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  1. Can we honestly say what that is for this team? It's not FTs, or layips (spelling intentional) or 3 from "career 45 percent" shooters.
  2. Most disappointing start to a season that I can remember. Frustrating that it is the same flaws that existed under previous coaches even with all the changes.
  3. When is the future? To steal from The Smiths "When exactly do you mean?See I've already waited too longAnd all my hope is gone" All this starting over and building for the future and we have one more NCAA tournament appearance than we did when I was young and still capable of hope. I can't blame Hoiberg for the past, but the present is uninspired.
  4. I don't know if the situation will ever get that dire
  5. With Nebraska buckets about as rare as goals in soccer the celebrations have to be outsized. Maybe we can get Kent to say Field Goooooooooooooooool after each one.
  6. My wife keeps pointing out how many hours of disappointment I would avoid if I just checked the Nebraska scores rather than sitting through it.
  7. Just an awful performance. No sugar coating it. Schedule will not get easier.
  8. Some 2OT are two teams just refusing to lose...thus seems like two teams refusing to win.
  9. So...is "make your free throws guy" the hoops equivalent of "run the ball guy"
  10. Buzzy Caruthers has not watched Nebraska basketball if he believes a ref can't call an ill-conceived foul on the huskers at crunch time.
  11. Maizen Fausett is a B1G player, by which I mean, an awkward bench player who has a career day against Nebraska.
  12. Our reverse layup technique seems to be taking the ball away from the basket rather than away from the defender.
  13. Just needing to improve shooting, rebounding and defending.
  14. Kudos to SUU for finding a number color that is invisible on TV.
  15. Seems to be a rerun on BTN+ today. I think I saw this episode the other night.
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