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  1. From the New York Times, Feb. 9, 2021. A short excerpt: I don’t remember when I first learned about semicolons, nor do I have a mental list of remarkable semicolons in literature. I don’t want to have to treasure them, though the typical advice for writers of all levels is to use them sparingly, as if there’s a limited supply. This only breeds fear, which in turn breeds stigma: Semicolons are ugly, pretentious and unnecessary; they immaturely try to have it both ways. There are so many things to fear in life, but punctuation is not one of them. That semicolons, unlike m
  2. I'm pretty sure Andre Almeida was a McDonald's All-American. And a KFC All-American. And an Arby's All-American. And a Wendy's All-American. And I have no doubt, that if such a thing existed, Thor would have been a McDonald's All-Icelander.
  3. (Should I?) (No, don't. You'll come off as an arrogant pedant. Or worse, a complete dick.) (But "watermark" is just one word.) (Nobody gives two shits about that. LET. IT. GO.)
  4. For example, Yvan gets an offensive board once for every eight minutes on the court. Derrick Walker has 12 in 193 minutes, or one offensive rebound every 16 minutes on the court. In other words, Derrick may be more effective offensively overall, but his ability to grab offensive rebounds is about half as good as Yvan's. Teddy gets an offensive board once every 22 minutes, while Banton gets one every 26 minutes, Shamiel every 25 minutes, and Lat every 31 minutes.
  5. Yvan is the clear leader in offensive boards with 40 total in limited minutes, so with Yvan riding pine these last 10 games or so, we don't have a lot of offensive rebounding power on the court. Teddy has 26 and Banton has 23. On edit: Andre is getting an offensive board every 26 minutes — 4 in 103 minutes played.
  6. And we're No. 188 in offensive boards per game at 9.7. On edit: Teams with fewer offensive rebounds per game include: Maryland Northwestern Creighton Wisconsin Indiana Michigan Most of those teams shoot pretty well.
  7. I modeled my jump shot after Jerry's behind-the-head form (with a little Keith Wilkes thrown in). Unfortunately, it came off more like Elmer Fudd.
  8. We need a guy who can push rebounders in the back 20 times to clear space, and get called for it just once. Is Harrar available?
  9. How many does Jerry score if there were a 3-point line in 1975?
  10. Offensive rebounds: PSU 16 Nebraska 2 I'm starting to think this isn't going to be the year.
  11. Offensive boards are 14-2. Oh, in favor of PSU. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
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