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  2. Interesting lineup with CJ at the 4. Got a lot of different options this year.
  3. That's a fair point. I guess I just see the swap of CJ for Lat as an exchange of offense in lieu of defense and rebounding. That then made me look at the newly projected starting 5 as a whole and wonder how we're going to get stops and defensive boards. That being said, Lat wasn't exactly an elite rebounder and defender. Perhaps a CJ-for-Lat swap isn't as punitive on D as I initially thought. And as I've said before, I think Trey is set for a big boost in rebounding numbers as he will likely now be the extra guard tasked with rebounding rather than getting back in transition (a
  4. That's the crux of it, isn't it? It's a measure of what damage Kofi can do on offense down low against Wil vs the value of opening up the post for our offense. Some of that depends upon Illinois's other players as you can help Wil with double downs. Kind of hard to say which will work best without actually testing it real time. Good to have options. In the video clip it looks like he is starting to put on weight in the shoulders and chest. Doesn't look as thin. Happy to see that as some guys struggle to put on weight. To see it in his first year is a great sign!
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  6. Kobe said a lot more. He laid out some big hints about buy-in compared to last year and guys committing to the system. I mean, you could almost say "shots fired" at a particular former teammate. "What did you learn about this team in the off-season?" "Our commitment to the system Coach is implementing is a lot better than last year and the willingness to embrace your role is better than last year."
  7. Look at who would be coming in off the bench, tho. You talk about trying to win in a shootout. -A lanky 6'10 freshman with 3-point range. -A lanky 6'9 guy who once hit 86 out of 100 treys in practice and should probably be about 40% from 3. -An elite, 6'7 freshman with handles and 3-point range. -The Japanese Steph Curry. -An undersized, super-senior guard who can get hot from deep in stretches. -And a 6'11 rim protector who put on good weight in the off-season. I mean, that seems like "win in a shootout" no matter how you slice it.
  8. It's niiiiice. Like a warm sweater on a crisp fall afternoon. He's the most talented true freshman big I can remember us having since Dave Hoppen. His skill level is really high. But, while I get the idea of him having the ability to draw Kofi away from the paint when we're on offense, we'll have to hit threes at a pretty high clip to make up for him making 100% of his dunks when we're on defense. As talented as Wilhelm is, he's not built to keep guys like Kofi out of the paint. I see him as a prototypical stretch 4, but if Fred thinks he's a fit at the 5, w
  9. I see Verge, Trey, Bryce, CJ and Walker in the same jerseys and on the floor together. Starting 5?
  10. You’d have to ask our Special Teams Coach...
  11. I thought you meant the elbow to Wilhelm's chin... then I noticed the finger. That might sting a bit.
  12. I've seen tapes of Mendelson playing both volleyball and basketball. Strong physical player. Athletic...not point guard skills of course, but moves good....particularly for a girl 6-6. Is a big hitter in volleyball....can see why Cook is interested. Reminds me of Kubic.
  13. I still think Nebraska's best starting lineup would be: 1- Trey McGowens 2- Bryce McGowens 3- Keon Edwards 4- Lat Mayen 5- Derrick Walker In terms of length, shooting, getting to the rim, ball handling, overall defense, and ability to switch screens on defense. Trey and Derrick will also be very valuable in setting the tone for this team while the younger players develop.
  14. Sweeeeet. I am telling ya...this is a DUDE. He is going to play a lot of quality minutes for us.
  15. I'm gonna need to get a judgement from @Norm Peterson on that release...
  16. Let's see, Wilhelm at the 5 plus four other shooters. That should help spread the floor.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I love it. Reminds me of Hoiberg's Iowa State teams. A lot of times they would go even smaller with Niang or Ejim at the "5".
  19. I watched it “live” you know he wanted to just come out & say we’re STACKED, but Fred is the master of restraint...
  20. Washut recaps it here: https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/fastbreak-hoiberg-excited-for-official-start-to-season-this-week
  21. Lat not starting would be a surprise but not a huge one. Xavier fans wanted CJ to play the 4 for them as they thought he was strong enough and smart enough to defend there. I have also heard they really like Zo’s defense so far since he’s been here. So it would not be our strongest def lineup, I think it would be ok and as you pointed out, that is some firepower on offense.
  22. Better get used to Wilhelm at the 5 as well. Sounds like he will play there. Interested to see how the minutes are divided at the post.
  23. Hoiberg: "G Herbo, one of my personal favorites..."
  24. Coach Love and Coach Reyes are heading oversees. Can only imagine they are headed to see Mendelson play volleyball in U18 World Championships.
  25. The irony to me is Webster would likely be the guy Tominaga would take minutes from if he earns time in the rotation.
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