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  1. Team chemistry, free throw shooting, winning attitude/know-how, and ability to make in game adjustments.
  2. Dude is also thinnnnnnn. He has some work to put in
  3. So that my expectations do not become overly grandiose, I keep telling myself "everyone else is better as well."
  4. I will accept a number of arguments as to why he may not come here, the one that would really pis# me off would be that he is too good for us. That sure isn't stopping all the bnb other four and five stars coming our way.
  5. It will be great when the announcers state that this kid will bring his enormous talent to the heartland of America, the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. And that proclamation will be heard worldwide.
  6. Philosophy 101...Trev is a great hire until he isn't.
  7. I have traveled and had great wines from all over; but one of my favorites comes from a local vineyard. Edelweiss from James Arthur Vineyard is an excellent Table Wine. Just saying...
  8. Favorite beer: Whatever is local. As you travel around, one should experience local tastes. Favorite Spirit: Wine? Same as above. Favorite cuisine: American or French. But again, see above Favorite NBA team: Ughhh. NBA STINKS. That said, Sacramento. Favorite athlete of all time: Ernie Banks or Wes Parker. "Vacations" or "trips"?: Vacations Beach, mountains, big city or theme park?: Lakes or Beach Missed your calling?: Photographer or artist Bitcoin or nah?: Nah Fred or Frost?: Sorry...both.
  9. I heard a rumor that the players believe playing time and personal glory is secondary to team success. Again, who plays, when and for how long, will be EARNED. The process is now ongoing.
  10. Amateurs... Best beer is free beer. Best wine is whatever someone else opened. Best alcohol is whatever was mixed in the trash can punch. Sheesh.
  11. My only concern is his approach to team ball. We have talent in the back court and only one ball. How will the team accept his talent?
  12. My prediction...starting positions and playing time will be fought for and earned.
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