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  1. I hadn't heard that plan, but man does that sound entertaining as a fan. A top MLS/Liga MX league plus a feeder league from each country just might work. I know MLS owners are very anti-relegation, but that system would potentially provide enough added TV revenue to offset relegation losses. Plus, that relegation penalty isn't nearly as bad since MLS would still be the top domestic-only league.
  2. Definitely. Sanchez looked nervous even doing his warm ups during the Melia red card VAR. Clearly he was not comfortable coming in during that situation. I'm hoping that he will be much better Friday, since he has 4 days to prepare. To use a baseball analogy -- some guys are wired to be starters, and other are wired to be closers. Sanchez clearly didn't have the closer mentality, but maybe he'll be alright knowing that he's the man for the full 90.
  3. Yeah I was just talking to a buddy about how punitive that Melia red card was. It ultimately led to 2 goals plus having to play Sanchez for the full 90 on Friday. In hindsight, Timmy should have just conceded the goal. Obviously a tie last night with Tim between the post on Friday is way better than a loss last night plus Sanchez on Friday.
  4. A heartbreaker right out of the gate. What a disappointing loss.
  5. No, I agree that the death rate seems to have gone down for the time being. Just read today on the CDC's site that COVID-related deaths made up less than 6% of US deaths this week, which was the first time that has happened since the pandemic hit. And that is indeed an important statistic, although I don't see how that can be considered a success when compared to the rest of the developed world. And when you start looking forward there is less cause for optimism. We have multiple major cities that are on the brink of maxing out their ICU resources, and contact tracing has become nearly impossible at this point. With all of the recent hospitalizations, do you really think the death rate will still trend downward in a couple more weeks? Unfortunately, that number will likely steeply increase within that time frame.
  6. False. While some states are currently well under capacity, the Southern states that are surging are in a heap of trouble. One example: https://www.azmirror.com/2020/07/03/as-covid-19-worsens-az-is-the-first-state-to-enact-crisis-care-standards/ Also false. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/13-states-now-report-coronavirus-testing-issues-echo/story?id=71698974
  7. As a lifelong Notre Dame football fan (yes, I know, burn me at the stake) this worries me. If more conferences end up making this change, ND will end up playing BYU and Navy 6x each.
  8. This is a fun off-season topic. And $300 is a good price point -- expensive enough that you really have to think for a bit before buying something for that much, but also low enough that it's realistic. Addressing the three initial options: 1. fireworks - not a chance. I don't enjoy fireworks, and before kids I never spent any money on them. Now the budget is about $10, just enough for some poppers and parachutes. 2. Good hooch - maybe. I'm a bourbon guy, not a Scotch guy, so that makes it easier to stay under $100 for some really top notch stuff. I do procure a good (>$80) bottle maybe 1-2x per year. The only bourbon in the $300 range is so hard to find that I've never even had the option to get it. But if theoretically I saw a bottle of Pappy 23 just sitting on a shelf, then yes I would probably grab it. 3. Casinos - nope. I'm not a gambler. I'm having a hard time thinking of other possible options in that price point. I don't like gadgets or collectibles and my hobbies are all pretty affordable...so $300 is a price point I really only consider for essential items, not the fun stuff. Maybe I'm just a boring guy.
  9. Really? That would surprise me. Usually thickly-built 6'6" guys don't have the same wingspan as 6'9" lanky guys.
  10. Can I sub in a bottle Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year instead?
  11. With a name like that, it's probably a good thing he wasn't playing in our conference while I was a student in the Red Zone. I imagine I would've been tossed at least once for unsavory comments.
  12. And Earls and Ethels. Maybe even a Karen or two.
  13. Solution: outdoor basketball games. In the winter. In Nebraska.
  14. The more we learn about the virus and about our own behaviors, the more it is apparent that college-aged individuals as a collective are unwilling to do the recommended steps to slow the spread. This is only going to be compounded at universities with active frats/sororities and large percentages of on-campus residents; college night life will be a petri dish for COVID. For these reasons, I find it likely that many colleges will experience mass outbreaks that will result in them shutting down very early in the academic year. Will universities maintain their athletic programs while simultaneously moving to 100% computer-based distance learning? If so, do they just maintain the money-making sports or do they also keep the small sports afloat? How does Title IX effect the decision? To me, these are the key questions that need answered in order to determine whether we will see Nebrasketball on the court this year.
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