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  1. I like those jerseys. They remind me of those awesome black/blue/orange Mark Price Era Cavs uniforms.
  2. Any COVID news? Are we expecting to play ball on the 10th?
  3. Oh, I totally get the human bias aspect. We are fans, after all. But how often do we discuss a team's mental makeup, and how they will respond to adversity, and what players seem to be lacking confidence, etc...and how all those things will effect the performance on the court. The players aren't a bunch of zeroes and ones, they're human beings (and young developing ones, at that). And yet KenPom keeps plugging along and predicting accurately. It makes me think that reading a team's psychology just isn't as important as we make it out to be. Good teams win and bad teams lose.
  4. It's the consistency that is so impressive. Every year since his computer got added to the standings, he's been top 5. If I remember correctly he even won a year. It just amazes me that his computer algorithm is better than a bunch of people that actually watch all the games.
  5. You know what sucks? Jumping 9 spots in the standings but still losing ground to KenPom. His system is insanely accurate. What a brain that man has!
  6. I'm OK with a moral victory at this point. Our boys played hard and showed improvement. After the tOSU abomination, I just wanted to see a bit of fight and they did that.
  7. I just don't see Banton being draftable right now. Yes, a tall, long PG is an intriguing prospect. But right now he is a below average shooter and an average passer. His lateral quickness is good for his size, but still not great. He also doesn't seem to have that killer instinct. With Teddy on the pine it was Banton's chance to step up and shine. Instead, he was nearly invisible and Trey took over. I think we see Banton wearing Scarlet and Cream for at least one more year.
  8. Hey guys, I just got home and didn’t catch the game. Did I miss anything? *checks the box score* Well sh.....
  9. Prior to this season, I felt like we were building toward something special in Year 3 of Hoiball. I'm becoming a tad more pessimistic as the year progresses though. It's really, really difficult to keep players bought in if they don't see progress. So while in theory we could have a solid experienced roster next year, my worry is that we will lose a large chunk of our key rotation and not have much to build on.
  10. Well for one, he's the only guy on our roster that can score 14 points against Michigan in the first 6+ minutes of game time.
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