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  1. Oregon is in town and is looking for games. They play Seton Hall tonight but have put out the word that they would be up for another game.
  2. Please throw North Carolina in there. They claim Creighton roughed them up when they played them in the NCAA. Creighton is soft and always has been. Creighton plays finesse ball. The current Nebraska team is tougher than any Creighton team that I can remember. Don't tell North Carolina fans that though... lol
  3. This post draws out my first ever comment on this board after years of lurking. Some of the best years of of my Husker basketball life were the Nee years. Every year I had hope. Every year was exciting. The athletes where amazing. Sure they all ended in disappointment but the thought "always next year" meant something way different than it does now. My fandom has diminished since Nee was fired. Nebraska basketball has never been the same. That was many years ago though. I quit watching Nebraska basketball after Nee was fired. I was at his last game. I think it was win against Colorado. Always next year came to mean something completely different since then. After staying away from NCAA basketball for a few years I started watching the game I loved again. Only it was Creighton basketball. You can thank Dana Altman for that. I've been Creighton fan ever since. I lurk over here because I love the people on this board. I find the fans on the Creighton boards fairly annoying. I think Tim Miles has done a good job. The last couple of teams looked really good. This years team looked amazing in the beginning. I don't know what happened but I think it was something more in the head than the physical skills. So i'll slide back in the shadows and upvote and down vote as I see fit. This is your house and I want to be a good guest.
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