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  1. In an 8 team division, play every team in your division every year. That already protects the listed rivalries (which, OU/Texas has to be one). If you want an 11 game season and no out of conference, you play 4 from the other side one year and the other 4 the next. If you want a 9 game season and some out of conference, play through the other side 2 teams a year on a 4 year rotating basis.
  2. Really? That was the most inside looking outside I’ve ever seen.
  3. Seems his looks from deep have been rushed. Pry a combination of the allowed physicality, and the very short clock forcing the nature of play to be frantic. In a five man offense with other weapons and more designed motion he’d have much better rhythm to his shots. In that second overtime period the teams were a combined like 2/20 and he made both shots.
  4. Was able to catch a bit, he looked better handling the ball than what I expected based on reading about him. Pretty good finishing around the basket too and seemed to be hustling on defense and for boards. He could be a bit more than just a sharp shooter, but we have a lot of talent he’ll be competing with.
  5. Best fits from geographical and competitive standpoints? I would say Cincinnati, Pitt, and UConn seem like fits. Trying to poach Virginia, Virginia Tech or Louisville might be tough but aren’t far out of our footprint. Don’t really want West Virginia. No idea how any would fit the academic and other standards the B1G wants to uphold, but those schools feel more likely to me than any of our old conference foes if we expand.
  6. Eduardo at the 4! I just think they may not be expecting Lat to be back next year and are looking for someone to rotate with Breidenbach there.
  7. A couple quick video peeks seem to show good traditional post moves but also the ability to hit from deep and a few nice passes in traffic. At 6’8” maybe they see him as a 4 rotating with Breidenbach rather than a true center? Would pry need to work on his quickness on the defensive end.
  8. Yeah back when I was a 19 year old with a fake ID I NEVER pre-gamed Friday night UNO hockey games at Harrah’s for $0.25 beers before skipping over the river to the Qwest Center to harass the opposing team’s goalie. NEVER! SIEVE! SIEVE!
  9. You can get beer at UNO hockey games last I knew. He’s seen it work.
  10. Which is why I think he’s gonna fill that “off-ball stand on the wing/in the corner and wait for someone to kick it out to you” spot in our offense. 10-15 minutes off the bench to knock down some looks.
  11. I still think we’re gonna see more of Kobe off the ball at the “two” guard spot. He shot 38% from three last year and over 40% after our Covid break last year when we saw a better representation of what this offense can be. And that better representation had him catching and shooting more than creating for himself or others.
  12. Favorite beer: I am a brewer so this one is kind of changing all the time. Something drinkable that you don’t have to think too much about and doesn’t try to taste like some sort of dessert. Favorite Spirit: Bourbon Favorite cuisine: Southeast Asian or Mexican Favorite NBA team: Depends on the roster, no allegiance to any franchise. Favorite athlete of all time: Kareem "Vacations" or "trips"?: Vacations Beach, mountains, big city or theme park?: Big city or mountains. Missed your calling?: Lab based scientist or chef, not that different really. Bitcoi
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