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  2. Now that the Buckeye game has been scheduled for Saturday night, you can bet yer a** "Game Day" will be in Lincoln. They haven't had a chance to genuflect to THE Ohio St. University yet this season and will gladly do so since the "N" helmet still carries a brand when it comes to the TV. It's shaping up to be a real rip-snorter of a weekend right here in the Star City! Hoops, then knock off those pompous dilweeds that the BTN is named after...
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  4. Weren't we both on the same team?
  5. Maybe NU needs to the "Property Brothers" as consultants on their next renovation.
  6. In layman’s terms “darker”, it seems too bright to me.( like the the MN court) I just wish it was a little warmer...
  7. It's OK if you missed it; I did too.
  8. Do you see "Go Huskers!" in the dots? If not, you might be color blind.
  9. I'm assuming "natural wood" is to be distinguished from "stained." I could be wrong. I thought it looked pretty much unstained. I could be wrong on that one, too.
  10. What does this mean? Does it have an unnatural wood look? Or do you just want a different color/type of wood?
  11. Here's a little follow-up. (I think Oklahoma may be sitting @ 899 wins also )
  12. Dalano's shorts are almost as tall as Matty's "Nebraska" across his chest...
  13. Just FEI. (for everyone's information ) https://twitter.com/GBRosenthal/status/1173638176767926277
  14. The biggest thing that worries me is that Stanford is so battle tested that this is "just another game" for them against competition that we have been playing. For us, it's our first big time match. John Cook said it best yesterday in the presser. He "doesn't welcome a #1 ranking just yet." Here we are though and it's a great opportunity for our girls. We can do it, but it will be tough.
  15. Dalano's "rockin" the Jon Stockton's!
  16. I prefer this look from @colhusker intramural days:
  17. It's bright and "pops" a little too much for my tastes (not as bad as the Barn) but I wish it had a more natural wood look, but hey, they didn't stop by O'rourkes's to ask me...
  18. That's why they play the games, the result is not known ahead of time. GBR
  19. Heh...dimes: I like it! He's double-N for sure!
  20. I wonder if he will roll with #5 for us. He's #3 at Northstar but Cam Mack currently has that number
  21. You mean you didn't like this look???
  22. FYI Nebrasketball Season Parking Passes are on sale now at park and go
  23. The original photo was posted on Twitter. Everyone was standing flat-footed and Hoiberg is immediately adjacent to D'Ante, which should give us a reasonable impression of how tall D'Ante is.
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