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  1. This matchup should be played in a barn with torches as the only light. Loser has to walk home.
  2. By the way, Cayman Classic will not have TV coverage as there will only be premium streaming provided.
  3. That picture makes me think of Russell Westbrook.
  4. Doc brings it a hundred every night. Whether it's defense or pizza. He's all 'N' to it.
  5. Also noticed that Nebraska vs Indiana will be re-aired as a "BTN Football in 60" just prior to the 3-part 'B1G Trip'.
  6. LJS Story on Shamiel Stevenson's waiver process drawing near its conclusion:
  7. Have you looked at an NBA dude named Elfrid Payton lately??? ..... he's the guy who used to have the big flop in front, and now he's fairly clean cut. Methinks it's just plain weird to see him without the ridiculous 'do.
  8. Frosty has said he hadn't practiced since Minny. That's unfortunate.
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