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  1. I think that I laughed too hard at this.
  2. Nebraska has had its fair share of players who deserve an apology (Benny P and a young Tai Webster come to mind) and it wouldn't surprise me if Thor is next on that list.
  3. Thor with 7 of our first 12 points.
  4. Their fans are gearing up for football season anyways. GO BIG RED!
  5. My guess is that Mack finishes more around the Curtis to Green range this year. Especially since we have a lot of scorers.
  6. This is good for us. I know its nice to win by 30... but this is good for games that actually matter.
  7. THIS IS A STAPLE OF HUSKER BASKETBALL. We're just going to have to deal with it.
  8. Also an interesting note that scoring has been pretty evenly spread. It seems like Burke and Cheatham might be "go to's" but Cross, Kavas, Green, Stevenson, and Curtis can all put the ball in the bucket. This is all without Cam Mack too. If we can play with intensity on D all of the time, we should be able to hang around with teams. Much like we did in Doc's days. However, we should have much more of a well-rounded scoring punch.
  9. That's a great question. Because if he's just going by today, Cheatham did a lot. However, he didn't do a ton on Monday. I'm wondering if he has some eyes on the games in some way, shape, or form.
  10. Did not see that coming.
  11. I believe that was him with some mid-air ball movement.
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