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  2. Telling Robin Washut we were definitely still in the mix and then releasing a top 10 the very next day without us in it was trash. I'm still bitter.
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  4. I agree with this. Seems like there's always a kick to a groin when at rock bottom.
  5. Not a Staley fan either. Couldn't believe I was pulling for Iowa. I do think the South Carolina players represented themselves well. LSU and their coach, not so much. Hate to say it, but I will be pulling the the Hawks two games in a row. Who'da thunk it.
  6. Anyone remember my great April fools joke a few years ago? Like maybe 10 years ago? I had people really going. I think it was like news of a transfer, either in or out. Hopefully someone has a better memory than me. I always liked a *good* April fools joke.
  7. I don't care. He's going to go somewhere else. I'm not just not getting my hopes up, I am affirmatively saying I don't care. Let him be somewhere else. I'm not interested.
  8. I despise Dawn Staley more than I don't like Iowa, so I'm happy for the Hawks getting to the finals.
  9. Link to Tweet (click on Tweet Date below (underlined & in color) and open in another window to access the Video) Kids reaction is priceless!
  10. Huskers.com updated the start time from 5 p.m. to first pitch vs ACU in about 10 min.
  11. https://wacinternational.tv/abilene/ This is how I'm getting the second game, It is not a pay per veiw.
  12. Huskers win their 15th game: NU 12-1. On to the double dip, at Abilene Christian, due up next.
  13. Hey-- I'm just excited to have FREE video. I'd watch a FB live feed if it was free.
  14. I hope he turns out as good as Matt Hill, who was last seen in Lincoln getting his lunch taken from him by Andre Almeida.
  15. One more thing....listen in LSU I noticed that when Clark drives to the basket.....right side (75% of the time maybe), she does it a lot when bringing the ball down the floor. (or from a 1/2 court corner) The rest of the Iowa offense clears out the lane and moves away from the basket...taking the defenders with them....then Clark hits the gas straight to the basket,,,,the defender is a step behind and it's all over. Got lots of points off that. She'll also sweep around the top of the key. Going to the right side, from the left... hits a lay up. She hits it lots of ways. She does travel a lot when pivoting..got called maybe once last night, and she travels a lot going off the dribble. Picks up both feet when moving off the stand still. She's the star now....so a no call One more ....man, they are all whinners. I didn't travel.... I didn't foul...they fouled me ! They're worse than I am.
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