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  1. Let me ask this: Assuming we could swap him for any of the other recruits in this class, would you?
  2. We have no room now. But we had room last year. He'd be eligible now if he'd have transferred like he originally planned, and he'd be awesome for this squad. But I think it's just not in the cards. Who would leave at this point to make room for him? I have no idea. And even if someone was going to leave, there's no guarantee he'd want to play here. Last year was when it needed to happen or not at all.
  3. I hear there's a group of Husker basketball fans starting a facebook page to fire Coach Black posthumously.
  4. I'm sure I've said this before but I imagine most people haven't seen it: I was at the Ohio State game and had seats close to the floor so I had a good vantage point. Kaleb Wesson is listed at 6'9 but he was *at least* 2 inches taller than Yvan. I stopped believing Yvan was anywhere close to 6'9 that night.
  5. So, all these years, has it been The Curse of Kersenbrock what done us in? You knew we had to have pissed off some eternal basketball demon.
  6. If he's legitimately down to 230#, I hope he's also legitimately up to 6'9. He was young enough a year ago to still be growing. But the 6'9 PF from Ohio State made him look small. A couple of extra inches of his height added to his frame (with the associated lengthening of his arms) would be a very welcome development.
  7. Yvan was bulky last year. Unless someone photo-shopped that pic to lengthen him out and make him look slimmer, then it's not a function of what color shirt he's wearing and the dude has trimmed down. Now, has he trimmed down because he's lost weight OR (as I hope is the case) has he trimmed down because he's been growing? Anyone with kids who've reached puberty or beyond can appreciate what growing does to a young person's body. One day, they're kind of stocky and maybe a bit porky-looking; the next day they're slender and the hem of their pants is halfway up their legs. That's the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that picture of Yvan: He looks like one of my kids after they've had a growth spurt.
  8. So glowing it sounds like their moms could have written it. But then only Cam Mack's mom would probably go that far. https://huskers.com/news/2020/5/22/mens-basketball-huskers-add-experience-talent-in-recruiting-class.aspx
  9. Remind me again what "No cap" means.
  10. Silas Sunday. Irish kid. Fine broth of a lad from the old sod.
  11. Ibine Ayo Sadiku can jump out of the gym. 6'6 SF from the Bronx? Also has an offer from ... St. John's. https://www.thehoophustle.com/ayosadiku
  12. Reminds me of when my kids hit a growth spurt. All of a sudden, those sweatpants only reach the tops of his shoes.
  13. No fence sitters. I deliberately did not include that as one of the options. Obviously, we'll know more later. I'm curious how people are feeling right now.
  14. Watcha gonna do? (And, please, don't make this political.)
  15. I don't know shinola about the players who haven't suited up for us yet, except for the well-informed gossip on this board. And if that's all I have to go on, and assuming we have 3 sit-out transfers, I think I'm going to agree with what @khoock just said above about Arop, Mayen and Andre having the least chance of starting (or being in the rotation, frankly.) So, starters ... Banton (too much smoke around his name to doubt there's fire there) Webster (someone has to be your primary ball handler and with Mack gone ...) Allen (he got his 4th star for good reason: the kid is a baller who can score at 3 levels) Thor (there might be a lock down in Iceland, but Thor can find a basketball hoop and launch 1,000 treys a day if he wants; he'll be ready) Walker (I'm going with Derrick over Yvan because of athleticism and rumors about his developing offensive game) That's just a wild-ass guess. After that, I've got: Shamiel (is our 6th man) Yvan (gives us good rebounding presence in a reserve role) Wait, there aren't a lot of guards to bring in off the bench if we don't get at least Kobe King cleared. So ... Lat Mayen because he can hit threes? Having said all of this, probably Lat Mayen comes in, takes the world by storm, has us all saying "who the hell is this guy and how did he fall into our laps?" and gives us 13 and 8. OK, probably not, but ya never know.
  16. Going by the recruiting videos for each, I didn't see Yvan pulling off drives to the rim on the bounce like Eduardo. Eduardo is also a lot quicker leaper from what I've seen. He goes from catch to jump and dunk pretty fast, whereas Yvan has to pause and gather himself allowing the defense time to react and get in position. That makes it more difficult for Yvan to finish regardless of his issues with touch. But, Yvan was so very young. I know, it's a broken record, but it's true. He should have been a HS senior this past season, maybe even a HS junior. There's a LOT of development that could happen between June 1 and November. (It's unfortunate that he missed out on all the post-season individual and small group workouts that the coaches are allowed to have while school is in session.)
  17. Cam Mack had the potential to be >> compared to Kobe Webster. I don't think he pulled it off, however. When he was on his game, he was as good as anyone. But too often, he took plays off, possessions off, games off, and took too much time on the floor patting himself on the back and not enough time buckling down on defense. I'm going to say in terms of actual work on the floor, it's possible Kobe Webster will be a better floor general than Mack and maybe by a lot. He certainly produced at his last stop. And when he has to hit FT's to seal a win, I'd a whole lot rather have Kobe Webster out there than Cam Mack.
  18. All I can say is the new guys better be a hell of a lot better than last year's rotation or we're not going to be very good again.
  19. We'd need to make room. We don't currently have a spot available. Who would leave?
  20. From Shamiel's bio at Pitt: The Storyline An explosive athlete with the leaping ability and strength to finish in traffic Showed the ability to play as a big wing or undersized four-man a year ago ... can create matchup problems with his combination of size, quickness and athleticism Has a nice shooting stroke out beyond the three-point line as well as the ability to put the ball on the floor Possesses a 40 inch vertical and a 6-11 wingspan … strength and quickness allow him to be an effective defender and rebounder against bigger opponents Continued improvement with intensity and attention to detail in practice will lead to increased minutes Enrolled in Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
  21. My recollection was that, in addition to the 7 ft wingspan, he also has a 40 inch vertical.
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