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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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  1. And the worst part was there weren't any more pictures... uhmmm... so I was told
  2. Will Fred and everybody else on staff be there so that nobody can even talk to him?
  3. I do believe he has a career as a writer when basketball is over. Excellent read!
  4. No when Hallmark got thrown out in the 10 or 11?
  5. Well we kind of peeing this one down our leg. Does this need to be a win or do we just run everybody out there to wear them out. do we get Northwestern this weekend? If so a lost here wouldn't kill us. If they are still sick and we don't play this game would really hurt.
  6. perfect early game, will only scare the fans because we don't win by 70 because we use it like a scrimmage.
  7. I can get as many down votes as Kidney ever did win one sentence: Yankees win! Yankees win! Yankees win! wwwaaaabbbbbllllllb!
  8. Summitt is a good competive league that gives bigger leagues problems. Good for him.
  9. We have also seen teams have real trouble inbounding the ball during games, so might make for some heart stopping minutes. But free throws do seem to be a better way to keep it competitive. It really won't matter because for every rule that is made, some coach somewhere will figure out how to use it to their own favor. Thus causing a new rule change.
  10. I wish that before the first couple of games of the year they would show video and to show how the game is going to be called or try to be called that season. You would have a lot less yelling from the crowd and maybe the coaches and players might understand better too. I think they do that with the players and coaches or they used to, but in the heat of the battle one still screams bad call
  11. Was he higher than a 3 star before he tore his ACL?
  12. And finish the season with 9 made...
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