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  1. First of all, let me just say there's some macabre humor in reading an argument among several posters about who is the worst player on a bad basketball team. Second, this was a good bounce-back performance after Ohio State. While the fans might be folding up their tents and getting ready to head home, the players haven't. We sucked out loud at Ohio State, and it would have been easy for the players to just phone it in after that. Instead, they gutted out a performance that had them playing Michigan State even in the 2nd half. That's actually encouraging.
  2. They call it a delay of game. I'm wondering what it is about flopping that delays the game. If refs don't call a charge and the defender just hits the deck, play just continues. What's the delay? I hate it because it invites inconsistency in officiating. One time down the floor, Teddy Allen spins toward the defender, defender flops, and Teddy gets whistled for a charge. The other end of the floor, same official, and it's a blocking foul or a flop against us. Seems like we're never the beneficiary of inconsistent calls.
  3. If Eduardo is 228# now, as his ESPN profile says, I wouldn't be surprised to see him come in close to 240# next fall. I wish he had Yvan's rebounding determination. I would love to see those two matched up head-to-head in practice. Someone in another thread wondered if Yvan this year would be able to score on Yvan from last year. I'm really curious if Eduardo from this year can score on Yvan from this year.
  4. UPDATE: CSU won. Biggest comeback in Mountain West history. The reason I bring up Mensah is that he and Eduardo seem like pretty similar players. Eduardo needs some reps. Getting Covid was a huge setback for him. I'd love to see what he can do when he's fully in playing condition. He's a bit raw right now, but you can see the potential there. He has nice, soft hands. He moves pretty well. He's extremely long and he's fairly athletic. He's not perfect. He has some rawness to his game. But if he develops his footwork, learns some spin moves, and just gets a feel for the g
  5. According to his profile on ESPN, Ed is 6'10 and 228#. According to 24/7, he was the #214 recruit in the nation coming out of Compass Prep I'm watching CSU vs. SDSU* right now and their starting center, Nathan Mensah, is averaging 10 and 8 on 62% shooting. According to 24/7, Mensah was the #297 recruit in the nation coming out of Prolific Prep. And he was 6'10 205# coming out of HS. According to his ESPN profile, he's 6'10 230# now. He's the starting center on a team that beat #22 UCLA and #23 ASU. P.S.
  6. Not any better than he does now. His defense is his best trait.
  7. It's interesting that the floor-spacer guys and the on-ball guys have the same number of 3-point attempts in Big Ten play. But the guys who need to be your 3-point specialists have 1/4 as many makes on the same number of attempts. Just think how much different this team would be if our floor spacers were shooting only just as well as the on-ball guys. That would be 12 more 3-point makes or 36 more points. Yeah, we still lose to Ohio State, but we beat Michigan and take Wisconsin to the wire. And if our floor spacers are hitting those shots, then our on-ball guys are pro
  8. How many wins would this year's team come away with if they played last year's team 20 times?
  9. His compensation package is different, but his job duties apparently remain unchanged.
  10. I think it's multi-factorial. Some guys just aren't blessed with shooting touch and other guys have it in spades. Some guys can just toss the ball toward the rim and it goes in; others couldn't hit the ocean if they fell out of a boat. Mechanics matter for a variety of reasons. Bad mechanics can result in a slow windup and delivery, which means you'd have to have more space to get the shot off even if you were one of those guys who could throw it at the rim and swish it. The third factor is feel rather than thought. You have to turn off the part of your brain that think
  11. That's a big part of the problem and certainly no mystery. You have a black hole where your floor-spacers should be. The other problem is the we have a black hole where our roll man on the P&R should be. All of those things cause us to be severely anemic on the offensive end.
  12. There's a difficult line to walk between needing to upgrade the roster and needing to develop roster stability. One of the old adages about success in basketball is to get old and stay old. And that's impossible to do if you flip a significant chunk of the roster every year. The best news on the recruiting front is that all three of our signed recruits will have at least 3 years of eligibility and all of them *appear* to be players who are legit at this level. The fact that one is a pro prospect who might not be here more than a year or two isn't necessarily a bad thing because yo
  13. It's going to be cool in 4 days watching opposing teams having to guard the pick and roll.
  14. I don't like the March total roster rebuild thing at all. But there are a couple 3-4 guys that I don't think have high enough ceilings that they will ever be quality role players, let alone program improvers. And we need the slots to find some guys who can improve the talent level on the team. And we need them now, so we can't wait for them to exhaust their eligibility. The problem is do we have any confidence that we'll find better players to replace them with? If not, skip it, I guess.
  15. Me too. To bed. At 10 pm. Like I always do. I joke that I celebrate New Years in Nova Scotia and that's close enough for me.
  16. Yvan, buddy, you've got some serious work to do. We can't have our starting 5 man be a no-go on pick-and-roll offense. You're wide open on the roll and your teammates don't even bother making the pass because they know you aren't going to convert. That's a problem. You have to fix it. Gathering yourself and elevating for a layup or a dunk shouldn't be that difficult. Not as difficult as you're making it. It's like the announcer said on TV last night: If you're going to try to score inside, you have to go up like a man. Be a damn man. Don't let them deny you. Catch the pass, get you
  17. Every time I see this thread bumped, my heart skips a beat because I'm like "Derrick Walker is N what? N trouble? N sensitive? N gaged? N amored? N tropy? N garde? N titled?" Walker is giving my ticker a good workout. Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
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