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  1. That's unfortunate for Mr. Gaylord and the O-Line depth.
  2. Sharpe seems like a hoops junkie from his twitter feed so I'd imagine he'll talk a fair amount about basketball, presumably he might focus on local hoops. Guess we shall see.
  3. @Kent Pavelka - what is this world coming to.... are the other 3: Touchdown - Touchdown - Touchdown ???
  4. That would be fun five, but I'd also like Brian Conklin, Cookie Belcher, and Derrick Chandler in that top 8. That would be a great group offensively, defensively, and in transition.
  5. I wouldn't assume that - I think the OWH's simply getting out of the radio business by pullin' the plug on "The Bottom Line."
  6. Sadly, chest-pass is a nice way to put it. Samari's shot is butt ugly. But, I will say, if he winds up making 44+% as a FROSH, then it will be beautifully unorthodox. But, for now, butt-crack ugly.
  7. Bishop is difficult to listen to when he's supposedly waxing eloquent on whatever subject. He grates on one's nerves. I generally avoid that show; It used to be brilliant when Kugler was a part of "Unsportsmanlike Conduct."
  8. John Harris Jr. helped out with the Nebraska Basketball Camp in mid-June when my son participated. I talked with him. He seemed like a good dude to have around.
  9. I had had Burke & 41st but I changed the first answer to Cam Mack. So close but not quite. Kudos, Jake... from State Farm.
  10. Well, I'd speculate that Hoiberg either forgot to mention Akol Arop or the plan all along is to redshirt him. Freddy also had difficulty pronouncing the name of a lake, too. Overall his comments seemed to be slightly encouraging that the team is bonding & looking to improve on where they've started. I can't wait to see them on Sept. 27th.
  11. I certainly don't remember that. I usually check out when that stuff happens. Easier to not recall the stupid stuff ppl do when you're not around.
  12. Glynn's a good dude. All the best to him as he explores the world. Greece lightning!
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