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  1. That's the real competitive start of the 2021-22 season, albeit in the form of an exhibition. Can't wait.
  2. Pretty wild, if you think about it..... a higher realm as far as an expectation level. And I can appreciate that we can be disappointed.
  3. Isaiah Roby probably wouldn't have been the right answer to guard Joel Embiid. He had played in 10-15 min. in the other OKC ballgames.
  4. This year it will be the in-person audience at NU exhibitions.... which will be occurring VERY SOON! GBR!!
  5. A few times I've tried to be helpful and corrected some published wrong info put out by media members, and I did it just to get the information right and often it was statistical corrections. Unfortunately it felt like a few of 'em seem to take it too personal. It's a weird phenomena.
  6. Jason Dourisseau had a great career with Donar, winning a handful of championships. He was league MVP and twice a defensive player of the year. He even became a Dutch citizen back in 2015. Pretty wild ride for JRD. Pretty cool, too.
  7. Huskers are now 9-0 in the Big Ten. The upcoming B1G stretch of top ten teams is now looming over these next few weeks.
  8. Fairly excited to see what Verge can do at PG early on this fall. He sure had a lot of shake & bake in the Opening Night event, sprinkled in with a bit of pizzazz. It's the substance I want to see against the likes of CU (Oct. 31 exh.) & CU (Nov. 16). I hope he's the real deal, NBA-potential dude that could help take NU to a new level.
  9. Not sure I'd consider it as the best one I've witnessed in-person, but it's definitely one of the most fun. Electric atmosphere. Excited audience. Elated team.
  10. It is nice to know that Coach has been listening to us.
  11. Having front court depth that can rebound, defend, and shoot reasonably well are luxuries not often seen at NU. Methinks this will be the kind of good fortune that could result in dancin' a la March Madness.
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