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  1. There's so many ways people spell Peterson. But there's only one right way.
  2. Yes, let he who has never been tempted to look at boobs cast the first stone.
  3. Norm Stewart accused Danny of being a bush league coach. Or was that Billy Tubbs? I know there was zero loved lost among the three of them. Either way, there wasn't the sense of collegiality among coaches back then that seems to permeate the industry today. Nowadays, when a school goes to fire a coach, all the other coaches in their conference jump forward to say what a great coach the guy is and what a huge loss to their school it would be if he gets fired. Back then, they would have said, "that guy can't coach his way out of a paper bag and I'm shocked he
  4. As long as we’re off topic, I’d hate to be the guy that caused the colonial pipeline shut down.
  5. We didn't have the players to run Hoiberg's system. I think we will now. CJ can shoot lights out when he gets hot. So can Keisei. If you were worried about Bryce's shooting based on what some Creighton fan posted about him, keep in mind he came in 2nd in the 3-point shooting contest for the functional equivalent of the McDonald's AA game, which included the very best players in the nation. And don't forget about Keon Edwards because I think he could be a pretty good shooter, too. Also, did you know that every player with more than a single 3-point attempt who shot less than 33% fro
  6. Is there a stat besides scoring margin that is a better predictor of win/loss record than rebounding margin?
  7. And, hey, that's what I'm here for. Here goes: So, what has to happen (within the realm of reason and reality, and given our current roster structure) for the men to go over .500 in conference play this year? And I mean just controlling for what we can control. Obviously, if the starters for half the league teams were all ruled academically ineligible for the season it'd help, but that's not within our control. I'll start: 1. Bryce McGowens has to be the real deal. I think that's necessary but, by itself, not sufficient. In other words, we need m
  8. Hey, I've gone through phases where it seemed like people were handing them out to me like candy. Like circa 5 years ago on the women's board when I questioned the wisdom of firing Connie Yori. Too soon?
  9. Then: Jeff Borzello on Twitter: "DePaul transfer Keon Edwards has committed to Nebraska, per source. Former ESPN 100 recruit." / Twitter Now: Jeff Borzello on Twitter: "Texas A&M transfer Jaxson Robinson has committed to Arkansas. Former ESPN 100 prospect that reclassified from 2021 to 2020 and played one season for the Aggies. Good size, can really shoot it from the perimeter." / Twitter Stats for the guy they got: STATS 2020-21 GP MIN FG% 3P%
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