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  1. This actually led to a lawsuit, which properly was quickly dismissed. In password the word was "deer". Tom Selleck gave the clue "doe". The contestant replied "knob". Selleck couldn't stop laughing and the contestant was so "humiliated" by Selleck's reaction that she filed the lawsuit.
  2. I'm pretty sure Miles' tumble was planned. He will be questionable until he pulls a coaching Willis Reed and shows upon the bench right before the opening tip tomorrow, bandaged and bruised, but ready to go!
  3. Coach K expects his assistants to go out and get head coaching jobs. He has said that is what he prepares them for. Also, I would think that even if Scheyer is the anointed one to take over for Coach K, he would want Scheyer to have experience as a head coach somewhere before coming back to the media buzz saw that the ACC and Duke can be. Of course, that would mean that Scheyer would be here or wherever else he might go for a limited time and the AD would know that in advance.
  4. Oh my, how terrible. My Duke team plays Syracuse on Saturday and I was really looking forward to the game. But this really puts things in perspective.
  5. If we are talking coaches that UCLA is interested in and that have connections to UNL then that would be Hoiberg.
  6. Ok, here's what I wonder and it's mostly pure speculation. It's partially based on an REO Speedwagon take ("heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend...") and partly from watching a couple of players, mostly Cope, closely during the game because of what I'd heard. I wonder if the illness bug hit more than just the players we have heard about? For example, either Copeland was completely out of the game mentally, which seems unusual, or he was just not up to it physically. I watched him get pushed around easily by guards several times and he seemed to be gassed far earlier than you would expect. He was hanging his head big time following a number of defensive series. Palmer the same. Neither player seemed to be able to move their feet on defense like they usually do. Again, this is barely informed speculation, but I still wonder.
  7. Freaking brilliant! And I will be at the game! First game since I moved back to Lincoln.
  8. That was my first year for NU hoops as well. Moved back to Lincoln from Milwaukee the previous summer and a friend of the family gave me season tickets. Been a huge hoop fan ever since. Oh, and those family friends also got me a picture with Jura, Gratopp, and Scantlebury in it, autographed by all 3. Still have it.
  9. I'd be delighted to see Roby crack 20 tonight.
  10. Congratulations, Kent. Been around the country and listened to lots of play by play guys and you are still my favorite.
  11. I will finally be moved back to Lincoln so I may have to try and get tickets.
  12. FWIW. Just talked to a guy whose AAU team played Zaire's once two summers ago and twice last summer. They split in their games this last summer. Said ZW simply does not turn the ball over. Probably the best at that aspect of the game of any guard he saw this last summer. Distributed the ball very well. One of the 3-4 best he saw last summer. OTOH, he said he had flat out the worst outside shot of any guard he saw. Period. Said he also can get to the rim pretty well, but cannot finish. Their way to control him was put a big guard on him and never help. He had no shot around the rim so if there was no one to pass the ball to because everyone else stayed with their man, ZW would throw up an ineffectual floater. He said even though they split the 2 games with ZW's team last summer, ZW was not a factor in either game. Again, FWIW.
  13. Welcome aboard, young man! Nice pick up!
  14. You are a good man, TA. Wish I was back in Lincoln to help you.
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