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  1. It was really just fun to watch a game like this. Especially going in with no expectations. Hopefully it’s more a sign of things to come than a flash in the pan!
  2. Wonder what Teddy said about getting pulled that got him benched for the rest of the game?
  3. Did Fred say why 4/5 starters didn’t start the second half? Was it because the bench guys were moving the ball better?
  4. If he could kick it out a bit more once he dribbles into the lane it would help his game I think. Tries to finish through too much traffic.
  5. Saw in the McGowens thread and figured I’d post here too. Congrats, Wilhelm!
  6. Yeah, Carter Whitt and Wake Forest played Florida State.
  7. I caught a little of their game against Florida State last weekend. He looked pretty in control of himself down the stretch in a big game for a true freshman. We often look like we’ve lost ourselves for long periods of time. Looks like he turns it over (3.3/game) but he shoots well from deep (39%) and has good scoring (4.9) and assist (2.7) numbers for 12 mins a game. I’d be happy if he was coming off the bench and getting us back on track offensively.
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