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  1. If TJ Otzelberger moves on from South Dakota State, that would be a great landing spot for Tim among his fellow Dakotans.
  2. So you're saying the Butler didn't do it.
  3. We Know Nothing! Bow to the algorithm!
  4. Clearly we're better this year, right? It's still a head-scratcher on its face: a 22-10, 13-5, fourth-place Big Ten team is a No. 5 NIT seed in 2018. an 18-16, 6-14, 13th-place Big Ten team is a No. 4 NIT seed in 2019 All because a bunch of Big Ten teams lost games in November 2017 and a bunch of Big Ten teams won a lot of games in November 2018. Thus the conference season started each year with the perception that (2018) the Big Ten is down or (2019) the Big Ten is up. Yet the 2018 post-season proved that perception wrong — Michigan the national runners-up, PSU the NIT champ.
  5. The Bluebribes are a 2 seed, playing Loyola-Chicago.
  6. 4 seed against Barry Collier's team.
  7. It's Nebraska; like it or not, it's never gonna go left.
  8. Only the indica variety.
  9. Agreed, especially since the highly rated power conference teams were 16-16, 18-16, 17-15 and below sea-level with their conference records.
  10. Iowa finished at 44 in the NET to Nebraska's 48. Even a single game going another direction could have switched those positions.
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