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  1. [Checks to see if Grant Gibbs was granted eligibility...]
  2. What's it going to take to make this happen? $100K?
  3. New Adidas announcement for Husker football uniforms:
  4. Unfortunately, we're in an environment where voter suppression is a real thing, regardless of party. Not everyone has the opportunity, or have to jump through many more hoops or bottlenecks to even express their opinion at the ballot box.
  5. I'm just going to drop this in a random OT thread, but I know some of this board will enjoy it:
  6. ...you know how Doc's teams were with conceding jump balls back in his head coaching days.
  7. I mean... Nebraska has built the national reputation of "we'll do whatever we need to in order to have live sports." Might be more of a guarantee to attend a Nebraska bubble tournament than one of the other established ones at this point.
  8. The 76ers would make for a great landing spot for Lue. Especially with how much the team has developed over the last few seasons.
  9. Speaking of pro/rel... Once Sacramento Republic joins MLS, that opens up a spot in USL Championship. Oakland Roots SC was selected to move from NISA to USL Championship. I'm not sure of the politics around that decision, but they should just let the performance on the field decide that in a promotion/relegation system. At least between NISA/USL One and USL Championship.
  10. My favorite was when this schedule was released and people were talking about how easy Iowa had it. (Spoiler alert, look at the difference in Iowa's and Nebraska's schedule). Disclaimer: this was the first Big Ten schedule that was created, not the most recent one.
  11. Yvan is always going to be referred to as "the 17 year old" for the rest of his career here
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