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  2. Of course we read every detail. We're Husker fans. We track planes. We know the names of all the local cable installers. No detail gets past us
  3. One problem with Kevin Cross was that he was a Doc, not Matt, recruit.
  4. Just looking at the two groups, it makes me think maybe you need to be patient with a kid and give him time to develop. Speaking of which, Kevin Cross is currently averaging 16.1 ppg, 6.0 bds, 4.1 assists while hitting 84.8% of his FTs and 55.3% from the floor. Now how deflated do you feel?
  5. Part of the problem with Boston College is that they've been hit by the injury bug. Their starting center, the aptly named Quinten Post, has been out the entire year. Freshman contributors Prince Aligbe and Donald Hand have been out since being injured in game 2. I don't expect any of them back on Wednesday. Starting wing DeMarr Langford has missed 3 games but I think he'll play.
  6. Active in-state guys we wanted but didn't get out of HS: Jr. Max Murrell, 4.9/3.0 in 14 min/game So. Hunter Sallis, 5.1/2.9, 33% from 3 So. Chucky Hepburn, 9.7/3.7/2.8, 39% from 3 Fr. Jasen Green redshirting Fr. Isaac Traudt redshirting Active in-state guys we said "eff it" out of HS: Sr. Baylor Schierman, 12.0/9.3, 44% from 3 Sr. Sam Griesel, 10.9/5.1/4.4 Sr. John Tonje, 15.1/6.3, 38% from 3 Sr. Josia Allick, 9.5/8.0 in 29 min/game Jr. Charlie Easley, 9.0/2.9/1.3, 42% from 3 So. Frankie Fidler, 11.0/5.5 in 31 min/game Fr. Luke Jungers, 7.3/3.1, 31% from 3 Not sure where to list the Arops or Donovan Williams because we didn't really blow them off coming out of HS. I'm including Easley in this group, though, because he was a walk-on who is now a scholarship D1 player. And we didn't offer him. But, anyway, who's having more of an impact: The guys we whiffed on or the guys we spurned?
  7. “If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.”
  8. Per his press conference, we can finally put this thread to bed. Looks like we’ll have to stick with “Health Reasons”
  9. Today
  10. I guess I could see a small D1 school take a shot on him because he's 6'8 and can shoot from the perimeter but I have a gut feeling he ends up at a D2 school. Notice how none of those schools have offered a scholarship. Not even Omaha or South Dakota.
  11. That may or may not be true. Per Rivals, these are schools interested in him: SCHOOL INTEREST VISITS OFFER Clemson MEDIUM NONE - Iowa State MEDIUM NONE - Kansas State MEDIUM NONE - Missouri MEDIUM NONE - Nebraska MEDIUM NONE - Omaha MEDIUM NONE - Oral Roberts MEDIUM NONE - South Dakota MEDIUM NONE - Virginia Tech MEDIUM NONE
  12. We lost one of the best back line players in the country due to injury. Overcoming an injury such as that, late in the season, would make a final four run remarkable in my book. But that is solely my humble opinion that may, or may not be shared by others. Team continuity and chemistry can be fickle. I compare it to a simple chair. With all four legs it is strong and stable. Lose one of the legs and it becomes much less stable and unless it is is properly manipulated and stabilized, will fail. Cook and his staff are the best of the best. If anyone can find the stabilization, it is that bunch. But again, it would be a remarkable feat.
  13. Finally listening to parts of this. I'd agree. That wasn't as bad as some of you are making it out to be. I found him quite complimentary of the place. I would also, in theory, agree with him that he did his job as far as getting guys here. Two of Hoiberg's teams, if they were effectively managed from a leadership/culture/chemistry perspective, should have had their records flipped around. He also, according to everything I have read here and elsewhere, was just an absolutely terrible assistant coach from a leadership/chemistry/culture/basketball perspective. But nonetheless, that is a failure on FH, and FH alone, for letting stuff like that fester and for how long it did. I would have canned him a long time ago, recruits be damned, if he ever remotely disrespected my authority or undermined me. You absolutely, 100%, cannot have that on a coaching staff. There has to be harmony and cooperation.
  14. Clemmons isn't a D1 player. Never has been, he's gotten hype because of his name
  15. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2022/11/acc-sec-and-espn-announce-future-mens-and-womens-basketball-challenges/
  16. Just making sure people read these things...
  17. huh.......i just don't see it being a "remarkable" feat. sure, not easy....never is when it is tourney time. however, still think this bracket gives them a very good shot to make it to Omaha.
  18. i had to listen to it on my phone on the way home. too bad it didn't have matt and jeff's call with the video...........it was GREAT!!!
  19. In Lincoln, in addition to Love, you have Clemmons, Jr at Northstar and Bazil from Notheast. Here is a list of Prep Zones [I think] top 4. Rank Player High School 1 Josiah Dotzler Bellevue West 2 Tate Odvody Omaha Westside 3 Jake Brack Omaha Skutt 4 Porter Bazil Lincoln
  20. Found it on her Twitter page. https://twitter.com/HuskersWBB/status/1597394340758032386?t=xwgGhlNcPJmtQMoeoSUv3A&s=19
  21. Shoot. Yesterday I saw a video of Jazz hitting her 3's in overtime. But for the life of me, I don't know where I saw it. I will post it if I find it.
  22. B1G gets .5 for our defeat of Florida St as it was day adjacent to the challenge
  23. Just go read that USA today article....
  24. Overall, appears to be a Tim Miles style flash in the pan. But there is Chuck Love, a sophomore at Lincoln Southwest. He has offers from Missouri, Northern Iowa, Missouri State and UMKC. Nebraska, Kansas and Virginia Tech have also shown interest. I haven’t seen him play yet, but they say he’s very skilled for his age/size (he’s 6’6”). He’s also a coaches son, as his dad is… Chuck Love.
  25. Right. Especially if it’s “The truth”.
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