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  1. Crazy stat of the day: Norms 2nd all time in reputation points earned while receiving an automatic downvote every time he makes a post.
  2. Mid-week check in for BART T As noted in the photo, has us as a seven seed currently but teetering on the verge of a 6 seed. Still a 21-10, 11-9 projected record. With his rankings, we’re 31. Our games coming up according to his rankings… CU- 5 Minny- 124 MSU- 16 KSU- 49
  3. I’m surprised at the overwhelming number of 3-1 predictions over 1-3 predictions. I expected 2-2 to garner the most votes but thought 1-3 and 3-1 would flip flop their current numbers. This also tells me that many of you too think we could go 4-0 this stretch but just don’t want to get that cocky. Which, completely understandable… but there isn’t a game in these next four that we don’t have a chance in. Watched a little of KSU’s game last night. They went to OT vs Oral Robert’s. Our arguably two easiest games in the next four are on the road. Our two toughest are at home.
  4. Would make sense if he was scouting that group as I don’t remember seeing any of them prior to Sunday.
  5. Give me JLaw as he is only going to keep getting better and better in his PG role. Whats the record for assists in a year? We seem to be recording more assists this year than in years past.
  6. This is the strangest 4 game stretch I can remember and one of the most nervous stretches I’ve had since our late run to dance. 3-1 or 2-2 seems a likely outcome with how we’ve played. However we can’t omit the possibility that we go 1-3 or even 0-4. That would be a disaster but it’s entirely possible because… Nebrasketball. Whats new, however, is that going 4-0 isn’t a complete pipe dream this year. We have a chance in every single one of these games. Our two toughest (MSU and CU) are at home, Minny should be a W provided we just do what we do, and KSU looks a little down compared to last year. We also have a team that I can confidently say going 4-0 isn’t a pipe dream. It’ll be tough, no doubt. It shouldn’t be expected. But it also can’t be written off like in years past. We could theoretically go anywhere from 0-4 to 4-0. So yeah… the nerves are kicking in just a bit today.
  7. I don’t care how you’d swing the loss, if we go 3-1 in this stretch and aren’t in the Top 25, it’s strictly because of the name on the front of our jersey. All three of CU, MSU, and KSU are acceptable losses. Losing to Minny would hurt but it would mean going 3-0 against the aforementioned and the Minny game would be a road game. Happy we got votes this week, but I don’t think we deserve them just yet. Give any top half of a major conference team our schedule and the majority would also be 7-0. However, we go 3-1 or even 2-2 and one of those 2 losses isn’t Minny… we should be ranked.
  8. We also look confident… with a little bit of cocky which isn’t the worst thing in the world. We don’t walk into a gym hoping to win this year… we walk in expecting to win and plan on look good doing it. Things won’t always go our way. We will lose some games. We haven’t seen adversity yet and we can always go by up. However, all that being said… this looks like a tourney team… against cruddy teams yes, but a tourney team nonetheless. Creighton is a huge test and challenge but I have a feeling the guys are up to it.
  9. It’s better than asking when spring practice starts for Big Red baseball for sure. Something tells me that seasons going to sneak up on us basketball fans this year.
  10. Beat Creighton, Minny, and MSU and we have the official best start in program history. Nice! That also doesn’t look as daunting as it did before the season either, especially if we could get past CU who is probably the toughest of the 3.
  11. Excellent analysis! Hopefully we can find a few pieces to add to our ex for next year as well. Teams are only getting stronger and more and more internationals are starting to cross the pond (yes most are older) but still.
  12. 33. Nebraska (35): The Huskers are my sleeper team in the Big Ten. They are undefeated and not even completely healthy yet. Watch out for Fred Hoiberg’s crew. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2023-11-27/purdue-tops-mens-college-basketball-power-36-after-feast-week-heroics
  13. Not to mention he’s now winning games at a program that wouldn’t necessarily be considered a hot bed of basketball success. Honestly, if we had another previous coach who was still a head, I’d like to track him too. I’m pretty sure we followed Doc’s Southern Miss teams on here back in the day.
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