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  1. Huskers 75 other Guys 82 7 threes please please please let me be wrong!!!! Please please please
  2. Buglem

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one. My Creighton buddies and their group chats love nothing more than bashing on the Huskers and making fun of the fans. Not that it’s a big deal or different than other fan bases, including Nebraska’s. If I were being cynical, I’d say your response and implying Creighton fans are above such nonsense is an example of the attitude exuding from their fan base. They aren’t just better than the Huskers at basketball, they are morally superior.
  3. Buglem

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    Thanks for posting. I don’t think most people would have any problem with you supporting Creighton, especially since you’re an alum. I have several friends that are the same and I respect that. The people I have issues with are the rude Creighton fans (I’ve had multiple personal experiences) and the fair weather fans that stopped rooting for Nebraska because they were bad and started rooting for Creighton because they’re good. Now those same people like to bash on the Huskers for “sucking” when a few years ago they were cheering for them. Those are the fans I take issue with. One we thing I’ll disagree with you on - the Creighton fans love bashing on the “tractor driving, corn growing hicks”. To imply that only Nebraska fans are making fun of Creighton is inaccurate from my personal experience. It goes both ways. As for why I can’t support Creighton, it’s because of the bad experiences I’ve had with their fan base. Add in the ignorant comments they used to throw around when they were in the Valley “we would be in the top 2-3 teams in the Big 12”, “the competition level in the Valley is as tough as the Big 12” and after a while it just gets old and then everything about the team becomes irritating. I’ve spent time with Coach McDermott and he’s a first class, standup guy. I don’t really believe the whole pay for players thing with him. That said, I still can’t bring myself to root for them or not generally dislike the team.
  4. Huskers 79 other guys 63 12 wins
  5. Remember that TA also had the "game winner" with the steal and a bunny earlier in the game. Without that it's not a 2 point margin at the end.
  6. Three quick observations: Tanner was HUGE last night. Great minutes, great effort. Best part from JPJ was his unselfishness - he was driving to the hole and looking not just to score, but to dish. He also seems to have gotten the message from Miles about taking better shots Love the rebounding and overall play from Nana. Dude has serious springs and used them to rebound last night. Keep that up and he will earn more minutes.
  7. Huskers 61 other guys 66
  8. Yes, repeatedly. Look, I'm as down this morning as anyone about the game last night. I saw things I hoped we wouldn't see this year. That said, I'm hoping it was a bad night combined with a really good night by Tech. They were locked in, played the best defense I've seen in a long time and played great fundamental basketball on offense (good picks, hard cuts, etc.). Hopefully the guys learn from it and come out stronger for it. If not, maybe Beard would like to move to Lincoln next year...
  9. Huskers 71 Other team 60 3 in double figures
  10. Huskers 82 Other guys 61
  11. 9 non conference wins 21 regular season wins huskers 88 other guys 57