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  1. To quote The Dude, “Is it a.... what day is it?”
  2. Yeah, you can teach getting a better shot, that is part of what I meant when I said scheme and what you’re asked to do can help. Are you asked to be the team’s main scoring threat and put yourself in a position where you end up taking difficult shots, or be a complimentary piece. You can also teach better footwork/balance, hand placement and mechanics on the shots you do take. Which should lead to improvements unless players are at their ceilings. Most college players aren’t at their ceilings.
  3. Both McGowen and Nolley shot <40% FG and 3pt FG near 30%. Not stellar. I know system and what you’re asked to do can make a big difference, and Hoiberg can teach shooting, but he’d have some work to do with either.
  4. Look at that year over year free throw improvement!
  5. Maybe Marshall will finally take a Power 5 job.
  6. You mean “The University of Lincoln”?
  7. Noah after the under 4 time out in the first half on Wednesday.
  8. With Banks having three season of eligibility left, and Vedral one, we're going to be deep next year.
  9. What a week! And it's only Tuesday!
  10. I hear ya. There will be a lot of movement, and after 7 wins, we might as well just go along for the ride and hope it’s better next year. I trust our coaches. I was thinking Sunday as I sat behind our bench that there is just too much experience, and too many good recruiters on our coaching staff for us to not improve significantly over the next few seasons.
  11. That’s one way to put it I suppose.
  12. The only game I get to go to this year and I have no idea what to expect or who will be playing! How exciting!
  13. Nebraska 73 Minnesota 68 This is the only game I get to go to this year and my prediction is all hope with no basis in reality.
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