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  1. What are the donation amounts per zone?
  2. Anyone think Altman was or is still on the list? I know he just got an extension but so did Oats and he is now gone to Bama. I'm sure Oats buyout was not near as much as Altman's would be but just thought it was interesting how Altman was kind of written off after they announced his contract extension.
  3. Kent heard about the transfer portal and all the kids are doing it. He's got five years eligibility left. Just putting his name in to see what happens, but intends fully on returning next season.
  4. Never thought I’d say it but that’s it for me. I can’t keep up the optimism when I don’t believe anymore. I’m done putting so much energy and care into Nebrasketball I like Tim Miles and don’t know if firing him is the answer or not. Just sad that we are sitting in this spot right now. Nothing ever changes. It was supposed to be different this year and yet here we are again. Peace out [emoji1308] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It doesn't look good but man, I just think we can get hot shooting again at any time like we were at the beginning of the year. Maybe I am delusional in thinking this, but having seen it I just can't get it out of my head that it's still possible to get hot and beat a team or two that we aren't supposed to down the stretch as well as take care of the ones at home that we should. Then we can still see light at the end of the tunnel to set out and still have a chance to attain the goals that were set at the beginning of the season.
  6. It's either fire or extend at least three years. This one year stuff just leaves the door open for other schools recruiting the same players to say "hey look, he's still in "evaluation mode" and probably won't be around if they have a bad year this year, do you really want to risk wasting a year of eligibility by going there and then having him be fired?" This is a big disadvantage for recruiting and trying to build something going forward. Yes there is the other side of things where he's had seven years to get it right and hasn't. I just think the one year thing was not the right thing to do.
  7. It's definitely doable. I can see why people think the season is over but if you really look at the numbers and where we're still projected to be in the tournament (I've seen 10 and 12 seed projections) we can get it done. Everyone has to step up and I mean EVERYONE. The X-Factor off the bench needs to be Nana. I have said it before and will say it again, he is much more than a catch and shoot from three type of guy. He's so athletic and needs to be let loose to open up his game, drive to the rim, be a slasher, etc. I still think he is going through some mental hurdles but have been wondering
  8. Ugh...just makes me sick that this is the situation we are in. Still time to turn it around but man, I never thought we would be sitting like this after the Indiana game.
  9. Haha. Yep you’re right. I didn’t even notice the dates. My bad. I should’ve taken the hint from an earlier post that we were 12 point favorites!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not gonna be much of a crowd at PBA I wouldn’t think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yeah that was pretty bad. Brad just thinks that was a good box out. Surprised he didn’t flop while boxing out to try and draw the push foul on Borchardt. Either way he got what he wanted. Might be the most hatable player on the B1G. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'm still sick because we exposed Happ. He could not guard Roby. Roby took him to school a few times but that was basically a "mismatch" with the ball in Roby's hands. I don't understand how we don't see that and keep attacking there. Make Happ foul Roby or make them start dropping down a double team on him. I just hate seeing things like this and then we go away from it. Also, Tim Miles cannot make free throws or layups. I don't understand how people can blame the coach for this.
  13. Was this the one when Borchardt fouled out? If so, as much as I hate Davison, Borchardt was inside the circle (split second too late getting there) and the call was correct. Although it was a flop, he's going to get the benefit of the doubt with the size of Borchardt plowing into him.
  14. All we can do as fans is play our part. Get to PBA and be loud and support these guys. We're gonna get into the tournament and then who knows, anything can happen. GBR
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