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  1. I have players on my softball team who have never stepped on the diamond before this season who would have known what to do on that play...whether or not they could have executed the play, that maybe a different conversation, but they would have at least known what to do...
  2. Since my baseball team just won it a couple of years ago, I want them to win it again. That was fun! Right there with it is Husker hoops, though. Don't make me choose my favorite child. I do suspect if NU football got things rolling again, they'd be right there, too.
  3. Buzzy Carruthers disagrees with the idea that KT playing in this tournament is a bad thing. Starts talking about it about 9:30 in. https://theticketfm.com/dp-and-stephens/dp-stephens-buzzy-caruthers-husker-basketball-6/
  4. I heard Robin mention the other day that the Creighton game is now our Gavitt Games opponent perpetually. That's pretty disappointing. Was kinda hoping to see other opponents from time-to-time...
  5. I'm guessing the B1G/ACC game won't be in Lincoln, so it'll be nice having another big game at PBA in the non-con.
  6. Do we know where the KState game is? Is it starting in KC?
  7. ugh. I'm a Nats fan. That was rough.
  8. Don't know how it'll all shake out, but I'll take having a lot of good players over having just a handful. We don't even know yet how good most of them are, but they appear to be improvements over what we've seen the past few years. If you keep adding good talent, you let the cream rise to the top and sort out the rest as you go along. I'm good with them adding another one with that other open spot, too.
  9. My understanding is that it isn’t actually against the rules. It looks a little weird, maybe, but I’m ok with that.
  10. No issue with this. I'd be all in favor of NU doing it if it helped...
  11. This is close to mine, too. Trey, Bryce, Derrick for sure. I think Kobe's going to be rock solid. To me the last spot comes down to Lat or Banton. I think Lat spreads the floor and opens things up. But I think Banton's probably going to make a big jump. So, I'm going to roll with @millerhuskerand go with Trey, Kobe, Bryce, Banton and Walker, too.
  12. Gotcha. I’m assuming he had 4 years of eligibility?
  13. Why did he only play in 5 games at DePaul?
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