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  1. hskr4life

    New NET Rankings

    Also, as of now OSU is a Q2.
  2. hskr4life

    New NET Rankings

    Sunday Update... Nebraska jumps from #25 to #15 with the win. Q1- 0-2- Texas Tech (#5), Minnesota (#57) Q2- 2-0- Clemson (#83), Creighton (#56) Q3- 2-0- Seton Hall (#90), Illinois (#126) Q4- 4-0- MVSU (#342), SELA (#309), MIZZ St (#216), Western Illinois (#278), Clemson hurting us a little bit with the drop. Expect that to creep back up... I hope. Seton Hall can get to Q2 status by jumping into the Top 75. Lot of Q1 and Q2 opportunities left.
  3. hskr4life

    The Top 25 thread

    I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that we will drop out this week. Solid win over Creighton with a loss on the road. Wouldn't be surprised either way.
  4. Good thing one of them gave something to cheer about....
  5. That Palmer guy? Hell, every one of our starters had 10+ point. Me thinks it had less to do with “That Damn Palmer Guy” and more to do with “That Damn Blue Defense.” Come on Creighton fans.
  6. Fellas.... that was a butt kickin. Watching those highlights, they had one answer. That answer was 6-6 from 3 to start before he started to miss or we win this one by 30. We didn’t just win last night. That was dominant.
  7. My goodness that felt good. So happy to get that monkey off of our back. Even more though... so happy to get that taste from Wednesday out of our mouth. 1. Every player that played did something. Period. Team win. 2. Starters wanted this from the get go. My goodness that is a Sweet 16 team when everything is clicking... if not more. 3. I can’t stand Creighton. With that being said, they were a decent team. That kid can shoot. My goodness. They’ll win some games in the Big East. Will probably dance. Great win. 4. I’m not afraid of anyone this year. Bring on anyone. We have the dudes to compete with anyone. Not worried about depth, not worried about scoring outside of top 5, not worried about playing away from home. 5. We’re good. Miles is a good coach as well. Like that offense tonight? We didn’t do anything different or spectacular. We just played and made shots. Took the right shots. So for everyone complaining about the offense sometimes... it’s not always the scheme. 6. 8-2 in our first ten. Wouldn’t be surprised to keep our ranking. How many of y’all would take that 10 games into the season. 7. We should beat OSU if we play anywhere near that. When I say beat... I mean beat. Should be 11-2 heading into two tough road games. Get to 12-3.... we’re talking seeding.
  8. hskr4life

    Guess The "Fuskers"...

    I love my Fuskers! Daddy showed who’s he head of the house for the first time in a while!
  9. I know you’re supposed to work on your basketball game in the off-season. However Brady has to work on those damn moves man. Haha!
  10. Greggy Mac is sallltyyyy in that presser. Honestly expected more of him...
  11. First time I’ve ever upvoted a Jay. Congrats!
  12. Jayskers Volleyball team made the Final 4 tonight so it wasn’t a terrible night...
  13. They’ll win some games in the Big East.
  14. Creighton isn’t a bad team whatsoever .