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  2. I believe the NSAA is sticking to their transfer rules but if you move into another school district you are immediately eligible so I think you can. Problem is who knows if the other district might shut down as well. Might see movement on the basketball side of things. A little irony if players transfer away from Omaha Central.
  3. Is it to late for players who want to play; move to temporary locations that they can play???
  4. Nebraska has built its youth baseball programs over the last several years and it is starting to show with the quality of recruits we are seeing. Love seeing this going on!!!
  5. Let's hope with all the stuff that went on down at Texas tech you would think that she'd get a waiver. If she don't there's something seriously wrong after they give Shepherd her eligibility right away after Yori was fired. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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  7. https://omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/mens-basketball/19-years-after-his-husker-career-ended-steffon-bradford-is-still-a-monster-on-basketball/article_e4569302-e9db-5650-8127-ccabc4806508.html Story on Steffon Bradford - he and Anton Gill will be playing in a high level 3 on 3 tournament next weekend in Omaha (different teams I think) By the way, Nyatawa wrote this story - doubtful that means anything regarding the future of the NU hoops beat at OWH - even with all the budget/staff cuts, I can't imagine they ask him to pull double duty with cu and NU during the season. If that's the route they want to go, it'd make way more sense to have him double up on cu and UNO and have someone else do NU. But it's a weird time in the newspaper industry, so who knows?
  8. Omaha public schools will have remote learning and fall sports have been cancelled for the 1st quarter.
  9. Last week
  10. yeah, have to believe TT will clean house. seriously doubt TT will get a "household" name, but, someone will take the job. no problem there. won't be the program it once was....at least in the near future.
  11. Valladolid plays in the second tier of Spanish professional basketball. Looks like they were in 1st (and in line for promotion to the first division) when the season was halted last year due to covid so apparently they're still in the second division now. Congratulations to Matej, and best of luck!
  12. Its almost gotta be someone with TT ties, Maybe Erin Grant or Krista Gerlich. I just cant see many coaches wanting this job.
  13. Who do they get to go coach in Lubbock. this late?
  14. I'm guessing they dismiss everyone on the staff.
  15. True, They need to fire lowry Dawkins as well.
  16. Firing her was the only choice they had, recruiting woulda been a disaster if they kept her.
  17. Yvan was one of the brightest spots on the 2019-20 squad, particularly at only 17 years of age. He seems to be improving his physique to become a legit B1G dude, and I couldn't be more excited to see how much he brings to the table for the upcoming season. With several other taller players on the team in 2020-21, it could provide the ability to mix-and-match much better based on opponents' personnel as opposed to sticking Yvan on the "tall guy"!
  18. I like your ideas. Your thoughts got me thinking. Now I know the conference doesn't break up nicely into four groups, but I think that's they way you do this and I am gonna tell you why . Four bubbles gives you more control when an outbreak happens. So instead of disrupting seven teams if a team pops positive you only disrupt three or four teams. This would allow for more games to be played amongst the other teams while the positive bubble of teams are quarentined for whatever length their guidelines are at the time. Then the bubbles switch up. Do this over six to eight weeks making it a three day tournament every two to three weeks. Quarantining bubbles as you go as they pop positive. Have a weekend set aside at the end for any makeup games to be played and have it as a tournament(s) at the end. Then the Big Ten Tournament. Simple right?!?
  19. Shavon is moving from one Euroleague team to another: AX Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano plays in the LBA (Italian Serie A). They've won the Italian championship 28 times. Looks like maybe a move up. Congrats Shavon!
  20. What strikes me is how baby-faced he looks in last year's pics. Now, at least, he looks like a college man.
  21. That's great news. Fred needs intelligent, responsible players. I'm even happier to have Trey now.
  22. https://scarletknights.com/news/2020/8/6/womens-basketball-womens-hoops-adds-destiny-marshall-aicha-ndour-to-2020-21-roster.aspx
  23. That lil' 4-foot-8 PG is gonna get a lot of assists.
  24. Before: Ball high, bouncing off wrist After: Ball low, in control
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