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  1. Norm Peterson

    The Official Media Thread

    Neither did Amir.
  2. Norm Peterson

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    You wrote the bolded statement above using passive voice; you should consider revising. I would suggest something like: "Man, you used that semicolon like a boss; if you can use your colon that proficiently, you're doing great!"
  3. Norm Peterson

    2019 SF Robbie Beran

    We've seen it in the past where some kid chooses a school that wasn't on his "final" list. It happens. Would love to see this kid commit to us. I really like his game. When I first saw this offer, I did a quick look up and Rivals showed him as an unranked player, which surprised me because his film said "Rivals 4-star" to me. I don't know when he got that 4th star. It might have been before our offer or shortly thereafter. Either way, you watch this kid's film and you can see he can do some things. Things that would really fit well in Miles' system. I'm hoping they stay on him and see if they can swing at least an unofficial visit. He'd have some real opportunities here.
  4. Norm Peterson

    2019 SF Robbie Beran

    He's now a Rivals 4-star, so no longer shocked that he isn't. https://n.rivals.com/prospect_rankings/rivals150/2019 (Of course, it doesn't look like we made his final cut, so perhaps irrelevant to us that he's now a 4-star.)
  5. Norm Peterson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Rivals 150 for 2020 lists him as #92. So, in the history of Rivals rankings, better than any HS recruit we've had besides Glynn Watson. https://n.rivals.com/prospect_rankings/rivals150/2020
  6. Norm Peterson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    I think that's exactly correct. Jason Kidd was a top 5 player in that class; Andre was the next best PG but there were a lot of players in between.
  7. Norm Peterson

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    Burke's example is proof that recruiting rankings neither assure that a guy is good nor assure that a guy won't be. They generally give you a decent, somewhat reliable indication, but they're not always spot on, and really good players can slide under the radar, in part because they might blossom later or their game might translate better to the next level. I'm hoping Adams-Woods is like Burke: A guy who was under-rated by the recruiting services and other D1 coaches. Miles has a solid history of spotting talent that will translate. I haven't seen many of his players come in and just be total stiffs. Especially at the guard position. In fact, a lot of his recruits have done waaaaay better than anyone expected. The trouble is, in order to compete for top-half league finishes and possible NCAA tourney trips, you gotta have some studs. And though Evan Taylor was far better than any of us had any reason to expect, he wasn't a stud. He was a fine role player, which you need, but he wasn't a stud, which you also need. And I'm not sure what to make of Mika.
  8. Norm Peterson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Andre Woolridge was roughly top 25, which would make him a 5-star by today's standards. Erick Strickland was top 80 according to Street and Smith from way back in the day. Both Strickland and Boone were somewhere in the 70s, making them both solid 4-stars. And then Amos Gregory was a 1st team juco AA. How's that for a recruiting class?
  9. Norm Peterson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Jacob, it occurs to me that Shereef Mitchell reclassified to 2019 and should be counted as a 2019 recruit, just as Khyri Thomas should be considered a 2015 recruit. That would maybe make Mike Daum the best of 2014 but it leaves a blank for 2018 and then you'd also need to tell us who's better between Shereef and Akol. Also wonder why it's OK for Creighton to send Shereef to prep school for a year but it was a terrible, horrible, no-good, dirty-rotten thing for Miles to suggest to Aguek Arop to go spend a year in prep school, which was manifestly the right advice.
  10. Norm Peterson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    4-star player; 4-star recruiter. Help Tim land some good ones, Donovan!
  11. Norm Peterson

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    You don't have to be an explosive finisher to be a difference maker. I'm wondering, though, where this guy fits in the realm of role player vs. star player. I think to be successful in this league, we have to have some difference makers. I don't know if this guy is or not. Can't tell. We can still use role players, but we also need to have some real difference makers. And the weaker links we have at one spot, the better the player has to be at another spot to make up for it. Or we fail to make the post-season and hope the next kid is an upgrade. And I have tried to find good video on this kid and I haven't been able to locate any that had any significant, watchable highlights, so he's probably a bit of an unknown at this point. I just look at our recruiting and I'm hoping for some difference makers because I don't want us to fall back to pre-Miles era recruiting, which appears to be our trajectory right now, and that doesn't bode well for future conference finishes.
  12. Norm Peterson

    College Hoops Countdown

    I wonder if the KU AD would still have fired the fat guy if they'd had a crystal ball and could look into the future10 years and see what happened since Mangino left. In the 9 full seasons since Mangino, KU won a grand total of 15 games. They won 13 in Mangino's last 2 years and had 12 wins in one season the year before that. So, 25 wins in Mangino's last 3 seasons; 15 total wins in the 9 seasons after that. Yikes.
  13. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Look at the realtime rpi predictions before the season. Troy was ranked higher than Colorado and we were expected to lose to Troy. I think a legit argument can be made that not playing Akron cost us both of these games. We'll never know. I'm wondering if the O-line gained too much weight in the off-season.
  14. Norm Peterson

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Semicolon usage checks out.
  15. Norm Peterson

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Holy crap! What are they smoking?