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  1. That's an hour forty eight minutes, not a minute forty eight seconds in.
  2. Wilhelm looks like an old man. Here's some red meat for y'all.
  3. I don't think Cookie is in this pic
  4. Brennon Clemmons to coach's right. Not sure who else is in there, but I don't see Cookie.
  5. If Fred can merely be professional, he'll have a leg up on Scott.
  6. Yeah, sometimes. I'm just saying, everything that's happened so far in the coverage of this, and I'll grant you, I haven't read ever word written on this, but it's been pretty in line with what I've seen in situations like this. Davison's in a weird spot because he's still employed by the university (as far as I know) and on the radio broadcast. I expect you'll hear his thoughts there. And Scott, from everything I've observed from him, probably went radio silent.
  7. Typically in these situations, you don't hear anything from the disposed coach. All I'd expect them to say was "no, thanks" or "no comment".
  8. Based on what I know about the journalism professor and the reporters in the market, I'd be surprised if they didn't reach out for a comment, but I would also be surprised if Coach Frost or Matt Davison gave a comment. But if they did, what exactly would you expect them to say...?
  9. NU's always had that, even before NIL, they've just made bad coaching hires, or at least, not as good as they could have made.
  10. As always, it depends on how it looks. If they look like a competent basketball team and is getting better, it might be something Trev is willing to see through. Football was such a dysfunctional mess, that there was no other choice. Hopefully they'll be able knock off a couple high major opponents early in the season to jump start things a bit.
  11. I gotcha, but for the record, you did say that... Also, I wasn't quoting you, I was quoting someone else who took your side after you posted the ISU job was the better job... But I'd agree that their program is healthier right now. Get the right hire, and that would flip pretty quickly, I think.
  12. Now that we know Trev is willing to fire a coach mid-season, I'm hoping Fred's team gets off to a good start.
  13. lol, ISU's a better TEAM, ISU's not a better JOB.
  14. If some things come together for this team, having 4 of their last 6 at PBA with a three game homestand in there could be pretty nice.
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