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  1. It's hard to get disappointed by any one individual transferring off of this team. We were absolutely terrible this year, so you've got to assume that this year's players won't have very large roles moving forward (other than Cam if he were to return). But collectively it does worry me a bit. Need to have some continuity to build upon, even if that continuity will be role and/or bench players next season.
  2. Not sure I'd agree that Cross can shoot from outside nor that he has good court vision. I'll agree that he has an aggressive scoring mentality though, since most rational humans would stop shooting after missing that much.
  3. On top of the pandemic, I've now lived through a 5.7 magnitude earthquake (biggest in 30 years in Utah, apparently). Who needs to watch movies? Real life is weird enough. On a related note, does anyone else live in Northern Utah? I've only been here three weeks.
  4. Thanks @HuskerFever for doing this again! While I didn't win, I have now beat Ken Pom in each of the past two seasons. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
  5. Freshman Joe was, yes. But sophomore Joe.......
  6. I don't think you can approximately replace Mack with Banton. They have complementary rather than interchangeable skillsets. I really think Mack would thrive surrounded by next year's lineup, as that would allow him to be a distributor first and playmaker second. If he does come back, that means that 1. the NBA feedback wasn't great and 2. there will be enough talent on the team to compete for a post-season berth. That should be enough to keep him bought-in.
  7. I'd love to see him back in a Nebraska uniform. Idle speculation, but I'm guessing that some of his issues this year stemmed from having a bad supporting cast. It's hard to stay locked in on the court when you feel like you're the only capable player, and perhaps that even bled into his off-court issues. I'd be shocked to see him get drafted but it does seem that he'd like a change of scenery. Nebraska offers him a great place to showcase his talents next year, but if this year left a bad taste in his mouth then that probably doesn't matter. In summary, I hope he comes back but I'm guessing that he won't.
  8. I'll take "things I hope to never see on a Nebrasketball court" for $500, Alex.
  9. Noah with 12:34 remaining in the first half of Game 1.
  10. My shame will be great. Silver lining is that I did beat him last year, and I think there were only a handful of us that accomplished that. KenPom is a Top 5-finishing machine!
  11. Filed under the category of "Things That Don't Really Matter But They Matter To Me" -- So how are we treating KenPom for the final standings? Since I'm sitting at #6 right now, KenPom is the only thing currently keeping me from another Top 5 finish. But he's a bot so he doesn't *really* count, right? My future signature block is waiting with bated breath.
  12. michigan 85 GBR baby!!! 65 4, I guess. But that's only because I anticipate our benchwarmers getting in late enough that they don't have much of a chance to turn the ball over.
  13. Yeah, undefeated with a fantastic roster that Frost was fortunate enough to inherit. George O'Leary built a solid program at UCF, winning 31 games from 2012-2014. Everyone likes to point out the 0-12 season in 2015, but the reality is that the upperclassmen that Frost relied on in 2017 were at UCF due to O'Leary's success in '12-'14. Hoiberg on the other hand is the real deal. He has proven that he can assemble a roster and win big with it.
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