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  1. I like the highlighting to start the season, but agree that it's not as helpful at this point. Noting the double plays is nice.
  2. JPJ now in the top 10 for Kenpom's POY.
  3. RPI was a lot harder on the B1G than predictive metrics were. You could see that pretty much bear itself out in the post-season (PSU/UM for example). It's so Nebrasketball that they switched from RPI to a hybrid metric the year after RPI really hurt us.
  4. Agree with a lot of the recommendations so far. Two others are Au Courant (Benson, like 64th and Maple) and Boiler Room (south of Old Market).
  5. I was curious as to how this year's struggling conferences were stacking up to last year's historically awful, might as well be the Missouri Valley, B1G conference. The BEast and SEC are currently worse than the B1G finished last year. It'll be interesting to see how much those conferences are punished. And obviously the Pac 12 deserves Bill Walton talking about getting high during their games because the basketball isn't really worth watching.
  6. Seems like we should be able to run quite a bit of zone without getting beat from deep if we need to keep our bigs out of foul trouble.
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