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  1. Before the sky hook and dream shake comments I would have said that this completely sounds like a Doc mispronunciation related nickname.
  2. That is true. the per game ticket price isn't that bad really. It was mostly just the sticker shock. I'll keep my seats until they pry them from my cold dead hands, or I get priced out of the market. Whichever happens first. Luckily it seems that Fred is putting together a team worth the price of admission.
  3. I'm not going to do the math but ya I was shocked at how much my tickets went up this year too. I understand making up for lost revenue from last year but there has to be a way to temper that a little *cough* sell beer *cough* The paperless ticket situation at the baseball games was quite the crapshow as well. Compounded by them only using one or two gates in the front. I'm hoping there's an alternative option to the paperless. Or some people won't be able to go to games anymore, or have to figure out how to go as they only use a flip phone, yes my parents are old-ish and don't car
  4. I love reading this stuff after the fact, especially after a win, such a roller coaster of emotions. Other than they're seemingly general asshat-ery I am not a fan of Arkansas' crowd. Its like watching wrastlin'. All the signs and choreography, oh its beer hat time, oh Koops is coming it better turn on my cop cherry and put on my someone call the kopps shirt. But thats just me. I really get a kick out of how they all clap after they finish that dumb pig sooey chant like "we did it you guys. we did the chant and no one messed it up" No wonder Dana ran away from there as fast as he
  5. Bad news guys https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10004252-usa-men-fail-to-qualify-for-3x3-basketball-at-tokyo-olympics-after-netherlands-loss
  6. I caught some of the replay of a KC game last night because there was nothing good on. That guy playing random songs on his tuba or whatever needs to be punched in the face. it was annoying. This concludes my only soccer take.
  7. Hosting a site would be really cool. Even better if we were playing. I remember the glory days of Husker baseball. It was the best.
  8. This is basically how I feel about all the seemingly positive news coming this offseason.
  9. What a guy! Glad he's back. You can't have too many experienced guards.
  10. Or a blocked shot (insert video Thor blocking Bohanan's shot to seal the win)
  11. Now why'd you have to go and do that. I'm over here trying to work off my holiday weight and now I want some breakfast pizza.
  12. ah the "good" ole days when they'd let us old guys move down to the student section to fill it up because no one would come to the games.
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