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  2. I could see that. Certainly worth a try. One nice thing about the rest of this season is that we have a opportunity to experiment. I’d love to see Arop get a few minutes, have Charlie continue to get minutes, have Cross start a game or two, and have both Yuv and Cross on the floor together for a bit sometime.
  3. Michigan and Wisconsin are falling like rocks. Can't say I'm sad to see it. Here's today's KenPom update. KenPom rankings as of 01-26-20 ========================== B1G (2-7) 9. Maryland 11. Michigan State 13. Ohio State - L 14. Iowa - W 20. Purdue - W 21. Penn State 22. Illinois 27. Rutgers - L, L 30. Minnesota 31. Michigan 34. Wisconsin - L 39. Indiana - L, L 110. Northwestern - L 130. Nebraska Non-Conference (5-6) 210. UC Riverside - L 132. Southern Utah - L 126. South Dakota State - W 318. Southern - W ---Cayman Islands Classic--- 129. Washington State - W 160. George Mason - L 138. South Florida - W ---B1G/ACC Challenge--- 82. @Georgia Tech - L 35. @Creighton - L 228. North Dakota - L 287. Texas A&M Corpus Christi - W
  4. I’m interested in bringing Yvan’s big body off the bench against tired bodies. I’m more interested in Cross getting in a rhythm early. It’s sometimes harder to warm up, sit, and come out hot than to start the game that way.
  5. Cross showed a few good things and maybe with a good offseason he can develop a role but right now he looks like a prime candidate to lose minutes to Stevenson next year.
  6. This is what I’ve wanted the entire time but it ain’t gonna happen.
  7. Cross got more boards, points, and assists today in 8 less minutes.
  8. I agree with the take on Green. He definitely needed to be found the ball a time or two by Mack towards the end of the game. To build on that, anyone else think it was a mistake only playing him 18 min? He, along with Mack and Thor, were the only ones who had it tn on offense. And Green seemed to be hustling his ass off on the defensive end.
  9. Rutgers would have scored 6-8 more points and Cross would have taken 3-5 more shots; missing most of them (not saying Yvan played great by any means). I just dont think it would have made a difference personally. However, I do like his potential as a point forward in the future.
  10. If there's time, I usually watch a replay. And after watching again still have some of the same observations. But...after watching replay. we didn't really play as poorly as Wisky just was on a roll and hyped. They shot almost 50% in the first half. Some of it may have been our defense, but they were hitting their shots. Later in the game, percentages started to even out, and we caught up late 3rd and 4th qtr. Our defense played more aggressive along the way, and Wisky may have felt the tide turning. The home team thing. It makes a big difference to Wisky.....where we have been known to have good games away. Anyway...huge congrats to the women. Great comeback in hostile environment. They were focused and poised when it counted....and got the job done. Another step onward and upward. 15-5 It not luck that got them there
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  12. Finally, a losing streak will be broken! 5 gamelosing streak (us)-74, 4 game losing streak (them)-72
  13. Huskers - 76 Wolverines - 75 This time we hit the winning shot!
  14. What about a Starting 5 of Mack, Burke, Thor, Yvan AND Cross...???
  15. I'm sure they were. I counted is at 7 fouls for the 2nd half on the play by play sheet.
  16. ‘thought they both were bad today but at least Yvan plays def and gets more boards but I guess you could try it.
  17. So, I'm not saying that it isn't worth a shot. However, there are some things that would hold me back on Cross starting as well. 1. Cross tends to play Ole defense at times and then no defense at all during other spurts. He does seem to try and get his nose dirty on rebounds at times, however. 2. When Cross is off on O... he is OFF. That tends to affect other areas. Now, Yuv isn't no offensive guru either, but at least he doesn't shoot it AS much. Granted, he TO's a lot more than Cross. 3. I don't know how much Cross would be able to wear on an opposing big man to start the way that Yuv probably does. Basically, it's a toss up. I'd be ok with trying it for a game or two, but I don't think that it'll make much of a difference either way.
  18. Patton was originally drafted to be a “bum” for the Minnesota Timberwolves, still one of the least successful franchises in Professional sports history...
  19. Also, this was the first team Nebraska has played twice under Hoiberg. If you don’t think we have a great coach based on the difference in game planning and execution, you’re insane. There were so many beautiful basketball plays drawn up that we just didn’t quite have the talent to fully execute, but my goodness did we ever compete. Next year is going to be the most fun I’ve ever had watching basketball.
  20. I think if Cross had 25 minutes and Yvan had 17, we win. Instead it was the other way around partly because of foul trouble. I really don’t see why Cross isn’t the bonafide starter at this point.
  21. Agree. That said, I think it’s a given he’ll outscore his matchup basically every night.
  22. If we land him and Hunter omg. Terrifying backcourt.
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