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  1. HB

    Davison Done

    Basically Andy publicly questioned the Miles hire. TO didn't much appreciate it; nor did Miles. So Andy was basically exiled to Siberia. Too bad, because he was a good color guy.
  2. HB

    Thomas Allen Back to School Drive

    Well done, TA, Some players tweet a big game, but TA is actually doing something.
  3. HB

    Jordy Gone

    Smiles, your posts on here have the appearance of someone waiting to pounce at the first bit of bad news. If Miles doesn't allow Jordy to return in January you're probably hammering him for not giving second chances and not listening to his players. And how how do you know we didn't try to sign a juco /transfer big? Getting good enough ones isn't exactly easy. No one should be immune from criticism but yours seems over the top.
  4. HB

    Jordy Gone

    Fine. Who needs the drama.
  5. HB

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Coughunter, is there a chance you were wrong about Sek all these years?
  6. I'll prepare the bankruptcy papers.
  7. HB

    Watson article from Lee

    His "strengths as a scorer" were undermined by his flat shot, regardless of any conscious approach to facilitate vs. score.
  8. HB

    OT - But and Sorry

    Congrats, Col. And good for you in taking on your duty as a grandpa to bring the kid up "correctly" with regard to his college choices.
  9. Burke isn't eligible this year due to transfer rules, so he won't be seeing any time. Davis may not be eligible due to academics.
  10. HB

    Player Power Rankings

    Very insightful post.
  11. HB

    Akoy Agau

    Wow, I would love to have a debate on the last sentence, but it's a hoops board so I will refrain.
  12. HB

    2018-2019 Roster

    Nothing to be nervous about; its been apparent for quite some time she wouldn't be physically able to keep playing. We'll be moving on without 3 players with returning eligibility from last year, which many have known for a long time but Sam finally decided to put it out there vaguely. The coaches are in charge of timing the announcement, but this has been done for awhile.
  13. HB

    2018-2019 Roster

    Kearney Man, is that you?
  14. Another game I can't root for either team.
  15. HB


    Your scenario explains certain Omaha people liking Creighton hoops Not the hate and d-bag actions toward Husker hoops, when they choose to support the home state football team. Screw the sweater vests; got no use for 'em. My favorite basketball team other than the Huskers is whoever plays Creighton, and usually whoever plays Iowa.