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  1. Huskerpapa

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Lol...I have to get my wife's permission first...
  2. Huskerpapa

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    If time allows, my plan is to attend this game after the Husker game on Saturday. I will be interested to see if our recruits spend any time going head to head.
  3. Huskerpapa

    In state kids?

    I don't know the names right off the top of my head, but what do you think of the big man from Kearney, the big man from Lincoln Southeast. I know the Kearney kid is a Liberty recruit (could he play high division I?), I heard the Southeast kid is a late bloomer and is likely headed to JUCO.
  4. Huskers 73 Buckeyes 66 15
  5. Huskerpapa

    Trivia Question fun

    I might also add one other opinion, which may not be well accepted. There should be an additional son that is in the HOF, Barry Bonds! I may not like Barry, as he never played for the Cubbies, but the dude could hit the ball...and hit it perhaps better than any person I watched in person. He was great before steroid's and obviously the use of 'roids accentuated his HR totals and likely extended his career...but he was a HOF prior to his lapse in judgement. (His dad was Bobby Bonds, and he too, was an extremely talented player).
  6. Huskerpapa

    Trivia Question fun

    Correct! Lot of Boone's as well, but not HOF worthy.
  7. Huskerpapa

    Trivia Question fun

    Who are the two Hall of Fame baseball players whose fathers also played in the Major Leagues?
  8. Huskerpapa

    Game Day Essentials: Game #19 at Rutgers

    One of those games you have to worry about IF we are still looking back at Michigan State and/or looking past Rutgers to our next game and/or we shoot the ball as poorly as we did against Michigan State. I anticipate with our veteran team that we will bounce back and play an efficient and effective game tonight. Let's get it done men!
  9. How long has Langford and Ahrens been out?
  10. Oh...I do not disagree at all. But the point I was attempting to make in a more subliminal way was that the Huskers are a very good team. We have our flaws and areas of opportunity; but we are good enough to play and beat a top eight team. I believe Michigan State has the ability to play into the top eight, yet we are able to stick with them. What should that tell the public?
  11. Duke just beat Virginia, and if I read the box score correctly, they played two subs, neither of whom scored.
  12. I will not be surprised to see Michigan State in the final eight this year. I think people underestimate the power of an excellent defensive team that can also score sufficiently. Yes, we could have won if we shot better. But at least in part, our shooting woes were tied to the quality of Michigan State's defense. Obviously, the Michigan State defense travels well.