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  1. Norm Peterson

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    There are still a lot of games to be played and lots can happen. Make the dance and, especially, win a game when there, and Miles does not get fired; fail to make the dance, and he almost certainly will. I don't know which scenario will occur and I think either is a possibility at this point. But let me ask this: Let's say the first scenario occurs and we reach the dance and win a game. Miles is still who he is. And, for all you people who have been critical of his "middle school" offense and inability to recruit a big man and keep guys for 4 years etc. etc., he's still going to be that guy. That ain't gonna change. So, I'd like to see a show of hands: Even if this team reaches the dance and wins a game once they get there, do you still want to see Miles let go? If not, why would you want to keep a guy who continues to run a "middle school" offense, etc?
  2. Norm Peterson

    Rock Bottom!?

    Had to do a double take. At first I thought you said "castration."
  3. Norm Peterson

    Rock Bottom!?

    Rutgers loss is the only one that could be considered bad. Fortunately, we didn't get dumped by Incarnate Word this year, so getting dumped on the road by an NET top 150 team, while it sucks, isn't the end of the world. But losing at Minnesota (65), Maryland (20) and Iowa (24) can hardly be considered bad losses. We're either good enough or we're not. If we're good enough, we'll win enough of the remaining games to make the tourney. If we don't, it's probably Miles' last season. I think we're good enough. But I've been wrong before.
  4. Norm Peterson

    Rock Bottom!?

    I find that people are too quick to push the panic button. They're also too quick to do the opposite. Just a week ago, people who last year were calling for Miles to be fired were projecting us as a top ten team at the end of the year. Losing to Rutgers doesn't help our cause but it's not an insurmountable obstacle, either. I just go back to what I said 5 years ago when we last made an NCAA tourney run: "Either we're good enough or we're not." We're neither in nor out at this point.
  5. Norm Peterson

    JPJ in Conference

    Probably time for a players only meeting.
  6. Norm Peterson

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    I'd heard rumors, but I still doubt Miles is among the top 25 laid coaches.
  7. jayschool always has the answer. Ok, not ALWAYS always, but ... you get what I mean.
  8. Norm Peterson

    2020 C John Hugley

    He needs to change the spelling of his name to John Hugely.
  9. His normal feel for the kiss off the glass just wasn't as sharp last night. I think Miles said in his post game that we were 12 of 26 at the rim. That pretty well sucks.
  10. Norm Peterson

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    A good way to do that would be winning most of the rest of our games.
  11. Norm Peterson

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Plummeted all the way to #12 after that discouraging loss at home to a bottom feeder like ... Oh, wait ...
  12. Like I said somewhere else: We were missing good, open looks that we normally hit. Make just a few of those and we win. Bottom line is we just had an off night shooting the ball. We were their equal otherwise.
  13. Tom really showed us something tonight. Kid is going to be very good.
  14. Ew, ick, definitely not me. I bought myself a pack of Red Man leaf chew once. ONCE. Back when I was in the Army and you were hanging out, laying in the grass, waiting for your squad's turn to get on the range and zero your weapon, guys would share their chewing tobacco. It was something to do. I must admit liking the flavor of the leaf tobacco. I bought myself a pack once. But I decided if I do it again and it becomes a habit, my teeth will fall out. It's tough enough getting laid as a fat guy. But a toothless fat guy? There's not enough wine at Sam's Club to get Vera in the mood if I have no teeth.