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  1. I have always thought our local writers were fair and unbiased in general. Of course they will be a bit more biased as they are the ones in the trenches with the program, day in and day out. What is interesting is when they are critical; then their readers split into love/hate factions. As to receiving observations from regional or national media, we will see more of that once we become relevant. Here-to-fore our irrelevance has been deafening.
  2. Once again, I have no clue how the scoring system works, nor do I want to learn how it works. I simply guess with my heart and not my brain...so winning this seems to be totally outside reality. That said, I guess each game religiously and truly appreciate your efforts in making this happen. Thank you!
  3. Starting five may be close to the same group but I will argue that a year more maturity and understanding the system will make them better. We should be be better on the perimeter this year. I liked Delano, but the dude really struggled on the perimeter. Good teams and the entire Big Ten could take advantage of a weakness like that. My hope is no such weakness exists this year. We still have a bucket load of slashers despite the loss of Delano; and that should be a continued strength of ours. Our interior game should be greatly enhanced this year. Yvan simply was a wasteland with the ball in his hands. Sorry...but true. Defensively we will miss Delano and Yvan. But Teddy was sort of a steal or bust defender. So I am guessing that as long as Doc is near, we will be a solid if not a way above average defensive team. But hey, here is a revelation, other teams have improved as well. I fully EXPECT us to be in the top half of the Big Ten...if so, fact so, playing in the dance.
  4. I've heard that was a focus of his...perhaps he is now just bad rather than terrible
  5. Good lord. Basketball can't start soon enough. That game figuratively made me sick to my stomach The first half was downright embarrassing. Mannnn.
  6. Again, starters versus finishers. Walker sometimes got into early foul trouble which took him out of games; at least to a certain extent. He also is mature enough to understand and embrace his role on the team. This arguably makes the team stronger. I again make the argument that the rotation is much more important than who starts. Shoot, one of the best players of all time was best known as the 6th man on his team. I also believe many people underestimated the talent Wilhelm Breidenbach brought to Lincoln. He is able to open the floor with his outside game, use either hand seamlessly while in the paint, bang with big boys, box out, set picks (and roll or pop) defend, run, handle the ball and rebound. Yes, I am somewhat geeked over his talent and potential.
  7. I've had mine...electronically. works fantastic for football.
  8. The phrase that he changed his shooting mechanics sort of made me go hmmmmmm. We all knew that was necessary but he spent two years with a shooting guru of sorts and he struggled changing those mechanics. Was money the necessary motivator?
  9. No player is immune to the transfer trend; no player. There are enumerible influences on players these days, and it is difficult to balance them. So we can list each player with eligibility remaining as possible transfers...but so can every college team
  10. Every game is important; but this is a HUGE game for the program today! Just saying...
  11. Hmmm. Interesting. Wellll, welcome to Big Red country Denim!
  12. I can appreciate your perception. I just know that no Big Ten team goes backward and our hill has been a hard climb. We have much better talent and depth, so it should be exciting. But at least some people are not believing YET. I just noted we were predicted to finish 11th...in our league. We just have some proving to do.
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