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  1. Big one for the USA on Sunday night. USA and Mexico is always a good one!
  2. Finally back in Nebraska and signed up for season ticket email. Anyone know when we might hear for those new to season tickets?
  3. All-star teams fail because they rely solely on the individual's talent. - Herb Brooks
  4. Huge huge wins for both SKC and USA tonight. I know a bunch of people can’t stand Zardes, but I feel he could provide quite a bit off the bench in situations like tonight. Big one for the red, white, and blue on Thursday.
  5. It’s kind of fun when the snowball starts rolling the other way!
  6. To me, Walkers ability to recognize and fill the lane was huge in not forcing Verge to try and finish a contested layup. Excellent pass and finish.
  7. Even if that isn’t the final roster, that is certainly one that should challenge to win the octagonal, not just make the WC. I like it, but can we figure it out? September can’t get here soon enough!
  8. Screw Denver... You bring the USA's A team and a team like we'd face in the WC, and we'd fill Arrowhead to the brim. However, I do fear the lower turnout for the first two games might affect our chances. Not fair really with the teams we were playing. When do they finalize WC stadiums?
  9. Well.. I would say that was less than a good performance... but we did what we needed to do. We got er done. Honestly, it reminded me of some WC games against actual good competition where we never have possession and just defend, defend, defend until we somehow manage to come out with a win or a draw.
  10. That's gotta be one of our quickest goals ever right?
  12. I do think it's a must win for our best, "A" type team, but I don't think it's as big of a "sure thing" with the team we currently have vs. the team we are capable of putting on the field.
  13. Don’t know how to read this quote. It reads as if we’re one of the only strong suitors at the moment but we’re not a “leader” in the recruitment? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. “I don’t really have any leaders officially, but Nebraska has been recruiting me for the longest time,” Green said. “I like the coaches. I’ve actually been to coach [Fred] Hoiberg’s house for breakfast with him and his family during my visit.”
  14. Interested to see if Busio plays at all today and how the USMNT does in what should be a stiff test for our B team.
  15. For some reason I thought he was a 10th year Sr at Louisville this year. Wonder why...
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