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  1. The answer is yes, his post defense, bulk and at least a chance at a rebound in this league will offset the offensive deficiencies. Unless you want to see Garza score 50. Lat couldn’t guard Norm in the paint.
  2. Thor is not the problem. We play better with him in the game. One of the highest hoops IQ ever. And he doesn’t need his, unlike some of the guys today.
  3. Cause Fred got his ass out coached big time by Alford.
  4. That’s what she said, of course.
  5. Either that or targeting.
  6. Over $14,100 now. Husker Fan representing.
  7. UNO hires Ohio State assistant Carrie Banks. Looks like a pretty big-time hire.
  8. I knew this thread would morph into world view and political crap. Screw you Eichorst and your silly Utopian politics.
  9. So now we're subject to criticism for going on with our business because we have the flu or a cold? A "valid argument" that you can't coach a game in that situation? Let's just shut down all businesses, schools and day care centers since carrying on with anything that can be possibly transmitted is a crime against humanity.
  10. News Channel Nebraska will be broadcasting a lot of games on Thursday and Friday.
  11. We've kind of gotten off the thread topic. But I was just wondering how Cain made the All Big 10 all-defensive team--one of only 5 players in the entire league--from both the coaches and media, if she has so many flaws. Seems weird.
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