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  1. Almost sounds like we may have a pretty decent team next year...
  2. I guess my workouts aren't intense enough 'cause I can never alter my body shape to that extent.
  3. Welcome to the program young man! That said, we are still on the lookout for that elusive 6'10" big man with loads of skill and moxie to walk on...
  4. No way. That can't be Yvan!!!
  5. Anybody here old enough to remember Juan Marichal going after John Roseburo with his bat. The Giants and the Dodgers have had some historic fights.
  6. I hope that fans expectations remain in check for this young man. He has skills, but he appears to be a project. For me, I anticipate a possible redshirt year. Maybe I will be pleasantly shocked by where his game is at, but my expectations are going to remain low for year one until proven otherwise.
  7. I've been to work every day as I am deemed essential and I will be in my seats for football and basketball and some baseball games when I allowed.
  8. Regarding the scholarship issue, I thought that there was a rule that any time you had a crossover athlete the scholarship diverted to the highest revenue sport??? Plus, wouldn't Danny like the idea of finding that extra scholarship?
  9. He sort of reminds me of Ffriend. Pretty raw but with a load of potential
  10. I am a diehard, long time, traditionalist baseball (and yes Cubbies) fan. Now...and maybe I will rethink this; it is time that change is required. If not, it will be a small town in Nebraska, and die an ugly death. The game has to speed up. I will not go into minutia, but many facets of the game could evolve without losing adequate sight of the history. If this is not a focus, I am afraid my grandkids will, and yours, will drop the game from their minds.
  11. Yeah...since I started the thread, I thought I could close it, but instead I deleted it...oh well. Hope no earth shattering content as lost. That said, i still hope our foreign contingent of players make it back with no issues
  12. Don't sleep on this kid. He will be a good one for someone.
  13. This news did catch me a bit off guard. In fact it shocked me.
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