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  1. Interesting. Why do you say that? I've never been to San Marcos specifically but I've spent time in nearby San Antonio and New Braunfels...and they're not what I'd typically call "nice." But then again I get grumpy in any hot and humid climate, so I may not have given the area a fair shake.
  2. The last bit of the MLS regular season schedule was just released yesterday, and SKC will be finishing the season @RSL in Salt lake City. With stadium capacity so reduced, I'd be surprised if the visiting team gets any kind of ticket allotment. But I've already reached out to Sporting...just in case.
  3. It's pretty incredible how many high quality coaches are looking for gigs right now.
  4. Someday he will be married with 4 kids, MBA in hand, running his own international business...and we will still call him "that 17 year old kid"
  5. Definitely disappointed. Not sure how literally every analyst in the country could get this one wrong. It's their job to find insider info, and typically they are accurate. Guys that project correctly 95%+ of the time were on record saying he was coming here. This one stings.
  6. Breidenbach + Whitt and I will be 100% satisfied. Anyone else would just be icing on the cake.
  7. I'm not talking about 247's crystal ball because I don't consider 247 to be real recruiting analysts. They do a nice job compiling data from actual analysts into one space, but they are still a conglomerator of analysis more so than analysts themselves. What tells me that this is a lock is that a bunch of the national recruiting analysts at Rivals all submitted picks for Nebraska, and those guys are very rarely wrong. For them to all be wrong at the same time? I guess that's possible (this is Nebrasketball, after all) but the odds are VERY strongly in our favor. I'm not sweating this
  8. Too many recruiting analysts are picking Nebraska for them to all be wrong. He's coming here.
  9. Picking us in the basement was the obvious choice. From a distance, this year's formula is very similar to last year's: nearly 100% roster turnover of players who were in last year's rotation, with a perceived talent upgrade at most positions. We stunk last year and so it is very easy to assume we will stink again. But my own expectations, like most of yours, is obviously much higher. I think team cohesion will be much better; while both last year's (Cam) and this year's (Teddy) best player had character issues, the big difference is that Teddy is coming here to be closer to hi
  10. I've held pretty steady around 190, but I feel healthier. We moved cross country right at the start of the pandemic, and living in a city where we don't know anybody plus living next to mountains for outdoor recreation has resulted in me spending a lot more time exercising. However, I've also increased empty calorie consumption while working from home due to COVID.
  11. Personally, I think it has to be intentional. No one else in the West even plays two of the three East teams with a pulse (tOSU, PSU, Michigan), much less the actual top 2. For competitive balance, the obvious thing to do was to keep Rutgers and either tOSU or PSU, and drop the other. But then Frost would make a bowl game, and after poking the B1G in the eye with a giant stick they don't want that to happen. All that being said, I really am not a big Husker football fan. I'm happy to see them do well but have no emotional investment in their success or demise. I've said it bef
  12. A couple of the big national recruiting guys for Rivals have submitted predictions for Whitt to land here. Worth noting that these guys have a pretty high success rate when they place a prediction -- Eric Bossi is correct 95% of the time and Russ Wood 91%. So safe to say we should be feeling very confident in our chances of landing this top notch point guard.
  13. Lat canning 86/100 treys in practice is incredible. My optimism for him to be a starter just increased. Gotta think he at a minimum is in the core rotation, but I guess that argument can be made for just about everyone on the roster at this point.
  14. Just different, not sure that either style forces better or worse defense. 15 years ago you had to defend 1/3 of the court -- everything from 2' past the 3pt line and in. Offenses could break you down in so many different ways. Now offenses have way more weapons on the perimeter and defenses are built around chasing teams off the 3pt line, while also having a man home to avoid easy buckets at the rim. To the layman's eye, modern strategy seems more simple in theory but in execution it sure does look like guys are flying around and rotating more than they used to on D. Athletica
  15. How would college football reduce the number of cases? By giving people a reason to stay home all Saturday? I can see the "no change" argument but I don't understand how football would actually reduce COVID cases.
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