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  1. Dimes is going to add "if anyone is still reading this..." into one of these, isn't he?
  2. Agreed on a lot of that, especially with Cam, Dachon & Kevin torching UW; and I think NU gives 'em a great game in Lincoln. There were a lot of good things to see tonight, as long as one lowers expectations on the 'result' end of the equation, that is.
  3. The fact that Wisconsin made 18 threes tonight, when they had been shooting at a 27% clip on threes since Jan. 1, and only won by 14. That's kinda remarkable in its own right.
  4. I'm just fortunate that my score is 1 less than the Beast.
  5. Again, those 4 are holding out as much hope as imaginable. It's going to be better, before too long, I CAN FEEL IT! GBR !!!
  6. Fred is The Mayor, after all. I will attest: He can do it all, I saw it with my own two eyes when I took my son to his basketball camp last summer, and will so again this upcoming summer; Fred recalled small instances of games that he himself played in at ISU over 25 years ago, believe me, I went back & double-checked his memory with game stories from the era. I was thoroughly impressed from Day One. Nebraska is very, very, very fortunate to have the coaching staff they have now, and I'd contend that is also the case for basically all of Husker athletics right now. GBR !!!
  7. Good win, Huskers. Keep 'em coming!
  8. Cam Mack is in a class with Ty Lue as far as excellence & excitement as an NU point guard. He's brilliant passing the ball & eluding defensive pressure.
  9. Nah, there's really no need to bring Mo into this. PSU ought to be ashamed of their actions over a very lengthy period of time. And MSU, they've done a lot of dumb stuff in gymnastics, as I recall.
  10. NU needed a dude, and Teddy seems to be the man with a plan.This kid has stud written all over him. (maybe those are just his tats)
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