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  1. That my friends, was a pitching performance.
  2. Yes. Likely will have two open. Fans are not concerned at this point. The team also has the benefit of a walk-on or two that earned playing time. Most teams will play with a 7, 8 or 9 player rotation. The other players will only play mop up, or if there is an injury. Last years men's team did get hit by injuries. But then, a strange thing happened. Team culture and player character stepped to the forefront. Arguably the "team" played better down the stretch as players played well and played within their roles. That kinda-sorta brings me back to my original thought. Having a full roster can be a good thing, IF the players all buy in and accept their roles. But man, that has become difficult these days. Players are told from a very early age how special they are. They are stars at every level they have played at. They (and their support group) expect to be played; and when they are not played, or not played in the role that they wish to play in, they are unhappy and perhaps disruptive. Then you have the increased influence of NIL money, transfer portal and social media influencers, and you have headaches aplenty. So getting the right players, who fit the team profile, becomes more important (in my humble mind) than simply filling a scholarship quota. But that again is just my opinion.
  3. He has two, possibly three open scholarships right now.
  4. I also liked this quote; "I look back on a year and I’m like, ‘Holy s***, that was incredible. How can I ever top this?’” Griesel said Wednesday. “And every year it gets better and better. It’s been unbelievable. What’s gonna beat this last year?" It is kinda sorta like living the dream.
  5. I would only respectfully say...ask Coach Hoiberg "what could it hurt?" Perhaps adding that depth could be helpful. But it could also destroy chemistry. When the men's team picked up Bando and Sammy G before last season, it certainly was necessary and productive. That team had specific needs and those needs were filled by the referenced additions. Two of those needs were leadership and attitude. Conversely, the prior years they picked up guards that destroyed team unity. So, to simply pick up players for depth, may not prove beneficial. We need players for specific roles and they need to fit in and play team first basketball. A few of those players are likely out there; but I would much rather go with a shorter bench then to bring in ill-fitting players.
  6. Good article from Amie Just/LJS...enjoy. https://huskerextra.com/tncms/asset/editorial/da4f5a86-fa74-11ed-a0b4-13320de477eb/
  7. Noticed this was new as well.
  8. He played in Lincoln versus Drake. He may have remembered our facilities and the 1000 or so fans that watched him play ten minutes.
  9. Bologna...don't knock it until you try it. Nothing better when you have a cheap beer cookout night. Plop a piece of cheddar cheese on it and then some buttered wonder bread grilled lightly as well.
  10. https://huskerextra.com/commentary/amie_just/amie-just-nebraskas-allison-weidner-remains-on-the-road-to-recovery-after-acl-tear/article_7fdc1576-f72c-11ed-ab83-03ee60e892a4.html
  11. We seemed to go after high school, transfer and foreign players this year; but I wonder if we recruited any JUCO's? Perhaps we did and I just forgot.
  12. Tic-toc...June 1st is fast approaching. Please come back Keisei!!!
  13. Rich King is up in Seattle. Must have fallen in love with location. My son-in-law and daughter live up there as well. Cool location. At one time he dabbled in real estate. Did you know his real name is Tom???
  14. Yeah, I am not convinced that is true. Some players have the inate ability to anticipate plays. Their DNA includes the want to make plays, the wherewithal to study film, hustle, and many other miscellaneous traits. Cookie Belcher made those plays; as did Bruce Chubick and Rick Scantlebury and Brian Banks.
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