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  1. jayschool

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Semicolon is used perfectly. Can we talk about comma usage? That second clause is complex, and it begins with a subordinate clause. You need a comma after "Finals."
  2. jayschool

    Charity Game?

    Maybe a charity game in Kansas because ... well, Kansas, right?
  3. You could always go to Mitchell.
  4. jayschool

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Jay Randolph and Gary Thompson?
  5. jayschool

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Of course, the game in IC this year has been scheduled during the week I'll be out of town. Dang.
  6. jayschool

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    This is a thing!?!? Oh, my god. Quick. We need to come up with some pejorative moniker that ridicules them. I've got it: "Bluehusks"!!! Something like that. I'm working on it.
  7. jayschool

    The rotation this year

    As long as Jason Hammel and Ian Kennedy aren't a part of the rotation, I'm good. Right, @royalfan?
  8. jayschool


    I just wish we could hear from an actual actuary about this here NET thing. @HuskerActuary
  9. jayschool

    Donovan Williams is N

    Personally, I'd say he's gotten a rather Frosty reception.
  10. jayschool

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Yep. I'm not getting season tickets because of that. I can get single-gamers for the conference games.
  11. jayschool

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Just for comparison's sake (and because I work at the University of Iowa), here's the Hawkeyes' non-con schedule: Nov. 8: vs. UMKC (10-22 last year) 2K Classic Prelim Nov. 11: vs. Green Bay (13-20) 2K Classic Prelim Nov. 15: Oregon (23-13) 2K Classic in NY Nov. 16: Syracuse (23-14) or UConn (14-18) 2K Classic Nov. 21: vs. Alabama State (8-23) Nov. 27: vs. Pittsburgh (8-23) ACC/B1G Challenge Dec. 6: vs. Iowa State (13-18) Dec. 15: Northern Iowa (16-16) Hy-Vee Classic in Des Moines Dec. 18: vs. Western Carolina (13-19) Dec. 22: vs. Savannah State (15-17) Dec. 29: vs. Bryant (3-28) Open dates around Dec. 1-4 and Dec. 8-9 for conference games. Our finals week is Dec. 10-14, so no games then. That's eight home games. That's zero true road games. That's only one game guaranteed against a team with a winning record in 2017-2018. That's one SWAC opponent. That's one MEAC opponent.
  12. jayschool

    Dedoch is N

  13. jayschool

    Dedoch is N

    Praise Jeebus. Love getting these tall Nordic kids out of Minnesota.
  14. jayschool

    Dedoch Chan

  15. jayschool

    Jordy Gone

    Pourquoi? Ne parlez-vous pas fran├žais?