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  1. Me too. Impressive rebounding instincts and timing that are hard to teach.
  2. Got to spend about an hour talking to Gallegos and pitchford after the nw game at Buffalo Wild Wings that tourney year. He was in a miserable slump. Gave him a nice pep talk and told him to keep shooting. Went out and had a huge game at Indiana the next game. A game that we desperately needed. I guess what I am trying to say is that I deserve a lot of the credit for us dancing that year:) Very nice low key guy. Odd pairing with pitchford for sure.
  3. While he very well may not come back, his shooting is something that he could really prove is worthy of being drafted higher than he is already projected.
  4. Watched some broadcasts on Stadium during the bubble watch two years ago. They put on decent productions. Still watching streams obviously not the same.
  5. I think it can work in the big ten as long as you are not having to double every single possession. If you can force them to make jump hooks over you or other shots that are 50 percent type two’s and rebound well like at Iowa St. it can work. That might be a big if.
  6. His teams most definitely lack offensive talent imo. Never seem to have near enough power or speed.
  7. I know Washington St is not good but to have them at 284 is ludicrous.
  8. There isn’t enough known by anyone right now to know what the best decision is for Roby yet. Not Lewis or any of us. It all comes down to what type of guarantee he can get. If he cannot at least get a really good second round gauranteed contract verbally locked up, the upside of coming back financially would outweigh not coming back.
  9. Can he ever. That is the type of stroke that I cringe when other teams have a guy like that and we never seem to have.
  10. Is it wrong of me to wonder about Roby class attendance?
  11. Probably that Cheatham is too low on the list.
  12. Checked in with our friends from Creighton. It is amazing how quickly the I hate UNL thread has come to halt. They don't have anything, other than someone from Lincoln raided a WWE hall of fame ceremony so we are all dumb drunk hicks. I cannot wait for these elitist douchebags to start eating losses.
  13. I am way cool with small ball. Everyone just has to be able to shoot. That has been our problem of late when we had a tough time scoring.
  14. I think a couple jars of salsa would really help Royalfan come up with a world class idea:)
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