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  1. Kobe said a lot more. He laid out some big hints about buy-in compared to last year and guys committing to the system. I mean, you could almost say "shots fired" at a particular former teammate. "What did you learn about this team in the off-season?" "Our commitment to the system Coach is implementing is a lot better than last year and the willingness to embrace your role is better than last year."
  2. Look at who would be coming in off the bench, tho. You talk about trying to win in a shootout. -A lanky 6'10 freshman with 3-point range. -A lanky 6'9 guy who once hit 86 out of 100 treys in practice and should probably be about 40% from 3. -An elite, 6'7 freshman with handles and 3-point range. -The Japanese Steph Curry. -An undersized, super-senior guard who can get hot from deep in stretches. -And a 6'11 rim protector who put on good weight in the off-season. I mean, that seems like "win in a shootout" no matter how you slice it.
  3. It's niiiiice. Like a warm sweater on a crisp fall afternoon. He's the most talented true freshman big I can remember us having since Dave Hoppen. His skill level is really high. But, while I get the idea of him having the ability to draw Kofi away from the paint when we're on offense, we'll have to hit threes at a pretty high clip to make up for him making 100% of his dunks when we're on defense. As talented as Wilhelm is, he's not built to keep guys like Kofi out of the paint. I see him as a prototypical stretch 4, but if Fred thinks he's a fit at the 5, w
  4. Way ahead of where they were a year ago in terms of installing the system. Biggest change is shooting ability and then depth. A name we might not look at a lot who was mentioned twice is Keon Edwards, once because of his shooting and the second time because of his defense -- his ability to move his feet and his length. Depth, it's like in the past, if we had 8 legit players that could cover all positions, we felt pretty good. This year, there will be legit players who will almost never see the floor because our rotation won't go nearly as deep as
  5. They just now realized he's a perfect fit for the system they run. I'm sorry, but this joke never gets old.
  6. That's actually a very good point. I was thinking he'd be distracted by not getting any. You're suggesting maybe he'd have thrown himself into his work to try to take his mind off the absence of action. Hmmm. That theory holds some water.
  7. No particular ... what are you talking about? His girlfriend was *vegan*. You think things would have gone better if he'd been an incel for the spring semester?
  8. It just recognizes that titles are somewhat arbitrary. What someone does isn't necessarily determined by what you call them.
  9. 25 impact freshmen for the 21-22 season - College Hoops Today Spoiler alert: There's a Husker on this list.
  10. Look at the video above. He's not 250# anymore.
  11. This kid is blowing up, now with recent offers from Illinois, Michigan State and Iowa. He's transformed his body and now looks the part of a sleek, skilled 4. And his work is paying off with the offers he's getting. Don't know if we're still in the running or not, but we just offered his prep teammate, Denim Dawson. (The guy he's practicing with is a 4-star who just committed to Stanford.)
  12. I'm gathering he's a prep teammate of Jaxon Kohler.
  13. Y'know it's kinda complicated searching for a basketball player out there name Denim Dawson when there's actually a clothing company called Dawson Denim. But it looks like he also holds an offer from Iowa. Oh, wait, I'm being told that's *Iona*. Which is almost the same exact thing.
  14. That may be, @hhcmatt, but in the first week of the September live period, he's one of a handful of players the coaches are scheduled to go see. So ...
  15. Prior to 9/11, my military career wound down to a slow, gradual stop. I decided not to "re-up" as it were. Didn't have the fire in my belly. Like Gaylord Perry, I felt like I'd maybe stuck around beyond my "sell by" date and it was time to hang up the cleats. Unlike Perry, I didn't notch 300 wins. I had decided to quit instead of retire. If I stuck around longer, I knew I'd feel compelled to hang around until I got "my 20" and I just didn't want to do that. Your superiors are often assholes in the Army, and the higher you climb in the ranks, the more likely it is that you become the asshole.
  16. He could be all that. But his best offers are like Xavier, Georgia, Nebraska, and middle Tennessee State. Legit Top 30 guys have better offer lists than that. I’ve watched some of his tape and I wouldn’t take him over Chucky Hepburn who was maybe top 130.
  17. According to whom is Chase Clemmons a "Top-30 junior"?
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