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  1. Unless all three posters are getting their information from the same person (and reading through past history and debates and such, that seems doubtful), it seems kind of odd to want one to give up the source (and give downvotes accordingly) but not the other two. It also would seem to not be an isolated thing either. I've been told similar as well. I'd like to think that Nebraskans (and Nebraska fans) are as invested in the process and its integrity as we are with the outcome, but I guess maybe not.
  2. You beat me to it, Dean... "Thomas Allen is transferring" is a fact. "It is possible NC State reached out to Thomas before Fred Hoiberg was hired" is a fact. "Thomas would have transferred regardless of who the coach is" is speculation, not fact, and his NIT playing time is irrelevant. Like Dean said, ankle sprains can be monsters to come back from, and his wasn't healed enough that playing him on it, in the circumstances under which the team was playing, was worth the risk of hindering his progress or potentially re-injuring it. Sometimes tea leaves can be read, and sometimes they're just wha
  3. Unless he's the clean one on the SJU staff I wouldn't bet on him operating fully above the line. Even their volleyball team cheats to get recruits. And I'm guessing those aren't tricks he learned in NYC.
  4. Entirely possible. I keep trying to say that, too! I have no clue what's happening and no insider knowledge or anything on this. (Easy way to find out -- anyone able to access flight records from two days ago into LNK? I have no idea how to sleuth that but it wouldn't surprise me at all if someone here did.)
  5. I mean, to be fair, he kind of walked it back... according to his clarification, we were interested in Anderson, but he wasn't interested in us. I have no idea how much of a freakout this merits or doesn't. Pettit could absolutely have been making a joke about the plane; I don't know him to ask, or know how to find that information if it was real. It's just some interesting, out-of-place puzzle pieces that could be sitting on the coffee table for any number of reasons.
  6. @Nebrasketball1979 That's an awesome story -- and not at all surprising if you know those guys. Both just great all-around people. Definitely makes cheering for them easier. Thanks for sharing.
  7. From the Tim Miles Send-Off thread (I have no idea how to link a post)... I don't know if this is accurate or a joke or what, but is it possible Terry Pettit wasn't just joking around?
  8. If this keeps up I will be WAY past my bedtime by the time it's over. Super whistle happy, it feels like. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Of course it's probably also notable that it doesn't appear that Avery Johnson and Alabama have reached a settlement, or at least if they have, it isn't reported yet. So of course Prohm can't say he's gone yet, because there likely hasn't been a job offer extended yet. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. From the Des Moines Register today (with a link to a story about the contract): Prohm signed an amended contract in March 2017 that included $2 million per season, plus $50,000 raises each July. It’s through June 2022. The contract buyout, if Prohm were to leave before the contract expires, is around $3.5 million right now. Interestingly this article was written by Randy Peterson. I don't know what he does or doesn't know, but this potentially paints his tweet the other day (yesterday? it's all kind of blurring together) in slightly different colors. Or not, I have no idea.
  11. Could be this, or could be "LSU is getting absolutely embarrassed right now by Will Wade and if they come sniffing around here too we could be next so let's unload him ASAP without having to go to 'firing for cause' because that admits guilt". Just... another possible scenario.
  12. Allegedly trying to "reassign" him now so they don't have to pay his buyout. Yikes. I'm all on board with one guy having the potential to derail a season, but one guy probably shouldn't be the difference between competing well and going entirely winless in the SEC. On topic: Siena, like Vandy, is in a superfast-spinning carousel over the last couple years. About to name their third head coach in three years (by taking away the interim title they gave their guy like two days ago after the previous HC left after a single year for George Washington). Going back to 2000, I think t
  13. Tweeting, no. Public statements of support, yes. He had a golden opportunity last week, if he was going to make an announcement of ANY sort, to even acknowledge what the team accomplished. Nothing. He's been contacted at least a few times since then by the media, at which point, instead of saying "Nope, nothing new to report!", he could just as easily have said "Let's focus on what the team is accomplishing right now because it's tremendous and they deserve the spotlight now, not rumors." Whatever games he's attended have been in a suite where no one actually even knows if he's there or not, w
  14. Totally agree on this. We can look at it in hindsight and say maybe he should have played more, but in the moment, whose minutes do you give him? When you're trying to figure out which players have the most likelihood of winning you a game, is it the guy who had 18 points last game or the guy who guards him on the scout team? I adore Johnny. Great, great kid and 100000% a competitor and amazing team guy who has absolutely stepped up to meet the challenge here. But if you're allocating minutes on a healthy roster, whose does he get? And why was no one calling for him to get them sooner? Sent f
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