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  1. If the analogy said "You've got fulfilled wishes in one hand and crappy things that happen to you in the other; let me know know which hand fills first" then I'd agree. But you didn't say that. Not even remotely. English is hard, I guess. Instead, you recommended to wish in one hand or defecate in the other. Well that's a pretty easy decision. Call me Jiminy Cricket if you must, but given those two choices I'm wishin' by my lucky stars all day.
  2. Paul Velander finds out he actually has five games of eligibility remaining, decides to use them for this best-of-5 series, and takes 12 charges per game just like in '08-'09.
  3. I'm not a movie or TV guy so no surprise that I haven't seen whatever show that is. I still stand by my statement that the analogy disproves the speaker's point, and as such it's a crappy (pun intended) analogy.
  4. Nope never heard it. And it makes no sense. You're trying to say that wishing gets you nowhere (or at least I think that's what you're trying to say) but the analogy would actually prove the opposite. I can wish for things all day and fill up that hand pretty fast. Doesn't mean the wishes will come true. But point remains, an optimist is going to quickly fill up their wishing hand while a pessimist will fill up the other one and and have an empty wishing hand. So end result is a pessimist covered in poo and an optimist covered in glittery unicorn wishes (I'm assuming that's
  5. That is the most bizarre analogy I have read in a long time.
  6. Neither team can guard their opponent. As others have mentioned, it probably comes down to whether the Norms are hitting their outside shots. I say they do that in 3 out of 5, but all five games are blowouts: Game 1: Norms 91 49ers 72 Game 2: Norms 58 49ers 75 Game 3: Norms 61 49ers 71 Game 4: Norms 85 49ers 72 Game 5: Norms 82 49ers 68
  7. Forgive me, I've been on vacation and living under a rock recently. Who is Bieta?
  8. Dang. If I knew that Jeriah was going to read my post about transferring back to his former school, I would have better clarified which home. Lincoln, not Tulsa. I'll do better next time.
  9. I think I've been pretty consistent in my expectations and analysis of the season. That I would consider it progress, but only if we actually returned a fair amount of key pieces for next year. It does us no good to have a historically bad record as we rebuild if the rebuild starts over every single season. Thus far I do think we are winning the offseason because: 1. We haven't lost any significant contributors other than Teddy (who technically was an in-season loss), 2. We're bringing Kobe back for an unexpected extra year, 3. None of our recruits have asked out
  10. Kind of the flipside of this year. We knew going into the year that the conference would be stacked, and that we could be a significantly better team but with no improvement to record.
  11. Come home, Jeriah! (kidding, not kidding)
  12. I live halfway between Utah State's and Utah's campuses, just under an hour to either one. Then BYU is another 30-45 minutes past U of Utah. It's kind of a weird sports scene out here. You get a lot of casual BYU fans who never attended the school, but will pay a little attention to the team due to the religious connection. So even though they are the furthest campus away I feel like I see more BYU hats and t-shirts than the others. Then the Utes are kind of bizarre. A bit of a hippy school, at least by Utah standards. Kind of like a really palatable, mild version of the U of Colorado.
  13. Me? Nope, no clue who that could be. I get my intel from this message board. I have no behind the scene sources.
  14. Dalano got a lot of rebounds in open space because the big uglies were boxing out. If Dalano is the 4, that means he's the guy doing the boxing out. Is he still a + rebounder if he's wrestling with a guy that is his height and 30 lbs heavier? Maybe. But I don't know if we are automatically a much better rebounding team simply by swapping Dalano in for Lat. As for the other questions, yes the offense can be run properly through two combo guards but I would still expect we will be a team that turns the ball over at an average-to-above-average rate. I've got to think ball movemen
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