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  1. They still have a football team? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The post above mentioned Miles as an assistant not as a replacer to Pitino. Also I think Pitino would leave the gophers for a higher profile job in a heartbeat. He just hasn’t had crazy success to warrant a team going after him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think they have announced all the signings. My assumption is either they know Roby is done or if Roby comes back they will non-renew Thor's scholarship.
  4. I guess we will find out if the concourses of pinnacle bank are filled with people talking and sipping on wine during the game. Red sweaters instead of blue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Miles consistently left one scholarship spot open... what does Fred do, goes over by 1 scholarship... What will Fred do next, actually run a real offensive set/plays? This feels weird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I think he meant incoming freshman. I would assume with adding Walker we will hold for a bit. Obviously if Roby comes back we are all filled up. I dont think Roby will be back but we can certainly wait to see if a mid summer guy comes up. I would really like to get a grad transfer big. I dont mind adding Walker but we still need some bodies for this year.
  7. Sits one to play two. First time I am even hearing this guys name. 6'8 Forward. Got decent action his freshman year at 8.8 minutes a game but seemed to fall off. Adds some size and seems to be a decent rebounder.. just got lost on the depth chart.
  8. At first I thought you were saying all three of those guys were >(more than/better) that the 3 we brought in. While I am in a "wait and see mode with Yvan and Cross, I do think both have much higher ceilings than the guys we lost. I liked Harris but obviously Blanton is a different style of player.
  9. With 1, most likely 2 spots open, I agree with others that we fill it with one year options to leave spots for 2020 guys. I don’t know how much cross or Yvan will play so give me two legit big men.. obviously those aren’t easy to find though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not as sold as others on this kid and Yvan. That being said I trust Hoiberg knows the type of body that works for his system and he must feel like he can get them ramped up quick enough. As Norm mentioned we need to get some of the baby fat off cross. Biggest thing with both these guys is getting them to buy in. Get that and re-shape their bodies and who knows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Andre Allen just signed on with Arizona State BTW.
  12. Well great, now you made me feel bad that she is a real person with thoughts and feelings.... And quick clarification, are you telling me you are not actually Norm Peterson from the TV show Cheers? #mindblown
  13. Jennifer seems like the type that would probably be asking to speak with the manager before the date was even over because her chicken wasnt cooked right.
  14. I hope the Jennifer gal is not here on Huskerhoops central because what I am about to say is not very nice. That letter is idiotic at best. We can still do things the right way and yet some peoples feelings might get hurt. We dont know exactly what was said to Amir/Karrington and so on, but lets just relax a bit. If those guys werent a part of the plan, Fred has every right to ask them to move on. While he can pull the persons scholarship from our count, if Amir or Karrington wanted to stay at Nebraska for an education they would still have a full ride(or at least how I have read it). He was up front and honest with them and now they have an option to go find a place that can utilize their skills. If we want to win(which we do) we might need to grow up a bit.
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