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  1. BTN would like to thank you all for watching this special two hour episode of the Steve Pikiel Show... Starring Steve Pikiel and featuring Pikiel in Picture technology.
  2. It feels like every Husker shot is off-balance, rushed, a step away from their sweet spot.
  3. I just wish my brain was filled with more useful information than that.
  4. I love Cross as a player, potential Husker version of Draymond Green but not Husker Steph Curry.
  5. "Cross wide open for three" is the Nebrasketball equivalent of buying a powerball ticket, you hope, but it rarely pays out.
  6. Old enough (50 today in fact) to remember it was Smith-Barney. John Houseman was the actor in the commercial "Smith Barney makes money the old-fashioned way...they eaaaaaarn it." EF Hutton's commercial was, everyone would go silent in a crowded room "When EF Hutton talks people listen."
  7. Garza shooting 3 is a win win for the Huskers missing and not in position to rebound
  8. On the plus side Fran is going to have to keep his mouth shut for 75 percent of the game or get tossed
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