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  1. Good stuff. If you're in the Omaha area, check out Angus Burgers & Shakes--also with its beef supplied from the same great family (from my home county in central Nebraska).
  2. Having hoops back sooner than later will be great fun. Wish I were an NBA official to get in on watching the action, directly.
  3. The Beardless Wonder, Lovie Smith.
  4. Deservedly so. Nolan Ryan is basically Chuck Norris "on the mound."
  5. That'd be a fun locale to live........
  6. Yeah, me too; The N.I.T. used the quarter system, that's the extent of its use in men's hoops. Weird boxscore. . .
  7. No, there are no quarters in men's college hoops. . . there is in the women's game.
  8. Is he going to leave his shoes on the court after EVERY game this upcoming season, if one occurs.... he did that last year, an ode to Iowa wrestling, presumably. Iowans are weird, amirite @jayschool?!?
  9. No one's paying that kind of coin for a practice... not a game, not a game, not a game, we talkin' 'bout practice.
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