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  1. Their season this year reminds me of our 2014 season. Preseason picked at the bottom, not given any respect, owns their games at home, the energy in the program starts reaching levels it hasn't seen in such a long time. The only difference... we're not even halfway through the conference season and TV analysts are already securing Rutgers a spot in the tournament. It took us moving mountains at the end of the season to crawl our way into the tournament.
  2. This next offensive chance for us could be the difference in the game.
  3. If we can't stop the bleeding here, this run might do us in.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Neither team is playing all that great. If we catch Rutgers flat footed in a couple sprints this 2nd half, we can control the game. Of course, the opposite can happen too. Giving up a 9-0 run to start the 2nd half isn't what I had in mind.
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