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  1. I hope this opens the floodgates for some upper-level 2021 guys to commit. Sometimes it just takes that first guy to open the door.
  2. I don't know a lot, but I can tell you with certainty that Yvan and Kaleb Wesson are not both 6'9". I feel like Kaleb had him by at least a couple of inches. Which could put Kaleb at 6'10" and Yvan at 6'8". Maybe. But they for sure aren't both 6'9".
  3. Yes. He did. That's true. He lost a bet with Jason Peter is how I understood it.
  4. Are we allowed to comment on this or are only certain viewpoints permitted? I just want to know the rules so I don't violate them.
  5. I'm not going to ruin it for you and tell you how it all ends but I will tell you that Steve Spurrier cries after the last game.
  6. We just need some frickin players to build some success under HCFH so that the next time a 5-star kid comes out of Omaha, he has a reason to consider us. For the record, I would prefer more of a mix of HS and transfer talent. So, if Sauter accurately characterized what Sallis told him, I don't really disagree with Hunter's thoughts here. It just would have been nice to make the top 12 and not make the top 5, let's say.
  7. As most of you know, if Covid hadn't occurred, the opening game of the 2020 Nebraska football season would probably have been this weekend. I don't know about you guys, but I might just tailgate anyway, darn it. There's sure to be a full game on Youtube somewhere; hopefully it's a game we won. (I mean, who wants to watch a full game we lost on Youtube? Amiright?) But even if I don't, I'm still in the mood to offer some predictions about what isn't going to happen this weekend. I think the first game might have been against something like Troy. Does anyone k
  8. One thing we have going for us that we've NEVER had going for us before is a coach with a big name who played in the pros, coached in the pros, and got it done at the college level. Never had that before. I'd say we've got a puncher's chance.
  9. Makes me nostalgic for the good old days when "Corona times" had a distinctly different meaning.
  10. Home-and-home round robin with six teams means 10 games, five at home. And maybe they could swing Southwest Arkansas State Technical A&M as sort of a warm-up.
  11. So the parents of white kids who don't even suit up for their own HS team are underwriting the cost of the "Super Star X" kids from Omaha to travel the summer national circuit? And this is unfair to average-skilled black kids whose parents can't afford to be exploited like that? I think I'm following this. Back in the old days, there was like ONE traveling summer team from Nebraska, and they were sponsored by some local business, and it was always a big deal who made it. I remember reading about how Gerry Gdowski figured out he wasn't cut out for basketball in college becaus
  12. So, among his claims (and this is just my recapitulation of what he said in his video, so I'm not vouching for these statements): White AAU, he says, is more about developing players' skills, knowledge and understanding of the game. They practice more than they play games. Real coaches work on real skill development. (FWIW, he says, as a black man, that he's coaching in White AAU and talked about some of the development he works on with his players.) Black AAU, instead, according to this guy, is about individuals maximizing their visibility to college recruiters and the
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