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  1. So, this is how you're spending retirement? Are you thinking about maybe going back to work?
  2. Speaking of local kids flipping birds ... I will never forget local Lincoln kid Ty Goode spurning a scholarship offer from Tom Osborne to go play at Notre Dame. He could have just said, hey, both are great programs and coaches, but I just want to go to Notre Dame. Instead, what he told the intrepid reporter who asked him about his decision to leave town was that, when he went to Nebraska football practice, he wasn't impressed with the Huskers because "they looked like they were just going through the motions." Those Huskers proceeded to reel off three National Champions
  3. Ok, so as long as we're doing pie-in-the-sky theorizing, one of the things that turned Hunter off of "N" was the perception that we weren't recruiting HS kids and that he'd have to play around a bunch of transfers who ... Did you say Briedenbach? He's like a 4-star, right? High school kid? OK, but transfers, some with possible character ... Bryce McGowens? Like the Rivals 5-star Bryce McGowens? And Hunter hasn't committed anywhere yet? I'm tellin' ya, if we get a commit from Bryce M, it takes away a LOT of the concerns Hunter expresse
  4. It's 11 p.m. central daylight time. Is he "N" yet?
  5. My theory was he decommited from FSU only because he wanted to play here with his brother. Trey probably told him he was getting great coaching here and that it was 10 times better than Pitt. Or words to that affect. You can't just drop one place and immediately commit to somewhere else unless you're D'Andre Davis or something. So, it seemed logical to me that he might entertain some offers before eventually doing what he'd planned to do from the beginning: Commit to Fred Hoiberg and the Huskers. Of course, my logic and that of an 18-year-old HS senior might not necessarily match.
  6. If he has half the impact you imply, and if Banton and McGowens are as good as advertised, we're going to shock some people. Rothstein thinks the McGowens eligibility puts us in the post-season somewhere. That's a monumental leap from 7 wins last year. I think it's reasonable to project that we'll have one of the biggest single-season turnarounds of any team in the country this year. In which case, calling those guys "impact players" is more than fair.
  7. I'm starting to get a feeling that this is happening. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I came to the conclusion that my then-girlfriend (now wife) would say "yes" if I proposed. I did; she did; rest is history. Not the *same* feeling (disclaimer for those who seem to have difficulty with abstract thoughts) but reminds me of that feeling. You get what I mean?
  8. Weird thing about skipping Teddy Allen on this list is that he was a contributor at West Virginia on a team that made the Sweet 16 and was projected to start when he transferred to Wichita State before he got into trouble. And, at juco, he showed he had obviously worked on the one major, glaring offensive weakness he had at WVa, which was his 3-point shooting. He comes out of juco being a fairly complete offensive package. And he comes to a Nebraska team that is desperate for some offensive firepower. So, if there's any juco in the nation who seems destined to have an impact, it would be this
  9. And Coach Hoiberg won the dance-off.
  10. It was all newcomers including freshmen.
  11. FWIW, I've been watching some video of both players (and going off memory of watching Sallis last year.) There's not a ton of difference between guys at this level. They are ALL athletic as hell and they all can shoot the rock. Or almost all of them, anyway. For Fred's style of ball, I'd take Bryce over Hunter, TBH. Though I'd gladly have both. You can't have enough 6'5ish athletes who can handle the ball and shoot the rock.
  12. Michigan's coach might not be around long. As in, he might not be there a year from now. He's a hot name for NBA GMs. Chances are good he gets a job in the league if he wants it.
  13. Also, McGowens is the 7th highest ranked newcomer among Big Ten players. Banton is 10th. They musta forgot Teddy Buckets.
  14. This is a list of impact freshmen and transfers. Freshmen obviously dominate the top of the list. Top ranked transfer is understandably Sam Hauser at Virginia by way of Marquette. Second ranked transfer is Carlick Jones at Louisville by way of Radford. You're going to have to show me on that one. His numbers at Radford were not, like, hugely better than Dachon Burke's numbers at Robert Morris, so ...
  15. Not gonna hold my breath, but sure would welcome a 5-star recruit joining the program. This'd be alright.
  16. Newton's third law of motion is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Fire a gun? Bullet goes out the barrel and you get recoil. In shooting a basketball, in order to maintain your balance while your hands move an object forward, there has to be some equal force from your legs moving forward or your body will tilt backwards when you shoot. Call it recoil. What I don't like is the butt sticking way out on the shot as your way of reacting to Newton's third law. It's an added moving part that makes repetition and consistency more difficult to achieve. See Tre
  17. Happy for this. But contrast with our other Pitt transfer. In a just NCAA world, Shamiel would have played as a sophomore last season.
  18. I think Cross would have eventually been a lot better than he was. But if you ask me to choose between Cross, as a guy who would occupy a scholarship for three more years, or Eduardo Andre, as a guy who would occupy that spot for 4, I'd take Andre as having more upside potential in the long term. Kevin would not have seen as much PT this season, if he'd stayed, as he saw last year. I think he made the right call to leave.
  19. Red. And then white. Sleep well tonight, my friend. You're welcome.
  20. This raises an interesting question: Is there anyone from last year's roster who left with eligibility remaining who you wish was still on the team? Cam Mack Dachon Burke Jervay Green Kevin Cross Samari Curtis Would you bump anyone from the current roster in order to make room for any of the above? I'm thinking maaaaybe Dachon Burke, but he'd be about it. I think Coach Hoiberg has used the available scholarships very well to replace those spots.
  21. LOL, yeah. Fortunately, he's not going to be one of our primary ball handlers. But I could see him getting serious minutes, especially if his jump shot is as legit as it looks in the video.
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