have speculated.
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