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  1. Lots of decent play last night by the Huskers. I had no problem with the defensive scheme. Simply hard to stomach Wisky hitting the number they hit. Zowie! That said, our guards made their guards look painfully slow.
  2. Not a T. I glanced over and believe Thor was pulling on him and Brunk was thrown backward. Thor was so much bigger and stronger than Brunk so Thor received an intentional foul.
  3. Sorry, I currently have no faith in Kavas. At this point it appears the coaching staff agrees.
  4. We sort of live in a glass house though and likely should not be casting stones. What are others saying about the Mo Washington allegations? Or what about the rape allegations involving two (now ex) players. Granted PSU and Rutgers appear to be more systematic issues, but still. And if we throw PSU and Rutgers out, Ohio State and Minnesota likely need to go as well :)
  5. In many instances, stats can be very misleading. I would certainly hope (and I do trust) our coaching staff doesn't simply look at stats to judge a player; especially juco players. This dude was a player in HS. He also performed well in his short stint with Huggy Bear. I think this kid can play high division one basketball. My questions go beyond the talent question. Can he fit in as a teammate? Is he a "team first" player? Can he fit into this community (both city and university)? Can he hack it academically? Can he learn the system? But you know what, these are just not Teddy questions, these are questions for every athlete that steps on our campus.
  6. In theory this sounds good, but in practice, no. In my simple little mind they are both 20 minute a game types right now. They both lose productivity when they play long spurts...or so it seems to me. Plus, you have no productive size behind those two. Nada. Honestly if you didn't have to worry about rebounding or defense I like the lineup of Cam, Burke, Thor, Charlie and Hannif on the floor with Jervey as the sub. Yeah I know that is totally unrealistic, but it would create match up difficulties for opposing bigs.
  7. It is going to be a tough road. I look at the talent, strength and athleticism of the teams in this league and I shake my head. We need to recruit and develop a lot over the next few years to catch up. Cam is a good start. If Yvan and Kevin can evolve/develop/build strength that will help. Goodness, it just seems to be a constant up hill battle.
  8. Good news is that we did some things the right way. We just don't have the thoroughbred race horses to run the race. The officiating sort of sucked...but friends we had the opportunity to win this game and just couldn't make the plays.
  9. I cannot recall a Husker team missing so many bunnies. Our bigs are very slow with their moves to the basket.
  10. Frustrating and a bit disappointing. OSU was really struggling coming into the game and similar to the Northwestern game, we lost contact with them somewhat early, making a comeback bid nearly impossible. Old habits are tough to break. We missed waaaaay to many bunnies. Defensive breakdowns resulted in a lot of open looks, which likely assisted a team that was struggling offensively to find rhythm. I also will throw this onto the wall to see if it will stick. The officials let this be a physical game. We seemed to let that bother us. Oh well, one game closer to the next win...right?
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