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  1. Thanks for the reply, @basketballjones. The direction of the question about how you'd fill out a roster was intended to be sort of a "what do you think his recipe is?" kind of question. In the old days, a basketball roster might be constructed in such a way that you ideally had a couple of back-to-the-basket centers, including a talented youngster you were developing, and then you might have 2-3 PFs, one or more of whom could swing to the 5 in a pinch. Then, you'd have a couple of small forwards, 2-3 shooting guards, and a few guys who would be your classical point. In this era of "positionless" basketball, however, rosters are described more in terms of what a player does: rim-runners, stretch 4s, wings, etc. And, in the Hoiberg "recipe," you probably have to factor in at least 2 sit-out transfers per year. It used to be easy to look at our roster and say, well, we need another big man with our last scholarship, or we need a backup point. With this new staff, I find myself questioning exactly what it seems he wants in order to field the type of team he envisions. So, what does that ideal Hoiberg roster look like, and is there anything this current iteration is missing in order to check all of Fred's boxes? Does that make those two questions more clear?
  2. Article also says we beat out Grand Canyon for her commit. Not sure I've ever heard of Grand Canyon as a school. Can I assume it's somewhere in Arizona?
  3. First test any Iowa men's basketball players have passed this calendar year, I'm guessing.
  4. That's the one. I could try to find highlight vid on him if it's still out there so people could maybe compare apples to apples.
  5. My question was if there was a 96-team field and we won a game would we count it? In my opinion, only with an asterisk. If at all. I can say that now, but if it happened, I'd probably count it.
  6. He's really long and mobile and has his head in the game. He skies for rebounds on the defensive end and gets the ball down the floor very quickly. Superb handles for a 6'11" foreign kid. And he seems to have range out to the 3-point line. Compare him to that one-time Aussie commit we had under Miles from Sunrise Christian (maybe?) who ended up at Arizona after a stint in juco ball. Can't recall the name, but I remember being very UN-impressed with that kid. This kid has some tools we could use. I like him.
  7. Well, Nebraska Basketball's official account is saying he's ready to make a statement. Maybe they know something.
  8. We took a 3-year guy out of Coffeyville once before who turned out OK.
  9. Watching this video, I'd say he looks a little bit taller than Shorter. Who's on first? I Don't Know.
  10. That would be nice. Very nice. Fingers crossed.
  11. He has soft hands like Bryant Reeves. But Reeves never had moves like this kid. This kid is unbelievable. High-level skill and great hands in a big body. I so want this kid to be a Husker. So want.
  12. When you're Nebraska, you have to leverage every advantage you possibly have and you have to create some advantages to leverage. You cannot do just as much as everyone else does because your position relative to everyone else won't change that way. Having three potential starters (all of whom are at least expected to be rotation players) gone is a serious drag on getting ahead. Really limits their ability to develop and progress when they're not here. I'm not really worried about Thor because the thing he most needs is to shoot 3-pointers all day long, and I suspect he's doing that. But the other guys need that team environment and opportunity to get coached up.
  13. What the hell is up with Stevenson not being here yet? If Banton can be here and if Stevenson's expected to be here at the end of the month, why is he not here already? I find it troubling the number of players who miss out on important things like summer conditioning/workouts, the Italy trip, etc. If international travel bans prevented him from being here, that's one thing. But that's obviously not the case.
  14. I won't start. 49r will beat me to it. Anyway, I agree with what you say about NBA talent. That probably encapsulates it as well as any more lengthy description could. NBA players have talent, skill and athleticism in spades. Put a few of those guys on your roster, no matter what spot, and you're going to be loads better than you were before.
  15. What makes you think we'll be any better than we were a year ago? And, if better, how much better? How would you fill a Hoiberg roster? What pieces, if any, do you think we're missing? Feel free to quote this post and fill in the blanks as you see fit.
  16. I feel so sorry for that kid who was having to guard him.
  17. Thought this was interesting.
  18. That often happens when kids go through growth spurts.
  19. If we're worried about social distancing among the fans, I don't see any reason why we can't still have a women's college hoops season.
  20. Kearney is Husker fan territory. During his formative years. And we got a coach known for getting PFs to the pros. We might have an actual shot here.
  21. That's not the first thing I think of when I think of what rabbits are known for.
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