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  1. I think people underestimate the value of experience. Unless you have 1-and-done players (we're not Kentucky) then there's no substitute for experience. I learned my lesson once when I made a bet with @NUdiehard that we would have at least a 2-game improvement in our record with the addition of size from Jorge Brian Diaz after the year where Ryan Anderson and Ade Daguduro were our starting frontcourt. Guess what, we were worse. Even though we had a very talented 6'11 center who could score. You just can't substitute for experience. So, while things are going poorly right now, give it time. Our record isn't an indictment on the talent of our players or the skill of our coaching staff or anything other than our youth and inexperience. It's gonna take some time. I'm not even interested in what our final record will be this year.
  2. Correct. I think it's highly likely that neither Kavas nor Cheatham will be back next year. I should add: this is not based on inside information; just an educated guess.
  3. He didn’t have any assists. None. And no steals, either. So, you were saying? I keed, I keed!
  4. Thomas Allen was gone no matter what happened with Miles. Our roster if Miles had been retained would have challenged this one for guys who can't shoot.
  5. This might not be fair to entirely pin on Kavas, but since he played 25 minutes against UC-Riverside, that means ... They scored 52 points in the 25 minutes he was on the floor (2 pts/min) and only scored 14 points in the 15 minutes he was not on the floor (1 pt/min). That's a pretty dramatic stat, actually.
  6. Not a good sign if you're into reading tea leaves.
  7. I get that, but ... A complete list of all the Husker players who'd played a D1 game before last night: Haanif Cheatham Matej Kavas Dachon Burke Thorir Thorbjarnarson Which of them are too good for Riverside?
  8. A point very much worth remembering as people look for window ledges to jump from as the season goes along.
  9. After these last 2 games, I think it's pretty clear Jervay is the backup at point. Don't know who's minutes get adjusted to get Shamiel in the game, but Kavas doesn't start anyway. This is all yet to be seen. We're going to have to watch at least a couple more games to get a sense of this group. Hopefully the shooting last night was just a one-off event.
  10. Yvan has tremendous upside. This season could be brutal, but he's going to come back next year an entirely different player, and potentially a difference maker. That drop-step (some people might call it something else) move he did to score is something few bigs on past teams could have executed. Have some patience. We have some really young contributors seeing their first college action. They're going to get better. One guy not to sleep on: Akol Arop. No, I'm not kidding. He's learning the game right now but he has athleticism in spades and he has really excellent length. Was watching him shooting in warmups and the kid has a pretty decent jump shot. If he gets that jumper down to the point where he can reliably hit 40% from deep (which I think is doable) he can be a 3-and-D guy for us because he can guard so many different positions. He's learning the game. Give him time. That jumper could get him on the floor.
  11. Having said all of that above, there were definitely bright spots last night. Yvan is a load on the defensive end. Opposing bigs, so far, aren't getting deep in the paint. I've seen them lower their shoulders and try to back him in and he doesn't budge. Which is really good to see. And he scored 9 points last night on 4-6 shooting. He'll eventually learn how to use his body to create some space to make those shots inside happen. Cam Mack is looking really solid so far. Not the best shooting night last night, missed a couple at the rim, but was 40% from 3-point range, scored 11 and grabbed 9 boards. He'd have had more assists but his teammates weren't making a lot of shots. Except for the shooting last night, the jucos are playing better than typical for a transition-to-D1 season. I think the shooting will eventually come around and we'll regress to the mean. This was just a really off night offensively. But those two have a lot of talent, and you could see it. The first ten minutes, they looked like a team. As the season goes on and they settle in, I think we'll see more of those stretches and less of the trying-to-force-stuff-because-we're-behind-and-I'm-trying-to-catch-up-all-at-once stuff.
  12. I mentioned in the HHCC thread that I have very low expectations for this season. So, it won't take much for me to be happy with what I see. Some reasons to be a little chill about last night's debacle: Hoiberg built an entire roster from scratch in a roughly 30-day stretch ... in the spring ... when things were pretty well picked-over These guys have never played together before They don't ideally have the types of skillsets HCFH would recruit if he had more time to build a team So you had to figure there would be bumps in the road We start a 17-year-old center who is younger than half of the high school seniors playing basketball in this country right now We have three true-freshmen in our regular rotation all of whom played in their first official college games last night Our starting PG is a only a sophomore, and a juco to boot, and it generally takes jucos at least a semester to adjust We only have two seniors on the entire roster So, we're young, inexperienced, and undersized this season. What were you expecting?
  13. On the bright side, the whole strategy of "slow the game down by running the shot clock down to the end on every possession before chucking up a 3" was vindicated tonight. On the other hand, they didn't run any weave, so ...
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