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  1. They have suites in every other quadrant of the stadium, so it seems like some type of premium seating will definitely be a part of the plan.
  2. The future 'major' renovations will be centered around the South Stadium.
  3. If NU could pull in both Parker and Braelon, that would be a major positive sign, i.e. hope for the future!
  4. By the way, the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death had occurred on August 31st. Yes, that was a very sad and somber remembrance.
  5. Nebrasketball players are helping in the community.
  6. Anthony Grant looks very, very good. And the TEs did really well, considering Vokolek was out.
  7. Thank goodness for Husker volleyball. That's all I got from today. . .
  8. Sad to hear it. Len Dawson is an icon of the sport, particularly in Kansas City.
  9. Smooth operator. Thor, go to work!
  10. That's about a good a hire as Freddy could have made. NU should benefit from this to put the Huskers on a good path if Hoiberg Hoops can make somewhat of a B1G jump in 2022-23.
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