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  1. Is Mabel Lee still a thing?
  2. "¿Cómo Fue?" Original: Benny Moré Cover: Jose Feliciano
  3. "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" Original: XTC Remake: Ruben Blades
  4. "Jump" Original: Van Halen Remake: Aztec Camera
  5. "A Quick One While He's Away" Original: The Who Remake: My Morning Jacket with Eddie Vedder on vocals
  6. The fan in attendance wasn't impressed. Plus, Georgia sucks, amirite?
  7. You must be young, which means you can look ironically hip wearing it. Someone my age would just look like a complete dork.
  8. NAIA site has him at 42.9 percent from deep.
  9. Which is why journalists are encouraged not to use postal codes. Either spell it out or use understandable abbreviations: Which is AR? Ark., not Ariz. And AL? Alabama, not Alaska, which is AK, which also isn't for Ark. How about NE? Neb., not Nev. And CO? That's Colo., not Clothing Optional No need to slow down readers who haven't memorized all the postal codes in North America.
  10. Dallas is still in Baja Oklahoma, right? So, no.
  11. Doc is back. Not as head coach. My heart is full.
  12. CST or EST for WSU/NU. IIRC, TV is TBD. EIEIO. SCNR. EOM, but not EOT. THX.
  13. No reason not to get to the final, right? Rematch of that NCAA Tournament game against the Aggies in the title game. Hope we're gelled by then. WSU at #251 according to Bartorvik. GMU #144 and ODU #168.
  14. In my age bracket, that just means they're going through menopause. And that's OK.
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