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  1. All good questions. We'll see how it plays out. I know he had a big role in recruiting efforts under Miles, I assume he still does at least some with Hoiberg, too. He's the holdover from the old staff, and those guys don't usually stay that long under the new staff, so I'm a little surprised he's still here. He would have been the one I would have expected to move on, and maybe he still will. It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together next season and beyond.
  2. I think he still is, but with Doc not involved at all, you're basically playing a man short. It's a handicap of sorts, IMO.
  3. On some level, it may just be that he's willing to do it. Doc was open about not really having to be a part of recruiting. If NU can cast that net a little further, even if Matt A does the heavy lifting, I'd guess having another body to carry some of that burden will help the cause.
  4. There's a left handed outlet pass about :30 in that I haven't seen around here very often.
  5. There’s some bark in that bite, too.
  6. If I’m Texas that’s who I’d go after. Heck, if not there, then Oklahoma should pounce.
  7. If NU had made the dance in 2018, Miles could very well still be here and Chucky likely would be, too. But, Bryce probably wouldn't. It'll be interesting to see how that little ripple in time works out.
  8. Recruiting the transferring brother of the 5-star recruit is the new black.
  9. Yes, this is a big key for these programs and others. I think that's what they'd like to see happen here eventually and are building towards that. NU is bringing back most of their core next year, however, so hopefully that helps next year and beyond. For better or worse, Miles, at least publicly, didn't mind the transfer culture. He's said repeatedly, that you only get your college years once. Find where's best for you. Interestingly he's not in favor of the free transfer.
  10. If I'm getting offers from blue bloods + Nebraska, I'm probably not coming to Lincoln. If I'm getting offers from other high major schools that are semi-regular NCAA tournament teams or other teams trying to build + Nebraska, I'd likely come to Lincoln, or at least would strongly consider them. I, personally, would want whichever coach I commit to to build the best team possible. I'd also want to play with people I like being around, so the character question resonates with me some, but not totally. Coach's NBA connections and success at ISU would be factors to me as w
  11. I believe Khyri Thomas did have grade issues (or something) and NU stayed away because of that (at least that's how it was told to me) and then when it turns out he was able to qualify and he was off to Creighton, they knew they'd missed the boat on that one, because they knew he was super talented and would have fit what they wanted to do pretty well. Saint Thomas may not have one thing that rises to the top, but if he does a lot of things pretty well, there's a place for that.
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