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  1. Not even close. Jordy was a bad robot and Chris couldn’t put it on the floor or shoot....at all.
  2. Cross is right up there with the nicest stroke on the team. I think we want him shooting when he's open.
  3. nubest79, given the above reply from Neebrasketball...I sent you a PM.
  4. So, I don’t get to follow things too close like I used to ( don’t always know the other teams players well etc). Was at the home game vs Purdue this year. Happened to focus on the Purdue guys in warmups for @ few minutes. Noticed a guy ( who was Ryan Cline ) who had a terrible shot and he was clanking them in the few minutes I was watching him. I pointed him out to my boys “ Look at that guys shot, he’s terrible. He’s gotta be some walk on”. I found out that he’s pretty effective ?
  5. Unless I’m missing something this is all pretty black and white for me, either our coaching staff believes and enforces that we don’t do that crap at Nebraska or we don’t. And if we don’t, we have no moral high ground to stand on.
  6. The Downing alley oops were things of beauty !! By by the way, you’re combining Terry Smith and Lenard Johnson ?
  7. Badgett dunk you’re likely thinking of was in 93 ( maybe 1992 ). KU at home. Kevin Pritchard drives the lane late down by 2. Derrick Chandler blocks the shot and TB grades the loose ball and goes down for the jam to seal the game.
  8. 6 dunks in 1 game his Sr year in non-conference....IIRC.
  9. I know this wasn’t the main point of your post.....but this so struck memories for me. I totally remember that happening—ugh.
  10. KD’s a coward in my humble opinion.
  11. Really sharp guy. Very thoughtful and thorough in an interview. I’m sure many thought bland too and I suppose true. Had a pretty good sense of humor at times. I think he had some Osborne-ish qualities. Old school and respectable guy. Didn’t like the limelight (see Lee B’s articles after he left). I remember well his second? year scaring the crap out of #1? Kansas. I’m still smarting from that game. Also remember the year we drilled KU at home only to follow it up with a tough loss at home verse KSU and Barry slamming his water bottle down late in the game in disappointment. Too bad the recruiting didn’t pick up in time.
  12. Wow, this so great. Second season in a row when it seems like everything going south against Miles after the seasons end (and those followed the Andrew White betrayal summer). And just like last year, things start happening positively. So happy for him. Rooting for him big time.
  13. Their athletism surprises...kind of Chris Farley-ish.
  14. If everything else is solid ( and NOTHING is ) and Kenya leaves, I doubt he wants out. But, NOTHING is and he’s hitting the panic button big time. I can’t really blame him. I wish he’d man up and accept challenge however. After all, there are no guarantees anywhere and transferring is always possible ( “everybody’s doing it”). Again though, he’s thinking “what the heck is going on there?” Hopefully the dust settles and he re-commits.
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