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    2019 Charles Coleman F/C

    I hate it when they tell you about an offer; but, they don't tell you how much it was? That must be behind a paywall.
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    Joe Lunardi...

    I never listen to anyone with both a "loon" and a "nard" in their name. It's served me well the past 57 years.
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    Re-grade the Staff

    This poll was for Fred’s first class....Roster Building 101. Definitely earned an A+ all things considered. Next semester he will have a heavier course load. Chemistry, Psychology and whatever correlates to learning basketball plays.... I will go out on a limb and say Norm will have an end of the season poll circa April 2020. I hope we are still doling out A’s on that one!
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    Dean Smith

    Re-grade the Staff

    I'm still at an incomplete. If by any chance Roby comes back then I see the roster as an A+. Still worried about the interior. Maybe they will be great and maybe not - they are awfully young. You don't get your final grade in a class until it is over, so I'm waiting to see the end product on the court. I'm am thrilled to death with what Hoiberg has gotten done at this point. I'm too easily annoyed so I'm annoyed by some people gushing on the last couple of signings who I know would have been, "Why is Miles bringing in these three-star players. We need to upgrade the talent." Regardless, things are looking up for Nebraska Basketball.
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    Come on Hoiberg

    Seriously, I keep checking in here a couple of times a day just to see who else is on this team now.
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    Re-grade the Staff

    I"m holding out until the next poll where the only options are levels of A
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    Grade the staff

    Looking at 247 this afternoon to look at our recruiting class and they have an interesting feature listing all of our recruits (going back to 2003 - 72 players) and ranking them from top to bottom: https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Sport/Basketball/AllTimeRecruits/ Couple of things jump out at me. Yvan Ouedraogo is the #2 all time (in the past 16 years) recruit for us behind Glynn Watson This year's class has 5 guys in the top 30 of Nebraska recruits (in the past 16 years), 5 transfers and Kevin Cross is unranked. At the moment (and I mean at the moment literally) Donovan Williams is #5 and DeAndre Davis is #12 Interesting. Imagine what this staff could do with more than 6 weeks to recruit...
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    It's crazy that a division 1 baseball School in the big ten doesn't have lights on their diamond Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Come on Hoiberg

    Never say never. Maybe Thor goes pro.
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    Thor's shot

    His Iceland shooting was horrible especially his shot selection. His form bugs the crap out of me! That's why I had to post. IMHO Thor will never be a high percentage shooter until he changes his shooting grip and shot selection. I am basing this mostly off his play at FIBA. He puts his off hand either on top of the ball or way high on the ball. It reminds me of the claw that Baron Von Rasky used to do. Occasionally it will be on the side but not very often. This means he has to take his top hand off the ball really earlier to shoot the ball. That means he's shooting one handed shots with no guidance from the off hand. Notice where his fingers are pointing on his off hand and where his off hand is. His fingers are pointing up. His off hand is sometimes behind the ball or at angle on the side and behind. I think he would be better served to have his off hand on the side of the ball with the fingers in line with the hoop. Then when you shoot the ball it is somewhat sliding along the offhand inline with the basket at the start of the shot or at the least it's lined up pointing at the basket. Everything should point at the basket as far as hands IMO. 2nd he has his shooting elbow sticking out at an angle. Very hard to be consistent with your shot when your form is different because your elbow is sticking out at different angles. Much easier to be consistent if your elbow is tucked in and your arm is in line with the basket. Third he has it flat on his palm which makes for a slower release. I was taught not to have it laying flat on your palm. Now I have seen some good shooters that do it that way and they were okay so this is not as eggregious perhaps but I think it does make for a slower release. The link has some photos. Photos 30,56,57 and 58 are important in this discussion. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good example with both hands on the ball. There are a lot of ways to shoot a ball and if you have good muscle memory and shoot enough any form can work but for putz's like me it helps to have good form. It's like golf. Grip means a lot as errors can compound easily. http://www.huskers.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=24&BIO_PLAYER_ID=3119586&KEY=
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