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  1. Somebody sign up that halftime kid up. Shooting a better 3 pt. percentage.
  2. If he wants to be the next Raferty or Vitale he’ll need to develop a schtick, or some catch phrases, like “Onions!”, etc. Will definitely be tuning in.
  3. Here’s hoping Jace hits a three so the announcer can say, “Basket by Jace Piiiiiiiiiiatkowski! Piatkowski with the trey.”
  4. I know this is an exhibition game for us, but will it count for Doane? Is that a thing?
  5. Last couple years they gave out a poster, but I can't remember when they did that. Was it at the scrimmages? I wonder if the roster sheet they handed out at this year's scrimmage is all we'll get.
  6. Not what I needed to read after the first half of the Ohio State game.....
  7. Based on what I saw tonight only, so take it fwiw, but dudes who I think will be Dudes: Haanif - plays like a senior Dachon - quick as [email protected]#* Dalano - reminds me of an even longer version of Palmer Cam Jervay and Maybe Yvan. Looked pretty strong inside for a 17 y.o.
  8. Did we invite Tim Miles back for play by play?
  9. You can come over to my pad and watch the games Cam! Edit: Crap, never mind.
  10. Lonesome Train Original: Johnny Burnette and the Rock & Roll Trio (1956) Cover: The Pirates
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