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  1. I did hear repeatedly on the broadcast that Wisconsin is a better shooting team at home than on the road. Maybe they come out with the effort I saw last night, they can get a win at the Vault. And I did see a lot more effort last night than I had in games past. I did find that encouraging.
  2. I'd also like to add a kudos to whoever's idea it was to drop a thor hammer graphic on the scoreboard when he hits a 3. Well played
  3. I mean we should probably get used to this feeling. This is basically how I see the B1G season going. Not saying I have/we should write off the season but I know I'm not going to get too worked up over it. Just sit back and enjoy the journey knowing that (in theory) better times are coming. Season of no stress for this guy.
  4. Every time I see HHC tweet out #FreeShamiel I come here to check. Someday...
  5. Its gonna be like watching tennis.
  6. Should we have issued a......frosting warning? Sorry I'm over caffeinated and couldn't hold back.
  7. I can get behind this. I'm sure there's some Italy-ians in my family somewhere
  8. Not yet. It always seems to be last minute or I'm just that excited to get everything lined up that it seems like its last minute.
  9. FYI Nebrasketball Season Parking Passes are on sale now at park and go
  10. Doc is a national treasure.
  11. Yes, yes I am. But i'm mostly impressed. This is the first time I've ever successfully posted a tweet.
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