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  1. What a guy! Glad he's back. You can't have too many experienced guards.
  2. Or a blocked shot (insert video Thor blocking Bohanan's shot to seal the win)
  3. Now why'd you have to go and do that. I'm over here trying to work off my holiday weight and now I want some breakfast pizza.
  4. ah the "good" ole days when they'd let us old guys move down to the student section to fill it up because no one would come to the games.
  5. I have found mixing anything with Jaeger is a back idea.
  6. Now that Husker games might be firing back up we're gonna have to switch back to Husker Hoops Central from Roby Hoops Central. I will say now that I've switched providers and Fox Sports is lower on the tier I do switch on a Thunder game to see if Roby is playing. I'm a lazy tv watcher. If its not on one of the handful of channels I memorized or next to it on the guide I'm probably not gonna see it.
  7. Reminded me of 2012-2013 when adidas had the color on same color idea. I can't remember if we had white on white too. I'd look it up but I blew all my looking up energy getting to this point. PS I didn't hate these.
  8. No one looks good in a Wisconsin jersey. There I said it.
  9. Man with the Lance Jeter pic....thats basically my favorite part of these offer tweets. I get to look at old pictures and be like "oh ya I remember that" since i've been living groundhog day for who knows how long now.
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