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  2. Well one of those guys in the bottom picture is not going there because both can’t be 1
  3. It dates you a bit to say you attended a Husker football game where Gordon MacRae sang the Anthem. He died in 1986, so if you're younger than about 40, you missed your chance. I looked it up today. He died of cancer at Bryan hospital and is buried at Wyuka Cemetery. He was only 64 years old at the time. He would have turned 100 this year. I didn't realize at the time how cool it was that he was a Lincolnite. Man, what a set of pipes.
  4. I was there when Wingback Anthony Steels sang the anthem...
  5. So Arky dropped another popu up.
  6. I’m happy for Kopps though. His arm is probably smoked. Lol.
  7. Man are some killing DVH on the hogs message boards.
  8. Look...if some Razorback fan come across this for any reason... You had a great team. Your pitcher, Kopps, is a beast. We had a decent shot of our own versus the #1 team in the country but Kopps shuts us down and embarrassed us. Great on you. Better team won the series. But your fans are garbage. Stay out of Omaha.
  9. Wooooooo!!!!!!!! Pig soup! (...did I do that right?)
  10. What happened OMAHOGS didn't get any home cooking?
  11. Omahogs, stay home. We don't want your horrible fans here.
  12. Kopps gave up a solo homerun to NC State in the top of the 9th. 3-2 NC State. Winner to Omaha.
  13. I'm more familiar with Gordon Bombay.... but I don't think he ever sang the National Anthem. He did coach Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games though, so that kind of counts.
  14. Yesterday
  15. interesting column on the transfer portal... https://www.startribune.com/college-recruiting-battles-will-never-end-during-transfer-portal-era-ncaa/600064106/ "ESPN published a story last week that raised the notion of rampant tampering inside college football. That certainly seems likely, considering how easy it would be to pull off and difficult to prove and punish. Coaches have any number of back channels available to get word to a player on a different team that he has a scholarship and a big role in the offense waiting."
  16. NC State currently up 2-1 on Arkansas. Winner goes to the CWS.
  17. Only you and me, @Huskerpapa? If you saw Gordon MacRae sing the national anthem live, it probably means you also witnessed a Nebraska football victory, and probably against a pretty good team. Listening to Gordon MacRae sing was just icing on the cake.
  18. I haven't, but I do watch them on their 1 game a year on BTN!!
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH!!!! + + = https://twitter.com/coachdocsadler
  20. How many of those responding on this subject, have attended one or multiple women's soccer games @ Nebraska? Just wondering.
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