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  2. Shamiel just may be our Secret Weapon (I'm tempted to say 'Ringer', but he's no imposter); And he'll be available For Sure after the semester!
  3. If the amount of improvement displayed from now til the end of the non-con is the same for both options - then the answer is obvious (for me)
  4. And Pemsl will be dealing with a chronic hemorrhoid problem this year,
  5. I will vote to reward your effort in making a poll but would have checked "both" if it had been an option.
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  7. I agree, she definitely should be POW! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. Re: Curtis Looks like he potentially was injured and at one point looked like he would not play
  9. For whatever reason Samari Curtis has not seen the floor much through two games. I didnt see him playing much anyway and predicted him not to make the rotation once Hoiberg cuts it down to eight guys. He is in a tough spot having to battle Dachon Burke, Cam Mack, and Jervay Green for playing time. They may not be world beaters but they are no slouches.l either. All three have eligibility next year as well.
  10. To me, it seemed like Southern Utah was a better team than Riverside. I'm often wrong but I don't see UC Riverside as anything beyond a team that needs to win their conference tourney to make the tournament and they will not. Thus to me it was how this team just folded in the 2nd half vs Riverside. I guess if our excuse was missing one guy it's too bad that Riverside missing two starters and down 16-7 early on the road couldn't have just given us the win. While we couldn't hit the broad side of a barn vs Southern Utah either it really felt like we showed resolve and effort.
  11. Did they name a POW? wonder who got that over Haiby.
  12. Our two biggest issues right now are shooting and rebounding. We were outrebounded by 20 in the first game and by 14 in the second. The 15 offensive rebounds we gave up to Southern equal 15 additional possessions. The 13 offensive rebounds for Riverside are similarly 13 additional possessions. Each possession is an opportunity to score a basket, right? Offensive rebounds surrendered to your opponent are like turnovers. So that's a biggish deal. Right now, our team 3-point percentage is 21.2%. That's historically bad. I don't even want to try to go back into the record books to see what the current record is for team 3-point % for a season. I'm sure it's a lot higher than 21.2%. Let's wonder for a moment what the impact of not having Shamiel Stevenson might be. As a freshman at Pitt, he averaged 37.5% from 3-point range and 4.4 rebounds. As a true freshman. Right now, I'd love to see a lineup with Yvan and Kevin Cross both playing at the same time to see how that might help our rebounding situation. Rebounds on the defensive end help us get out into transition where we're currently the most effect, per the stats @hhcmatt posted. But then the question is who spells Yvan? And who spells Kevin? But if Shamiel were eligible, he might be the answer. We wouldn't need to start both Kevin and Yvan because we'd have a 6'6, 245# dude out there with long arms and an explosive vertical who has some demonstrated ability at the upper D1 level at cleaning the glass. If Shamiel was eligible from the start of the season, do we lose either of those first 2 games?
  13. I remember Gary Sharp in his preseason predictions said, this season will be a success if.....Nebraska just continues gets better throughout the season. It sucks to have no real expectations like 18 wins or NIT or NCAA or Beat Creighton. But it would be unfair to put any of those on these players and this coaching staff.
  14. Anybody else notice Samari Curtis sitting on the bench during halftime warm-ups? He did not play in the second half. Guessing he lipped off in the locker room during half time? I also noticed his "why-am-I-still-playing-I'm-a-high-profile-recruit" body language at the end of the Doane game. Had to be replaced by Cross for the last couple minutes. My gut tells me he will not be on the team next year. Heck, could even be gone after this semester.
  15. https://huskers.com/news/2019/11/11/womens-basketball-haiby-named-to-big-ten-weekly-honor-roll.aspx
  16. Yellow leggings make that 30 year old look like big bird.
  17. I knew. I remember being really upset at how pathetically ignorant our general fanbase was about what Tech was.
  18. How do you determine in what way it was sub-par though? Was it sub-par scheme? Sub-par execution? A squad that lacks the talent to execute the scheme? Or a squad that's young and inexperienced and is still on the early side of the learning curve? Or maybe those teams we played were actually better than we thought they were? I remember being distressed at how we got man-handled in the 2nd half against Texas Tech last year. We didn't know how good they were at the time, but it turns out Texas Tech was pretty damned good.
  19. Robin Washut on Sip and Jake on 93.7 this morning. He talks about the Hunter Sallis visit starting at the 8:35 mark. iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/robin-washut-husker-online-shut-up-sipple-sponsored/id1114569714?i=1000456580424 Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/m/D6j7cvyliit33iozngbymhliwky?t=Robin_Washut_Husker_Online__Shut_Up_Sipple_sponsored_by_Bagels__Joe-Early_Break MP3: https://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/morningtake/2019_11_12_5_Washut.mp3
  20. Have you been to the first two Husker games....? Ba-da-bump (rimshot)!
  21. mizzou's wrap-up of the game for anyone who didn't get to watch (like me): https://youtu.be/8NL0t2Ck3lA noticed Kate Cain walk out for celebration at the end. she appeared to be walking normal, so, maybe just coach williams decision?
  22. I would to, but as of now it looks like the duo won't be at Nebraska.
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