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  1. Look...if some Razorback fan come across this for any reason... You had a great team. Your pitcher, Kopps, is a beast. We had a decent shot of our own versus the #1 team in the country but Kopps shuts us down and embarrassed us. Great on you. Better team won the series. But your fans are garbage. Stay out of Omaha.
  2. Wooooooo!!!!!!!! Pig soup! (...did I do that right?)
  3. Omahogs, stay home. We don't want your horrible fans here.
  4. Kopps gave up a solo homerun to NC State in the top of the 9th. 3-2 NC State. Winner to Omaha.
  5. NC State currently up 2-1 on Arkansas. Winner goes to the CWS.
  6. USF tied it up in the 9th... ...but then gave up a walk-off single in center field, after USF wasn't able to throw that prior runner out at first base.
  7. Just sayin'. Make a plan to catch a match some time.
  8. FWIW. [Disclaimer not for the faint of heart] Sounds like he's okay right now. But needed CPR/defibrillator and all.
  9. Gotta say, my mind is on Eriksen right now. Hope he's alright. Terrifying event during the Euros.
  10. Enjoy man, I’ll be in my berm stretched out watching my owls. :) That'll be a hoot.
  11. Scholarships are like a marketing tool. They use them to attract the best talent, whether for an academic scholarship or an athletic scholarship. In turn, they hope those academics and athletes go out into the world and return the favor when they're financially able. They also hope that it draws in more applications and enrollment (just look at the boost a national championship team has on applications the following year). Times have changed. A simple scholarship doesn't draw that top level talent. And that's fine. But it means you have to be very creative in how you build a roster
  12. I think a better comparison is taxes. People find loopholes and tax havens to get around paying taxes. With NIL, sure, a lot of this will come out in the open. But that's not going to stop some recruiters from finding arbitrage opportunities that are definite grey areas.
  13. Although I'm not fully subscribed to the same outlook, Blake's in the industry and I would default to him. Interesting take on comparing it to the eSports growth as that is a massive market. I would also make the connection to the changing landscape Nebraska faced. In our prime, we were ahead of the sport in terms of a strength and conditioning program, being faster and stronger at every position than our opponent. We had prime time access to very limited TV coverage. We were one of twenty of so top brands in college football. The landscape changed. Other teams caught up with stren
  14. Hate to break it to you, but this isn't 1970s college sports anymore. "Amateur" left the athlete in the NCAA more than 20 years ago.
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