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  1. Nebraska would finish no worse than 12th in the ACC this year.
  2. 22 assists on 33 made field goals. That's .667. We came into the game with .540 assist-to-made-FG percentage.
  3. Matt's right. I haven't made a 3-pointer in years.
  4. Strong Incarnate Word vibes at the end of the first half. I sacrificed chicken sandwich at halftime. Must have worked.
  5. Sox won Big Eight coach of the year four times and actually won three conference titles. Joe was always just a hair short, even with his best team.
  6. Monday wins you a game or two every year. Sunday gets you to the Super Bowl.
  7. That gym and the 837 people in attendance (seriously) were jumping.
  8. I have heard Thad Boyle referred to as Colorado's Danny Nee.
  9. If I'm heading the Colts, I'd rather have hired Jeff Sunday.
  10. While Mickey is not one to pee on, I'd much rather have us get Deion.
  11. It's almost as if Fred decided he needed to actually coach this year instead of just rolling the ball out and letting them play.
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