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  1. Some Ulis tape from last year. He’s in jersey #1 for the H*wk*y*s.
  2. Awesome. Love to see them getting more active locally.
  3. Is that his first offer? Looks like it might be good to be early on this kid.
  4. I had a similar experience about a year ago. Still not 100%. I don’t have access to the consistency of care BK does though so he’ll likely be back to full speed way faster than I was.
  5. My experience with high ankle sprains is that they’re a bear and take a long time to heal, depending on the severity.
  6. My fav beer is emperyans Fallen Angel. It’s also a winter seasonal. If snow beast comes back I’ll have to remember to give it a try. Looks like it’s right up my alley. Someone remind me if they bring it back.
  7. Dollars to donuts Trev will respond.
  8. It’s fine. Only thing for me is why not just put the basketball on the finger already up? Looks a little weird to be holding up both hands with pointer fingers extended.
  9. Also, he no longer looks like the prototypical Wisconsin player we love to hate.
  10. We have now filled out 6’7” guard out of Wisconsin named Nick quota for the decade.
  11. He'll have three years to start after this year. He'll be one of the first off the bench if he's truly behind Schierman.
  12. I'd 100% still want players like that if they buy into what the new philosophy is, at least what I hope it is and last year wasn't just a one year fluke...
  13. Give me Sallis, Wrightsell, Hughley and Williams and I'll be very happy about this offseason. If another spot opens up or something, add in Dunlap. No idea if they can pull all four or five of those guys in, but I think that's my ideal scenario with what I know about who they're looking as of the typing of this message.
  14. Paraphrasing, they're optimistic he'll return and the remaining players on the team are as well. They don't know for sure what he's going to do, but those in the program feel good about where they're at.
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