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  1. Actually, at the time the guy wasn't wrong. But things changed. Glad they did. But it wasn't idle talk back then.
  2. League looks really good this year. There will be a lot of epic battles in league play. Can't take a night off.
  3. Must not have noticed Thomas Allen. Well, everyone else did
  4. Probably feeling pressure after being exposed as dirty
  5. HB

    The Top 25 thread

    But our really good players don't get similar treatment. You'd think Glynn hadn't started for 4 years in this league. F this league and F the refs.
  6. Plus we need to sub earlier, as we can't have Amir or Brady in at the end of the game due to free throw shooting.
  7. That might have just punched Palmer's ticket to Europe for his future basketball.
  8. That was a tough one and gonna hurt for awhile. Although a win Saturday would be a good salve. A lot of big plays a calls. But I think one that could be overlooked was TA missing the front end late. I think we had a 3 point lead. He makes both and we're back up to 5, stop the bleeding, and maybe we hang on. Instead it was the dreaded and familiar feeling of "uh oh, here we go". I called game when he missed it. Might not be fair but it was pretty big.
  9. Didn't Kent McCloughan win it during Sayers' senior year?
  10. HB

    Pavelkatron 1000

    I got him on Garth Brooks' track event at Oklahoma State. Rosie swore he was a pole vaulter. He actually threw the javelin. Scoreboard HB.
  11. Yeah, that is all over Lincoln. Hope they work it out.
  12. HB

    Amir Harris is N

    Looks way worse.