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  1. That's what she said. But I think she mainly meant #3.
  2. Awesome video choice, Bugs. If REO had never been invented, I would have better hearing in my 60s.
  3. I mean, I let semi-colon misuse go, but I hit my water mark on Blanton and Ivan.
  4. Seriously, with the names? At this point of the season, multiple references on this thread alone to "Blanton", and now "Ivan ". Your way of trolling?
  5. Jimmy, half-full isn’t allowed. That’s against the rules. You have to be completely full, until after 3 years. You must not have gotten the memo.
  6. There’s plenty of reasonable evidence right now. You and Art can try to set an arbitrary timeline for it, but you’re not the sole arbiters.
  7. I’m just saying that for a team that has lost 26 straight conference games, with some putrid non-conference losses, the criticism hasn’t been that sharp. Certainly not by message board standards, although this one has always been better than most. So when there is a well though-out post, respectfully articulated like Diehards, I’m going to defend him. Ok for people to disagree with him, or me, or someone who even thinks Banton will play in the NBA. But people should be able to post like that without recrimination. Yes, we’re only in the second year. On the other hand, the performance
  8. Yeah, the board is hilarious. Hilariously wrong most of the time. But no one comes on and says “man, was I wrong by a mile.” Instead they tend to attack those who are more accurate.
  9. Why was the second year “just thrown together”? If these guys are all that, they could have done better. Anyway, time will tell. And I predict some changes in the off season. And I also hope you are right and these guys prove to be awesome.
  10. Carry on. If you think we have a good recruiting staff right now, go for it. I'll go by what I see when they play minutes on the court.
  11. Who has called for Fred to be fired? I don't recall one post like that. If you think the current staff is perfect and off limits, fine, but general assertions to the contrary aren't out of left field. We have brought in some players who flat out can't play at this level, so everything needs looked at. Losing 24 straight or whatever it is, even early in a tenure, isn't good. If someone would have suggested in October of '19 we'd not we'd lose all but 2 in year one, and the first 8 in year 2, they'd have gotten 100 down-arrows and a boat load of ridicule. So the mild critiques on her
  12. Nobody has "trashed" the staff. Raising concerns with the product we have out there is different then trashing. Diehard's critique is well thought out and articulated, quite respectfully. I've yet to see anyone say Fred should be fired and not given more time. On next year's class I hope you're right. Not sure it looks great on paper for this team in this league--doesn't add a true big or a true point. However, the class could grow. Hoping for the best. The comment about keeping Nebraska kids isn't that odd. With Fred's reputation, close proximity to where he
  13. Well meaning, but delusionally optimistic. Who guards the post in the Big 10 in either lineup? Does defense in the Big not matter? Oh yeah, but 5-out. Let me know when that wins consistently in this league; when it happens I will stand down and salute. And no true point guard (I guess you're saying Bryce is, will be interesting to see)? Yeah, that's going well. In the first, there is one shooter, maybe 2. In the second, maybe 3 if the newbies can actually shoot consistently (let's just say a lot of people thought we had more shooters' coming in this year than we did; see recent
  14. Excellent post, NU Diehard. Nailed it on all fronts. As to anyone watching Yvan's film, and not seeing the obvious: Makes one wonder if Fred really watched it, vs. just letting Matt A. do Matt A.? I mean, it is indeed troubling wondering who and how did our coaches think some of these guys could play at this level?
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