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  1. It's OK if you missed it; I did too.
  2. Do you see "Go Huskers!" in the dots? If not, you might be color blind.
  3. I'm assuming "natural wood" is to be distinguished from "stained." I could be wrong. I thought it looked pretty much unstained. I could be wrong on that one, too.
  4. The original photo was posted on Twitter. Everyone was standing flat-footed and Hoiberg is immediately adjacent to D'Ante, which should give us a reasonable impression of how tall D'Ante is.
  5. Dalano has the waistband of his shorts rolled over to make them shorter like my daughters used to do.
  6. I think Frost's play calling has been to blame for a lot of our offensive struggles so far, TBH. I think he started to get out of his own way in the 2nd quarter and, when Vedral came in, it looked more like what it's supposed to from a scheme perspective: force the other team to defend the whole field from sideline to sideline. Designed QB runs need to come at opportune times when you catch the defense flat-footed, like Vedral's score. Not like 2AM's first 5-6 runs when he hadn't yet established himself as a passing threat.
  7. Stanford falls to Minnesota. Huskers overcome a first-set loss to win in 4. A #1 ranking on Monday? Seems highly probable. Good job ladies.
  8. Actually, I kinda like the look. Very classy.
  9. More like replaces Matty Kavas when he graduates. Sweet stroke.
  10. According to Rivals, as of today, here's what players we've made offers to (and haven't been crossed off the list) in the Rivals 150 for 2021: #1 5-star Jonathan Kuminga 6'8 210# sf/pf, Elizabeth, NJ #2 5-star Terrence Clarke 6'6 175# sg, Wolfeboro, NH #10 5-star Devin Askew 6'3 185# pg, Santa Ana, CA #13 5-star Kennedy Chandler 6'0 165# pg, Eads, TN #19 4-star Kendall Brown 6'7 195# f, Bel Aire, KS #41 4-star Zach Clemence 6'10 205# pf, Bel Aire, KS #49 4-star Hunter Sallis 6'4 165# pg/sg, Millard, NE #52 4-star Bryce McGowens 6'6 165# sf, Piedmont, SC #65 4-star Bryce Hopkins 6'5 180# g, Oak Park, IL #73 4-star Josh Taylor 6'8 200# f, Norcross, GA #78 4-star Adama Sanogo 6'9 230# c Hillside, NJ #83 4-star Frank Anselem 6'9 220# c Napa, CA #91 4-star Ahamad Bynum 6'1 175# pg, Chicago, IL #120 3-star Matthew Mors 6'7 220# pf, Yankton, SD #125 3-star Jordan Nesbitt 6'6 185# sf, St. Louis, MO #126 3-star Chucky Hepburn 6'1 173#, Omaha, NE #130 3-star Tamar Bates 6'4 175# sg, Kansas City I assume this all means we have a foot in the proverbial door. If there was no interest at all, we probably wouldn't be setting up in-home visits and such. I like the fact that they're swinging for the bleachers, to borrow a baseball metaphor. I don't think I've ever seen us do this before. Be interesting to see how it all pans out.
  11. We were also in to see 4-star '21 center Adama Sanogo.
  12. Kuminga looks like what I'm going to start calling a "Hoiberg 4." The fact they're going to go see him tells me he didn't just tell us to pound sand and didn't throw our recruiting letter in the circular file.
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