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  1. This is a great point. We’re also never going to be a place where a kid even thinks he might sit and wait for an opportunity, so we’ll have a new team every year basically forever.
  2. Bryce was called up to Houston's AA squad.
  3. Wonder when TBA will turn into actual teams for the Diamond Head. You would think it’s getting late in the scheduling process for some. I’m not expecting much from those last two teams. That St Mary’s game should be a great test and sneaky good Non-Con game.
  4. I want to answer all! Favorite game: Wisconsin-- Purdue is an easy answer, but that comeback! Ohhhh baby! Best specific moment-- KT's deep three right before the half against Indiana in the B1G Tournament. The look of "What the hell just happened" in the IU players & fans eyes. The arena going crazy (outside of the IU shirts and jerseys). Wild thing. It was one of the multiple moments where I thought "this is the year" for something special. When did you realize this team could be legit ?-- Kansas State. 2nd true road game and we were coming off an exhilarating win after two bad losses. The way we controlled that game in that environment was amazing! What did you like about the team?-- How close and cohesive they were. This is the 2nd year in a row where we replaced a lot but were pretty cohesive and close. Favorite player-- I'm going with the easy one here. Keisei Tominaga. The dude is fun to watch. National treasure. Most important player-- Juwan Gary. This was a tougher one and I'm going with a likely lesser popular answer. Rutgers on the road though. Enough said. Best memory -- Attending the Minnesota game. Was the only game I got to in person. Most frustrating game-- This one has to be A&M. Not just because we didn't get over the hump. We didn't play well period and they played lights out. Frustrating game all around.
  5. Doesn't make it right at all, but I read that the head coach possibly was having an affair with the bat boys mom and then the dad killed himself and the kids? Is this verified anywhere? Supposedly they were saying the coach was the cause of the deaths or something like that. Still, that's not something you heckle about. Ever.
  6. Three walk offs, a rain delay and a 10 PM baseball after dark. Best CWS EVER!
  7. Posted this in another thread.. but there was some evidence brought up where one of her friends texted her "Got him" or something like that with $$$ signs.
  8. Tang’s job hinges on this season. Hawkins better perform in purple.
  9. Sounds like the trial was rough for prosecution. No evidence, text message sent about this possibly being about money in the girls group messages, no DNA evidence, etc.
  10. Former Huskers having themselves a year.
  11. 2nd GBR pitcher to be called up to the majors this year!!
  12. Thats the Canadian step— it’s kind of like a Euro with a little more travel and carry involved. COMPLETELY LEGAL though.
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