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  1. On vacation in Costa Rica, checking in to say “joder Kansas.”
  2. Not sure, but it probably smells like tobacco smoke.
  3. You're selling JM2 short. It was 545.
  4. Maryland has three statewide organizations for our high school athletics and 6.1 million population: The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association has more than 200 member schools over four classes in basketball. Two organization serve the private/parochial schools: The Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association is for boys private school athletics (lots of all-male schools). They have three "conferences" for the 30 member schools and state champions are named in each conference. The Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland is for girls private school athletics (lots of all-female schools). The basketball championship format is the same as the MIAA's.
  5. I asked Chat GPT. Stupid bot. Can you tell me what kind of impact Rienk Mast will have on the University of Nebraska's men's basketball team in 2023-24? I'm sorry, but as an artificial intelligence language model, I don't have access to current or future events beyond my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021. Additionally, even if I did have access to such information, predicting the specific impact that an individual player will have on a sports team in a future season is highly uncertain and dependent on a variety of factors such as player development, team dynamics, and competition. It's best to wait and see how the season unfolds to assess the impact that Rienk Mast may have on the University of Nebraska's men's basketball team in 2023-24.
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