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  1. I assume the thread title is in reference to the 30 for 30 they'll make about this season. Its going to be epic.
  2. there's a tweet but I"m old and don't know how computers work.
  3. Crustacean Nation? Maybe its the cold meds or the lack of coffee consumed to this point but I love that.
  4. Maybe I got lucky but my parking pass experience this year was much smoother than last year.
  5. Fat shamed him out of town.
  6. That is an uncanny resemblance. I've seen that look on Doc's face many times.
  7. I hate Barry's. Mostly because I'm old now and hate hanging around college kids. (get off my lawn). Despite having so many people working, or at least in Barry's shirts, the service is terrible. I can't speak to the food, I've never eaten there. do they still have food? I'd rather eat at the taco truck outside anyway. But that's how they see they're gonna make money. Not off of old farts like me that would pop in occasionally at best, but with college kids looking for a cheap buzz. Which would work if you just hired or trained your employees better. Hang on this isn't Yelp...
  8. Do we need to start the "1 more year" chants already? Because i will.
  9. I am seriously speechless on those uniforms. holy cow. But sending positive vibes out to Ubel. Always liked that kid.
  10. I prefer my Zima with cherry jolly ranchers
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