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    Gutless statement from Moos

    This is a ridiculous take. People are so blind with Miles hate that they fail to see all of the good that he's done here. If we do end up with Hoiberg, you can probably thank Miles. He shows that it can be done here. We don’t get Hoiberg if we don’t have Tim.
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    To this team, and most important the seniors, to James, Glynn, Tanner, Johnny, and Isaac all we can say is thank you for giving us one hell of a ride. 5 dudes who should never have to buy a drink in Lincoln ever again.
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    Hank Bounds

    Not that anyone is saying this but If you say out loud 'Bounds waited until Nebraska basketball lost to end its season to announce this thing that impacts 4 campuses and his life' doesn't that sound pretty dumb?
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    Nebraska Strong--TCU Game

    These last several days have been hell for many Nebraskans. Flood devastation stories are coming from many parts of the state. I'm sure many on this board have already donated time or resources to aid the victims of this hundred year disaster. (I'm not talking about Nebrasketball…) In case you haven't, or you want to do a little more, I have a challenge for you. For every point Nebraska scores tonight, mrs. cip and I are donating 3 dollars to nebraskastrong. Would you join us? I have a feeling the great people on this board could really impact peoples' lives. Give what you feel led to do. This board can come together over this issue. GBR! http://www.nebraska.gov/nebraska-strong/
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    That it wasn't a double ejection after the review shows exactly how this game has been ruined by officials.
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    Hank Bounds

    I believe the math = infinity, because: 1. limited number of shareholders is a rationale number, regardless of what that limited number is 2. Unlimited number of students is infinite 3. Infinity divided by any rationale number is still infinity My math might be a bit fuzzy though, since it's been a long time since I've taken calculus at Dear Ol' NU. Oh, and my majors were Econ and Finance, and from I read on the board these days you only know what you're talking about if you majored in P.E. So apparently I'm an idiot and everyone should double check my math. Especially the guy that majored in teaching gym class, because he totally knows what he's talking about.
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    Hank Bounds

    We would be playing another game tonight if we had won on Sunday.
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    Hank Bounds

    If Bounds leaves and then returns, does our basketball team get any credit for rebounds on the stat sheet?
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    Glad we're done with gutless statements. That team out on the court was FULL OF GUTS. Pretty proud to support MY team, which is out on the court. -"Hoosiers" movie reference
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    Hank Bounds

    bad timing for you guys but i really don't think this has anything to do with sports.
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