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  1. Your view of reality. Has nothing to do with actual reality. Go beat on Sek some more.
  2. Interesting take. Mine are really expensive.
  3. Norm, you should upgrade. No point in watching these guys from the upper levels.
  4. Wonder if the scouts were worried about Kopps arm being wrecked by Van Horn (also has had Tommy John surgery). Looking good for Christo to be a Husker next year.
  5. No matter what happens tomorrow, I love this team
  6. What are you talking about? This is the number one ranked team in the country.
  7. Well, if that’s your standard, we just finished 14th in hoops two years in a row.
  8. Well, not Sunday now. Will take in the first one today for sure, trying to work in the second. Interested to see who will pitch the second game today.
  9. I am. And Sunday. Great seats, ready to roll.
  10. Great win. Always good to beat the Wolverines, no matter the sport, no matter the day.
  11. 5-0 good guys early. Was wonderful to see Kyle Perry have two perfect innings. Anytime someone comes back from Tommy John surgery you gotta pull for them.
  12. And Norm, that very well could have been you.
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