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  1. I am not at all convinced that Tim would take any assistant job at this point. I surmise that he is happy sitting out this year. He may visit a few schools for ideas and so forth, and then catch a head coaching gig next season.
  2. I wonder if any team is willing to guarantee a place on the NBA roster. Listening to the Isaiah verbiage, he seems to hint that if he is being told that he will spend a year in the G-league, he may not be interested. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the comments, then again, perhaps not.
  3. One game at a time. But first we have to play a game. ;)
  4. Wait...what...my head is spinning. This is wild.
  5. A little birdie did tell me today that a few Jaysker fans are putting away their sweater vests and turning full tilt to Nebraska. Quite frankly, if true, I am not certain that brings joy to my heart!
  6. Good theory, but then again, I struggle thinking that a new staff would take that approach. Closing out members of the press would create a deadly game of roulette.
  7. I still believe we have a grad transfer in mind IF Isaiah moves on.
  8. Collateral damage to Husker Hoops Central as well.
  9. This sort of made me laugh...it doesn't happen very often in our neck of the road, that we need a player to lose weight. Maybe a handful in the past ten years?
  10. Very sad to see Greg leave. He was very good at what he did. So now we have a European connection. Impressive!
  11. This caught me off guard. I am glad I am not a Michigan basketball fan tonight. Interim coach for a year???
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