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  1. Kentucky now with guys who spurned Iowa and Creighton. I just may find it in me to root for the Wildcats.
  2. Damn. Was kind of hoping for road game at Minnesota. Could have stolen one there. @PSU definitely a good possibility, though, as could @Rutgers and @Northwestern, and possibly @Iowa.
  3. It's not baseball season until the first Royals' double-digit losing streak is in the books. Gonna be tough to drop the next two to Detroit, but we can do this thing.
  4. Can we get a team of refs from the '70s transported via DeLorean to call a game? I don't think any ball handler would make it past the 10-second line without committing several violations.
  5. As am I. By far, the Mavs are my favorite Omaha-based Division I athletic program.
  6. This classic from the movie "Dick," starring Dan Hedaya as Nixon explains what you don't do with the big boys:
  7. SE Community College gonna win a natty!
  8. Going by current rotations on there, this is how the Big Ten schools are ranked: Michigan (2 overall) Purdue (7) Ohio State (10) Maryland (13) MSU (16) Indiana (24) Illinois (36) Northwestern (40) Nebraska (63) Wisconsin (69) Penn State (81) Iowa (83) Rutgers (109) Minnesota (132)
  9. We have had only 16 losing seasons in the last 56. Losing Seasons since 1965-66 at Nebraska 1968-69 (Cip) 1972-73 (Cip) 1987-88 (Nee) 1989-90 (Nee) 1999-2000 (Nee) 2000-2001 (Collier) 2001-2002 (Collier) 2002-2003 (Collier) 2009-2010 (Doc) 2011-2012 (Doc) 2012-2013 (Tim) 2014-2015 (Tim) 2015-2016 (Tim) 2016-2017 (Tim) 2019-2020 (Fred) 2020-2021 (Fred)
  10. 京成がネブラスカでプレーするのが待ちきれません。 ビッグレッドに! Seriously, I'd never seen him miss a shot before. Dang. I can't wait to see him battle 31-year-old Jordan Bohannon.
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