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  1. I can think of 100,000 reasons why Walker returned.
  2. My point wasn't to look back on recruiting, but looking forward, and how difficult it is when the current coach is on a hot seat. After the third straight last place finish, and a restructured contract, it gets difficult to sell the program to recruits. This situation is dire. Not impossible, but odds of Fred surviving it are low.
  3. I was talking about the class to be signed in November. Recently lost Braelon Green and Parker Friedrichson. Per Washut, we don't have a single official visitor for the opening night event on Friday. Some are speculating we will have to rely exclusively on the transfer portal for the '23 class. Haven't recruited a true point guard. It seems to me not getting Freidrichson the second time around reeks of "Oh oh, Hoiberg may not be around when I show up on campus". And I don't get where we signed a "great recruiting class" that are freshman (sic) now".
  4. Doesn't have a salvageable look to me. Recent recruiting losses have all the look of a coach who is much further down the road than year 2.
  5. Washut now says the ship has sailed. Not getting this guy.
  6. Actually more like $12 a beer.
  7. Then so is every other athletic department in the country. If you don't think those conversations go on every single day, you are naïve. Stai wasn't trying to do any of that.
  8. And, most of the content was by Mike Schaefer, not Stai. Coaches, players, and staffers much closer to the situation than a fundraiser have been having private conversations like this with media members every day, for years.
  9. Scoreboard Norm on this one, for sure.
  10. He also was offered a very good NIL package last night. If we don’t get him it won’t be because we didn’t play in that arena.
  11. Pass. Completely ridiculous move. Poorly explained to season ticket holders.
  12. Waiting to hear from Norm. Are u upgraded?
  13. Seems like as good a hire as we had any right to expect under the timing and circumstances. Impressive.
  14. He didn’t dig his own grave with non-conference scheduling. He dug it with poor performance in every aspect of coaching for 3 years —recruiting, coaching, staff hiring, and culture. And completely whiffing on the best in-state talent in decades.
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