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  1. Actually, and this should come as a surprise to no one, she left me.
  2. Did you check with Norm Stewart on that? (Props for the obscure Pete Manning reference.)
  3. Had offers from Holy Cross and North Dakota.
  4. Correct, Norm, at least to a certain degree. I broke bread with an NIL donor over the weekend, and he indicated his participation in an NIL collective would reduce somewhat his direct contributions toward facilities. There is only so much $$ out there. The current trend is to put resources directly toward talent acquisition. Many NIL donors at least for now think that has a higher chance of working than vague concepts of "we have great facilities".
  5. I didn’t see it anywhere. There is a lot going on with the collectives in this state. Fast and furious right now. Special efforts going on just for basketball; recent meetings in Lincoln and Grand Island. The usual suspects getting asked to participate. Not hard to find stuff out depending on who you know.
  6. Trey more likely to come back than Lat.
  7. You’re low on Baylor. But I appreciate the concept. Gonna be a locker room mess in general.
  8. We’re putting together a helluva NIL package for Baylor. If we don’t get him it’s not going to be that we didn’t offer enough.
  9. With a whole bunch of in-state players doing OK for other schools, and who look better than many of the stiffs we have thrown out there to finish last 3 years in a row, it could just be a pattern.
  10. My point is most of the guys we have taken from other states needed to develop also, and haven't been able to cut it here. So in hindsight they needed to go to a lower D1 school to develop also. Or stay. Point is, we and other schools are too harsh or skeptical about in-state recruits, and not skeptical enough with recruits from other areas.
  11. Or run one of the young guys. Say we gotta win now.
  12. Time for Fred to step up and get Scheierman. Go up against the big boys and get a win. Couldn't do it with Sallis, Hepburn, or Traudt. Did a helluva job getting Bryce, and developing him while he was here. But Baylor could make a huge difference with the whole program and save a precarious situation. Win some games, win some in-state recruiting cred after getting Sam and Baylor. For Baylor, leave a legacy on program improvement. For Fred, be the damn Mayor. Make this happen.
  13. What does "like him" mean? White guy from a rural area? I don't think we've struck out on guys "like him", because he's way better than those guys, and was coming out of high school. And every guy we signed in the meantime from somewhere else needed development. And didn't look anything special" early on, if ever. I would have been fine not taking most of the stiffs we brought in the past several years out of high school than this guy.
  14. Painting with a broad brush. There are all sorts of other examples (e.g. Tomje at CSU) who are better than some of the out of state stiffs we have brought in. We've had plenty of Heimans and Arops from perceived exotic hoops locations all over the country. Arop at least can play 20 minutes a game at UNO, unlike Elijah Wood.
  15. Everyone around the state knew of this guy. Too many times we overlook Nebraska guys and end up with stiffs from somewhere else. That’s starting to change, thankfully, with Trev’s influence. You’re seeing more offers to Nebraska kids in football, and men’s and women’s basketball. Should help the culture.
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