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  1. Mitchell simply can’t guard anyone. You can’t have her in the game. Bless her heart cause she’s a great kid, but she can’t defend
  2. Another obvious example was poor Grace trying to guard the baseline dribble. Just got blown by, we have to help, wide open 3, bang.
  3. End of the quarter an example. Just didn’t play the possession hard. Ref missed the travel, but never should have not been on the shooter
  4. Not sure I’ve ever seen a team with slower foot speed than us. Most fans just watch offense. But I’m telling you we are god awful on defensive speed and quickness. Some of it is just slow, and some of it is effort. We get by with some of it due to a shot blocking post. Ultimately, to go anywhere, we’re gonna have to recruit more quickness, and emphasize playing harder on D. If anyone tries to contend we look remotely like playing with our hair on fire on defense, they would be wrong.
  5. I get it, but it would seem to be more accurate to say home-state school vs. hometown. Omaha is not Lincoln. I am not aware of any connection Sallis has to Lincoln. His mom is from Omaha, and played on the west coast in college.
  6. I'm bullish on Bolt. And our lineup is better than last year, if the starters stay healthy. Obviously some newcomers on the mound. Can't wait for the season.
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