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  1. It's getting to the point where 7 YEARS doesn't make a difference. #purgatory
  2. To be clear...it is not having 10,000 posts or being a founding member that makes information credible...the point was that those who have been around for that long have seen what you are saying and how you are saying it before, and RARELY has it been accurate, so there will be skepticism. I don't recall any of our inside info guys having Sadler or Miles in the previous go-rounds, but maybe this time is different, we shall see.
  3. A long time ago, I used to watch every game and soak up every word the talking heads said, every point, all the analysis, all their expert opinions, all their insider insights, all their unnamed sources. Then the play, the game, the season, the career would happen and even if that talking head knew all the right people, all the right tactical and strategic details, even if they were the best informed SOB (scholar of basketball) they had (charitably) a 25% chance of being right. So I now understand that "knowing" and "actually happening" are not the same thing. If you see someone on this board with 10,000 posts (or HHC in their screen name) understand that we have listened to 20,000 posts from guys who "know a guy" or "saw the next coach at Valentino's" or "have the inside dirt" Charitably, <5% of those have been right, so it's not personal. If you KNOW and want to share, great, when your prediction comes to pass, you will be vindicated but if you want to stifle disagreement by citing your unnamed sources then the bulletin board world isn't your best platform and you should start a blog.
  4. I don't like the idea of snubbing the NIT. The NIT is like the Holiday Bowl or the Sun Bowl or somesuch, sure it's not the National Championship game, or a New Years bowl, but it's another game(s) The NIT often has better matchups than the NCAA tournament and every year there are a number of teams in the NIT that are better basketball teams than some of the auto-qualifiers. I want Nebraska to be competitive and making the NCAA tournament regularly, but if we don't get an NCAA bid, but can play in the NIT...play on! As long as this NIT run goes is how long we all have to appreciate Glynn Watson, James Palmer, Tanner Borchardt, and Johnny Trueblood.
  5. Couldn''t come up with another rabbit-based coaching allusion , although considering our horrible conversion rate on "bunnies" ...
  6. To be fair, he said there is a reason Altman is FROM Nebraska, that may have more to do with Altman than it does with Nebraska...Walton is generally very appreciative of every PLACE...that said, it's more likely his running hype hysteria about the Pac-12 his professed "CONFERENCE OF CHAMPIONS" (#onebidleague) Having Bill as a constant presence on UA broadcasts here in Tucson, I do have to say, when Dave Pasch finally snaps and kills Bill, no jury in the land will convict him.
  7. I like Tim. I'd like to see him be successful. What is going to be different in year 8 than in years 1-7? If I'm the AD, LAST YEAR, I sit down and work out a plan, ask "What do you need?" agree to a real extension but reduce/eliminate the termination buyout. I let him bring in consultants and find veteran mentors. As the AD, I say positive things every week, especially during 11 and 2, but even during the slide. I embrace Miles and spare no expense to make sure there is every chance to succeed. If, at the end of the season, the record is unacceptable then I wish him well and move on, offering Tim the position of associate Athletic Director for Basketball.
  8. But...if there is a track and field practice two days after Nebraska's third round game of the B1G tournament will Pollard be at the game? Asking for 15k friends.
  9. On which part? The last time I followed baseball Puckett played for the Twins, so I'm not up on the challenges of the baseball program.
  10. Thanks for the data. It certainly points to the coaching deficiency, but that is one of the concerns about the commitment. Every program you noted has had coaches who were household names or coaches who were good enough to step up to bigger opportunities, who has left Nebraska for a better job? Ask anyone outside Nebraska to name two Nebraska basketball coaches. They can't. We don't get the coaches who will make a difference because the impression, right or wrong, is that this is a career killer. We got a perfect storm of recruits in the early 90s and it is our last big splash, but Danny vs Roy, Johnny, Dana, Billy, Lon, Larry, Eddie, or Norm...? How did those years even happen? We've never been close to a hire like those coaches.
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