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  1. That is a good point Blindcheck. I liked watching this in that million dollar tourney. I get the old school method of the current way as well. To me this is more fun to watch than fouls and free throws. You would miss out on buzzer beaters but you would still have game winning daggers through the heart. It is fascinating when both teams need three, do they take bad threes or easy two?
  2. MIles walked into a horrific situation as well.
  3. That first team would struggle to dominate games at the unl rec center.
  4. One thing I was pleasantly surprised with in the limited amount I saw in the opener was our defensive rebounding. Seemed like we were always in good position to rebound which will be huge, given our size. Granted they didn’t exactly have Rodman or any guys that were good offensive rebounders, but we still were doing a nice job.
  5. 1.5 million is the largest ever 2nd round salary cap hit for a college player. I assume that means something similar to that is guaranteed 1.5 million the first year? Even if not exactly what it means, it has to be a good thing that is the the largest ever for a college 2nd rounder.
  6. You are saying he can move better than Dekker? I would be ecstatic if that is the case. Dekker was a hell of an athlete. I didn't picture that being the case here.
  7. The entertainment during time outs was interesting at least. Not particularly good, but interesting.
  8. Couldn’t be as bad as some of the stuff @HuskerFever and I endured during the bubble watch a couple years ago.
  9. Collins easily the longest leash imo.
  10. He played very poorly a lot of the games last season. The optimal Watson sure. But the fact is he wasn’t very good last year on offense, especially when things went south and needed his senior leadership. He is very reblaceable imo.
  11. Yeah I know that is why I listed him as a player lost.
  12. Pacers are winners in this chain of events. Got Warren and 32 pick for cash draft day. Flipped 32 pick for three future seconds. Used two of them and future first to get Brogdon. Then signed talented Lamb to very reasonable deal. Brogdon Warren Lamb for Collison Young Bogey makes the much younger and much more flexible. Plus absolutely stole Bitadze at 18. He is lottery player.
  13. Yeah, Leonard was exhausted but so was Golden St. and you had all of the momentum. Have to continue to ride the wave IMO.
  14. Would be curious if he has film of the ballgame. I highly doubt it but would cool to rewatch. I used to have a copy but got lost in the shuffle of parents moves along the way.
  15. In a HHC glory days segment, I had a triple double against that Hastings class in a sophomore game in a stunning win. Brandt was not playing, but the rest of the class was. 30 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists in an upset win. Probably the best game I ever played unfortunately.
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