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  1. Was it me or did Colgate, Harvard and/or Bowling Green seemingly play in it every year?
  2. The staff feels very confident on both those two guys
  3. It’s a given since it’s likely no NU fan will even be there to see it
  4. It’ll be tough. Seems it’s like the football schedule where it’s very front loaded. If we can manage the first 8 games and not be completely demoralized, our last 12 seem to be more friendly. I do like our home and away games. I don’t think Penn St, Purdue, Minnesota or Maryland will be anything more than average and we get 8 games there.
  5. I certainly didn't expect us to win 7. I thought we'd be in the 11 or 12 range last year....so in that sense, it was a let down. But I also was expecting Shamiel to be eligible, Jervay to pan out, Kavas to not get hurt and miss half the year and Mack not be a flake. I'm not going to talk myself into thinking we are a top 4 conference team. But I do think we will finish alot higher than 13th or 14th. Padilla pointed out some of the teams above us earlier in this thread. Northwestern is bad. I think Penn St is going to fall off a lot, losing Watkins and Stevens a
  6. The thing that strikes me about the rotation and we've really never been able to say....is that I don't see anyone that is eligible that I think is incapable. Now there are guys that may not end up being very good or don't pan out. But to me, there's no one on the surface right now that stands out in a bad way. And we've always traditionally had at least one if not 2, 3 or 4 of those guys. If that continues to hold true, that is a pretty valuable x-factor in terms of depth.
  7. This will easily be the best roster since the early 90s. A few of Miles last teams has a pretty good starting 5 but not much else. This roster is going to have 10 or 11 (at least) legit players and or prospects. If we add McGowens, that will put us at 16 going into next year (with the added year of eligibility). Have to think Thor is going to move on with his degree and head back overseas. Arop is probably the next one to assume. I know we just brought Lakes and Wood in, but I wonder what their role will be. But we also have some older guys like McGowens, All
  8. Pry the same amount that we’re above it last year
  9. Agree with this. I think we're going to have a much better year, but I dont really put a lot of stock in comments like this.
  10. I think Cross could've been someone who was a decent contributor here. But to me, he seemed to already be at his physical peak. Not sure how much better he would've got. I think the team around him could have got a lot better which would've made his role interesting, but that's about it. Cross is probably a safer bet than Andre. But Andre's upside is way higher.
  11. Thor shot below 25% his first two years here. He shot 38% last year. Things can change with different systems. Not saying I think he’s gonna hit at a 40% rate but things as simple as getting good looks can make a huge difference.
  12. I’m not optimistic But if we’re coached well, we have more than enough talent to go 4-4 or 5-3. If we win 3 or less, there’s some very big concerns.
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