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  1. BORING. We don't have to be Oregon but what's wrong with a lil razzle dazzle now and again? I think the gray's are some of the better alternate colored unis we've had
  2. LOL wait until people find out the concessions all are cashless now....
  3. Green's where its at. I've had a parking pass there since it opened. Pretty quick in and out after the game is over of course.
  4. I have no opinion either way. I think I missed the deadline to sign up for paper tickets anyway. It all comes down to how easy its going to be getting into the arena. So far my only experience with digital tickets has been Husker baseball and that was a trainwreck. Fav all time Husker paper ticket experience/memory is my opening night at PBA ticket which is framed with a panoramic of the game right before tip
  5. They had my money until I saw the stupid tag on the back.
  6. You obliviously care somewhat because you felt the need to comment. I'm not an NBA fan, I don't have a team or usually a routing interest but I'll defiantly watch the playoffs. But I like watching basketball. I'll watch the Big 3 or the TBT if I come across them. And I was up to watch yesterday's game too. While this version of USA basketball isn't a or sure Gold medal team they're defiantly medal contenders. They started off slow in the exhibition play too but did beat a good Spanish team at the end. France just had a really good game plan. They went big and got Durant into foul trouble. A couple of the guys fresh off the NBA Finals seemed a little rough but I think once they all get their feet under them they'll advance out of pool play and play for a medal. Maybe not the one everyone wants but as has been stated, worldwide basketball has come a long ways since 1992.
  7. Before the sky hook and dream shake comments I would have said that this completely sounds like a Doc mispronunciation related nickname.
  8. That is true. the per game ticket price isn't that bad really. It was mostly just the sticker shock. I'll keep my seats until they pry them from my cold dead hands, or I get priced out of the market. Whichever happens first. Luckily it seems that Fred is putting together a team worth the price of admission.
  9. I'm not going to do the math but ya I was shocked at how much my tickets went up this year too. I understand making up for lost revenue from last year but there has to be a way to temper that a little *cough* sell beer *cough* The paperless ticket situation at the baseball games was quite the crapshow as well. Compounded by them only using one or two gates in the front. I'm hoping there's an alternative option to the paperless. Or some people won't be able to go to games anymore, or have to figure out how to go as they only use a flip phone, yes my parents are old-ish and don't care to learn new technology.
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