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  1. I too can say with confidence, and with all due respect to Robin, that any statement on next year's starting line up is conjecture. Goodness, let the kids compete. Shoot, part of the group has not even made it to campus. And oh yeah...unless I can touch the wounds, I do not yet believe a couple well discussed players are gonzo. Just saying.
  2. Maybe it is Collier UTEP is after when word leaked that an ex-Husker head coach would be interviewed???OR NOT.
  3. Good bounce back win...nice job!
  4. Hmmm. Very interesting to see Doc's name. Would hate to see him leave our staff!
  5. Over the course of a season, a series and a game, you get calls and calls are missed. It is an important part of baseball. I complain as much as the next person...but they do tend to even out. If you are a good team you tend to overcome bad calls; if you are a bad team, you tend to be overcome by them. And so it goes. Another nice win last evening by an emerging VERY good Husker team.
  6. Greg Williams, Jr. St. John's? Matt may have been involved with him in his prior life.
  7. Just because he is at or near retirement age; or for some other reason?
  8. I have wondered if Breidenbach has the lateral quickness to defend on the perimeter? He will have the offensive chops, rebounding and passing skills to play a lot of minutes. We shall see.
  9. The only things I heard on Thor is that he is welcome to return but he is "researching" opportunities that influences his ultimate decision.
  10. I just hope that he continues the Kurt Rambis look when he arrives
  11. Any truth to the rumor that he has a younger brother that is a 5*???
  12. Surprise!!! Well hello big fellow.
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