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  1. I have french heritage. Life in France moves at a slower pace and everything there is measured differently than in the States. They also consider themselves young at heart. So don't be fooled by Yvan's "reported" age. He is actually 26 years old. Given his true age, he will not redshirt. Viva la France!!!
  2. What effect will all this transfer activity have on our (and many others) graduation ratio?
  3. A good series. A KC trip appears to be in the offing.
  4. There is a lot about this young man that I liked. He obviously had issues that simply created a mismatch with this program. Good luck!
  5. Hmm, I am not convinced that they will be playing the same "position" in the future. They did this year out of necessity. Moving forward, that may no longer be the case.
  6. Yvan's explosion may or may not improve...much depends on his work in the weight room. It is my understanding that he never spent much time lifting; and given thae fact that he was a late arrival to Lincoln, i am betting he will gain some explosion. But another key for Yvan is improving his footwork and use of his body. Both areas can and should be coached up.
  7. I hope Cross stays. I see him rebuilding (perhaps building) his body and he has shown glimpses of high level talent.
  8. See ya. Hope your trombone playing, while warming up for a game, finds a great home along with you of course. Seriously, good luck.
  9. Good luck at your next stop Cam.
  10. Strange and surreal game and post-game that ends a strange and surreal season.
  11. #1 I am one of those "people" who is blessed with a compromised immune system. So I have to be a bit more careful, but won't be living in a bubble...ever. so to me these seemingly drastic moves makes sense. Because if I had tickets, I would go without thinking twice. Also, this sort of reminds me of Y2K. There was a lot of fear, a lot of panic, a ton of time and money spent on planning and preparation and a lot of people hoarding nearly everything. Then when the clock struck midnight, nada - nothing...and a large collective sigh of relief. I hope the same thing holds true after this pandemic passes on.
  12. At the very least, it will be an interesting off-season.
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