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  1. Is it possible to be 5 minutes late to the transfer portal?
  2. Practice? We talkin' about practice?
  3. I thought it was Shaving Ryan’s Privates. :D
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssey Blade Runner Apocalypse Now The Quiet Man The Searchers The Godfather Taxi Driver The Third Man The Empire Strikes Back Black Hawk Down Jaws The Caine Mutiny Apollo 13
  5. Webster’s numbers remind me a bit of, well, Websters. More of a scoring/shoot first PG, just based on his stats. Looking forward to what he’ll bring to the offense.
  6. Looks like someone is going to have to pull all of those arrows down out of the rafters at PBA.
  7. Abdelmassih: Okay Fred, here's this player from WIU named Kobe --- Hoiberg: Take him! Abdelmassih: Uh, okay...Do you want to know his last name? Hoiberg: Nope. I kid of course
  8. I’m trying to think why he would want to transfer from an up tempo, offense oriented power five program where he plays nearly 40 minutes a game. He‘s not even making the G-League this year, so the only thing he’s doing is delaying his eventual (possible) entry into the League by a full year. Unless he thinks he can transfer to a blue blood to try to get more exposure, a-la “He Who Shall Not Be Named,” the third. But that was a grad transfer situation. Still have to sit out.
  9. There was a kind of "Titanic" quality to this season, I must say.
  10. Good luck in the future Haanif!! Thank you from a grateful Husker Nation.
  11. It's about time for the announcers to pull out the "Other Things to Talk About During a Blowout" book.
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