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  1. No one looks good in a Wisconsin jersey. There I said it.
  2. Man with the Lance Jeter pic....thats basically my favorite part of these offer tweets. I get to look at old pictures and be like "oh ya I remember that" since i've been living groundhog day for who knows how long now.
  3. As a life long AL fan I'm all for the DH. I think the "there's no strategy" with a DH is way overblown. What is the strategy in having an almost guaranteed out every time the pitcher comes up to bat? I'd venture to say there is much more support for the DH rule among players, pitchers more specifically, than with the fans.
  4. On the broadcast this morning I heard the Kia Tigers are the equivalent to the Yankees, I'm going with the Kiwoom Heroes. I have no reason for my pick but that's what I'm going with.
  5. Man I hope this is just growing pains. If we keep having this much turnover I'm gonna have to turn into one of those "lets go red" people. I'm terrible with names. I can't be learning 10 new names every year.
  6. I'll take it. Absolutely no one was scared taking it to the rim on Nebraska last season. They at least need someone who's a treat to block a shot in there.
  7. Vedral with 5:30 left in the first half
  8. If this Banks kid doesn't set one or more solid picks.....
  9. They lost a lot in the way of reliable pitching but there is a lot of potential for this to be at least as good as last year and last year was not that bad. Kinda fell apart at the end but still. Ya I'd watch but I've got plans too. Hoping to catch some after the basketball game tomorrow. Depends on how many victory beers I drink...
  10. Finally found out about this part of the site. I'm somewhere between cautiously and legitimately excited about this season. I am fully ready for some baseball though. Already took that opening Friday off.
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