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  1. Or, alternatively, 6 people that realized Tech forces you to shoot jump shots and we're not a good shooting team. I believe I specifically called that out as my reason for picking Nebraska to drop this game.
  2. Freakin' late whistles. Every second guessed call has gone against us tonight.
  3. These microphones on the English broadcast are junk. I need to learn Spanish
  4. Borchardt was more set than either of those Raiders were on the Palmer charges. Just sayin'.
  5. Man, Palmer can NOT catch a break
  7. Y'all are making me want to switch to the espanol broadcast
  8. Roby goin' beast mode early!
  9. Huskers 69 Raiders 72 3 guys w/10+ points. I feel like Tech will force us into taking jumpers, and we’ll come up one jumper short.
  10. Huskers 87 Other Guys 57 9 non-con wins 21 total wins
  11. aphilso1


    27-0 and 1st, obviously.