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  1. Meanwhile in Miles' office as he called recruits:
  2. I think he's going to KU for grad school to eventually become a professor in journalism.
  3. The 1994 Expos called. They want their World Series back.
  4. Union Omaha gets its first goal and first ever win for the history books. And against the reigning champion of 2019. FWIW, Union Omaha is in League One (below USL Championship and MLS in the US soccer league system).
  5. Or this part: The first time I talked with Miles after he was fired, he was driving back from North Dakota. He told me that, days after being fired, he went to see his parents. “I told them, ‘Mom, Dad, do you know who the Patriots quarterback was before Tom Brady?’ ” Miles recalled to me. “That’s who I am.” And that’s the difference. Miles sees himself as Drew Bledsoe. Hoiberg — though bashful — Brady.
  6. Kelly throws a couple balls past the Astros and gets an 8-game suspension. Astros cheat their way to the World Series and has zero suspensions. Something doesn't seem right here.
  7. I only read up to "If Hoiberg gets rid of our NCAA goose egg..." And the answer is "Yes".
  8. MLB is "in jeopardy" with some teams postponing games already.
  9. FWIW: https://www.catapultsports.com/sports/basketball
  10. @aphilso1 @49r I hope you both made your coffee early and started the SKC match on time this morning.
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