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  1. Interesting to see the "above reproach" Northwestern snobs on that list with other fairly well-known cheaters.
  2. Man, in hindsight, think how good Eddie could have been if his hands weren't made of stone?!!
  3. I would be quite pleased with a legit PG & legit C. Maybe a power forward as well. But I'm greedy.
  4. At least somebody was keeping an eye out for Pitch. Good work, Rey.
  5. Nebraska can't get any clutch hitting against slightly above average pitching. Not good.
  6. The point I attempted to make is that Roby could become Big Ten royalty as far as honors under Hoiberg & Co. Seniors are taken fairly high, it's just not as common any more, but honestly I do not care about whether he's top 15 or top 60 as I want Roby back at NU.
  7. Rey Gallegos was a total player, in all phases of the game. I'd have taken a Rey Gallegos last season, no question.
  8. Nebraska's had some guy(s) transfer after 1 year within the past five seasons. Tarin Smith is one in particular.
  9. I'd imagine that an unpopular opinion in the Roby-to-NBA camp.
  10. You started this, pa; Maybe you didn't catch my drift.
  11. Some of the B1G items that are being discussed in this thread:
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