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  1. Are you going to drop the bomb or not?
  2. It's a simple fix. Just need the stereotypical announcer to say "Those aren't boo's, those are Suh's." [This message paid for by the "Lance Jeter played football" foundation.]
  3. Agree on the complications and the likelihood of it happening. But it's also not stopping organizations like the NFLPA from being profitable for those who are part of it. I only play an employment lawyer in fiction, so I don't know all the nuances involved, but I can imagine a world where something like that would come to the collegiate game in some form or fashion.
  4. I see this going one of two directions. Either there is a players union that is formed. Every freshman gets a standard amount coming in, then they are able to negotiate their contracts in subsequent seasons. Or some governing body (likely driven by the Big Ten and SEC) will form to provide some sort of rules and regulations. But with the Supreme Court getting their hands on some of this, that can make governing a bit more difficult. Especially if there becomes some arbitrage where a public or private school has different rules or one state has advantages over another. Universities don't change the status or locations they operate, so there could be some inherent disadvantages for schools unless there's some form of regulatory body that standardizes the rules of conduct.
  5. NIL killed the Power 5 star. We can't rewind, we've gone too far.
  6. Oh, come on! He knows how to put up 25 points, 8-14 FG (57%), and 7-10 (70%) against Nebraska. He would be great for our practice/scouting squad!
  7. The key to success is to recruit the older (worse) brother all to lure the significantly better younger brother. Or, just take the arbitrage approach with international players. They can't participate in NIL under the current laws.
  8. I'm expecting to see more photos like these of @hhcmatt to emerge on the internet now:
  9. Lionel Messi about to pull a Michael Jordan and start playing baseball...
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