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  1. It's a moot point, at this time tbh. I knew Doc was in the Lutz role. It's been well established that's how Freddy could bring in Loenser without upsetting the whole apple cart last off-season; well, the whole cart was overturned this off-season so that's basically a moot point as well. Maybe winning will cure what ails NU, football and basketball alike. GBR! Always.
  2. Ughh, between that J.G. statistical hodgepodge presented by Jonesy to the recent Gray twitter-box N.I.L. commentary, what is this world coming to.... tweet whatever ya want, I suppose; but, please, for the love of all that's holy....make *AT LEAST* 33.3% from the land of plenty, and, if you practice a bit more, I'd be willing to accept around 70-75% from the line. Is that too much to ask?!?
  3. Hope you all enjoy the day celebrating this Special Day with your family and friends, at the service of your choosing. Blessings to all of you! Happy Easter, HHC'ers.
  4. After the 9-9 B1G performance in the Big Dance, the over-hype isn't gonna be a 'thing' in 2022-23, it seems....
  5. The whole "especially in our case" must refer to men's basketball the past 3 years. Because it sure doesn't extend to all sports, for all time. Nebraska kicks major ass in the attendance department, recently and historically.
  6. Yep, he didn't recruit well enough. . .
  7. "Inside" the Hall must be stuck in Assembly Hall's cobwebs.
  8. Nebraska never ceases to amaze, the loyalty to brand, university, and team(s)/programs, which extends even to many other places in The Good Life, within Div. 1 and the lower ranks as well.
  9. Just now getting on this forum.... anyone from HHC 'go'?
  10. I'm just going to put this out there, I had never really ever been an adidas "shoe guy," but since I was given the opportunity to completely customize how exactly I needed my latest 2 pair to 'fit' (which had been an issue with my favs: fila, Reeboks) -- so when I ordered, adidas got my biz twice. Didn't hurt the situation that adidas offered me a big discount for my recent big birthday on the initial purchase. **That's some smart marketing, if you ask me.** Initial one was the Husker version of SuperNovas: The more recent were running shoes, for actual 'running': UltraBoosts (yep, I decided to get my act together & run again... ) And, that concludes my promotion of adidas. I can't believe I even pulled the trigger, adidas was not my 'ideal' ever. But, like they say, adapt or die.
  11. Good for Bruce Chubick Jr. who is a really good dude. Hope it works out well at Central High. Behrens had been quite the recruiter the first time around at CHS, not sure what happened the 2nd go-around. Maybe he'll be invigorated at Westview HS as their AD: https://nebpreps.com/simons-runco-to-lead-westview-basketball/
  12. We saw Lat Mayen sitting over in sect. 9 in East Stadium yesterday...
  13. This schedule seems to be tough. . . guess it's buck up or shut up for Freddy & Co.
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