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  1. Do you mind being a bit more specific if you are going to throw this stuff around on a message board? I don't doubt you at all, would just like to know more since you are speaking as though they are facts.
  2. Wonder what kind of pro ball he thinks he will be playing.
  3. He is very very good. Can score at all levels and has a stroke that it is just looks like it is going to go in. Perhaps more of a combo than a true point, but no matter what he is, he would have been our best player last year quite comfortably.
  4. Fine line. Having an edge is a good thing. Having too much of it can be problematic. Seemed like the majority of it was all frontloaded in the video and I had similar concerns.
  5. The best I have ever seen in this recruiting forum. My goodness.
  6. Any word on how Walt's app is doing?
  7. Don't take offense, just had to bust your balls a little bit Keenan. The answer is yes.
  8. And that is what makes a team like Loyola so dangerous. They have no such agendas it seems.
  9. This is their opinion. I gave mine.
  10. In the 5 or 6 times I have seen Saint Thomas, he looked good to me. I don't see the lack of athletic ability some others describe.
  11. I think he fits a need for spark off the bench and give him extended minutes when warm. The guy from Nebraska I really woukd like to transfer here is scheierman from aurora. 1st team all summit great range, long and one if best rebounding guards in the nation. No indication he wants to transfer but he has shown he can play much bigger than summit league ball
  12. McGowens is so good when we have that sort of spacing. That's all.
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