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  1. Nice-looking jumpers: Kevin Cross; Shamiel Stevenson; Jervay Green Ugly-ass jumpers: Samari Curtis; Dalano Banton *Non-exhaustive list. This is just from the above video. There might be more ugly-ass jumpers on the team (although let's hope not because them are painful to watch.)
  2. And the last guy to get a triple-double in a Husker uniform if I recall correctly.
  3. They have Yvan listed as a 4-star and the 108th best recruit in the country this year. Sure hope they're right about that.
  4. Rothstein is smart to rate us his sleeper. We just about can't help but exceed expectations this year.
  5. Tied for 3rd highest graded returning CB in the conference. Tied for best name of returning players in the conference.
  6. Boy that's a relief. Leave it to Handy Johnson to provide that tidbit of information.
  7. So, Bill Moos has a new Johnson? I'm sure Bill Moos knows exactly what to do with his Johnson. Probably go to staff meetings.
  8. Exactly. They certainly have the talent on the roster to justify some pre-season recognition. Whether they live up to it or not probably determines whether Chambers is still employed at this time next year.
  9. Given their current recruiting rankings, it would be an improvement in talent over almost any Husker team in the last probably … ever. And it would be cool to have it be basically a bunch of hometown kids. Edited to add (lest anyone misconstrue): I didn't say "best ever." I said better talent than ALMOST any Husker team ever. There'd probably be half a dozen or so teams with more talent on paper than that group appears to possess at this stage of the recruiting rankings.
  10. I noticed that our unofficial lead recruiter tweeted about Max Murrell and Chucky, but left Hunter out of the equation.
  11. Interesting. No Dachon Burke or Shamiel Stevenson. But he takes Ouedraogo sight unseen over Kevin Cross.
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