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  2. Just saw on the local Sioux City news KCAU9- they just did a story on Verbeeck saying she has transferred to Dordt College (NAIA) and will play for her former high school coach.
  3. I agree. In fact I think it's good enough to warrant steaks. Nice job @atskooc! But here's mine, and it has nothing to do with the contest really, but this song has probably the best keyboard solo you'll ever see and I just want people to see and appreciate the talent on display here. Plus, there is a dude wearing a Nebraska shirt in the audience, so props to him for that:
  4. Anybody else watching/watched "The Scheme" on HBO yet? I'm just sitting down to watch it now. https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/the-scheme
  5. Yesterday
  6. Yes please. Blocked shots and dunking ability = yay transition.
  7. It seems like the levee has most assuredly broken
  8. The below table is a collection of the players we are returning and the ones we are bringing in. Included is name, height, position, eligibility status, shooting splits, and per game averages. I just thought having it all together in one place, in this thread, would be helpful when discussing and debating next year.
  9. Official entry dedicated to all of the brave folks on the front lines helping our fellow mates. Add on just because it will eventually be OK and this song is awesome.
  10. Not exactly a fan of the song personally but it sure fits the mood of the day...
  11. This is by a former student of mine (his band had a song play in a Pepsi commercial a couple Super Bowls ago). It's about the current TP shortage. Good for a giggle.
  12. I'll go with Boredom by the Buzzcocks, but I guess boredom is much better than the alternative. I think we already have a winner with "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by astkooc. On the morbid side I was going to go with the Dark Ages classic Ring Around the Rosy (sorry, dark humor about a very serious situation)
  13. After seeing Otchere's numbers I wondered about the offer but I get it after seeing video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4LGGIRYkwQ
  14. Agreed. Duby Okeke throwin' the bones after another blocked shot at the rim would be a welcome sight, once again.
  15. I'll take it. Absolutely no one was scared taking it to the rim on Nebraska last season. They at least need someone who's a treat to block a shot in there.
  16. I'd have to think it's just an extra year of eligibility for just Seniors. If it's everyone, that will throw off recruiting for years to come.
  17. Oddly, it seems everyone has picked the same song called " Hmmm...can't reach this page"
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