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  1. hskr4life

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Over on Cyclonefanatic, someone leaked the box score. If anyone has an account, you can pull it up.
  2. hskr4life

    AP Poll

    Dickie V and Seth Davis are not on board.... YET.
  3. hskr4life

    AP Poll

    Got 35 votes. Good enough for 5th. Purdue, MSU, MU ranked... Indiana above us in receiving votes.
  4. hskr4life

    D'Andre Davis is N

    "Hi! We're going to be losing our top 3 if not our top 4 scorers after this year. How would you like to come in and be the man right away?"
  5. hskr4life

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Now if we can get that dang Volleyball team on the right track. Sheesh. Lost like 3-4 dang games in a row now. Hearing rumblings that John Cook needs to be out and I don't blame em. We've gotta have National Championships. Every Year. We cannot lose like we have been. I'll give them two losses per year MAX! Not two of the last two! END... SARCASM....
  6. hskr4life

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/mbb-pre-season-scrimmages.242089/ Well... I can see that the cyclones are not happy about the... erm.... wording of the tweets. They sound about as ready for the season as all of us. "What the F? It was 1 game, so why did Huskrs.com split it into 2 games, and say they split them? In the tweet it said ISU won the game 78-74. Talk about spinning it. So instead of going 0-1 on the trip, according to Huskrs.com they were 1-1. Ummmm no.... it doesn't work that way guys. ISU probably held a pretty comfortable lead early in the 2nd half and sat guys."
  7. hskr4life

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Sounds like it was the tale of two halves. Three point shooting really won both teams their halves. Copeland sounded aggressive, Palmer sounded smooth as always. Roby played, but was limited due to foul trouble from what I read. Glynn had a rougher day shooting, but added in a lot of positives via the assist and rebounding route. Allen was the 5th starter. Sounds like Tanner played well off the bench in the 2nd. Nana and Amir did a few things, but not much. Overall about what I expected and not worried at all. This gave our guys a good look at a different team. Iowa State isn't terrible by any means.
  8. hskr4life


    19-8 25th
  9. hskr4life

    Charity Game?

    So I assume that we have tipped off. If you are the secret person in Hilton, let us know how the game is going.
  10. hskr4life

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Did not expect that. Boiler Up! Ozigbo might have himself a day in the 'Shoe
  11. hskr4life

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    5 wins. Get there and we got a shot at a bowl. 6 would be better, but 5 could get us in. I think we can do it.
  12. hskr4life

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Depending on Bowl Eligible teams and APR, 5-7 could get us into a bowl as well.
  13. hskr4life

    Roby (is Good)

    Are you saying here that he doesn't pass the eye test?
  14. hskr4life

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    In my mind, year one for any coach that took over a struggling team is going to be a bust more times than not. Frost's "Guys" are Freshman and any Juco players he has brought in. Arguably our core (Washington, Martinez, Pickering) are Freshman as well. I also think that Fever brought up really good points about "toss up" games as well. They just haven't fallen in our favor this year which stinks but is part of the game. I think that in itself is why Norm says reasons and not excuses.
  15. hskr4life

    Way too early Top 25

    Really good point. Especially with the fact that Miles himself has recently said we didn't have a "Leader." Either way I would 100% want Shavon and TP on this team. I'd take Ray G and Alecs Maric if it wasn't too much to ask for as well.