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  1. aphilso1

    Uni Swag

    Pinstripes, huh? I'd like them better if adidas had fully committed and gone with a red pinstripe, rather than gray which blends in way too much. Also, like everyone else I think the cream script 'Huskers' unis are far and away our best look and should be our primary kit.
  2. aphilso1

    Practice Countdown

    Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but Maric led the league in FG% his junior year and was second his senior year. He is still #12 all-time on the Big 12's career FG% chart. He's also 8th on the all-time conference list in rebounds, and 7th all-time in free throw attempts. And to top it off he was a stud on the defensive end. I'm sorry, but there's absolutely no chance that JBD would've had a "more effective" career than Aleks Maric. JBD could've had bionic feet for all it mattered, he still would never have gotten out from Aleks' shadow.
  3. aphilso1

    Practice Countdown

    Wait...what? Maric shot 57% in his junior and senior years, despite being the focal point of the opposing defenses night in and night out. He averaged nearly 19 points per game as a junior, and averaged a double double as a senior. You really think a healthy JBD would have been more effective than that??? Man, I feel like people COMPLETELY underestimate just much we relied on Aleks when he was an upperclassman. Those were some very lean times, and Maric was the lone bright spot.
  4. aphilso1

    The rotation this year

    So in summary, another post underestimating Karrington's impact. Don't worry, Normy and I won't rub it in too much the first time KD goes off.
  5. aphilso1

    The rotation this year

    To answer my own question, here's the order of players by minutes per game that I predicted last year vs the actual minutes earned over the course of the season. Predicted: 1. Watson 2(t). Copeland 2(t). Jordy 2(t). Allen 5. Roby 6. Taylor 7. Palmer 8. Duby 9. Gill 10. Jack 11. Nana Actual: 1. Palmer (ouch, way off) 2. Copeland (hooray, nailed it!) 3. Watson (not bad) 4. Taylor (not bad, especially since many predicted he wouldn't crack the rotation) 5. Roby (nailed it!) 6. Gill 7. Jordy (ouch) 8. Allen (ouch) 9. Duby 10. Tanner 11. Jack 12. Nana So in summary, I correctly guessed which guys would ride the end of the bench (Jack and Nana), recognized Taylor would be a top 6 player when most wrote him off, and correctly guessed Cope and Roby's spot in the rotation. On the other hand, I was waaaaay too optimistic about Thomas and Jordy and waaaaay undersold JP's abilities. That info plus $5 will get a drink at Starbucks, so I've got that going for me...which is nice.
  6. aphilso1

    The rotation this year

    You may very well be right. I guess it's just that I can envision more lineups with Davis than with Chan. I could see Davis filling minutes at the 3 and the 4, as well as essentially coming in at the 2 (slide Palmer up to the 2 and bring Davis in as the 3). So Davis could theoretically give us minutes as a sub for any of three different starters, assuming Allen is our starting 2. Chan, on the other hand, will likely only be on the floor in lieu of Copeland or Roby. Also, there is a chance that Miles would rather have his 6th man be someone who is a change of pace scoring threat. If so, then that would mean Allen is coming off the bench and someone outside of our top 5 players will be starting. If that happens, I think KD would be a much more likely 5th starter than Chan. All that being said, there really are only 5 guys on this team that we know for certain will get solid minutes. Everything else is a guess, and Chan is definitely the safest guess. This would be a very interesting thread to revisit after the season ends. Kind of makes me want to dig up last year's predictions and compare them to our actual rotation just to see how far off we all were.
  7. aphilso1

    The rotation this year

    I like that he has already adjusted to life as a role player via his senior year at Montverde Academy. A lot of freshmen struggle with being away from home for the first time, and learning how to make an impact as an ancillary player. That shouldn't be an issue for him, and I think he will look more like a transfer than a freshman. I also like that he has shown a willingness to play physical when asked to, and has a fairly quick/efficient release from outside. I don't recall seeing video of him handling the ball, but that's not a major need for this year's team. We need role players that are willing to play bigger than their size (check), can hit open shots (check), are versatile defenders able to switch off of ball screens (check), and are mature enough to stay out of the coaches' doghouse (check). I don't think he's going to light up the stat sheet by any means, nor do I think he's going to be considered the gem of this class when these guys are seniors in 4 years. But for this year's needs, I think he's got a better shot than most to gobble up some minutes.
  8. aphilso1

    The rotation this year

    Stating the obvious: Glynn, Palmer, Cope, and Roby are all getting as many minutes as they can handle. I'd guess that number averages to 31/player; would love to go a tad higher, but a couple of those guys have a tendency to get in some periodic foul trouble. 31*4=124, leaving 76 mpg for the rest of the team. And other then Allen, it's hard to say with a high degree of confidence that anyone else is a lock for the rotation. But this is a speculation thread, so here's my best guess at how the remaining 80 minutes get split: Allen - 25 mpg. I don't actually think it's a lock that Thomas starts (it's nice to have instant offense come in off the bench), but I do think it's a lock that he gets the 5th most minutes. Davis - 17 mpg. This is assuming he's fully healthy. But if he is, I think he'll remind us of Evan Taylor. Dedoch - 13 mpg. This is a wild guess, but I think he'll hit double digit minutes because a) he plays a position of need and b) he avoids foul trouble. Harris - 10 mpg. Backup for Watson, and maybe a couple minutes at SG. Tanner/Nana/Thor - total of 11 mpg. I don't anticipate any of them being in the regular rotation, but do think that all of them will have their number called upon in a key moment during the season. And if by chance my math is off...well, whatever.
  9. aphilso1

    Dedoch Chan

    Hopefully not those green Adidas shoes lying around though. Those lead to injuries, transfers, and maybe-but-maybe-not position changes.
  10. aphilso1

    Dedoch Chan

    Things I like about Chan: 1. He has some size 2. He's immediately eligible and better than a second unused schollie 3. He can score 4. He's immediately eligible and better than a second unused schollie 5. He has three years of eligibilty 6. He's immediately eligible and better than a second unused schollie 7. He gained experience as "the guy" on a decent juco team, which could be useful a year from now 8. He's immediately eligible and better than a second unused schollie
  11. aphilso1

    Dedoch Chan

    Would absolutely take this kid at this point in the recruiting cycle. If nothing else, this should allow our native son from Plattsmouth to redshirt. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.
  12. aphilso1

    2019 SG Quenton Jackson (JUCO)

    Probably the most accurate statement ever typed in an internet debate. Upvote for that, although I do appreciate your insight as well (even if I don't agree with the conclusion on how good the player will be). Honestly I don't care enough about this player to debate anymore about him. It's not like any of us have invested hours into scouting him. I watched 5 or 6 minutes of highlights, thought "wow, explosive but raw athlete that if given time could be good." Then saw he only has two years of eligibility left, meaning he won't have the aforementioned time. Then read everyone's comments gushing over him, which didn't make sense to me based on what I saw and his eligibility clock. Call it a hot take, I guess. I just don't think this guy is going to be a difference maker at the B1G level. I don't have anything else to add, because you're right--we're over-extrapolating at this point. Just a gut feeling, which is often right but also often wrong.
  13. aphilso1

    2019 SG Quenton Jackson (JUCO)

    Caleb Walker comes to mind, or Kyle Marks if he had been willing to defend. Nana isn't a terrible comparison, although Nana seems a couple steps below in terms of raw athleticism. I wasn't super stoked about Nana when we signed him, either, partially because of lack of ability to dribble in tight space and partially because I didn't think his shot would translate to B1G level competition. As far as what's not to like, I guess I'm just disappointed that we're offering raw players with only two years of eligibility, and it's not even August yet. Maybe I just need to lower my expectations though since we have so many open schollies. It's probably not possible to get 4 difference makers, so getting an athletic role player isn't the end of the world.
  14. aphilso1

    2019 SG Quenton Jackson (JUCO)

    Didn't say he was unworthy of a scholarship, just that I'd be disappointed if he's a Plan A guy. This doesn't look like someone that is going to be a stud for us on day 1, and with only two remaining years of eligibility he's not someone you can build around either. I'd hope that each person with a fully commitable offer this early on is someone the coaches believe has the potential to be a top 2 or 3 player for us at some point in their career. There are plenty of defensive-minded role players available in the spring signing period. Regarding his 3pt%, the vast majority of his attempts in his highlights were with no one in his zip code. The videos show a guy who defenses don't have to game plan around and are content to leave wide open. Evan Taylor and his 44% clip from three this year, with most attempts being wide open for the same reason, seems an apt comparison. Yes, Jackson's a freakish athlete that can jump out of the gym. So was Caleb Walker...would you prioritize Walker? Or Kyle Marks, another freakish athlete we've had on our roster? Those are the guys that come to mind when I see his highlights. And while I was fine picking both of those guys up, they certainly weren't at the top of my wish list.
  15. aphilso1

    OT Doc Vedanya

    Nice. I literally LOL'd at that one.