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  1. We need to shoot fewer threes
  2. That should have been "and 1"
  3. That's nonsense. 19 wins in a row in the Big10 is just luck....
  4. Legal to change the pivot foot as long as you change it back again?
  5. I might have figured it out...East Lansing is nearly Ontario and these refs don't look like geography scholars, so they may be applying the Canadian exchange rate of one foul called for three committed
  6. Two points, on free throws from the Huskers from the time Roby went to the bench on a foul that came after both a moving screen and a Winston push-off
  7. Roby's second happened after uncalled moving screen...MSU gets multiple offensive boards by climbing our backs
  8. Just amazing how we get homered every road game but get no benefit in our own home
  9. Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo...at the FT line again?
  10. I don't understand how there is no accountability for these disparities.
  11. I am very excited to see Thomas Allen over the coming years.