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  1. Buglem

    Jordy Gone

    Totally agree HB. Just because he didn't sign a big doesn't mean he didn't try. We already have Brady (who probably should redshirt) so it's not like you really want to go out and get another project. With the core of the roster returning, and from all accounts really good team chemistry, you would need to be sure the risk of bringing in someone new would be worth it. The number of grad transfer/juco guys out there that fit that need is likely very small. I don't love the impact on our depth down low but I don't think this is going to be much more than a blip and will definitely reinforce the use of our "death lineup".
  2. Buglem

    Amir Harris is N

    His high school coach. He's coached 40+ division 1 players and 5 NBA guys, including Durant.
  3. Buglem

    Hank Bounds interview

    It's a good point and one I keep trying to convince myself is true. However, for a guy that said "I always have a list" when he started, it's pretty disappointing that it was evidently only a football list. At best the 1 year extension is like a guy that has a girlfriend but keeps looking for a hotter date for prom. I would have been fine with firing him or extending him 2 years to at least give the illusion he's the guy but this is a farce. Shows that we are all talk when it comes to basketball. The only thing it sets us up for is a few more years of excuses for Miles or whatever coach is silly enough to come here.
  4. For anyone that missed it, there was an article in the Journal Star yesterday where they interviewed Hank Bounds. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-bounds-might-rankle-some-but-his-lofty/article_471a8b4f-9085-5350-b25d-3a9000ed5ce4.html The basic premise was a quote by Bounds something like “you have to convince me why we shouldn’t compete for national championships in every sport”. Well Hank, after the debacle on the basketball front yesterday, I give you exhibit A for why we won’t be more competitive in basketball and despite your talk, we are clearly just a football school. Whether you’re a Miles supporter or not, the tepid actions by the administration show one thing; they don’t have the same commitment to basketball as football. IMO, the one year extension was a joke. It did nothing to help anyone other than possibly showing Miles just enough love that you hope he sticks around if you can’t find someone better next year. It clearly sends the message he’s on the hot seat, doesn’t help in recruiting players or hiring a new assistant coach. It provides a litany of possible excuses for next year and the following years. It also damages future recruiting classes and all but assures that we have some bad years coming up. They should have either extended him to have a total of 4 or 5 years on his deal or done nothing. Either would have done more for the program than what they did. The fact Bounds had an interview on the same day saying he expects championships is a joke. You don’t build championship programs this way. There is no way they would ever do this to the football program. Can you imagine a football coach had under 4 years on his deal here? I can’t. The actions of our AD on basketball make me realize what they think of basketball and as a die hard, long time fan, it makes he both angry and sad.
  5. Rumor I’ve heard is there been a two year contact extension offered but Miles wants a longer deal. Not from an inside source, just a rumor I heard.
  6. Buglem

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    I hear what you’re saying but even with a stacked deck you have to play your hand. Right now it appears he’s looking around the table waiting to see what happens. It’s eerily and disgustingly similar to last year. Maybe Davison should handle the basketball situation. It’s starting to look like he was the real mastermind behind football.
  7. Buglem

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I'm assuming the $700k buyout is for someone else to hire him, not for us to fire him.
  8. Buglem

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I agree on the portability. The problem in recruiting would be if Miles had a great year next year (won a game or two in the NCAA) and earned the right to stay. Then you've impacted his future recruiting classes and chosen to keep him, which isn't ideal. BTW, I hate the corner the coaches/agents have backed the AD's into. By using the length of contract/job security as a negative recruiting tool, they've effectively increased their worth and the difficulty of getting rid of a coach. It's a fantastic win/win for coaches and agents. There's not many professions out there where people are on the hot seat with their boss but all the talk is about a contract extension and increased buyout. In the "real world" we wouldn't be talking contract extension at all because he still has 2 years on his contract. He's have two years to prove he's the guy and earn a nice fat contract with a big raise.
  9. Buglem

    What to do with Miles contract?

    From a recruiting perspective, you aren't looking The contract term doesn't only impact one recruiting class. These coaches are building relationships over a longer period - Roby and others in our recent classes were being actively recruited as sophomores. If you even think Tim might be the guy, you should give the perception that you are "all in" so he can actively recruit and build relationships for the future. Not doing that hurts not only next year's class but also the next 2-3 years. I've always been a Miles supporter but honestly am on the fence these days. I can see both sides of the argument. That said, if you're going to retain him, then at least give the appearance that you're "all in" so there's no further excuses to be made. I think that's the point Bahe's tweet was making.
  10. Huskers 73 other Guys 64 2 wins
  11. Buglem

    The Big 10

    Great analysis! I find it so ironic that people are saying we need to massively overhaul our non-conference schedule because it's not tough enough. Seems like about 12 months ago some of those same people were bitching about how Miles consistently over-scheduled in the non-conference and didn't give his teams enough easy wins to build confidence. Seems like some people have selectively forgotten that we were top 10 in SOS last year. As you pointed out, this year was an anomaly in the lack of strength (real or perceived) in the BIG. That is not likely to continue in the coming years. If Miles has shown anything, it's that he understands how to build a competitive schedule that builds your resume toward the tourney. This year some of the chips just didn't fall our way. So we just need to get over it, cheer for the guys Wednesday, and hope they all come back next year with a fire like the 94 Husker football team did with "unfinished business"!
  12. Huskers 73 other Guys 66 2 wins
  13. Not much red yet but saw some on the train. Got off the train with one guy and we just looked at each other and said “let’s get this done!” #GBR!
  14. Huskers 75 other Guys 68 i seriously considered picking against us since nobody else did and I need points and thought about doing the reverse psychology thing. But then I realized if we lost and I picked against us you would all blame me and I can’t handle that much pressure! Go Huskers!
  15. Buglem

    Penn St at Michigan game

    I'm being a bit selfish and rooting for Penn State. I already have my flights booked for the conference tourney and don't get in until Thursday night so I'm banking on being the 4 seed with a double bye!