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  1. This could give weight to the theory that we've just been wasting the talent we've had.
  2. Looks like Jaz is recharging the batteries on a beach back home. Holy smokeshow, Batman.
  3. Ever had one of those times where your dog makes it clear she has no interest in you spending time reading HHC and catching up on hoops?
  4. Not seeing a guy in that list who strikes me at this point as the kind of player who will want to call his own number all the time.
  5. Lucky guess. Just seemed like Trey wasn't obviously returning so I figured something must be going on. ;)
  6. I figured it out: John Cook needs to spend a couple of schollies on the girlfriends of some 5-stars football/hoops prospects.
  7. One thing I'd point out, @basketballjones, is that we might not be done on the hoops side yet. Could be there's another fish getting ready to land. Yet to see how nice of a fish it is -- have to reel it in first -- but wouldn't be surprised if we have another one hooked.
  8. I was going to type a reply to my own post, but this popped in while I was typing and I don't think I could have said it any better. So, I'll just quote it.
  9. Well, but I have an OKC Thunder pullover. Can't we just get them to appreciate him for what he truly is? I could write a letter, text or email.
  10. WHAAAAAT?!? This is historical revisionism. We were in a pitched battle for Gesell. He went to Iowa because he wanted to go to Iowa, not because Nebraska wasn't after him.
  11. Looks like Grant McCasland will still be available next year.
  12. @busticket, it's not in Fred's DNA to slow it down. We'll be up-tempo. Whether that works or not is yet to be seen.
  13. I was going to take the overs. No, really, I was.
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