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  1. But sadly thats Kansas and we are Nebraska start winning and then prices going up are a different story. Right now it seems like they’re doing it bc a new shiny coach and all. Just my opinion and I’ll still be paying to attend the games.
  2. They won’t have a 9 man rotation, so even if Stevenson isn’t available 1st semester I think he redshirts regardless.
  3. I see Arop redshirting this year with Banton (bc he has to).
  4. Don’t forget to add DeAndre Davis.
  5. Let’s keep the music and get rid of the band.
  6. I would assume scouts are watching this stuff?
  7. I’ll go with 6’7.2967. Just had to be more precise than Norm. ;)
  8. This is a good point. I could see some of the remaining guys waiting and focusing on their final couple weeks of school before announcing.
  9. This makes me think it’s 98% sure he’s not back next year.
  10. I can agree with this statement too.
  11. I can vouch for this. Got my degree 99% online. It can be done rather easily now.
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