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  1. Toby a DNP today. Looks like the Thunder may go in a different direction this year.
  2. You know it’s almost basketball season when you start seeing scores from those super secret scrimmages.
  3. https://twitter.com/jonrothstein/status/1452025521374629891?s=21
  4. I don’t believe Frost would be gone no matter what happens the remainder of the year. Last week, I was firmly in the boat of “on the fence” I don’t know that I’m totally leaning to one side yet, but I’m starting to lean after today. Michigan is one thing. Minny is another.
  5. Used to love listening to BR Overreaction... now... there aren't any overreactions I don't think.
  6. Sadly, it'll be another year without a bowl, another off-season with "expectations" and high hopes, and another pre-season with "hope."
  7. I used to be embarrassed. Now... I just kind of expect it. Sad that it has to be this way.
  8. https://twitter.com/tiptonedits/status/1449180778156417025?s=21
  9. I was just about to say— provided we qualify, this will be a great learning experience. — Are we sure Steffen is our best in the net? — Loving me some Dest, Weah, and Aaronson. Aaronson honestly looks so smooth for how young he is. — Weston has the heaviest first touch I think I’ve ever seen for someone how controls the ball pretty well after that. — How did CR not score on the 1-on-1 breakaway. Yeash. — I thought we should get at least 6 out of our first set and we got 5. Was expecting at least 7 out of this set and we got 6. We’re close enough, but can’t feel comfortable. — November should be really fun playing Mexico.
  10. Berhalter “The good news is that we’re still in 2nd place” Me: “we’re also well within the realm of 5th and out”
  11. USMNT... just ridiculous. We looked GOD AWFUL tonight.
  12. I'm over "moral victories" under Frost. I can't take any more moral victories. With that being said-- man that was fun, we haven't played like that in a while, and that was a legit Top 10 team. However, it's tough to be "happy" that we were close because we've been there so many times before. At this point, I'd be ok with any direction the program took. I think Scott could do it, we're right there, but also understand that it should already be done... if that makes sense.
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