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  2. I have lost 90% of my faith in this team, but still feel they can find a way to turn it around. At least it is a home game. NU-74 MSU-70 6-3's
  3. As embarrassing of a week for husker basketball as I can remember.
  4. Maybe a bit too much or to early.....but get the feeling this team can really be good. The components are there. At all positions...some are stronger than others of course. Have some very good experience, and a complement of good freshmen, that are contributing right away. Chemistry seems good all around. Just use them correctly, get the minutes right, schemes that work for your personnel, etc etc. but the potential seems greater than some past teams. Need everyone to stay healthy. But I like where we're going.
  5. Sparty hasn't picked up their full steam yet. Normally, that would give me hope. Not this year. Izzo will thankfully call off the dogs earlier than normal. He has a soft spot for our private planes. Sparty-84 Huskers-67
  6. We're going to have to just admit what we are as a program and go beneath the surface of the "hot coach du jour" in the mid majors. AD needs to do some deep sea diving, put his neck on the block, and roll the dice on a prodigy somewhere that's flying a bit under the radar. For the record, there will be no shortage of coaches who will enjoy this kind of masochistic challenge. Our coahc is out there. He/she (hey, its possible) is. We just gotta find him/her.
  7. i picked us for 7 wins in conference. i thought I was stretching a bit for that, and it's clear that I was. A lot. The good news is that we're likely to be able to start playing the "who's next?" game before January's over with.
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  9. We might be lucky to hire a coach who could coach the losing team at the state high school basketball championship.
  10. What we do know for sure though is that their BEST player didn’t even play.
  11. It's impossible to rank them because those 1st 2yrs would have to be on sliding scale. We've lost to worst teams, however this game has the feel of one of the worst losses. We'll know more in a few weeks after teams get conference games under their belt. Once again in the 2nd half we go away from what was working in the 1st half because well....why not. What I can't stand is watching a team quit playing.
  12. Ranking the worst losses of the Hoiberg Era is a tall, tall order, but this one is officially in the running.
  13. Name a player who wanted to come here that we couldn't afford? I'll wait. I don't know who HB's source is and is likely different from mine, but I can say with certainty that this person is at all of the big donor events. When he tells me that we can be competitive with NIL, I believe him.
  14. Listened to Fred’s presser. Thanks for posting it Ron. Two things that stuck out. He said that the Creighton game and tonight were tough, tough, learning lessons. So having the oldest team in the league doesn’t necessarily most experienced… He also specifically used the words “our guys have to make a conscious effort to find Keisei, especially in transition when he’s open” Wish someone would follow up with “at times it doesn’t seem like certain guys want to pass to him…”
  15. Disappointing. I'm not sure Minnesota is as bad as people think either. Just disappointing.
  16. It’s early. There are some things to iron out. My .02. I hear y’all though. He needs the improvement to happen a lot sooner than the last five games or so. It needs to get turned before January.
  17. Fred's job is on life support. His W-L record here make Collier and Sadler's look like Bob Knight and Coach K. The eye test/grit of this team against the only 2 teams that have a pulse, was abysmal. Losing + Disinterested Players = Easy Choice. I'll leave a little wiggle room, because miracles have happened, but being on the right end of a miracle doesn't happen to Nebrasketball.
  18. So, do we have a realistic hope to hire someone better than: Tom Izzo or whoever replaces him? No Mick Cronin? No Dana Altman? No Matt Painter? No Chris Holtzmann? No Brad Underwood? No Steve Pikeill? No Chris Collins? No Andy Enfield? No Kevin Willard? No Fran McCaffery? No Greg Gard? Probably not, especially considering its an established program Mike Woodson? Probably not, he can recruit Whoever replaces Juwan Howard? No Whoever replaces Ben Johnson? Probably not Mike Hopkins, or whoever replaces him? Maybe, or probably not Mike Rhoades? Possibly So, if we're lucky and make a good hire, we might end up with the 15th best coach in the conference. With the lack of recruiting base and the lack of tradition, our biggest hope is that maybe we'll still be playing on Tuesday the week of the Big Ten tournament.
  19. Officiating is a tough, tough job...I would find it difficult to be accurate and fair. Unfortunately, so do most of them
  20. All I know is Trev Alberts just had his salary doubled. He is currently the AD of the worst P5 football team (based on bowl appearances) and worst P6 basketball team in the nation. Good grief.
  21. Defiantly went off the tracks with the firing Nee. Didn't matter who they hired, as that person was never going to equal Nee's success. I don't think he screwed us over royally. IMO he jumped in a lifeboat before he was pushed off the plank. Can't say I blame him. He saw the writing on the wall. Barry has attended a lot of games since he left. Barry, as a human being will always be one of my favorites. I liked Doc as well. He was more similar to Barry then most would like to admit, mainly neither one of them could recruit or coach offense. Not including Bahe on any list other than the biggest douche to come out of CU. Did Danny Nee have a hard to recruiting Omaha kids? 1890 is doing just fine. None of this is going to be absorbed by Universities as it would be strongly opposed by the kids. If the Universities are put in charge of NIL it will become a mess.
  22. I didn't say NO ONE supports it, just not to the degree we need.
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