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  1. 10 fouls per player? I think only Aaron Craft could foul out of that league.
  2. I did not realize a board about sharing opinions on Husker basketball would be opposed to real people sharing opinions on Husker Basketball. Might be time to clean out under our bridges.
  3. PG- Guy Passant SG - Rangy McShooter SF -D.R. Ivey PF- Trey Stretchafor C- Sel Domused 6th- Jack O'Falltrades International flavor on my roster projection,
  4. I'm pretty sure we hired Hoiberg to coach, so I look forward to watching the players already here develop. Many of them have athleticism, size, speed, vision. If they can be coached to shoot and to execute his offense then the U is getting their moneys' worth. If we are hoping that we will simply back up bus after bus of 5-star transfers and reload every year I don't think that is sustainable. There has to be a balance of development and timely additions of top recruits.
  5. Probably just contemplating the end of the Miles/Watson era. Even if Kent stays, he has to wonder, considering how much of a lock an NCAA win seemed in December, how many more years before we get there if it's another reset.
  6. That it wasn't a double ejection after the review shows exactly how this game has been ruined by officials.
  7. It's like when I lived in MN and all the T-Wolves castoffs, Longley, Spencer, Marshall, etc. would then win in the playoffs.
  8. I have no idea what is or isn't a foul anymore.
  9. I have to wonder if they can't go 100% in practice to avoid injuring other players. That kind of hustle in practice IS risky, but had they gotten meaningful minutes in games, this revelation might have come sooner.
  10. I think, after what we have seen from Borchardt and Trueblood, it was a mistake not playing both more for the last four years. I know others might be more athletic or have more talent, but these two are always making a positive contribution rather than looking to score. They make the team better.
  11. I gotta say, that store is awesome...worth the trip right Phil? I'm not even kidding. I worked at the old 70th and O in HS and was blown away by how HyVee has changed .
  12. It's getting to the point where 7 YEARS doesn't make a difference. #purgatory
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