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  1. Don't you dare interrupt our kvetching! Beat the f*ck outta Creighton!
  2. And he's satisfied with attending a shithole university. There's just no accounting for taste.
  3. The only worse thing I can imagine is living in Iowa City.
  4. A true Spartan warrior and a Class A basketball player. Aurora. Pfft.
  5. I just assume anybody who doesn't want to play for us is a front-running pussy who doesn't think enough of himself to take a chance that everything might not be perfect. NEXT!
  6. As many wins as losses. Heartache.
  7. I worked at KU for four years (2009-2013) and shared season tickets with other KU faculty. It was a special experience nearly every time, but the biggest problem — shared with Nebraska's Memorial Stadium — was the girth of 21st-century Midwesterners compared to those from the mid-'50s, when Allen Fieldhouse was built. If you sat in a row with a few children, you might get lucky. We shared a row with all of Humboldt, Kansas, I believe, and the only way for everybody to fit was to stand — sideways. My goodness, it was uncomfortable. FWIW, I rooted for KU then against everybody except for Nebraska. I had a job to keep, after all. I've come to generally loathe the Jayhawks since, mostly because I'm jealous of their success.
  8. I'd be happy with 1 more if we finish with an 11-game winning streak.
  9. A couple is two.A few is three or four.Several is up to five.A number of is indeterminate.A lot of is more than five and less than infinity. So between 15-40 wins.
  10. An assistant coach should have his own thread, no? USA coach joins Hoiskers.
  11. It's also been a long winter of family tragedy — Mom died in November and Dad has been in and out of the hospital since — so watching bad basketball wasn't on my to-do list.
  12. After 55 years of fandom, I gave up on Hoiberg. I may have been wrong to do that. Be kind.
  13. No Shit Sunday. As in "we give zero shits that you're the Big Ten champs."
  14. The last full game I watched — the Colorado exhibition this year. Second, Peru State.
  15. Speaking of them, they went zero-for-15 from 3-point range Thursday night against Purdue but still won by 13, in part because the Hawks made 27-of-30 free throws. Warnock was zero-for-4 from deep. Which Hawkeyes will show up? The ones that haven't shot well for 13 games, or the ones that were unconscious at PBA?
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