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  1. 1. Even though the roster was turned over again the guys that were added this year were more handpicked as opposed to a last-minute fire sale type situation last spring. You have multiple guys that redshirted together so there will be more cohesion. You also have multiple guys coming in with plenty of division one power five level experience. Those things weren’t evident last year. On top of that you have a much more complete and well rounded roster. you’re longer, you’re taller, you’re more skilled, you’re more experienced. 2. How much better is up in the air. I th
  2. McGowens/Webster Allen/King Banton/Thor Stevenson/Mayang Sanogo/Walker/Ouedraogo With Lakes and Arop redshirting sounds pretty good to me.
  3. Yep. Washut has also told the story about one of the transfers mentioning that we had a Top 50 Big man committed too. I think Sanogo is in pretty soon. As you mentioned, Washut has been out in front.
  4. Thor exceeded my expectations last year. But it's also fair to acknowledge that a big reason he had a chance to do so was because of the team he was on. There just wasn't anyone there to take minutes or shots from him. There will be this year. I think we showed enough as a shooter that there will be a role for him but I'd be shocked if his minutes stayed the same.
  5. If you asked me to paint a picture of what comes to mind when I think of a BYU player....I'd paint a picture of Harms
  6. He wasn't a bad player. We've had plenty that had little to offer over the years that were at the end of the bench and he's not one of those types. So I wouldn't have minded him sticking around. But I don't see where he plays more than 10 minutes a game (if that) moving forward.
  7. Agree on having a foundation. But those guys weren’t it.
  8. For me the improvement stems from the fact that we will be more experienced, more complete of a team. The guys that are being added have been added over time and vetted rather than thrown together in a month. Furthermore, we’re adding guys who have not only excelled at JUCO but have legit p5 experience and success.
  9. I think not having Stevenson was easily a 4-5 game swing.
  10. I think your last sentence is one of the biggest reasons for optimism next year. There was so very little we could do personnel wise this year (even before the attrition happened at the end of the year). You could pretty realistically come up with 30 or so different lineup combinations. And there are a lot more players who aren't penciled into one role.
  11. Think King gets the waiver. I'd be both highly surprised and highly disappointed if Easley is in the top 9 again. That's about the only thing I am sure of. I really want to see what happens with the final roster spot and if Cross/Arop return. Might only be one more addition and no more attrition but even those singular variables can change the lookup of the rotation quite a bit IMO.
  12. Yeah...I don't anyone expected 7-24. But I also don't think it's much of anything. I thought we'd be an 11-12 win team in the preseason. Then we lose Stevenson, eventually Curtis, Kavas and intermittent suspensions for Mack. I had accepted this as a rebuilding year before we ever fired Miles. It was just going to be. There wasn't a lot of talent coming back (never believed for a second that Roby was returning regardless of the coach) whoever the coach was going to be. I'm glad Hoiberg ripped the band aid off by being up front with guys like Harris (think he could've been decent
  13. Hoiberg has signed/kept 4 high school players. He’s recruiting more. Just cuz a high school kid gets butt hurt because he won’t be the man in year 1 doesn’t mean we are ignoring high school players
  14. Not inserting them into the lineup just yet. But just saying it goes against the theory that we don’t recruit high school players. Curtis, Cross, Arop and Yvan would pry agree too
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