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  1. While I don't agree with Steve Kerr political antics(prefer sports left to get away from that stuff much like this message board), that guy can flat out coach. The Warriors players are the only ones you hear mentioned, but there is no way they get this run done without amazing adjustments and coaching by Kerr.
  2. We aren’t going to be the most intimidating outfit “walking off the bus.”
  3. I have watched every second of every NBA playoff game for scouting purposes. Many on DVR obviously. Has makings of a deep very good series.
  4. Respect your thoughts in general. Curious if you have any further insight or just a gut feeling type thing.
  5. Softball not in the discussion. Won a big ten championship in a 6 or 7 bid league. Got a tough spot to play in and didn't play at highest ability that weekend.
  6. I also was going to mention keisei for what it is worth, presuming he is here. He has obvious limitations but can shoot the heck out if it and I think he will do a better job of doing just that in a more structured situation.
  7. Not to my eyes. We played way harder on defense than we were all year IMO. We might have been fortunate to actually win, but the effort was significantly different.
  8. Since this thread is already not about the transfer portal since we are done with it, I do think that Albers meeting with Hoiberg had some things involving playing a brand of basketball that relatively blue collar Nebraskans can appreciate. We immediately started playing harder after that meeting. We sort of reinvented the wheel on the fly and got immediate results. You don't just waltz in to Ohio St and a top 5 rated Wisconsin senior day and win without great effort. Granted Verge dominated under the new found structure that got players in spots to succeed, rather than just playing hero ball. It is clear to me that Hoiberg was way too confident in his group to just play for most of the season. At Nebraska we are going to have to be an elite defensive team to have success. It might not be what some want to watch, but it is simply the truth. We tried the other way. It was awful to watch. I hope Hoiberg is finally placing the emphasis on defense first. You can still run off defensive rebounds. We don't have to play slow, but we have to play great defense.
  9. Fred biggest strength is finding a way to get he ball in the hoop, especially with unselfish players. So in some ways, I would suggest that he is the answer.
  10. I don’t know about football vs basketball. I think football has done better. As for hoops, we might be a bit better just because I think Hoiberg can generate points with good sets. I see a transition towards playing better defense potentially happening. We aren’t going to have a lot of guys that will be shot hunting. He had way too much faith in his guys last year ti just play. When we dialed it in and structured things we did great things. Ruining Wisconsin senior day type things.
  11. Wow we could really use his services.
  12. I see the only path to success being a team that doesn't shoot the basketball a whole lot in the early stages of practice. We have got to be an elite defensive team for this bunch to win. Still look to run when we get the board, but we are going to have to play great defense. No matter who was responsible for the defense last year, it was not good. It now is going to have to be great. I don't see many paths where this is not a pretty bad season. The one I outlined is about the only way I can see it.
  13. That is terrible indeed. Thanks for posting @49r so we can pay our respects.
  14. The good news is the theory that the order is not alphabetical and we are listed first. The bad news is the next time that theory works in our favor will seemingly be the first.
  15. To be clear, I see a pretty wide range of outcomes with him. I see part of that range is him playing for us next year. I don't necessarily think that means it is a great situation for the Huskers chances of success if that happens though, as it means some if the younger guys are not getting it done. I can say that I differ with you on wishing he went to the summit first, although I understand the point. It is far from a lock that we would get him back if he ends up being really good.
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