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  1. HB


    19-8 Others receiving votes (26th overall)
  2. HB

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Yes, we should be concerned. One's heel is kinda important in the sport of basketball.
  3. I think Kent can handle this name. In his sleep.
  4. Man, that's the post of a long time Husker hoops fan!
  5. Big, beautiful tickets in my mail box today.
  6. HB

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    You're frustrated with the wrong coaches.
  7. HB

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    No, we don't have to be OK with arm-chair, knee-jerk, impatient critics. It makes no sense to say someone needs 4 years, but after 4 months of practice and games I"m going to criticize the hell out of them. New flash, we were terrible last year for a lot more reasons than quitting. And those decent Dline players you were talking about barely got a hand on the QB despite 64 pass attempts and 37 straight.
  8. HB

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Well, all I know is we win 9 or more 7 straight years and then we were left with this mess. Everyone can analyze a few game decisions all they want, but the bottom line is this group took over a program with poor talent, no depth, a culture of no discipline and accountability, and a bunch of people are already all over the new coaches who created none of that. They already recruited a great QB and are rolling up yards despite a bad oline. Everyone living in the moment. This was a complete start-over and everyone was in complete denial on how bad it was.
  9. HB

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    No, we don't have 7 win talent against this schedule. Our talent sucks. Our fans don't want to admit how phony the recruiting schtick was with HHH. Look at the defense, for Christ's sake. There isn't a great player on it. Not one. Not one quality pass rusher. Bad linebackers. Bad secondary. So instead of your take, it is players, players, players. And we have to get some. This was rock bottom after the worst 3 years of coaching and recruiting in college football history. So many of our fans are in denial of the extent of the problem. We have to recruit our way out of this, and i think we will. But it ain't a quick fix.
  10. HB

    The rotation this year

    The staff's biggest lineup concern is playing Glynn and TA at the same time. They think we will get exploited defensively when both are playing at the same time. Early returns on Amir (in all facets other than shooting) are quite positive. I wouldn't be surprised when we play the better competition (translate bigger at the wing), that TA plays more when Amir is in the game rather than with Glynn.
  11. I love PBA and think the atmosphere is good; much better than before. Having said that, there are places that are like "No Sit Sunday" virtually every game. This doesn't relate to the Big 10, but once you've gone to a game in Allen Field House in Lawrence, you can see that we're a long way from that standard. I've been to several games there in the past 5 years (and will take in KU-Stanford on 12/1), and the atmosphere is just incredible. And I'm not even a KU fan (Sorry, Jimmy).
  12. From the latest testimony KU is all over this game. And Maryland flirting with it as well.
  13. You might want to call the ticket office on the football tickets; got those a week ago.
  14. It was Nee. Brought it with him from Notre Dame days. It was originally a Digger idea. Danny told the story of its origin one night at Barry's and it was hilarious. Wish I could remember more details. Danny's Digger stories were great. My memory is that Jeff Smith got the "eye in the sky" role at Nebraska.
  15. HB

    Muhl gets the call

    Glad to see you've come down to earth from 16-1, Jimmy!