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  1. If this doesn’t get fixed, they truly won’t win another game all year.
  2. I'll be curious to see if HCFH gets asked about that or not and what his response will be. I'll also be curious to see what response Kobe gets from his teammates and coaches. We may never know about that part. That's the kind of info that usually comes out 3-5 years after the fact or when the coach gets canned. Not mid-season... Maybe it's the kick in the pants they need? Or maybe it's the nail in the coffin for this coaching era?
  3. Eh, not really. They've started settling in. Wilcher, Webster, Tominaga and B McGowens are shooting .422 as a group from 3 since the Kansas St. game. Wilcher and Tominaga are both shooting north of .450. Lat has had a nice stretch shooting the last three games, too, miraculously.
  4. Welcome back, Trey! This was an intense game, but too many given away possessions and poor defense kept NU from getting over the top in this one. NU definitely had their chances and they look like a better team than a few weeks ago, but still not enough to win on this day. NU had no answer for TJD. We've got too many guys trying to hit a six point shot. IU tried to keep NU in this one down the stretch, but the Huskers just couldn't make the right play to take advantage. Gosh, this is a missed opportunity. I still think they win some with Trey back, but this one was gettable. This team makes me sad. I hope we have joy again someday at PBA.
  5. If you got rid of the staff after this year and brought in a coach who showed clear progress towards an identity year by year, fans would be willing to let that grow for a while. I think that's the problem with this staff, it doesn't appear as that's what's happening. It seems like it's going the opposite direction. If Trev thinks he's going to have to make a change in two years if he doesn't make a change after this season, then he should make it now. If he thinks they (Trev and Fred and support systems together) get it figured out with some adjustments, then it would make sense to stay the course. But that's going to be Trev's task.
  6. That reputation has totally been earned, too. Miles realized it too late, but he did eventually get there. Just didn't get to reap the rewards. A coach that could build those relationships in a genuine way over time will be a player for that talent eventually.
  7. From my view, you need a coach with a clear identity, the patience to develop and build towards that identity and the discipline to stay rooted in it. Sounds simple, but it isn't, in any walk of life. Transformative players are nice, but for them to really be transformative, the identity and culture needs to have taken root first.
  8. I do thing Fred has the coaching chops to get it done. I don't think he currently has the roster to do it. But that's part of the job. I don't think this is a resource question. What I'm saying there is don't take that away, which is part of what happened towards the end under Miles. Don't withhold anything that could help Fred get the job done. Everything I've heard about Trev is that he's very fiscally savvy. He's not going to let things get out of control and where things need to be cleaned up, he'll do that. IT sounds like that's been a big part of what he's been doing since he got here. I expect there to be some very pointed conversations between Fred and Trev in March. I'd expect some have happened already and many will happen between now and then.
  9. If I were Trev, I wouldn't cut his legs out from under him like Moos did to Miles. I'd give him every single resource you can give him. Give him every opportunity to succeed. I think everyone wants Fred to work out here. I know I do. I think the restructured deal, probably some staff changes, and with full administrative support for next year is the most likely path. I can't really see Fred stepping down of his own free will and giving up all that cash. It's not his fault Moos handed out the cushy deal.
  10. Well, the old adage goes, you can teach defense but you can't teach the offensive skills he's got. Or something like that. I'm thinking they see a really nice, raw set of offensive skills to start with and as he and his body matures, the rest of the game will round into form.
  11. Coffeyville games streamed here, including they're most recent one. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6T5olnoVedbKej3mrda07Q/featured
  12. The pics and videos I've seen of him looks like he's built quite a bit differently than Ed is. Andre looks a lot leaner than Blaise. Maybe I'm wrong in that perception. This is recent Coffeyville game, from about a week ago, I think. To me, he looks quite a bit stronger than Ed.
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