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  1. I think the first five minutes of the game was a good example of what we’ll do in the half court. It was pretty efficient yesterday.
  2. Well. I really should read all the way through the thread before posting. I also don’t get it.
  3. Donovan played 5 minutes today. No points, assists or rebounds. Jace had a bigger impact on our game today. Who’s the clown?
  4. Sounds like a comment someone’s brother would make.
  5. Might be best to stay there overnight. We play again tomorrow at 1:00.
  6. I was joking since the announcers mentioned it. Should have put one of these
  7. I’m thinking weed. Isn’t that a half season suspension? Which 16 games would be close to in a regular ~30 game season.
  8. Wow. So this has been kept quiet for ~2 years? Guess we’ll see more Eduardo or small ball than we thought.
  9. Sometimes when you’re camping you do need that butane to cook, man.
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