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    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    AKOL IS N!
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    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    Really glad this happened. Plays a lot bigger then 6'5". Super athletic. I saw him dunk at Millard South and the whole place just dropped there jaw. Really cool to see that the deal with his brother did not stand in the way of getting this done. Love keeping guys in state. Great job TM and staff!
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    Nebrasketball will win a piece of the conference crown. You heard it here first.
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    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    Yeah. I saw him play last year at Millard West. Very athletic. Very smooth. Explosive.
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    Milestone Post

    HHC's main board surpassed 200,000 posts recently. Way to go, HHC'ers! Keep on keepin' on!
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    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    Miles said hes still looking for a "long, athletic guy and a combo forward". Assuming Akol's wing span is similiar to his older brothers (6'9ish) i think he checks the box for the former.
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    OT: AveryStrong

    I seen the other day, but didn't think to post. Thanks 4 posting Don. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Kristian Hudson

    If Kristian does start, who of Hannah, Taylor, Nicea, Maddie or Kate does not start. I think that is your starting line-up. Remember Taylor was a starter as a true freshman before her injuries.