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  1. hal9000

    Rock Bottom!?

    One could say we have bunch of Clark Kents who haven't found the phone booth yet.
  2. hal9000

    Rock Bottom!?

    If it doesn't, do you mind if I remember this quote?
  3. hal9000

    Rock Bottom!?

    No excuse for last night. We should expect to win the games we are supposed to win. That said, I'm not giving up on this team and I'm staying off the roller coaster. Let's just get the next one.
  4. hal9000

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    I'm guessing Rick Pitino was tops in that category.
  5. I wish I could watch the full game over, but you're right (and Norm alluded to this too) it seemed in the last couple minutes McQuaid couldn't guard Palmer, and I'm wondering what the difference was with the previous 38 minutes. If I had to guess it was that we had to push after a made free throw or rebound and Palmer had a head of steam going towards the basket and MSU wasn't as set as they would be when we walk it up. Could we have tried this tactic a little more often during the game? Palmer just couldn't get anything going in the half set last night.
  6. So why didn't they put any time back on the clock after Palmer's three at the end? 10 seconds ticked off while the ball rolled off to the side before the ref casually picked it up and tossed to an MSU player.
  7. I think we had about four 3-pointers go in and out, not to mention the 2-pointers that rolled around the rim but wouldn't drop.
  8. Watch out for falling ceiling tiles.
  9. Nebraska 74 Indiana 66
  10. PBA scoreboard says 18-5 O Rebounds PSU
  11. hal9000

    A sobering stat

    I hate being sober.
  12. hal9000

    Scouting Iowa

    It totally is. Watch the highlights of the Maryland game last year. Same close game. Bruno outmatched us down low. Single possession game under a minute. The difference? Palmer hits the 17 footer that he missed Wednesday. Roby, Palmer, and Watson make their free throws at the end to keep MD at arms length. Probably don't win that game last year if it was at College Park. We're going to be real tough to beat at home. I think we can grab a few on the road this year, including Iowa, but generally I feel like any game we get is gravy as long as we protect the Vault. That's just the way it is in the BIG this year. Unless you're Michigan State, and we ain't them.