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  1. lang

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    The Downing alley oops were things of beauty !! By by the way, you’re combining Terry Smith and Lenard Johnson
  2. lang

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    Badgett dunk you’re likely thinking of was in 93 ( maybe 1992 ). KU at home. Kevin Pritchard drives the lane late down by 2. Derrick Chandler blocks the shot and TB grades the loose ball and goes down for the jam to seal the game.
  3. lang

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    6 dunks in 1 game his Sr year in non-conference....IIRC.
  4. lang

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I know this wasn’t the main point of your post.....but this so struck memories for me. I totally remember that happening—ugh.
  5. lang

    NBA Playoffs

    KD’s a coward in my humble opinion.
  6. Really sharp guy. Very thoughtful and thorough in an interview. I’m sure many thought bland too and I suppose true. Had a pretty good sense of humor at times. I think he had some Osborne-ish qualities. Old school and respectable guy. Didn’t like the limelight (see Lee B’s articles after he left). I remember well his second? year scaring the crap out of #1? Kansas. I’m still smarting from that game. Also remember the year we drilled KU at home only to follow it up with a tough loss at home verse KSU and Barry slamming his water bottle down late in the game in disappointment. Too bad the recruiting didn’t pick up in time.
  7. lang

    Copeland is back

    Wow, this so great. Second season in a row when it seems like everything going south against Miles after the seasons end (and those followed the Andrew White betrayal summer). And just like last year, things start happening positively. So happy for him. Rooting for him big time.
  8. lang

    OT: The Shim Shams

    Their athletism surprises...kind of Chris Farley-ish.
  9. lang

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    If everything else is solid ( and NOTHING is ) and Kenya leaves, I doubt he wants out. But, NOTHING is and he’s hitting the panic button big time. I can’t really blame him. I wish he’d man up and accept challenge however. After all, there are no guarantees anywhere and transferring is always possible ( “everybody’s doing it”). Again though, he’s thinking “what the heck is going on there?” Hopefully the dust settles and he re-commits.
  10. lang

    Greatest Upset in the history

  11. lang

    Idea for NCAA Tournament

    Agree agree agree! For several reasons....(1) it would make it even more exciting. (2) It would give darn good teams who are unknowns a chance ( and by the way, they would win all over the place). The focus should not be in getting a ton more major conf teams in, some certainty. (3) It gets rid of the stupid insignificant tournaments and therefore makes it a big deal for ALL of the NCAA teams. There is getting to be less and less of a difference between the teams in the 30-120 ith best teams in the country all the time. Might as well acknowledge that, embrace it and use it. Again I think it would be really cool and a huge success. I really think the excitement would off the charts if done right.
  12. lang

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    It’s certainly fun to be Husker hoops fan huh? It’s very tempting to believe that fate working out in a multude of weird and curious circumstances or bad luck or a curse...have got this program in a stranglehold that keeps up from getting over the hump. For us to have roster turnover after this year ( oh I know it’s now normal)...just take us (the fans) out to the wood shed and expose our bellies so we can voluntarily take on the next punch to the gut. It’s tempting to give up (very), but of course we won’t.
  13. Yep, it was all “under the sun”
  14. lang

    Conference Tournaments

    Too much common sense there. There is always lots wrong. Thanks for posting that.
  15. lang


    Larry Mollenbrink (sp?) did Husker hoops on KFOR early in Danny’s tenure.