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  1. After seeing Thor for longer stretches to end last year, I actually thought more highly of him as an all-around player than I initially did. I think he has a good comparison to Benny Parker, and a young Tai Webster in terms of how some view the "outlook" on him. I think Norm nailed it by saying that an improved jumper could make him a much more valuable contributor. However, for as much as it sounds like we will be moving and cutting, I could certainly see Thor fitting in with that style.
  2. Interesting that they submitted the waiver so late in the game. Don't know that that has anything to do with how confident they are?
  3. Interesting that he is still on the roster. Rumors are certainly flying (as they always do) on social media.
  4. Also a good note that KenPom predicted us 18-12 last year with a 10-10 B1G record. We ended up 16-15, 6-14. Overall ended up at 19-17.
  5. I see GameDay in Waco in about 3 weeks. They get to host OU which should be huge for them. I don't know that they will beat OU, however.
  6. Which one? I have a guess, but don't know what one is being talked about.
  7. So you play baseline to baseline with punctuation?
  8. Thanks! I’m calling on Monday. Really the only reason we got the package we did was for the sports channels. Specifically BTN. So I’m a little livid that it’s been over a week.
  9. Michigan State getting embarrassed on National TV. Happy we’re not the only ones. Also— has anyone with Dish called about the Big 10 network?
  10. You certainly weren't the only one. Thanks Norm!
  11. Honestly, yes. I do. That was kind of sarcastic. As much as it sucks the way that the game played out, the kids see a heck of a lot more than the game. I’ve heard that Frost is someone who people want to play for. I know they see that there is opportunity for playing time as well. While the game sucked in terms of outcome, it was an AMAZING weekend to have recruits on campus.
  12. We’ve got... ehh... a long way to go.
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