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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, wait my dudes. Those South Carolinians know their shit when it comes to barbecue. Don't you go running down South Carolina when I'm around. Whole Hog BBQ - South Carolina Style - YouTube
  2. Thing is do you want the guy who screwed the pooch on football and baseball seasons to be in charge of anything as consequential as possible Big Ten expansion?
  3. I see your point @49r but I think those would be better pickups than Maryland and Rutgers, at least as far as the quality of athletic programs.
  4. Size matters. That's what she said. Figured I'd fast forward and get right to the bawdy humor instead of waiting a couple of days for someone else to get around to it.
  5. Or you could express that as a Haiku: Your reality Is not actually real Go beat on Sek more
  6. Nice crossover, but it's always going to his right. Alonzo Verge Crossover in Ball Screen Situations - YouTube
  7. Red team: Kobe Trey Bryce Keon Eduardo White team: Alonzo CJ Quaran Wilhelm Derrick
  8. So, will relationships win over name on the jersey?
  9. No. He's just not going to recruit high school players 20-years-old or older who physically maxed out in middle school.
  10. Needs to make it a priority to start getting to "leg day."
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