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  3. Well done Ladies!! 1 - 0 in the B1G.
  4. Sam made some nice plays at the end but I thought on a couple of earlier break situations she should have passed the ball. Scoggins is great to have at the line to seal a win.
  5. And your sources are? And your reasons for divulging private medical information (assuming your sources are good) are?
  6. guess I'd be shovving my age and other things if I chose MC5?
  7. If there is one bright spot-- we've only been mentioned in one of these tweets so far.
  8. Can't wait to see the 30 for 30 on how an exorcism turned around our historically bad basketball team. I'm thinking a late October release on ESPN for the episode to line up with Halloween.
  9. What's that WIU loss looking like in the quads?
  10. Sure. He doesn’t have a serious medical illness. And I’m not sure there’s any big rush for him to get back.
  11. If only we could get rid of that Heel on the Basket!
  12. I hope Scalia cools off a bit during half time. She hit a couple crazy shots.
  13. Today
  14. The people in the first row didn't help much.
  15. Minny Rallies to within 2 pts @ the Half! (Huskers shooting dropped off in 2Q; only 8 pts)
  16. Great 1st qtr...not so great 2nd qtr.....all the subbing took the wind out of our sails Poor shooting in 2nd qtr. We let them get the momentum
  17. Don't like that Raised floor @ Williams! Dangerous!!!
  18. Where Is everybody??? (Must be @ the (away ) game!
  19. Other than Izzie picking up the 2 fouls, that was a good 1st quarter.
  20. You hope all the players are back. So far under these coaches and the nature of the portal combined with lack of success, it seems hard to say all will be back with the newcomers.
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