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  1. hal9000

    Dedoch is N

    Welcome to the family Dedoch!
  2. hal9000

    The Injury Report

    And "all you can eat sushi" apparently not enough to keep Jordy around.
  3. hal9000


    Does it sound too sappy to say that I hope we make it to the tourney and win game*S*, more so for the sake of Glynn and the rest, than for my own wishes?
  4. hal9000

    Morrow leaving

    Hmmm...maybe point guard?
  5. hal9000

    Amir Harris is N

    A 6-5 point guard. Me likey likey. Looks like he's a stud on the defensive end as well.
  6. hal9000

    Dachon Burke is N

    Welcome Dachon!
  7. hal9000


    Could it be any worse than his two-point percentage?
  8. hal9000

    2018 PG Amir Harris - LOI

    I happen to know that Jesus Christ is a Nebrasketball fan, Amir. Just thought I'd mention that.
  9. Possible, but for Moos to publicly say 'I'm not looking for another coach' and then to hire another coach would make him, well, a liar. Which is not a good look IMO, but then again, maybe it's not uncommon in this business.
  10. hal9000

    My perception

    My thoughts as well. HCTM (and staff) have done a good job upgrading our talent level, but has it been good enough to compete with upper echelons of the BIG, which is where we need to be in order to make it to the dance? I don't think we're quite there yet, though I concede part of it may be coaching and development. That said, we did just finish a great season by most standards, and one of the interesting dichotomies of sports is that fans tend to think a season is a failure if a great season is followed by a quick loss in the post season, even though you are basing the overall success of that season off of an extremely small sample size.
  11. hal9000

    Kenya Hunter

    With tomorrow being the last day of the recruiting dead period, Moos needs to get his arse in gear and finalize Miles' extension. The longer it drags out the harder it will be to recruit anybody, be it players or coaches.
  12. hal9000

    Kenya Hunter

  13. hal9000

    Matt Mooney

    Hot commodity, this guy. Feel like we'd be pretty lucky to land him.
  14. hal9000

    Really OT

    You are correct sir. Micah Heibel fronted Brain Hammer, or as it says on their CD, "Micah Heibel - Sellin' it like a mother."