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  1. Big men gotta have range these days. Sky-hook from three.
  2. He only has to hit a couple to at least make teams think about it and respect it.
  3. Is that video his game reminds me of Ayo Dosunmu.
  4. He was on the job less than two months before the football season started and had an investigation to learn about. Maybe this coming off season.
  5. This is my hopeful, pre-season glass all-full prediction. Non-con: 9-2, conference 12-8, tourney 1-1. 22-11 by selection Sunday.
  6. I see Verge, Trey, Bryce, CJ and Walker in the same jerseys and on the floor together. Starting 5?
  7. Verge almost signed a two-way contract. So if we can help him improve what teams want him to, he can get into the draft conversation as well.
  8. If he closes out there they don't have this video to tease us with. He did the right thing.
  9. Pry worked with the same chiropractor Wilhelm.
  10. Could be they haven’t been able to see him in person at all, or at least for a really long time with Covid restrictions just being lifted in what, June?
  11. Lol, Minnesota. With all the talent here in the Twin Cities that’s laughable man.
  12. This formula needs work. The way it is Lat would have been 38% from deep last year but he was 34.8%.
  13. The football team had one analyst last year. Alabama had 10. Tell me not one of them ever instructed a player during practice. Don’t really think the NCAA has it out for us, but come on. What team didn’t have off campus workouts during Covid?
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