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  1. And Norm, that very well could have been you.
  2. Whoops, actually the guy was trying to score on a double from first. My version sounded a little better...
  3. OK, I'm not gonna lie, that game aged me 10 years. And we throw a guy out trying to score from second on a relay throw? By a guy playing first base for the first half inning of his career? Just crazy.
  4. Well, 6-3 now. Gonna need some more runs.
  5. Now 6-0 after top half of the inning. Will likely need more runs on Johhny Wholestaff day!
  6. Nice start! 5-0 Huskers top of first. 7 hits in the inning, batted around the lineup. Will be very interesting to see how Kyle does!
  7. Maybe its the camera angles, but this guy doesn't look 6'4".......
  8. I took in all 3 of those games. Brutal.
  9. Very doubtful that we will make the postseason.
  10. Walk-on. Gary's younger son Mike was the better player, and went to Marquette on scholarship. Was a decent player there.
  11. Wow. She looks all of 70 these days....
  12. Xavier Johnson comes in at #9, and Christian Bishop at #20. Whoever came up with the rankings loves what Maryland did.
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