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  1. If we get into double-digit wins this year, I think I'll be pretty happy with it.
  2. Nine sounds about right. I had hoped we'd get close to that in the non-con but double-digit win total this season seems like something I'd be happy with.
  3. He was injured. Shamiel's coach got fired. You get a medical redshirt for the one situation but the other one doesn't generally get you a year back. I think it should and I hope it does (end up with Shamiel cleared to play as a sophomore), but there is a difference between the two situations.
  4. This here's why it's gonna bug me for a long time that Yvan chose Team France over Team Fred this summer.
  5. Nothing new. As in no news. Either way. Could be he gets a waiver, but perhaps not. We don't yet know. And no one with any authority has said anything official. Yet. Not even Bryan Rosenthal. As soon as I hear something, I'll post it here. If anyone else hears something definitive first, feel free to "beat me to the punch." For the love of all things Holy, please do not "bump" this thread with impertinent responses. Those of us who've been suckered into clicking the "Shamiel is N" thread thank you in advance.
  6. Amir had issues beyond not being able to shoot. I would not trade anyone on the current roster for Amir.
  7. I think you're jumping the gun on some of this, nudiehard. I get the angst. But it's too early to be ringing alarm bells about things like recruiting. I'm going to give Fred the benefit of the doubt for now and assume he didn't get to where he is by being anything less than an astute evaluator of talent and a solid manager of his teams. I am going to take it as a matter of faith for now that Hoiberg knows: a) what he has; b) what he wants (in terms of player type); and c) what he needs (to fulfill what he wants in player type.) As far as recruiting and wanting guys who can shoot the ball, the guys he had assembled or inherited included a group of players you had to think coming into the season would be able to hit perimeter shots. Kavas was one of the national leaders in 3-pt shooting. Jervay was over 40% in juco ball. Cheatham is a career 37+% 3-point shooter. We haven't been able to hit the broad side of a barn so far this season, but coming into the season, on paper, would have expected this roster to be a pretty good perimeter shooting squad. We have no idea what's going on in terms of recruiting. Davis decommitting is probably just one of those things. More disappointed about Donovan Williams, but we don't know what's going on in the background. We have no idea how his recovery is proceeding. Maybe he wants to make sure he'll still be a good fit. I can see filing some of these things in the back of your mind and keeping an eye on them, but it's way to early to be raising alarm bells, which is the tone of what you posted.
  8. Two freshmen from Nebraska are the 4th and 5th-leading scorers for the Jackrabbits. I think both are probably going to feel like they have something to prove tonight. And we represent a glorious opportunity for them to prove it.
  9. @hhcmatt can combine this with his thread once he starts it, but I just wanted to throw this out there: tonight, David Wingett is going to stick it to Husker hoops fans like myself who weren't sure he was worthy of an offer. (He was.) 2019-20 Regular Season Date OPP Result MIN FG FG% 3PT 3P% FT FT% REB AST BLK STL PF TO PTS Tue 11/12 @USC L 84-66 19 4-6 66.7 2-3 66.7 0-0 0.0 4 1 0 1 5 3 10 Sat 11/9 @CSB W 93-91 2OT 36 3-8 37.5 2-5 40.0 3-5 60.0 4 0 2 2 2 0 11 SUMMIT LEAGUE/WAC CHALLENGE Thu 11/7 vsPER W 86-58 18 5-7 71.4 2-4 50.0 0-0 0.0 3 0 1 1 2 1 12 Tue 11/5 vsRIO W 70-57 8 0-1 0.0 0-1 0.0 0-0 0.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 Total 20.3 3.0-5.5 54.5 1.5-3.3 0.8-1.3 60.0 2.8 0.3 0.8 1.0 2.5 1.0 8.3
  10. No. Not true. I haven't seen any speculation whatsoever from @hahahaha or @Carl Spackler. If they speculated, I missed it.
  11. This is probably not the right thread, but when was the last time we had an early signing period with no signees? Been awhile, I'd say.
  12. So you already did the math, huh? You is way ahead of me.
  13. I think Hoppen's career scoring record is safe. If Kevin's in the running for that career scoring mark, he'll turn pro long before he gets there. Hoppen averaged almost 20 ppg as a sophomore and over 20 ppg as a junior and senior.
  14. Ouch. Some players have to hate that there's a place out there that rates that stuff.
  15. If we're going to suck regardless, it'd be kind of funny for us to be the quad 4 loss that keeps them from making the dance.
  16. Go Purple Aces! Now, people will forget that we crapped our pants at work because Kentucky did it more recently and, whereas nobody saw us do it, Kentucky did it in the main lobby where everyone saw it. Thanks Kentucky. We appreciate it.
  17. I have been thinking but just hadn't gotten around to posting (there are a few threads that cover a similar point of view) that it's a bit hard to envision what a Hoiberg offense would really look like when it's very reliant on the 3-point shot yet our starters the other night were a combined 3 for 18. But, fine, people, go ahead and question whether Hoiberg can get it done here or what have you. Two games into the season.
  18. Super small sample size. Cam Mack was 40% in the first game (2/5) and then was like 0/6 in game #2.
  19. Our two biggest issues right now are shooting and rebounding. We were outrebounded by 20 in the first game and by 14 in the second. The 15 offensive rebounds we gave up to Southern equal 15 additional possessions. The 13 offensive rebounds for Riverside are similarly 13 additional possessions. Each possession is an opportunity to score a basket, right? Offensive rebounds surrendered to your opponent are like turnovers. So that's a biggish deal. Right now, our team 3-point percentage is 21.2%. That's historically bad. I don't even want to try to go back into the record books to see what the current record is for team 3-point % for a season. I'm sure it's a lot higher than 21.2%. Let's wonder for a moment what the impact of not having Shamiel Stevenson might be. As a freshman at Pitt, he averaged 37.5% from 3-point range and 4.4 rebounds. As a true freshman. Right now, I'd love to see a lineup with Yvan and Kevin Cross both playing at the same time to see how that might help our rebounding situation. Rebounds on the defensive end help us get out into transition where we're currently the most effect, per the stats @hhcmatt posted. But then the question is who spells Yvan? And who spells Kevin? But if Shamiel were eligible, he might be the answer. We wouldn't need to start both Kevin and Yvan because we'd have a 6'6, 245# dude out there with long arms and an explosive vertical who has some demonstrated ability at the upper D1 level at cleaning the glass. If Shamiel was eligible from the start of the season, do we lose either of those first 2 games?
  20. How do you determine in what way it was sub-par though? Was it sub-par scheme? Sub-par execution? A squad that lacks the talent to execute the scheme? Or a squad that's young and inexperienced and is still on the early side of the learning curve? Or maybe those teams we played were actually better than we thought they were? I remember being distressed at how we got man-handled in the 2nd half against Texas Tech last year. We didn't know how good they were at the time, but it turns out Texas Tech was pretty damned good.
  21. I think people underestimate the value of experience. Unless you have 1-and-done players (we're not Kentucky) then there's no substitute for experience. I learned my lesson once when I made a bet with @NUdiehard that we would have at least a 2-game improvement in our record with the addition of size from Jorge Brian Diaz after the year where Ryan Anderson and Ade Daguduro were our starting frontcourt. Guess what, we were worse. Even though we had a very talented 6'11 center who could score. You just can't substitute for experience. So, while things are going poorly right now, give it time. Our record isn't an indictment on the talent of our players or the skill of our coaching staff or anything other than our youth and inexperience. It's gonna take some time. I'm not even interested in what our final record will be this year.
  22. Correct. I think it's highly likely that neither Kavas nor Cheatham will be back next year. I should add: this is not based on inside information; just an educated guess.
  23. He didn’t have any assists. None. And no steals, either. So, you were saying? I keed, I keed!
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