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    I do think it's telling that they've all but given up on the Runza noise meter thing. Last night it went up a couple times but didn't really get much above 92. I was so looking forward to a free burger today, too, but I'm also five months pregnant and was out-shouting most of the sections around me, so there's that. Crowd was present for the most part, which I appreciate. But I'm not about to fall all over the place congratulating ourselves for how amazing we are. Help pitch in to earn me some Runza and then I'll start dropping accolades like "best ever" but I'm burger-less and hungry today (and the lunch I brought to work doesn't sound so wonderful right now) so nope.
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    When it rains it pours

    Possibly not but it doesn’t help when he is one of the few guys that the ball has a realistic chance of going in from outside along with Allen Palmer and roby. It is mind boggling in this era of basketball how we can be so dreadful at shooting the ball.
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    Actual Attendance

    meh...I was disappointed with the lack of student attendance. I am sure others will provide excuses, but it certainly seems shallow that they will show when we are winning and then fail to support their team when it is struggling. The same thing takes place with football. Yeah, I came from a different time, it simply baffles me.
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    Scouting Northwestern

    Feels like Pardon has been at NW for a decade
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    Our current #38 NET ranking isn't all margin of victory. We're on track to play 23-25 Quad 1 and 2 games before the B1G tourney - that's a crazy high number. Only Kansas, N Carolina, Vanderbilt and Kentucky had played 24+ Q1/Q2 games last year on Selection Sunday (after their conference tournaments). Only 9 teams total had played 23+ Q1/Q2 games last year by Selection Sunday. 3 of the 9 didn't make the tournament. Our schedule has been/will finish among the toughest in the country based on the criteria the committee emphasized last year. That doesn't get us in and we certainly don't deserve to be in the way we've been playing, but it's why we're still in the conversation and still have a shot in the final month.
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    Scouting Northwestern

    Four years of Pardon (against *our* NU) has felt like forty.
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    Hail Glynn Watson!

    I can not agree any more, HB. I fondly recall that Glynn made my 11 year old son's day by snapping a quick pic at the Nebrasketball Buddies function, right in the middle of this season (mid-Dec.). In fact, I remember Glynn telling the 250 kiddos that the team had Big Ten Tournament Championship aspirations as well as seeking the Final Four as their B1G Goal to 2019. It is highly important to set HUGE goals as a leader; so, rightfully, I felt fairly enamored with his leadership by example. Well, despite the latest unforeseen swoon, he's still a leader in my book, as Glynn's getting up shots when everyone else left the arena after that zip-for-10 night. I believe Watson's a baller, bottom line. And I have a huge amount of respect for a dude who stayed when all of his fellow ballyhooed FROSH class left. Go Glynn, let's get this [email protected]^& turned around (a la Roburt Sallie!). GBR !!!
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    About ten years ago I made the front page of the OWH standing in the football stands at the end of a particularly bad football game. It was cold and the mood was sour. But I sit in a real good seat surrounded by pretty decent fans. But at the end of that particular game I was one of about five people left in the entire section. Not saying anything beyond that our fans do show up. We are not LA fans that arrive fashionably late and leave early. We are usually there on time, we typically are respectful and loud and we have a high percentage (typically) that will see it through to the end. That said, we have some that will always leave early. I can judge and my judgment is a thumbs down to them, but hey, they bought a ticket and we live in a country of the brave and the free. BUT, I also have the right to respectfully tell them that they should not be leaving early, and if they do, sneak out the back, and do not parade in front of me, distracting me from my game enjoyment.
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    Need a couple three more like her.
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    Not to surprising. We could see it coming all along.......since we first saw her HS videos. Probably won't be the last time she gets recognized. She works as hard in a game as youl'll see. It's no wonder she gets open for shots. CONGRATS LEIGHA !!