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  2. Unless the transfer likes stools no stool liker guys.
  3. Something needs to change. What happened to the team that defeated Duke! We have too much talent to lose like this.
  4. 16-11. 6-10. We are what our record says we are, mediocre.
  5. Isn't that when a leader should want the ball.
  6. As fate would have it, I had lunch with Mr Coatney on President’s Day & gave him credit where credit is due...
  7. I agree, but I am not sure it matters anymore.
  8. Hey, the more I drink, the better this game is looking! (But tomorrow I'll be sober )
  9. I know a team that likes transfers...
  10. Somebody has to want the ball late in shot clock.
  11. Shot clock violation when we could cut lead under 10. Unbelievable.
  12. Whew, thot we were gonna get skunked from 3-land. Now lets put Kristian Hudson in so she can get that elusive one assist she needs to get 400 in her career (at least that'd be off our backs).
  13. Four more baskets than turnovers through 3 quarters. Never recall seeing that before.
  14. They never have much of a crowd. but that is a big place.
  15. Well, we seem to be playing our best ball as the Post Season approaches.
  16. Now that we're down 20, the refs feel like giving us a couple whistles. Nice of them.
  17. Helms can't do any worse the Whittish. Give her a shot and let her go.
  18. I have a good picture on BTN+ (but miss the shot clock)
  19. My screen for the Hastings Doane game is just fine.
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