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  1. Are we counting smoking and grilling as the same thing? Because I would change my answer if we are.
  2. Top 5 for me grilling is tough because there's just so much to choose from. 1. Prime ribeye steaks. Clear winner for me. Buy the whole rib and cut by hand myself. Two inches thick. Salted generously, allowed to air overnight, tempered, and then grilled on a super hot grill to get great crust but leave the inside a perfect medium rare. 2. For #2, I'm going to have to go with Jamaican jerk chicken. Jamaican jerk is really God's gift to barbecue. It's a flavor profile unlike anything else you've tried. It's spicy. It's savory. It's sour. It's sweet. If you can grill it over a hardwood fire, so much the better. 3. Picanha with chimichurri sauce. 4. Teriyaki chicken. I have an old family recipe. 5. Salmon filets on those copper mats. Plus 1 on that. There's a salmon seasoning I used to use and ran out of and can't find it anymore. Shame.
  3. Love is a top 20 transfer and the best available PG on the list at 24/7. The overall best available is Grant Nelson, listed at #3.
  4. Wow. Creighton has two of the top 20 transfers. Of course, both of them are *leaving* Creighton. Still, they had two of the top 20 transfers.
  5. Wasn't the portal closed like a week ago?
  6. Well, one thing that also impressed me about Sam is he has lightning reflexes and amazingly quick hands. If there's a loose ball bouncing in his general vicinity, there's a good chance he'll come away with it. That stood out to me watching him last season. Yeah, he might not be the most athletic cat out there, but he's got some other tools that provide him some advantages.
  7. In football, there are 250 players ranked 4 stars or better (by the major recruiting services.) Raiola is a 5-star and was the overall #1 ranked recruit. Nebraskans had good reason to believe that, with his family connections to the school, we had a legitimate shot at landing him. We made his final 3. In basketball, there are usually around 110-120 players ranked 4 stars or better and Bol is currently a 4-star ranked #34. He said himself that his *unofficial* visit here was "great," "enjoyed every moment," and couldn't have gone any better. He releases a top 8 and we're not in it. Are we really having a discussion about Nebraska fans giving Dylan Raiola a little love during a basketball game?
  8. Unless the O-line really kicks it in gear this year, his uncle's job is no doubt in jeopardy. "YOU HAD ONE JOB! Well, two, but you already failed at the first one, so ..."
  9. It was known as a tobacco smoke enema. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_smoke_enema
  10. You ever wonder where the phrase "don't go blowing smoke up my ass" comes from?
  11. Who's writing checks for Wake Forest?
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