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    Successful Season

    I could live with this outcome. It would be hard for the NCAA to only take the top two teams in the league
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    Red Don

    "A Season To Watch"

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    Way O.T. trivia questions

    1. Johnny Sain 2. Stan Musial
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    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    Personally, I don't think Mike Scioscia goes quietly. That's been his baby for 19 years! We shall see what will happen in the next 2 months.
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    Player First Looks

    Good stuff Noah. So do you still have eligibility? My take is that we have a solid first four, and we all know who they are. The next four will vie for the final starting position (and that player will need to compliment the top four) and the three main subs. My current guess is that Thomas earns the last starting job and Amir and Tanner will earn time. Will Nana earn that third spot? If not, which player will step up?
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    Congrats Kent!
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    I attended when Joel Sartore was given this honor. It's a good time! Congrats, Kent!
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    Should be a great time! Well deserved!
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    Successful Season

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    Who will win the Big Ten

    This will be an interesting year in the women's B1G. About the only one to be kind of predictable for near the top is Maryland. But we were competitive with them last year. Should be even more so now. We should right in the mix for the top half of the league. There might be a fight among all those mentioned.... and Michigan too. Indiana ? Then the bottom half will fight it out. Iowa, Ill, Northwestern, Penn St, Mich St, Rutgers..... A surprise team is very possible....lots of roster and coaches changes all through the league. So anything can happen. Several new players that will have an effect on some teams personality. Graduation does the same. Just another year in the B1G. Like everyone...tired of waiting. Come on November !!