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  1. I never listen to anyone with both a "loon" and a "nard" in their name. It's served me well the past 57 years.
  2. How is the other team gonna know how good he is if he doesn't tell them and act a fool? C'mon now.
  3. I SECOND that emotion, but FIRST things FIRST, brother. Let's get these men on campus.
  4. I just took the dog for a walk and started calculating the exact same things while waiting for Marcel to poop. Marcel is my dog. He knows how to pronounce Ouedraogo, but at the end of the walk, he didn't give a shit.
  5. I would predict the staff projects him as front-court depth. Hoiberg likes to run a point, three wings/shooters and a big. So for 2020-21, the starters might look like this: PG: Mack (Jr.) Wings: Burke (Sr.), Green (Sr.), Stevenson (Jr.) Big: Ouedraogo (So.) With Cross and Arop also on the roster and with abilities that might allow them to play on the wing some in 2021-22, Walker projects as a backup big behind Ouedraogo, maybe getting 15-20 minutes in both of his years of eligibility. Of course, we'll want more production per minute than these stats show, but his first real game for UNL will be in November 2020. I predict he'll mature and improve his game under Fred, Doc, Armon, Matt and Bobby. If he can't contribute, we know this staff will show little mercy in showing him the door.
  6. This eight-man rotation finished 10th in a 12-team league: Dylan Talley Ray Gallegos Brandon Ubel Shavon Shields David Rivers Andre Almeida Benny Parker Mike Peltz/Jordan Tyrance How will this eight-man rotation finish in a 14-team league? Cam Mack Jervay Green Dachon Burke Haanif Cheatham Matej Kavas Shamiel Stevenson Yvan Ouedraogo Kevin Cross
  7. Imma go ahead and pick us at 14. My brain says we have too many question marks. But my heart is all
  8. He has a year to work on his FT stroke. Not sure he'll be a deep threat, though.
  9. Front court rotation for 2019-2020: Ouedraogo (Fr.) Kavas (Sr.) Stevenson (definitely for the second semester) (So.) Cross (Fr.) Arop (Fr.) Front court rotation for 2020-2021 Ouedraogo (So.) Stevenson (Jr.) Cross (So.) Walker (Jr.) Arop (So. or RFr.) Not a bad start.
  10. If I say this is the replacement for Heiman, would that help?
  11. Right. Even if Walker isn't immediately eligible, his presence in practice will help prepare Cross and Ouedraogo for the Big Ten season.
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