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  1. I am not as convinced that the shooting percentages will improve on all of our players. Some yes, but not all. We have some players who look good from deep. Others, not so much. Just being real. High School and Juco shooters face less defensive effort than at high division one. PLUS, the line has been moved back this season. That extra several inches can make a difference. I am also concerned about our ability to finish at the rim. We miss a ton of bunnies. And those misses are not coming against many of the big bodies we will face as the season moves forward. And lest I forget...our free throw shooting...yikes.
  2. We have a long way to go. I am looking at things this way...i just want to see little things to improve each time out.
  3. Yeah, he was a Miles recruit and spent a year learning defensive concepts at a high division one level. He is also long and quick. I had heard through the various grapevines that he used to give fits when guarding Palmer in practice last year. So yes, it tells me something, but I am not surprised.
  4. We may end up winning this Purdue game, but honestly, I am tired of this pathetic excuse for football. We cannot execute anywhere. Good grief.
  5. The NCAA offices awaiting requested paperwork:
  6. I thought I would give a shout out to Thor as well. He has the cool ability to always be in the right place at the right time. He should be a contributor this year, and a steadying influence.
  7. Good for Tim. Hope he does well.
  8. Well, it was an exhibition. Saw some good, bad and ugly. Cross had a good game. I guess he was my pleasant surprise.
  9. I will walk back from my 8-4 belief. We had/have injuries. We have had a number of players under-perform. We have an offensive line that is porous. We have a defensive line that still cannot generate a consistent pass rush. We have players that still walk through games, and believe they are all-Americans. We have players who once again quit on their brethren. This staff, love them or not, is being out-coached. Simply look at the 3rd quarter comparisons after half-time adjustments. And oh yes, we are still losing the turnover margin and the penalties continue. This is not going to be quick fix. “Don't overrate someone, unless you want to harm him/her.”― Abdullah Muhammad Farabi
  10. My concern was, and will likely continue to be, the difficulty we will have defending bigs. I think you see that issue when you hear that WSU had so many offensive rebounds. We will improve as the season progresses, but team size won't be fixed until next season and beyond. (Hmm, I think that is one of the many issues with the football team as well.)
  11. True dat. The worse that could happen is that they say no.
  12. Does the timing of the request play any role? I am wondering when we put in the application/request.
  13. Last year when watching Mo, I thought that the kid had that innate skill set that made his future bright. I thought, man, with a bit more body mass, and a year of college under his belt, he was going to be a real good one. Then...this year happened. I don't know what happened??? He doesn't look like he spent much time building his body; he looked disinterested (and with a felony hovering over his head, it is hard to blame him; perhaps the offensive line is not helping as much; but shoot the boot, the dude would looked tentative, he was unable or unwilling to explode through initial impact...and well, he looked bad. So this doesn't surprise me, the kid most certainly took a step backward this season.
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