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  1. I am thinking it is the Moe curse. The "Rag" filmed the huskers having an illegal practice at the women's PE building and it got Moe in hotter water. He was already disliked by a portion of the fan base by his approach to the media and his slow pace style. He was no Joe Cipriano...chants such as Moe must go, dig up Joe, were heard and he simply was under-appreciated; as he was well respected by other coaches around the country. Heck his papa was the renowned Henry Iba. He was such a bad coach, that he led us to our first [I think] NCAA tournament birth...only to resign after the game was over. We have had more bad then good ever since.
  2. My feeling was that they knew Leonhard was on many lists of up and comers. They may have been pushed a little towards making their change.
  3. At times it was UGLY. Yet the team played with passion. I will definitely take, and enjoy, the win.
  4. One thought did pop into my shallow brain...I am sorta betting that you will see more bodies sprawled on the floor this season. That includes us going hard for loose balls, us taking and perhaps giving charges and opponents flying to the floor, while thinking they are going show time on us.
  5. For what it's worth...the team as a whole appears bigger and stronger. There is some athleticism as well. Lots of bricks tossed during the 3 point drill. How bout we blame that on tired legs... I shared my thoughts on Oleg a few months back. Does anyone wish to share their opinion? Again, nothing really has changed for me regarding my "They have to prove it" as we move forward. There were some reasons for a bit of optimism...but the rose colored glass are still waaaay out of my reach.
  6. Nothing really can be determined by this event other than a re-introduction to the team. They should be a very good team, and if a few players take it to the next level, we could see a sweet sixteen type of team. We shall see. The fear of the unknown is always a heartbeat away.
  7. Yeah...one can draw zero conclusions from that exercise.
  8. I know we won't, but personally, I would intentionally lose his phone number. We courted the dude to through two recruitments and he chose a different dance partner...so, see ya!
  9. What I am hearing and hopefully will see, is a business-like approach. More of a blue collar approach. We shall see. By the way, this old fart has seen more rap/hip hop this past few months, then most youngsters. So...don't always judge books by their covers.
  10. A lot of good things said...defense, aggressive, unity, unselfish, physical, energy, rebounding, and so forth. Now, if the words translates into action. Two very key words...ball movement. (Please make this a reality) Please, do not overreact to what occurs on Friday.
  11. As an aside, I have also heard Warhorse Casino (which is opening today) is also struggling with staffing. An interesting time we are living in today.
  12. Yeah, I am addicted to the chairs. Absolutely necessary.
  13. And for those of us who's seat is at the end of a row...we will be bruised and battered by falling patrons. Oh well, I currently get blasted by reckless vendors, so what the hey.
  14. This stinks!!! I wish her well with her recovery. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/nebraskas-sam-haiby-out-for-season-with-injury/article_a436dced-6899-5b47-bb13-53e39d4987c9.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share
  15. I am not wrong...sorry. the arena is struggling hiring staff at certain positions. Concessions in particular. If you need a job, I would encourage you to apply. Pinnacle BANK ARENAJOIN OUR TEAM!PART-TIME POSITIONSSTARTING AT $12/HR Custodians, Operations Crew Members, Concessions Workers, Cooks, Concessions Cooks, Building Security Guards, Dishwashers, Inventory Control Supervisor, Parking Attendants, Building Engineer Worker, Catering Attendance, Event Security, Event Staff.https://bit.ly/PinnacleBankArenaJobsEEO/AAE EmployerPinnacle Bank Arena
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