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  1. This is part of why I love the strategy of always having a couple guys sitting out as transfers. That's two people that you don't have to manage their ego and explain why they're not getting more minutes. If you have 13 scholarship players and an 8 man rotation, that means at least 5 guys are unhappy. But if two of them are ineligble, then you've just shrunk the # of players unhappy with their spot in the rotation by 40%.
  2. After 2 minutes of reviewing highlights, my initial reaction is that he's a poor man's James Palmer.
  3. My not-quite-a-conspiracy theory is that Thorir's spot is contingent upon Roby not coming back. Which would mean Thorir will have a spot, since all signs point toward Roby moving on.
  4. Seems like a mathematical impossibility that our 'final' was higher than our 'high' for 2019.
  5. All y'all saying we need to get rid of the band are officially on my sh*t list!
  6. Oh man, I just LOL'd multiple times at various points of this response. Silver, you've outdone yourself!
  7. I know this is a minor thing but after 43 minutes it would be nice if we used Silverback's correct name. I looked it up and Sil and Silverback are not the same or even close. Okay now that I got that off my chest, we can continue to cut him from this message board.
  8. Yeah, I still don't see the comparison. Body type is similar, but that's where it ends for me. Horne played smaller than his size. Drifted around the perimeter a lot. Strongly preferred playing with his face to the basket. Had a really nice stroke from deep. Was surprisingly unathletic; you couldn't slide a phone book under his sneakers when he jumped. Does any of that describe Cross' tape? Similar body type, but very different style of play.
  9. His game doesn't resemble Jeriah's IMO.
  10. Personally, I will wait to submit my predictions until the carousel has stopped spinning and we have a better idea of who will be on the roster. I'd also like to dig into everyone's tape a little more before I stick my foot in my mouth. But at face value, it does seem like Mack and Green are locks. Everyone seems to think Burke is too, but I personally haven't seen enough of his video to agree or disagree.
  11. A Final Four appearance is more likely. You're destined to live a life of disappointment if you always set the bar that high.
  12. Per google translate: "And navy the boss trips to remake instead of going to Omaha I will find myself in Chicago but what life" I assume this means he's stuck in Chicago. I also assume Google Translate could be improved.
  13. I've never embedded a tweet before. Hope this works.
  14. It would not surprise me at all to see Thor asked to leave. If someone is forced out, clearly it's him. No shot, below average athleticism, average size. I think Amir does enough other things well that Fred and Co. would want to try teaching him how to shoot. He defends great, handles and passes decent, and gets to the rack. Plus, he hustles. Karrington is the wild card because no one really knows if he'll ever be back to 100% physically. The tools are all there if he can get healthy.
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