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  1. Didn't know where to put this, but with Tim Miles back in the coaching game it reminded me of his early recruiting efforts.... remember these guys?
  2. Nebraska volleyball is staying at the downtown Omaha Marriott, which is walking distance to the CHI convention center & arena.
  3. In regards to Traudt, I choose to maintain hope rather than develop an outlook that doesn't provide any; It's a much better way to look at things.
  4. I noticed that Michigan is ranked 25th.
  5. Scroll through pictures for testimonials from D-Rose, KAT, and a couple others.
  6. Glad that Nebraska pounded the Terps today after letting yesterday slip away. Huskers are 15-6, and lead the Big Ten by a 1/2 game over Michigan (15-7).
  7. After 5 IBC titles, the Huskers now have won their 6th NCAA championship in bowling.
  8. Hroch should have been pulled before Maryland brought their best hitter to the plate. Of course that 3-run HR, in hindsight, was a bitter pill to swallow. It went from a 5-2 lead to tied at 5. Nebraska didn't play that right, the Terps had 5 straight hits off of Hroch in the 5th; and, if it wasn't for a pick-off at 2nd in the middle of that, NU wouldn't have even been tied at that point. Oh well, now NU really has to strive with all it has in order to get that series win in the Sunday nooner.
  9. Agreed on the "genuine" dudes being Barry Collier and Doc Sadler. It seemed like a punch to the gut when Doc was canned, and it surely gutted Doc based on his own reaction. I always felt like Timmy was a caricature of a cool coach, just not sure he had all the innate intangibles to be what NU needed. Hopefully Freddy has the right mix going forward with Loenser in his corner now as Doc is sliding into the Bobby Lutz role.
  10. Hope it works out well for Drago, he seemed like a real good kid. Go Lopes.
  11. https://www.zagsblog.com/2020/12/11/keon-edwards-to-enroll-at-depaul-in-winter-quarter/ Keon went from Hillcrest Prep (in Phoenix) directly to DePaul Univ., where he only played in 5 games during the 2nd semester. His high-point in minutes played were against both Creighton & UConn with 14.
  12. After today's 6-2 win by the Big Red, the Huskers lead the Big Ten at 14-5. Second place is now tied at 13-7 by OSU & Michigan after the Bucks beat the Wolverines today.
  13. Nebraska better plan on winning the Big Ten. There are no guarantees that the B1G will qualify more than the regular season league champion, especially without non-league games as well as the lack of a post-season conference tourney champ in 2021.
  14. Rasir Bolton would be a perfect fit. And he has the Clone roots to connect the dots to Hoiberg, I say.
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