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  1. Well, that’s more like it. I didn’t get see this one yet so y’all will have to discuss amongst yourselves.
  2. Well, that’s more like it. I didn’t get see this one yet so y’all will have to discuss amongst yourselves.
  3. Well, this season sure hadn't gotten off to the start we'd all hoped for. This team has the talent to win some games. I firmly believe that, but they're gonna need some success soon or it is gonna unravel on them in a hurry. A roster where everyone is new to each other sometimes doesn't have much holding them together. They need to see themselves be able to face adversity and have some success doing it. Tonight was almost it. That Green 3 at the end of regulation was pretty cool. We left so many points at the line down the stretch... We got our first glimpse of the flopping technical foul. I believe Thor got the game warning somewhere in the first half. And what a spot for SUU to get called for it. I like Kevin Cross in the paint. I think he does a good job of finishing at the rim. I don't like him around the perimeter. The defense was a lot better today. It got out of sorts a bit down the stretch, though, but I though early and throughout much of the first half it was pretty good. I thought SUU had some pretty good players on their roster. The crowd was pretty engaged today. I was expecting a pretty sleepy arena. We had a whole bunch of kids around us who either don't go to many games of they've ever been to a game, but they were totally into it. I was surprised Yvan didn't get into the game down the stretch. Did he play at all in the second half? Would have liked to see more of Curtis, too. This team might not win many games this year. Probably good to start accepting that. But I hope we see them improve game to game. I do think we saw that from Tuesday to today. Shame we didn't see them pick up a win or two this week. Kavas is gonna have to start hitting some shots or he's not gonna see the floor much... I thought we saw flashes of what we've hard about both Green and Mack being today. That's all I got at the moment...
  4. That's not really true, though. Every single player in the rotation, including Kavas who is shooting 40% from 3, is shooting significantly below their career number. Kavas is about 5% below his numbers. But when I look at Mack, Green, Cheatham, Burke and Curtis, they're all at least 15% below what they shot at their previous stop. This isn't an ability issue. It's a familiarity and comfort issue. As they get more used to playing with each other and at this level, those numbers will most likely return to their career numbers. It doesn't always happen, but it's very likely that most of them will. We're still in small sample size territory. There was going to be a two game stretch where they shot like this somewhere in the season. Probably more than one. I haven't really seen anyone on the floor this year I'd trade for Harris, though.
  5. I mean, at that point it won't even be worth it...
  6. These both seem like different situations than a simple coaching change where the coach chose not to keep any of the players.
  7. Has there ever been a roster situation like we're seeing here? Where nobody has ever played with each other before? I'm sure there has been, but I haven't been able to find it.
  8. Not sure I'd call it proof...yet... The common belief is that it typically takes 10-15 games for JUCO players to adjust to the D1 level. A 2 game sample for all of those guys is really small. It's probably worth holding off judgment on any of these guys just yet. This is the one area I've been pleased with how Cross has done so far. He's handled his shots around the rim pretty well. The guards will learn how to finish through that kind of traffic over time. I remember Tai getting swallowed at the rim his freshman year. By the time he left, he'd become excellent around the rim. Give the guys some time. They'll get it.
  9. IDK, I guess if you can draw up a play to get the ball to within a foot of the rim and a clean look, I'd take that every time over a jumper. A bit better of a pass and maybe a hard lesson for Jervay to learn about trying to do too much in that sitautation and we're having a different conversation.
  10. Coaches have always seemed reluctant to do it. I'd like to see it done more. Or at least some.
  11. Gosh, it was such a pretty play. I'm fairly confident he drew up a lob. Just didn't quite execute the ending. Everything that led up to it was just masterful. Shame it didn't work out in the end. He's drawn up a number of things like this out of deadballs. I'm quite excited about seeing more of this over the years.
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