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  1. Better than last season, but *how much* better will depend on whether it's going to be a successful season.
  2. Nebraska's biggest strength this upcoming season appears to be its versatility to match up with B1G teams while still providing sufficient shooting ability to compete on a nightly basis.
  3. Would be amazing to have that tandem with the Big Red. We'll have to see how it goes this next season... GBR
  4. Securing Bryce McGoverns would more than make up for not making a top twelve list for young Mr. Sallis. Hope it works out well for all parties. GBR
  5. Lue ought to come to Lincoln and coach NU to big wins. That'd be a lot of fun. And I'm a big fan of Tyronn coachin' the Clips, btw. Hope he does very well in LA, he already was a part of two titles playing with the Lake Show.
  6. Doc is a National Treasure. And Fred's a dude. Glad both are with the Big Red. GBR
  7. More Teddy Buckets would be all right.
  8. Those road Blackshirts jersey are sick. And the promo is wild. Let's Go, Big Red!
  9. Recently HHC surpassed 300,000 posts. Congrats to all. And, Go Big Red!
  10. Ersty won Gold Gloves as both a center fielder and first baseman. Gordo switched from third base to become the Gold standard of left fielders with 7 Gold Gloves. Ersty had the much higher ceiling, especially with what he did in 2000. And Gordo had the better small-market career by playing in K.C. his whole career. Both won the World Series, Darin in 2002 & Alex in 2015. Tough decision as they both excelled at the roles taken on for their respective franchises, in my opinion. Both Ersty & Gordo are highly respected by their ballclubs & fandom. And
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