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  1. That was horrific coaching on our part, not an unlucky loss. Everything you should not do to defend with that amount of time left and score we did.
  2. Cam is going to be Cam. Like it or not, it is going to happen.
  3. Shot selection will clearly be pleasing to me. Won't be taking a lot of longer two point shots.
  4. You think there are 100 people assigned to look at NCAA waivers? I think you are high by about 98.
  5. I was referring to in the paint as my response was to Dean who was referring to size when talking about Big 10 bodies, at least in my view. This team has several big ten bodies if talking about the entire team. More than last year. Hopefully they don't get worse at shooting the ball during their time here. Perhaps they even improve their strokes.
  6. We didn't have big 10 bodies last year either, or big 10 depth, or Big 10 XandO coaching.
  7. Well even if you are correct, there is a far better chance we will be decent than when Fred took this gig and had to replace nearly the entire roster as it was a complete mess. It would be almost impossible to have a tremendous team, which I do think is in the realm of possibility. I however, could not make it to the scrimmage.
  8. Hopefully this guy playing for us https://images.app.goo.gl/aJiECN2MA99XeUd77
  9. in baseball I think there are rules than hamper the league in this regard? If guys sign to majors you are SOL type of thing? Sorry a bit off topic, but if someone knows I would like the answer.
  10. That is a good point Blindcheck. I liked watching this in that million dollar tourney. I get the old school method of the current way as well. To me this is more fun to watch than fouls and free throws. You would miss out on buzzer beaters but you would still have game winning daggers through the heart. It is fascinating when both teams need three, do they take bad threes or easy two?
  11. MIles walked into a horrific situation as well.
  12. That first team would struggle to dominate games at the unl rec center.
  13. One thing I was pleasantly surprised with in the limited amount I saw in the opener was our defensive rebounding. Seemed like we were always in good position to rebound which will be huge, given our size. Granted they didn’t exactly have Rodman or any guys that were good offensive rebounders, but we still were doing a nice job.
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