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  1. Akenten/Allen vs. Taylor/Gill Certainly before the year started, we worried about our frontline because of Jordy's and Chan's departures, but the other area of concern involved replacing the contributions of Evan Taylor and Anton Gill, whether as starters or off the bench. While I acknowledge the sample size is way too small, here's what's happened so far, statistically. In general, these two sophomores are acquitting themselves well in place of two seniors. Shit gets real tonight, of course. The other comparison would be how Amir Harris is replacing Thomas' contributions, but they're such different players, it's not a fair comparison. Suffice to say that Amir is playing his role (defense, ball handling, dishing) well. T/G = Entire 17-18 season stats A/A = Four games in 18-19 Minutes per game T/G = 50.3 A/A = 38.8 PPG up T/G = 14.5 A/A = 17.8 RPG down T/G = 5.3 A/A = 4.8 APG push T/G = 3.4 A/A = 3.3 SPG up T/G = 1.4 A/A = 2.8 Turnovers improved T/G = 2.0/game A/A = 1.0/game 3-pt T/G = 39.1 percent (2.2 makes per game) A/A = 46.2 percent (4.5 makes per game) FT T/G = 75.4 percent (3.8 attempts per game) A/A = 60.0 percent (1.3 attempts per game)
  2. Lots of Mo State highlights in this BTN video. Maybe Chris watched only this, which features 13 MSU buckets and 11 from Nebraska:
  3. Red Huskers 75 Red Raiders 69 Four players in double figures.
  4. Amir Harris a sneaky stat-sheet guy. Three boards, two assists, one steal, 13 turnover-free minutes. ShotTracker hates him.
  5. Cope: 23 points, 7 boards and 4 assists led NU in each category.
  6. My evolution as a fan as the game went on: MoSt up early by a point Old Jayschool: "Oh, man. This is not good." New Jayschool: "Meh. It happens. We got this." MoSt cuts lead to 29-26 Old Jayschool: "OMG. This is that game, right? The one where we f8c4 up against a mid-major, right? ARRGGGHHH!!!" New Jayschool: "Hmm. MSU has some fight in 'em. This could be close." Roby posterizes some dude and Nana drains a 3: Old Jayschool: "Hey, who changed the channel? I wanted to watch Nebraska!" New Jayschool: "Yeah. That's what we do now." End of game, watching subs play out the string: Old Jayschool: (Has left the room) New Jayschool: "NEXT!"
  7. Lay off that Missouri wine, son.
  8. MSU must be feeling a little Thor right now. Nana Nana. Goodbye.
  9. Who needs eyes? We have NUMBERS!!!!
  10. ShotTracker is like a wet dream for somebody who doesn't really like to watch basketball. Your thoughts, @HuskerActuary
  11. jayschool

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Is the Pac-12 really that awful? I fear Colorado may win it.
  12. jayschool


    They could get that here.
  13. So there's hope? Right now, it looks like he's just so far from decent as a shooter that it might not happen for him. I've never seen him take a jump shot.
  14. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? KU, right? The money will be too good to turn down.