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  2. "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Even though I have been to ER twice in last month
  3. I don't know how to make a PDF for this. https://bigten.org/base/article/blt739b9d24b60d2cb5/
  4. Today
  5. Hope for good weather throughout the week.
  6. Not sure about that. 2 and BBQ and I think we are a 3 seed.
  7. I'm going to make individual game thread for the Husker games.
  8. You can bet that if we make it to Sunday... with it being memorial day weekend... I'll be doing everything in my power to get the Mrs. to go to Omaha with me and the kiddos.
  9. This can't be said enough. Even I go through a lull after baseball season and prior to football season/early basketball season.
  10. The important question, is his agent negotiating exclusively with 1890 or is he negotiating with both 1890 and BYU. With the highest bidder winning Berke's commitment.
  11. That's cool. Wish I could go, but I'll be there in spirit. Let's get a ring, Big Red!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Swan I heard something eerily similar...
  14. AuroranHusker


    I think Britt Prince can be Nebraska's big-time talent, a la Jordan Hooper. And, generally speaking, I never said a coach had to be a national title winner to be considered a great coach, I just disagreed with the notion that Blunder's career necessitated that Osborne ought to be her comparison. Maybe PU's Gene Keady ought to have been the comparable coach to Iowa's...
  15. Depends on what makes anyone "Gone?" because a lot of ppl are 'gone' in the off-season, it seems....
  16. Have things changed where players not from the United States can directly receive NIL?
  17. We are hoping for Thursday. But if they lose we will be there on Wednesday.
  18. *insert gif of Homer Simpson mmmmmm tuuurrkkey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I'll be there no matter what, but let's hope the Huskers are playing that day.
  20. I've never purchased flowear...
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