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    I was thinking more along the lines of Illi-noying.
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    What I’m Thankful For

    I don’t know if any of you read this board but I just wanted to say... Players- I am thankful for you today. The amount of work and time that you put in for me to scream at my TV with only my wife in the room is amazing. Thank you for leaving your families, thank you for spending the holidays away from your families, and thank you for all you do for our University. You all are going to be great young men and I have enjoyed every minute so far this year. Keep up the good work, but also enjoy the ride. It’ll be over before you know it. Enjoy today and know that many Husker fans appreciate all you do. You all play a game for our entertainment and I can’t thank you enough for all you do for the Big Red and state of Nebraska. Coaches- Thank you for the amount of work that you put in. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the amount of time that you spend away from your families. From recruiting to game planning and practices to scouting, you all are some of the most dedicated people that I know. I hope you all get some family time today before it’s back to the office. Kent and Jake and formerly Matt- Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to hear passionate Husker basketball announcers every game. I don’t live in state and most of my games are on TV. I will purposefully sync the radio broadcast with a live stream. The amount of work that you all put in can’t be thanked enough. Lastly, thank everyone that is involved in running this machine we call a basketball program. This has been the most fun through 5 games that I think I have ever had. I know we couldn’t do it without everyone being involved and doing their part. I hope all of the Nebrasketball family has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Chuck Taylor

    What I’m Thankful For

    Don't talk about your wife that way!
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    It’s a great sign that the sky is falling after an early road loss to a formidable conference opponent who was playing for infinitely more than a simple home win. Say whatever you want about the loss, but this panicky nature is solid evidence program expectations have been raised to a hell of a lot higher level than they were before TM got here. I’ve actually seen enough good play last year AND this year to give TM my full support moving forward. Give the guy a chance to coach what he’s built. We’re going to win a lot of games. I wouldn’t dare change things considering what the expectations as a fan had been for, what, two decades now? Like it or not, your TM tears after THIS game indicate program success. The loss was an anomaly compared to the rest of the season so far.
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    Coaches kid

    Big 10/ACC Challenge

    If we don't move the ball and don't see motion in our offense, I don't like our chances. Last year, our identity was a team that attacked the basket. The idea that we want to play into the popular "metrics" and begin shooting 3s in volume is a bit perplexing to me. Nobody on this team should be jacking up 3's early in the shot clock except for Glynn (when he's feeling it), and Allen. Otherwise, we need to see the ball move from side to side before taking quick shots. Granted, defenses are playing pack-line against us, but we have to move defenders off of their spots. That might mean having the patience to make some extra passes, screens or a hard off-ball cut or two. We never really did that against Tech. Not disputing that we need to take and make some 3s, but with this team, I think the type of 3s we shoot will be more important than the quantity of 3s we shoot. Years of being a long-suffering Nebrasketball fan have made me a glass half empty guy, but I'd hate to see this group of talented players (who are good guys as well), fail to give it their best shot because we have tried to adopt an identity which does not play to our strengths. Hoping we give great effort and play well tonight.
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    That was a tough one and gonna hurt for awhile. Although a win Saturday would be a good salve. A lot of big plays a calls. But I think one that could be overlooked was TA missing the front end late. I think we had a 3 point lead. He makes both and we're back up to 5, stop the bleeding, and maybe we hang on. Instead it was the dreaded and familiar feeling of "uh oh, here we go". I called game when he missed it. Might not be fair but it was pretty big.
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    Powder Puffs

    And we had six players on the court. after that made basket. someone came off of the bench to celebrate, but the game wasn't over. luckily no T was called.
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    Last days of Knight

    I always admired Knight’s Indiana teams and his coaching acumen. His instructional videos on motion offense and man to man defense are not exceeded. He did not cheat in the recruiting game, often winning with less talent. However, his boorish behavior has tarnished his reputation despite the fact many former players admire him.
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