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  1. If we could have had one of the final two possessions go our way against KU, we're in. Either KU misses that 3 or Palmer makes his 2 — not both, just one — and the whole picture changes. Alas, #nebrasketball.
  2. Clearly the math on this 50 percent suspension is based on a 27-plus-at-least-one game schedule, so 14 games. But what if two games are canceled between now and Jan. 16? Should his suspension be reduced to 13 (25 plus 1 divided by 2)?
  3. The opening of the baseball season should be moved to mid-April this year, first as a concession to COVID-19, but second as a trial balloon for moving it to mid-March — a month later than usual — for the future. Teams from the North wouldn't have to spend a month or longer playing away games in hot climates.
  4. Hoping that Andre is well, and that he can soon rejoin the team and contribute some minutes and rebounds on the defensive end.
  5. We actually had 11 points off the bench today, not six, as @hskr4life posted.
  6. Would it be a reasonable experiment to have Stevenson start and play Thor's minutes and have Thor off the bench? I'm hoping Andre can bring something to the rotation when the Big Ten season rolls around. The team we have should go 4-3 or 5-2 non-conference, and the team we'll have with Andre and then Walker hopefully can win between 6 and 8 in the conference. Bring everybody back, add Lakes, Tominaga, Breidenbach and that one kid from South Carolina, and be a tourney team. Baby steps sometimes means the baby falls down. Time to get back up.
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