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  1. Rabbits are known for their hopping? That’s all I got.
  2. Found the article, this says 6-11, toward the bottom. https://hailvarsity.com/s/8456/padding-the-stats-on-shamiel-stevensons-waiver-denial
  3. Pretty sure Stevenson is up there around 7’ too.
  4. Then I’m going to say my 1-5 from my previous post is my guess at a starting five, Banton, Teddy, Thor, Shamiel and Lat. Kobe/Trey probably start over Thor, but I like my lineup and I’m sticking with it.
  5. I think the team height of a potential 1-4 of Banton, Teddy, Thor, Shamiel, would mean we can have someone like Lat at the 5 for stretches.
  6. If Thor is our 5th starter and also 6th man of the year, it’s going to be a wild ride!
  7. He certainly seems to be a great distributor, with play makers around him, which we have, I can see him having a decent sized role. If he does earn a role in the rotation it’s not hard to see him being pretty effective.
  8. ....Unless McGowens gets a waiver we’ll need another ball handler and he’ll have to play?
  9. He might not be with the team, but it appears he’s getting some voluntary workouts in. Cardio at least.
  10. Congrats! You’re gonna love parenthood! My wife and I had our first kiddo 4/4 and it’s fantastic! We received nothing of this sort from our families. I’ll let them know they gotta step up their game.
  11. Only played organized basketball for two years?! Very intrigued. Who knows what his ceiling could be?
  12. Looks like rivals has him at 6’ 5” and as a 4 star, # 108.
  13. Dalano for me. Most unique size / skill set combo. Excited to see him exploit those mismatches. Also he looks good going left and right in his highlights, he’s gonna be tough for opposing teams to plan for.
  14. Agree about the expectations. For the record I don’t think he’s coming here and so he won’t have to worry about those expectations, it’s just what I want to happen.
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