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  1. I’m all over the down votes lately!
  2. So this “kooky” baseball players while they’re literally disrespecting the anthem, but football and basketball players need to “shut up and dribble” and “keep politics out of sports” when they actually have a reason to use their voice and platform. Okay.
  3. I bet I can get two down votes with two words: GO CARDS!
  4. Hahaha, I was gonna say “like us with Teddy leaving and Bryce coming in?”
  5. Nothing tired about it. Long live Yvan, the 17(!!!) year old!
  6. Hahaha, this can’t be true?!
  7. That makes sense, especially about the free throw situation. But the way I see it, if Walker’s out there he’s only touching the ball after a screen on his way to the basket and he’ll be shooting two, or an and one. I wanted Walker in there to potentially steal a possession with an offensive rebound in the event of a miss. And because we’re going to have something drawn up out of the break and he seems to be at his best when we have a specific set drawn up and early in games when we’re running stuff we practiced in prep. He’s not quite as adept when it’s faster and more free flowing.
  8. If we’re up two the most important thing is not turning it over. I’m having Trey bring the ball up and once we’re in the half court giving it to Kobe to initiate. Trey Kobe Bryce Keon Derrick Now if we’re down two, swap out Trey for Keisei. Let Kobe bring it up as they pry won’t be pressing up two. Run Keisei around some screens looking for an early easy look, and if it’s isn’t there get it to Bryce and make some space for him.
  9. I can’t wait until we win a little bit more and don’t feel the need to fret over stuff like this. I mean getting good recruits is awesome, I get excited with every commit and it should translate to results on the court. And it’s the off-season, I get it. I guess I’m just ready to wonder more about just how good we are in actuality than about how good we COULD be and why the services aren’t giving us enough credit for how good we could be.
  10. So what you’re saying, just to be very clear, is that our class is very highly ranked, but that ranking doesn’t include two high-quality 4 star players. That’s neat-o!
  11. Maybe because he’s technically a transfer? But has four years of eligibility.
  12. I knew Cronin’s in Grand Island. Husband and wife high school math teachers. I had them both and they were both great teachers.
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