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  4. Not that you have influence over any of this, but the basketball merchandise the university offers is sparse and just bad. It's really sad considering our ticket sales are in the Top 25 basically every year since the PBA opened up. If we take our coaches seriously, the coverage of the sport seriously, then why do they act like we're a Division 2 basketball school when it comes to merchandise?
  5. Welcome to the board Albert. If I am remembering correctly, I believe I met you back in the late 1980s and into the 1990s when I was involved with the Lincoln Track Club. I would usually see you at their road races. I now live in Scottsbluff. I hope you enjoy the board.
  6. Jacob, how much access do you have to practices and the team? For example is it outlandish to think that you can/will share observations? For example, how is the team chemistry? Is a player or players really standing out at this point? Any inside fodder will help quench our offseason thirst... And oh yeah, welcome
  7. As a regular listener to the 1620 segments, I'm going to add that he's going to have Ali Farokhmanesh and Michael Lewis on the pod in the near future
  8. Welcome Jacob! Nice to have you on board!
  9. What’s going on everybody. Figured I’d fire up an account on the board to be amongst the basketball folks in the dog days of summer. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m entering my third full season covering Nebraska Basketball for Huskers Illustrated magazine. I also host a basketball podcast, The Stretch Big with Jacob Bigelow. You may have also heard me randomly popping in on 1620 over the last year or so on either the morning or midday shows. In my college years I was a student manager for the basketball program at Nebraska under Coach Miles. Planning to be around this summer and fall leading into the new season. If anybody’s got some off-season questions, would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. Happy to be here.
  10. I hope we Finnish strong on this lad.
  11. For whatever reason the TBT deletes the rosters of the teams first eliminated so I don't know if anyone else was playing who lost out
  12. Hope Caleb was wearing Pumas to get that cool $1k bonus for hitting the Elam ender. I really enjoy the TBT. I wondered if any former Huskers were playing in it but I was too lazy to check. Looks like my night is planned.
  13. Caleb Walker - AfterShocks Alonzo Verge - Sideline Cancer Derrick Walker - The Ville The Ville plays Sideline Cancer tonight at 6. The AfterShocks play tonight at 8. https://tbtlive.thetournament.com/
  14. Just introduced my friend, and former husker basketball player Albert Maxy Sr to the board. He's hooked.
  15. Hope we get a favorable conversion rate
  16. Last week
  17. That pass has to be timed PERFECTLY from Gary and boy it was. That was NOT an easy play.
  18. Outside of one bad game, very strong showing overall.
  19. Berk the Turk is going to be great with Fred's coaching
  20. If he can give us 24 strong dakikas and 12 sayı every game, that'll be harika.
  21. Hope Australia can do well with McTrey. They have a tough road, though.
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