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  1. The problem is that it's not who is compromised but who is not compromised but carries the virus home to someone compromised. I'm a year out from lymphoma surgery/chemo and have another family member currently undergoing chemo. Even if we both take every precaution, my wife, his wife, his kids, our neighbors, the people at the infusion center are all potential vectors. I'm in meetings at work with people who just rolled off planes from who knows where encountering how many different people. There is no trophy for risk taking in a pandemic.
  2. Shon Morris thinks it's a good call so you know it was bogus.
  3. It seems like we can put together one truly competitive half a game. Sometime it's the valiant comeback from the terrible first, more often it's the second half disintegration
  4. I know sportsmanship, but asking bench players who don't get significant minutes to go into 4 corners and not take their opportunity to play their best is just begging for mercy instead of outplaying scrubs.
  5. If the players don't like being beating by 30+ and getting embarassed they have to stop the other team. If we aren't up to playing Big Ten basketball that's not Iowa's fault.
  6. Man they are all over that...actual fouls on Huskers driving to the hoop NO...but they will save humanity from the scourge of touching the ball after a basket
  7. Iowa vs. Nebraska, where shooting percentages go to die.
  8. Where's Dakich's outrage at the shot clock? He's had an opinion on everything else. We should get off his yard quick.
  9. Dan Dakich "I'll never get it, ever." First accurate thing he said tonight
  10. I don't know what is a foul and isn't a foul anymore. Every time the ball is loose on the floor there is a ridiculous scrum and a jump ball called regardless, except when Nebraska gets on the floor.
  11. BTN would like to thank you all for watching this special two hour episode of the Steve Pikiel Show... Starring Steve Pikiel and featuring Pikiel in Picture technology.
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