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  1. At this specific moment in time, I think I'd like Fred to get another year. Ask me a different day and you may get a different answer. I don't really expect any improvement next season, nor do I expect him to turn it around in the long-term. Usually that combination would make me want to rip the band-aid off and move on. But there aren't a whole lot of coaching names jumping out at me as great mutual fits, and I can't imagine the current funding to hire a new coaching staff is what we want it to be. And with the way Trev has run his athletic departments (both at UNO and in Lincoln), I think he takes external circumstances into account. It's not just as simple as asking whether Fred is the right fit or not. In this case, I think Fred is the beneficiary of Trev looking around and seeing that it's not an ideal time to make the change and there are no slam dunk candidates waiting in the wings.
  2. No, but do you think he stays in Lincoln for a full 5 years?
  3. It seems like Mr. Lloyd may be needed at this point.
  4. Lots of history of rich men figuring out a way for their WAGs to recant on abuse claims. If it's just a big misunderstanding then it's tough to explain why she called 911 in the first place and why the police affidavit "lists several injuries to the woman: bite mark to the right forearm, abrasion to the right eyebrow, abrasion to the left leg from the knee to the foot, and a cut to the left thumb with dried blood." Also tough to call something self-defense if the fiancé went to another room after breaking Beard's glasses, and he decided to follow her there. https://www.statesman.com/story/news/local/2022/12/24/texas-men-basketball-coach-chris-beard-accuser-says-he-may-have-acted-self-defense/69754716007/ This seems like the sort of situation where as an AD you want to see Beard 2-3 years removed from the incident with no further issues. If this turns out to be a one-time thing, and the fiancé sticks with her current story that she initiated the domestic violence before he escalated it, then Beard probably gets another shot at employment down the road. But with Nebraska looking like we are going to be searching for a new coach in April, I don't see how his name can be on Trev's big board.
  5. With each head coaching stop, Craig is looking more and more like The One That Got Away. Solid four year turnaround at SoDak, followed by three consecutive NCAA bids at Utah State. Now in only his second year at Utah, he has the Utes off to a 5-0 start in Pac-12 play that no one saw coming. https://www.ksl.com/article/50551983/runnin-utes-remain-undefeated-in-pac-12-play-after-19-point-win-over-beavers In related news, Brandon Ubel is no longer on Craig's staff. Apparently Brandon landed his first full-time assistant coaching gig this season at SoDak. Gotta think Craig's connections there helped.
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