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    Who stays

    I'm hoping we can replace any of the departures with guys who can, you know, like, make baskets. That would be a nice change.
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    I'm probably going to take heat for this, but if you want to know how to build a real basketball program, then go outside. People who know Nebraska basketball don't know winning on a high level. So maybe put someone on a committee as a courtesy, but otherwise, find somebody who understands how to win.
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    I really feel bad for Glynn, he deserves better for his senior year!!
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    Universe has a really big ass.
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    The team is deflated man, Glynn wants it as bad as anyone else does. Probably more. But at this point we don’t have enough to beat a good team like Maryland or even lesser teams than them and the team knows it. He has a lot of heart and is one of the few who has stuck by Miles the whole way. I don’t feel like calling him out is fair or going to change anything at this point.
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    Who stays

    "Local Milk Delivery Man" is an occupation that no longer exists. I think your wife was lying to you.
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    My vote for douche of the century goes to Corn blow by.
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    5th starter with Cope out

    I hope Harris will be ready soon, too. While not a 4 or 5, we'll need more off the bench, and even if we don't make postseason, assuming the players stick around after the coaching change, it will be good to get Amir and Nana as much time as possible. (Caveat: I'm wallowing in self-pity right now, so the assumption Miles is gone and we won't make the postseason is just a reflection of my despair.)
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    whatever you do Tim, don't call time out. Another game another ridiculous run without calling a time out. I can't believe this shit.
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    And clearly he is a poor liar