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  1. ShortDust

    "A Season To Watch"

    This link doesn’t show up....
  2. ShortDust

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Not who we wanted in the 1st round. Also play Mississippi Valley State on Nov 6 and then SE Louisiana Nov 11.
  3. ShortDust

    Jordy Gone

  4. ShortDust

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Means a one day prep before they head to Clemson. Damn
  5. ShortDust

    2018-19 Husker opponents

  6. ShortDust

    Way too early Top 25

    The scrolls has become a complete dumpster fire when it comes to basketball talk. I would drop it in a heartbeat as well if it wasn’t for the mods that produce good information. I have now spent money on Hail Varsity’s online service because the articles are jut as good if not better and they cover basketball just as much.
  7. ShortDust

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Go on about this....
  8. ShortDust

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I have a feeling it’ll be announced sometime soon.. just be patient. Good coach hire here.
  9. ShortDust

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    This is a tremendous hire!
  10. ShortDust

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Robin is reporting it’s a pretty much done deal... so that’s out there. Who knows tho
  11. ShortDust

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    the smoke is getting bigger
  12. ShortDust

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Altman’s buyout is 2 million before April 2018 ans decreases by at least 300k each year after that April date. Something to ponder.
  13. ShortDust


    Until Spartans choked to Cuse.
  14. ShortDust

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    Don’t forget Bama in this.. as they are likely in, but who knows.
  15. ShortDust

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    You want W Kentucky to win imo. Some how some ppl still think Old Dominion is a good win for Mid Tenn and them winning would help Mid Tenn