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  1. This is also true-- it's a lot easier to click and be around each other at 22-4 or even 0-0 than it is at 4-22.
  2. This is half the battle with a new team sometimes. So this is excellent to hear.
  3. Woo Boy-- It's hunting season for backdoor recruiting! Wonder what the transfer list will look like in the spring?
  4. Man-- the way that this is shaking out, we're going to be one of the bottom level teams Ken Pom wise. I think we'll be pretty competitive this year.
  5. Maybe you luck out and it wasn't a chick at all....
  6. OSU was announced in the Sanford tournament with the Blue Turds this morning so I take it that Non-Con games are a GO from the Big 10?
  7. Nope-- as part of the deal for the last commit Wake took from us, they said the next one was ours.
  8. It sounds though... that the MTE is contingent on the Big 10 allowing Non-Con games. Don't know why they wouldn't other than the fact that they are the Big 10, but that would lead me to believe that "Nebraska" has some hand in the hosting part.
  9. Sure would be an awesome get! That we are even being considered is pretty nice.
  10. In today's day and age, this crap isn't going to fly anymore. Kids are more outspoken and word will get out. Now, I am all for tough love, coaching hard, discipline when needed, and what not. However, nothing should ever turn "physical" between a coach and a player.
  11. You have to wonder how much "traction" we'd have here. One of the better possibilities in a while?
  12. Robin did tweet that was it... “for now” *EDIT*. I am confusing two different tweets. NVM this post.
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