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  2. Why would he attend a game when he already knew he was going to have to can the guy? We are just fans, Moos does this for a living and probably didn't like the things he saw on the court, off the court, and at practice. He saw the train derailment coming just like it did every year under Tim. 7 years is like 10 in FB. basketball is the easiest sport to immediately get on track. Tim did that, but he could never replicate it. I wish him the best but this was inevitable. I sat courtside next to the bench for a few games in KC and I saw and heard things that I thought would lead to this meltdown. Unfortunately it came to fruition. This team was a top 15 team and a one point was trending, metrically, as one of the few teams that could make the final four. I wasn't a fair weather fan selling my tickets at the end of the year.I was pissed that Tim squandered the best roster since 1996. I'm pissed we are playing in the crap NIT that has no long term benefit to this program. I'm ready to win and win big, let's start the process.
  3. That game was a ton of fun. Of course I’d rather have been in the other tournament, but I’m glad we got the opportunity to say goodbye to this team. - That was a super entertaining game. There was an intensity about it we haven’t seen in a while. The crowd was spectacular. - Roby was a stud tonight. I didn’t think butler would have anyone that would be able to handle him and was right. - Palmer and Watson were great, too. - The Legend of Johnny Trueblood continues to grow. Ive got a bunch more thoughts I’ll have to save for another time. For now, I’m glad we get to see this team one more time. Here’s to letting the dream live on one more gams!
  4. Well, Iowa salvages the conferences rep. They went down slugging. Hard to come back from that putrid first half, but they almost did. So one of the two jewels of the SEC barely squeaks by a .500 B1G team. The hoops gods have spoken.
  5. I don't know if this is clear or not but if he declares for the draft and is picked anywhere he is absolutely not coming back.
  6. And We beat Iowa 93-91 in OT, last game of the season!
  7. I hear Syracuse is looking for a few more boxers...
  8. Today
  9. I am so conflicted. I hate all things SEC, but this is Iowa.....
  10. If I didn't hate Iowa I would be quite impressed.
  11. Sure sounds like Donovan is all N. If the change happens like we are pretty much expecting at this point, I think he will fit in nicely with the new system.
  12. Kansashusker thanks for the feedback.
  13. As much as I consider teams getting their first win in a play in game weak sauce, I have to concur....I would take it in a heartbeat at this point in my life.
  14. Iowa-Tougher than a weekend at your in-laws. (Except for the last 90 seconds against Nebraska)
  15. These are the approximate values of the last 3 1st round draft picks for 2018. He'd be leaving about 3.2 million on the table if he is a late 1st round pick. I posted a lot of reasons in this thread why Roby could stay. What I really believe though is he is gone. Gotta take the money young man. 28 $1,025,30 $1,076,600 $1,127,800 29 $1,017,800 $1,068,700 $1,119,600 30 $1,010,500 $1,061,000 $1,111,600
  16. No, they finally figured out this elusive "defense" thing and have made it a game again. Only down 5. Ferocious comeback. Man, had they not dug such a massive hole.
  17. They actually don't look too bad right now.
  18. YES......we need her athleticism
  19. Iowa determined to shame the B1G today. Back to their old stealth defense. Going totally off scoreboard, granted. It's going to be down to OSU pulling off a miracle.
  20. Sorry about that, I read Payton. not Ashton, my bad. As far as I know we are not. Kansashusker may be able to answer that.
  21. Ashton Verhulst is a 2020 and has already committed to KSU. She is a very nice heady player with skills, but not nearly the physical athletic talent her younger sister is who most consider a way higher level recruit. Payton Verhulst may well be a Mcdonalds All American. In response to your volleyball example with NU i agree whole heartedly it is important to own your state. However, Nebraska HS volleyball nationally is at a way higher level than it is in bball. probably in large part because of NU volleyball success local girls grow up dreaming of playing volleyball and so more play. I have studied it for a while and on average Kansas produces about twice as many bcs basketball kids per year as Nebraska, and feeds for Kansas d2 schools who all compete regularly for a national title at d2 level. Nebraska produces more bcs volleyball kids than kansas on average. So in general i think nebraska has more volleyball bcs kids to recruit considering the population than corresponding bball kids. Kansas has very few bcs volleyball kids other than private schools out of kansas city area who belong to the big clubs, with a few out of wichita also. I am not sure who we are recruiting for bball nationally right now other than the 3 ks kids that have been discussed -- verhulst, ryan and love; but have seen mention on the internet of the 2020 wisconsin guard Simmons and maybe a north dakota big and a canadian kid. I can't remember their names.
  22. Really we have been talking about her for a year.
  23. If you can't believe someone with the twitter handle "sp0rtsgenius69", who can you believe?
  24. To be clear if we win today the basketball game would be Tuesday and the baseball game would be moved to Wednesday
  25. Question are we chasing Ashton Verhulst have not heard any mention of her.
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