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  1. Illinois will play like Texas Tech. Physical teams will cause us problems if we don't adjust.
  2. Earlier today, or perhaps it was last night I mentioned that I was now comfortable with our bench. Tonight provides me a bit of discomfort again.
  3. Just a bad game. We missed way too many shots, got stung by a few bad calls, got frustrated, got out worked, out rebounded, out hustled, out physicaled, out coached and outplayed. Puts a bit of a damper on the roll we were on. Then again, this game isn't quite over...yet.
  4. Our foul shooting is horrible.
  5. So it is legal to drop your shoulder?
  6. One pass and we jack it
  7. Can we make a run???
  8. If we hit our free throws we would be up...
  9. Thought I saw Ubel near our bench.
  10. Goodness, we need to get our poop in a group.
  11. We are very frustrated. Wow...not a good finish to the half. This sucks
  12. Our shooting is just bad tonight
  13. We are shooting ourselves in our foot with our turnovers...three in a row.