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  1. Holy Christmas colors
  2. The more that I think about it, the more that I think this is why I was so frustrated last night. It was the fact that this was a very winnable game... even for this team. GTech wasn't great, but they did beat NCST earlier this year. If we shoot a little better on FT's and make our bunnies, we actually probably go into half with a rather large lead for our standards.
  3. I don't even know where to begin with this. Why does it matter what her A to TO ration is? That's not what the original post was referring to when "praising" her. Look at all of the solid players that we have had come through here. Players who were a 1 seed in the WNCAA Tournament... and your telling me that we should slow the praise on the FIRST EVER player to reach this milestone? I guess if this was a post about how great her A to TO was, then you may have a leg to stand on, but you clearly missed the point of the "praise." Zion Williamson had a .87 A to TO ration but I bet you don't see Duke fans saying "Not so fast."
  4. With Creighton's depth... Hack-a-Husker may be a good thing for us on Saturday. That's probably the only time you'll hear that come out of my mouth this year.
  5. They are also better than us in that they have 0 losses to Non-Power 5 teams. We have 3.
  6. In a tale of common opponents... SDSU is 6-4 and just recently lost to Indiana 64-50.
  7. Hannah is 100% THAT player in that she's the one where other teams go "man... she is still playing?" Now she has quite a ways to go to reach Grant Gibbs status, however.
  8. One nice thing about this win is that Duke wasn't a scared, 1st time this year road team. They tested themselves early going on the road to Texas A&M and also to UNLV and split those games. Their only loss was to a top 10 A&M team and a 6-1 Northwestern team. Duke wasn't UCONN, but also was one of the best teams we will see in the Non-Con.
  9. My initial thought.... "Look at all those Quad 1 opportunities!"
  10. Rival Rulebook Section 5.21.1 states "Whereupon two teams who cheer for and affiliate with the same collegiate football team, a rivalry game will be deemed unacceptable due to a possible conflict of interest between one or both fan bases." Man... Creighton fans really do ruin everything.
  11. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28231756/nebraska-players-face-ban-sexual-misconduct We now know the full story as well.
  12. Now dang it Matt... you've got my hopes back up with these last two posts.
  13. I have actually seen numerous posts on this board about how they wouldn't care if we won another game this year if we win this weekend. I also believe there was a poll created about winning X number of non-con games or winning just one and it be the Creighton one. Sounds a lot like what you are talking about there.
  14. There might be a few games that we get our teeth kicked in during conference play.
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