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  2. Great effort by the team and coaches tonight. Team win!
  3. Nice beat down. I was very near the Northwestern bench and they had no answer. Other than berated the referees continuously and his players on occasion, the NW coach was useless. Nice win with everyone contributing. I want to give a special shout out to Moriarty. She works her a** off on the court. She gets little credit, but she deserves kudos.
  4. If I remember correctly she had both feet operated on during her junior season and never quite got fully healed or back in top playing shape during her senior season. Maybe with NU'S training staff she is now OK. She was hot as a firecracker the first half and is playing a lot more of a complete game. She also is a good rebounder.
  5. During the broadcast, Matt said that Nissley has had feet problems, and she is finally getting healthy Sent from my SM-S911U using Tapatalk
  6. I didn’t really care who won this game. You could make an argument for either being better for us. What we probably didn’t want was a blowout that’s going to shoot the winner up in the metrics. Damn lol
  7. Conference standings really mean nothing to the committee. We should worry more about our resume than about where we finish in the league. The only benefit to the double bye from a resume perspective is we likely avoid an opportunity for a bad loss. With that said it is not good for Michigan State and Wisconsin to lose. Those are our 2nd and 3rd best wins. They need to remain impressive, and absolutely need to remain in Q1.
  8. It's about time Wiliams has figured out that Nissley needs to start. That kid can shoot. Nissley played 20 minutes and scores 12 in the first half. Moriarity get 20 minutes and Krull gets 12 minutes and combine for 0 points. Others teams know to not worry about those 2 as far as scoring goes. All and all the team did what they were supposed to do, beat a bad team convincingly . Hope they keep it up.
  9. It finally looked like the Huskers practiced against a press.
  10. Matt and Jeff, were talking about songs most of the 4th quarter.
  11. Today
  12. Really solid team W tonight. Nissley was a key contributor, along w/ Alexis, in the first half. Potts and Stewart made big contributions in the 2nd half, allowing AM to get some rest. That's the kind of efforts we need to be a really good well-rounded team, needless to say. Next is Minny, who has been struggling as of late; lost at home to UW earlier tonight. Need to get the split with them and keep adding up the W's so we can clinch that 4th seed in the conf. GBR!!
  13. https://storage.googleapis.com/huskers-com-prod/2024/02/21/WT4xSEe4pcyF2y2qhCQJvoTJWzq2slUNiCm2AFXI.pdf
  14. A day off will be good for the team. The new starting lineup is effective. KM needs to stay confident on offense and attack the basket. We owe Minnesota. Hope to make it to the game Saturday.
  15. Nice team win. Other than a second quarter lapse we played efficient basketball. Great to see Stewart get some buckets and look like a contributor. Keep people healthy and get ready to take down Minnesota.
  16. It didn't look like we shot the ball as we did.
  17. You forgot the "1" in front of the 7. This will be remembered as the Beatdown in Bloomington.
  18. Coach was very quiet tonight. Compared to other games.
  19. How about when he uses the adjectives “Humongous, gigundous!”
  20. Nice job by the bench to build the lead in garbage time. Great job by Stewart.
  21. What I really wanna know is - are we following B1G protocol?
  22. That was certainly intentional by NW 40. She may have been frustrated, but that's no excuse for trying to dislocate someone's shoulder.
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