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  1. Don’t think there is a conditional release any more. It’s either release or not.
  2. This is a pretty damn impressive staff Next year might be rough but I think we have a tourney win by year 3.
  3. It's not legal to recruit Jervay. But as you mentioned, there is nothing illegal about checking with his coach and planting a bug in his ear
  4. Visiting Manhattan and Ames this week.
  5. A. If he was gonna jump at the first big thing, he would’ve just taken the UCLA job. B. In the event he does leave, that probably means he left the program better than he found it C. This has been done for a while.
  6. Roby will be a better pro than college player and will be drafted accordingly
  7. I think it is very feasible they leave without Hoiberg influence. Akenten: It may not be his choice Allen: Think he's already gone. Roby: Pros Green: Colorado.
  8. Yep. Next year will be lean. Of the 11 listed, I'd be surprised if more than 7 of them are here next year. The rest of the roster will be newcomers
  9. Has nothing to do with being out for him. There's no sinister motive here. He's just not a high level Big 10 type player, nor will he ever be. That's just the truth, regardless of what type of narrative you want to put on it. I'm really not that high on Davis and I don't know if Davis is at that level, but we haven't seen that he's not yet and he has 4 years vs. 2 to develop.
  10. Thor is not a unique athlete (relative to Big 10 standards), a good defender or a good shooter. Not a good mix. He shouldn't be playing big minutes at a Big 10 level. Davis may not be any of those things either, but at least there is hope that he could be one of them.
  11. Was thinking the same thing. Plus his shooting ability would fit in Hoiberg's offense. Someone will eventually mention his performance in the early part of the conference season....but he will get better looks and developed as a shooter better in Hoiberg's system. He's shown he can hit and hit in bunches.
  12. Don't think he did. But he had 'people' do it on his behalf so technically, he broke the rules without breaking the rules
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