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  1. We don’t even know who is going to get the minutes yet, much less who he’d be taking them from. That will all sort itself out soon!
  2. That's a very challenging start of the schedule, especially once it resumes in January. I love it for this team, though. I like the Indiana and Michigan games in December. We'll find out a lot about this team in December. Can't wait!
  3. I bet we see NU or cu play uva at some point in the next 3-4 years.
  4. I liked the season ticket card. The jump to digital isn’t a big one from there. We went to a handful of mlb games this summer and they were all digital and it wasn’t an issue. I do like having the physical keepsake, tho.
  5. Many years ago, back before PBA was even up for a vote, @nuled2dance, @unl and I said to each other, I hope one day it will be hard to get a ticket to NU hoops. At the time, it just wasn't the case. Frankly, there wasn't a need for season tickets... But when the construction of PBA was approved, I decided to get season tickets, hoping I'd get first shot at tickets in the new building. Turns out my hunch was right.
  6. I'd guess with NU taking all the coverage in-house, they'll overhaul their streaming. I'd look for some sort of new app or something like that soon.
  7. At all or just to upgrade? Because I know there will be games I can’t get to this year.
  8. Would someone be willing to look up my section? Just curious what seats are open around mine...
  9. Eduardo was on the McGowens podcast and said he’s north to 240 lbs. that’s a fun development!
  10. How does Keisei compare to Jordan Bohannon? JB has a few years development on KT, but the skill set seems similar to me.
  11. I'm just over here waiting patiently for the B1G schedule to drop...
  12. I think I said this in the Hunter Sallis thread, but I were a big time recruit, Gonzaga would be very high on my initial interest list.
  13. That's part of it. When I broke it down, the last season I paid something like $12.15 per ticket. This season, it'll be $15. Then you add on the more games and it's a pretty big jump. If the team does what I think it could do over the next few years, I will probably be able to recoup some of that cost on the secondary market, but I don't have tickets so sell them, I have them because I like to go to the games.
  14. Loved how they raised ticket prices by about 20% (at least for my seats) per ticket after the two worst seasons in program history and sticking with the team through the pandemic. Was kinda disappointed to see that, honestly.
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