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  1. Looking like at least 2 more ships open for the 22 class will be open at the end of the year. Correct me if I’m wrong though. It does include all the commits we have.
  2. Where’s it posted that he’s committing tomorrow? His Twitter doesn’t have anything on it with a date.
  3. Good to see @TheKamdyManback in full force. Love your insight and recruiting tidbits.
  4. This is where I’m at on this. Heck of a player, but much bigger fish out there Fred can land.
  5. Sadly we have a better chance with Omaha than we do Traudt.
  6. He came here for his 1st unofficial visit and now locked in his 1st official visit here. Going to be a tough battle, but at least there’s a chance.
  7. They are played outside. Saw a photo of the setup and its spectacular and I can see why someone would think it’s inside.
  8. This is where I’m feeling. Just have to see if the close Hoiberg bond wins in the end.
  9. Robin said he visited, but doesn’t do interviews.
  10. This is a massive day in Nebrasketball world! This is the start of something big. Watch out for all the younger guys keeping tabs on Nebraska now. This is amazing!!
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