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  1. Yeah, and he threw away the One Ring. Now he’s only a three star.
  2. What's not to like? I love Italian food, I love Irish beer, I love NYC pizza....what were we talking about?
  3. Kent is dusting off his "Andre" wordplay as we speak.
  4. Had to dig a little to bump this up, but I didn't want to create a new thread. It was a bitterly disappointing season, but it also had some memorable moments.
  5. A couple weeks ago, Washut was of the opinion that we were at the top of his list. I wonder if that opinion still holds true.
  6. Yo! When Strickland flew into the tables saving that ball from going out of bounds, that happened right in front of me. Wild game.
  7. Is it possible to be 5 minutes late to the transfer portal?
  8. Practice? We talkin' about practice?
  9. I thought it was Shaving Ryan’s Privates. :D
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