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  1. hhcscott

    Tyronn Lue is the new Head Coach of the Cavs

    I am glad he is taking the steps to address his health concerns. Get well Coach Lue!
  2. hhcscott

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    Buffalo with their first NCAA win ever. If I stop posting suddenly it's because Tucson has fallen into the pit of despair.
  3. hhcscott

    Rules changes?

    + wider lanes- if enforced, as everyone else noted. +quarters (without media timeouts) + longer three distance + 20 second reset I'd like a few more added though: I like FIBA's rule on goaltending. once the ball hits the rim it's in play, no "imaginary cylinder" more put back dunks and fastbreaks of balls tipped off rim (plus some of those garbage shots that bound around the whole rim would be swatted) I saw a proposal to shorten games by having FT's be one shot from the line equal to the points of the fouled missed attempt. Why make someone take two shots? Would really penalize fouling on perimeter shots. I'd even propose making a successful 2 or 3 with a foul an automatic 3 or 4 pt play then we can keep the game moving. Last and most favorite. Game clock continues during FTs but 10 second FT count enforced. At the end of games, the hack-a-thon would be gone, but teams couldn't burn 30 seconds at the stripe.
  4. Exactly. Almost 40 years of following this team and having seasons end like this...or worse. If it persists for another 40 imma gonna give up.
  5. We were a good team. We were a fun team. And doggone people liked us. Now we need to be a dangerous team, an aggressive team, a team with something to prove because everything else aside, we are the only major conference team sitting without an NCAA victory and I'm not getting any younger.
  6. If we "aren't used to seeing good basketball," I find it hard to blame Coach Miles. We keep riding the "next coach" "next recruits" will be better carousel but the even when the names change we don't get what we want. Just frustrating.
  7. Agree, every game matters. It was a fun season, sour as it is right now. Hope the players take motivation into the off-season.
  8. It was the same team, just not the same effort. I can't explain it, but I'm not going to accept disappointment as an excuse. If you want to have better, do better. We had two tournaments the big ten and NIT to show the "real Nebraska" and we did not get the job done.
  9. I said committee...not Lunardi. It's sports, results matter, not opinion. I love this team, but we did not show up the last two games.
  10. I guess Nebraska wasn't undervalued by either selection committee. They were slightly worse than a #4 seeded NIT team.
  11. They may be...not everyone can focus their rage.
  12. Wild shot after wild shot not falling.
  13. It's the same thing every time, that's how he has 14 assists.
  14. The one the announcer blamed on too much dribbling? Or the other 4 not called on MSU?
  15. Worse than spending March in Starkville?