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  2. The last two paragraphs from the national On3 guy’s write up: “For me, it will just be my relationship with the staff and how I relate to the players. I’ll look closely at where I can fit in with the team. I just want that opportunity to play if I earn it. Also, academically, being in a good spot sets me up for life after hoops. “I’ll go play anywhere, so location doesn’t really matter. Level doesn’t matter to me, either. I just want a great fit. I want to see myself in a great system; a fast-paced controlled freedom offense suits me best. A coach that lets their guys go but also has great sets when needed.”
  3. Yes, but if academics were *that* important to him, he probably wouldn't have committed to Oklahoma State previously.
  4. I still believe that Nebraska getting a baller like P5 would be huge for the trajectory of Freddy. Hoiberg needs more guys who are foundational pieces.
  5. Northwestern, Rice, Notre Dame. Pretty heavyweight academics in that group right there. Kind of get a feel for the kid's priorities here and honestly I like it.
  6. as expected Nebraska cracks the Top 5 for Parker. Creighton notably absent.
  7. Yesterday
  8. We are going to shock the world. I am calling my shot now. 12th!!!
  9. 14h Huh? That’s Bulletin Board material right there Brother! The “Unfinished Business” Tour starts NOW…!
  10. Have heard a few possible names here other than Steadman and one of them makes much more sense than the others and he’s the one I’ve been told is most likely the guy. We shall see.
  11. Coaches that have been smart enough to leave the blue school to coach here have been success before.
  12. Hearing that vacation has something to do with the delay in an announcement. I guess good thing we had the Rice commitment all queued up.
  13. The new golf coach has been hired: Nebraska hires former Creighton coach Judd Cornell to head men's golf program
  14. Well...we did hire a new golf coach today. He happens to be an ex-Bluejay coach. So there is that!
  15. Great comp. I was going to say the "Johnson" brothers that have went to UNC, oldest plays for the Suns.
  16. Just a guess on my part, but I am betting more of a 2/3. Why? He just had a significant growth spurt. His training up to this point has likely focused on back court skills. I see him at a possible advantage matching up against smaller guards IF quickness allows it.
  17. It's a good day to gain a commitment from Mr. Rice. GBR
  18. Yeah, tough to know what we have here as we either caught him just having a good weekend or perhaps caught a guy just starting to reach his potential. Guy might end up turning into an impact freshman thanks to prep school or he might be the next Karrington Davis (spent an injured year playing for Monteverde Academy). 6'7" and can shoot is our type of lottery ticket though.
  19. Last week
  20. Can confirm that Coach Bud is sticking to volleyball https://huskers.com/staff-directory/-bud-/1575
  21. Looks like a good all around player with sneaky athleticism. Probably big enough to play the 4 and stretch the court.
  22. I was expecting a coaching hire announcement today.
  23. High school film reminds me of Kale Abrahamson
  24. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/recruiting/nebraska-lands-2023-shooting-guard-eli-rice/article_e2babdfa-182a-11ed-b1df-17c64e162a23.html?utm_source=omaha.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fnews-alert&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=d09b424543be8222e4a241a7937d248958c11014
  25. From IMG?! Have we ever been seriously-in on a player from IMG before? And here's a tid-bit floating out there on the internet [so it must be true] about him: "He is definitely under the radar because he only played 2 years...he hurt his back one year..missed aau...played high school...then covid hit and missed aau a second time...played this year enough to go to the state playoffs. So his exposure was limited."
  26. Hopefully this kid is a diamond in the rough. But it is tough to get excited by the way the 2023 class is shaping up when compared to our previous recruiting classes.
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