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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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  1. 4 games in 6 days will cause one to have a kind of klinker of a game. Other years we loose this game, but we have some depth this year that will help a lot. In think we win a few more in the league than the "experts" think. But man is this league going to be tough to win much.
  2. Just wanted to stop in before my wife has to take me to the ER, because I have a body part that has been uhmm... well as the small print says if it has been over 4 hours go to the ER. Well it has been since Lat hit that second 3, so...
  3. Any ticket information yet? I will be willing to buy a tent to start the line outside of the Vault
  4. The guys on the team right now will have a whole season to show if they still can be here next year. It might actually be easier for everybody.
  5. Wait you tell'n me it ain't like that...Damn it...
  6. But getting to all the parties and practice would have to be outside!
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