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  1. It is much closer than I thought possible. We really miss the speed of some of those guys. We are not getting as many easy ones this year.
  2. He played and started that game because Horford was out due to rest on a back to back.
  3. Roby the OKC riverwind player of the game on the broadcast. 19 and 7 with a steal and a pair of blocks. Wouldn't be a Husker outing without going 0-3 from the line though.
  4. Starting tonight for OKC. Fox Sports Midwest for those inclined. Had 7 points and 2 boards 6 minutes in.
  5. Roby got the start tonight for OKC. On fox sports midwest for those inclined. 7 points and 2 boards in first five minutes.
  6. The other 28 percent must be "under the rim and gets swatted by the rim"
  7. This reminds me of a an email exchange one time with Chad Millard. It is hysterical how bad I had him enraged. He was threatening to track me down and beat by ass and all kinds of things. Going to have to dig that gem up. Never owned a guy so bad mentally in my life without trying, other than maybe Double Douche a while back.
  8. for whatever reason I went over there to see how they digested this one. Happened to notice that the most popular threads of all time there are "The Next President" and "Why I hate UNL" both well over 3-1 ratio of anything hoops related. That is flat out comical. A top 10 team with a bottom 10 team fan base.
  9. I was busy monitoring the Southland conference on all tv's and monitors for strength of schedule purposes. How did the Big 10 do tonight?
  10. While interesting, I see this as being far more useful in nba than college. Way more games and data sets. There is simply no way this cannot be extremely noisy with such little data at this point. I don’t know if they are using shooting stats from prior years where applicable, but in any case there are lots of players on each team that are shooting far better or worse in a few game sample. It obviously will become more and more accurate as it goes along.
  11. We just need some minor adjustments on shot selection to improve a lot IMO. We are taking too many threes that we can get almost anytime we want. Just a little more patience and we can use our talent to create more wide open ones or paths for easy drives if we are just a little more patient.
  12. I think we need to be a little more clear about what qualifies as a good shot for certain people.
  13. There may be another reduction with this news. My subscription.
  14. Is he a quick leaper? Would be nice if he had shot blocking ability to go with his unique skill set. The more guys that are able to help protect the rim, while allowing us to stay relatively positionless is huge.
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