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  1. nustudent

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    If it’s just them. It won’t hurt much. If we play 3-4 others like them. Then it adds up. We aren’t the only team playing teams like that
  2. nustudent

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Just win. Our schedule will be fine provided we take care of a business a reasonable amount in our premier opportunities.
  3. nustudent

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Hype train is out of control
  4. nustudent

    Jordy Gone

    Potential? Yes. Heimann's is higher. Does he reach it this year though? Athletic Ability? Depends. Is Heimann quicker and more agile? Likely. Does he have the functional athletic ability to do what we need him to do now? Up for debate. Ball Handling? Again..up for debate. Sure, Heimann might be able to dribble better. But being strong with the ball is also a measure of ball handling. Borchardt would have an advantage here. And how much ball handling does either do? This is pretty negligible considering what each of their roles would be.
  5. nustudent

    Morrow leaving

    Think its fair to say again now that it'd be nice to have Morrow now.
  6. nustudent

    Jordy Gone

    Borchardt was just as effective as Jordy at times. He's not skilled. In that, you are right. But unlike Jordy, he knew and embraced his role more. I'd have hardly called Jordy a NY strip. More like an uncooked sirloin.
  7. nustudent

    Jordy Gone

    As far as signing a big. We didn't need a world beater. Or a difference maker. Jordy wasn't either of those. We needed a warm body for spot duty. It's not like we needed to reach for the stars/moon. We still do.
  8. nustudent

    Jordy Gone

    The positive side is this removes the temptation to play Jordy. You're right in that it does bog down the middle. The issue it creates is depth issues. Once again the reason we should've been going after a big transfer
  9. nustudent

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Gebbia isn't a statue, but he doesn't move as well as Smith
  10. nustudent

    Jordy Gone

    Cant say Im surprised. It's exactly why I harped on recruiting a JUCO/grad transfer big all spring. It is/was absolutely stupid to sit on that last scholarship. Especially while we were in flux on Roby and Copeland.
  11. nustudent

    Morrow leaving

    Pretty much. A lot easier to accept roles when you are winning.
  12. nustudent

    Morrow leaving

    I still don’t buy that line. Hell be a post. A 4 or 5. He just didn’t want to play the post on a losing team
  13. nustudent

    Morrow leaving

    Don't think it'd be a given he'd come off the bench. Roby could easily play the 3 as well with Palmer at the two.
  14. nustudent

    Watson article from Lee

    KPI Ratings. The seeding order was very similar to their ratings after filtering out the teams that made the NCAA
  15. nustudent

    Watson article from Lee

    I don't think he assumed that role. I think he was trying to balance both and that's what caused the issues.