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  1. Wisconsin had been shooting 27 percent from 3-point range the month of January: 6-of-23 (26 percent) at Ohio State 4-of-15 (27 percent) vs. Illinois 6-of-21 (29 percent) at Penn State 7-of-21 (33 percent) vs. Maryland 4-of-19 (21 percent) at Michigan State 18-of-34 (53 percent) vs. Nebraska Yeah, we're bad, but ... c'mon. They couldn't hit that many in warmups.
  2. Seriously, though. Have you ever spent two hours next to a purple-clad K-Stater? Makes you wanna throw a chair on their head, no doubt. Still shouldn't do it, though.
  3. Not starting someone doesn't mean he won't be on the court quite a bit, including up to 30 minutes a game. Imagine Banton coming off the bench at the under 16 of each half and staying there, moving around in the lineup (1-4) so that other teams are always having to figure out how to match up with a 6-8 point/wing/whatever.
  4. Hard to keep Thor out of the lineup over Banton considering that Thor is proving himself against Big Ten competition. Banton might be the perfect 25-minutes-a-night sixth man Swiss Army knife we need off the bench. Mack/Easley Allen/Burke Thor/Banton/Green Stevenson/Cross/Arop Walker/Ouedrago/Mayen I expect at least two of those names (don't ask me which two) to not be on the roster next year, so this is for entertainment purposes only.
  5. I also found it comical last night that 6-10 senior Ryan Kriener often found himself guarded by 6-2 freshman walk-on Charlie Easley, and he did virtually nothing.
  6. Last night's defense reminded me of Doc's mighty-mite D from 2008-2009 — defend the paint, run out to the perimeter, fight like hell.
  7. Chad Leistikow from the Des Moines Register: LINCOLN, Neb. — Down to eight available scholarship players and another starter lost to injury, Iowa knew it needed to find a way to survive and beat the Big Ten Conference’s most beatable team. But the Hawkeyes had an off night. Wieskamp had spent a few days practicing with Adidas basketballs, the kind that Nebraska uses for home games. They have a different feel, but he entered confident. That was the resounding message afterward from the stunned Hawkeyes, who had just dropped a game to the Big Ten Conference’s worst team, one that had lost home games to UC Riverside, Southern Utah, North Dakota and, most recently, by 17 points to Rutgers. Keep shooting. Iowa dropped to 10-5 overall, 1-3 in the Big Ten on Tuesday. I am confident those marks would be 12-3 and 3-1 if Bohannon was healthy, and we’d be talking about a seismic home game Friday against No. 14 Maryland. The Hawkeyes missed his game-closing ability in a down-to-the-wire 89-86 loss against Penn State, and he would’ve tortured Fred Hoiberg’s zone Tuesday night. BUT BOHANNON ISN'T HEALTHY, CHAD! AND WE'D BE A LOT BETTER IF WE HAD OUR THREE SIT-OUT TRANSFERS, BUT WE KNEW WE WOULDN'T, JUST AS IOWA KNEW IT WOULD HAVE TO PLAY WITHOUT BOHANNON FOR MOST OF THE BIG TEN SEASON AND THAT THEY'D HAVE TO SHOOT (GASP) OTHER TEAMS' BALLS IN AWAY GAMES. I'm usually not an all-caps kinda guy, but sheesh!
  8. Gary Dolphin whining on the post-game show here in IC. "They were just grabbing Garza and wrestling him."
  9. A little bit of Kavas, no Green, lots of Charlie, let Thor shoot, let Cam manage = Win.
  10. Green has missed two-and-a-half games: OT loss at Indiana Resounding victory over Purdue Good first half vs. Iowa Can't quite seem to put my finger on a pattern there ...
  11. Jordan Bohannon played in Iowa's first 10 games before shutting it down because of his hip injury, which he sustained last season.
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