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  1. LOL...nice try Khoock! I went to confession the other day and the priest asked me if the rumor about Hoiberg is true!!!! Just kidding, but everything these days turn to the Hoiberg topic -- or so it seems.
  2. Has anything been said about the availability of Tom?
  3. Interesting speculation. Pointed question, has anyone spoken to Isaiah or a member of his immediate family? Has anyone heard directly from the "horses mouth?"
  4. Isaiah just had his best game of his Nebraska career
  5. I'm not sure it showed on TV but that was a fun game to attend. Boisterous to say the least. We scraped and scrambled and the crowd was in it to the very end. The players performed well and the coaches did a good game prep and adjusted during the game. Switching to the zone was timely and we made free throws. A ton of class shown by our coach at the games end. And finally I have never enjoyed/went nuts over technicals more emphatically than those given to Glynn and Tanner. Good job men!
  6. At the vault. Kind of weird seeing the curtain up in the third level. Come on men, bring us a win tonight
  7. I am all in...this group has earned my respect and I will do my part to bring home a win.
  8. A good coach will have a good plan. Again, I do believe there is an outside chance that one of the current assistants could be asked to stay. That may keep some of our players and/or recruits here.
  9. Oh many Cip..I will not count our chickens before they are hatched. I have hope...I have a lot of hope.
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