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  1. He gave it his all here, and stuck with us for three years. Wish he could stay one more, but I'm sure he'd like to land at a place where he could potentially start. Good luck Three-Jay, thanks for the memories. May every game you play next year be Wisconsin-esque. Unless of you transfer to Wisconsin.
  2. All I have to say is: Fuck Trev Alberts Fuck Johnny Manziel Thank you Keisei
  3. The ridiculous three point shooting though. Didn’t count on that.
  4. This is reminding me of when we played New Mexico State in the NCAA Tourney in ‘93. We were scoring, Pike had 29. But NMS was getting whatever they wanted on offense.
  5. All right here we go. I lost my shit there for a minute, sending my dogs to other places in the house, but my positivity is back. It’s a whole new half. LFG.
  6. It is the epitome of Nebrasketball that A&M has their best half of the year against us.
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