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  1. I'm just glad football is being played. Get a kick out of the people saying Nebraska got what they deserved. Actually got what we wanted...the opportunity to play.
  2. I was actually planning on taking a vacation to this tourney in Myrtle Beach. Had one other couple and possibly two joining us. I'm not much a traveler and was really looking forward to the trip.
  3. Of course it stings but it is good to know where we stand and can move forward. A year ago I thought we had a shot but have slowly figured out (I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer) that he was taking his 5* talent elsewhere. Guessing he will be a Jayhawk. puke puke
  4. Don't recall Bradley being an obnoxious pr*** when he played...but I could be mistaken.
  5. They run the game clock, they keep stats, they run businesses, they raise children,,,honestly, why couldn't you train and trust them to run a shot clock? Shot clock operator doesn't think ball hits the rim, refs think it does but none of them see shot clock get reset so now comes the delay in deciding how much time to put on shot clock. Now do the refs put more time on the game clock since there was violation? What if player picks up foul in those few seconds that there should've been violation? Does foul not count? This is just like adding more government regulation. The more you add the
  6. I go to enough high school games and see enough issues with clock operators that I don't see how the local grocery store owner running the clock would handle it. And it will be just another person for fans to criticize. Unless you are going to hire an extra ref just to run the shot clock not sure it will be operated properly. If you are looking to improve the offensive movement in high school basketball the constant hand-checking, grabbing and holding needs to be called on a more consistent basis. But I don't see that happening.
  7. Couldn't agree more about the CBS coverage. They have all those college analysts but prefer to bring in NBA guys who don't know some of the teams let alone the players and coaches. Watching Charles Barkley try to do the touch screen was like me trying ask a girl out in high school...just plain old awkward, uncomfortable and downright embarrassing. No reason it should take 2 hours to release the entire bracket. Glad to hear someone got a hold of the bracket and release before CBS could.
  8. Definitely renewing. My kids and friends that go to games with me would have me committed if I didn't.
  9. I missed the game. Did the announcers make any type of comments about this?
  10. We couldn't rebound when we played man. They would have gotten twice as many offensive boards if we were in a zone. Wouldn't hurt to try it.
  11. And let's not forget when Miles tried to call a time out after a husker made basket. Steratore was right beside him and Miles was asking for the time out. Steratore ignored him and Valentine finally saw Miles and granted the time out. And then Steratore acted like Miles kicked his puppy and confronted Miles. Not sure how many of you listen to Steve Czaben on Yahoo Sports Radio but he dislikes Steratore and gives the impression that Steratore is "on the take" and decides the outcome of NFL games.
  12. Gonna try some St. Louis style ribs. Would like to grill them but weather has forced them to oven for baking.
  13. Nu does little to no screening when being pressed and also needs to put someone deep to take a possible defender/trapper away. Like someone mentioned earlier there should've been some deeper passes as aggressive as MSU was being. And if NU is gonna try the out of bounds to out of bounds pass they need to spread out rather than making a short pass that allows same defender to guard it.
  14. I would like to hear more of these stories. Once the douche word was dropped on a couple players I knew it had to be good. Maybe start an entire thread to these type of stories.
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