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  1. FYI Nebrasketball Season Parking Passes are on sale now at park and go
  2. Doc is a national treasure.
  3. Yes, yes I am. But i'm mostly impressed. This is the first time I've ever successfully posted a tweet.
  4. This is not a commentary on any player/s past or present or any coach/s past or present but it still blows my mind that Thor is the only player in that video from last year. I'm not saying this is good or bad, just an old man trying to adjust as best he can.
  5. Geez its not like there's been anything happening in the last couple months. Get with it ?
  6. I sat on the bench watching Davidson smoke my high school team. One of the Kelsey's dunked on us at a team camp once. Cool story bro. ?
  7. But what color is his basement? *forgive me if I got it wrong, I only partially remember that reference.
  8. Ask him how he thinks spring practice is going and if he thinks Chinander can turn the defense around. ?
  9. With Tom specifically? Maybe not but there's going to be roster turnover no matter what with coaching changes so (shrug?)
  10. I had no idea Ken Bone was a basketball coach. I just thought he was a fashion icon
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