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  1. hskr4life


    Good for him!!
  2. I actually kind of enjoy this part. Hell last time I believe someone knew a guy who knew a guy who knew this guy named Jesus who said this guy named John Wooden was interested.
  3. hskr4life

    2019 Nebraska baseball

    I actually kind of.... like... them....
  4. Interesting. I'm listening. But, I thought Moos said no decision until after the season....
  5. hskr4life

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Illini on a roll. Like I said. We were in just about every game so far. Yes, I realize that we went on a 7 game skid, but we were there in most games. We can compete. Even without Copeland. Let's make a run. Our resume isn't terrible.
  6. hskr4life

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Lay-Up... take the bird... head on to the next hole. Still three holes to play. Golf is a game where you don't have to beat others. You have to let others beat themselves.
  7. I would appreciate this debate a hell of a lot more than the "where this season went wrong, guess the date Miles will be fired, and guess who our next coach" debates we would be seeing otherwise.
  8. hskr4life

    February and beyond

    Still an interesting feat. The fact that he made it long enough to see 122 conference games playing arguably tougher games (more conference vs more non-conference) because of the increase in conference games is a small feat in itself.
  9. hskr4life

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods - LOI

    The more I see, the more I DON'T want these next two years of classes to blow up. My goodness we have some good pieces in the pipeline.
  10. hskr4life

    February and beyond

    So #of conference games aside... he is still one of only 4 to win 50 of the first 122?
  11. hskr4life

    We have the best basketball fanbase!

    May have lost the Runzas, but we didn't lose the game!
  12. hskr4life

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    I knew I had the record right. Edited my edited edit!
  13. hskr4life

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    Also, question... Does anyone else have 18 games currently against Tier 1 and Tier 2 opponents? Our team sheet is below. If the season were to end with everyone remaining where they are at, we would finish with the following number of tiered games.. Q1- 15 games. Q2- 9 games. Q3- 2 games. Q4- 4 games... and SW Minny State. That would be nearly half of our season against Q1 teams and over 2/3 of our season against Q1 and Q2 teams. That's crazy! http://www.seed-madness.com/TeamStats/QTSNebraska.htm
  14. If someone wanted to be a complete jackwagon, you could call a "palm" about half the time when someone is bringing it up in the back court and isn't even being guarded. With that said, I wonder if the speed of the game has affected the ability to make some of those calls. Everything happens so fast now that a "bang/bang" play is as much about what you thought you saw as it is what you saw. I feel bad for referees. They have to make that judgement call on a bang/bang play while we sit at home or in the stands and watch it five times over to see if they made a right call or not.
  15. hskr4life

    We have the best basketball fanbase!

    I thought the crowd sounded fine last night on the tube. Loud when we needed them to be. Wasn't Top 10 PBA atmospheres, but wasn't terrible.