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    2019 Recruits

    Get to pick my seats this Wednesday I am pretty excited. I have watched every game on my phone and tv since we moved to BIG. Decided it was time to just buy season tickets and go watch in person more often finally. Hoping for an exciting year this year!!!
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    Davison Done

    Basically Andy publicly questioned the Miles hire. TO didn't much appreciate it; nor did Miles. So Andy was basically exiled to Siberia. Too bad, because he was a good color guy.
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    Dedoch is N

    Yep. In order to make the other team play "your game," you have to have the better player at "that game." I think Roby will be able to cause more problems on a traditional 5 man than a traditional 5 man could cause on Roby.
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    Dedoch is N

    Another way of looking at it...how many minutes per game are you expecting from Isaiah and Isaac at the 4/5? Secondly, do you expect Isaiah to play a little bit at the wing? If you project those two at the 4/5 positions, I do not believe you will get any more than 30 minutes each per game. That leaves 20 minutes combined (minimum) per game for Tanner and Dedoch. Any reduction in the average minutes per game for Isaiah and Isaac, creates even more opportunity for Dedoch and Tanner. AND, if Isaiah plays any minutes at the three, then even more minutes are available. Can Nana or James play minutes at the 4/5 if we go small? Can you ever see us go "big" with Dedoch at the 5, Isaac at the 4, Isaiah at the 3, James at the 2 and Amir at the point? Point is, we have an athletic team with a number of lineup possibilities. It should be interesting how minutes will be distributed, especially early in the year.
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    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Add two more names to the "who burglarized Scott Frost's home" list: https://www.omaha.com/news/crime/police-arrest-two-more-including-teen-boy-in-burglary-at/article_e7cbf4b6-1c59-507d-9c90-e60ff6828ae1.html
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    Davison Done

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    Norm Peterson

    Dedoch is N

    Just in time for sorority rush. Oh wait ...
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    Dedoch is N

    Another great job by Tim Miles and Co.
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    Way O.T. trivia questions

    1. Johnny Sain 2. Stan Musial
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    Who will win the Big Ten

    This will be an interesting year in the women's B1G. About the only one to be kind of predictable for near the top is Maryland. But we were competitive with them last year. Should be even more so now. We should right in the mix for the top half of the league. There might be a fight among all those mentioned.... and Michigan too. Indiana ? Then the bottom half will fight it out. Iowa, Ill, Northwestern, Penn St, Mich St, Rutgers..... A surprise team is very possible....lots of roster and coaches changes all through the league. So anything can happen. Several new players that will have an effect on some teams personality. Graduation does the same. Just another year in the B1G. Like everyone...tired of waiting. Come on November !!