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  1. This is why I never bought that narrative that he would leave for another job if we have success this year. If he supposedly had other P5 offers like he said and turned them down when he's on the 'hot seat' here, he's not going to turn them down when he gets an extension. MIles wants to be here and we pay him very well.
  2. The Big Ten is brutal this year. The irony of it all is the same reasons that left us out last year may get us in this year
  3. That being said...Roby has been a thing of beauty in the second half
  4. Impressive 4 for 24 thus far from our senior leaders
  5. nustudent

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    Think we are still a ways from the actual bubble, but we do have a shot coming up to get back on it. If we can find a way to go 4-2 down the stretch (@PSU, NW, Pur, IA) to get to 18-13 heading into Chicago, there's an outside shot. 8-12 doesn't look good. Everyone is comparing us to OU last year. 8-12 is worse than 8-10 and a lot of our wins aren't as good. I think we would need 2 in Chicago. If we can get to 20-14, while finishing 7-3 in our last 10 (not an official factor, but helps with perception) and have wins over Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa and likely another tournament team in Chicago...I think there's a possibility due to the Big 10's strength. We absolutely need Minnesota, Seton Hall and Clemson to continue their strong play though. Creighton seems to be a lost cause now at 13-12...but the others can play their way into the tournament yet. Indiana rebounding is big for us as well.
  6. Only about 5 more weeks and this will be over.
  7. More willing defender than Palmer. Won't take dumb shots. Get scoring off the bench from Palmer and Akenten
  8. Watson Allen Harris Roby Borchardt
  9. nustudent


    Considering it was a giant donor event and many of the people in attendance contribute to not only football but the entire Athletic Department as a whole, I'd say he made the right choice.
  10. True. There's also going to be the opposite effect as well.
  11. nustudent


    I think it means very little to players (outside of the blue blood schools). Recent history and relevance is what matters. I will say that I think tradition can help attract coaches (due to a history of success), which in turns attracts players though.
  12. nustudent


    I don't view Nee as a bad choice. I think we would kill for his run of success right now. We would sacrifice virgins in his honor if a coach goes to 5 NCAAs, 3 NITs (including an NIT championship) and wins a conference tournament over the next 10 years.
  13. nustudent


    Maybe. But I think we might be surprised how 'lucky' we might be, when we stop making bad decisions or limiting ourselves from making a good one.
  14. nustudent


    I'll give you that in rare instances it matters. I.e. Blue Bloods. Nebraska football. Duke hoops. Kansas hoops. Places where there is a true aura around it. There aren't many of those and I don't think those are the places we are truly competing with in landing kids. But I don't believe a kid is choosing Iowa State because of something Johnny Orr did in the 80s. He's going to choose them because he believes in Prohm.
  15. nustudent


    IYAM, it matters, because choosing the wrong coach to coach here is as much of a reason for the career killing as the program is. There's no doubt this is a tough job. IMO, it's not impossible for the right coach, we've just made 3 bad decisions.