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  1. This is where I’m feeling. Just have to see if the close Hoiberg bond wins in the end.
  2. Sadly this is the case for a lot of things.
  3. Robin said he visited, but doesn’t do interviews.
  4. I’ll believe this when I see the commitment tweet
  5. If that’s the case might’ve came and from the university by now.
  6. You’d have to think Bryce is gonna decide early next week, right?
  7. Not a subscriber, but there might be some goods here
  8. I got the shirt in grey from scheels earlier this year.
  9. But sadly thats Kansas and we are Nebraska start winning and then prices going up are a different story. Right now it seems like they’re doing it bc a new shiny coach and all. Just my opinion and I’ll still be paying to attend the games.
  10. Both have their name in the draft if I remember right. Would be a pipe dream.
  11. They won’t have a 9 man rotation, so even if Stevenson isn’t available 1st semester I think he redshirts regardless.
  12. I see Arop redshirting this year with Banton (bc he has to).
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