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  1. jayschool

    Dedoch is N

  2. jayschool

    Dedoch is N

    Praise Jeebus. Love getting these tall Nordic kids out of Minnesota.
  3. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    Pourquoi? Ne parlez-vous pas fran├žais?
  4. jayschool

    Player First Looks

    Has anybody ever told you that you look a lot like Tai? But a lot more jacked, of course. What's your eligibility status?
  5. jayschool

    Way too early Top 25

    By 30. Gotta add five for home-court advantage. And isn't it about time for KU to prove it?
  6. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    Vous pouvez le dire encore un fois, mon pote.
  7. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    Football team just added a transfer six weeks before the first game and five weeks before classes start. So maybe there's hope.
  8. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    The 50 minutes some substitute big guy gets in November/December over 5 games is 50 minutes fresher for Roby/Copeland in February/March.
  9. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

  10. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    With Jordy's lack of a vertical, I'd call him ground steak.
  11. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    Gates was the lead recruiter for Djery Baptiste when Gates was at Northwestern. Baptiste now a grad transfer with two years' eligibility left.
  12. jayschool

    18-19 depth

    In the photo, he is walking directly to that garage door, but Roby and Allen are guarding it, so we should be good.
  13. jayschool


    It was a bulldog bitch.
  14. jayschool


    Don't get me started on the Bulldogs. That's where my first wife went to school. Grrrrr.
  15. jayschool


    You had me at "blue sweater vest."