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  1. Miles would have made it to the conference semis
  2. Crazy that NU has had three players drafted in last four drafts and none of them played on the same team…
  3. I mean, I don't have any inside info on anything, but lack of interest could come from not enough interest in attendees. Or the coaches don't want to do it. Or the athletic department doesn't want to devote resources to it. Or something that I'm not thinking of right now.
  4. Stayed up late last night to watch Hustle. It's now my favorite Adam Sandler movie.
  5. Are the site announcements televised anywhere? Edit: Found it. It's on FS1.
  6. If Twitter existed back then, I'd guess he'd have feigned excitement five months before the season, too.
  7. I guess I'd be concerned if Coach didn't express excitement...
  8. Interesting. He was definitely overwhelmed early in the year, but I thought he was really starting to settle in the handful of games before the injury.
  9. For sure. I'll be curious to see what his role is this year. If year 2 allows him to be more settled and get closer to that ceiling we were told he has, and this roster is able to help hide some of his defensive liabilities, there's definitely a role for him on this team. If he plays like he did last season, hopefully there is more depth on this squat that he'll be buried on the bench in a hurry.
  10. I get that, and you're right in context of the Huskers, but no coach is going to stand in a players way that has the opportunity to play on their country's national team.
  11. I used to play in a game at East. But I think they disbanded. Not sure what options are out there these days.
  12. He was mentioned and alluded to a couple of times. just didn’t elaborate on his status. I’ve also heard Robin say everybody but Keisei, who is in Japan trying out for the national team, is in town and participating in whatever they do in the summer.
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