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  2. This matchup should be played in a barn with torches as the only light. Loser has to walk home.
  3. Creighton was bragging about taking NAIA Div II National Champions Concordia into overtime on twitter.
  4. By the way, Cayman Classic will not have TV coverage as there will only be premium streaming provided.
  5. Creighton just won in double overtime over Concordia by 2
  6. Does the timing of the request play any role? I am wondering when we put in the application/request.
  7. That picture makes me think of Russell Westbrook.
  8. Last year when watching Mo, I thought that the kid had that innate skill set that made his future bright. I thought, man, with a bit more body mass, and a year of college under his belt, he was going to be a real good one. Then...this year happened. I don't know what happened??? He doesn't look like he spent much time building his body; he looked disinterested (and with a felony hovering over his head, it is hard to blame him; perhaps the offensive line is not helping as much; but shoot the boot, the dude would looked tentative, he was unable or unwilling to explode through initial impact...and well, he looked bad. So this doesn't surprise me, the kid most certainly took a step backward this season.
  9. Does it really count when Kansas gets hammered by the ncaa.
  10. that football team is flat out not good. but we still haven't gotten used to our new status as "meh".
  11. Yesterday
  12. Of all the stock photos of SS that they could have used, they chose the one where he is fumbling the ball on an undefended dunk attempt?
  13. Seems like, but 74 is a lot to work through in just a couple of weeks.
  14. Great post. I’m sure Doc loves the pieces he has to work with defensively. This roster reminds me of a couple of his great defensive teams that were undersized. I don’t think he’s ever coached this much quickness and length at the guard and wing positions though. Call me crazy, but I think this team could be better on defense than on offense. The sheer numbers may not suggest that, since there will be more possessions and more shot attempts than we’ve seen here since Nee (and therefore more points for both teams), but our defensive efficiency (Doc’s specialty) may keep us in some games when our offense is struggling.
  15. Doc brings it a hundred every night. Whether it's defense or pizza. He's all 'N' to it.
  16. FloSports App is Available on AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku: https://www.flohoops.com/articles/6517308-flosports-app-available-on-apple-tv-amazon-fire-tv-and-roku
  17. I can get behind this. I'm sure there's some Italy-ians in my family somewhere
  18. If we take a big step forward, then we should finish in the top half of the B1G. I concede that several teams are stronger than NU based upon last seasons performance.
  19. Excellent chart, @Dead Dog Alley Obviously, Doc would be in a great position to tell us who's better, but my thoughts are indicated above. Looking at that comparison makes me feel better about this year. This year's bench is way better than the 2009 team. The starters could be better as well. And that was Doc's best team as a head coach and nearly made the NCAA tourney. I'd give Ade the probable nod over Haanif, but I have to think Haanif is no slouch and can hold his own. I'd give Ryan A the nod over Shamiel, but Shamiel could surprise us. Cookie was solid, but Cam Mack is 7 inches taller and I'm just going to guess he's a better player and maybe even a lot better. Steve Harley was a pretty good baller, but it's plausible that Jervay could be a lot better than Steve. And Sek was decent, but what I've seen of Dachon, he's better overall because Sek wasn't that good from the outside. This is going to be an interesting team. Very interesting comparison looking at both rosters like that.
  20. I've been drinking the Kool Aid, but damnit I love this roster.
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