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  1. I remember that as well. Actually could get AM station out of San Antonio and listened to games on my clock radio.
  2. Still a Spurs fan to this day even though I watch very little NBA. Johnny Moore got a virus that not only derailed his career but almost took his life. Mike Mitchell was great scorer. They stunk for couple years but winning draft lottery and getting Robinson and Duncan was well worth the agony. Had couple of Gervin posters on my wall growing up. Do kids still do that?
  3. Isaac Traudt 4 star Ranked #67 Nationally in the 2022 class by Rivals (Official Visit) Simeon Wilcher 5 Star Ranked #8 Nationally in the 2023 class by Rivals (Unofficial Visit) Omaha Biliew 5 Star Ranked #6 Nationally in the 2023 class by Rivals (Unofficial Visit) Chance Westry 4 star Ranked #24 Nationally in the class of 2022 by Rivals (Official Visit) PF Jasen Green 3 star (Official Visit) June 11-13 PF Gus Yalden 4 Star Ranked #21 Nationally in the 2023 class by Rivals (Unofficial Visit) June 11 PF Malik Dia
  4. Asking more about the players that were on their roster last season and 2 assistant coaches departing. I know players probably aren't going to come right out and say "I'm ; leaving because Coach so n so is racist" .
  5. Maybe I missed it. But how closely related is the departure of not only players but assistant coaches to McDermott's comment?
  6. Doesn't hurt to have a successful coach in his former league to seek advice.
  7. Media not real gung ho about the Woodson hire but the addition of Matta adds some oomph. Also being reported that Woodson has reached out to 80 year old Larry Brown to be part of the staff. Not sure how to respond with that.
  8. So a roster of 11 key keepers & additions plus Shamiel and Thor undecided. I don't see Lakes or Keisei being getting much playing time for what I think will be their defensive liability. Only way they will crack major rotation minutes is if they both make 3's at high percentage. That does however leave a very good 9 man rotation which I believe will be very competitive and gives NU chance to get to 7th or 8th, especially with coaching changes and players leaving other B10 programs. Will also be interesting to see how all the other B10 teams get transfers.
  9. Just heard Sean Callahan on radio say that Hunter did get visit to Gonzaga pre-covid.
  10. Announces his commitment on his 18th birthday. One less year of the "Ouedrago develpment" syndrome for him.
  11. If I'm a Nebraska kid and would have the chance to get the home state university to the NCAA tourney and get them their first ever NCAA tourney win I commit as soon as I'm offered. Especially if I'm going to be a major piece of that happening. The statue of me that would built later and never having to buy another drink in the state the rest of my life would be pretty sweet as well.
  12. Just going by what I see and enjoy the back and forth. He is a shooter and NU needs shooters and think he has ability to to defend at a serviceable level. I don't know his mindset and how hard he is willing to work to make himself better on both ends of the court. That is $64,000 question.
  13. Per 24/7 sports he has offers from Mississippi St., TCU, VCU, Virginia Tech and UCSB.
  14. Good news. Also good to see that other people like the yellow tree air freshener.
  15. If 4th Husker leaves I think that really makes things interesting. My wish list starts with Tyty then Ty. Kuxhausen intrigues me just because I was impressed when I watched him at state tournament a few years ago. After that would hope to garner (insert Bernard joke here) a big. And depending on how things turn out would be willing to shoot offer to Saint Thomas.
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