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  1. I have heard it mentioned that he was offered a two way contract by Charlotte. That is a big deal, if true. It would certainly trump my concern over his awful shooting efficiency many times over. Where did the news come from? I don't see how that is even possible to do before the draft takes place, so I am of the belief that he simply worked out for them. Hoping someone can show me otherwise.
  2. You might want to mentally prepare yourself to be pissed then. That is exactly the reason he would not end up here. He got too good, and the big dogs came calling.
  3. He is a polarizing figure for sure. Others love his madness. I like it in somewhat small doses.
  4. I would think so too, until watching Kevin Durant.
  5. This seems like it is going to be a bit of a kick in the nuts. He just got a little bit too good I am afraid. But this staff has shown ability to surprise me before. Let's have it happen one more time. I also like the fact that our coaches are a class act through and through. You never know when elite guys like this will want to transfer.
  6. I disagree that they were all the right moves. Dropping a national championship wrestling program should have been avoided at all costs.
  7. Reminds me very much of a slightly less athletic Trey.
  8. Imagine discussing Verge with your Arizona St. alumni friends.
  9. Like getting a body that can play. I hope we can dial back his rate of shooting. Without researching it, 38 percent effective fg % in conference play last year has got to be among the 4 or 5 worst out of the top 10 or so leagues for fellas playing at least half the game. Will likely depend on what his agenda is. Seems likely it will be to shoot a lot.
  10. Eduardo does indeed pass the eye test. The type of big I like as for as those go that aren't stretch 5's. He can finish on a pick and roll and expect this will improve greatly year over year. Quick leaper that can protect the rim. Can rim run and beat other big down the court. A lot of the traits that the effective centers in the NBA have these days. A poor mans Clint Capella type player.
  11. I don't care too much about playing Duke or UNC. I just look forward when the Vault is packed and loud again. Been a minute.
  12. I will be happy if Quaran makes the All Husker team.
  13. He has a quality that 3 of the 4 remaining coaches have. I am not necessarily saying Budenholzer lacks it completely, but Lue, Willams and McMillan all are big time players coaches. Their teams will leave it out there. Lue at the top of this list quite comfortably. Watching them so outmanned inside last night, and the gang junkyard dog type rebounding was a joy to watch. Seems to be a common theme around the league. These African American coaches around the league seem to really have the love of their players to a point where it is very noticeable.
  14. If he is shooting it anything like those numbers suggest, I would love to have him back. I bet he would be playing 28 or more minutes a game if the three ball is going in at a 35 or higher percent clip. I would like to have him back either way.
  15. I think I would rather just keep losing.
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