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  2. We may not be good this year, but Hoiberg has no fear of failure. I love how the ball sometimes barely or doesn't touch the ground on offense. I also love the cuts to the rim when we dribble towards it. This is fun to watch.
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  4. Glad I stayed tuned for a triple double. What a game!
  5. Recap: Votes for Nebraska Win - 9 Sunshine Pumpers (20%) Finally Win One Yeaaaa! Votes for Purdue Win - 36 Non-Believers (80%) Non-Participants - ?? ( )
  6. No one generally redshirts, unless a walk-on or due to injury or some such occurrence.
  7. Hey, folks, I am ELATED that our Huskers won today! What a great victory! However, we had a fender bender on the way home from church this morning. We were going to the game anyway but then heard I-80 was closed from Gretna to Waverly (we live in Omaha) so we decided to stay home. I cried....still a bit shook up from the accident & then not getting to go to watch my team, it was too much for this old lady. But I cheered as if I had gone: Husker Power when Purdue was introduced, stood until the first basket, _______ for 3, etc. Next time there is a chance of snow on game day, I’m going down to Lincoln the night before! Missed the Purdue game last year because of the roads, too. Actually, I’m ready to move to the Hay Market! Ha! GBR!
  8. Well, to be fair, Brennan Clemmons had a triple-double in an exhibition. And, of course, on the lady Huskers, Lindsay Moore had a triple double in a regular season contest. But, today, was the first 'real' one for the Husker men's team in a game that counted !
  9. I'd imagine Fred, Matt, et al have a good idea where they sit with certain talent, maybe even talented dude(s) who might want to stay (near) home. No insider info, just a gut feeling. I hope my gut is right.
  10. Speaking of Arop: At halftime, Gates was feeding him and Kevin Cross for 3-point jumpers. Akol has a very good looking jump shot. His technique is sound and he was hitting a solid percentage of his attempts. I didn't count, but it looked like well over half went in. One stretch, I think he made at least 4 in a row and drew very little iron. If Akol is the only player not redshirting that has elite B1G athleticism, what is keeping him off the floor? I wish he would have redshirted. I think he has the potential to be a splendid player in year 5.
  11. Really good recruiting class? Who does he have in mind? We have room for 3 guys. We had two committed. One decommitted and then signed with Lousiville and the other is waiting until spring to sign his LOI (but was at the game today.) If Donovan doesn't end up signing (with us) in the spring, then, as of this moment, we have zero commits for 2020. So where's this "really good recruiting class" going to come from. I mean, I hope he's right. He certainly knows more about what's up than I do.
  12. Just watched the highlights again. 8:12 left and Purdue hits a two to make the game 52-50. With 5:25 left, we’re up 56-50 when Cross gets a steal and Thor runs out for a lay-up. That would be all we need because Purdue makes it to just 56 total points. We held Purdue to 6 points in 8 minutes. THE FINAL 8 minutes. That, my friends, is amazing and if we buy in with that much effort on the D end the rest of this year, we will compete in all of our games.
  13. Timing was terrible for us to try to go after Max Murrell. When he blew up, we had a new coach who had scrambled to fill a roster that ended up with only two seniors and two guys who were already committed for the 2020 class. We had no room. This year's Millard North team might not be the best in state history, but they certainly have more high-level talent than any team has ever had. The '80 or '81 or '82 (too lazy to look it up) Creighton Prep team with Kerry Trotter and Vic Lazeretti had some top notch talent. But Max Murrell is a Rivals 4-star top 100 recruit, Hunter is set to be a 5-star, and Jasen Green is at least a Rivals 150 kid, if not a top 100 talent himself. That's more top-tier talent than any Nebraska HS team has EVER had. Would have loved to have all three. Didn't get Murrell. Would be over the moon to get both of the other two. And get off of @basketballjones lawn.
  14. That last rebound was impressive in its own right. He grabs it going out of bounds and has to find someone to pass to while he's in mid-air. If he lands out of bounds with the ball, it's not a rebound.
  15. Cam's mom, you don't see much bashing of Cam on this site. He's not perfect, but we've said a lot of good things about him. Having said that, it's true he needs to watch his body language. I'm sure the coaches have said that to him. It's just we all have stuff we can improve on and that's one of his. Basketballwise, he needs to get his right elbow in when he shoots. It's tough to be consistently on line when your right elbow wings out like his does. He has a ton of talent. He has NBA-level athleticism and court vision. But NBA guards can shoot the rock. And they hit their free throws. And Cam can get there if he follows what Coach Hoiberg shows him. If he improves his shooting this off-season (don't try to change much this year) he could potentially be an early entrant in the NBA draft after next year. He has the ability to have a great career here. He has the ability to have his jersey hanging from the rafters. But he has to trust the process. And he has to understand you're playing with a very inexperienced roster. It's not going to happen over night. But the results of the Purdue game should show you it WILL happen. But everyone has to buy in and work hard to accomplish these team goals. God bless you and you are in our prayers. I and several people on this board know that cancer sucks, and our thoughts are with you. Stay strong.
  16. Let me tell ya about this team that was 8-8 and 0-4 in conference play. They were also 9-9 and 1-5 in conference play. The beauty who basketball is that anything can happen and there’s always a shot.
  17. We have made progress, but let's see if that progression continues. No need to set expectations beyond game to game improvement.
  18. Most agreed that an outside shot was the only thing keeping Thor off the court this entire time. He’s clearly put in the work in the offseason, and his body is stronger and more lean than last season. He’s hands down one of our best 5 players. Major props to him.
  19. You like Marvellous Mrs Maisel, so at least you have good taste.
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