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  1. Of course they wait until Brad Davison finally leaves.
  2. Just two more conference wins this season and Mickey will tie Frost for his best conference record at Nebraska.
  3. Teams are 1-6 after playing Nebraska this season.
  4. This has been a common theme ever since we joined the Big Ten. There's been some of our rosters that have looked less equipped to compete in the Big Ten yet they held their own. Who knows, some of it may be coaching as well.
  5. We play really well when there's nobody to defend us!
  6. UC Riverside, Southern Utah, George Mason, North Dakota, and Western Illinois would say otherwise...
  7. It would be a perfect size for the Chicago Fire to play in, but I think they're intent on staying at Soldier Field. Are they planning on staying there after the Bears move out of Solier Field to the racetrack at Arlington Park?
  8. If they make it smaller, then maybe it will be suitable enough for the Chicago Bears as they move up further north.
  9. Speak English man. I can't understand a word you are saying. An oldie but a goodie:
  10. This may be true for a non-revenue generating sport. But there's also a business element at play here. And if Trev wants to be the tough guy who expects a certain level of accountability, I don't see a "clean program where the coach says and does the right things regardless of results" being the sole barometer.
  11. That’s kinda where I’m at as well unfortunately Wasn't the entire design of this offense meant to be based around perimeter and high percentage shooting? That's the most frustrating part for me. We have never found the right combination of players to fit the system.
  12. So do you put it mid level or closer to the field? And does it run the length of the stands or just and couple or three spots? All legitimate questions. And based on the way Alberts worded some things around grandfathered ticket prices/seat proximities, it sure seems anything is on the table at this point.
  13. It's a very strategic way to open up the stadium and reduce the number of seats in order to maintain a sellout streak.
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