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  1. Sickening, if proven to be an accurate account of the situation.
  2. Flux no more, Banton's home. Congrats to the 1st Canadian selected by the Toronto Raptors. Wow.
  3. I watched the Japan-Serbia match, and Tominaga was out of his element against the big, strong dudes from Serbia. His only bucket was a nifty drive from the baseline in which he finger-rolled it in a la "The Ice Man" George Gervin.
  4. It's a World Game, so it's not surprisingly that the USA's NBA players wouldn't necessarily perform better than France's crew, which included a few NBA stars, too. Oh well, on to the next ballgame. I had read that the past 3 times that an NBA coach has been in charge of Team USA, they had finished 6th, 3rd & 7th (not sure of its exact order). Coach Pop is leading this year's team, so we'll see if that trend continues...
  5. Parker Friedrichsen was just offered by Porter Moser at Oklahoma. It's gettin' real when SEC teams offer.
  6. I hadn't watched that clip... super impressive. Makes me think that Hoiberg & Co. will eventually pull the trigger, perhaps on an official visit... build the suspense. Total excitement for the whole Friedrichsen fam. GBR
  7. Recent game for P5 included 12 for 15 from the land of plenty. Impressive shooting display.
  8. Thanks @throwback, appreciate the info.
  9. #FreezingColdTakes (but, a lot of ppl thought he'd be an above avg. player in college...) -- you win some, you lose some, but KD "c'mon man!"
  10. That was over a month ago, the recruitment of P5 has blown up in the past few weeks. He has been killing it lately. NU needs to get with it, but I do think an offer is only a matter of 'when' not 'if'.
  11. Do you know if there is any way to watch any of these 3 games, @throwback?
  12. I was wondering if you would include P5 here. He's received a lot of really nice offers recently. Very quick, efficient shooter. And their whole family wants him to be 'N' so it will worth watching to see how this transpires with Hoiberg & Co.
  13. I'm looking forward to being back in Memorial Stadium. Hope the team has a great year. It will definitely be interesting for Scott Frost & the coaching staff with Trev Alberts as their new boss; and I sincerely hope both are in Lincoln for a very long time together.
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