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  1. Many on this board were critical of our administration putting handcuffs on Tim Miles by not extending his contract and hindering his recruiting efforts. Well... Frost doesn't have that. And the results at the end of the day aren't getting better.
  2. Oklahoma State is left without the Texas and Oklahoma media revenue. But maybe Gundy has other plans:
  3. 12 games, take the 4/9ths factor, carry the 3, multiply out by the rate of games played... So the "Nebrasketball effect" looks to be somewhere around 5-6 games of 20+ points in a Nebraska uniform.
  4. Rumor has it, it took 7.5 years for the metal beam from Assembly Hall to fall into Indiana's football stadium:
  5. Lots of mental mistakes. Good grit. Could've played better; could've played worse.
  6. Illinois is now 1-3, with losses to UT San Antonio, Virginia, and Maryland.
  7. Do these passes come with free valet service that warms your car up at the 5 minute mark in the 2nd half so you can leave the game early to beat traffic?
  8. Going into this game, I believed Buffalo was a better team than how they played today. Could be wrong. I've given this team some shade this season. But have to give our squad some props for this performance today. Well done.
  9. Is anybody else starting to get a banner advertisement at the top of their browser window (at least on mobile)? It continues to overlap with the navigation (hovering over the HHC logo/link as well as the three bars to open up the forum and other pages). @hhcmatt is this a new addition to the site? Or am I just getting spammed from the ebays and other ad services trying to steal my information?
  10. A good reminder, that no matter our differences, we are all better together. And whether or not you're serving in a uniform or plain clothes, you can still make a difference. "Everyone who can stand up, stand up now."
  11. So what you're saying is, this is a "Bowl or Bull" game. (I'll see myself out now... )
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