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  1. Possible. I didn't know if we were going to be involved with Gavitt this year so I left it up in the air.
  2. And I think you will see an 'easier' non-con schedule than normal for some of these reasons. We know of: Southern UC Riverside @Creighton Caymans Classic Caymans Classic Caymans Classic Big 10/ACC Challenge. That's 7 of 11 there. I'd expect 3 patsies and one other decent team to be added.
  3. How much of that was because of what he was being asked to do and the coach that was asking him to do it. If Hoiberg is what we think he is, I think it's fair to expect a jump in production and consistency.
  4. Think Rothstein also tweeted that we host Southern too.
  5. I get that. It could also just be us not being used to a competent staff as well
  6. Hell. Half the time we haven’t even had 11 man rosters
  7. If everyone returns/signs/arrived with the expected Roby departure, we will enter the season with 13 recruited scholarship players. We never did that once under Miles
  8. Think there will be another waive if grad xfers over the next few weeks. Still think we take at least one more
  9. I think we end up with 3 more. One goes unfulfilled. Cross/Frenchie takes one. We use another on a grad xfer front court player somewhere along the line. And then one more as the best available. Roby doesn’t come back and we eat his ship fir next year
  10. Very little risk with the one year guys. The Miles route of leaving 1 scholarship open for a mid-year transfer is idiotic at best. We hit 14% on in that regard. Now that doesn't necessarily mean to sign a guy for the sake of signing a guy to say you are at 13, but the concept of deliberately leaving a spot open is just dumb, outside of the first year or two when you are shaping your program is just negligent. Again, there's a big difference between leaving a spot open and missing on a guy that would bring you to 13...but the target should always be to use the oversigning rule. Agree with you on the big guys. We have good enough guards/wings right now on the surface that next year doesn't have to be a total dumpster fire. We need some warm bodies who can defend (at even an average level) in the Big 10.
  11. As I said...there will always be the Okeke types who are out there who really aren't P5 players but would love the chance to give it a go. I have a hard time seeing us roll through the year with 9 scholarships total being used. I think we will fill most of them, it just might not be with sexy names. We just need some guys who can come in and not be a total loss defensively and give us 5 fouls in the post. There are plenty of those guys out there each year. Let them come in with their shot to play P5 ball, get them out after next year so you can replace them with the talented 2020 guys you are in on.
  12. I think with the way the grad transfer market is now...you should never end up dramatically low on bodies. It's a pseudo free agency. Yes, you want to get someone who won't be a cancer, but there are a ton of Duby Okeke types who can give you marginal contributions and 5 fouls per game.
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