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  1. NC St personal foul 12:24 left in 2nd half. Next personal foul at 3:06 left (Techinical at 6:09) Next foul on them called with 2:44 to go in 2nd OT. That's 2 personal fouls in 19:40 of game clock.
  2. Little late to the party but my thoughts about the loss. 1. Verge was hoping for a foul on his last shot. Not sure what makes him think he will get that call when he hasn't all night and proceeds to complain to ref every time he drove and missed. 2. Breidenbach was bad as proved by his stat line. But his one foul he ran at the guy with his arms up and just ran over him. It was like watching something you see a 3rd grader do. 3. Curious like others as to why Eduardo didn't play. 4. Would've liked to see bigs get chance to post up and/or kick out. Don't think we even tried to see how it would be defended. 5. Selfishness already covered. 2 guys take 38 of 59 shots...they better score a s***load of points. 6. Late ft woes also already covered.
  3. Maybe on next years renewal they can ask if you leave the games early. At that point those people that answer yes will be placed in a section for easier exit options. I'm joking btw. The guy/couple that sits a couple seats inside me in lower bowl usually shows up with 15 minutes left in 1st half regardless of start time and always leaves early. I've found the best way to avoid traffic is to have a post game beer somewhere and by the time I knock that back I have clear sailing for my hour and twenty minute drive home.
  4. Hoping he sees the talent here and on the way and he wants to be part of the rise that will be Husker basketball.
  5. I remember that as well. Actually could get AM station out of San Antonio and listened to games on my clock radio.
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