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  1. I hear Syracuse is looking for a few more boxers...
  2. Hurts to say this, but if this is the case good for him. He's done a lot for the program while he's been here and I wish him nothing but success where he ends up. Just as life, he's trying to do what he thinks is best for his career and you've got to commend him for it. Selfishly would be nice to have some stability and keep him around though.
  3. Hoiberg's son is transferring to play for our football team?
  4. This is Gonzaga's 5th straight Sweet 16 appearance? Wow. Call it a cupcake conference, but they sure know how to play on the national level when it matters.
  5. SEC: where corrupt coaches go to retire.
  6. That's only fair. As long as you know what you're getting yourself into! That just seems to be the Nebrasketball way to get through things.
  7. Two pieces of advice that I try to give myself in this situation: 1. Just go ahead and trust the AD in his decision to extend Miles' time. He's either got something lined up or he doesn't. But that doesn't affect us right now. We can complain about it later. 2. Don't worry about next year's roster until the offseason banter period. It just changes so much that it'll keep your head spinning. Let's first see if we have a coaching change, let the players make their decisions, then start evaluating our next season. There's much more uncertainty with the players and their own future themselves than there is with us. Point being, I'm just riding the hype train and seeing where it goes until Moos or the NCAA says we can't play anymore basketball in March. Who knows what's going to happen in Fort Worth this weekend, but I'm just excited this team is still fighting!
  8. Same situation, but Hoiberg is here FOR SURE. 1000% based on my sources.
  9. It's interesting that Creighton (#2 seed) gets 2 days of extra rest for the quarterfinals.
  10. Beat me to it. And I still don't know what Miles or this team has to do with any of this. Moos allowed for Miles' season to continue which likely means he was buying time or he was very confident about locking up a new coach during that time.
  11. That makes Fairleigh Dickinson, Belmont, and Liberty this March alone.
  12. Penn State? Crowd? Sounds like an oxymoron.
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