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  1. It wasn't a grievance. I just remember making the same kind of statement about some player in the past and someone responded (with some justification, I might add) that "you are what your stats say you are." It's probably too early to say we've had enough of a data set to say what any of these players is, but it's still a point worth pondering. At what point do they become what their stats say they are?
  2. I remember making a claim like that in the past and someone on here telling me "you are what your numbers say you are."
  3. Making our 3s is a big issue for this team right now. We have an offense that is oriented around making 3s and, as a team, we're shooting it abysmally right now. Twenty-eight point nine percent. As a team. From three. That. Sucks. That would have been bad for a Miles team that loved the rim and only kinda liked the three "as friends" after a nasty breakup. But for a team that loves the three, that shooting percentage is loving something that isn't really loving you back.
  4. This is probably the thread to throw this into rather than starting a new one. One of the things that maybe offers the best reason for optimism for this season (and, by "optimism" I don't mean "Sweet 16" so don't anyone get too excited) could be expressed by the following stats: 56.3 23.9 What are those numbers, you ask? The first is the number of points per game our starters have put up in 4 games so far. The second number is our average bench points per game so far. Do not underestimate the value of a guy like Webster who can come in and s
  5. Umude is in a weird spot this year. He's historically about a 34% 3-point shooter who is struggling mightily from beyond the arc this year. That could be a team-wide funk problem. They're all struggling. Looks like last 10 minutes last night they began to snap out of it, but we have absolutely no place on our roster for a shooting guard who's hitting less than 12% of this three-point attempts. And that's where Umude is right now.
  6. If they Big Ten chooses to update their protocol, let's hope they do it before the point that Eduardo would already be able to return to the team. In other words, let's hope they do it in a timely manner so that it accelerates his availability.
  7. When "the ugly" is based on the shoes and not the shooting, the way they wear their hair and not the way they run the weave, it's basically good news.
  8. Yvan does a good job on the hedge. It's his recovery from the hedge that's the problem. He tends to struggle to find his assignment and gets in the way of other players trying to get back to where he's supposed to be. But he's getting better.
  9. I don't want to bag on any player unnecessarily, so I'll hide this comment in the post-game chatter rather than in a thread specifically about one or the other. Having said that ... After last night, Yvan's effective FG% is better than Thor's. Thor's 3-pt shooting hasn't been great at 21%, but his 2-pt shooting is even worse at 16.7%. If you factor in the added value of the 3-pt shots he's made, his effective shooting % is 27.5. Yvan has ONLY taken 2s. He made his only attempt last night (on a very strong move where he got done what he usually struggles with -- going up stro
  10. Imagine next year when we add three legit perimeter shooters to the lineup.
  11. Didn't anyone else get the sense that the refs completely flipped the script on block/charge calls from one half to the next last night? In the first half, we were getting called for charges; second half they were getting called for blocks on pretty much the same action. I think the second half was more representative of how the games are typically called. A guy sliding between two defenders while driving to the rim isn't usually going to get called for a charge when the defender flops. But the fact our guys were getting hammered with offensive fouls in the
  12. Well, they sure ain't deep. And, as a team, they don't shoot the ball well from the perimeter if 2 games are any indication. The one guy they have who does take 3s is pretty good at them, hitting over 46% in 2 games. But only 3 players on the team have even attempted a trey and one of them is 1-4 and the other is 1-12. The one guy who is 1-12 is a freshman so I don't know whether this is just freshman jitters like Glynn Watson had, or whether he's just a really bad shooter. We'll probably find out because we're usually the coming-out party for anyone who suddenly finds their shoo
  13. Next year, we look to have 3 more players who can drain it from deep. And I mean three really *really* good shooters. They won't all start; they won't all necessarily get big minutes; but I'll guess two out of three will have an impact and make us a really tough out on any given night.
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