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  1. burgundy95

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    The 12-month subscription for $19.95 is the epitome of brutality for sure
  2. burgundy95

    The Top 25 thread

    Villanova now with three losses. Has anyone thought maybe they just aren't that good? I guess Penn will automatically jump Nebraska and be in the top 25 now for beating a mediocre at best Villanova team. But yes, if we take care of Okie State, we should be back in.
  3. Damn...I should've brought in some Payday and 100 Grand bars too
  4. I live and work in Omaha. There are so many cubicles with Jays crap hung up all over and people always wearing their gear and I can overhear them talking. I want to sneak over to someone's cube that isn't here today and take a selfie with all their Jays crap. I"m rockin the Nebraska Basketball sweatshirt proudly today. I've been to the last two Nebraska-Creighton games here in Omaha and I didn't think I'd ever hear the end of it. Surprise, surprise...crickets today
  5. Ty-Shon should be getting more flack. He didn't show up. We completely took him out of the game. Its nice to see us do this to them for once when so many times, they've been able to take out our best players over the years or at least limit them severely.
  6. Sorry if this has already been posted or discussed somewhere but from this morning's article by Chris Basnett, I did not realize this: Creighton — run and gun, let it fly Creighton — finished with zero fast-break points. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nebraska-defense-regains-its-edge-while-slowing-jays-attack/article_784642b6-ed57-54cc-a906-c886f933cb59.html?utm_content=buffer5f911&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=LEEDCC#25 Unbelievable effort. Beat them at their own game. Couldn't be more pleased with how this game went.
  7. Out-creightoning creighton is a wonderful feeling [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I didn’t realize he came all the way from the baseline to get that ball. That was badass hustle. Love the effort. He will be good. We know he can shoot. I think he can drive and score as he’s athletic as all get out and can jump outta the gym. We’ll see plenty of that next year when he’s called upon in more of a scoring/slashing role but anything he gives us now will only grow his confidence. Not that he doesn’t already have it but just good for the young dude to get in there and mix it up! Love seeing it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ha. I was thinking the same thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. burgundy95

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    Nebraska -7 O/U 151 on VegasInsider
  11. burgundy95

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    Exactly...Gotta have Glynn bug the crap out of Ty-Shon.
  12. burgundy95

    Is it time to start Brady?

    He doesn't know how good he is yet
  13. burgundy95

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    I hope you're right. This game has a very similar feel to the extreme letdown that was the 2014-15 game where we were way more talented and they beat us by 10 at home. I hope we come out and smack them in the mouth right away to take a page out of their book. They've abused us early multiple times in this series and we need to stop that!!!
  14. burgundy95

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    I'm going to be sick watching this. I may have to just lay on the floor and listen to Kent...