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  1. Is someone in the know? Because when someone mentioned an island my initial thought was Thor.
  2. Holy shite. That was shocking. I don't know how many times I have went to the floor like that and not a splinter. A few floor burns yes, but... By the way, how long ago did this happen. No facemasks and an actual crowd!
  3. Banton is one of many on our team that can penetrate when we spread the floor. But like last year, defenses can collapse because we don't do a good job spreading the floor and we don't have players who can consistently knock down open looks; including three pointers. For many years now (really since Danny left) we have recruited scorers not shooters. We desperately, desperately need shooters to go along with the scorers.
  4. Hmm...the focus should not be on an individual unless that individual is the coach. This is year two and it is his team and his players. Any player not buying into this program or judged to have the correct skillset is gone. Is that correct or incorrect? That said, it is the team that is struggling and/or failing. Each and every player should be preforming at or above expectations. Those expectations include consistency. I can think of one player that meets my expectation of a Big Ten type player. Again, consistency is a must. Can anyone justify more than one? And is it t
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