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  1. For some reason, this does not make me feel better about our overall size...
  2. Defense is good...not great, but good. We have lost a couple of Safeties that leaves me concerned. But I will tell you what, Lamar Jackson is playing excellent football. From where he was when this staff came in, to where he is today, is somewhat amazing. Offense is a work in progress. They remind me of Oklahoma during the Barry years. Their offense would take time to jell, but when they did, everything ran like a well oiled machine. I thought Mills looked a lot better yesterday. He wasn't sprinting to the line, he saw the holes (when they were there). As long as the line keeps improving, the offense will improve along with them. Special teams...kicker for hire.
  3. Okay, the official colors of our fine University are Scarlet and Cream. Really, I kid you not. I believe the official site AND three UNL song all tell me this. But the reality is that we do not wear or really display those colors. We really have three unofficial colors...red, white and black. The teams and the fans all seem to embrace those colors, except them and literally cheer for them (Go Big Red!!!) So why not make the unofficial, official? University of Nebraska-Lincoln Colors Scarlet Cream
  4. The preseason hype was ridiculous. This team is better than last year, but we still have a long way to go. We lack consistency, which is necessary for a team to make it to the great category. We can and should be good, but goodness, Colorado recognized and jumped on our weaknesses. If you listened to the broadcast, he told the reporter that they identified areas of opportunity and would make the adjustments to improve in the second half; and they did. We adjusted, but not in a good way. I was disappointed, but I was not surprised. We will have some good wins this year, but the first half versus the second half differences may reappear several times this year. Auroran is right, this will be a roller-coaster ride this season. By the way...worth remembering the overbearing football preseason hype when addressing the basketball team this season. Be prepared for a roller-coaster ride there as well.
  5. Hype...hard to live up to the expectations that have been set.
  6. I have a simple hope...that is, we live up to the hype. Over the last twenty years I have heard and read a lot of hype that didn't pan out. Tanner Lee was supposed to be an All-Pro type of QB, right? But this year seems a bit different. We should have a much improved team. But we are in a major conference with a lot of great players and teams. So, others have improved as well, and others are going to be better this year as well. We need to play our collective a**es off, and we have to hope for no key injuries, we have to significantly cut stupid penalties/mistakes and we have to win the turnover margin for the first time (in what seems like) two decades. But all that said, I think we go 8-4 or better.
  7. We need a great number of players and positions to take a giant step forward in order to meet the grandiose expectations of the fans. I think we are going to be better, but how much better will depend on the improvement. Norm, you mention the receivers. Our receiving corp was pretty good last year, but Stanley is gone. Big hole and we need three or four players to step up. Our offensive line was average at best last year. Two new starters need to step up and the three returning starters need to improve. Can Mills make up for the loss of Ozigbo? Will Mo be available? We may be very good at RB, or we could be in a world of hurt. What about our defense? We seem to have good leadership, but just because we have a lot of returners, are they going to be better? I hope so. The one thing I am pretty sure about is that AD is a heck of a QB and Frost is a heck of a coach. I think we are going to be better, in fact we could be pretty good but there is a lot of proving that has to occur this year.
  8. I am not exactly a rap fan, but all things considered...I am not a rap fan. But hey, it isn't about me, it is about the team.
  9. My rose colored glasses have dimmed over the past several years. I want to be optimistic, but instead, I find myself in the wait and see category. - I am hopeful we can be a good defensive team as we "appear" to be athletic, but can they learn to play together. We also seem to like an eraser type that could have helped cover mistakes. - We seem to be deep, yet is that depth made up of high level Division I talent? Not sure yet, but I am somewhat optimistic that we may have much better depth than last year. - The coaching staff seems to be high level, but is that me being hopeful? Are we now on par, or even better than most high profile programs? - Can we overcome our lack of size? - Will we be a hot and cold offensive team. Can we consistently score and win? Especially on the road? So, shoot the boot. I want to be optimistic; I would even take being cautiously optimistic; but I need to see the product on the floor. I need to see us winning loose ball battles. I need to see us winning battles for rebounds. I need to see teammates supporting teammates. I need to wait and see.
  10. I have grown to like and appreciate the various teams on 93.7. They have good chemistry and seem to be aware of the topical events. They also like to talk about Husker basketball, especially Jake and Sip.
  11. Glad to see GW staying with it. I wish him well.
  12. Okay dudes, it is only an exhibition. But hey, it is easy to be excited by the "what if"
  13. Post --- Hoppen and King (Mikki Moore barely on the outside looking in) Four -- Hamilton and Andre Smith Three -- Pike and Roby (just because) Two -- Petteway and Strickland PG - Lue and Jack (with Banks on the outside looking in)
  14. I take it we won. Whatever that means Perhaps the gelato will taste better tonight
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