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  1. I am just looking forward to the size and length of the 1-4 positions in general. Our smaller ball style can certainly work, but we have to have great rebounding out of those spots and I think we have a shot to have that.
  2. I find him to be a touch overrated as well.
  3. Perhaps forcing out a local kid not what they wanted to do at this stage of the program as well.
  4. breakdown of zimmer getting attacked by Pedro Martinez.
  5. Was Tom Gamboa not Zimmer.
  6. baseball fans just trust me. Follow Jomboy on twitter. Great stuff. (audio off around young folks or work)
  7. Same. One of the best nights of Husker Hoops watching I can ever recall. To top it off, I got to meet a lot of these fine folks at the HHC pregame party that night. Tremendous night all around.
  8. Is lakes now expected to be playing this season?
  9. Would be a hell of a consolation prize. Very fluid rolling on the pick and roll which intrigued me.
  10. This guys shot is so much more pure than Kavas. He is also more athletic than Kavas. Kavas ugly stroke woukd break down often when rushed, which was probably far more often than while at Seattle, Lakes isn’t worse than Kavas at anything and significantly better in most departments.
  11. This times 1k. KamdyMan one of the best and perhaps most overlooked posters on any forum as he does it with first class and no controversy.
  12. The potential is there. Will take tremendous coaching to get it to all come together on a consistent basis. I can see many highs and lows with such a crew. I believe we are capable of dancing with this team. By the time the dance is here, we won't be easy to beat.
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