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  1. I am guessing he is in the lower tier of salaries. But I do not know the number. Maybe $30K...maybe?
  2. NBL salarys are roughly like this;Imports- $200K for stars (league MVP candidates) down to $100K for role players(consistent scorers and rebounders).Boomers- $100-$150K depending on team funds and combinations.Starters- $65-$75KBench- $55-$65KDevleopment players- Minimum wage to $30K, usually on a sliding scale related to minutes and stats.
  3. Let me see if this comes off the tip of my fingers correctly. Yes we will run some different sets. Yes we will absorb some new offensive concepts with the addition of a new assistant. Yes we have a number of new players. Yes those players will have different strengths and weaknesses that have not been truly identified until they are on this team with these coaches. But the general offensive scheme will be similar. Offense is Fred's forte' so adjustments are likely; but major reconstruction seems unlikely. Defense may be overhauled; in my opinion. Perhaps more full court, perhaps trapping, perhaps multiple defenses. But the major fix that cannot get overlooked and cannot go unchanged is the players mindset. It is the jimmies and joes accepting roles, making teammates better, making the right pass, taking the good shot, beating the opponent to the floor for a loose ball, helping on defense, owning the ball by not turning it over, rebounding smarts and effort...and oh yeah, not accepting defeat. Other teams are going to get better; we must get a lot better...in every category.
  4. You are correct RD. It appears to be the 2020 article that sort of welcomed her here. In the article it points out she visited with Kate and discussed how Amy uses her bigs and so forth.
  5. I know there were questions of her status. This comes moments after Nebraska announced that Mayan is not coming back to the mens team...oh yeah, Lat has already played games on his new pro team in Australia. Better late than never https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/tatiana-popa-no-longer-on-nebraska-womens-basketball-team/article_14c8cda3-9b3a-57d2-bb9f-217a50fdeb5f.html
  6. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/husker-hoops-forward-lat-mayen-ends-college-career-turns-pro-in-native-australia/article_bcb172ad-2f83-557d-8a1e-639e75a5dd9f.html
  7. My gawd...whhhaaatttt? This is sooo shocking!!! How did we never see this coming. How could he just leave without even mentioning this to anyone...it is like the Browns leaving for Baltimore in the middle of the night...it is like HB leaving his first girlfriend...it is like Cip forgetting a song from only three decades ago! Goodness, I may never, ever get over the shock.
  8. ...or we could have played a hell of lot better and made the end of the season series a non-event. We should never have been in this position.
  9. Hopefully a good marriage...3rd time is a charm---right?
  10. No, he did not visit. This article addresses your question silverback; and provides other tidbits of information that can and should solicit further discussion. Enjoy... https://huskerextra.com/news/basketball/mens-basketball/emmanuel-bandoumel-wants-to-be-a-defensive-force-at-nebraska/article_fdc0e0dd-52a5-5add-b0da-f716faa82c9e.html?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_Husker_Extra
  11. We suffered from the black hole syndrome last season. Hero ball can create that issue. One or two individuals dominate the ball and as a result, when one of the other players touches the ball, they feel the need to jack a shot whether or not it is a high quality shot. A team that moves the ball will take better shots because the extra pass is made and/or there is predominant feeling of unselfishness.
  12. We have already witnessed a couple players sent packing. I am guessing we will see at least an additional 4-6 wave bye-bye.
  13. I can understand and empathize with this opinion and I have heard it from a variety of people. Yet there is significant improvement. Especially in the LJS. I have read a wide range of front (sports) page articles regarding the major womens sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball). Some of the minor sports such as rifle, tennis, golf and bowling oftentimes drift to the back pages. But coverage of the major sports seem to be at least equal right now. BUT, with that said, the men's sports have been abysmal the last several years...if they ever rise up, we will see if the LJS maintains the current standard. I do however acknowledge that husker football coverage oftentimes boarders on the obscene. I doubt that will change in my lifetime.
  14. Oftentimes it is a matter of timing. As an example, it is a foregone conclusion that Trey and Lat are not coming back for their super-senior season; but there has been no press release or other formal announcement. We are so used to immediacy of information that our brain and psyche cannot comprehend the need of timing, judgment and personal space.
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