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  2. I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't really follow the Husker football team. So when I read today that JD has been away from the team for 2+ months and is not communicating with the coaching staff, I was shocked. Can someone enlighten me on what led to JD taking a break from the team? And is this expected to be a permanent rift, or is he expected back for the season?
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  4. Just as long as his mug shot doesn't remind us of a kid who would play at Iowa.
  5. Don't tell anyone, but we just might have some not yet online. PM me if interested.
  6. Rules will be changed this season so the whole season (including tournaments) will last a total of 35 days beginning to end with one game played a day.
  7. Just ordered a bundle!! Thanks for the discount!!
  8. His film reminds of a kid that would play at Wisconsin.
  9. Kent might get into some problems with the FCC if he slips up pronouncing that name.
  10. One of these in Kearney Also!! Good Eats
  11. I like this kid's tape. I see a lot of potential in how this kid plays. http://verbalcommits.com/players/will-tschetter
  12. Robin Washut Retweeted Verbal Commits @VerbalCommits Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska have offered 2021 Stewartville (MN) F Will Tschetter.
  13. Last week
  14. idk, always thought Merchant was a pretty decent coach for the Big 10. MSU gets some pretty good talent. Merchant has had a string of bad luck the past couple of years.......however, having said that, may be something to watch once things get back to normal.
  15. Helms brings excitement: https://spark.adobe.com/page/KYotDlg3KlY05/ "Helms continued to gain strength and make adjustments to the college game without seeing much time in the first half of the season. But as the pain subsided, her legs gained strength and her fitness level and speed improved, and Helms began to earn more playing time."
  16. Helms time: https://spark.adobe.com/page/KYotDlg3KlY05/
  17. If Akol can pull a Benny Parker I am down with that.
  18. brisket is good value at $7/lb, let me know when you get more of it in stock! @cipsucks
  19. Coach didn't manage to get the link to work in his last tweet for some reason, so I've linked it here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/29/police-chief-i-see-minneapolis-crucial-test-our-profession-heres-how-we-can-avoid-failing/
  20. That's certainly another possibility. It's not year one any more so you can't just cut a guy. You can tell a guy he should transfer because he will never play and he can say he's fine with that arrangement.
  21. At least some reason for doubt certainly.
  22. Yep, I’ve seen a lot of the photos, people pitching in & helping out. It’s a special place, that’s what makes it especially hard to watch... I saw the Meat Puppets a couple of summers ago right behind the Minnehaha Liquor store that was burned down.
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