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  1. Coach may be just being nice to Thor (though I doubt it). Thor may be a system player. If the system fits, he will react well and be a good contributor. I am not sure he fit that well into the Miles system. I guess time will tell.
  2. Just my humble opinion -- but yes, without a doubt, without question. But again, that is just my opinion.
  3. We got 12 tickets in the third row, mid-court. Should be fun!
  4. From the Then & Now interview of Brian Carr: HHC: 1985-1986 is a very memorable one for many reasons. Before we get to the positive, we have to ask what you remember about the illegal practice that happened at Mabel Lee. In your opinion, was that blown way out of proportion, and as a player, how did it make you feel? BC: That was kind of the situation that I was talking about earlier in regards to Coach Iba, as far as making it very difficult. I don’t know… I hated the fact how everything occurred. Not just from the media side and not just from the players and coaching side, but just the whole situation. It was so tough to deal with, especially being 20 years old or whatever. I wish I could go back and change some things that took place and that were said, and so on. It was strange to have your own newspaper do that to you, to have that planted in the paper. But at the same time, if what we were doing was illegal or against the rules, I don’t know, I just did what we were supposed to do, and just learned to play. I didn’t want to deal with that other stuff. And from Bill Jackman HHC: 1985-1986 was a memorable year in Nebraska basketball history, as it marked the first modern day NCAA Tournament appearance for the Huskers. Before we talk about this, we’d like to get your thoughts on the “illegal practice” that took place at Mabel Lee Hall. What do you remember about it? BJ: No comment. (Laughs) Do you think that the Mabel Lee Hall fiasco still grates on that team!?!?
  5. Sort of. I am sure he was prompted, but he commented on me playing football, basketball and baseball and finding a way to run track. Something about academics must take a seat somewhere in the backseat.
  6. That would be/is great news!
  7. The problem with having a game at a smaller (but great) venue is that the small wage earner would be excluded. The fair resolution is to have all tickets go up for sale on a lottery basis. I am pretty giddy if we just continue to have home games in our pretty special current home.
  8. What the heck???? Should I believe this? Should I care? Is this new? Did I just miss this? Heck, it is legal in his home town/state, so is this mistake. I am soooo confused. Mo Washington got popped in Lincoln and it made the news, so maybe this is nothing. Scotts Bluff County Court May 3 Jervay Green, 20, was fined $449 on a charge of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. https://www.starherald.com/news/local_news_briefs/public-record-july/article_cf4961ee-db7f-5082-ae0a-e318294806bb.html
  9. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+tube+whitney+houston+singing+the+national+anthem&view=detail&mid=BD7BB2BECEB60340ADC9BD7BB2BECEB60340ADC9&FORM=VIRE Amen Cip!!!
  10. Bob D was great for his time. Bob would not be able to handle things the same way today. But it is really hard to argue with the results. He led a good ol boy network. I still remember he appeared at my HS sports banquet and shocked me when he specifically talked about me in his speech. Absolutely floored me.
  11. Love seeing this kind of talent. Now if we can consistently get the top player each year, it would be the cherry on top.
  12. Very tough to judge; and although the trip will be helpful, I'm not sure we will really know this team until December. Heck, we often say we don't know a juco until the second semester...we not only have a couple jucos, we have a full team of newbies. It is good to be optimistic, but unfair expectations can destroy a team.
  13. I wasn't surprised by Langford's high draft position. The kid could/can ball, but he seemed to be hurt or played while hurting. A bit like Isaiah. I am not sure we saw a completely healthy Isaiah until the second half of last year. That said...I am unsure how Copeland is doing with his rehab, but I hope he is given a chance sometime in the near future to show his game.
  14. I think we have one, perhaps two that have podcasts.
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