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  1. Of course it's probably also notable that it doesn't appear that Avery Johnson and Alabama have reached a settlement, or at least if they have, it isn't reported yet. So of course Prohm can't say he's gone yet, because there likely hasn't been a job offer extended yet. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. From the Des Moines Register today (with a link to a story about the contract): Prohm signed an amended contract in March 2017 that included $2 million per season, plus $50,000 raises each July. It’s through June 2022. The contract buyout, if Prohm were to leave before the contract expires, is around $3.5 million right now. Interestingly this article was written by Randy Peterson. I don't know what he does or doesn't know, but this potentially paints his tweet the other day (yesterday? it's all kind of blurring together) in slightly different colors. Or not, I have no idea.
  3. Could be this, or could be "LSU is getting absolutely embarrassed right now by Will Wade and if they come sniffing around here too we could be next so let's unload him ASAP without having to go to 'firing for cause' because that admits guilt". Just... another possible scenario.
  4. Allegedly trying to "reassign" him now so they don't have to pay his buyout. Yikes. I'm all on board with one guy having the potential to derail a season, but one guy probably shouldn't be the difference between competing well and going entirely winless in the SEC. On topic: Siena, like Vandy, is in a superfast-spinning carousel over the last couple years. About to name their third head coach in three years (by taking away the interim title they gave their guy like two days ago after the previous HC left after a single year for George Washington). Going back to 2000, I think that school has had more coaches than I've had Skittles in the last 20 minutes (and that is an embarrassingly large number).
  5. Tweeting, no. Public statements of support, yes. He had a golden opportunity last week, if he was going to make an announcement of ANY sort, to even acknowledge what the team accomplished. Nothing. He's been contacted at least a few times since then by the media, at which point, instead of saying "Nope, nothing new to report!", he could just as easily have said "Let's focus on what the team is accomplishing right now because it's tremendous and they deserve the spotlight now, not rumors." Whatever games he's attended have been in a suite where no one actually even knows if he's there or not, while, as HB pointed out, Green has been visibly present at the arena. I understand the argument that he has Boehm, and that's fine, but for a revenue sport, it probably shouldn't be all or nothing -- and if the chancellor can find a way to do something, so should the AD. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Totally agree on this. We can look at it in hindsight and say maybe he should have played more, but in the moment, whose minutes do you give him? When you're trying to figure out which players have the most likelihood of winning you a game, is it the guy who had 18 points last game or the guy who guards him on the scout team? I adore Johnny. Great, great kid and 100000% a competitor and amazing team guy who has absolutely stepped up to meet the challenge here. But if you're allocating minutes on a healthy roster, whose does he get? And why was no one calling for him to get them sooner? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Two. I understand football was a focus at the beginning of last season, but Bill Moos became Nebraska's AD in October of 2017. I also still fail to understand the phenomenon in which our chancellor offers more public support for this team than our athletic director.
  8. Sometime between Friday and Sunday (or Monday?) is all we know. It's at least partially based on campus site availability -- so, for instance, if Sam Houston can knock off the under-coached TCU boys (as they did just fire their cheating assistant...), the game would be at PBA. But since there's a concert on Saturday, the game would either have to be Friday or Sunday, if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure what TCU does/doesn't have going on at their arena if they win, but it could dictate the date/time of the game.
  9. Stop it. This is a pretty sad attempt at walking back an absolutely absurd statement. If you're so concerned about "how miserable it will be for the coaches" then focus that blame on the administration for dragging it out instead of hoping that the team loses because how dare they have the audacity to earn the invitation to play in a postseason tournament. But don't assume you know better than the people in that locker room whether they want to play (or coach) or not. And if winning an NIT game somehow costs Nebraska its top coaching prospect, that clearly wasn't a coach all that interested in Nebraska in the first place, which maybe isn't a trait you'd want in the person leading your basketball program anyway.
  10. I can't figure out how to downvote on my phone and I'm not currently at a computer to do it there. But please let this suffice instead: actively rooting for your own team to fail because you want to fire someone sooner is a fairly crappy thing to say. Who are you to say that the guys wouldn't rather spend spring break playing the game they love with the teammates they love? I'm sorry if it may inconvenience you as a "fan" to have to wait another few days for a group who has worked countless hours over the past year (or several years) trying to represent this university and state well to get canned so you can have your replacement if choice potentially be hired instead. Or not, who really knows at this point. But this team, and these coaches, have done things the right way, worked more hours than most can even begin to understand, and put together a last stand that just about anyone else in the country can at least respect if not applaud. If you want a loss so you can personally be happier, that's cool. But please don't even pretend to call yourself a fan or hide behind some "long term health of the program" line of BS. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I mean, if that's the case, Sipple is calling Heady a liar... https://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/husker-a-d-bill-moos-will-wait-until-postseason-fate/article_5e22ad9d-2b0b-5765-9739-ee7cf8cce4ad.html It's probably somewhere in the middle (i.e. what @Norm Peterson said -- Miles may have gotten a heads up at some point of what it might say, but didn't know for sure and therefore couldn't be quoted on its contents, and likely didn't know what it was when he was directly asked) but I tend to believe more from Heady, who was physically there, spoke with several people, and reported on what he saw and was told as a first-person account, over Sipple, the AD's lapdog.
  12. I have no problem with him spending time with his family. I've said that a few times, even saying that I appreciate that he skipped the Bethune Cookman game for his daughter's wedding. That's a big deal that's way more important than a make-up football game, and I'm glad he was there instead of here. HOWEVER -- the optics are pretty bad, from just about any objective source, for him to fly in for a single Big Ten tournament game and then head back out while using the Cal spring game on Saturday as the reason. It sucks to make the decision to spend a couple more hours with family vs doing a job, and I don't think anyone would fault him for wanting to be there for his son -- but he absolutely could have done both and CHOSE not to, and created unnecessary speculation and discussion. As an athletic director for a high-major program, this is just part of the job, not unlike the on-call doctor who would probably prefer to spend Christmas with his family but has to go deliver a baby instead of have family dinner. By doing it the way he did -- and then following it up with that non-statement nonsense -- he created a storyline where there didn't need to be one. That's utter incompetence. Maybe locally we don't put much stock into the national talking heads, and that's each person's individual prerogative, but that does have an effect on the university's national perception -- again, something it is his literal job to curate, and something he has once again done exceptionally poorly when it comes to basketball.
  13. Spitballing, but because we had an AD who actually attended games and spent time around the program? And it doesn't seem all that transparent to me to leave the staff in the dark as to what the contents of that announcement would be. Chris Heady's entire article about it is pretty much a testament to how non-transparent it was. It looks bad to attend a Wednesday night game and then leave when it would have been just as easy to go after an afternoon game Thursday (played at noon Pacific time -- he literally would have had to shift his flight a matter of a couple hours). Doing what he did gives the appearance that he was only there to fire him after we lost. If that was just message board angst it'd be one thing, but it isn't; that's the storyline his actions led to, which was reported on both locally and nationally. Look, I don't like Bill Moos for a lot of reasons. You do, and that's fine. But objectively speaking, this whole ordeal was a mess of his own making. He's paid handsomely to do the exact opposite of what he did in the last three days, which is to make Nebraska Athletics look foolish on a national level, as evidenced by several well-known pundits weighing in on it when it would have been just as easy not to.
  14. Per Chris Basnett, on sale now through the ticket office online, or calling them in the morning.
  15. Here's hoping this is Bender Larry talking and not an actual thing that has happened... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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