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  1. You're really going out on a limb there. But I think you're probably right.
  2. Well, Copeland and everyone who got hurt -- HURT -- thereafter.
  3. Watching this tournament ... you don't think we'd be in this tournament if we had Copeland? You're crazy.
  4. I think he's about the same age as Donovan Williams. Perhaps a bit younger. Just from looking at them. I might not be the best judge of age.
  5. It's out of my control. We don't even have a job opening at this point to hire Hoiberg or anyone else, so all of this discussion about who will replace a coach that isn't fired yet is quite hypothetical at this point. So, I'm going to try to not worry about it. Having said that, had Houston Nutt gotten on that airplane, he'd have been coaching Nebraska football instead of Bill Callahan. And that's not entirely a non sequitur if you think about it.
  6. Kinda like what we did to Iowa. Speaking of, where's Iowa these days? Oh, yassss, NCAA tourney.
  7. Remember when we lost in Minneapolis early in the season and people were all, like, OMG OMG OMG WE SUCK! OMG? Not everyone was like that, but enough people were. Lo and behold, Minnesota's among the top 32 teams in the nation.
  8. As a reminder since we haven't seen bill85 in a couple of years, here's one of his past winner posts: Posted March 30, 2017 · Report reply Nope gonna watch the lame duck coach flame out and hopefully the rest of the athletic department is out the door with him.
  9. The fact Moos showed up for the game against Rutgers in Chicago but then didn't stick around for Maryland and then Wisconsin makes me firmly believe his purpose in showing up was to hand-deliver a pink slip to Miles after an expected loss to Rutgers. I agree with @ladyhusker that Moos's silence about the team's wins since the Iowa game has been deafening. Just reinforces my belief that the die is already cast. Moos has a plan in place and that plan does not involve Miles being here next year. But does that stop him from at least acknowledging that the team he is responsible for is having some unexpected success? (Unexpected in the sense that, with all the injuries, we're really outgunned.)
  10. And boy has he shown some chops, huh? This "second season" has really been a resume performance for Tim Miles. Roster depleted due to multiple injuries, playing two guys serious minutes who joined the program at an open tryout for walk-ons, and they're winning. Butler made the NIT. There are not-so-good teams who make the NCAA Tournament. There aren't any not-so-good teams in the NIT. So we have walk-ons (one of whom ultimately earned a scholarship) making valuable contributions on a team that wins a post-season game. Dayum. All the better if, as Dimes suggested, it was Hoiberg who insisted Miles be allowed to finish out the season.
  11. No worries. Dry sense of humor doesn't always come through.
  12. Best answer? Worst answer? I guess it depends on your perspective.
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