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  1. The kid needs to develop his body yet; but he hustles, does the little things, seems to have good feet AND good hands and appears to enjoy defending and rebounding. Always great when you hear Nebraska brought up. 49r you are right about #2. Is his name Oakland Fort?
  2. Timing is a bit odd, but the outcome of the investigation is not. This was not an old school coach making an error in judgement. It was a pattern of behavior that lasted longer than it should have. You would have thought Penn State would know better given their history.
  3. Whaat, wait. How did I miss the fact that the NBA was playing. Hmmm. Must have missed that announcement. Now I suppose somebody will tell me MLB is playing as well. Is hockey going to play as well? Only thing I know is a great number of great players from my childhood recently passed on...Kaline, Gibson, Seaver, Morgan; et al.
  4. ...and all this hinges on a conference decision allowing it to happen...correct?
  5. I simply love the idea of NOT having to get the ball to a specific player in order to initiate your offense. Those wasted few seconds allows a defense to get into better position to defend. With the players we have, any number of them can "run" the offense and also defend multiple types of players.
  6. I am pretty sure I have heard similar accusations against him for a few years now; and yet Wichita State's reaction seems alarmingly slow. Winning seems to mask undesirable methodology.
  7. Bottom line...talent and depth. The men will have to perform to play. Past performance should mean nada. How they perform today, tomorrow and the weeks and months moving forward will be measured...not last year.
  8. Copyright issues with Kool-aide man???
  9. Watched him playing since he was a fourth grader. Hard to believe he is retiring...
  10. This one stings more than a bit...one, because of talent; two, because of his high national rating; three, he seemed to be an exceptional teammate and appears to be a young man of character; four, we recruited him hard, thought we had a great shot at him, but alas, we fell short.
  11. Said this in the football section as well; but to be the best you have to beat the best. I appreciate the opportunity provided by the schedule makers!
  12. To be the best, you have to beat the best. I appreciate the schedule makers giving us the opportunity to be one of the best. For those fans upset with the schedule, stop your whining!!!
  13. I am now an official member of the new knothole gang.
  14. I hate being lost...
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