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  1. It dates you a bit to say you attended a Husker football game where Gordon MacRae sang the Anthem. He died in 1986, so if you're younger than about 40, you missed your chance. I looked it up today. He died of cancer at Bryan hospital and is buried at Wyuka Cemetery. He was only 64 years old at the time. He would have turned 100 this year. I didn't realize at the time how cool it was that he was a Lincolnite. Man, what a set of pipes.
  2. Only you and me, @Huskerpapa? If you saw Gordon MacRae sing the national anthem live, it probably means you also witnessed a Nebraska football victory, and probably against a pretty good team. Listening to Gordon MacRae sing was just icing on the cake.
  3. If you ever had the good fortune of hearing Gordon MacRae sing the National Anthem live and in person, raise your hand. Mood:
  4. And oh by the way, I don't think I could be anymore proud of two former Husker athletes than I am of Blake Lawrence and Adi Kunalic, the co-founders and CEO and President, respectively, of Opendorse.
  5. I'm all for amateurism. I hate the idea of under-the-table payments and cheating. I think there's way more to NIL than something that would permit what used to be cheating to now be done in the open. Read this thread:
  6. One of the biggest social media influencers among Husker athletes is Lexi Sun. And IF eyeballs on your social media accounts translates into how much you get paid, she'd be making bank compared to some of the athletes who play relatively minor roles in major sports.
  7. Thanks, man. I'm not sure why Tweets don't show up but link instead when I post. Something with my computer. Anyway, I don't know where the video is from or who all is playing in this pick-up game, but Bryce M is dishing passes to Lat and later in the video, he stuffs Trey M on a drive.
  8. That would totally not suck. Like not suck an awful lot. Like be the hugest thing in Husker hoops maybe EVER. Hope you are right.
  9. Lat Mayen on Twitter: "UNTOLD STORIES. https://t.co/1qFc0F65qm" / Twitter I feel like Lat will take a step forward this year.
  10. History shows when Hoiberg had the talent at ISU, he won with it.
  11. I think you're safe. I think the one in Omaha they changed the name and now they call it "The Plantation." Just what I heard.
  12. So how many years before Bolt leaves us to go coach at his alma mater? Oh, wait, that's us.
  13. I get that about social media having a bad side. My thought is just let's make sure that potential recruits see that we have eyeballs on their social media. And more eyeballs translate directly into more $$$ for their name, image and likeness on social media. I don't care if you read what they post. Just give 'em a follow and make sure your profile says you're a Husker fan. It's like we're becoming the modern-day bag men and we can do it totally legally and with no personal cost to us. But it takes a concerted effort. At least that's how I'm seeing it. Can anyone clarify if I'm wro
  14. It's possible we need a separate thread on the social media accounts of all of the recruits we've offered. Perhaps that should be part of the protocol when you start a thread on a recruit.
  15. I understand that. But we seem to be somewhat uniquely situated in that our fanbase is rabid on social media. They show up live and in-person for games but they also follow the team on social media more than most. Like the Kirk Herbstreit example mentioned upthread. If there's any school that can just about guarantee eyeballs on the players' social media accounts, it's us.
  16. Think about how, almost without justification, our fans have loyally followed and shown up for this Husker basketball team. Posting attendance numbers that consistently place us in the top 15 teams in the nation. And now that loyalty might be rewarded BECAUSE OF that loyalty. The number of eyeballs we can put onto social media translate into $$$$ for players' NIL. Which makes us an attractive destination for recruits. Guys, get on Twitter and start following players and recruits.
  17. From that article linked above: "We do this analysis to see which schools are providing value or which schools produce highly engaged audiences on social media," Opendorse owner Blake Lawrence told AL.com. The Tide holds the two top spots. "It tells us winning at all level of sports has a tremendous impact on engagement with their audience and the size of their audience," Lawrence said. When you combine winning with a traditional powerhouse like Alabama, and an Alabama fan base, which engages at a rate that is higher than most fan bases in the country, Alabam
  18. Not quoting just to save extra noise but @Bill Self's Toupee makes an excellent point that I intended but didn't explicitly say above. Our loyal fan following makes us a more valuable destination for players. Even though we haven't had great success on the basketball floor, we have unbelievable fan support. Our fans are active on social media. They follow players on Twitter. Blue bloods in the SEC might also have NIL programs going into effect, but who else has Husker nation? Because Husker nation will lead to eyeballs on their Twitter accounts or other social media, an
  19. I'm not sure you're right about that. Nebraska is on the leading edge of the Name Image Likeness curve and, from what I can gather, this is largely due to the entrepreneurial efforts of Blake Lawrence. It's seems too much of a coincidence that we're landing visits from such high profile guys (the kinds of players we could never get our foot in the door with in years past) now that we're ready to roll with NIL opportunities. Yesterday, basically all the head coaches of the major programs at Nebraska retweeted that tweet about NIL from Husker Athletics. It's clear they vi
  20. So, these big recruiting weekends we're looking at this month with players the likes of which, collectively, we've never seen ... Any chance it's connected to this? If so, thank God for Blake Lawrence. Glad he was a Husker. Guess that means I'd have to thank God for Bill Callahan, too.
  21. When is the cutoff between junior year and senior year? Those 2022 kids would be looking to sign LOIs in November '21, the fall of their senior year. The visits occurring in June, are those junior year officials or senior year officials?
  22. Considering that a kid can only take 5 officials, yeah, I'd say an official visit is a pretty good indicator.
  23. I'd take Traudt and Westry in a heartbeat. Add them to Blaise Keita and I feel damn good.
  24. Maybe we could promote him into a role where he doesn't do anything?
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