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  1. You don't say. These "Chiefs" of whom you speak ... are they considered a skillful bunch?
  2. Whatever the lineup, is this more of a: Pikiell at Rutgers rebuild second season (3-15, 14th place in 14-team conference); a Miles at Nebraska rebuild second season (11-7, 4th place in a 14-team conference); a Hoiberg at ISU rebuild second season (12-6, tied for third in 10-team conference); OR Somewhere in between. I think this roster lands us somewhere in between Pikiell and Miles/Hoiberg, but that's a huge space to occupy. The early non-partisan analysis like this and this, have us struggling to rise much above Pikiell's benchmark, and unless Allen emerges as a Pettway-style all-conference type player and we have other players emerge and complement in the fashion of Rey Gallegos, Shavon Shields, Walter Pitchford, Tai Webster and Benny Parker, they may be right.
  3. Great match today between Chelsea and Manchester City. Nice goal by Pulisic.
  4. Then we're just gonna have to get a whole body shot, right?
  5. BTW, if he's 6-8, how tall is the woman?
  6. "Oui, Coach Hoiberg. I want to be in Lincoln more than anywhere in the world right now, but these travel restrictions. What can be done? C'est la vie."
  7. Gonna be an interesting year around here. There's nothing more fragile than a Hawkeye fan's hopes, and nothing more pathetic than when they realize those hopes were simply dust in the wind. (Or is that Kansas?)
  8. Pitt, Wake and UNC all finished tied for last in the ACC last year. Wake played a road game in the B1G/ACC challenge, while UNC and Pitt had home games. One of those two, possibly?
  9. If you squint a little watching this one, you can pretend we're pounding the crap out of Creighton.
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