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  1. Over $14,100 now. Husker Fan representing.
  2. UNO hires Ohio State assistant Carrie Banks. Looks like a pretty big-time hire.
  3. I knew this thread would morph into world view and political crap. Screw you Eichorst and your silly Utopian politics.
  4. So now we're subject to criticism for going on with our business because we have the flu or a cold? A "valid argument" that you can't coach a game in that situation? Let's just shut down all businesses, schools and day care centers since carrying on with anything that can be possibly transmitted is a crime against humanity.
  5. News Channel Nebraska will be broadcasting a lot of games on Thursday and Friday.
  6. We've kind of gotten off the thread topic. But I was just wondering how Cain made the All Big 10 all-defensive team--one of only 5 players in the entire league--from both the coaches and media, if she has so many flaws. Seems weird.
  7. Pretty harsh. Over a hundred blocks but you want to criticize her for style points on how she does them. She's never gonna be a jumper. All she does is stat up. Plus, she is getting better. Was way better this year than last. People used to bitch about Dave Hoppen because he didn't jump. Change too much about Kate and she would be at UConn.
  8. Good points, but in fairness to Kate (and by extension, the coaches), she was FIrst Team All Big 10 defensive team. In some corners, that constitutes being a "star", or at least a "force". Particularly with our lack of ability to defend the drive. She is an absolute stopper for all the paint attempts caused by poor man defense against the dribble-drive. Her block numbers are off the charts. Without her patrolling the paint on defense we would have given up 80+ points a game. She changes the way teams prepare for us. that's called a difference-maker. I shudder to think how things
  9. So then how are we going to fare with the guards in the system or coming on board? I mean, it's pretty urgent, right? Transfer market? Hope we recruit better at the guard position for the '21 class? Can we wait that long?
  10. I’ll go with Vedral At the 4:40 mark of the first half. Fred getting him in for a short stint and then using the under 4 minute time out to stretch the rest for Charlie or Jervay. Whoever wins you will like the beef sticks. A very good product.
  11. Wish Norm was here to analyze that stroke.....
  12. They were paying Edwards $220,008.
  13. My crystal ball must have malfunctioned
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