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  1. Encouraging post as when Kamdy doesn’t shed a positive light on something it never happens. Sometimes it does when kamdy still has hope. Smart poster.
  2. Are we sure he needs a waiver? I don’t think he does moving up but certainly not sure but wondered this as well. If heart set on only playing through next year why not be eligible now as well? Better yet hopefully he likes college as much as I did and is in no hurry:)
  3. Sounds like this is going to be a think for basketball. Does anyone have an insight on this. Seems to me that guys like Teddy, Mcgowens, would have three years left to play instead of 2. Seniors won't count against ships apparently if they come back, but school has to pay for the scholarship? Very puzzled as to why there are making this decision after last years seniors got bent over badly. The transfers around the land are going to be massive, as if they already weren't.
  4. General thoughts having watched every single bubble game so far, is that I have no life and that the NBA is putting on one hell of a show. Doing a tremendous job.
  5. Kidney pry gets it without an interview. Nothing to see here.
  6. I am just looking forward to the size and length of the 1-4 positions in general. Our smaller ball style can certainly work, but we have to have great rebounding out of those spots and I think we have a shot to have that.
  7. I find him to be a touch overrated as well.
  8. Perhaps forcing out a local kid not what they wanted to do at this stage of the program as well.
  9. breakdown of zimmer getting attacked by Pedro Martinez.
  10. baseball fans just trust me. Follow Jomboy on twitter. Great stuff. (audio off around young folks or work)
  11. Same. One of the best nights of Husker Hoops watching I can ever recall. To top it off, I got to meet a lot of these fine folks at the HHC pregame party that night. Tremendous night all around.
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