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  1. uneblinstu

    Jervay Green is N

    Was this the kid Bobby Hurley was in to watch the other day?
  2. uneblinstu


    Hopefully none!
  3. uneblinstu

    Uni Swag

    From the Journal-Star.
  4. uneblinstu

    Uni Swag

    No, I just went back through the home games and looked at the photo galleries and did a quick mental tally.
  5. uneblinstu

    Uni Swag

    They actually only wore those two or three times last year. They wore the "ice" unis just as much. They wore the NIT throwbacks more often than the "Husker" script. They wore the black unis at home a couple times, too. The base white's they wore the most, but most of it was in the first half of the season. The Ice, NIT and black were the main options worn once conference play started.
  6. uneblinstu

    Uni Swag

    Says new home threads, so would take that to mean it will replace the base home white unis. I would assume they have alternates in the hopper, too.
  7. uneblinstu

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    If it's this simple, then yeah, we'd have to be the favorite. But if NU is in on Markese Jacobs, and I have no idea if they are other than we did offer him, and they think they can get him, then we'll probably have to wait and see how that plays out before we get any resolution with MAW.
  8. uneblinstu

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    If that happens, I'm all in.
  9. uneblinstu

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Based on what's on the roster, that should be the expectation.
  10. uneblinstu

    In state kids?

    It also helps that this appears to be the most talented crop of kids to come out of the state since the early to mid 90's. Williams is a top 150 kid already, or close to it. Hepburn will be. Sallis has the potential to be an excellent player. We haven't seen a ton of talent come through the state like that in the past 15 years. There's been some, but not at this quantity and the best ones have ended up in blue. Time will tell if they can live up to that, but there haven't been a ton of top ranked players within the borders for a while.
  11. I would love to go to this game, but I can't justify that cost. Maybe if I someone has an extra ticket or something, I'll reconsider.
  12. uneblinstu

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    NU/Clemson will tip at 6 on ESPN2.
  13. uneblinstu

    Most Improved Player?

    Looks like I nailed it.
  14. uneblinstu

    Most Improved Player?

    It's the difference between sundown and midnight. IDK. Sleeper feels a little more buried on the list to me. Or it's just a way to add a name to the list. That's probably it.
  15. uneblinstu

    Donovan Williams is N