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  1. Sitting at a bar waiting for this damn game to be over
  2. Is that where your body looks like it’s rejecting your face?
  3. Quick 49er, post play by plays here
  4. I'm guessing BTN dude in charge of highlights a Missouri State alum.
  5. hal9000

    Playing as a team

    To me the question has already been answered in just the first 3 games, none to my surprise. They're a team. Btw, I think Watson's going to be playing ball professionally too.
  6. I'll guess Marcus Perry, but it's probably wrong.
  7. hal9000

    Scouting Seton Hall

    They certainly check the box in terms of size and athletecism, what little I've been able to watch of them. Miles pointed out that they they have a size advantage inside, and as we like to make a living driving to the basket, this won't be easy. They have a 7'2" dude, and you know what Taco Fall did to us last year. I think Huskerpapa is right in that it behooves us to shoot well from the perimeter to negate their rebounding to a degree. But I also agree with Norm that one guy is not going to beat us as their front court doesn't present much of an offensive threat.
  8. Brady >>>>>>>>> Jordy
  9. hal9000

    Miles Pressers 2018-19

    Okay, damn my ignorance, but could someone explain what he means by the "dribble 2"?