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  1. Huskers 90 other guys 78 9 noncon 18 wins nit bound remove the stench of football and give us hope Fred!
  2. Norm, are you hearing things or hoping for things? TBH, after the hire this weekend if we got a guy like this I might lose my mind...
  3. Would taking the UCLA job be considered the “California penal league”?!?
  4. Clearly we don't see this the same way. My experience in leading people is that you get WAY further with public praise and private coaching/expectation setting than with public criticism. Even in the corporate world it becomes harder to do your job if your boss isn't being publicly supportive (and that's without press and social media constantly looking for a story and churning out a narrative). Being supportive by either saying positive things or at least not saying things that can be construed as negative generally leads to better results. If you don't believe the way Moos handled this last year contributed to the negativity of the coverage and added to the funk the team went into, that's your prerogative. I'm sure we can agree that Miles didn't do a good job of handling expectations and the drama around the program and that's why he won't be the coach anymore. That said, I'm not questioning the decision that appears to be made or the presumed hiring of Hoiberg. I just hope this enables our entire administration to do their job (including PR) properly without the excuse of the coach not being "their guy". For this program to be successful, we need everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction. If a new coach is what it takes to do that, so be it.
  5. There's a subtle difference between transparency and undermining. IMO, Bill was really toeing the line on undermining. Does he really need to be transparent about expectations every time he talks to the press when he's already spoken with his wallet? I don't think he had to continually state his expectations when I think that was pretty clear regardless. When you continue to state that publicly, you are creating a narrative. That's what he did, all the press did was run with it and make it THE story this year at every turn. It definitely had a negative impact on the team's mentality (which isn't a ringing endorsement of the head coach).
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