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  1. Y'all are spending time in the wrong parts of Utah. Hit me up next time you're passing through. I'll show you the non-crappy areas. Also, I find it very bizarre how much Utah comes up as a point of conversation in these message boards. Have we moved on from the land of kudzu to the land of of arches and slot canyons?
  2. My apologies, I must have slept through ornithology class. Hopefully that wasn't a prereq to post here.
  3. I have a friend of a friend that was arrested and jailed with a big enough bond that he couldn't post bail. Ultimately was found innocent. He was a foster parent, and a few of his former foster kids thought they could blackmail him for money by making up abuse allegations. Eventually the truth came out, but not before his life was ruined and he spent time behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Not saying Rosenthal is innocent. Not saying he's guilty, either. But I try to not pass judgement based on an arrest warrant, especially when that warrant is potentially based on verb
  4. Never in any sport ever. I don't follow college soccer, but even if I did I wouldn't cheer for Creighton. I actually had a buddy that played keeper for them. He was really good (conference defensive POTY, third-team All-American, drafted by the LA Galaxy during the David Beckham years, and played professionally in Europe) and I still didn't cheer for the Bluejays!
  5. That is some juicy information! Gotta think we have an inside track if it is a kid that is both considering reclassifying and we feel confident in landing. That makes me hypothesize that it's someone with a family connect -- either Simeon or Clemmons. Yalden seems like he likes Nebraska but also likes a lot of other schools. And his family/local connection is pretty thin.
  6. At the very least he shouldn't be turned off by Nebraska if/when he decides to transfer. Anything is better than New Jersey.
  7. Every post in the soccer thread is must-read analysis and/or a hot take. Join us!
  8. That was actually one of the games I thought about the longest. Most of the pedigree SEC teams have rivalries with the other big name teams, and they can't all play each other every year (unless you make pods that are super uneven from a competitive balance perspective). I de-prioritized the Tennessee/Florida game because: 1. From an outsider's perspective, it doesn't feel like a big-time rivalry anymore like it did in the Fulmer/Spurrier days. UF going 15-1 in the series since 2005 is probably the biggest reason, but I think the fact that the game is always played early in the
  9. I'm starting to feel the same way. My biggest dose of pessimism is knowing that a lot of teams are returning more than their normal level of productivity, thanks to the NCAA granting that free year of eligibility to anyone wanting to return to their team. But other than that, we have checked every box possible this offseason. Returned key production, developed guys that needed to take a step forward, added high level freshman talent, filled our biggest hole with a proven Power 5 transfer, and filled out our depth chart with high ceiling transfers with four years of eligibility. If this was
  10. One of my local beat writers is making a pitch for BYU to get a Big 12 invite. Actually kind of makes sense, if the Big 12 sticks together and adds a couple teams. https://www.ksl.com/article/50212969/is-byu-a-big-12-expansion-candidate-in-tv-cougars-have-surpassed-left-behind-8
  11. ...this would be how I set up the conference football structure. My priorities would be maintaining rivalries, competitive balance, and ensuring each team plays each other on a rotating basis no less than once every four years. Structure Four quadrants. Let’s call them NW, NE, SW, and SE for geographic simplicity. NE/SE combine to be the Eastern Division while NW/SW combine to be the Western Division. NW: Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas SW: LSU, TAMU, Ole Miss, Miss St NE: Kentucky, Tennessee, Bama, Auburn SE: Vandy, UGA, Florida, South Carolina Schedu
  12. Come again? The whole sports world has been reporting OU/UT to the SEC. What sources are you following that say Big Ten is grabbing them? Also, if true it would actually be a good thing. Nebraska vs Oklahoma should never have stopped being a thing, and Texas won't have the same political pull in a conference with tOSU and Michigan.
  13. I watched the SKC match in it entirety, so I only really got to see about 10 minutes of the first half of USMNT v Jamaica and then most of the second half. Impressions: SKC played exceptionally well. To go into that environment and not only score three times, but to control possession and place pressure on Seattle as much as they did was something special. Seattle was clearly missing Frei between the pipes but that shouldn't take too much away from SKC's dominant performance. USMNT was, well, at least we won. Backline + Acosta defended well. Forwards weren't creati
  14. You could care less? That's kind of bizarre, considering your second sentence implies that you couldn't care less. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.
  15. Do we still care about AAU? I thought that was more of a Jim Delaney thing, and really just cherry-picking an individual metric that would put Nebraska on the same academic threshold as the other B1G schools. There's more than one metric by which to measure academic success, although you're likely correct that the Kentucky schools fall short regardless. Louisville and Nebraska have nearly identical acceptance rates and average high school GPA among applicants, FWIW
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