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  1. You know...Grand Canyon is known for its depth.
  2. Damon Stoudamire is considered the top candidate. Some favor Luke Walton, but I'm pulling for Bill Walton, dude is here for most games anyway, team could have sweet tie-dyed uniforms and road game travel in a vw.
  3. So...can I start the Tim Miles to Utah State rumor? Similar style/background, MWC experience/success
  4. So sorry to hear of his passing. Mr. Wall was one of my reasons for becoming a teacher along with Mr. Dymacek. How many Lefler alumni on HHC I wonder?
  5. I want a 6'7" 285 pf to stand in the paint and make PSU earn the fouls...
  6. How is it that Andre is not getting the ball when being guarded by Wheeler or Sessons?
  7. True...but...endgame officiating matters, disproportionately...I mean we could say not successfully recruiting Luka Garza, Ayuo Dosunwo and Cade Cunningham to Lincoln cost us this game. Fact is, we recovered from 16 down to have officiating (and a poor offensive set that was our fault) wreck it.
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