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  1. Hoiberg said that after his 1st yr at ISU, a 16-16 season with 7 dudes. Nebrasketball should be at least that good, if not even better, with a full roster in 2019-20.
  2. One would imagine that NU-CU will be an early afternoon contest while I think the Big Ten football title game is at night, typically. Obviously attending both is problematic. Watching both should be possible, blue/red can come together as one fan base that night. GBR!
  3. St. Louis hadn't won a Stanley Cup until now. Party on, STL. Go Blues.
  4. Wonder if another team in blue is targeted, an actual blueblood.
  5. Valid point. I believe NU's schedule will wind up okay, especially considering the 20 B1G matchups will be formidable.
  6. Here's where the announcement for the Cayman Classic will be: https://caymanislandsclassic.com/ Also noticed that Fred Hoiberg had a quote on that site...
  7. It's all conjecture at this point. But, yeah, the potential of having the top 3 is probably not likely, overall.
  8. Add in the potential of 3 good teams in the Caymans, and it could become a decent SOS all in all.
  9. If it's the top 3 then NU will be just fine as far as SOS in the end.
  10. That's all well & good. This is year one with an almost entirely new roster. It's appropriate for 2019-20. And I'd contend the B1G/ACC Challenge not being in Lincoln this season kind of screwed up the schedule!
  11. Who cares. Nebrasketball finally has a schedule that won't sink the ship in Nov./Dec. Coach Miles put together scheduling with a sink-or-swim mentality. And, oftentimes, it sunk.
  12. I had heard of 'em because of work dealings. Yeah, it's basically near southern tip of Texas (which would be South Padre Island).
  13. Non-conference schedule has been released, only 2 road trips to CU & GT.
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