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  1. Today is why you can’t waste opportunities like yesterday.
  2. We played with Fire most of the night and finally got burnt. Bats need to get going. Can’t waste outings like that from our starters. I’ll take 2/3 but many yesterday was very winnable. Also, really disappointed in how our approach ranked in the 7th-9th after our starters went out. Swinging wildly like we were facing Marino Rivera or something. Wash it away. It’s baseball. Come back and win these next two.
  3. There’s a reason he didn’t get any gigs either.
  4. Another reason that we need to get it going is that our scheduled greatly picks up here soon. While it's nice to be 10-2 in conference, 9 of those wins are against some of the worst teams in the conference records wise.
  5. Crap. I forgot we play 2 mid-week. Thanks!
  6. Rough first inning. Why'd we move away from what was working?
  7. I think that Burke has tweeted that he is all N
  8. If I remember right, freshman year Nana was always out getting shots up after games. I remember reading tweets about it. This year... I didn't hear that.
  9. This is really disappointing to hear. Go to class. If not for you and your future, for your team.
  10. The good news (or bad) right now is that we still have three very tough series to end this year. Go on a run and win them all... maybe sweep 1, and we’re moving towards hosting a regional instead of just playing in one. D1 baseball thinks as much as well.
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