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  2. Except in this case it really doesn't. aphilso1 can't do anything to get Troudt to come to Nebraska other than wish; it's literally out of his hands (regardless if those hands are filled with wishes or crap). The only thing for him (or any of us, really) to do on this front is wish. We can't do anything else. If he's just wishing for a job promotion rather than trying to get one (something he is in control of), then it works. But here? Not so much.
  3. I've put my hands together to fill them with wishes that they were not full of metaphorical posts
  4. If the analogy said "You've got fulfilled wishes in one hand and crappy things that happen to you in the other; let me know know which hand fills first" then I'd agree. But you didn't say that. Not even remotely. English is hard, I guess. Instead, you recommended to wish in one hand or defecate in the other. Well that's a pretty easy decision. Call me Jiminy Cricket if you must, but given those two choices I'm wishin' by my lucky stars all day.
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  6. Paul Velander finds out he actually has five games of eligibility remaining, decides to use them for this best-of-5 series, and takes 12 charges per game just like in '08-'09.
  7. The way game 4 ended was totally demoralizing for my guys. YOU GOT LUCKY @Norm Peterson
  8. Whoa whoa whoa.. I bet Ant knows who JLo is.. just didn’t know who A-roid was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm just the proud of my guys' effort. We were facing elimination in game 4 but we hung in there and put the game away. Game 5 was not as close as the final score makes it look. We win by 14, but if Keisei doesn't hit those 5 3-pointers in the last 90 seconds, combined with us missing some front-ends, we win that one by 25.
  10. Can I help it if the ref can't understand Japanese? My guy Keisei was ON FIRE in that game and the ref threw him out because he couldn't understand what he was chirping about after making his 10th 3 in the game. (he was just asking Bryce if he wanted to get together to play some Xbox later...)
  11. This thread had gotten really shitty.
  12. By the way, my 2nd assistant is Larry the Cable Guy. I'm going for heft.
  13. I'll admit it kind of threw me when he took Walker 2nd after taking Eduardo in the first round. I assume he figured there were plenty of guards, but he could leave me with no bigs. So, I've got some match-up problems in the paint. But we're going to be on their shooters like gloves. I have a lot of confidence in Doc to come up with a defensive game plan to shut those pesky 49rs down. It should be EPIC!
  14. I think the better analogy is a cock in the hand has to be found through the bush...or however that goes.
  15. Not sure why Izzo is wasting his time just wishing for things to fall into his lap, because Traudt is 100% not going to Michigan State.
  16. Nah, you don’t get it. That’s cool. Keep hoping and wishing for things to fall in your lap. The analogy works just fine. Enjoy your glittery unicorn wishes of Isaac Troudt when he is playing for Michigan State. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. https://huskers.com/news/2021/4/14/mens-basketball-huskers-add-xavier-transfer-c-j-wilcher.aspx
  18. Hope is a good thing. Toilet paper is also a good thing. Real life happens somewhere in the middle with various swings from time to time.
  19. Hoiberg has taken the reigns on his recruitment and I believe he's putting more time and energy into recruiting Traudt than he has any other player. They've built a strong relationship. He wasn't able to do that with Hunter, although Hunter was probably destined for a big time program, regardless. Traudt might not come here, but if he was 100% not coming here, why would he still be doing regular Zoom calls and watching film with Hoiberg? I'm also holding out hope.
  20. I agree It absolutely should be a game we can and should win if we are heading in the right direction. CU is in a whole rebuild situation.
  21. Remember to wash your hands and wear a mask if you wish to scientifically prove this aphorism ( which incidentally was one of my father's favorites).
  22. What that analogy means is stuff you wish for never happens so that hand is empty. $hit happens all the time. Full hand.
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