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  1. AuroranHusker

    OT: The Key to Our Home Court Advantage

    Time to scoop the poop.
  2. I would imagine that ticket information will be available in the next 10 days or so. Hopefully the game is on television, and that's the reason for the delay in a game time.
  3. AuroranHusker

    Davison Done

    I think that it's likely Jake Muhlheisen's if he is able & wants to travel to every game with the team.
  4. AuroranHusker

    New Graduate Manager

    Coaches need more lawyers.
  5. AuroranHusker

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Yep, pretty much.
  6. AuroranHusker

    Dedoch is N

    Figures, Mythagain would finish outta the top 4 (in football). Oh wait.....
  7. AuroranHusker

    New Graduate Manager

    V. Fritz, GBR!
  8. AuroranHusker

    Davison Done

    Yep. And I got pointy elbows.
  9. AuroranHusker

    The end of AAU Basketball

    Good one, Zay. Nicely done.
  10. AuroranHusker

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    Seems fair.
  11. AuroranHusker

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    Well, I guessed on one of 'em. Guess we'll let everyone wonder whether I'm a good guesser.
  12. AuroranHusker

    Davison Done

    I played against him in H.S. Even guarded him. He was more of a jump-hook type of shot dude in H.S. (probably 'cuz he was wayyy taller. lol)
  13. AuroranHusker

    OT: Urban Meyer

    Urbs has always seemed like a creep. I don't have any inside information. But, he has proved to be a jerk, at least.