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  1. HB

    Annika Stewart

    Is N. 6'3" post out of Minnesota. Looks like a good pick-up.
  2. Confident that it is a 2 horse race for Emily Ryan, and neither horse is from Kansas. Could know soon. I think it is down to Iowa State and the Huskers.
  3. You're also a total dick. Don't forget to add that to your list of accomplishments
  4. Enjoy being the biggest douche in the history of the board. Worse than Kidney. Worse than Kearney Man. Worse than Double Jay. Congratulations.
  5. Locking up a program changing coach and playing an NIT game are not mutually exclusive. If you had a remote clue you would know that. But you don't. You're just a troll.
  6. Wish I could but I'm on the left coast
  7. Curry is out for a long time
  8. The two are not related. Rather a fan boy than a non Husker fan posting On what was a good Husker board.
  9. That is just pathetic. U have no clue what U are talking about . Embarrassingly clueless. Lucky Dimes has been on a tolerant streak lately
  10. You clearly do suck as a fan. That has been made abundantly clear the past few days. You don't support our players at all due your own goofy misplaced agenda. So glad U called yourself out. Cheering for us to lose does not equal a Husker fan.
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