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  1. Don't see this team getting 4 conference wins. Hopefully Trev got BOGO with coaching search firm.
  2. Trying not to put much into this one. Hustle and effort seemed to be there but woof on the shooting. Best parts of game were Sam's dunk and Jazz Shelley walking in front of us in her spandex shorts!
  3. Mickey Joseph gets his revenge from the bench slashing his leg in Norman!!
  4. Considering going to Orlando for Thanksgiving. It appears tickets have to be purchased ahead of time as there will be no "on site" ticket sales and you have to buy for all 6 sessions($135 or $165). Anyone have or know of other ticket options. TIA
  5. Kept all 4 in lower part of section 101. Actually sell 2 to couple friends that split them. Never considered giving them up even though have hour 20 drive. Any excuse to eat wings at NZone also a factor. I'm riding this sumbuck out. On a side note, 81 year old guy that sits 10 rows behind me told me he was "done with this sh**" as we left last game last season. He has since changed his mind and renewed.
  6. I don't want to jinx anyone and guess the struggles of husker basketball have me just wanting to see team improvement like mentioned above. And for that to happen it is going to take improvement from a majority of this roster. Yeah, maybe 1 or 2 guys breaks out but that doesn't always equate to wins.
  7. Don't see Keisei making impact. Can't remember what game it was last year (Ohio St.?) but they ran offense until Keisei switched defensively to a bigger player and that guy posted him up and scored. Think it happened at least twice and he never saw the floor for rest of game.
  8. Any relation to Cam? First glance is a resemblance.
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