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  1. It could've been worse. They could have made the Colonel into an inflatable mascot.
  2. Bob Devaney is spinning in his grave that he wasn't able to solidify a beer partnership with the university.
  3. I'm not really sure where else to put this, but keep Barney Cotton on your minds. He will be missing this upcoming football season, but hoping for the best that he'll see many more for years to come. Stay strong, Coach. GBR. https://news3lv.com/sports/content/unlv-football-coordinator-barney-cotton-to-miss-2019-season-for-heart-transplant
  4. There's so much sleeping in Nebraska. So when do we wake up from this dream?
  5. In reality, Hoiberg was probably cooking 10 lbs of spinach:
  6. You're right, I hear AWIII spent a lot of time on his uppercut. It'll take a hard right jab to blow by him.
  7. I'm just going to throw this right here. USA and our very own (Mikaela Foecke, Jordan Larson, and Kelsey Robinson) just won the FIVB Nations League title today!
  8. So was it his doing of something or his lack of doing of something that finally did him in?
  9. I have to plead ignorance here, but has the summer league always included teams from places like Croatia and China?
  10. PSA to Shamus if he's streaming on Periscope again:
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if mine showed up on that list. It's the first thing that came to mind for me on solid covers. The other one in my head was "Hey Ya!" by Obadiah Parker (cover of OutKast) which isn't as mainstream. I suppose this one might still be on the list as well.
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