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  1. The first sentence of the first post is "I can't think of a better team in the last 25 years that I've seen at a Nebraska home game." I find that statement extremely hyperbolic, and I haven't been a fan (or alive) nearly as long as most members of this message board. '07 KU was the first that came to mind simply because of how resoundingly they embarrassed us, but there are many other teams we've played that were above this year's MSU.
  2. Darrell Arthur. Mario Chalmers. Sherron Collins. Darnell Jackson. Sasha Kaun. Brady Morningstar. Russell Robinson. Brandon Rush. Julian Wright. That '07 Kansas team had 3 NBA first rounders on it, and 7 total guys that played in the NBA. Plus dudes like Robinson and Morningstar on top of that. Anyone who thinks this year's MSU is better than '07 KU has some serious recency bias.
  3. aphilso1

    Roby will be back. Book it

    I like the thought of Heiman with an extra 25 pounds on him. Dude needs to hit up Runza on those Temperature Tuesday deals. I know I always gain extra Runza weight in the winter.
  4. That Kansas team from Maric's senior year stands out in my brain. We had a decent team, but I remember thinking that we could play KU 20 times and still never beat them. They throttled us by 20 at home and then by some obscene margin in Lawrence. Something like a 55 point margin of victory. Just insane. While this year's MSU is good, I don't see them beating NIT-level schools by 55. KU was on a completely higher level.
  5. Do you understand how the computer rankings work? Specifically the ones that the selection committee uses? Style points absolutely count and are the primary reason we're ranked in the 10-15 range in NET and KenPom. Contrast that with a system where the style points don't count-- we're 43rd in RPI. So, a) you're wrong and b) it's a darn good thing you are.
  6. aphilso1

    New NET Rankings

    Not sure if it was your intent, but I read this with Trump voice.
  7. aphilso1

    Plus-Minus of Nebraska at Indiana

    I was OK with JPJ not getting any calls. Multiple times he took the ball 1-on-4 to the rim...refs typically don’t reward that decision since it looks like your goal is to get a bailout whistle rather than to actually make a basketball play. Romeo didn’t do that IIRC. That being said, Romeo did get a ridiculous And1 call where replays showed Borchardt didn’t even touch him. It was a total anticipation whistle. And Roby’s (second?) foul when he got shoved in the back was ludicrous; not sure how that doesn’t go against the offensive player. So yeah, officiating was bad but I don’t think the specific aspect you’re complaining about was all that agregious.
  8. Roby played 1 on 5 and won. That's the extent of my analysis.
  9. Huskers 75 Nitty Kitties 60
  10. aphilso1

    A sobering stat

    Yes, it is. But not so good that it's worth paying an arm and a leg for. In the grand scheme of things I don't even remember its subtleties, and probably couldn't pick it out in a blind taste test with other bourbon barrel-aged beers.
  11. aphilso1

    A sobering stat

    I'm jealous. I've had their regular milk stout and it is really solid, although on the sweeter side IIRC. I imagine the imperial is top notch.