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  1. If we can land a good big man for next year yet, we may have the best frontcourt depth we've had in a long time. Yvan, Walker, Cross, (2020 class big), Stevenson and Banton height.. would be fun.
  2. My wish list is Kendall Brown (long shot) and if not then Bryce McGowens, Hunter Sallis, and Adama Sanogo
  3. If Yvan redshirts our games this year won't even be worth watching considering Charlie would get minutes at Center
  4. Actually we underestimated how many people would want one, so we can get them for $12 a piece too
  5. Hey guys, I posted this awhile back but we settled on a shirt we're going to try and get out to a lot of people to paint Centurylink "red" in December. Trying to get a head count to see if people would actually want this shirt or not, so if these were sold for say, $15, who would be interested in getting one??
  6. Hey everyone, With this being a new era in our program history, I say we try and set the tone from the get go that this is and will forever be a Red State. And what better way to do that then paint Creighton's gym Red for our game with them this year? My mind lead me to start designing some tshirts we could possibly get a large crowd to show up in and so if you guys would be interested in a shirt for like $15, reply which design you like best and if you'd purchase one so I can see if this would be worth doing! This is what the back of the shirts would say on all designs: So excited for this season this is the kind of stuff I do on a Wednesday in July. GBR 1)
  7. Today in practice when they were running through sets it was a bit of a "by committee" it looked like. Jervay, Dachon, Samari, and Haanif all took turns doing it. At the end of practice one team had Jervay running point and Dachon at the 2, and one had Samari at point and Haanif at 2.
  8. Both guys fit in, Akol is fun to see since he's from around here. I thought his shot actually looked good and he is super athletic, him just figuring out which position to play and getting more skilled will be huge. He blocked Samari off the backboard to win a scrimmage drill and everyone went nuts, a lot of fun. Matej has a pure stroke, will be a good guy to have just to keep the ball moving and hit some shots for us.
  9. Practice thoughts: 1) Dachon looked like the best player on the team as of now. So stinkin' quick and hard to guard/or have him guard you. Jervay, Haanif, and Derrick Walker impressed me as well and Samari and Thor fit right in. 2) We are about to experience an offensive efficiency and movement we've never seen here before. The way the ball flies around with constant cuts and screens and movement is really a joy to watch. The whole time we were there we only saw 1 mid range jumper, the rest were threes and layups/dunks. 3) Cam and Dalano weren't practicing today. 4) Kevin has some skill, just really needs to get in shape. 5) Shamiel did not impress me as much as I thought he would, seemed too have a bit of an attitude. 6) Doc is the man
  10. Going to watch the team practice today, will post my thoughts in here afterwards!
  11. Anyone find it weird we aren't hearing anything about Jervay? I would've thought he would be one of our top 2-3 players if not our best considering the hype.
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