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  1. Alignment of disappointments past that Teddy playing for NMSU (1993 NCAA loss) beat UConn (1992 NCAA loss) to get one more NCAA win than Nebraska.
  2. Watching Teddy Allen in the NCAA tournament. Glad he had success this year, first chance to see him as at MSU. Looks like the same guy he was here but somehow NMSU is able to integrate him into winning basketball.
  3. Disappointing end to a disappointing season. The lack of offense from Wilcher and Bryce was a killer. Can someone explain to me the difference between a block and a charge? Better yet can someone explain it to B1G officials because a compilation of every block/charge call in this game would be the Epitome of Inconsistency.
  4. Honestly pg has usually been a strength those above plus Scales/Moody, Wald, Jeter, Watson, Jamar Johnson, Eric Johnson, Henry T. Buchanan. And the hustle king Benny Parker
  5. Can someone please alert USPS and Amazon that Caitlin Clark has now established permanent residence at the FT line. Great player...but geez.
  6. @TrevAlberts how about you offer the fans a deal? We only pay for wins. If we buy a ticket, if the product on the floor disappoints, we get our money back. Money talks and the loyal fans deserve some compensation.
  7. Sort of a "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it"/ "Past performance is no guarantee of future results." dilemma we got here.
  8. Part of the "scheme" issue is that we are recruiting players who did not work out in their prior stop and hoping they will work better here. Nothing against any one of them. IF we were bringing in one or two athletic/skilled recruits each season to fill roles on a team with an established culture this could be a dynamic system. One of the reasons the Senate staggers terms is so that 2/3 of the Senate and 1/2 of each state has institutional consistency so that everyone isn't new and trying to figure out where the dining hall is while trying to do their jobs.
  9. When I saw Seger in a NUBB thread I assumed "Like a Rock"
  10. I understand where you are coming from, but, having read them all, I would suggest just read the one with the most posts it has the same as all the others: Fred bad, Verge bad, 18.5 bad, 20-loss, Miles good, Miles bad, but the recruits, roster turnover, Norm's seat upgrade, Dana Altman, never, NyQuil, kidney, not attending,
  11. So much this! I don't want to hear about chemistry...show me. I think both dailies need to have total embargo on sports opinion pieces. Facts only, who is going, who is staying, height weight, that's it.
  12. I'm going to turn off my brain and ignore the past (and present) and hope that Coach Hoiberg has been the unluckiest coach in America and that he can find a way to justify this completely unearned 4th chance to restore us to NIT contention. I love this effin program, why can't it love me back at least once since the 90s?
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