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  1. Hey Jennifer........ Put yourself in this situation...... -You get set up on a blind date with a guy out of your league. (Fred Hoiberg). He has money, looks, ties to the best DEFENSIVE aging DOC around, and a bright future ahead: Would you rather: A- Get led on for a year, thinking you're going to have a future with him. Until you realize that you were just being used as a piece of meat (scout team), taking a precious year (or 2) away from you finding the right fit. Or B- Get told before the end of dinner, "Hey, this isn't going to work. I'm sorry. You seem like a great person, but our time together is done. I hope you can find a situation that works for you. Best of luck."
  2. Fred is doing what needs to be done. We need more room for his guys. Brady and Amir will get a year to work on their games/get healthy. I really feel for Davis. Hopefully he'll get a waiver and get a shot next year somewhere.
  3. https://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/morningtake/2019_04_17_04.mp3 Start at the 14:20 mark. Greg Buxton (Greg in Myrtle Beach from Sip and Jake) Was committed to St. John's. 4*, Top 60, Top 20 SF
  4. 14:30 mark. Greg Buxton talking about Nate Tabor, Class of '20
  5. $1- Brian Conklin $1- Ryan Anderson $2- Cary Cochran $2- Glynn Watson Jr. $4- Terran Petteway $4- Ray Gallegos Live and Die by the 3....... (With a $1 to spare)
  6. I also went to college at Kearney, and was there in Dec of '84............... being born at Good Samaritan....... Dad???
  7. Chris MurrayJoey KnightJon WilnerBob HoltBrian McInnisDave BorgesDick VitaleElton AlexanderJohn BohnenkampJohn FeinsteinJohn WernerKevin McNamaraScott ManschTerry TooheyB.J. RainsJon RothsteinMarcus FullerRichard CroomeDavid CloningerSheldon MicklesBrant WilkersonCarlos SilvaLuke DeCockNorm WoodTheo LawsonJohn BednarowskiDamien SordelettDave PrestonJames CrepeaJeff CallJosh VitaleKayla AndersonKen Weinman Names that left us out. Rothstein surprised me........ COME ON DICKY V!!!!!
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