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  1. Just call us Alabama light. Hopefully that can translate to some wins.
  2. In all seriousness— I wish it could have worked. We’ve needed a dead eye shooter for some time and he just couldn’t get it done.
  3. Of course... this is the obvious answer. However, we didn't... and that didn't change the fact that we still had a chance if they played.
  4. If true that the B1G pushed PU to play a doubleheader on Friday, but they declined........
  5. Watch-- we're going to win tomorrow and Purdue will have their game canceled.
  6. Amazingly enough... there is still SOMETHING to play for today. Have to win these next two and have Purdue get swept.
  7. We can put this thread to rest
  8. We reallllllllly need to finish this game and win.
  9. Can someone explain how the Big 12 and Big 10 champs are in the same regional. Ridiculous.
  10. Unfortunately-- we got a realllllly tough draw. Man. OSU just took down Oklahoma.
  11. Sweep ILL if you want to play past next weekend
  12. Ladies advanced to the semi's to be played tomorrow.
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