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  1. There were media folks that I heard openly speculate NU would have competed for the B1G title if Burke had been available this season. He might be the best scorer on the roster. He's not gonna come off the bench. And if Curtis is as good as it appears he is, he might be the first one off the bench. I don't think he'll be fighting for the scrub minutes. If I had to put my starting five out there (I'm gonna assume no Roby and Stevenson gets the waiver), I'd go with this: Mack Burke Greene Cheatham Stevenson I could see some real growing pains for Cross and Yvan. Stevenson is a pretty important player for this team. Kavas is first off the bench. Curtis is right behind. Cross and Yvan next depending on how quickly the game slows down for them.
  2. Couple things reading through this: I'd almost guarantee Cam, Burke and Green start. Anything beyond that is up in the air. I'd also be interested in seeing a comp between Samari Curtis and Xavier Johnson.
  3. He won't have less than 2.5 years of eligibility. It'll either be that or 3. It won't be reduced down to two.
  4. I'm 8 months past my 37th birthday and and definitely still growing.
  5. Oh, dang. I thought he was bigger than that. Yeah, not sure the comp is there at all. From a build perspective, the Bradford comp is much more apt. But I don't think their games are that similar looking at the numbers. That said, the game has changed a lot since Bradford was here.
  6. I mean...Simms never plays for a Hoiberg roster. His game would struggle to translate to todays game, I think. His build might be similar, but if Stevenson can shoot it, which it looks like he can, I don't think the two are comparable.
  7. I think she's painting with the other side of the broad brush the "win-at-all-costs" crowd is using.
  8. I think the sentiment is more prevalent among the people that aren't on twitter and message boards.
  9. I think that's only a story in May and by the time the CWS comes around every one will be distracted again. The only people that will be worked up about that are the player and the people that know him.
  10. Not only can he cut him, he can leave him on scholarship. So if what you theorize is the case, he could stay here, not pay for school, still get his degree while not counting towards the 13. The staff chose to keep him.
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