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  1. jdostal

    Scouting Minnesota

    Seems like we should be able to run quite a bit of zone without getting beat from deep if we need to keep our bigs out of foul trouble.
  2. Neb - 75 Minny - 69 (nice)
  3. Neb - 84 Opponent - 68 9 non-con 19 overall
  4. Neb - 70 Mich - 67 1 win
  5. jdostal

    Watkins out

    Most of the B1G is
  6. jdostal

    2018 Husker Baseball

    I don't mind it. The chances of Alvarado going up against Heimlich and getting a W were really slim. You are gonna find out a lot about these new arms against a really good lineup which will help you later in the season.
  7. Bart Torvik has a good explanation of what Kenpom's "secret sauce" is, too. I found reading it was pretty informative. Click link, Ctrl+F "Secret Sauce": http://adamcwisports.blogspot.com/p/every-possession-counts.html
  8. Some of you just really need to stop coming to the kenpom thread for your own sake.
  9. This is for kenpom, not RPI. Penn St is 76th in the RPI currently.
  10. Neb - 80 Indiana - 66 BIG BOUNCE BACK LET'S GO 4