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  1. I read the "news" with that song in the back of my mind. Hadn't viewed this, at that time. This can't be good.
  2. Hawkeyes love to blow kisses to its frienemies.
  3. It did seem like Miles knew the end was near. When he spoke to Jeff Goodman that "Fred Hoiberg could have my job today" it was coming from a place of 'knowing'!
  4. Indiana bounced back to beat UConn in NYC, 57-54.
  5. Yeah, they're not the best / brightest
  6. The 2020 MLB Draft will be June 10-12 in Omaha.
  7. MSU fandom is still ticked that Nebrasketball beat 'em three straight years.
  8. Baylor 7th and Minnesota 18th in the CFP rankings on Dec. 8th.
  9. Cam Mack's mom probably needs to lay off the twitter box. Sheesh. #staytuned
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