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  1. Wouldn't be B1G athletics without a little feet dragging.
  2. Horford comes back and Roby gets relegated to bench. Has seen a whopping 2 minutes tonight.
  3. Well. For as good as the D might be... I’m officially starting to worry if we’ll be able to score.
  4. Playing really well with Horford out!
  5. Here's what I am thinking for make-ups right now... Maryland, Illinois, Purdue, and Minny could all become back-to-back day doubleheaders and then it'd be easy to squeeze an Iowa game in there somewhere.
  6. Covid still sucks and wouldn't beat KenPom in this contest if it tried.
  7. Makes sense. Have to get back into basketball shape before even thinking about playing. Just the possibility of playing on the 3rd makes me giddy.
  8. Ok... the fact that Bohannan got stuffed on a 3 not once but TWICE makes me smile so big.
  9. Did the Florida players condition end up being from COVID-- I know there was speculation, but it wasn't confirmed the last that I had heard? I agree that health is all that matters and we need to take as much time as we need to make sure the guys (coaches and players) are healthy and ready to go. I think leaving it up to the individual players and families is a good option as well though. Nothing should be held against a player who wants to sit out, but nothing should be held against those that want to play either.
  10. Anyone with insider knowledge know how everyone is doing? Not in terms of getting back to playing, but more so in terms of how are people feeling, any severe symptoms, etc?
  11. Well... now that our whole team has basically had it, it’ll be us vs PSU for the Big 10 auto bid when all of the other teams have to quarantine.
  12. When everyone wanted him cut just a short month ago— the Thunder saw him as a big part of their future. He’s showing everyone why the Thunder thought so. Also— he’s one of THE BEST draft king pickups right now in terms of points per cost. At least, he had been for me.
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