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  2. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/huskers-continue-to-replenish-walk-on-ranks-with-addition-of-grace-iii-from-arizona-state/article_dc5a70bb-3855-59c9-9122-937dfdeb1707.html Walk on, played AAU ball with Fred's son.
  3. that's right Jake. I think that the implication that Amy isn't being honest is unfair. There is a stark difference between lack of honesty and failure to disclose. I cannot recall ANY instance in which Amy has been actually dishonest with the fans or the public. In the present case of Popa, the reasons behind her abrupt departure may well be inappropriate for public disclosure ... such as none of our business. We, as fans, don't have the right to know everything and we shouldn't expect it.
  4. They had an 80-1 horse win the Kentucky Derby. The horse had better odds than Nebraska does of winning this game tonight.
  5. How do you hit the runner in the back of the head? This team has to be one of the worst Nebraska teams in the last 25 years. We are so fundamentally bad.
  6. I think football has had the better off-season but I don’t think that means much. Frost has already established a culture of losing. It’s a monumental task to flip a program that’s been this historically bad in Year 5, even with some better assistant coaches. I fully expect the football program to hover around .500, even with an easy schedule. I also fully expect Frost to be back for at least another year or two as Nebraska football doesn’t really have any real expectations anymore. I’m rooting for the best outcome possible with Frost, but I just don’t see him being successful here. I don’t think Hoiberg’s off-season has been that good. Again though, doesn’t mean much. I like that he’s bringing in some tough and physical players. I do believe Hoiberg can coach. I think he stands a better shot at being competitive with some hard-nose players who may not be the best offensively than he does with some of the defense-is-optional rosters he’s had here in the past. I will have to see the final roster, but it would’s surprise me if he scratched off the most wins he’s had since he’s been here. Not that says that much, just saying. I do think Hoiberg will be fired while Trev gives Frost another pass. Just my opinion.
  7. We are dangerously close to using our last life. Michigan State looks so much better than us.
  8. Weak fly ball after weak fly ball by batters. Making a very average pitcher look like a Cy Young award winner.
  9. The improvement was also hand in hand with trusting his competent assistants (not MA) to do their job. Fred was surprised he was given another year and it put a pep in his step. This is something I really, really like about Alberts—he likes to work with what he has and make it successful instead of coming in, threatening the coaches, and ultimately firing them. He’s the real deal. My affinity for Hoiberg’s ceiling has obviously lessened, but I still think there’s a brilliant basketball mind in there if he has kids like him on the roster (smart, unselfish, and arrive motivated). He may very well have those players for the first time he’s been here. The recruiting haul they’ve made over the summer is also a testament to working together as a staff in the recruiting realm. After the SMU transfer, I’m cautiously optimistic.
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  11. I’m not sure they knew it was coming? She was literally on the roster yesterday and today she is not. I don’t think she entered the portal, or at least it wasn’t announced because that would have been done by May 1. And I’m not sure she was a 4 star recruit? She was not on the espn list (which ranks the top 100) and was #263 by All Star Girls Report. I think she also went to 5 high schools. This may be a reason we will not hear about, such as medical, grades or a disciplinary issue or maybe she just wanted to go home? It could be a million things that tie coaches hands.
  12. Here we go again with the total lack of communication from Amy Williams!!! "Tatiana Popa redshirted in her first season at Nebraska in 2021-22. She came to Lincoln as a four-star recruit despite not playing competitively as a high school senior at Brewster Academy in 2020-21 because of the COVID-19 pandemic." So what the hell happened as she is not on the roster, nothin on the WBB site, and apparently no press releases to the newspapers. Is she in the transfer portal???? Geez just be honest with the WBB fans about what is going on. I really do not think Williams is a top tier WBB coach in the Big Ten!!!!
  13. Emmanuel definitely looks quicker and more agile on tape. Athletic is probably too generic of a word...I shouldn't have used it. I do think the highlight reel dunks for both guys are similarly impressive.
  14. Sam had a ton of options, he was in demand for sure and Gary was not an ugly girl in the corner either. I’m not predicting anything yet but I would not be surprised at all if we jumped up in the Big10 (not saying top 5-6). I like to think on the positive side until proven wrong, less depressing that way.
  15. Hmmmmmmmmmm - Trey's one of the more physically impressive, explosive people to play for Nebraska. Not sure if Emmanuel is more athletic. Trey's like an NFL wide receiver playing basketball (also part of his problem, never seemed natural or consistent)
  16. Griesel added, "And remember everyone, as Coach Sadler once said - A shot clock violation in basketball is much like a punt in football."
  17. This. The improvement coincided with Trey not only returning but getting his legs back. And then Trey's energy and grit rubbed off on his teammates.
  18. Hey losing with "team 1st lets share the ball" mentality is definitely a different culture than losing with a "me 1st Imma get mine" mentality.
  19. I will simply blurt this out; we started to play better defense the last two or three weeks (at least in part) due to Trey returning to full health. His tenacity, at a minimum, motivated others to step it up.
  20. One might be able to say the same thing about the football program; albeit belatedly - this is the first season that Trev had to work with Scott.
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