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  1. Gimme this Gus any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  2. Welp, too bad. Now I'm going to just have to hate him.
  3. Oscar Tshiebwe is coming back to Kentucky for a sweet NIL deal. Any chance there's not enough left for Reeves in their coffers?
  4. I noticed in his highlights he made every shot he took. So that's good.
  5. IIRC Robin said, at least in radio interviews, he expected Matt would be one of the coaching changes. Sipple as well, said he was hearing it from his sources.
  6. 2021-22. The year we were a good team for 3.55 straight games.
  7. Keep pouring it on boys. I want us to reverse charges on the Lincoln beat down we got.
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