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  1. royalfan

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Oddly, I played there every home game and preferred the smaller gyms. Was a little better for my 3 point stroke for some reason. It was and still is an amazing gym. It was certainly ahead of its time as high school gyms go.
  2. royalfan

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Because they are classified in far different ways. Tired of getting beat? They had an amazing class B football program for being at the bottom of the enrollment and giving up massive enrollment differences against those at the top.
  3. It was very early in the game. I don’t remember the specifics. It isn’t even a big deal so I probably shouldn’t have posted it. The point remains the same. We did a good job.
  4. royalfan

    Seton Hall

    I can certainly get behind not liking it. I have been critical of this staff at times, but one thing I do like is then trying to embrace the analytics. While I don’t think we are great at developing shooting, which has hindered our ability to use the line to our benefit on offense, it is extremely important that we revamped our d to be better(even damn good) at defending the line.
  5. I watched a big beat us down the court fir two. I would consider it a fast break.
  6. For us being so damn stupid and them being so damn brilliant and employing us, you would never know it if you judged by the level of wit and wisdom on the message boards. This board just completely boatraces that shitshow. Even more so than us boatracing their basketball team.
  7. royalfan

    Seton Hall

    This just isn't correct IMO. If you were correct, the trends wouldn't continue towards it.
  8. Come on you inbreed hick. You know they dominated us beside the start.
  9. royalfan

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    The Jaysker that hates nebrasketball and treats it like the game of the century while rooting for us in football is the Jaysker that can kiss my ass.
  10. Can’t assume he would be shooting this well here. People sometimes don’t excel shooting here fir whatever reason.
  11. Damn I knew he would split those.
  12. royalfan


    You know they are concerned over at the BJ cafe when all they can talk about in their favorite thread is how big of an asshole each other are.
  13. Random thoughts in no particular order. 1. Brady is going to be very very good one day. He is already good enough to give me more confidence that we miss Jordy very much, as the lane does not get clogged up at they very least. 2. Our defense is sensational right now. Not only are we making good rotations, we are really creating havoc. 3. We are playing very hard. 4. The staff did a tremendous job with the rotation. There have been many times in the past where we struggled. Not last night. Our guys are in good shape. They can play big minutes in games that require them to. 5. Palmer has got to get that shot straightened out. It is not terribly repeatable at this time. Needs to just do a bit more of a set shot type three pointer. They have to respect his drive so much that he can still get it off easily. 6. Watson shot looks much more fluid than against Wayne St. The time he is putting in with the new coach is paying off. And it isn't just because they are going in. They whole thing looks better. 7. We need to beat the living shit out of Creighton. It is time to treat this damn game like they do.
  14. royalfan

    Is it time to start Brady?

    We need the extra shooter far more than a mediocre at best(at present time) big man.