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  1. OT, but couldn't think of a better place to put this. Random thought that just popped into my head again. Has there been any word recently about things like alcohol sales at Nebraska sporting events? I'm wondering if COVID is going to open up some options that previously weren't seriously considered because there's drops in attendance, overall revenue, etc.
  2. It's creeping up on us, so just wanted to provide a reminder. It looks like first round matches start tomorrow; Nebraska plays the winner of Texas St. vs. Utah Valley on Thursday at 2:30 pm CT.
  3. Not to deviate too much, but here's some 2021-2022 expectations at the NCAA level:
  4. Can we all at least agree that this next season counts? No more "Year 0", "Year 0.5" stuff anymore (which I have used myself). These are his guys. He's found much more stability than years prior. Time to reap the rewards should they come, and own up to the losses should those stack up as well.
  5. I noticed that Michigan is ranked 25th. They've been #25 for a few weeks. Interesting that they haven't dropped out of the rankings at this point.
  6. Who even shows up to their press conference of their own firing? Definitely a class act and that raw emotion still sits with me as a guy who truly wanted us to get that NCAA win for the fans and the community. Never seen anything like that before.
  7. The most successful for-profit university in March Madness (history?).
  8. The list of former Nebraska head coaches and assistant coaches that are disliked is shorter than a Burno. Life is too short to wish any bad will to a former coach. I wish Miles, Smith, Lutz, Farokhmanesh, Nee, etc. all the best. Except for Collier.
  9. "What we didn't have at Nebraska was enough three-point shooting. And that is so vital to the game today; the three-point shot and defending the three-point shot is crucial. ... it's something you certainly have to understand and recruit to also. ... Some of those role guys that you used to have who could be defensive stoppers, quite frankly it's hard for them to have an important role unless they can make outside shots. They have to be an offensively efficient person; they have to make those threes."
  10. Prior to the announcement, SJSU fans seems very positive about the hire. After the press conference, they seem completely bought in. https://247sports.com/college/san-jose-state/board/105180/Contents/introductory-press-conference-tomorrow-230pm-163787082/
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