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  1. Norm, are you hearing things or hoping for things? TBH, after the hire this weekend if we got a guy like this I might lose my mind...
  2. Would taking the UCLA job be considered the “California penal league”?!?
  3. Clearly we don't see this the same way. My experience in leading people is that you get WAY further with public praise and private coaching/expectation setting than with public criticism. Even in the corporate world it becomes harder to do your job if your boss isn't being publicly supportive (and that's without press and social media constantly looking for a story and churning out a narrative). Being supportive by either saying positive things or at least not saying things that can be construed as negative generally leads to better results. If you don't believe the way Moos handled this last year contributed to the negativity of the coverage and added to the funk the team went into, that's your prerogative. I'm sure we can agree that Miles didn't do a good job of handling expectations and the drama around the program and that's why he won't be the coach anymore. That said, I'm not questioning the decision that appears to be made or the presumed hiring of Hoiberg. I just hope this enables our entire administration to do their job (including PR) properly without the excuse of the coach not being "their guy". For this program to be successful, we need everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction. If a new coach is what it takes to do that, so be it.
  4. There's a subtle difference between transparency and undermining. IMO, Bill was really toeing the line on undermining. Does he really need to be transparent about expectations every time he talks to the press when he's already spoken with his wallet? I don't think he had to continually state his expectations when I think that was pretty clear regardless. When you continue to state that publicly, you are creating a narrative. That's what he did, all the press did was run with it and make it THE story this year at every turn. It definitely had a negative impact on the team's mentality (which isn't a ringing endorsement of the head coach).
  5. Other than the fact this is Bill's 2nd basketball season, I agree with you, especially on the financial side of this argument. The part that burns me with Moos is his public statements. After you gave Miles an extension last year (whether I think that was a good move or not) as a representative of the university who is responsible for fielding the best possible athletic teams he should have changed his public statements. Instead of basically saying "they need to win big this year or else" at nearly every opportunity, he could have just said "Tim's my coach, we are excited about the season, GBR". Look, everyone knew that Tim's job was on the line this year, including Tim. All Moos did by opening his mouth was add to the narrative in the public and media. There was absolutely nothing to be gained except ratcheting up the pressure on Tim and the team. It caused the narrative to change swiftly when we had a couple losses and Isaac got hurt. Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference but it wouldn't have hurt if the AD at least gave the impression he wanted the team to do well. Publicly supporting the team and coach doesn't mean you can't fire him if he doesn't clear the bar. That happens all the time. That said, if he can pull in Hoiberg, good for Moos. I want Bill to be successful because that means great things for our Huskers. I just don't agree with how he's handled the PR side of this, starting as far back as last year.
  6. I wish I could up-vote this 100 times! For those saying Moos has done nothing wrong with the basketball program, this is exactly my argument. Even after his tepid one year extension last year, Moos could have handled the entire situation differently. He told everyone that his expectations were to repeat last years success in the wins column and implied there would be consequences if Miles didn't achieve. Well no $hit Sherlock, that describes what everyone already knew. Instead of finding ways to insert drama at nearly every opportunity, he should have simply said "Tim is our coach and we are excited to see what the team achieves this year". Fully back him publicly and do everything you can to make him successful. News flash - EVERYBODY knows there are consequences if the boss deems your work sub-par, there's no need for the boss to publicly imply it. If you can't bring yourself to say something nice and supportive about YOUR team or coach, then STFU and say nothing. If what it takes to get the administration all on the same page is hiring a new coach then fine, do it. But to sit here and effectively say "after he hires his guy, the AD will do his job" is a bunch of crap. For all the people saying "Tim is a big boy", so is Moos. With great power comes great responsibility and part of that is to do everything you can to make your program (or company) successful even if you don't like some of the leaders or people in it. Hopefully someday we will see Moos (and Greene and Bounds) do their jobs properly. If firing Miles is what it takes to get them all singing Kumbaya so they can finally do their jobs, then lets get on with it.
  7. Your definition of significantly worse is different than mine. Doc was .532 at Nebraska. Miles is .500. Not sure I'd call .032 "significant" but it's all semantics anyway as we all know where it's headed.
  8. It’s not a fair comparison between records overall or especially conference records with Collier, Doc and Miles. The Big 12 was good when we were in it but wasn’t nearly as good on average as the BIG on any given year. We also played more conference games per year in the BIG and Miles played a tougher overall schedule. I’m as disappointed and sad about this season as anyone. I’ve been on the fence with Miles the last couple years but clearly he’s not the answer. That said, is the constant bashing of his coaching ability and “I told you he sucked” really necessary? We get it, (and so does Tim) he’s going to get fired. Not being a good enough coach is likely a big reason why. To just rehash and gloat about it doesn’t make it any better. For all all his flaws, this program overall is in better shape than when he took over from Doc. He’s proven you can recruit talent here, he played a little more exciting style and he brought a whole lot of publicity to the program with his personality. Anyone that can’t see and acknowledge that has hate blinders on. The last sat home game on Sunday is against Iowa. Nothing would be better than to somehow beat them so rather than bitch about Miles, I’m just going to the game to cheer for the team and the coach one last time.
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