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  1. Official entry dedicated to all of the brave folks on the front lines helping our fellow mates. Add on just because it will eventually be OK and this song is awesome.
  2. I made that trip when we were in a must in late in the year led by Joe Holmes at point guard. It did not go well. Still trying to wash the sounds of the Wabash Cannonball out of my head. I will probably view that one on TV.
  3. Living in Omaha, the only good news is that social distancing from Creighton fans will not be an issue for me.
  4. No particular order. Good Will Hunting American Beauty Shawshank Redemption Braveheart American History X The Silence of the Lambs Seven Shindler's List Sideways Paradise Lost Trology(mind blowing if you like documentaries it is absolute must watch, Should watch even if you don't.) Stand By Me My Girl Sling Blade The Girl in the Cafe(incredible movie that doubt anyone here has seen) Unforgiven Man on Fire Perfect World A Time to Kill Rounders Wall Street 8 Mile I am Sam A Few Good Men Primal Fear A Bronx Tale A Clockwork Orange Office Space Rain Man Blood Diamond
  5. Well he would fit right in with the HHC crowd. We all have mental issues and are nowhere near 100 percent after being diehards of this program for so long.
  6. I appreciate Green. I will try to remember him by cheering his ass of for his teammates with a towel in hand when he was out of the rotation against Iowa. Wasn't sulking, didn't quit and gave us some decent minutes down the stretch. Wish him well.
  7. Hoiberg seems level headed enough to approach him again and go over the current circumstances. I am not sure if Williams is level headed enough to seriously listen. I can certainly see him playing a lot and he would seemingly enjoy this brand of basketball.
  8. He improved a great deal throughout the season. Can be a backup/foul trouble guy on a good team.
  9. I think there is a better chance Mack is back than most. I go back and forth on what I think is best. If he can make some changes I would rather have him here. I think the staff had to get a potential replacement and Webster is probably a guy that can find 18-20 minutes even if Mack is back.
  10. SVP started the segment by saying Nebraska backers was a bad beat laying 1.5 due to 8-30 from the line. Then proceeded to show all the bricks in the background of the set. Comical.
  11. That is not how i saw his high school days ending. Can almost guarantee shot selection was an issue.
  12. We left at the 4 minute mark to embark on a gryo plate downtown before heading to Omaha. Was the earliest I have ever left a game by far. Very disappointing night. We do not match up well at all with that squad and them making 5 of first 6 treys took wind out of our sails. I admittedly am unable to attend early season games, but that was far and away the worst crowd in conference play I have seen since the building opened. I cannot say I blame the fans. Late start makes it hard to come from a distance when we aren't good. It was just sad really. I cannot wait until next year. At least until our next game.
  13. Not a matter of right or wrong at all. I was just curious if there was a reason for your concern that I was missing. I certainly do understand that this might not be some folks preferred method of going about things. I guess if it works I am down. Will be interesting for sure.
  14. What do you mean by “win at all costs”? It seems like we are doing things that are consistent with his model of success.
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