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  1. He'll still be with us during this time whether or not he gets it done. He clearly had a good lawyer.
  2. Auburn is currently up 48-22 with 3 min to go in the 1st vs. Tom Cream.
  3. We can only hopeā€¦ Unless our entire roster turns over next season, we are only worse off by having fewer games to play. In either case, we can bump the Rock Bottom thread when the time comes.
  4. Burn? Why so much effort? It's very easy to pop a bubble. We've got experience with that.
  5. There's many other options out there outside of college basketball that is forcing the hand of NCAA. International, G-League, and even high school pro leagues are just a handful of those options. Here's an example of one athlete who turned down opportunities at Florida, Georgia, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss for $100,000 in salary per season plus bonuses and stock in Overtime Elite: https://www.si.com/college/recruiting/.amp/basketball/jaylen-martin-signs-with-overtime-elite
  6. Just moments after the call off the knee. Tough call seeing it live, certainly. But bad breaks for us. Could've had a chance to tie this game if a couple things went our way and we took advantage of those opportunities. Nonetheless.
  7. Actually... I believe the answer is actually "No, it hasn't happened in our history." 1 conference win (3): Bush (1962-63), Lewandowski (1944-45), Lewandowski (1943-44) 2 conference wins (5): Hoiberg (2019-20), Sadler (2009-10), Browne (1939-40), Browne (1932-33), Black (1931-32)
  8. TWO THINGS THIS HHCC ROUND: 1) Score prediction for Nebraska at Ohio State (as usual). 2) (BONUS -5 points) Predicting the exact number of assists made by Nebraska players during this game (e.g. I am looking for an answer like "5").
  9. I'm not one to put our lives in the official's hands. They missed a couple calls late in this game that would've helped. Just need to take it into our own hands and make some stops.
  10. Optimistic side of me says that if we had the experience and know-how to play close games, we'd have at least a couple conference wins this season. But then reality sets in...
  11. We'll add it to the "Reasons why we were left out of the 2021-2022 NCAA tournament (even though we never really had a chance), an epilogue" book.
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