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  1. Sorry, I suspect it would just result in five questionable targeting calls.
  2. In the 14 team Big 10, I'm pretty sure numeracy is a low priority.
  3. As stated before, why review what was clearly a late shot...Nebraska will not get the call...ever
  4. What is taking so long? There ia no world in which Nebraska gets the benefit of any close call from B1G officials?
  5. Chance to cut it to single digits. Ill-advised early Banton 3
  6. I'm unable to vote because the single most common characteristic of Nebraska basketball over the years is our ability to beat ourselves, so it's one of those "immovable rock vs. irresistible force" situations.
  7. I know it sounds ridiculous, but so is the Groundhog's Day of Nebraska Basketball. I just can't figure out how, with all the foundational changes, we have the same fundamental issues. The only other constant is the absence of consistent post play, The last time we had a 10 rebound per game player was 2007-08 (Aleks Maric) Scrolling through year by year and finding the number of seasons that our top rebounders were guards or small forwards, finding that Terran Petteway was the top shotblocker in 2014-15, finding that other teams are getting minimally contested shots in the paint whi
  8. Changed head coaches, assistant coaches, ADs, assistant AD, changed all the players, changed arenas, changed the part of town where the arena is located. The only remaining constants are the color red, the N, Adiddas, and us, the fans. What do we change?
  9. I just wish one year we could make it to February before we start consoling ourselves with how things will be better next season.
  10. What good is a meeting of three guys gonna do? ;) Seriously, I put more effort into watching this than the team put into playing it. There is a systemic problem in NU men's athletics...the teams lack confidence and resilience. They are unable to compensate and adjust. This game was 13-13. A couple of things go badly and then it becomes a 40 point deficit. How is there no adjustment? How is there no tactical shift? How is it players don't try something different on their own? How does each coaching change result in the same issues? ( 4+ minute scoring drough
  11. We agree on Banton's shooting. He made a couple of nice moves to the basket early, but then made poor choices when his moves weren't strong. My feeling is not "take more twos and less threes" it is, find ways to make easier scoring opportunities. Outside of screen action to free up 3-pt shooters, that is probably going to be more 2 pt shots...but what I want to see is movement that puts players moving toward the basket and passes catching them in stride/ in the shooting pocket. So many of our shots are forced (2s and 3s) because we let the defense get set and then we try to shoot over or
  12. Was unable to watch live, had to catch up on DVR. Nice halves from Allen and McGowens. Need a whole game. Banton wasn't making good choices on his shots. Echoing the tempo critique, both Banton and McGowens had easy buckets when they raced to the offensive end... gotta have more of that. At what point does it become clear that the three point barrage is not in the current team's repertoire? I understand coaching style, and preference, but I also remember that COACHING involves finding a way to get more points than the other team. Coaches seem t
  13. Considering the success we have in recruiting international players, maybe we try soccer
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