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  1. It's amazing how the imposing of consequences for improper conduct has become cancel culture.
  2. The jump-stop and shot is an anathema in Hoiberg's offense. He uses metrics that say either take it to the rim or shoot the 3. I know that last year it was hammered into the guys to take it all the way to the rim and not pull up for the 6-8 footer and I assume that's the same this year.
  3. Gonna be there wearing both Duke and NU gear. But I will be cheering for NU to win.
  4. Great news. I think that if he stays with this long term he will end up being one of the best.
  5. My favorite 'Husker basketball player.
  6. I agree with REDitus' list. I would add Leroy Chalk at PF. Ferocious rebounder and outstanding defender who could score a bit as well.
  7. I recall reading in one of my books that in America an average of 2 anti-cyclonic tornados are reported each year. So a single storm producing multiple anti-cyclonic tornados is unusual. Oh and atskooc. Rereading my reply to you and I realize I came across as more than a bit of a dick. Sorry. but Wikipedia is a trigger word to me. I just want to make clear I never claimed that investigation established a 5 mile wide tornado. Fujita may have gone back to California or Japan (I don't recall where he was at the time), examined the aerial photos more closely, and said "nope, straight line wind dam
  8. If you are dealing with Wikipedia as an authority on anything, then I can't help you. There are Wikipedia articles that cover events I was involved with or subjects I know enough about to have written chapters in books that are not even in the same zip code as accurate reporting. Also, the NWS doesn't, to my knowledge, report possibilities that haven't been confirmed. Evidence of a tornado is not included in the NWS official stats even if they conclude they don't have evidence to make a decision either way. The reports of tornados wider than the 2.6 mile wide OK tornado are anecdotal reports t
  9. Nope. Mr. Fujita rarely went out in the field at that time, sending his teams out instead. One of the reasons that Fujita actually visited GI was the destruction evidence of the 5 mile wide tornado. It wasn't officially confirmed as 5 miles wide, that's why I said evidence. Interestingly, for several years the widest tornado ever officially confirmed was the one that blasted Hallam, NE at 2.5 miles wide. However, that width was later surpassed by a tornado in, IIRC, OK that was officially determined to be 2.6 miles wide. But there are unofficial reports with destruction evidence of a number of
  10. I don't remember the specifics, but I recall that the clouds over GI were almost unique in their height, going up to over 70,000 feet or something like that. That was the reason I was able to see the tops of them and all the weird lightning when I was sitting on a high ridge some 100 miles away.
  11. Thanks. The exact number I couldn't remember. But I know that people who were actually there and watching what was happening from their yards or, in the case of my ex-girlfriend, from a very open area around a school, are emphatic that there were considerably more than the official count. Of course, some of what they thought were tornados may have actually been funnels that never touched down. But the NWS has to be pretty sure that there was a tornado before they will call it one officially. I know that a number of years ago I followed 3 separate tornados near Giltner. I called 911 and reporte
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