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  1. nustudent

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin - Virginia Tech

    Need to be looking to take 2 front court players. If a guard/wing transfers (which is likely) we can then play the transfer market
  2. nustudent

    2019 Recruiting

    Think it's important to get someone in this fall signing period. And then take another in the spring signing period when 1-2 spots open up. Absolutely need 2 front court players.
  3. nustudent

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin - Virginia Tech

    Pending offers and actively involved prospects are not one and the same. Openly admit I dont know much about how close we are on guys other than Arop and the Turk. My point is that I hope we don't stay conservative like we've typically been. Especially when we stand to lose as much as we do this year. Fire your shots. Don't go into things with less than a full load. Especially because we are in a position for a change to actually build on something or create some positivity that is more than a flash in the pan
  4. nustudent

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin - Virginia Tech

    I hope we are targeting more than these two. Going to be more than 2 spots available.
  5. nustudent

    2019 Recruiting

    I'd be recruiting two front court players right now. Agree that Arop is likely in. But it's pretty safe to say that one of the guards won't be around next year. You can oversign by 1. Go get two legit frontcourt players
  6. nustudent

    Most Improved Player?

    Most Improved: Need it to be Nana or Thor But we might rather have a Better than Expected than a Most Improved. We'd root for Chan on that one.
  7. nustudent


    And lets be honest....the teams that are truly able to consistently blow teams out that would go against unsportsmanlike conduct, aren't likely to need this. They are going to be your uber talented top 5 teams anyways.
  8. nustudent


    If you’re going to have a margin of victory factor, don’t limit it to ten points. It could be neck and neck with one minute left and crawl to ten after free throws.
  9. nustudent

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

  10. nustudent

    Dedoch Chan

    Agree on the lack of the body. Id just assume see Heimann get experience as opposed to McVeigh
  11. nustudent

    Dedoch Chan

    Yep. We were a good shot blocking team last year....but that didn't mean we were a good post defensive team. The two are not one and the same. Though it does help more often than not
  12. nustudent

    Dedoch Chan

    Wish I could agree but can't. Would take this guy over him. And I'm not sold on this guy. I'd trust this guy down low over McVeigh and I'd rather see Davis/Thor/Nana get time on the wing. Just wished we wouldve been smart and gone after a grad transfer post to begin with.
  13. nustudent

    Dedoch Chan

    Just hope we legitimately like him for the future years and it’s not just an overreaction to our roster mismanagement in the past
  14. nustudent

    2018 Transfer Market

    If they qualified out if high school, they don’t need their degree
  15. nustudent

    2018 Transfer Market

    Not sure we why'd want a JUCO or grad transfer PG either. Why'd we sign Harris then? It was a big mistake to not go heavy after another big with Jordy, we need it even moreso now.