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  1. I can think of one, and he needed to lose enough to count for quite a few. Won’t name names, but it rhymed with “schmal-schmay-duh”.
  2. Man, that horse is a long ways behind that cart. I’d love for that to happen in year one, but they haven’t had a team practice yet. I’m excited and optimistic, but I think talk like that is way too soon here.
  3. Anyone who takes over a job for someone who just wasn't getting it done well enough is expected to do it differently. In sports that usually means not only different schemes, but different people running them. It's sometimes a hard reality, but I have no reason to believe this staff is doing anything in a malicious way and with no regard for the student athletes' best interests.
  4. Alright! Let's get him eligible immediately!
  5. Hitting the bar in the morning, eh?
  6. Today is his 35th day on the job. I know it’s been a productive first 34 days. It seems like something big happens everyday. But if you ask me it’s a little early to be worrying given his (and the rest of the staff’s for that matter) short time on the job and the work he’s done in that time.
  7. More precise, but are you more accurate?
  8. So Mack told your brother’s friend that your brother would be committing! Welcome to the squad royalfan’s brother!
  9. #27 in ESPNs ratings of transfers. Seems they update to remove people as they find new homes, basically making it a current rating. But wasn’t Cheatham #10 or so when he committed?
  10. Wow. Cross would be an incredible addition, especially at this point!
  11. Back on topic though, still pretty excited to add another good piece to the puzzle like Cheatham!
  12. I understand, but only if you're planning on it at the beginning of the semester and register for classes that allow for that. Kind of hard middle of the semester to just say "I'm doing this online now."
  13. Also kind of hard to go to class in Lincoln as a student if you’re in Chicago 100% of the time. If he’s just not going to class anymore, wouldn’t that our APR?
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