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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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  1. I thought that the Obama's only had the two daughters?
  2. Kid is thick for a 16 year old.
  3. And somewhere in Lincoln, Karrington and Thorir let out a collective breath.
  4. Norm do you need a Snickers? You our are kinda being hard on some kids that will either be here and be better or will go some place else. It's only April...
  5. Yep just me, my grandma was the 5th out of 16.. 11 girls and 5 boys only one died at birth.
  6. What happened to the 7 foot kid from IWCC? Know he was a late offer from the last coaching staff but...
  7. They got Thorbjarnarson on this year so they can at least give it a try.
  8. Should add a picture of Doc on the Back... get it... the back...
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