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  1. We're in trouble when we start noting back hair and leg hunches.
  2. At what salary does the phrase "life of service" sound a little self-serving? I mean, a special ed teacher at Waverly HS for 30 years? Yeah, that's a "life of service." Making $800,000 a year to be an athletic director? Hmmmm.
  3. Joe Lunardi's expectations for 2021-22, if anybody cares at this point. Clearly the dude has problems with premature speculation, though I'm sure his partner understands. Creighton = Barely OUT Iowa = Barely IN Rutgers and Wisconsin = Barely OUT Auburn has = 6 seed Illinois = 7 seed Indiana = 10 seed Maryland = 4 seed Michigan = 1 seed MSU = 5 seed OSU = 3 seed Purdue = 2 seed Colorado = 11 seed Nebraska = C'mon, it's Joe Lunardi.
  4. Peru and Auburn? Let's dominate Nemaha County!!
  5. That 67 kg absolutely has to be a typo; 6-2, 147 pounds is rail thin. Keisei isn't large, but he's also not Mikki Moore thin. Ryuto Yasuoka is also 188 cm, but listed at 87 kg, which is about 192 pounds. Yasuoka is more muscular than Tominaga, but not that much. On Edit: Huskers.com has KT at 6-2, 174, which is 188 cm, 79 kg.
  6. Exhibitions Oct. 28 vs. Peru Oct. 31 vs. Colorado
  7. I was thinking more Leslie Jordan, the actor who played Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram in "Sordid Lives."
  8. I always considered this Richard Pitino Jr.'s theme song: But I'm a creep I'm a jackwagon What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here
  9. Oh, yeah, pal!?!? Well, screw yo ... hang on. Sorry, my friend. I woke up in Iowa again today, so I'm just in a shitty mood. My bad.
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