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  1. No one said that Leigha did anything negative for the program and fans. In fact-- she did a lot which is why everyone is so touched by her leaving. Assumptions and speculations are what a message board is for. Whether right or wrong, they are going to happen. Especially when you get a "no comment" that doesn't clear anything up directly from the source. She left-- that is why these "comments" are being made. If you transfer out of a program, people are going to be upset. You are correct, they are kids, they are making tough decisions. But part of growing up is learning that decisions have consequences. Decisions have an effect on not just you but a whole group of other people. There are also a whole group of people on this board that invest a lot more time and money into the WBB program than I do. I've seen multiple posts that have wished Leigha well and nothing that has said anything more negative than the assumption that this was in the works prior to the announcement. It's disappointing for all of us to lose our best player. I hope that Leigha is happy-- but you can't expect a fanbase to be all fine and dandy after losing their best player in the off-season that we have experienced.
  2. Me thinks someone was talking to someone that was talking to someone before a decision to transfer happened. This seems very quick.
  3. The one thing that is holding me back right now on going out and finding a new coach NOW is everything that is going on in the world. Do we really want to be going through a coaching search at this time?
  4. Meh-- One starter transfers... ok I can see that at schools. Two starters transfer... sure that may happen for some schools. But three likely starters transfering after losing multiple to graduation and one being your literal best player doesn't scream "this happens everywhere" to me. Sorry, I just don't buy that THIS happens everywhere. Starters-- sure, lots of transfers-- sure. But our situation-- no.
  5. Not only this, but one could argue that the strongest part of Thor's game is actually his basketball IQ and being the glue that could hold everything together on the floor. He's at least a guy that won't be "looking for his" when he is on the floor. he is more of a team player.
  6. Brown now gone. SMH. Total rebuild.
  7. I'd have to think it's just an extra year of eligibility for just Seniors. If it's everyone, that will throw off recruiting for years to come.
  8. Y'all... this was Big 10 opening weekend. SIGH
  9. We lost Verbeek to Dordt? What the heck is going on?
  10. We should take a look at this Southern Illinois F who is transferring. Kerrington Davis. Anyone know anything about him? He has 3 years to play.
  11. From the tweet above, it looks like... Neural- 20-21 Lincoln- 21-22 Manhattan- 22-23
  12. Hot damn that’s a pretty good gig. A neutral site game that should have a lot of red, then the trip to Lincoln next. The road game doesn’t come until Hoibergs 4th year as a coach which should provide a good team the chance at a road W.
  13. At this point, every time Rothstein tweets about which schools are contacting a transfer I just look to see who Nebraska is competing with. Ha!
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