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  1. That, and you could ask him to do something out of his comfort zone - like an alley-oop. Huge confidence booster with teammates going nuts.
  2. Before: Ball high, bouncing off wrist After: Ball low, in control
  3. So if McGowens and King are eligible this year and everyone stays, Lakes would be the 7th Senior for 2021-2022. Do I have that right?
  4. Or you can try The Conquerer with John Wayne. His Mongolian ‘accent’ is strangely familiar.
  5. Was starting to look forward to more wicked spin moves.
  6. National Treasure The Rock Hunt for Red October Clue Princess Bride Young Frankenstein Blazing Saddles True Grit (original, of course) Apollo 13 Tombstone A Christmas Story Shawshank Redemption Bourne Identity
  7. As long as we’re renaming things, how about the mascots? Lil’ Fred Hoibie Husker Apologies if this has already been done.
  8. My kids had to tell me what 4chan means. <sigh>
  9. During a Husker Madness Dunk Contest, Wes Wilkinson tossed the ball off the shot clock and reached way back and slammed it. Very cool. Anyone else remember that one?
  10. If nothing else works for you, I found the game on Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) on DirecTV, Channel 640.
  11. Had the same problem. Switched to Chrome. Works fine.
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