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    Chill Out

    Fellas, I tried. I tried to tell you. I said temper your expectations. I told people in person this was going to be a bad team. I received death threats, my children were banished from their school, bricks were thrown through my windows, I lost my job, and someone killed my dog. MY DOG! .....Ok none of that happened.... but I did receive some annoying messages, tweets, social media messages, texts, etc... And I was laughed at in person by my buddies who I told my initial thoughts on this season. "It's Fred friction Hoiberg bro!!!" "Cam Mack is the #1 Juco kid in the nation!" "Jervay Green averaged 20+!" "Kavas is a 1000 point scorer!" "Cheatham was a 4-star!" "You're an idiot and your wife thinks you're an ineffective man!" etc... etc... etc.... Anyways, chill out. I saw from the first time I watched this team scrimmage that there were going to be some serious issues with this team, especially during B1G play. Too skinny. Short. In-experienced. A couple of the players were not as billed. 2 of the 3 best players were sitting on the bench redshirting along with the most effective big (who's also the biggest). But again, chill out. I have seen more this year to be excited about from a coaching stand point than I can ever remember as a Nebrasketball fan. Do you guys realize what kind of accomplishment it is that Coach Hoiberg has even managed to be in some games that we've been in? His 5-out style puts dudes on ice-skates and forces your hand from a line-up perspective. Have I had some huge disagreements with our defensive philosophy at times? Absolutely. But they're not wrong in what they do, it's all sound reasoning, I just disagree. If we're able to keep Coach Hoiberg around, and these guys (recruits included) all stay around - there's some special stuff brewing in Lincoln. The name, and the stigma it caries, on the front of our jersey will be the only thing stopping us from success. So, chill out - GREAT things are coming. Have some patience.
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    Shoutout to the crowd today, and the forum here, great culture around our women's program. very positive vibes. Was my first EVER NU women's game I've been to (used my free womens ticket from the season ticket package). great experience! Senior day was special. Wish we hadnt slumped second half of the year, this team looked good. the no look passes! holy crap and they can shoot. (not that I came in with any expectations either way) cheers to everyone whos dedicated here, and the rest who come to the games. Love it. #Nebrasketball and huskers in all forms! I'll have to integrate more husker women's hoops in my diet going forward, no doubt.
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    He took 3 steps before he shot it. He traveled!!!. You bunch of dumb fucks!!!
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    me: everyone get ready for bed so we can watch the game 4 year old: Nebraska is going to lose! They always lose! me: well...they'll win next year 4 year old: How do you know? Me: ....
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    Guys. Yvan looks like he might be figuring it out. Playing REALLY good last few games
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    Attended the game today and probably witnessed our best half of BB all season. The opponent contributed to that, of course. I know the 2nd half left something to be desired, but the game never came in doubt. It is good on this day not to focus on the team's weaknesses, but just appreciate this day for what it represented. Maybe this should be posted on the other topic but want to give a great big thanks to the seniors for their commitment and contributions to the program! May God bless them the rest of the season and with everything they do after college. Once a Husker, always a Husker. GO BIG RED!!!!
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    Not that it was the difference in the game, but for as bad as we played in the 2nd half, the refs struggled just as bad. Poor Green was a glutton for punishment from them. That charge call was awful. The MSU player shuffled his feet twice while green was in the air. The foul that led to his technical, he didn't even touch Winston. 2 more bad calls were the block on Thoir, and the lack of a flagrant call on Cheetam when they grabbed him to prevent a fast break. Made Hoiberg as mad as I have seen him. If it wasn't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all. If I'm not mistaken, we had 4 3's go halfway down, and come back out. We are still giving effort, but it has to wear on the team. There is going to be a breaking point. Illinois will be tough, but we have played decent on the road as of late.
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    Step by step, Ouedraogo is steadily become a legitimate Big Ten post player. His attitude and work ethic seem very good, and considering his age, his future looks very promising. Here's hoping Mack is ready to go vs. OSU!
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    Senior Day

    Nicea, Hannah, Grace, and Kristian will be honored today. I can’t think of any better group of young women who have consistently represented Nebraska in positive and admirable ways. Nothing but class. Thanks to each senior for all you have given the program. Your loyalty is appreciated.
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    Chill Out

    An as expected season, nothing to get too upset about. I'm hoping Hoiberg can build a program, not just a team for a season or two. Relying on JUCO recruits, if that is what is going to happen, meh. Hoiberg knows best. It is what it is. Has any of the big three Husker men's sports exceeded anyone's expectations for the last 10-20 years? Maybe the month, basically, of good basketball we got from Tim Miles in 2014 to get us into the NCAA tourney? I'm just more disappointed in the athletic department as a whole. How did this once proud athletic department get to this point? This is just another year in the current dark ages of Husker athletics. Hopefully we get to see the light again someday. Maybe its defeated resignation, but my health would suffer if I didn't "chill out" for just about every Husker sports season.
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    I like the "Fast Forward a Year" thread a lot better.
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    Husker article on NICEA - must read

    THANKS TO Husker.com https://huskers.com/news/2020/2/21/womens-basketball-husker-q-n-a-nicea-eliely.aspx (read full article there on NIcea...the rock...of our defense) Husker Q-n-A: Nicea Eliely Nicea Eliely, a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a senior guard on the Nebraska women's basketball team. She will play her final home game at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Saturday, along with fellow seniors Kristian Hudson, Grace Mitchell and Hannah Whitish, when the Huskers face Illinois at 2 p.m. Eliely has started 112 games, the most by any current Husker, and has made 83 consecutive starts. She is one of only 12 players in Nebraska history to reach the combined career milestones of 900 points, 400 rebounds and 200 assists. Eliely visited with Brian Rosenthal of Huskers.com about her Nebraska career in this Q-and-A. BR: Your full name is Queen Nicea Tyana Eliely. Is there any special meaning or background to that?Nicea: "Not really. I mean, my dad came up with my name, so he knows all the methods behind his madness. But I don't think it has too much of a story, no." BR: Does anyone ever call you Queen?Nicea: "Yes. My teammates call me Queen a lot, and the coaches started calling me Queen, too."
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    FYI, if we win tonight and then win out in the conference, and then win the Big Ten tournament, and then win the national championship, we can avoid our first-ever 20-loss season. GO BIG RED!!
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    Hey now easy on the gray hair stuff, you will be there some day. and yes it is an older crowd that goes to the womens games. just wish that they could get some students to the games. and grow that culture. I am a senior citizen even though i'm only 61.
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    Glad to have you aboard. Great day for a basketball game, wish I could have made the game.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Chill Out

    You’re not wrong but for the first time in our programs history we have someone at the helm that’s done it before. I’d venture to guess our current blueprint doesn’t vary too far from ISU under Hoiberg year 1-2. We can look that those players and be skeptical but Hoiberg has built a winner with players like that in the past.
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    Fast forward a year

    I heard from a guy putting in my cable that Kavas and Cheatham are gone next year!
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    Wisc. transfer Kobe King is 'N'

    That's a lot of experience, which is important unless you're Kentucky or Duke. Think about this related stat — age at the beginning of the 2020-2021 season: Banton 21 King 22 Allen 22 Stevenson 22 Walker 23 Mack 22 Burke 22 + 11 months Green 22 Thor 22 Mayen 22 Cross 20 Easley 19 + 11 months Ouedraogo 18 We'll be rolling out a lineup of MEN next year, with Yvan the only teenager after the first few weeks, and he's built like a grown-ass man, no doubt. Plus, all of them other than Banton will have at least one year of Power Five experience under their belts. AND, we could see an entirely new starting five, with six guys who have started this year coming off the bench to play specialty roles.
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    Cam Mack

    Do you think if we put Banton in Mack's jersey that anyone would notice?
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    Does anyone else cringe when there is a new post in this thread? This is the one thread where I deem no news to be good news!
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    Here's to sending the Seniors out a winner in their last game at Home.
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    Played hard, short the horse, ran out of gas. Season is a bit like washing ones hair, lather, rinse repeat except it's play hard, run out of gas, repeat.
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    Kids are playing hard just alot of youth and the talent level isnt where it needs to be compete in the B1G but again this thing was put together in a months time.
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    I can't wait for winning streaks.
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    It seems paranoid and silly to think Nebrasketball is cursed, but then shit like this happens.
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    Just fired a hanging in there arrow at home
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    He was wearing a red uniform with a script "Nebraska" on it.
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    I read the article and actually came away less hopeful. Young man has had a tough road and faces many, many more challenges. Fred doesn't have magic dust, Huggins and Marshall also knew there were warning flags and they had programs in place for him as well. So does Fehringer at Western, and there have continued to be bumps. I'm pulling for him to see his way through, more personally than for basketball. I know young people who are struggling with similar problems: mental health issues, substance abuse, children out of wedlock, interaction with the criminal justice system. If basketball coaches had the answer, they'd be in a lot more demand than they are for just coaching. Comparing this situation to Royce White and expecting a similar outcome is nothing more than wishful thinking. We simply don't know. And while I absolutely hate football analogies on this board, TO had failures beyond Lawrence Phillips among the players he tried to help. Mental health is sometimes impossibly complex.
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    Veerbeek's shot has really come around this season. Getting better and better with the ball in her hands. We all know she's already a beast on the boards. And Leigha...the usual real good stuff...20+ points. Glad she had two more years. Great send off for the Seniors !!! NIcea.. AWSOME ! Hanna, Kristian and Grace...super job !! Your all great people ! Wonderful Huskers. Always just the kind of players that make us proud to be Huskers.
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    Very good article - Allen has had a hard road without question, and some of his demons are a result of that. Some, too, are definitely of his own doing. Like a lot of people with problems like this, it's the downtime that gets them. When they're busy with practice/film/structured activity, it's fine. But how do they fill that downtime? Marijuana and alcohol are not the answer. Hopefully NU's support staff can help here, but he's going to have times where he's on his own. What choices does he make? It seems like he's been doing better with these choices the last few months at WNCC, especially since committing to NU. I was encouraged by the way the meeting with NU was portrayed - sounded like Coach Hoiberg laid out very clearly what he needs to do to take advantage of this chance. They also asked him to show them he could be a better rebounder and passer over the last couple of months of JuCo, which it appears he has done. It sounds like he's excited to get here, which is also encouraging. Hopefully being closer to his support in Omaha/Boys Town will help. He's an amazing talent and competitor. He certainly wants to play in the NBA. And I think what his brother is doing is also fueling & motivating him to take advantage of this opportunity. I don't know if it will work out. He's going to be under tight scrutiny with a very short leash. But I was more encouraged about his chances after reading the article.
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    Chill Out

    I am pretty chill all things considered. Heck, I have only been waiting for a NCAA tournament win for seven + decades and have only been attending every home game for five + decades...so there's that! But, without pushing the panic button, I would be a lot more chill if I saw exponential growth from this years team, solid fundamental basketball from this years team, consistency from this year's team and a winners attitude from this year's team. Many are making an assumption that talent will improve next year, but I am not yet convinced of that occurring. I truly, truly want to believe. Heck, i have been accused by many of wearing rose colored glasses; however, let's look at the current list of new eligible players for next year with no names attached: * a talented juco that will be on his fourth or fifth stop since leaving HS. Can he stay on the floor? * a juco who played okay at P5 school, but does he have the strength to play with B10 bigs on a night to night basis? * a talented transfer on his third stop since HS who will not have played in a competitive game in two years? * a transfer PF who struggled to find playing time at his previous school? * a tall thin guard who is coming from a mid-major who really has not proven anything at this point. Now, some or all of these guys could be stars. Then again, no one really knows. But all of that said, I wish I could be more chill, but goodness, we have a long way to go in order to move to wear we need to be in order to play with the big boys.
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    Chill Out

    Ive heard a lot of rumblings as well from either very impatient fans or people who are just very ignorant about the make up of this team and how it was put together. Teams who are replacing a few key pieces are given a month or so to gel and form team chemistry. Take that scenario and multiply by 100 and thats our team. Zero experience playing together. Zero experience playing in the offensive and defensive schemes. Roster full of freshmen and other players without P5 experience. Thin roster. Lacking size. Lacking shooting. I dont mean to be rude (yes, that means i am about to say something rude), but if you thought this was going to be a good team you are either blindlessly optimistic or an idiot. I think I predicted 12 or 13 wins and I feel like a moron.
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    Chill Out

    Who's not chill? Seriously, I think HHC has been the most laid-back, chill place it's ever been during a season this year. It's positively frosty (pardon the pun, I guess) on HHC and really across all social media. Hell, @Norm Peterson has gone on a well-deserved sabbatical. I think we're all just taking time to re-focus our energies into personal growth and reflection. It's been kind of a refreshing season in a way. At least from my perspective.
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    While I have, like many, grown upset at many of our blown opportunities at the rim, I'm willing to give Cam a bit of a pass. If he's here next year, which I pray he is, I believe we'll see a guy finishing at a much better clip. Many times, he has to take a tough finish opportunity over tremendous length in the B1G. And the biggest reason is that teams are able to sag off of so many of our players, and many times not even respect our post players, to the point that his driving lanes are typically not very clear. With better all-around players next year, I think you'll see clearer lanes for him to finish. Now, there have been misses from him that have been head-scratching, especially last night. Hopefully, that goes away as less teams are able to clog the paint in the years to come.
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    Until something dramatic changes in Nebraska men's athletics, the Huskers seem to continue to be treated like Jr. Members of the Big Ten. It was on display tonight on the hardwood. Sheesh.
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    I’m glad to see Hoiberg have his guys back and get on the officials, they were at best, atrocious tonight. MSI still beats us, but the officials made it easier for them to do so...
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    Gotta love the fight in the squad. They're outgunned every game, and they keep battling every game. That's a testament to the coaching staff and the players on the team. They can control their hustle and overall effort in doing whatever they can to keep it close for as long as they can. Hopefully brighter days ahead in 2020-21. GBR
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    My recommendation for the young man would be to find a college that limits its basketball roster to 5 players or find a college that is looking to start a team from scratch so he can be their first and only player.
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    That’s the thing - I was expecting a solid team this season because we had our core returning and the sophomore class was more experienced and a solid class to begin with, plus the addition of Bourne and the other freshman. We also had the European trip over the summer to help get a head start on things. Why aren’t we in the top half of the conference looking at an NCAA bid?
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    Not much else to say. They played hard. They didn’t have enough to get it done. I still feel really good about the direction of the program. On to Ohio State!
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    You've gotta' admire this team. They are short-handed but keep on fighting. They get beat up and keep on battling. They deal with one adversity . . . and another follows. And they are still within a few breaks of pulling out multiple wins against high-level competition . . . and on the road to boot. There is more to be admired here than you'll see on the vast majority of teams. Winning is fun . . . but this is impressive.
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    I don’t know if you have been watching the games, but in the rare instances when Cam is on the bench, our offense seems to, like, do nothing. Like not get run. And the folks looking at the bench to see if he’s coming back in, well, it’s palpable.
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    Funny, I got the same vibe the first time I attended the movie "Titanic".
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    Fast forward a year

    2019-20 Nebraska Basketball
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    The fact that Hoiberg has said the practice squad beats the regulars quite a bit is pretty telling. I’ve heard very good things about Banton. We will be much better next year. Not sure what that means in the wins loss column but we will actually look like a Big Ten team walking off the bus and have some length and size to combat our issues this year. Hoiberg said the biggest jump for players is from year 1 to 2. We need that to be true for guys like Evan and Cross.
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    Apparently you never went to the Bob Devaney library from about 2007 to 2013
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