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  1. I liked that Bandoumel dude, what an upbeat guy.
  2. So do you put it mid level or closer to the field? And does it run the length of the stands or just and couple or three spots?
  3. Guessing skyboxes there as well?
  4. Here is an article explaining some of what is going on with beer and the Memorial Stadium rebuild. https://www.on3.com/teams/nebraska-cornhuskers/news/ad-trev-alberts-chancellor-ronnie-green-and-president-ted-carter-have-big-stadium-plans-in-the-works/
  5. Doesn't the CWS serve both cans and from the tap? I know where we sit on the 3rd base side, there is a station the serves cans.
  6. I suppose it will all be the watered down stuff.
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