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  1. Recall the actual score was 75 for the losers. And, of course, the truly 'smart money' had 94 for the winners.
  2. AuroranHusker

    Urban is retiring

    I'd say so, too. He's retired twice, already.
  3. I posted the dude's picture earlier. I have talked to him before. He takes this "H8 Jayskers" pretty seriously.
  4. The past two CU defensive efforts resulted in an average of 98 points per game.
  5. Yeah, he got the business from the Red Zone, too. I loved that!
  6. AuroranHusker

    Urban is retiring

    Urban Liar quits..... it is shocking. haha - no it's not. He'll re-surface again, probably in the pro's.
  7. AuroranHusker

    2018 Husker Volleyball

    First time Nebraska has made the Final Four in four consecutive seasons. GBR !!!
  8. AuroranHusker

    Guess The "Fuskers"...

    Greg McDermott is a big fat pile of goo. I'm glad the Red Zone gave him the business all night.
  9. AuroranHusker

    Creighton (6-2) vs. Nebraska (7-2) Game Thread

    Wow, fun day for NU! Women win in hoops & volleyball. Nebrasketball smacks the blue birds around 94-75. And it's the first time in history that Nebraska volleyball has made the Final Four in four consecutive years.
  10. AuroranHusker

    Next 10 Games

    The next two games could be a challenge, but I think that's a good thing for Nebrasketball. Tonight wasn't that tough, other than the 800# gorilla that Miles had on him. Defense wins championships, NU keeps that part up & they'll be sitting pretty for a great run when we want 'em clicking on all cylinders. GBR !!!
  11. AuroranHusker

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Yes, great day for the Big Red !!! GBR !!!
  12. AuroranHusker

    Seton Hall

    Way to go, Hall. Nice day for Nebrasketball, overall.
  13. The better defensive team won this ballgame. Bottom line, Nebraska's ballers brought it on both ends tonight. CU has a lot of good offensive players but they're not there defensively. Now, take care of the Pokes in Sioux Falls !!!!! GO BIG RED !!!!