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  1. Yeah, Nebraska obviously didn't trust more than 5 arms, it felt like by the end of the year. And that might be stretching it, even...
  2. Oh, I'm sure you have some knowledge about sports. You played them, I bet. It's all good, we fanatics probably should bite our tongues more often, I'll agree with that notion. Hopefully Bolt gets the pieces together to make another run at a B1G title.
  3. Yeah, that happens some on here, but not too often... most ppl on HHC at least have some knowledge of the game in the various sports that Nebraska plays. But, you're definitely not wrong in the sense that sour grapes is a real issue with 'fans.'
  4. One ought to realize that Brice is hurt, and possibly, injured, even. Fools on social media never understand that...
  5. Brice & Max are going pro. Unless that injured back for Matthews is worse than they've let on...
  6. Yep. Dylan Carey could be a key cog to 2024 if he gets his bat in order. GBR
  7. I feel for Max Anderson. He was so close to a fun moment to help cap his career. Instead, he's done at NU. That's baseball.
  8. Only about 5-6' from a game-winning 3-run HR from Anderson. Figures. Losing the 1st time to MD is what doomed NU.
  9. He just had an error, so "not always" was added mid-sentence.
  10. Nice to see Dylan Carey rock-and-fire, often (not always). He will need to step it up at the plate for next season's squad.
  11. I think MD is a pretty salty squad. It's not like NU is playing NW this weekend. Still, somewhat disappointing to see the season possibly go out like this with silent batting, it seems.
  12. Even when NU gets runners on base, it never feels like they'll actually take advantage of the situation. Starting pitcher Savacool is completely in control for MD.
  13. MD leads 3-0 after 4 inn. It could be a lot worse than that.
  14. Winning 1 more game will be a tall task. GBR
  15. Max Anderson is the first player in the country with 100 hits. Impressive. He's hitting .418.
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