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  1. Anyone know where I can watch the full version of "No Sit Sunday" or purchase a copy? I want to make sure Parker's dad shows him this.
  2. His passing is excellent. His handles are rapidly improving to the point he will be able to get by guys as tight as they will have to play him. He was getting all kinds of defensive treatment in aau and huge numbers were always the result.
  3. Selfishly(dad a friend of mine from high school), and not selfishly, this would be awesome for #Nebrasketball. He would automatically step in and be one of the best shooters to play here in a long while. Growing athletic ability and strength to go with it. He shoots that pure quick delivery, you aren't just hoping it goes in, you are surprised when it doesn't.
  4. rest assured, we would have the open numbers, one way or another
  5. Keep in mind, that fitting Creighton's "system" elevates guys by at least 2 stars.
  6. Thanks for sharing. We were on pins and needles on this one as a plan C or D.
  7. A year of him with better shooters to space things would have been amazing. I think he had a third team all big 10 type season in him. Oh well, this will help the program in a different way. It is going to be a problem that we are not used to around these parts.
  8. I like the fact that it is not in alphabetical order and we are listed first.
  9. New pitch. You don't even have to be good enough to start here and you can go to the league.
  10. BOOM Banton to Raptors in 2nd round. That is awesome!
  11. Our staff wasn't listed among the 80-100 or so schools that were represented at the Indy 2k tourney. I was quite surprised.
  12. @rforan23 on twitter is where I saw it on July 23.
  13. That picture makes him look shorter to me than he is. He also has grown and become more athletic seemingly in a few months. I saw a minute 30 video clip today on twitter and looks like night and day from sophomore high school clips to me. I will try to dig it up and tell you the handle where I found it. Struggling at the minute to recreate the find. This is a kid that you are somewhat stunned if he misses when reasonably open. Also the type of kid that I could see other teams thinking he has been here about 8 years by the time he plays his 4, as he probably isn't a one or two and done type athlete. Side note, he is playing up a year in AAU ball. Most of the players he is playing against are seniors to be. He is a junior.
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